Tuesday, September 09, 2014, Episode #6906

Maya comes up to the Sky Lounge and smiles as she watches Carter work out. He assumes she's looking for Rick, but she claims she wants the scoop on the couture line from Ridge's right-hand.

Refusing to answer his ex, Carter tells her to ask Rick, but then he notes that Rick's not into her, either. But he was once, Maya retorts. Carter thinks she's in love with Rick's money. Maya insists that she's better for Rick than Caroline Spencer. Caroline FORRESTER, Carter corrects. "Not for much longer, if I have anything to say about it," Maya brags. Carter calls her a classless gold-digger and advises her to stop throwing herself at Rick. Stating that she's not throwing herself at Rick yet, Maya asserts that Caroline shouldn't underestimate her, because "Myrna" is still in the game. She flashes back to her day with Rick on Rodeo Drive and smiles. Carter bets he knows what she's thinking. Maya regrets letting Rick slip away and wonders if Rick and Caroline want a family; she claims that she'd stop pursuing Rick if a child was involved since a child changes everything. As do wedding vows, Carter adds, advising her to respect those vows. Maya states that she does, except when the marriage is Caroline's.

In Rick's office, Eric, Caroline and Rick fit a pair of models with the latest HFTF designs; they think that with a few tweaks and Hope's approval, these will be ready for the runway.

After the models leave, Eric commends Rick and Caroline for their efforts. Rick credits his lovely wife, who is working on couture as well as HFTF. Eric asks Caroline if she's collaborating with Ridge on couture. She says she just showed Ridge some of her sketches. To update on Ridge's progress, Rick invites a model in wearing a zero on the back of her shirt to match the number of designs Ridge has delivered so far. Eric reminds Rick what Ridge went through, but Rick feels he's given Ridge enough slack because of that and needs the couture designs ASAP. Caroline gets a text from Ridge and leaves to see what he wants. Rick vents to his dad about Ridge's attitude about the designs, a sign of Ridge's refusal to respect him as president. He suggests they send Ridge back to Paris once he finishes the couture line... if he finishes it. Rick presents his father with the one design Ridge sent so far. Eric notices that it looks like Caroline's style, not Ridge's. Rick explains that Caroline a rough sketch and Ridge put his hand on hers, guiding her to create something spectacular. Eric agrees that it's stunning. Rick sees a bright future for his wife in couture. Eric concurs. Rick thinks this will make it that much easier to send Ridge back to Paris, but Eric looks concerned.

Later, Maya drops by and finds Rick all alone. "My lucky day," she laughs. Rick shows her the latest couture design and asks what she thinks. She says that Ridge's design was worth the wait, but he tells her it's a collaboration between his wife and Ridge. Maya asks when Ridge stopped working solo. Rick tells her that Caroline is with Ridge now, as she and Katie are the only ones allowed in Ridge's "rarefied inner sanctum." Maya wonders why Ridge would waste time with Caroline, who's so far out of his league, when he should be designing the new couture collection. Rick asks her not to put his wife down to him. She apologizes, noting that Caroline is an easy target.

Rick thinks she sees Caroline that way because Caroline is beautiful, talented and sophisticated. Maya fires back that he's forgetting self-centered, vain and scrawny like a chicken, even if that's what makes him happy. Rick claims he's never been happier. "Than when you and I were together?" she asks. Rick says that they've moved on, but Maya presumes that at times like this, when his wife has abandoned him for another man, he thinks about what they had. "You don't give up, do you?" he laughs. Maya asks if he and "the chicken" want children. He thinks that's kind of personal. Maya takes that as a no, which means he's having second thoughts about his marriage. Rick insists that he's not, but Maya thinks that he should, since Caroline's not right for him. "I still love you, Rick," she proclaims. Rick looks confused.

In the CEO's office, Katie observes as Ridge raves about how well he and Caroline collaborated; even though he still can't draw by himself, he's excited about finishing his collection with Caroline's help.

Katie suggests that he tell Eric about his impairment, to get the support of the whole company and family and not just Brooke. Reminding her that Brooke has kept the secret, Ridge insists that no one else needs to know; he has the whole line in his head, and he can get Rick off his back once he gets his ideas on paper with Caroline's help. Flashing back to his fall, he reflects on how he almost lost everything. He predicts that he can show that he hasn't lost it with Caroline as his muse. Entering the office, Caroline overhears and asks if the insanely brilliant Ridge Forrester called her his muse. Confirming that her fiance was singing Caroline's praises, Katie snarks, "Good thing I'm not the jealous type." Ridge asks Caroline if he pulled her away from anything important. She says she was with his dad and Rick when she got the text, and they're eager to see his designs. He asks if she presented their collaborative sketch; she says that she did, and even with her gushing about her collaborating with a design legend, Eric and Rick liked the design. She just wishes she contributed more to it. Ridge tells her that she did more than she knows, but there's still a lot of work to do. Katie takes that as her cue to leave and exits.

Ridge offers to give Caroline more instruction, but she presumes he's pressed for time with a whole line to get out. Saying that a good designer's always pressed for time, he sits her at the drawing board and asks her to envision a timeless, elegant black cocktail dress. She asks to see some of his other designs so she doesn't take things in a a different direction, but he promises to guide her and tells her to close her eyes and visualize the story of the woman wearing the cocktail dress. Caroline starts to draw, but Ridge says that he's seen those lines a hundred times, on a hundred different dresses. She suggests lowering the waistline. Ridge is glad she sees the problem, but she asks what he would do. Saying he wouldn't waste his time with something that has to be fixed, he pulls the sheet of paper away and crumbles it. Caroline starts to draw again, but Ridge criticizes what she's doing and starts to erase. Frustrated, Caroline sighs that she doesn't understand! Ridge takes her hand again and guides her. She gets caught up in the surreal experience of being guided by, as he's been called in his online reviews, "one of the greatest couture designers of our time." Telling her to ignore reviews, he starts to explain again how less is more with couture, and he shows her where to start. She follows his lead, but he barks at her when she starts to lose focus. Caroline urges him to take the pencil and show her. He looks at the sketch, and she realizes what happened. "You can't. You can't draw," she says.

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