Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Episode #7022

At Forrester, Ridge declares his intent to stop Rick. Rick promises to make things right. Ridge tells him to make it right by skipping any more performances for Eric and going back to International. Rick asks why he'd do that when profits are up and he has Eric's support. "The numbers are up because of Caroline and me!" Ridge answers. Ridge maintains that Eric had fallen for Rick's lies out of guilt, but Rick balks at that notion and suggests that he and Ridge agree to disagree. Ridge vows to find a way to take Rick down. Rick gets a call from Maya asking when he'll get home. He says that he'll be there shortly and ends the call. When Rick announces that he's needed at home, Ridge responds, "It's still not your home." Ridge asks if Rick sleeps well at night, knowing Eric is in the guest house. Rick says that it was Eric's choice, and he adds that he and Maya don't do a lot of sleeping in that bedroom. Ridge states that he can't wait for Rick and Maya to fall off their perch. He leaves, and Rick shakes his head.

At the cliff house, Ivy tells Steffy to leave, calling her out for seducing Liam. Steffy asks why Ivy's so worried. Ivy says that she's not worried, she's disgusted. Steffy contends that she and Liam have been relating like this for years, but Ivy doesn't want Steffy relating to Liam at all on a personal level. Guessing that Ivy is OK with her relating to Liam for business, Steffy asserts that she'll only be part of Liam's takeover plan as his lover. Ivy sighs. "You don't know our history," Steffy states. Ivy can't believe that she used to defend Steffy when people called Steffy a skank or a slut for modeling lingerie for Forrester; she wonders if she was wrong when she called Steffy savvy and sophisticated, especially with Steffy standing there in a bikini, being so obvious. Steffy points out that bikinis are commonplace at an L.A. beach, but Ivy reasons, from what she saw and heard, that the bikini didn't have the effect Steffy hoped for. Steffy claims that she and Liam share something deeper than Ivy can possibly understand. Ivy argues that Steffy is nothing but a memory to Liam, part of his past. Steffy thinks Ivy is too smart to believe that a man as faithful as Liam can forget the past. Ivy maintains that Steffy left Liam, who grieved for Steffy for a while, but is ultimately a realist. Steffy retorts that reality walked in the door right behind her.

Ivy asks if Steffy knows why Liam is on this mission. Steffy feels that Liam has his father's knack for seeing opportunities. "It's because of me, Steffy. He's tired of seeing how Rick is treating me, and he's trying to do something to change it!" Ivy responds.

Ivy doesn't want to discount Liam and Steffy's history or the pain they endured when they lost a child, but she believes that couples move on from things like that. In Steffy's case, she chose to move on without Liam, and that choice carried consequences, one of which was Liam falling in love with Ivy. Steffy doesn't think that can compare to the love Liam felt for her. While Ivy has been with Liam for months, Steffy was with him for years of struggles over breakups, misunderstandings and interferences. It all ended when Steffy rode her motorcycle when she shouldn't have and lost the baby, and she was so filled with guilt that she ran off to find herself. Steffy agrees that Liam's heart might be in a different place now, but she's been down this road before, and she sees Ivy as nothing more than a bump in the road. Ivy asks if Steffy plans to pursue Liam, who just rejected her in this very room. Steffy says that she wouldn't call it rejection, and she's not willing to overlook the history she and Liam share or be ordered around by Ivy in her own hometown. Ivy reveals that she and Liam slept together. "Oh, my God. It's Hope part 2!" Steffy exclaims in disbelief. Ivy points out that she, too, is a Forrester, and she vows to fight for what's hers. "Liam and I are creating something together. You're gonna learn to respect that, or you're gonna regret it!" Ivy warns.

At the mansion, Maya welcomes Rick home and tells him she's proud of him. Rick credits Eric for supporting him when he needed it most. Maya feels that he responded like a true leader. Rick shares how Ridge confronted him and plans to challenge his position as CEO. Maya tells him to forget Ridge, who stomped on his olive branch. Rick claims that he knew he had won when Aly gave him the benefit of the doubt. Maya tells him that he's a leader, and with his father's support, no one can touch him. "This is your time," she asserts. "It's OUR time, the beginning of our glorious reign," he qualifies. He wants to celebrate, but he wants to change first. Maya offers to get the champagne. Rick goes upstairs. Maya hears a knock at the door and finds her sister, Nicole, there. Maya seems uncomfortable. Nicole admires Maya's portrait and thinks they should have touched up the eyes. Maya says that Rick thinks her eyes are her biggest assets. Nicole wants to meet Maya's future husband. Maya says that she's not engaged yet. "You'll make it happen," Nicole says. Stating that she and Rick have plans, Maya offers to make a date with Nicole to "do lunch." Nicole thinks that sounds so Hollywood and suggests they "grab a bite." Maya says they can do that, too. Nicole apologizes for acting rude the last time she was there. Maya says it's forgotten and asks how things are going at UCLA. Nicole reveals that she's lost her apartment and asks if there's room for her at Hotel Forrester.

Rick, having changed, comes downstairs and sees Nicole. Maya introduces her sister to Rick, who asks how things are at school. Nicole answers that things were good, but she lost her apartment in a dispute with a freaky roommate and may be spending her nights at the 24-hour library. Rick suggests that she crash there, but Maya says that her sister is fine right now. Nicole is stunned by Maya's remark. Maya promises to call Nicole soon and shows her to the door. Rick asks Maya why she didn't want her sister staying there. Maya notes that they already have Ivy and Aly around, and with the age difference between her and Nicole, they've never been close. Rick thinks this is a chance for them to get closer. Maya reminds Rick that they're just getting started, and with Eric having pledged his support, she doesn't want any complications. Rick hardly sees a college student as a complication, but Maya doesn't want anything to ruin things now that everything is perfect. Rick doesn't see that happening and suggests that they start their celebration. Maya pops the champagne and raves about Eric showing his love for his number one son. Rick vows to prove that he can be the "best damn CEO" the company has ever seen. They toast to themselves, and Rick adds, "Let no one take us under."

At Forrester, Ridge finds Liam waiting for him in the Executive Suite. Liam says that he spoke to Steffy. Ridge doesn't want to get dragged into any drama with his daughter and Liam. Liam insists that he's committed to Ivy and shares his fear that Forrester will implode under Rick. Ridge wonders why that would bother Liam. Liam explains that he initially had issues about Ridge being with Caroline, but he changed his mind after seeing Rick treat Caroline and Ivy like slaves. Now he's come up with a plan to take Rick down, and he assumes Ridge would be interested in hearing it. "I'm listening," Ridge responds. Liam informs him that Steffy had listened, too, when he suggested that she pool her shares in Forrester with Thomas', Ridge's and Bill's shares to mount a hostile takeover of the company. He has no doubt that Steffy and Thomas will come on board if their father does. Although he's intrigued, Ridge refuses to partner with Bill. "You wouldn't have to. I'd be in control of his shares," Liam insists. Ridge respects Liam, but he doesn't trust Bill to completely step out of the equation.

Liam claims that he doesn't march to Bill's drumbeat, and Bill had come to understand that long ago. Ridge confides that he wanted to resolve this within the family, but Eric made that impossible by supporting Rick, and the recent rise in profits reinforced that support. Liam argues that those profits are Ridge's and Caroline's, since the industry is still buzzing about the last couture collection. He feels that Rick has succeeded despite himself, but that success will end if Ridge, Caroline and every other employee of value abandons the tyrannical Rick. Ridge agrees, but he notes that going along with Liam's plan would mean betraying Eric. Liam argues that Ridge would be protecting Eric's legacy, and everyone would benefit, including Caroline. Ridge admits that he's tired of seeing Caroline suffer because of Rick. Liam notes that Caroline's not the only one suffering because of Rick and Maya. Ridge doesn't even want to hear Maya's name, because she's despicable. Liam tells Ridge that they can put a stop to it all by ousting Rick. He'd be a silent partner, allowing Ridge and Steffy to run Forrester. Ridge still feels like he'd be betraying Eric. Liam sympathizes, but he believes that Rick will grind the company to dust if he's not stopped. He tells Ridge to think about it, but think fast, because they have to make their move now for this to work.

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