Tuesday, August 25, 2015, Episode #7149

In the CEO office at Forrester. Ivy and Steffy argue about Steffy's behavior when Aly died. Steffy again argues that Aly attacked her, but Ivy calls her a murderer and cites the proof on her phone as reason for Steffy to stop lying.

Steffy asks what more Ivy wants, noting that Ivy is already the new face of Forrester. Ivy claims she owns Steffy and will as long as the video exists. Steffy can't believe Ivy sees her as so heartless. Ivy feels Steffy has no conscience. Steffy maintains that she had no choice but to defend herself. Ivy counters that her video shows a different, more vicious story with no evidence of the rock Steffy claims Aly had. Having seen Steffy steal Liam, the presidency of Forrester and Aly's life, Ivy announces that Steffy's charmed life is over, and she tells Steffy to start accepting some responsibility. Steffy says that she does accept some, but not to the degree of Ivy's accusations. She believes Ivy would have done the same thing in her shoes.

Ivy insists that she never would have ended a life. Steffy doesn't see how Ivy can say that; she points out that Ivy stopped to record the fight and asks what says about Ivy. "That was our cousin. I protected myself. It was either survive or get killed!" Steffy exclaims.

Ivy suggests they watch the video again to look for a rock. Steffy insists the rock was there and tells Ivy to let this go, but Ivy states that she's watched the video over and over and sees no rock. Growing tired of hearing Steffy make excuses, Ivy announces that she's been played for a fool too many times to ever believe Steffy again.

At the Sky Lounge, Thomas and Liam discuss Ivy using the video to blackmail Steffy. They clam up when Ridge joins them and shares that Steffy told him to name Ivy the new face of Forrester in her place. He can't understand why Steffy would turn the position down.

Liam and Thomas wonder if Steffy wasn't prepared for the pressure, Ridge notes that Steffy thrives on pressure. Thomas thinks they should trust Steffy to decide for herself. Liam agrees that it's best to let this go, but Ridge feels that this is out of character for Steffy and disagrees. Liam notes that Ivy did a good job modeling in Amsterdam, but Ridge doesn't think Ivy's talent, or lack thereof, is at issue. Thomas thinks Steffy may want to avoid more fallout from the media breathing down her neck. Ridge believes that something else is going on and asks what he's missing.

After Liam leaves, Ridge asks if he should be concerned. Thomas feels that Steffy is overwhelmed by everything that's happened since she returned to L.A. Even if that's true, Ridge doesn't get why Steffy would choose Ivy for the position. Thomas reminds him that Ivy and Steffy have been trying to get along better. Ridge asks if Thomas would tell him if something was going on. Thomas says he'd speak up if he felt Steffy was making the wrong decision. Ridge smiles, but he can't shake the feeling that there's more going on and assumes Thomas knows what it is.

In the CEO office, Steffy vents to Liam about keeping secrets from her dad. She's tired of letting Ivy win; she feels bad enough about what happened to Aly without Ivy holding the memories of that night over her head, maybe for the rest of her life. Liam assures that he won't let that happen.

Steffy worries about how guilty the video makes her look. Liam assures that they both know she's innocent, and that's all that matters. Worried that Ivy called her a murderer and claimed to own her, Steffy asks, "What am I going to do?" Liam promises to put a stop to this right now and rushes out.

In the Executive Suite, Quinn suggests that Wyatt tell Ivy to watch her attitude. Wyatt laughs that his mom is upset about another woman standing up to her. Quinn questions Ivy acting bossy when Quinn has been "rather pleasant lately." Wyatt agrees that Quinn has been less scary, but he thinks there's always room for improvement.

Quinn marvels that Wyatt gave up on Steffy and hooked up with Ivy. Thinking he gave in too quickly because Liam was in the picture, she advises him not to let Liam always win. Wyatt admits that it irks him that Liam is VP at Forrester and president of Spencer, but he feels that he and Ivy are about to get their chance to shine. "You and Ivy. Meh," Quinn balks. Wyatt points out that she didn't like Hope at first, either. Quinn states that she likes Steffy, who's still available until Liam proposes. Wyatt states that he's with Ivy and asks him mom to give Ivy a chance. Quinn speculates about a marriage, but Wyatt insists that he and Ivy are taking things "slow-ish."

Quinn frets that she and Ivy got along well during the immigration debacle, but now Ivy is always barking at her. Wyatt reminds her that Ivy has lost Aly, as well as Liam to Steffy. Quinn questions what Ivy and Steffy see in that "vegan troll." Wyatt isn't sure, but he's sick and tired of always losing to his brother.

Ivy enters, and Wyatt wonders if things are about to get awkward. Ivy thinks she and Quinn are adult enough to handle some disagreements. Quinn agrees as long as she and Ivy align on their unique approaches to their work and how they talk to seniority. On that note, Ivy announces things might be changing now that she's the new face of Forrester! Wyatt hugs her and says that he's not surprised that Steffy did the right thing. Quinn kind of scowls in disapproval.

In the CEO office, Ridge questions Steffy about her decision to defer to Ivy. She asserts that she wants to focus on running the company and on her new relationship with Liam. Ridge senses there's more. Steffy claims she just doesn't need the stress of modeling. Ridge asks why she'd choose Ivy, of all people. Steffy sees Ivy as the logical choice. Ridge worries about how she's handling what happened with Aly. Steffy says that she'll never forget that night, and it will probably haunt her for the rest of her life. Ridge hugs her.

Liam finds Ivy in the Executive Suite examining a sapphire with a magnifying glass. Liam congratulates her on becoming the new face of Forrester and says that he used to see her like a sapphire - beautiful, precious and clear. "Until Steffy came back and then stole you from me," Ivy balks.

Liam remarks that no one steals anyone away from anyone else, and he makes his own decisions. He knows his feelings for Steffy were a factor, but Ivy's immigration issues and the wedding also complicated things. Ivy scoffs at him bringing that up again. Liam observes that she's become darker, almost like Quinn, and he's afraid for the person she's become. The Ivy he knew wouldn't do something as unethical and self-serving as blackmail, exploiting Aly's death to advance her own career. Ivy insists that she's just seeking justice for Aly by seeing Steffy pay for what she's done. Liam is sickened by what Ivy is doing to Steffy, but Ivy says that Steffy is the guilty one, and the video proves it. Tired of her threats, Liam tells her to either take the video to the police or delete it and mourn Aly's death. "No more threats. No more blackmail. Those are your only two options. So, what's it gonna be, Ivy?" he asks.

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