Tuesday, November 22, 2016, Episode #7468

In the living room at the mansion, Quinn thanks Steffy and Pam for putting their differences aside to plan a family Thanksgiving for Eric. Steffy promises to make sure everyone's there, while Pam offers to make lemon bars. Quinn questions the healthiness of the pastries. Pam doubts a few lemon bars will kill Eric. Steffy agrees, so Quinn gives in. Eric enters and is pleased to see three of his favorite ladies planning for Thanksgiving. When Steffy tells him that nine Forresters, all local, will be there, Eric reminds her that she forgot to count the tenth, Quinn. Quinn commends Steffy for making the list. Steffy states that she won't accept any excuses for people missing out on Eric's special day. Quinn tells Steffy that one person likely won't be there: Wyatt!

While Pam gathers ingredients for dinner tomorrow, Quinn corners Steffy and asks her to reach out to Wyatt. Quinn explains that Wyatt, who's suffering, plans to drive up the coast, and she doubts Steffy wants Wyatt to be alone during the holiday. She thinks Steffy might be the only one who can get through to Wyatt and get him to attend the family dinner.

In the kitchen, Pam shows Quinn all the salt-free ingredients she got. Eric enters the kitchen. Quinn asks why he's not resting. Eric says that he can rest tomorrow. He's glad that Quinn got through to Steffy. Quinn hopes Steffy can get through to Wyatt. Eric tries to take a corner lemon bar from a tray Pam has prepared, but Quinn stops him and tells him to wait for tomorrow. Thinking about how much they have to be thankful for this year, Eric looks forward to his family putting their differences aside tomorrow. Quinn hopes Wyatt is there to share it with them.

Wyatt arrives and talks with Steffy in the living room. Steffy tells him that she needs his help; she needs him to be at the family Thanksgiving dinner. Wyatt supposes she heard from Quinn about his plans. Steffy says that he belongs with family.

Wyatt argues that he has no desire to sit across the table from her and Liam. Steffy insists that she wants him there. While he gets why he and Steffy didn't work out, he thinks it's still too soon for him to suffer being at the table with her and Liam, and it may always be too soon. Steffy tries to empathize with him. Wyatt states that knowing how she feels about his brother doesn't make things better and may even make it worse. Steffy thinks his being there will help them understand how things happened. Wyatt doesn't know what there is to understand if he and Steffy had real feelings for each other. Steffy says that the feelings were real. "Just not real enough," Wyatt remarks. While he'll concede that his mom put things into place, he thinks he and Steffy had something. "Wasn't it?" he asks.

While she doesn't regret one day of her marriage to Wyatt, Steffy thinks they have to acknowledge that she was still in love with Liam and would have been with Liam had Quinn not kept him hidden and pulled her dirty tricks. Wyatt says that from his standpoint, being married to Steffy was the best time of his life. He understands that Steffy wants his brother now, but he wants her to know that he misses her. Steffy asks if they can start fresh tomorrow at dinner tomorrow. Wyatt agrees to stop by so he won't miss out on her Thanksgiving mystery seating chart. Steffy sighs and thanks him. Wyatt holds her hand and looks at her.

In the Design Office at Forrester, Rick and Maya chat with Zende. Zende calls them out for asking Nicole to carry another baby for them. They in turn question his taking Sasha to Hawaii and sleeping with her.

Outside, Nicole approaches the door and hears Zende states that he loves Nicole, not Sasha. He opens the door to leave and see Nicole there. Nicole offers to leave, but Rick asks her to stay so they can talk about Thanksgiving at Eric's. Nicole states that her parents can't attend since Vivienne has the flu. Rick and Maya think that they should be there for Eric, even if it means dining with Quinn. Zende agrees. Maya and Rick leave so Zende and Nicole can talk.

In the CEO office, Maya complains to Rick about what Zende did with Sasha. Rick agrees that Zende was out of line, but he notes that this is a time of year for forgiving. He hugs Maya, who hopes Nicole can forgive Zende. She admits that she didn't realize she'd be ruining her sister's life by asking Nicole to be their surrogate again. Rick prays that Zende and Nicole can get past this.

Across the hall, things are tense between Nicole and Zende. Zende tells Nicole that he meant what she overheard him tell Rick and Maya; he loves her and only her. Nicole finds that hard to believe after catching him in bed with Sasha.

Zende claims that he was hurt and confused when Nicole decided to forget about their plans for a life together by being her sister's surrogate again. He knows it may sound selfish, but he felt that Nicole didn't want the same things he wanted anymore, and Sasha was there for him as a friend. Nicole tells him that Sasha wants him, just like she did when Nicole was pregnant. She recalls that Zende's involvement with Sasha nearly destroyed them before, and this time, it did. Zende refuses to let this destroy him and Nicole. Nicole says that it already has. Zende disagrees; while he regrets how he handled things, he feels that his and Nicole's situation is unique, and he intends to fight for the only woman he will ever love. Her voice breaking, Nicole wants to believe him, but she can't; she says that his claims are just words.

Deciding to give Nicole something more than words, Zende brings out a ring box. Nicole tells him not to open it, so Zende offers to present it to her tomorrow at the family Thanksgiving dinner. Nicole tells him that their story ended when she found him with Sasha.

Zende believes that he and Nicole will get married, and the next child Nicole carries will be theirs. "Say you'll marry me," he implores. "I can't," Nicole sobs. Zende tells her to at least come to Thanksgiving dinner; while he understands why she can't accept the ring today, he'll bring it with him tomorrow. "You will be my wife, Nicole," Zende insists.

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