Tuesday, May 17, 2016, Episode #7333

Eric arrives at Brooke's home, having gotten an urgent text. She explains that Rick, Maya, and Nicole are at the hospital and exclaims, "We're gonna be grandparents again!" A pleased Eric hugs her.

Brooke marvels at how mature Rick, Maya, and Nicole are acting with the baby about to arrive. She and Eric know their "little boy," now grown, will be a great father. Brooke gushes that the baby will be surrounded by love, and she looks forward to having a baby scampering around "this big old house." Eric reminds her that he has lots of room at the mansion, too. Brooke laments about Ridge and Rick fighting so much and hopes that the baby can be a catalyst for peace. She says that they owe so much to Nicole, who seems to be the only one who has lost because of the surrogacy.

Eric notes that Zende mopes around the house since breaking up with Nicole. Brooke guesses Zende couldn't handle Nicole as his uncle's surrogate. Eric hopes Zende and Nicole can turn things around, but Brooke notes that Zende has moved on with Sasha, who is smitten with him.

Brooke wants to call Rick, but Eric convinces her that their son doesn't need calls from his nervous mother. Hoping for the best, Brooke wishes Zende could be there with Nicole. Eric thinks Nicole would want that, too. Brooke figures that Nicole and Zende could have survived the rift between them if not for Sasha.

By the Forrester pool, a distracted Zende takes iced tea from a bubbly Sasha. He thanks her; she smiles and says she likes making him happy, especially on a day like today. She promises to help him through this rough day and hugs him.

Sasha tries to put sunscreen on Zende, despite his claim that he doesn't burn. She kisses him but senses he's distracted; Zende thinks of Nicole and says that he has to go. After Zende gets dressed, he returns and apologizes for spoiling Sasha's plans since he has to go back to the office for something. Sasha shakes her head at his devotion to "work, work, work" and sends him off with a goodbye kiss.

Sasha returns to the mansion just as Caroline comes down with Douglas. Sasha fusses over the baby. Caroline asks where Zende went. Sasha reveals that he went back to work for a bit, but she hopes to make a night with him when he returns.

Ready to feed Douglas before his nap, Caroline raves about how wonderful motherhood is; she can only imagine how Maya will feel when Nicole hands her that baby. "Such a little miracle," Caroline muses, looking at Douglas. Sasha agrees and wonders if maybe she might have a Forrester baby of her own with Zende someday. Caroline thinks it's amazing what Sasha's sister sacrificed to give Rick and Maya a baby. Sasha remarks that it cost Nicole a lot of time and her relationship with Zende.

In the hospital, Nicole, Maya, and Rick listen to the baby's heartbeat and anticipate the baby's arrival. Proud grandma-to-be Vivienne arrives and joins in their wait. Maya takes Nicole's hand and calls her, "My little engine that could."

As the contractions grow stronger, Nicole expresses how grateful she is for Rick, Maya, and Vivienne's support, yet she can't help thinking about Zende. Vivienne offers to call him, but Nicole figures he's probably enjoying his new life with Sasha. Nicole looks forward to the new life she'll be giving Maya and Rick. Maya kisses her sister on the forehead and calls her amazing. Rick pulls Maya aside and they wish that Zende could be there, even though they know it's not likely. They look at Nicole, lying in bed in a bit of pain.

As they get closer to the big moment, Dr. Farrell and a slew of doctors arrive to prep Nicole. Rick, Maya, and Vivienne, all wearing scrubs, stand around the bed and encourage Nicole. They don't notice one last doctor slip in, wearing a mask and standing in back - that "doctor" is Zende!

Dr. Farrell gives Nicole the word to start pushing. Nicole does as she's told, and with everyone, including Zende, watching, she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. A song, "These Are the Moments," - written by Bradley Bell, Casey Kasprzyk, Anthony Ferrari and Reign Edwards (Nicole) and performed by Reign - plays as the doctor hands the baby to Nicole, and Maya and Rick cut the cord. Maya and Nicole smile at each other while Viv wipes tears and Zende tears up as well. Nicole hands the baby to Maya, who gushes over it with Rick, and Vivienne comforts Nicole.

After checking out the baby and praising Nicole, Dr. Farrell congratulates the family and leaves. Zende, still wearing his mask and scrubs, watches as Maya hands the baby to Vivienne. Grandma Viv fusses over the infant and then gives her to a tearful Rick, who raves, "I'm a daddy" and kisses Maya on the forehead.

Maya takes the baby, sits next to Nicole on the bed and introduces the newborn to Auntie Nicole, the reason the baby is there. Unable to hold back his emotion, Zende steps into the hall and takes off his mask. He gets a call from Sasha, who wanted to hear his voice and find out when he'll be home. "The sooner you get home, the happier we'll both be," she says.

After she hangs up, Sasha thinks back to happy times with Zende and smiles.

At the hospital, Zende takes off his scrubs, goes over to the door and peeks in at Nicole through the window. Seeing her lying in bed, alone, he enters the room.

"I had a baby, Zende. A beautiful little girl," Nicole shares. She tells him how amazing it was, and even though it caused problems for her and Zende, she thinks it was worth it to see the joy in Rick and Maya's eyes. She just wishes Zende could have been there. "I was," he softly says, revealing that he was in the corner; sitting on the bed next to her, he says that after watching her make this sacrifice, he's sorry he bailed on her and missed the most precious time in her life. Nicole reminds him that he just said he was there. Zende says he couldn't stay away when he thought about the precious gift she was giving. He feels like a selfish fool for thinking only about himself, blinding him to what Nicole was doing, and he's sorry. Nicole says he's there now, and that counts for something. They hug and kiss.

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