Tuesday, November 24, 2015, Episode #7214

At the Forrester mansion, Maya allows Eric, despite Rick's protests, to sample the pie she made for Thanksgiving dinner. "In this house, whatever Eric wants, Eric gets," Maya declares.

Brooke offers to work on the seating arrangements, unless Maya, their hostess, wants to do it. Maya says she'd rather let Brooke take the blame. Eric laughs that the Forrester motto is, "It's Brooke's fault." Brooke chuckles and then asks about Maya's parents' Thanksgiving plans. Rick, Eric, and Brooke are all fine with Vivienne and Julius joining them if Maya wants. Maya decides to check to make sure her parents have money and a place to go. Rick reminds her that Julius won't take his money, even for a hotel room. Maya hopes her dad will at least let her mom accept some cash. She leaves.

Rick tells his parents that he tries every day to make Maya's life better, but he can't fix this.

While finalizing plans with Eric and Rick, Brooke laments that her daughters won't be there tomorrow. Rick recalls that when he was at International, he always knew he could come home for the next holiday if he missed one, but he supposes Maya's family never had that.

When Rick goes to walk Brooke out, they see Eric looking at a photo of Stephanie on the mantle. Brooke approaches Eric, who says it's been three years. Brooke says that holidays can be difficult.

Rick offers to put Stephanie's portrait back up for the holiday, but Eric thinks the portrait, while a fine likeness, keeps him from remembering her in other ways. He remembers all the Thanksgivings he and Stephanie weren't speaking; it was like the more he loved Stephanie, the more enraged he became with her. Brooke says families sometimes work that way. Eric supposes Maya knows that.

At their hotel, Julius and Vivienne consider restaurant choices for Thanksgiving. When Vivienne goes to check online, she finds the wifi is down. Julius hopes it's fixed before tomorrow's parade, but Vivienne doesn't care since it doesn't feel much like Thanksgiving.

Vivienne says that she plans to call her sister Carleen tomorrow. Julius recalls his wife's family blaming him for anything that went wrong. Vivienne thinks her family knew he was good to her. They laugh and hug as they share memories.

Maya arrives. Julius asks if Nicole is OK. Maya suggests they avoid the surrogacy topic today. While she wasn't thrilled to get the news, Vivienne thanks Maya for letting them know Nicole is pregnant. Maya reveals that she heard from Aunt Carleen that Julius and Vivienne aren't flying home for the holiday. "This is home now," Vivienne says. Julius adds that this room isn't home, but he and Vivienne are still trying to find the right place. While Vivienne gets Maya something to drink, Julius spots Maya slip some cash into Vivienne's purse. Vivienne says she has a small bottle of wine for guests; Julius snips that she can't give any to Nicole, who is pregnant. Maya sighs and asks to speak to her mom.

"What are you doing?" Maya asks. Vivienne says Julius is job hunting, but Maya wants to know about her mother. Julius grows annoyed by the questions. Maya asks if her folks are spending Thanksgiving in this room.

Julius and Vivienne answer that they've been looking at ads for restaurants in the area. Vivienne supposes that Maya and Nicole are celebrating with Rick's family. Maya confirms, and Vivienne says that's how it should be.

Julius recalls one Thanksgiving where he had to treat Maya for Poison Ivy with an oatmeal bath. Maya remembers, but she thinks if was the Fourth of July because Poison Ivy doesn't bloom this time of year.

Julius asks if Maya has any scars. Maya says she just has a tiny mark on her ankle. "Thank God I did something right," Julius mutters. Maya asks if they ever had a happy Thanksgiving. Vivienne says they did, even if Maya disagrees. Julius agrees and says that it's all about how you look at life. He asks Maya to consider a father who gets frustrated when his kids don't listen to him, but later realizes his life isn't that bad. Maya says that the child he was mad at may have been lying in bed, wondering what was wrong with her. She suggests they make some new memories. Vivienne says that's why she and Julius are there. Julius says that he and his wife did the best they could.

Vivienne tells Maya not to feel responsible for her parents. Maya claims she feels responsible for herself and for fixing what's broken. She invites her parents to join her and Rick's family for Thanksgiving dinner. Julius says his suit is at the cleaners, but Maya tells him not to worry about what he's wearing since he always looks great.

Vivienne thanks Maya for the offer. After Maya leaves, Vivienne looks at Julius and asks, "Thanksgiving dinner with our children. When was the last time that happened?"

In the CEO office at Forrester, Thomas tries to change Steffy's mind about one of his designs that their dad didn't like. Unhappy when he doesn't succeed, he tells her that there are 15,000 ways to say no in the English language.

Steffy asks which of those ways Ivy used on him last night. She's sure Ivy said no since he'd be bragging if something happened so he could collect on his obnoxious bet. Thomas asks what she means. She supposes that Ivy shut him down because Wyatt, even when he was away, was tougher competition than Thomas expected. Thomas says nothing. Steffy tells him to answer her; she wants to know if Ivy is shallow enough to cheat on Wyatt while he is away. Thomas tells Steffy she's right, and he'd be bragging if he had something to brag about. Steffy says that's good for Ivy and Wyatt - and for Steffy since she won the bet. Thomas reminds her that she never actually agreed. Steffy says that his acknowledging her disapproval proves he involved her, so he has to take a late call now with a supplier in India.

Thomas groans, but Steffy leaves him to his call while she heads home to dinner with her guy.

At Wyatt's, Ivy tries to help get dinner ready, but Wyatt insists that tonight's meal of "damn good" food is his penance for abandoning her last night. As they sit to eat, Wyatt admits he likes coming home to someone - someone meaning Ivy.

When Wyatt asks how Rick and Maya reacted to having Ivy home, Ivy shares that Rick, Maya, and Nicole went to so gala in Laguna. Wyatt asks if Thomas went, too; when Ivy says no, he looks annoyed and says the night must have been uneventful. Ivy clarifies that it wasn't quite uneventful since a storm was brewing. Wyatt assumes she was alone in her room, scared. Ivy ducks the question and says she's glad he's home. They kiss, but Ivy suddenly thinks about kissing Thomas.

While Wyatt gets the "homemade" pie that he got for dessert from their favorite bakery, Ivy gets a text from Thomas. The message has a selfie of him looking frustrated with text that reads, "Why am I still at work? Wish I had company."

Wyatt returns and hopes no one is calling Ivy to work. Ivy says that it was a reminder she set for something she forgot to do, so she has to go to the office. Wyatt is disappointed, but Ivy insists that she has to tend to this and leaves.

After Ivy leaves, Wyatt eats his pie. He then writes a note that reads, "I could have eaten this one, too, but I'm not that kind of boyfriend. :-)", and he places it next to Ivy's piece.

At Forrester, Thomas finishes his call and turns out the lights. Ivy appears and asks if they're alone. Thomas says that everyone else left for the holiday.

Ivy says that she can't stay long, but had to come. Thomas doesn't think she needs to explain herself, but she declares, "This is done, Thomas. We're done." Thomas says OK. Ivy elaborates that she's in love with an amazing guy who always puts her first, and she'd move in with Wyatt if he asked. Thomas isn't concerned about an address change. Ivy says she's sorry, but Thomas corrects that she'll be sorry if she doesn't. He moves close to her and asks, "Can he give you this?"

Ivy pulls away and says she has to go back. "Go backward," Thomas qualifies. "No, I have to go back to my real life," Ivy responds, and she leaves. "I'll see you at granddad's tomorrow," Thomas calls out as the door closes.

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