Tuesday, April 08, 2014, Episode #6798

In Aly's bedroom, Oliver wonders if he should have kissed Aly. Aly asks if he regrets the kiss; he says he doesn't, but she looked freaked out. Admitting that she is, she gets up from the bed and tries to catch her breath.

Oliver asks if she's OK. Aly says she's better than OK, since the kiss was breathtaking. Oliver is flattered by her reaction. When Aly says that she never knew what a kiss felt like, Oliver finds it hard to believe that a beautiful like her has never been kissed. She says not beautiful and confirms that he was her first. He tells her she has a lot of catching up to do and kisses her again. After, Oliver tells "Miss F" how honored he is that she chose him for her first kiss. She worries that he thinks she was coming on to him, but he admires the way she says what she means, calling her a breath of fresh air from the jaded models he typically works with.

Pam knocks on Aly's door, so Aly frantically hides Oliver in the closet and opens the door. Pam, clad in a medieval costume, senses Aly's distracted and offers to help Aly get dressed for Medieval Night. When Pam goes to the closet to find something for Aly to wear, Aly cries out, "No, wait!" Pam worries that Aly is backing out, but Aly says that she already knows what she's going to wear and asks Pam to wait for her downstairs. Pam tells Aly to hurry, so they don't miss the handsome white knight and the turkey legs that are on the menu.

After Pam leaves, Aly lets Oliver out of the closet. He laughs about the turkey wings. Aly apologizes for the interruption, but Oliver reminds her that he's the one who came by unannounced. Aly nervously invites him to come back another time. Oliver says that he'd love to, since he likes her. She tells him she likes him, too. "And you, Miss F, are a terrific kisser," Oliver remarks. Offering to go out the back way, he tells Aly to enjoy her turkey legs and kisses her goodbye. After Oliver leaves, Aly has a huge smile on her face.

At Katie's house, Ridge and Katie lie in her bed. Katie revels in being in their own little world were no one can touch them. Ridge says that no one can touch them anywhere. Katie reminds him that they have opposition, but Ridge isn't worried. As they drink wine, Katie says that nothing can be better than this. "You ain't seen nothing yet," Ridge brags.

Ridge warns that with their relationship known and his dad using it as a bargaining chip, the media will soon come down on them. Katie reminds him that Spencer Publications *IS* the media, and she learned to weather scandal as Bill's wife and Brooke's sister. She also thinks she can get through anything with him by her side. Katie then reiterates her concerns about Eric naming Ridge and Brooke as co-vice presidents. Ridge also is unhappy that Eric is dismissing their relationship. Katie admits she's surprised, since she thought Eric liked her, and she asks Ridge if his feelings for Brooke will resurface by being around her, as Eric expects. Ridge says they won't. Katie fears that Brooke will still try to get him back, but Ridge doesn't care and tells her to "do with me as you wish." She obliges, and they make love. Later, they talk about how going through stressful times shows you how strong you are. Katie thanks Ridge for seeing her as strong. "I don't doubt you for a minute," Ridge responds. Katie adds, "You'll never have to."

Bill barges into Brooke's bedroom and announces that he wants her back. Brooke starts to respond, but Bill tells her to save it since he isn't going anywhere.

Brooke lets Bill brush her hair, giving her time to vent about her eventful day at Forrester. When he hears about Ridge firing Oliver and trying to oust Rick, Bill admits that was ambitious, even for Ridge. Brooke tells him that Eric reinstated Oliver, secured Rick's position and made one more announcement, naming her and Ridge co-vice presidents. Bill fumes about Eric trying to push her and Ridge together and hopes she turned him down. Brooke tells him not to flip out about this, so Bill tries to show he's not flipping out by taking a deep breath to center himself, to no avail. Bill rants about giving her space, only to see Ridge kick her to the curb again, and to have Ridge choose her sister; he can't imagine why she's want to be associated with Ridge and warns, "I am not putting up with this crap any longer." Brooke argues that she needs to be at Forrester to protect her kids, but he thinks that's an excuse to be around Ridge. Brooke thinks he's being insulting, but he claims he's out of patience waiting for her and says he won't put up with it anymore. Brooke says that she does love him, so Bill tells her to act like it and take a shot at life with him, since he's done waiting and won't return if she shows him the door again. "Is that what you want?" he asks.

"No. I want you. Now," Brooke responds. They kiss passionately and fall into bed.

After making love, Brooke and Bill talk about how relentless he was, never giving up on being with her again. He thinks she should be telling him, "You were right, Bill." Brooke promises to never back out on him again, and she wants to tell the whole world about their relationship. Grabbing her phone, she calls Katie to report, so Katie doesn't hear it from someone else first, that she and Bill are together now - permanently. Katie asks what Brooke expects her to say. Brooke answers that Katie doesn't say anything, since now there are no secrets, and Katie is with Ridge and Brooke is with Bill. "Awesome. Congratulations," Katie quips, admitting that she expected Bill and Brooke to get back together. After Katie hangs up, Ridge shares that he can't believe Brooke is back with Bill, especially since Brooke knows how he feels about Bill. He doesn't want Bill around R.J. Katie tells him that Bill isn't a monster, despite his issues, and she predicts that R.J. will adjust, and they will get through this together. Ridge looks pensive.

In her bedroom, Brooke lies in bed beside Bill, with a knowing smile on her face.


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