Tuesday, July 28, 2015, Episode #7129

In the CEO office at Forrester, Caroline and Ridge discuss the tragic loss that has left Thorne all alone. Ridge says that the family will be there to support Thorne. They hug. Thomas appears at the door and witnesses the embrace.

Caroline sees Thomas and tells him she and Ridge were just talking about Thorne. Thomas feels bad for his uncle and for Steffy, who was there that night. Since he wants to support his sister, he's decided to move back to L.A. Ridge asks if he has thought it through since it seems sudden. Thomas says it has been on his mind for a while. Caroline tells Thomas that Ridge just wants to be sure this is the right decision. Thomas says that Paris was great, but L.A. is his home. Ridge informs him that there are no executive positions in L.A. Thomas understands, but he wants to join the design team. Ridge seems surprised. Thomas reminds his dad that he's always been passionate about designing. Ridge says that he thought Thomas was happy as an executive at International, and Caroline adds that everyone says Thomas is good at his job. Thomas says that it was good to learn new aspects of the business at International, but it was time for a change.

Ridge says that things don't work that way. Thomas notes that as a 5% shareholder, he had backed Ridge in the takeover, and he also made a lot of money as a designer with the Taboo line. Ridge counters that Taboo was long ago. Thomas says that he's has been honing his craft every day. Caroline points out that she and Ridge are well into the spring line. Thomas knows that and says that their work is good, but he thinks he has something to offer as well. Ridge asks if Thomas talked to Eric. Thomas responds that this Ridge's decision as CEO, but he's sure Eric will be thrilled to have another Forrester on the design team. "Am I in?" he asks. Ridge says that Thomas will have to earn his stripes like everyone else and agrees to look at Thomas' designs.

On the Forrester mansion terrace, Liam and Wyatt lament Aly's death and the effect that a second tragic accident must have had on Thorne. Wyatt guesses it must be hard on Steffy, too. Liam says that Steffy is devastated, so he keeps reminding her that it wasn't her fault.

Wyatt asks if Steffy said anything about the accident. Liam responds that she's shared as much as she remembers. Wyatt thinks it's crazy that Aly died after she stumbled and fell. Liam feels that this could have been avoided if Aly hadn't gone nuts on Steffy. Now Aly is gone, and Liam fears that the memories will continue to haunt Steffy. Wyatt is worried about Steffy, too, since he knows she is going through a tough time. Liam appreciates the concern but points out that Steffy has him to lean on. Wyatt asks if Liam thinks he'd hit on Steffy during this tragic time. Liam says that he knows Wyatt wouldn't and apologizes. He supposes the stress is getting to him, too. Wyatt suspects guilt might be weighing on Steffy. Liam asks why Wyatt would say that since nobody's blaming Steffy. Wyatt says that things could change once the impact has a chance to sink in. Liam agrees, but he's sure Steffy has nothing to feel guilty about.

In the living room, Ivy confronts Steffy and accuses, "Aly died because of you." Irked at being questioned, Steffy assumes that Ivy is still hurting from losing her cousin and friend, but she points out that she was Aly's cousin, too.

Steffy asks why Ivy is accusing her. Ivy notes that Steffy and Aly were alone on PCH. Steffy asks if Ivy is implying she's responsible. "That's exactly what I'm saying," Ivy responds. Steffy reminds Ivy about the hate board they found. Aly had gone ballistic, crossing out a photo of Maya and driving a nail into Steffy's head in a photo. On top of that, Aly punctured Steffy's tire and ran her car at Steffy, stopping just inches short, and when Steffy confronted her, Aly attacked. She doesn't want to speak ill, but Aly had lost her sanity. Ivy feels that Aly's instability doesn't excuse Steffy's "role" in what happened. Steffy insists she was trying to defend herself. "What did you think would happen?" asks Ivy. Steffy asks what she means. Ivy states that healthy young women don't just trip, hit their heads and die, but that's what Steffy told the police happened. "Is that your story?" Ivy asks. "Is it not possible that your memory's just a little fuzzy and you've distorted reality?" Steffy gets that Ivy doesn't like her, but she's appalled that Ivy would use Aly's death to take a dig at her.

Liam and Wyatt enter and interrupt the awkward moment. Steffy says she and Ivy were just having a disagreement. Liam wonders if he and Ivy should talk. Steffy doesn't think now is the time, but Ivy says it's OK, so Steffy and Wyatt go out to the terrace. Wyatt wonders what Liam has to say to Ivy. Steffy says it's not her place to say. Wyatt asks if Liam is breaking up with Ivy.

Inside, Liam struggles to find the words to do the honorable thing. Realizing where this is going, Ivy asks how he could do it now, just after her cousin's memorial. Even though she knows he has feelings for Steffy, part of her feels a bit betrayed. "You finally gave in," Ivy says. Liam says that it's more complex, as he and Steffy have been given another chance. He tells her he's sorry and reaches out to her. She pulls back and says, "Don't touch me!" Ivy asks if she was just a conquest, someone to fill the void when Steffy was away. Liam denies it and says he loved her. Ivy tells him to stop and not say another word! She states that if he wants to be with someone with no moral center or conscience like Steffy, then good luck with that.

Later, Liam laments to Steffy that he miscalculated badly. Even though he felt like breaking up with Ivy now would be the respectful thing to do in light of the tension he felt between her and Steffy, he was wrong to do it at Aly's funeral. Ivy clearly wasn't happy. Steffy says that Ivy was hurt. Liam confesses that things got intense when Ivy said some things about Steffy's character, but none of that matters now. He knows Steffy is the best choice for him and could not be more optimistic about their future. They kiss.

In another room, Ivy tells Wyatt what Liam said. Wyatt apologizes for his brother's poor timing and tells Ivy that she deserves better. He asks if she confronted Steffy. She says that she did, but Steffy still kept lying and didn't even show an ounce of remorse for killing Aly. She plays the video again and says that she has the proof. Aly had been a loyal friend who became judgmental and withdrawn, but it was because she was in pain. Ivy wishes she had done more. Wyatt doesn't think there was much they could do, since they had no idea how broken Aly had become. Ivy doesn't think that justifies Steffy hitting Aly with a tire iron and lying about it to the police and Thorne. Wyatt understands that she wants justice, but he wants her to understand that no one can see the video. "It is way too dangerous," he warns.

In the Executive Suite at Forrester, Steffy reads an obituary for Aly. She flashes back to the incident on PCH and hears Ivy's voice echoing in her head, "It was no accident."

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