Tuesday, October 21, 2014, Episode #6936

At Wyatt's house, Deacon asks Hope why she's giving him an ultimatum just when he's back in her life. Hope asserts that her responsibility to protect her family behooves her to keep Quinn far away, and if he chooses to be in a relationship with Quinn, then... Deacon asks her to stop and think, but she says he needs to think and see that Quinn's using him.

Hope finds it curious that Quinn became interested in Deacon just after learning she can't be around the baby. Pouting that this is a waste of time, Quinn thanks Deacon for trying, even if Hope hates her too much to understand. Wyatt thinks his mom, who has interfered so many times, should understand why Hope is upset about this. Deacon understands why Hope is upset, but he doesn't think that he should have to give up Hope to be with Quinn. Hope urges Deacon to see that Quinn is manipulating him to get to her. "'Cause, you know, why else would she want to be with me?" Deacon quips. Hope gets that he's upset that things didn't work out with Brooke, but she feels he should be smart enough to see through this con. Wyatt tells Deacon and Quinn to leave. Deacon asks for a minute to talk about this, but Wyatt firmly insists, "No. Now." Quinn tells Deacon that Hope needs to calm down, and they leave. Hope turns to Wyatt, who hugs her.

Wyatt sits Hope on the couch, brings her some tea and tells her to put their parents out of her mind, but she feels that Deacon and Quinn are wrong on so many levels. He agrees that it's a bit strange but doesn't want her stressed over it.

Wyatt suggests that it might be good for his mom to focus on something other than him or the baby. Hope frets that Quinn isn't focusing, she's worming her way back into their lives. "Of all the people she could have picked, she picked my dad," Hope sighs. She'd like to see Quinn have a relationship, but not with her dad, who is being used by Quinn. Wyatt asks if she meant it when she told Deacon he had to choose. She confirms that she did. He seems surprised, since he knew how much it meant to her to have her dad back in her life. Hope says that she doesn't want to lose her father, which is why she's hoping she got through to Deacon. Wyatt hugs her again. Hope says that her dad is vulnerable, but Wyatt sees nothing vulnerable about Deacon, who can handle himself. Hope believes Deacon is so upset that things didn't work out with Brooke that he was receptive to a little attention from Quinn. Wyatt thinks that maybe Quinn and Deacon are using each other, and he doesn't see anything wrong with that. For now, he proposes that he and Hope forget their parents. Hope resists, but Wyatt hushes her with a kiss and tells her to focus on keeping their child happy, healthy and safe. Let their parents deal with their problems, he adds, while they live their lives and be the parents they never had. Hope smiles at him, and they kiss.

At Quinn's loft, Deacon tries to convince Quinn that Hope is just trying to protect her unborn child from "Granny," who has a history of threatening people with swords. She balks. He suggests she take up knitting. She says that she gladly would if Hope gave her a chance, and gave "us" a chance.

Quinn claims she just wants to bring peace and harmony into the family. She wants to help Hope prepare for the baby, and she finds it ridiculous that Hope is dictating to her father and throwing huge temper tantrums. "She's being completely unreasonable," Quinn declares. "Is she? After everything you've done to her?" Deacon asks. Quinn tells him not to let Hope get to him, but Deacon wonders if his daughter is right that this is an elaborate con, with Quinn using him to get him to go to bat with Hope. Quinn denies it. Pointing out that he just told his daughter he's seeing a person he barely knows, Deacon wonders if he's just a means for Quinn to get access to the baby. Quinn asks if all the times they've spent there, sharing beers and laughs while getting to know each other, seemed fake. He says they didn't. Quinn tells him not to let Hope's extremely skewed opinions about her get to him, since Hope doesn't understand how they relate.

Deacon asks if she would have let him move in if he had no connection to Hope. She admits that she let him move in because he's Hope's father, and because she found him useful, but she thinks they're way past that now.

Thinking that he's overstayed his welcome, Deacon refuses to jeopardize his relationship with Hope. Quinn tells him not to let Hope get away with this. "Nobody cons me. Not even you," he warns. Quinn calls him paranoid and accuses him of letting Hope get into his head. Deacon turns to leave, but Quinn calls to him to wait, tosses her jacket aside and announces, "You're not going anywhere." Deacon comes back in, but says that it doesn't means he's staying. "Oh, you're staying," Quinn insists, unbuttoning her blouse. Deacon asks if she's going to make him. Taking off her blouse, Quinn claims that she won't let him leave until he experiences more of what she has to offer. Deacon says he's listening. "You're gonna listen, and then you're gonna do exactly what I say," Quinn orders, kissing him and pushing him on the sofa. Wedging her stiletto heel against his chest, Quinn demands to know his safe word. "Diamonds," Deacon answers. Quinn smiles and jumps on top of him.

In his office, Rick views one of Ridge and Caroline's designs on a model. Thinking that the dress takes too many risks, he gripes about a bow that looks like a dead bird and says that he may include it in the collection without the bow.

As Rick dismisses the model, Maya enters and asks if he's a designer now. He says that he's president, hoping to soon be CEO and be involved in all facets of the business. Realizing that the design was one of Ridge and Caroline's, Maya asks where the happy little design team is. Rick assumes they're in the CEO's office or at the Sky Lounge, but Maya notes that their cars aren't in the parking lot. Rick guesses they must be working elsewhere, and he doesn't really care where as long as they're sketching. Maya asks if Caroline told him she was leaving. Rick says that he and his wife don't keep tabs on each other, but Maya says that she'd want her husband to know where she is... unless she didn't. Rick asks what she means. Maya insinuates that Ridge and Caroline have been spending a lot of time together. Rick says that a design team tends to do that. Maya speculates that there's no limit to where a team like Caroline and Ridge might go creatively. Rick asks why she's causing trouble. She counters that his MIA wife is the one causing trouble. Rick claims that Ridge and Caroline are off finishing the collection. Maya thinks that partnership goes way beyond the sketchpad.

Rick gets annoyed by the veiled accusations about his wife, so Maya tells him that she walked in on Ridge and Caroline recently... and they were doing more than designing, since Caroline was in Ridge's arms! Rick wants details, so Maya recounts how she saw Caroline and Ridge in an intimate embrace in the CEO's office. Rick points out that people hug without wanting to jump in the sack. Maya says that they were alone. Rick insists he isn't worried about his wife hugging her design partner. Maya tells him not to believe her if he chooses, but Caroline doesn't appreciate him or the life he's given her. "If it were me -- if I were your wife -- I would appreciate you. You would never find me in another man's arms," she states.

At the cabin on Brooke's property, Ridge and Caroline kiss passionately, then pull away. Ridge tells Caroline that he'll miss collaborating with her. She tells him that he doesn't need her anymore, but he's not so sure. She walks over to the sketchpad, pulls up a fresh sheet of paper and holds a pencil out to Ridge. "Go ahead. You can do it," she says. He just stands there, so she waves the pencil around and teases, "Take the big, bad pencil. Don't be afraid." When he takes the pencil, she smiles at him and says, "Do it, Ridge. Show me what you got."

With Caroline looking over his shoulder, Ridge starts to draw. Slowly, the design takes shape; he erases some lines and re-draws them, with Caroline looking on with approval. Finally, the sketch is finished. Ridge puts down the pencil, looks at the finished design and then at Caroline. He and Caroline smile at each other. Ridge says that the sketch is a little rough. Caroline responds, "No, no. It's -- it's..." She says that she's happy for him, as the greatest designer she's ever known is back. Ridge says that their partnership is... Caroline alludes to what they shared in design, and then she pauses and says that she can only imagine. "I guess we'll never know," she sighs. "No," Ridge agrees. Caroline moves close to him, like they're about to kiss, but she stops just short and whispers, "Goodbye." She then leaves; Ridge watches through the window as she walks away.

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