Tuesday, July 22, 2014, Episode #6873

At Brooke's house, Bill and Brooke discuss Ridge's accusations about Bill and the accident. Bill reminds her that they are still getting married, despite Ridge's grandstanding in the Middle East. Brooke feels horrible and compromised, because Ridge went too far. Bill hopes Ridge will move on before taking the potential slander further. Brooke leaves the room and returns to find Bill ending a call about their "brilliant future." Brooke wonders what he did in just a few minutes. He explains that he planned a wedding for them in Catalina, today. Brooke is amazed that he wants to get married so soon. "Don't you?" he asks. She enthusiastically agrees, and he spins her around. She asks what to expect. He reminds her that he pulled off quite the surprise in Abu Dhabi and grins, "I got this, girl." They laugh and fist-bump.

At Spencer, Alison delights in giving Adele strict instructions in keeping Bill's bar fully stocked at all times. When Adele asks what to do with half empty bottles, Alison tells her to be creative. "Those days are long gone," Adele mutters. Alison asks what she said. Adele claims she said she'll figure it out.

After Adele leaves, Alison sits at Liam's desk and gets to work. Deacon appears and calls her beautiful in Italian. While glad to see him, Alison wonders why he's been out of touch. He reminds her that her boss ran him out of town. Alison asks why he'd come, taking the chance that Bill might see him. Ducking the question, he muses that he's always had a thing for brunettes, although he doesn't think hair color matters with a face like hers. Alison admires his charm. Deacon asks for a hug, but Alison questions if he deserves one. He encourages her, so she hugs him. Alison asks why he's not worried about Bill could find him there. He reasons that Bill knows he's in town, but is in a better mood these days thanks to Brooke, and he adds that he has certain rights from being Hope's dad. Alison asks if he's seen Hope. Deacon reports that he has, a few times, and things are good between them since Hope has a forgiving heart. Alison is pleased he and Hope were able to reconcile after Italy. Deacon tells her that he thinks about their time in Italy, shacked up in the farmhouse, often; he knows he was defensive then, but he wants to show her that he's not that guy anymore.

As Deacon talks about getting the chance to prove himself to "certain people," he spots a model helicopter on the desk. Assuming that it must be something to have the real version of that chopper at your disposal, he suggests to Alison that they go down to the hangar, hijack the copter and take a flight over the city.

Alison tells him that the chopper isn't in L.A. Deacon asks where it is. Alison lets slip that the helicopter is on the yacht, which is still in the Middle East. Realizing that she may have said too much, she says that she shouldn't talk about it, but Deacon presses her to tell him about getting a taste of a life of luxury. Before she can answer, Bill calls and asks her to locate Justin. She asks why he sounds so chipper. He tells her that she's talking to a very happy man and hangs up. Resuming his raves about the glamorous life of the rich, Deacon assumes it must be convenient that Bill's right hand man, Justin, is also a pilot. Alison asks why that would concern him. He says that it doesn't. Alison suggests that Deacon leave now. He asks if they can see each other again. She says that it's possible and tells him to call her. He says that she'll be hearing from him and leaves. In the hall, Deacon stops, looking pleased with himself.

Back at Brooke's, Bill continues to duck his fiancee's probes about his wedding plans. Threatening to use her charms to wear him down, Brooke lays a passionate kiss on him. Even though he feels like he got hit by a weapon of mass destruction, Bill tells her that she won't break him. Brooke takes that as a challenge, but Bill asks her to let him have some fun and surprise her. Stating that she likes fun and trusts him, Brooke tells him to lead the way to their wedding, and she will follow. Bill laughs that those are words that every control freak likes to hear. Brooke laughs with him, and they hug. Amazed that they're finally getting married, Brooke thanks him for being so persistent. He says that he would never give up on her. Brooke observes that even though others are quick to point fingers at him, she sees him as her thoughtful and gentle stallion, so she doesn't need the world's validation of him and only needs his. They kiss. Bill tells her that he's a flawed man, and he makes mistakes, including errors in judgment. Brooke says that they all make mistakes, but Bill wants her to know that he's always trying to prove that he's worthy of her. He may not be perfect, but he never wants to lose her. Brooke says that he won't, since she will be his wife. They embrace.

At Katie's house, Ridge is more convinced than ever about his suspicions after a good night's sleep. He thinks Katie of all people knows how ruthless Bill. Katie agrees that Bill can be ruthless in business, and sometimes in his personal life, but they're talking about attempted murder. Exactly, Ridge asserts, pointing out how arrogant Bill is.

When Ridge vows to prove that Bill tried to kill him, Katie asks if he's 100% sure of his convictions. Ridge states that he's 100% sure that Justin flew the helicopter and dumped him out based on Bill's orders. Katie suspects that Bill must have left some money trail somewhere. Ridge is pleased to hear that she believes him. She promises to help him find the proof he needs, and they hug. Soon after, Adele arrives with a pile of files that Katie requested. Katie suspects that they may find something in the financials since Bill is so meticulous about tracking all Spencer expenses. Ridge thanks Adele for her help. Adele points out that Katie asked for her loyalty when hiring her. Katie thanks her former assistant for coming through every time, and she hopes today will be no exception. After searching through one receipt after another Ridge gets frustrated that there is nothing about hiring a helicopter. Katie thanks Adele again for pulling all these files together. Adele wishes it would have worked out, but she tells Katie to call if she needs anything else.

Katie encourages Ridge to sit down and relax for a while, but he can't rest until he finds proof that Bill told his "lackey," Justin, to dump him from that helicopter. Once he finds the proof, he plans to bury Bill. Since there is no such thing as the perfect crime, Ridge assumes that Bill must have made a mistake, and he even considers breaking into Spencer to get a look at Bill and Alison's computers. The doorbell rings; Katie answers it and finds Deacon there, wanting to talk to her and Ridge. Ridge asks what Deacon wants. Reminding Katie of his promise to help her and Brooke, Deacon reveals that he has something that Ridge and Katie will find very interesting. Katie tells him to spill it. Deacon tells Ridge and Katie that they're never going to find a record of Bill chartering a chopper, and there's a reason for that. "Spit it out!" Ridge barks. Deacon explains how he got Alison to tell her about Bill's personal helicopter, which he keeps on his yacht. Katie finds it hard to believe that Alison, who is so loyal to Bill, just spilled everything. Deacon shares how he teased Alison about taking the chopper for a spin and got her to let slip that the yacht is still docked in Abu Dhabi! Ridge realizes that he was right. "He's been lying to Brooke. He's been lying to all of us," Katie observes. Thanking Deacon for finding the proof he needed, Ridge announces that Bill Spencer is officially out of business.

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