Tuesday, August 26, 2014, Episode #6898

In a bedroom at Brooke's house, Wyatt tells Hope that it's time to go home. Liam reminds Hope that he was in Paris, but Wyatt thinks that changes nothing. Hope asks Wyatt if he knew. He says that he just found out from his father, who told him Liam wasn't going to keep it to himself. Liam says that Hope was going to find out, so it might as well be from him.

Wyatt agrees, since Liam obviously didn't care that Hope thought he had decided she wasn't worth the effort, but now she knows that Liam will never put her first. Hope goes downstairs to say her goodbyes, leaving Wyatt and Liam alone in the bedroom. Wyatt says that he didn't want things to go down like this, even though it was apparent they would, and Liam can't change that. Liam scoffs that Wyatt has been waiting to rub this in his face. Wyatt points out that he didn't ask his brother to be there. Liam asks what Wyatt told Hope when Liam didn't arrive as planned, since Wyatt could have let Hope wait just a few more minutes. Wyatt shouts that Hope did wait, but she didn't even get as much as a phone call and felt like all she got was another disappointment from Liam. Liam asks if Wyatt really wants to win this way. Wyatt says that he's was never Hope's second choice, even if Liam thinks he was, and he adds, "I know that she still loves you, but you know what? You never made her happy, and I do." Liam asks how Wyatt plans to make Hope happy, but Wyatt refuses to argue about this since he has what he wants. "Even if you had to steal it?" Liam asks.

Wyatt says that Hope is waiting for him, but Liam believes Hope might be "chewing off her foot" to get out of Wyatt's trap. Wyatt demands that Liam respect his marriage, but Liam accuses Wyatt of having only one trick, to woo Hope with shiny surprises like campers, dinners and jewelry, including a diamond the size of Gibraltar!

Wyatt insists that he was keeping a promise with the diamond, not scheming. Liam feels that Wyatt has run out of tricks, and with the magic gone, it's only a matter of time before Hope sees Wyatt as the jealous little boy who stabbed his brother in the back and stole his life. When Liam laments that he and Wyatt were supposed to be brothers, Wyatt claims that he does see Liam as a brother, but he doesn't know what to do about Liam's current grievance. "The spider never knows what the fly is complaining about," Liam quips. Wyatt observes that things always happen TO Liam, who never considers why that is, and he cites Quinn threatening Liam with the sword as an example. Liam wonders if Wyatt, even if just for a moment, thought Quinn should do it. Wyatt says that he didn't, because he and Liam are family, but he needs Liam to accept what's happened with Hope. When Wyatt offers to call someone to help Liam, he asks if Liam called Steffy in Paris. Liam fumes that his brother went there and asks if this how Wyatt acts when he wins. Wyatt says that this wasn't about winning, it was about who would show up, no matter what.

Turning to leave to find his wife, Wyatt stops in the doorway and says, "Ivy probably wouldn't have drowned, you know." He exits, leaving Liam upset.

In the living room, Hope tells Ivy what happened upstairs. Ivy blames herself, since they'd be celebrating a different marriage had she not fallen in the river. Hope says she's glad that Liam saved Ivy, but Ivy feels that Hope wouldn't be married right now if not for her - at least not to Wyatt. Unable to believe Liam was in Paris, Hope recalls her "Leap of Faith" with Wyatt off the yacht. Ivy advises that problems like this are dealt with in Australia by annulments. Hope wonders why Liam didn't call her to tell her he was on his way. Ivy points out that her and Liam's phones were soaked. Quinn peeks in the window and listens as Ivy recalls feeling like she was pushed when she fell in the river. Hope asks who would do that; Ivy's not sure, since she never saw anyone. As Hope considers that Liam was there, she tearfully flashes back to her waiting by the Eiffel Tower, and Wyatt being there when Liam didn't show up. Ivy asserts that Liam did what Hope asked, but Hope didn't know it since he was busy with a rescue. "I'm married," Hope sighs.

In the kitchen, Bill tells Brooke that he's seen Ridge drawing at Forrester. Brooke explains that Ridge never let anyone see his sketches since he was too ashamed about losing his ability to draw!

Believing that Ridge will recover, Bill reminds Brooke that Captain Marx is waiting to marry them on the yacht. Brooke shakes her head. Bill offers to fly in the best specialists available, but Brooke doubts Ridge would accept that. Bill suggests that she and Katie convince Ridge to get a second opinion. Brooke states that Ridge is healthy, but can't draw, and no doctor can cure that. Bill contends that Ridge is claiming to be impaired to turn Brooke against him. "You're the one who lies to me, not Ridge," Brooke retorts. Bill feels that a man who went as far as Ridge did to stop their wedding is at least suspect. Brooke fumes at Bill for trying to make this seem like some kind of strategic move by Ridge and shouts, "It's not all about winning for most of us!" Arguing that Ridge's bids to interfere with their relationship are less than altruistic, Bill asks why Brooke would give Ridge a free pass to do a "kamikaze raid" on her self-esteem. Brooke accuses Bill of always making these conversations about what he wants. Bill admits that he carries a lot of baggage, but he commends Brooke for dealing with that rather than trying to change him. Brooke says that she doesn't want to change him, but she wants to respect him, and she tells him to go.

Bill refuses to leave without Brooke, because the rest of their lives are waiting for them. Brooke can't believe that he expects her to just run off and marry him, knowing what his actions cost Ridge. Bill claims that Ridge's carelessness and anger caused this. Brooke tells Bill that she loves him, but she won't give up everything she is just to suit him. Reminding her that she's forgiven him before, Bill tells Brooke that she can't unforgive him over consequences no one could have foreseen. Brooke responds that she's not accusing him, but she can't do what he wants her to. Bill states that they'll wait, as they've done before. "It hasn't been the end of anything," he asserts, "And it won't be now." Brooke turns away, and Bill leaves.

On the patio, Quinn and Deacon wonder what Brooke is saying to Bill now that she knows what Bill's actions cost Ridge. They just don't see Brooke forgiving Bill this time. Deacon points out that if Brooke wasn't so forgiving, he wouldn't be there today, but Quinn doubts Brooke can forgive Bill for committing the unforgivable. Deacon asks why she'd want Bill, knowing he could do something like that. "It's not because he's well-behaved," Quinn remarks. Deacon sees a cell phone on the table and asks Quinn if it's hers. She says it isn't. Picking it up, Deacon finds pictures of him, Hope and Brooke from the party. He looks around and says, "I could live here." Hearing Bill enter the living room, Quinn and Deacon race to the terrace door and hear Bill call Captain Marx to report that the wedding has been postponed. Quinn gasps and hushes Deacon until they hear Bill leave. "We did it!" Deacon whispers. Quinn encourages him to go to Brooke.

Deacon enters the kitchen and finds Brooke standing there, crying.

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