Tuesday, February 02, 2016, Episode #7260

In the CEO office at Forrester, Eric and Brooke tell Rick and Maya that Brooke has left Spencer. Rick asks why. Brooke says that it's complicated, but it's best for Katie that she's not there, so she is returning to Forrester.

Eric says he couldn't be happier. Maya and Rick welcome Brooke back to Forrester, where she belongs, but Rick is a bit surprised about her exit from Spencer given how excited Katie was about having her there. Rick wants to issue a press release about his mom's return, but Brooke would prefer less fanfare over the situation. Maya gets a reminder that it's time to give Nicole her vitamins and goes to find her sister.

In the Design Office, Nicole asks Zende if he's disappointed in her. He admits he was surprised that she persuaded Rick to fire Sasha. She supposes her hormones kicked in over her growing bigger and seeing him prance around with hot, gorgeous Sasha.

He tells her that she's beautiful. She says she doesn't feel that way, but she knows she was wrong and understands why he's upset over her "whack" behavior. She hopes he forgives her now that she told Rick to rehire Sasha. He answers that her actions weren't deep enough for him to need to forgive her, though he was thrown by how hurt Sasha was. He suggests they just move on. "Can we?" she asks. Sniffing her, Zende wants to lose himself in her; he locks the door and kisses her. Sitting her on the desk, he shares that he thinks about her all the time and wants to act on it. Nicole reminds him that it didn't feel right the last time they tried to be intimate. He suggests they try again, but Nicole wonders if they should wait until she finishes her "project."

Zende feels frustrated by having to wait. Nicole giggles that some people still wait until marriage. He asks if she really plans to wait until then. She laughs again, but he says that he's serious about wanting her and kisses her.

Maya calls out from the hall, unable to get in the locked door. Nicole manages to pull away and lets her sister in. Maya asks what's going on. Zende teases that he tried to sneak in a goodbye before his shoot with Sasha and exits. Maya commends Nicole for asking Rick to reinstate Sasha. Nicole says that it was wrong to ace Sasha out of a possible career. Maya feels that it took courage for Nicole to own her mistake, but between the two of them, she wonders if Nicole is really OK with Sasha and Zende working together again.

In the photo studio, a robe-clad Sasha vents to Julius about Nicole betraying her and getting her fired. When he notes that she's still there now that Nicole made it right, she asks how he can be so cold about her being there.

Julius says that it's not that he's acting cold, but that she doesn't belong. She claims she belongs with her family, which is him. "Just not here," Julius qualifies. Sasha grows upset over him shutting her out after she kept the secret of his affair with her mother for years. He tells her to go home, but she tells him to forget about it because she still plans to model for Forrester. Julius tells her to forget this ridiculous idea about modeling; he doesn't even know why she'd want to model. "Why not?! If Myron can do it, so can I," she responds. Julius gives her that but says that she doesn't have to model in L.A. Sasha is tired of having to settle for "daddy at a distance" while Nicole got all the attention.

Julius argues that Vivienne couldn't cope with the truth. "Vivienne was a grown-up! I am your child. You should have thought about me!" Sasha responds. Unwilling to lose his wife, Julius warns Sasha to keep quiet; he won't let her disrupt his family, including Nicole and her boyfriend, Zende.

"Big whoop. He's also my photographer," Sasha quips about Zende. Julius remarks that she knows how he feels about that. Sasha says that she does, but she doesn't have to listen since the daddy issues Julius left her with have made her less than obedient.

Julius observes that she's acting man-hungry. Sasha reasons that his leaving her starved for male attention made her that way. She figures that's why she had lots of boyfriends in school, including some she stole from Nicole. "That won't be happening here," Julius responds.

Sasha argues that none of her boyfriends were as "fine" as Zende, who's too fine for nerdy Nicole even on her best day. She thinks it's messed up for Nicole to carry her sister's husband's baby. Julius says that's none of her business.

"Not so far," Sasha responds. Julius asks what that means. With her needing to get ready for her shoot with Zende, Sasha sneers, "Bye, Dad," and goes to change. Julius leaves.

Later, Zende arrives and starts the shoot. Sasha, wearing a blue gown, suggests he take some close-ups for his personal collection. Zende reminds her that he's with Nicole. Sasha asks if that's supposed to matter because of loyalty to her "best friend" who stabbed her in the back. "I don't owe Nicole Avant my loyalty. I don't owe her anything," Sasha declares.

In the CEO office, Rick asks Brooke if something happened between her and Katie. Knowing how stoked Brooke and Katie were about Brooke coming to Spencer, he feels like his mom's not telling him something, and he'd rather know now if it will come out soon enough. Eric advises Rick to let "soon enough" be soon enough.

After Rick leaves, Eric tells Brooke that Rick is right that tension between her and Katie will be apparent soon enough. Brooke wonders what possessed her to tell Bill that she loves him. Eric figures that she couldn't resist the impulse to do it, but he believes that Katie will forgive her in time. Brooke can't really blame Katie for feeling hurt; she wishes Katie hadn't overheard her, but she can't deny that she still loves Bill.

At Spencer, Bill recalls Brooke saying he'll always be the greatest love of her life. Katie enters and greets her handsome husband with a passionate kiss. Bill asks how he rated that. Katie thanks him for supporting her and her decision not to have Brooke there.

Katie scoffs at her sister's selfishness in thinking about only her own feelings by announcing that Bill is the love of her life. Bill reminds her that nothing happened and suggests she let it go now that Brooke's gone. Katie doesn't know if she can forgive Brooke for betraying her again. Bill tells her that what Brooke said was just words, but Katie believes that Brooke has been fixated on him for months, even though Katie was too blind to see it. Bill states that no lines were crossed, and Brooke, as usual, got carried away with her emotions without seeing the fallout that would follow until it was too late.

Katie tells him not to defend Brooke. Bill says that he's not defending Brooke, he's trying to save the two sisters' relationship. Katie asks if he thinks that's possible. He says that it is because sisters can forgive each other for anything. "Anything except for trying to ruin my marriage and my life!" Katie exclaims.

Katie feels foolish for wanting to believe Brooke; she's done with giving Brooke the benefit of the doubt and has no choice but to cut Brooke from her life. Bill says that she doesn't have to cut Brooke out. Katie rants that she must have been the only one not to realize that Brooke would betray her again. She figures that Brooke was lying to her all along and was thrilled to get a job that would make it easy to get Bill back in her bed. "Not a possibility," Bill responds. Katie fumes that Brooke is a human wrecking ball who will never change; she won't let Brooke mess with her life again! Bill holds her and tells her to calm down. Katie apologizes for getting so upset, but she's angry that she thought she mattered to Brooke. Bill says that she does matter to Brooke, who loves her, probably more than anyone.

Katie thanks Bill for not succumbing to Brooke's advances. "You wouldn't do that because I know how much you love me. I know that your heart is here," she sighs. They kiss. Katie pulls away and says, "I'm yours, and you're mine." Bill tells her never to doubt that. They hug; Katie looks anguished while Bill looks concerned.

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