Tuesday, June 21, 2016, Episode #7358

At the cliff house, Liam and Thomas return from surfing. When Liam asks why Thomas came to hang out, Thomas replies that they were almost brothers-in-law. "But we're not," says Liam.

Thomas empathizes with Liam, who describes what it was like to come home and find that home wasn't he remembered it as. Thomas admits that he always pictured Liam kicking down doors to get Steffy back. Liam admits that he's thought about kicking Wyatt's door in. Thomas asks why Liam doesn't do that; he doesn't think the sanctity of marriage applies to this situation. Liam explains how his dad's commitment to Katie has made him realize that marriages, even mistaken ones, are worthy of respect. When Thomas decides to head out, Liam thanks him for stopping by. Thomas wishes he did a better job of getting Liam to be less tense. Liam admits that he's glad to have some company in this big old house. Thomas thinks it's huge that Liam can respect his brother's marriage. After hearing of so many mismarriages, Liam is glad to have his dad as an example of knowing how sacred marriage is - even if it happens with the wrong person for the wrong reasons.

Bill stops by the Forrester CEO office to see Steffy, who tells him to make an appointment - assuming he needs to talk after making his point. Bill says that he doesn't make appointments with family, especially about not disgracing family.

Steffy decides to give Bill some unsolicited advice and advises him to stop playing favorites with his sons. She's observed that Liam, like Wyatt before him, has become the black sheep because he smells of Quinn to Bill. Bill thinks that's absurd. Steffy asks Bill to leave them all alone, but he won't until she agrees not to leave Wyatt. Steffy reminds him that she already heard his lecture to his sons. Bill doesn't want her upturning his sons' lives again by acting like a victim because he knows she's no victim. Steffy feels that Quinn manipulated all of them, but Bill notes that she married Wyatt because she wanted to. While he understands if she has some retroactive regret for falling for Wyatt while Liam was missing, he expects her to honor her commitment. He asks her not to make this harder on Liam than it already is.

After Bill leaves, Steffy sighs as she recalls her reunion with Liam on the beach after he got his memory back.

Later, Liam arrives. Steffy tells him about Bill's visit and reminds him that his father would say that he shouldn't be there. Liam assumes that his dad was protecting Steffy's marriage. Steffy admits that Bill was full of stern warnings.

Thinking about a marriage that should have been theirs, Liam looks at Steffy's ring finger and reminds her that she can have the tattoo removed. Steffy thinks they should be true to their word. Liam states that her vows were made under false pretenses. He explains that he's trying to respect her marriage like Bill asked, but something compelled him to come here and see her. Insisting that Steffy is all he thinks about, Liam states that nothing his father says will change how he feels about her. He's always going to love her and want her, and that's what he has to live with now. "That's what I'm married to," he proclaims to a tearful Steffy.

In the Design Office, Vivienne voices approval of Nicole not giving Sasha a second chance to walk all over her by letting Zende photograph Sasha in lingerie.

Nicole believes that Sasha is sorry for lying, but Vivienne notes that being sorry doesn't make someone a better person. While she's all for giving Sasha the benefit of the doubt, Viv has no doubt that Sasha still wants Zende. Even though she doesn't trust Sasha, Nicole wonders if maybe she should trust Zende. Viv asks if Nicole would have trusted her aunt's dog in Chicago not to be tempted to resist Nicole's hamburger. Nicole laughs. Before getting home to Julius, Vivienne asks how her little girl - who's not so little anymore - is. Nicole fears that she might lose Zende by telling him what not to do. She hopes she didn't cost him the chance to create a brand identity for a Forrester line. Viv assures that Zende, as a Forrester, will have many career opportunities that don't involve Sasha. She kisses Nicole on the cheek and leaves.

In the photo studio, Zende insists that he's fine with photographing shoes. Sasha recalls a shoe museum Vivienne took her and Nicole to as kids and suggests that Nicole tell Zende about it now that she's launched his shoe photography career.

When Zende jokes about moving up to handbags someday, Sasha feels terrible about him getting stuck with shoes instead of lingerie. Zende doesn't want to act like shoes are beneath him since he told Ridge and Rick he'd photograph anything. Sasha chuckles that the shoes he's wearing are beneath him, and Zende laughs. "Ha! Got him!" Sasha exclaims. Since she credits all her success as a model to Zende, Sasha wants to help him, so she decides to liven up his session. She acts out stories of what the shoes are doing and feeling, and Zende gets into it and snaps away with his camera. Sasha is glad to see that she cheered him up. Zende thanks her for reminding him that "just a job," but Sasha says that it's not "just a job" for him. Zende notes that even in his family business, he doesn't call the shots. "Yet," Sasha says, grinning.

After Sasha leaves, Nicole arrives and finds Zende talking to the shoes while photographing them. She laughs that she's jealous because he never looked at her shoes that way.

With Zende continuing to work, Nicole admits that she feels awful. She assumes he thinks she's petty for not wanting him working with Sasha. Zende says that he understands. Nicole wishes that she could trust Sasha, but she doesn't. She guesses that Zende is disappointed about having to sacrifice a good gig for her. Zende reminds her how much she sacrificed to give Maya a baby; given how he broke his promise to support her and took up with her best friend - the same best friend who she later championed for acceptance into the family as her half-sister - he's in awe of Nicole.

Listening to him sing her praises, Nicole tells Zende that she loves him and wants him to have everything he wants, including a reputation as the world's greatest fashion photographer. She says that she never wants to ask him to give up anything for her, but she already did. Recalling the fairy tales he used to read with his parents, both biological and adoptive, Zende realizes that happy endings don't always come easily. But even though life isn't a fairytale, he sees Nicole as his princess, so he'd give much more for her. They kiss and hug. Zende looks at the shoes across the room and rolls his eyes.

In her bedroom, Brooke takes off her shoes and remembers kissing Bill in his pool house. After changing into a robe, she thinks back to kissing Bill in his hidden bedroom and sighs.

While brushing her hair, Brooke is startled to see Bill behind her in her mirror. He tells her that his driver dropped him off, and he confirmed that no one else was home, but Brooke reminds him that Rick and Maya could come home anytime. Offering to be gone "like Zorro" before anyone gets home, Bill tells her to drop her robe. Brooke protests that this is wrong, but Bill insists that it has to be this way because he needs Brooke. Brooke orders him to go home to his wife. Bill states that he can only stay married to Katie if he has Brooke. Brooke asserts that they can't have it both ways. "That's exactly what we're going to do," Bill declares before pulling her into a passionate kiss.

Bill tells Brooke that he never forgot their past, and he believes she hasn't, either. Brooke says that she can't go through what they did before. Bill asks her to accept that they're all happier since they stopped fighting their feelings.

Brooke says that she's not happy. Guessing that a visit from her stallion will brighten her day, Bill makes a "neigh" sound. Brooke laughs. Glad to see that bright smile and glow in her eyes, Bill tells Brooke that they both need this. Brooke says that needing something doesn't make it right. Bill opines that they tried starving their feelings in the name of virtue, but their love wouldn't die. He compares their love to a living being and notes that they only thought they had a choice. They kiss again and gaze into each other's eyes.

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