Tuesday, December 16, 2014, Episode #6974

Bill drops by Katie's, where Katie is playing with Will. Joining in, Bill guesses that Will is happy to see Daddy - and wonders if Mommy's happy to see Daddy, too.

Later, Bill puts Will down for a nap. When he rejoins Katie, he reports that Will wanted to hear a bedtime story. Katie bets that he told Will about the dark knight who rules the Spencer Empire with an iron fist. Bill remarks that the dark knight is a family man with three princes, and a beautiful queen who became an ex-queen because the dark knight didn't appreciate what he had. There's a crash from the kitchen, and a chef named Rudolpho comes out to assure Katie that the appetizers are unharmed. Bill wonders what Katie has planned that requires a personal chef. She doesn't answer and just smiles. In a moment of realization, Bill groans, "Forrester?" As Rudolpho puts out flowers, Bill keeps pressing Katie for details. She hints that something significant is happening tonight. Bill hopes she's not saying that she and Fashion Boy are... "Whatever's going on between me and fashion b... Ridge is none of your business," she retorts. Bill states that he's had time to reflect since Brooke left, and he sees now that the happiest times of his life were with Katie. When the two of them are together with Will, he realizes that it was a huge mistake to let their family go, and he wants to set things right. He claims that he was blinded, but he never stopped loving Katie, and he knows she didn't stop loving him, either. To him, the rest is just details, unless she does something tonight they'll both regret.

At Forrester, Ridge and Caroline decide to start with the showstopper and base the collection on that, but Caroline wants to run it by Rick. Ridge believes Rick won't care about process as long as he gets a winning collection. The designers are both surprised that Rick let them work together. Caroline supposes Rick really wants them to get along. Eric enters and states that Rick wants couture to flourish, as it will with Ridge and Caroline designing together again. Caroline shares that Ridge has a brilliant idea. Eric wants to see it, but Ridge says it's not ready. Eric asks where Rick is. Caroline says that she spoke to Rick a while ago and he said he's up to his neck in hot water. Eric says that he just wanted to share how impressed he is that Rick rose up for the good of the company and his marriage. With Rick having become the CEO Eric knew he'd be, Eric wants Ridge to at least meet Rick halfway. Ridge says that he's trying. Eric wants this to be new start for both Ridge and Rick, so he asks what Rick has to do to please Ridge. "He could step aside and give me my rightful place in the company," Ridge grumbles. Eric opines that a successful design house is only as good as its lead designer, and now that Ridge is able to design again thanks to Caroline, Ridge and Caroline are the most successful design team in the business. Eric believes that Rick realizes that and supports his design team 100%, which speaks well to who Rick is given his recent disdain for Ridge and Caroline, and for his marriage.

While romping with him in the tub in her gorgeous new condo, Maya asks Rick how she can thank him. Rick admits that he's asking a lot of her with him pretending to dump her so he can reunite with Caroline. Maya states that it will only be until he solidifies his position as CEO, and then the real fireworks will begin. Rick says that it might be sooner than she thinks since he's hired a lawyer and is ready to make a move; if all goes according to plan, he predicts that a certain duo will soon get the shock of their lives. They kiss.

Later, Maya lets Chris, the attorney Rick hired, in, and introduces herself as Forrester's lead model. Chris asks if they're doing a photo shoot today. Rick enters and says that they're always scouting for locations. Chris asks why they didn't meet at Forrester. Rick doesn't answer and asks if Chris has what he requested. Chris confirms that he drew up the papers granting Rick irrevocable power as Forrester's CEO once Eric, the company founder with final voting authority, signs them. Maya asks what that means. Chris explains that even Eric will not be able to remove Rick as CEO. Chris asks why Rick would want to make waves in a successful family business by insisting on irrevocable control. Rick says that he has his reasons, and he cautions that he can find another attorney if Chris isn't willing to follow through on this. Chris says that he said he'd do it, and he will.

After Chris leaves, Rick vents to Maya about wanting to stick it to Ridge, whose arrogance Rick has had to deal with all his life. Rick also looks forward to getting back at Caroline, who repaid his faith and trust in her by betraying their marriage. "Once my dad signs, my life begins," Rick declares, "and I can tell them all to go to hell." After Rick leaves, Maya straightens up the apartment. She decides to call Rick and leaves a message for him to call her when he's done with Eric, since she can't wait to start their life together. She hangs up, puts the phone and the towels she's holding down, and spins around, all giddy with excitement.

At Spencer, Bill sits at his desk, looking pensive. He flashes back to kissing Katie earlier.

Meanwhile, Ridge arrives at Katie's and sees the food, candles and flowers. Katie explains that tonight is a special evening for them, and she put Will down early so they can have some time alone. He wonders if he forgot some special occasion. She says that he didn't forget anything, but they've been through a rough time lately, so she was hoping they can put that behind them and move on. Ridge presumes she has something specific in mind. Katie explains that she wanted to something special because they have a lot to appreciate, and this just felt like the right time. Taking her hand and looking at the ribbon on her finger, Ridge says that he should have replaced the ribbon with the real thing a long time ago. Stating that the ribbon holds a lot of significance because of what it symbolizes, Katie asks if he thinks a minister would agree.

Back at Forrester, Eric tells Caroline to have Rick take her to a romantic, expensive dinner, Eric's treat. Caroline thanks him for getting through to Rick, who has never been more committed to their marriage, or to her.

Soon after, Rick arrives and greets Eric. Eric says that Rick just missed Caroline, but can probably catch her, but Rick wants to discuss something with Eric first. Guessing that Rick was out sealing some big business deal, Eric says that Rick doesn't have to keep proving himself, since Eric couldn't be more pleased with how Rick has conducted himself as CEO. Rick thanks his dad for giving him the swift kick in the butt he needed. Eric is proud of Rick for reuniting with Caroline, treating treating Ridge with respect and acting like a true CEO. Rick is touched by the trust shown in him by Eric, who has shown him how to be a Forrester and to lead the family and the company. He truly wants to follow Eric's example in taking the company forward, so he had some papers drawn up. Taking the papers, Eric asks what they're for. Rick explains that the papers give him irrevocable control as Forrester's CEO. Eric asks why he'd do this. Rick explains that Ridge is always trying to undermine him, but these papers will eliminate any bid to undercut his authority, letting the company run more smoothly. Knowing Ridge isn't exactly loyal, Rick feels that he has proven he has the maturity to run the company like Eric did, and he asks Eric to prove that he believes in him by signing the papers.

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