Tuesday, September 23, 2014, Episode #6916

Caroline drops by Wyatt's beach house to check on Wyatt after learning what his mother did in Paris. He solemnly confides that he doesn't want to lose Hope, who is probably with Liam right now, and he wishes his mom didn't always try to help him. Caroline hugs him, reminding him that nothing has changed, but he fears that Hope sees things differently knowing that it was his mother, not fate, that kept her and Liam apart. Initially kidding that it will make for an awkward Thanksgiving, Caroline gets serious and states that Hope won't take her marriage vows lightly. Wyatt says that he knows that, but he doesn't want Hope staying with him out of obligation to honor some sacramental wedding vows. Caroline confides that there is a sacramental element to marriage that makes you overlook your spouse's shortcomings, like leaving dirty clothes on the floor, so it's OK for Hope to have one of those moments under the circumstances. Noting that she's an "equal-opportunity cousin," she advises that she's not playing favorites here, but she believes he and Hope will get through this.

When Wyatt takes out his phone, Caroline asks if he plans to text Hope, and if he is, what he plans to say. He suggests maybe "come home," or "I've never felt this way about anyone. I can't possibly lose you because of my mother." Caroline approves. After Wyatt sends a text and gets no response, Caroline assures him that he'll be fine. He tells her about how he tried to get Liam to swap houses, since Liam's is bigger and more suited to a married man planning a family. Now he doesn't know if he even has that marriage or that life, which could be Liam's if Hope doesn't come home to her husband.

Bill drops by Forrester after getting a text from Brooke, hoping this is good news for their relationship. Stating that this isn't about them, Brooke asks if he's heard the news about their children. Bill confirms that he knows what Quinn did in Paris. They agree that Quinn is crazy and should be arrested, but since Quinn is Wyatt's mother, Wyatt will need his father's support. Bill senses from Brooke's tone that she's chosen a side. She admits that she likes Wyatt, who has been wonderful to Hope, but she can't help hoping that things will work out for Hope and Liam after all they've been through. Bill smiles and admits that he's starting to hope for that, too.

Surprised, Brooke asks if this means that Dollar Bill will stop interfering. Bill laughs that he'll always interfere in some things, but not this one. After everything Liam has been through, he wants Liam to be with Hope if that's what Liam really wants, although the decision is ultimately Hope's. Brooke says that she's impressed. "Impressed enough to kiss me?" Bill asks, grinning. Brooke chuckles that she knew he didn't mean it, but he assures that kiss or no kiss, he'd done meddling and will respect whatever choice Hope makes. Brooke thinks that will be Liam, who despite Wyatt being a lot of fun and giving Hope a chance to explore her options, has always been the only man for Hope. She predicts that nothing will stop Hope from going back to Liam this time.

In Quinn's warehouse, Ivy conveys that Hope and Wyatt are only married because Liam didn't get to the Eiffel Tower on time, thanks to Quinn. Quinn retorts that Hope loves Wyatt and would have wound up with him eventually, and she just sped things up. Ivy asks Quinn if it felt good to push her into the river; Quinn looks puzzled, so Ivy suggests that a jealous Quinn had an ulterior motive to push her replacement at Forrester in the water. Quinn scoffs that she just needed a damsel in distress and sneers, "This had nothing to do with you, Ivy FORRESTER." Ivy calls Quinn obsessed, but the meddling mom claims that she's just a mother, something Ivy wouldn't understand. Ivy retorts that she would understand since she has a mother, too, although hers doesn't push people into rivers just to make her happy. Sniping that she and Ivy's mom must read different parenting books, Quinn asks if Ivy has anything else to say, since she has things to do.

Ivy warns Quinn not to come near her again. Quinn thinks Ivy should be thanking her for giving Ivy a shot with a guy she'd never have a shot with otherwise. Since Wyatt and Hope are still married, Quinn advises Ivy to put on a bikini and flaunt herself for Liam by the pool. "I can't do all the work for you," Quinn balks. Ivy retorts that Quinn shouldn't have done anything, since Wyatt is only married to Hope because of what Quinn did to Ivy. "Oh, boo-hoo, you got a little wet," Quinn mocks. Ivy admits that it was her mistake to fall for Liam, who seemed to be available thanks to Quinn, even if he really wasn't. Quinn responds, "Babe, he's all yours," but Ivy maintains that he isn't, since he's patching things up with Hope right now. Quinn observes that Ivy seems almost happy about that. Ivy admits that she does feel some pain, since she was starting to fall for Liam. But she knows that Liam wants Hope and always has, and now that he has a reason to fight for Hope after learning what Quinn did, Ivy can't imagine anything getting in Hope and Liam's way.

At the cliff house, Liam tells Hope that no one knows she's pregnant but them, so she can be with him and cut ties to Wyatt if she doesn't have that child. "If you have Wyatt's baby, it's the end of us," he qualifies. Realizing that he's alluding to her not having the child, Hope says that she can't do it, because she'd always wonder what might have been.

Saying that he understands, Liam suggests that she have the child, but marry him, and the two of them and Wyatt can raise the baby together. Hope doesn't see how that can possibly work, although she appreciates that Liam would offer to make such a huge sacrifice. Liam says that any part of her, even a child that's not his, is not a sacrifice, but Hope disagrees. Liam tells her that he needs her. Hope sighs that it will never work, explaining that she grew up without her patents together, confused about why all those different men came in and out of her life. Even with father figures like Ridge and Nick raising her, she always wanted her dad, and she refuses to let her child grow up like she did. When Hope asks if he really understands what he's volunteering for, Liam answers that he knows it won't be easy, but he believes that they'll find a way through it because they have no other choice.

Hope sighs that she won't damage a family that hasn't started like her mother did to her. That's just how it has to be. Liam argues that she's nothing like Brooke, but she points out that she chose to fall for two brothers and needs to stop making those kinds of choices now. "I'm going to raise this child with Wyatt. I'm staying with the father," she declares. Liam begs her not to say that, but she insists that she's doing it for them as well as for the baby. Even if it means sacrificing her own happiness instead? Liam asks. She says that she could have a good life with Wyatt and their baby, but Liam says that it wouldn't be the life she wanted. "What I want," Hope sobs, "is for this child to have what I didn't, and I want better for you, too." Liam asks, "Better than you?" Hope says that it would be better than his raising his brother's baby. Liam insists that he can do it. After being treated like puppets for so long, he won't let Quinn win this time! Hope hates that Quinn would get what she wants, but she feels that there's a higher force at work, so she plans to raise her child with her husband. "No," Liam mutters, in denial, but Hope insists that she owes it to the baby to try. His voice breaking, Liam asks if she's sure. Hope embraces him and weeps that she'll always love him, and no matter what's been taken from them, they'll always have their memories. They flash back to their long history, from their first dinner together to their time in Italy to their missed rendezvous in Paris.

With both of them in tears, Hope and Liam kiss. Hope turns to the door and leaves. Staring at the door, Liam takes a deep breath and holds his head, while Hope stands outside the door, sobbing.

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