Tuesday, March 17, 2015, Episode #7037

Katie and Bill pay Brooke a surprise visit. When the reunited newlyweds kiss, Brooke looks away. Bill and Katie ask what happened while they honeymooned. Brooke reveals that Deacon and Quinn got engaged, despite her advising Deacon against it; she wishes Deacon would take her advice like Bill and Katie had. Bill and Katie laugh. Brooke asks about the honeymoon. Bill says that he wanted to cruise on his yacht, but Katie wanted to be close to home. Katie chimes in that they went to Aspen. Brooke pauses, then nods and says, "Good choice."

After showing off some photos, Katie senses it's hard for Brooke to talk about this and asks if Brooke is OK. Brooke confides that she's not where she thought she'd be at this stage in life, but she's glad to see Bill, Katie and Will as a family. She tells Katie, "I love you," and wishes Bill and Katie a successful life. The sisters embrace. After showing Katie and Bill out, Brooke pauses by the door and sighs. Walking over to the bar, she picks up a bottle of vodka, but then she puts it down and reaches for her phone.

At Quinn's loft, Quinn tells Deacon that they should share their wedding news with someone - like Bill, who Wyatt has told her is back from his honeymoon. "Wouldn't it be fun to see the look on his face?" she chuckles. They kiss. While Quinn prepares some food in the kitchen, Deacon gets a call from Brooke. "I really want a drink," she sighs. Deacon tells her not to reach for the bottle and says he'll be right over. As he hangs up, Quinn asks if that was someone from his meeting. He says it's someone he told to call him if they got into a jam. Quinn tells him to go, but Deacon thinks she should know something first about this person. Not wanting to compromise the confidentiality of his meetings, Quinn tells him to go; she's delighted to know that her fiance is willing to step up when someone's in trouble. "You better go before he does something he's gonna regret," she advises. He leaves.

Deacon arrives at Brooke's and sees a bottle and glass of vodka on the table in front of her. "That's not gonna help," he warns. Brooke sobs that she probably shouldn't have called, but the house seemed so empty. Deacon tells her that she doesn't want the vodka, but Brooke reaches for the glass and sighs that she just needs one little glass. Deacon warns that the booze won't make her feel better. "I don't want to feel like this anymore!" she cries. Deacon tells her not to do this to herself. "I'm here to help you," he says, "and whatever 'this' is, you don't have to face this alone."

At the Forrester Sky Lounge, Rick asks Nicole and Maya what's going on. The ladies insist that it's just sister stuff, with no problems going on. Rick asks if Nicole is settling in. She laughs that if Maya keeps treating her so well, she'll never leave. With a marketing meeting to get to, Rick realizes that he has to leave. Once Rick is gone, Maya calls Nicole out for putting her on the spot. "You're not gonna get what you want by threatening me, Nicole, and if you think you can, you don't know who you're dealing with," Maya boasts.

Maya goes to see Carter and asks for his help. He assumes there is trouble in paradise already. She begs him to do a background check on Nicole. Carter asks why she can't do it herself. She says that she can't have it come back to her, but she needs to find something she can use as leverage to get Nicole out of the house. Since Nicole left another school to come to UCLA, Maya suggests he start there. Seeing how upset she is, Carter agrees. Maya leaves, and Carter calls the UCLA bursar's office to inquire about Nicole.

While delivering papers to Rick, Pam observes that his marketing meeting ended early. He gripes that they had no new ideas, and he's tired of brainstorming for every department. Nicole enters and asks for a minute with Rick. Pam leaves. Nicole wants to answer Rick's earlier question about what's going on between her and Maya since he was right about the tension between them. She knows Maya believes they don't know each other that well, but she feels that in some ways, she knows Maya better than anyone, including Rick. Sensing something more going on, Rick offers to help; he thinks he can because he and Maya have no secrets from each other. Nicole admires his trust in Maya. Rick states that he wouldn't be with Maya if he didn't trust her. Maya arrives. Rick tells Maya that he was just gushing about her honesty to Nicole. Nicole says that it sounds like honesty is the key to Rick and Maya's relationship. Rick says that it's one of them since Maya, unlike Caroline, doesn't keep anything from him. When Rick asks about the tension between her and Nicole, Maya says that she doesn't want to bother him with that. He doesn't mind, since he wants to see her close to her sister.

Rick gets called to the cutting room, so he tells Maya and Nicole to work their issues out and leaves. Maya accuses Nicole of creating problems. Nicole wonders where the problem is since Rick just raved about Maya's honesty. Pam comes to the door, but she hears the heated discussion and opts to close the door and listen from outside. Nicole tells Maya to be honest with Rick. Maya claims she has been. Nicole sneers at the the thought of Miss Perfect never lying and suggests they discuss it later at home. Pam bolts back to her desk as Nicole leaves the office. Once Nicole enter the elevator, Pam peeks into the office and sees a nervous Maya pacing. Maya reads a text from Carter summoning her to his office, as he has news about Nicole. Later, Pam asks Rick about the clear dislike between the Avant sisters, since she had peeked in earlier and overheard Nicole and Maya sizing each other up. Rick assumes that Pam did that with Stephanie. Pam replies that she did, and she and Stephanie were at odds over that for a long time. Rick feels that Maya and Nicole, like Pam and Stephanie, will grow closer in time. Pam wonders how Maya feels about that. Rick wants to believe that Maya and Nicole can move past their issues and learn to be sisters again.

Maya goes to see Carter, who tells her that Nicole was only a part-time student at UCLA, taking extension classes for a while before dropping out completely. "She lied to me," Maya fumes. Carter asks why Nicole would lie. Maya doesn't think it matters; she just hopes Nicole has enjoyed her last night at the Forrester estate.

Soon after, Maya arrives at the mansion and finds Nicole making herself comfortable on the couch. Maya admits that even though she felt guilty about not staying in touch, she was thrilled when her little sister arrived in L.A. She hoped she and Nicole would grow closer, but then she found out that Nicole had lied to her about being a student at UCLA! Nicole states how hard it is to get into the competitive UCLA computer science program, but Maya accuses Nicole of lying to her and Rick and coming to LA with an agenda. Nicole retorts that she came to LA to find her sister, only to have Maya turn on her. She thinks Maya's the one with the agenda given how she's built herself a whole new life - a life that will come crumbling down if Nicole reveals Maya's secret Maya insists that she has nothing to be ashamed of, but Nicole warns that she can take Maya's new life away with just one word. Maya seems nervous.

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