Tuesday, November 11, 2014, Episode #6951

In the hotel in Amsterdam, Wyatt tells Liam about his belief in fate, but Liam says that it was just a mistake that Ivy's bags came there. Wyatt thinks it could be a sign and advises him to make a move and stake a claim on Ivy. "Why don't I just drag her by the hair back to my cave?" Liam quips.

Wyatt claims that he just wants his brother to be as happy as he is, but Liam assumes that Wyatt wants him unavailable to Hope. Hope IS unavailable, Wyatt argues, leaving Liam with no reason not to move on with Ivy. Liam senses that his connection to Hope makes Wyatt feel threatened. Wyatt asserts that he just finds it tiresome to see the lovesick way Liam looks at Hope, so he believes Liam would be better off starting anew with Ivy than waiting for something he can't have. Liam accuses Wyatt of manipulating, but Wyatt contends that he's just looking out for Liam and giving him some much-needed direction. Liam feels like Wyatt is shoving him toward Ivy so there is no chance for Liam and Hope. "There isn't," Wyatt argues, urging his brother to let it go. Wyatt notes that it's been just as hard for Hope to see Liam with Ivy. Liam asks if Hope said that. Wyatt says that she didn't, but she didn't have to, since he knows when his wife is hurting. He also knows from personal experience how hard it was to watch Hope with Liam, so he thinks it's time Liam accepts that "Hope and Liam," as one word, are done.

Liam thinks there's plenty of accepting to go around, since he's there with Ivy while Wyatt is with Hope. Wyatt thinks it may be annoying, but it's the perfect chance to get used to their "new reality." Liam says it's easier for some than others.

Wyatt expresses concern for Hope, who is moving on with him, but gets grounded when Liam gives her a soulful look from across the room. "Just leave my wife alone, respect my marriage," Wyatt urges. Liam finds it funny to hear those words from Wyatt, who tells Liam to do it not for him, but for Hope's unborn child with Wyatt, and for Liam himself. Liam conveys that he's been trying to adjust to the idea of Hope married to his brother, even though it hurts, and Ivy has been a big help to him in trying to move on. Wyatt thinks Ivy is smart, funny and talented, but she deserves more than the disrespect Liam gives her every time he can't keep his eyes off Hope. Liam maintains that he never intentionally disrespected Ivy. Wyatt thinks that's because Liam is falling for her, or would if he stopped hanging on to the past and made a move on Ivy, who's crazy about him. "Go for it. Make it happen. What more inspiration do you need than Amsterdam?" Wyatt states.

At the Forrester boutique, Hope states that she can't turn her feelings on and off like a light switch. Ivy exclaims that Hope, who is married and pregnant with Wyatt's child, has to stop looking back at Liam and move on! "I'm doing that! On my timetable, not yours!" Hope shouts. Ivy coldly remarks about Logan women and their sense of entitlement for all the love in the room, especially by men and by brothers. Hope asks if Ivy's comparing her to her mother. Ivy thinks Hope is more like Brooke than she realizes. Hope defends her mother as an incredible woman. Ivy urges Hope to let Liam go. Hope wonders why Ivy is making it sound like she's not devoted to Wyatt, since she is committed to him and their child. Ivy asks why Hope continues to give Liam those long, lingering looks. Hope guesses that Ivy has never been in love, or she'd know a love like Hope shared with Liam doesn't just turn off. Ivy asks Hope what other choice she has; Hope doesn't answer. Ivy adds that she questions Hope's feelings for Wyatt every time Hope gazes at Liam.

Hope asks why Ivy brought Liam, Hope's first love, to Amsterdam; she feels like all the rapid changes in her and Liam's lives left them with a lot to absorb, and she's sorry she's not processing that fast enough for Ivy. Ivy thinks Hope should stop thinking about her and think about the man she exchanged wedding vows with. Hope argues that she is committed to those vows, but being married doesn't mean she can't still think about Liam and care about him. Ivy thinks that's all in the past, but Hope qualifies that it's the RECENT past, and she admits that it's hard for her to see Ivy and Liam as a couple. She swears that she's doing the best she can to make this work, but she'd like just a little sympathy from Ivy. "Please stop being so judgmental," she asks. Ivy apologizes for making Hope feel like she's being judged. Hope insists that she's not a threat to Ivy's relationship with Liam; she's come to accept that if it's not Ivy with Liam, it will be someone else, and Hope, in the meantime, is married, pregnant and really grateful for her family. Ivy advises Hope to be more attentive to Wyatt and less bothered by what Liam and Ivy are doing. Hope contends that she and Liam share a lot of history and a lot of love, so they'll always be connected. "I come with the package. You just have to get used to it," Hope states.

At Spencer Publications, Quinn barges into Bill's office. Bill bellows for Alison, but Quinn notes that Alison's not there. "She's gonna permanently not be out there!" Bill shouts. Quinn tells Bill that their son's trip to Amsterdam with Hope is ruined by the presence of a "dark passenger," and she points to a photo of Liam.

Bill tells her to get a life, but she orders him to help secure their son's happiness by making sure Liam and Ivy come back as a couple. Bill refuses to interfere and advises that they have to let his son's figure it out. Quinn thinks he should know how to plan some grand romantic gesture to give Liam some help. When Bill offers to buy a market of flowers for Ivy or rent out a restaurant for a candlelit dinner, Quinn gets all excited, but then Bill barks that it's not happening and tells her to stop listening to just the parts she wants to hear! "We are not interfering," he repeats. Quinn calls him a buzz kill. Bill tells her to relax, since even with her penchant, their son turned out to be a pretty good kid thanks to her, and she should be proud of that. Quinn's amazed by the compliment. When Quinn asks if he'll at least consider that Liam and Ivy might come home closer than they where when they left, Bill admits that it's possible, and he assumes it's hard for Hope to see Liam with another woman.

Wanting Hope to focus on her husband and unborn child, Quinn finds it "trippy" that she and Bill are going to be grandparents. Bill agrees, noting that he didn't even know he had a son. Quinn speculates on how things might have been had he been part of Wyatt's life while Wyatt grew up, but she decides she did what she thought was best at the time.

Bill observes that she's still making decisions thinking of Wyatt, even when she's better off leaving things alone - like now. He can see the wheels turning in her head whenever anyone even says the word "grandchild". Quinn gripes about Hope shutting her off from her son and grandchild, but Bill tells her that Hope has good reason not to trust her, so he advises Quinn to just chill out. Quinn finds it unacceptable that she's missing so many milestones in her grandchild's life that will never happen again; even though Hope is convinced that Quinn is not part of Hope's family, Quinn knows that her DNA is part of that child, just as Brooke's, Bill's and Deacon's are. The problem is that Quinn is the only one getting shut out! Bill tells her to be patient in light of everything she has done, but Quinn refuses to be shut out of the gene pool.

Quinn's mind drifts off as she envisions Hope and Wyatt in the delivery room as Hope is about to give birth. The excited parents are thrilled as a nurse places the baby in Hope's arms, but Wyatt's eyes grow wide and Hope shrieks when they see the baby has Quinn's face! Bill calls out to Quinn, having noticed she wasn't paying attention. She says that she just wants Hope to accept that she is part of that child, too.

In Amsterdam, Wyatt is admiring Lars' boat when he gets a call from his mother. Wyatt complains that he'd be having a better time without Liam, who probably isn't going to take his advice and stop mooning over Hope, and he notes that Hope's not handling Liam and Ivy being together very well. Expecting Hope to get over it and remember that she's married and pregnant, Quinn offers to come over there, but Wyatt tells her that he has everything under control and has rented a boat to take Liam and Ivy out on the river for a romantic ride. Insisting that he has this handled, Wyatt ends the call. Lars tells Wyatt that everything is set for a boat ride filled with lots of romance. Wyatt thanks Lars again and asks if Liam and Ivy will have the boat the whole night. "Let's just say they wouldn't be the first on the Amstel River," Lars chuckles. An excited Wyatt thanks Lars again.

Elsewhere in the city, Liam stands on a bridge and thinks back to the day he stood on another bridge, in Paris, and tried to get to Hope. Hope spots Liam and approaches him, and she guesses that standing on another bridge has him thinking about Paris. She states that she's trying to forget it and move on, but it's hard. Her voice breaking, she sobs, "It's really hard." Liam agrees. They embrace, but Liam pulls away and sighs. Hope offers a slight smile, and then she walks away. Liam watches her go, tears welling up in his eyes.

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