Tuesday, July 19, 2016, Episode #7378

When Ridge drops by, Brooke checks her fridge to find him something to eat. He turns down a lone pork chop - Maya buys one extra of everything, Brooke explains - and paté and decides to have some of Rick's tapenade on bread.

When Brooke asks what brings him by, Ridge admits he's checking on her. Brooke assumes Caroline's otherwise engaged. Ridge tells her that he gave his loft to Thomas to have daddy time with Douglas. Brooke commends him for heroically helping his son. Ridge says that he's no hero, unlike Katie, who always makes the right choices. Brooke goes silent, so Ridge asks if she's OK. Brooke fills him in about Bill and Katie. Ridge asks if Katie knows that Brooke didn't sleep with Bill. Brooke notes that Katie sees that as a technicality and considers Bill and Brooke considering a future together to be an even bigger betrayal. Ridge opines that Bill put that future on the table, not Brooke. Brooke says that she made it clear to Bill that they have no future, even if she hoped Bill might persuade her otherwise. Ridge asks why she'd deal with a man who'd steal a child from its mother. Even though Katie is beside herself, Brooke is afraid to get involved.

Ridge supposes that Brooke thinks he's no better than Bill. Brooke says that his situation with Douglas is different, and she thinks he's better than just about anybody.

When Ridge shares his plans for Thomas to have Douglas at the loft for overnights and weekends, Brooke senses that it bothers him. Ridge admits that it makes him nervous. Brooke asks if he told Caroline. Ridge doesn't think he has to since Caroline knows him better than anyone except maybe Brooke. Brooke asks why he's nervous. Ridge explains that the loft holds many memories, and he thought he might have to move back there after Eric learned about Douglas' paternity. Brooke doesn't believe Eric would ever throw Ridge out of Stephanie's home. Ridge says that Eric didn't throw him out, but he fired him. Brooke wonders why Rick didn't tell her. Ridge guesses that Rick was upset that he didn't get the job. Brooke notes that Rick's not a designer. Ridge says that he's still designing, but Eric is CEO. Brooke feels bad for him. Ridge admits he's on the outside looking in again. Brooke starts to wonder about something. Ridge says that if she's wondering how he'll deal with being an outsider in his own marriage, he's wondering that himself.

Caroline brings Douglas to the Design Office at Forrester to spend time with Thomas. Thomas looks forward to hanging at his new home at the loft with Douglas - and Caroline. Caroline is glad Ridge offered Thomas the loft.

As Thomas holds "Mr. D" and coos at him, Caroline explains that she stepped out from the mansion so Zende can have some privacy with Nicole. Thomas wonders if those two can get back what they had now that Nicole had the baby. Caroline isn't sure. Thomas jokes about earning his "Dad Merit Badge" ir Douglas spits up on him for the first time. Caroline laughs. Thomas asks if Douglas has met his cousin Lizzy yet. Caroline remarks that it's hard when the cousins' fathers can't be in the same room; realizing what she said, she apologizes for saying "the fathers" when she meant Ridge and Rick.

Watching Caroline feed Douglas - with Caroline laughing that she's Douglas' "giant lunch bag" - Thomas wonders what he, as the father, is supposed to do. Caroline admits that she's not sure since she didn't have a dad.

Reminding Thomas that he was among the first to learn she had two moms, Caroline guesses that they'll have to figure out fatherhood as they go. Thomas kids that he's terrible at fixing leaky faucets, but he knows how to call a plumber. Caroline giggles. Thomas looks at Douglas. Caroline and Thomas laugh and bond over how adorable Douglas looks when he's tired. Holding Douglas, Thomas wonders if the boy feels comfortable with him. Caroline says that babies are decadent, always wanting what feels good. Thomas recalls being that way and says that Douglas is a chip off the old block. Caroline says that Douglas can do worse. Watching Thomas hold Douglas, Caroline muses that you think that moments like this can never happen - until they do.

In the photo studio, Sasha chats with Zende; she hopes she can work with him again now that Nicole doesn't object to it. Zende says that he shoots what they tell him to. Sasha remembers that he said he has plans with Nicole.

After, Sasha looks at some photos and spots Zende in the mirror all dressed up. She asks if he's taking Nicole to a premiere. Zende suggests she not worry about what he and Nicole are doing. She says he looks handsome. Sasha shows Zende some proofs and asks why the photos that Luis took look off somehow. Zende hesitates, so Sasha tells him to ignore the lingerie and just give his opinion on the photography. Zende makes some suggestions about the lighting and offers to get someone who knows how to set the lights up better for her next shoot. Wishing she could shoot with him again, Sasha tells him to have fun tonight. Zende thanks her and exits. Sasha watches him leave.

In Julius and Vivienne's motel room, Nicole tells her parents that she can't stay long since Zende has plans for tonight. Viv suggests that she and Julius tag along. Julius chuckles that their little girl is old enough to have a burger on her own. Nicole nods.

Nicole reveals that Zende is picking her up here. Julius asks if she plans to go in her work clothes. Someone knocks on the door; a Forrester employee drops off a beautiful gown for Nicole to wear. "Wow. That Zende is one special young man," Vivienne remarks. Later, while Nicole gets ready, Vivienne stops Julius from getting in some putting; she suggests they act excited when Zende gets there and tell Nicole how beautiful she looks when she comes out. Julius remarks that Nicole was beautiful since the day she was born, like her mama. When Zende arrives, Julius and Viv compliment him on his haircut. Julius chuckles that they would say back in the day that Zende is "clean as a preacher's son." Vivienne thanks Zende for sending the beautiful dress to Nicole. Nicole enters and apologizes for keeping Zende waiting. Zende stares at her and says she's as beautiful as when he first saw her. They smile at each other.

After Zende and Nicole leave, Julius and Vivienne reflect on the feeling that love is in the air. Julius asks what happens if you hurt someone, but they won't let you back in. Vivienne tells him that as he always says, she's trying her best. Julius asks if they can be husband and wife again. Viv says that they are, but Julius thinks she knows what he means. "I'm trying, Julius. I'm really, really trying," Vivienne sighs.

After, Julius tries to teach Vivienne to putt; when she misses the cup, she teases that he made her miss so he can look like an expert. Julius feels nostalgic after seeing their Cinderella going out with her Prince Charming. Viv doesn't recall them being that young or that pretty, but Julius remembers feeling lucky when he saw all the fellows looking at her.

Zende takes Nicole to the Forrester mansion, which is dimly lit. Thinking this is a dinner party, Nicole asks if she'll know any of the other guests. Zende thinks she'll know everyone since it's just them.

Zende leads Nicole to the living room, where a candlelit table is set up in view of Stephanie's portrait. A waiter and waitress serve champagne. Nicole can't believe Zende did all this. Zende says that he doesn't want to lose any more time. Later, Zende and Nicole dance while the wait staff serves dessert. Zende takes Nicole to the terrace to view the sunset; he says that it's all theirs, but she thinks some people might disagree. Zende tells her that no one really owns anything. He recalls how his birth parents had a few things, but all that went away so quickly. Thinking that the only things that anyone can call their own are their feelings, Zende pledges his love to Nicole and kisses her. He tells her that he admires her strength and generosity because she brings out the best in him. Nicole thanks him for telling her that. With everything that's happened since she moved to L.A., she feels that her life has changed, and the best part of it is being with Zende. "Nobody could be as happy as I am tonight," she says. They kiss and gaze at each other.

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