Tuesday, September 20, 2016, Episode #7423

At Spencer, Bill tries to understand Brooke's concerns for RJ, but he doesn't want to let her teenage son derail their plans to start their life together. "Come on. Let's do this," he urges.

Brooke reminds Bill that RJ has had to adjust to so much in his life. Bill thinks that a kid who stood up to him like RJ will adapt. As much as she wants to marry Bill, Brooke feels that she needs to be there as a mother to her son. She hopes Bill understand and agree to wait. Bill says that he's been waiting for her all his life. Brooke tells him that a little longer won't matter, but Bill fears it might stretch out. Brooke vows that it won't. Although he's not happy that RJ doesn't like him, Bill admires they way the young man came at him. Brooke laughs that he'll brag someday that RJ takes after his step-dad. Bill asks how long he'll have to wait. Brooke assures that she doesn't want to drag it out too long, either. Bill supposes that Ridge won't want to wait to get his hands on those Forrester shares. Brooke says that it's not about Ridge or Forrester, it's about her having a life with Bill, a life she wants RJ to be a part of. Bill agrees to wait, but not for long, since he needs Brooke with him. He and Brooke kiss.

Brooke decides to head back to Forrester. Bill chuckles that she should invite RJ to spar with him in the gym sometime. Brooke laughs that she will and leaves.

In the CEO office at Forrester, RJ wants to know why Steffy is so negative about the idea that Brooke won't marry Bill. He thinks Ridge should want Brooke to cancel the wedding, too, since he can't think of any reason why his dad would want Brooke marrying "that guy."

Steffy and Ridge try to tell RJ that it's not that simple, but RJ doesn't care what else is going on if it means that his mom will marry a guy like Bill Spencer! Once Steffy and Thomas leave, RJ questions Ridge about what he witnessed with his dad and Brooke earlier. He thinks his dad is clearly still in love with Brooke. Ridge says that he will always love Brooke, but he wants RJ to prepare for the possibility that Brooke could marry Bill. RJ doesn't understand how Ridge could let that happen. Brooke walks in. RJ asks his mom if she's marrying Bill. She says that she isn't. Pleased, RJ hugs his mom and thanks her for listening to him and coming through like he knew she would.

When RJ goes on about how what he observed earlier proved that his parents are meant to be together, Brooke breaks the news that she didn't run off to marry Bill today, but she still plans to marry him soon. RJ tries to protest. Ridge assures RJ that they and Brooke will still spend time together as a family. Brooke chimes in her agreement about that, telling RJ how much it means to her to have their family reunited. Brooke and RJ hug. RJ steps into the hall so his parents can talk.

In the Design Office, Thomas and Steffy fret about RJ possibly scuttling their plan. Thomas believes that Ridge can calm RJ down, but Steffy feels like Ridge is wavering and wants Brooke married to Bill so they can get those shares before Eric gets any more infatuated with Quinn.

Thomas states that Quinn seems to make Eric happy, but Steffy doubts Quinn can be trusted and wants to secure the shares so they can protect Eric and the company, Thomas hopes Brooke and Bill are flying off to get married as they speak. With the siblings wondering if they dad got through to RJ, Thomas peeks into the hall and sees his younger brother. RJ joins them and, when asked, shares that his mom isn't marrying Bill. "What?!" a shocked Steffy asks. RJ doesn't get her and Thomas' reaction; even though Brooke isn't their mother, he wonders why Thomas or Steffy would want her married to a guy like Bill. Steffy tells them that there's a lot at stake. When RJ adds that his mom still intends to marry Bill soon, Steffy and Thomas seem encouraged. While she understands RJ's concerns, Steffy asks him to remember that they're family and trust them when they say there's a lot riding on this. RJ wants details. Steffy sighs that it's not the right time, but she asks RJ to trust that their dad and his mom are acting for the good of the company and the family.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn is shocked, yet delighted by Eric's sudden decision to get married now, but she suggests that they take a moment to consider that both their families would oppose them. "That's their problem, not ours," Eric scoffs.

As much as she wants a life with Eric, Quinn wants to include his family because that's who he is. Believing that his family will come around when they see how much Quinn means to him, an excited Eric hugs Quinn and suggests that they start planning the wedding! Once they decide to have the wedding at the mansion, Quinn composes an invitation and makes a guest list on her laptop. Eric foresees a fabulous wedding, the last one he plans to have in his life, so he wants to get the invitations out. Quinn asks if he sees another intervention coming. Insisting that it won't happen, Eric tells Quinn that she will be Mrs. Eric Forrester, and there won't be anything that Ridge or anyone else can do to prevent it. After Quinn finishes the invitation, Eric kids that they should have said, "Hey, kids! We're done shacking up! She's not leaving! We're getting married!" Quinn suggests they be more civil, but Eric notes that the kids aren't civil to them.

Quinn senses that Eric is angry. Eric admits that he's upset by his kids' disrespect to him and Quinn. Quinn says that she's used to disrespect, but it irks her that Eric's family disrespects the king of their castle, their patriarch who has done so much for them.

Seeing herself as the reason for Eric's family's disrespect, Quinn vows to keep trying to prove how much she loves him. Hoping to convince his kids and grandkids and her son that their relationship is real, not a manipulation, Quinn asks Eric to convince them that she isn't their enemy and that she'd never hurt him. Seeing Quinn so emotional, Eric vows that his family will come to the wedding and see how much she has changed his life, bringing things to a beautiful resolution. "Even with Steffy?" asks Quinn. Eric confirms, "Even Steffy." An excited Quinn makes a few last minute changes to the invitation, and she and Eric kiss and send the invitations out.

In the CEO office at Forrester, Brooke tells Ridge that she couldn't marry Bill today with RJ objecting. Ridge is glad she didn't, for their son's sake. Brooke says that she needed RJ to know that she heard him. Ridge says that she always listened since she was and is a good mother, and she was a good wife.

Brooke assures Ridge that she will still marry Bill and turn over his Forrester shares. Ridge says that they have plenty of time to think about that, but Brooke sees no reason to wait too long. Ridge hears his phone chime and grows concerned when he checks it. Brooke asks what's wrong. Ridge tells her that he got an invitation to Eric and Quinn's wedding - two days from now! Brooke is stunned. "He's gonna do it," says Ridge. "He's gonna marry that woman."

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