Tuesday, April 22, 2014, Episode #6808

By the Forrester pool, Oliver asks Aly to go back in the water. She reminds him that they just got out, but he tells her that he didn't grow up with a ginormous house and pool like she did. She guesses she's pretty lucky. He responds, "I'm feeling pretty lucky right now myself, all because of you, Miss F.", and he kisses her.

Oliver asks to go to her room. When they get there, Aly wonders why he asked to go there. Oliver says he wanted to be alone with her, in case her granddad came home. She doesn't think Eric would mind them hanging out. "If that's all we were doing." Oliver laughs, and he kisses her again. When Aly sees Oliver looking at the HFTF stuff in her room, she guesses he thinks it seems like a kid's room, but he reminds her that he believes in Hope's message and adds that he respects Aly for taking the message to heart. They kiss again. Oliver shows Aly the shots and videos he took with the underwater camera; Aly seems embarrassed, so Oliver tells her not to look self-conscious, since she looks fantastic. They kiss some more.

Oliver sees a VHS cassette on Aly's shelf and asks about it. Aly explains that her mom made it for her on her 4th birthday to express how special Aly was to her, and Aly watched it often.

Oliver presumes it was tough for her to lose her mom so young. Aly says that losing her mom because Taylor was drinking and driving that night made things even harder. She laments that she never really got to say goodbye since she missed the funeral when her dad didn't know how to tell her that her mom was gone. When Aly blurts out that she sometimes talks to her mom, she guesses that Oliver thinks she's weird. Oliver says that he doesn't think that at all. Aly remembers how hurt she was when her dad was going to marry Taylor; she even tore up Taylor's wedding gown before the wedding, and she's grateful that her dad didn't marry Taylor. Oliver assumes she felt angry and confused. Aly recalls that she was 4, her mom was gone, her dad was grieving and Taylor was taking advantage. Things got so bad that she ran away, and she still has nightmares about it. She just wishes she could feel her mom's arms around her one more time. Oliver sympathizes and tells her she can always talk to him about this, or about anything, since he's happy to be there for her. Aly tells him he's sweet; Oliver responds that she's really pretty. Aly says that no one has ever made her feel like a woman like he does, and they kiss one more time.

Quinn eavesdrops at the door to Eric's office as Brooke asks Hope if she wants to move forward with Wyatt, or if she'll continue to be haunted by the fact that she almost lost Liam forever. Hope admits she's not sure. Quinn looks worried.

Across the hall in Rick's office, Wyatt balks at Liam's futile bid to reconnect with Hope, but Liam laughs at Wyatt's inability to see what an eye opener this was for Hope. Wyatt asserts that Liam is fooling himself if he thinks an almost pregnancy changes where he stands with Hope.

Liam leaves the office and finds Pam at her desk, playing with a puppy, Joy, from the shelter where she volunteers. Liam asks where Hope is; Pam informs him that Hope's in Eric's office with Brooke. Pam introduces Joy to Liam and asks if he'd like to hold the pup. Liam eagerly takes Joy, who proceeds to lick his face, and tells Pam that he's working on an article about animal issues for his magazine. Thanking him for helping the animals, Pam offers to share some contacts at the shelter who can help provide information for the feature. Liam thanks her. Pam then tells him that Hope's going to the photo studio after her meeting, noting that she and Joy are both on his side. Liam smiles and winks at her.

In Eric's office, Hope remembers that it felt like things ended for her and Liam when Steffy became pregnant, but Brooke recalls that Hope got another chance with Liam when Steffy lost the baby.

Rick interrupts to inquire about news he heard that Hope was kidnapped. Assuring that she's fine, Hope thanks her mom for listening and leaves. Telling Brooke that he saw Quinn in the hall looking mighty unhappy, Rick wonders what's going on; Brooke will only tell him that Hope, as she just said herself, is fine. Rick presumes that Hope swore Brooke to secrecy. Brooke asks if they can change the subject, so Rick asks about Ridge, since he wants to know where Ridge is at all times since Ridge's attempted coup. Brooke assures that she'll be keeping an eye on Ridge as his co-vice-president. Rick asks if it's true that Katie opposed his dad's decision to name Ridge and Brooke co-vice-presidents. Brooke says that it was more like Katie demanded Eric change his mind. Rick doesn't think that sounds at all like Katie. Brooke says that she's more concerned about what Katie is trying to do to someone else, and while glancing at the papers in her purse, she announces, "I have the power to change it."

After getting Rick to agree not to discuss this with anyone, even Caroline, Brooke recounts how she tried to get Karen to reinstate Bill. After hearing that Karen chose to stay with Katie, Rick states that Bill's hands are tied. Brooke says that HER hands aren't tied, and glancing at her purse again, she says that she has the ability to bring Bill back as CEO. Rick asks if she has some trick up her sleeve, since Karen has 50% of Spencer and Katie has 1%. Brooke claims she has proof that things aren't the way Karen and Katie believe. Rick asks if that proof is indisputable. Brooke says that it is, but she's not sure if she should use it. Rick assumes that's because of Katie. Brooke confirms that this can damage her relationship with Katie forever. Rick tells her to think carefully about this, since her relationship with Ridge has been inconsistent at best, while Bill cares for her in ways he never did for Katie. Brooke reasons that she took Katie's husband and Katie took hers, so now she has to decide if she should take Katie's job as CEO, too. "Somebody has to stop her. It can't go on like this. It has to end," Brooke proclaims, again looking at her purse.

Quinn finds Wyatt in Rick's office and tells him about what she just overheard. "You're losing her," she warns, stating that Liam's stunt to remind Hope of what they shared is working. Wyatt insists that Liam in in Hope's past now, but Quinn advices him not to be complacent and think that Hope is as sure about their relationship as he believes.

When Quinn reveals that Liam definitely stirred something in Hope that could upset their relationship with Forrester, Wyatt tells her to calm down, but she insists that his happiness with Hope and their company's success are in jeopardy. Wyatt tells her she's overreacting. Quinn reminds him how she didn't like Hope until she saw how being around Hope allowed him to flourish. She doesn't want to see him lose Hope. Wyatt says he's not going to lose her, but Quinn feels that he should be concerned about the history Hope and Liam share after what she just overheard. When Wyatt thinks she's pointing out the obvious, Quinn reminds him that Liam is a Spencer and tells him that he could be one, too. Wondering why she's even bringing this up, Wyatt tells his mother to let him handle his own life. He believes that he could lose Hope if his mom intervenes, so he asks Quinn to "chill" and have faith in him and Hope. "What if it's not good enough?" she asks. "Stop worrying. It will be," Wyatt asserts.

Hope is looking at proofs in the photo studio when Liam enters. He laughs that he keeps pretending she's home, packing to move in with him. She says that they had that discussion, but he reminds her that someone interrupted. A certain somebody whose truck he stole, she reminds him.

Liam chuckles that he thought she liked spontaneity, but she says she doesn't like that kind. Liam says he'll remember that next time, but Hope tells him there won't be a next time. Liam asks how she can expect him to ignore that they almost lost each other. She says that she isn't ignoring anything, but she can't give him what he wants, especially if it means walking away from Wyatt. Liam thinks she should walk away, since he thinks she sees herself as raising a family with him, not Wyatt. Hope tells him to back off, but he feels that backing off will be denying something they both know is true. Hope admits that what happened made her stop and think, but she feels like he expects answers from her that she can't give him. Liam tells her that he can't keep watching her and Wyatt from the sidelines and wants her to consider dating him and Wyatt. Hope refuses, stating that her mom dated both Ridge and Thorne, and that's not something she wants for her life. Stating that he just wants equal time with her, Liam tells her that's going to make dinner tomorrow night for her at his place. If she doesn't show up, then he will know he has to move on. "Tomorrow night can either be a new beginning for us," he states, "or it'll be the end. But it's up to you." Hope looks torn.

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