Tuesday, August 09, 2016, Episode #7393

In the Design Office at Forrester, Thomas fits a dress on Sasha while she tells him about Lizzy's christening. When Thomas mentions that he has to plan Douglas' christening, Sasha realizes that the rumors are true that Douglas is his son.

Asking her to be discreet since Douglas' paternity isn't public knowledge yet, Thomas explains that Douglas was conceived before Ridge and Caroline were married. He informs Sasha that Ridge and Caroline are divorcing, with Caroline going to New York for a while to clear her head. Sasha realizes that he has feelings for the mother of his child. When Sasha tries on her next dress, Thomas offers his candid opinion on how it looks. Sasha notes that some women don't like honest guys, but she suspects Caroline does. Thomas admits that it will be hard to figure things out with Caroline across the country, especially since he hopes the mother of his child would want to settle down with him. Sasha asks him to promise that whether it works out with Caroline or not, he will always give Douglas a father's love and not treat his son like a mistake.

Thomas assures that he would never turn his back on his son. He wonders if Sasha made that request of him because of her own paternity situation. Sasha admits that Julius rejected her as his daughter since the day she was born.

Thomas figures that she wants to spare Thomas the kind of life she had. Sasha apologizes since she can tell that he'd never do that to his kid. Thomas states that no kid should go through what she went through with Julius. Sasha guesses that she turned out OK. Thomas asks how things are with Julius. Sasha sighs that she takes one step forward, five steps back, but she's glad that Thomas would never do that. Thomas can't understand how a father could fail to acknowledge his child. Sasha says that she's tried to forgive Julius, who feared he would lose his family, but the rejection has left her with scars that might never heal. She thanks Thomas for listening. Thomas says that he was glad to do it since he likes working with her. Sasha likes working with him, too. They move on to the next dress.

In his office at Spencer, Bill recalls telling Brooke that he loves her. He calls her, and she takes the call and asks if he's working things out with Katie. Bill wants to see her. Brooke scoffs. Bill says that he isn't going back to Katie. Brooke tells him to try harder. Having given Will back to Katie as Brooke asked, Bill wants Brooke.

Ridge enters the CEO office at Forrester as Brooke hangs up on Bill. Realizing who she was talking to, Ridge asks if she still has feelings for Bill. Brooke says that she wouldn't be vulnerable to Bill if she didn't, but it's over.

Ridge guesses that Bill sees things differently. "You think?" Brooke laughs. Ridge loves hearing her giggle since it makes him feel good. Brooke senses something is bothering Ridge. He tells her about Eric seeing Quinn. A stunned Brooke assumes that Steffy won't be happy about that. Ridge shares that his daughter exploded when she found out, and he fears for her marriage. He also suspects that he lost his job because Quinn convinced Eric to reclaim the CEO title. Brooke and Ridge wonder what Quinn's motivation. Ridge notes that Eric goes for pathological, beautiful women. Brooke is taken aback. Ridge indicates that he didn't mean her, but he thinks this is a serious situation that they have to deal with. Brooke wonders what Quinn might do next. Fearing that this could be dangerous for the family and the company, Ridge wants to put a stop to it. He has an idea how to stop it, but he first needs Brooke to call Katie for him.

Having been summoned by Bill, Katie drops by Spencer. Wanting to settle their "situation" without drama for Will's sake, Bill hands her divorce papers offering what he says is a generous settlement.

Justin enters as Katie looks over the document; he reports that it's pretty standard other than Bill giving her the house, the cars, and more in a generous offer. Bill tells Katie that they can work out shared custody of Will once she signs. Katie assumes he wants the divorce done quickly so he can be with Brooke. Bill asks to leave Brooke out of this, but Katie reminds him that Brooke is the reason they're divorcing. Justin states that the cause is listed as "irreconcilable differences." Katie scoffs at the use of that phrase, which can mean anything from liking different foods to infidelity. Bill asks if she wants to drag their son through a scandal. Katie says that she doesn't, so Bill tells her to sign the papers. "Or else?" asks Katie. Bill says that there is no "or else" since he returned Will and agreed not to have her declared incompetent. Justin urges Katie to sign the papers.

Katie reads that she gets $50 million, use of the yacht and the jet (with Bill's approval), the house, the cars, the jewelry and any other joint assets. Bill thinks it's a no-brainer.

Katie kids that she can contribute to Liam's foundation since Bill won't. Bill tells her that she can do whatever she wants for the rest of her life if she signs, and Will will thank them someday. Katie takes a call from Brooke, who asks her sister to come to Forrester. Katie says that's busy. Ridge grabs the phone and urges Katie to come over to discuss her future. Katie says she'll be right there. Bill asks where she's going. Katie says she's going to see Brooke at Forrester and asks if she should say hello for Bill. Bill asks her to sign the papers before she goes, but she says she'll think about it, takes the papers with her and leaves.

Later, Bill sits alone in his office and thinks about happy times with Brooke.

At Forrester, Brooke asks Ridge what's going on. He tells her that he has a plan to help Forrester, and Katie could be the key. Katie arrives and asks what was so important that she has to rush over.

Brooke asks about Will and is glad to hear that the boy is getting lots of attention from his mom. Ridge asks how Bill is treating her. Katie tells him about the settlement offer and says that she has to get her lawyers to look it over, but she's not concerned about money and just wants her son. She supposes Bill might be right to get this over with quickly for Will's sake. Ridge thinks there's an opportunity to get even more from Bill. Katie doesn't want to go through an ugly court battle since Bill had threatened to seek full custody and have her declared incompetent because of her drinking. Ridge reminds her that she started drinking because of Bill. Taking responsibility for her drinking, Katie doesn't want an ugly divorce that Will might read about someday, so she's willing to let Bill win.

Ridge advises Katie not to sign the papers and instead ask for Bill's 12.5% stake in Forrester. Katie asks why she'd want that. Ridge explains that the family might lose the company now that Eric is seeing Quinn Fuller! Katie asks why Ridge would let Quinn anywhere near Eric to pursue her agenda. Stating that Katie deserves Bill's shares, Ridge adds that she'd also be helping "us" secure the future of Forrester. "Us?" asks Katie. "You, me - and Brooke," Ridge clarifies.

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