Tuesday, January 20, 2015, Episode #6997

At the Forrester mansion, Bill gives Maya 24 hours to get out. She calls him out for expecting her to listen and obey. He accuses her of swooping in like a "freaking vulture" after Caroline betrayed Rick. Maya orders him out of her home, but he argues that she's not a Forrester and never will be. Maya thinks Rick would disagree. Bill reminds her that Rick is married to his niece. Maya asks if he's there to plead Caroline's case. "I don't plead, and you're delusional," Bill fires back. He states that he wants her out and adds that as a general rule, he gets what he wants. "Not this time," Maya responds, refusing to go anywhere. Bill looks at her portrait and spits, "Pathetic." Maya says that he's making it hard for her to be respectful. He asks her to start by respecting his niece's marriage. "She didn't. Why should I?" Maya asks. Bill believes that nothing good will come of this, since she's out of her depth and doesn't belong in this home or this family. Maya refuses to be intimidated, as this is her home - the Forrester home - and it's her portrait on the wall as Rick's... "Rick's what?" he asks. She declares that she's the woman in Rick's life, Forrester's lead model. "The company changes lead models more than I change underwear," Bill snarks. Maya orders him to leave. Bill snaps a photo of her portrait so he can remember it and laugh. "The new matriarch. Pathetic. You're a joke," he says as he leaves.

At Spencer, Liam finds Katie at Bill's desk trying to get caught up. Katie guesses they're both jumping into their new roles, which Bill surprised them with. Liam figures that his dad believes Katie deserves to be VP. Katie supposes Bill wants her back in the company. "I think he wants you back in his life," Liam chuckles. Katie is glad to be back, and to know Bill respects her as a businesswoman. Liam thinks Bill also respects her as a mother and as the wife he lost when the marriage ended. Katie describes Bill as an attack dog when it comes to his family, but Liam credits her for that. Katie states that Bill's always defended his family, and he even rushed out when Caroline told him about Rick and Maya. She wouldn't want to be in Rick's or Maya's shoes right now. Liam shares that he has issues of his own with Rick, who has been giving Ivy attitude since she caught him kissing Maya outside Maya's apartment. He knows Rick is Katie's nephew, but he thinks Rick needs to learn to rein it in. Katie agrees that Rick is out of control and offers to talk to him, but Liam wants to do it himself. Katie observes that he's becoming more like his father every day. Liam says that at one time, he would have taken that as an insult, but he sees things differently now and understands that you sometimes need a big stick, especially when your loved ones are threatened.

Later, Bill returns and finds Katie alone, looking sexy and focused as she works. He tells her about his senseless visit with Maya, who refuses to go away without a fight. Katie doesn't know why that surprises him; even though she agrees that Maya is in the wrong, Katie realizes that Maya sees herself on top and isn't about to back down. Bill wonders if Maya knows what he's capable of. "And just what are you capable of, Mr. Spencer?" Katie playfully asks. Katie suggests that Bill let his grown sons and his niece take care of their own problems. She says that the family is in good shape. He may have made some mistakes, but so have they all. Bill muses that there they are, and the vice presidency is just the beginning for her. She asks if he's going to make her CEO. "You're the CEO of my life," he declares. "Wow, that's an amazing line," Katie laughs. Bill tells her that he wants her back. She asks if he's ready for that. He says he's ready, and it's going to happen. Katie mocks that his confidence can get him in trouble. "You're my trouble. The kind of trouble I want to get into," he responds. Katie laughs, and Bill adds, "And I will. We will."

In the Forrester CEO's office, Pam and publicist Eva admire a display of designs Caroline has set up, and Oliver sits at the conference table. Rick enters and abruptly calls for them to begin. As Caroline directs his attention to her display, Rick asks where the head designer is. Caroline explains that Ridge couldn't come, but said she could handle it. "I disagree," Rick hisses, upset because he expected Ridge to be there. Caroline offers to hear any comments Rick has, but he says that he'll run them by the head designer, not the helper, and he asks to move on. Aly shows Rick her ideas for a shoe line, which she's discussed with Ridge and Caroline as well as her grandfather. Caroline thinks Aly's ideas are very fresh, but Rick doesn't feel they should introduce a new line while the company is doing so well, so he passes on the idea for now. Rick then welcomes Eva back from overseas and asks what the buzz is for International. "In a word? Ivy," she responds, noting that people are really responding. "To her jewelry," Rick states. Eva agrees, but she points out that Ivy has also caused quite a stir since she modeled during the Amsterdam shoot. Rick thinks it was mistake to have Ivy model; he sees her as a great jewelry designer, but she's not a model.

Eva and Pam are both taken aback, since Ivy is all over the Internet. Rick indicates that it's not all complimentary. Caroline argues that it never is, but publicity is over-the-top. While he admires her defense of her friend, Rick tells Caroline that they have to be objective. They need a real model - a LEAD model. "Maya," Caroline deduces. Stating that he wasn't in charge when they did the Amsterdam shoot, Rick decides to correct that mistake and tells Oliver to reshoot with Maya. Caroline can't believe that Eva just told them that sales are up and publicity is high, yet Rick wants to reshoot with Maya. "Ivy is not a model. She's a neophyte. End of discussion," Rick snips. Caroline asks to discuss Maya's sister, Nicole, who may become the next neophyte in their ranks. "This meeting is over!" Rick barks. Caroline accuses him of lashing out at her, since she supported both Aly and Ivy. She tells him to take it out on her if he wants, but he shouldn't mess with this company and everybody...

Rick orders everyone but Caroline and Ivy to leave. Once the others exit, he yells at Caroline, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She says that she's looking out for the company. Rick reminds her that it's not her job to do that. But it is his, Caroline counters, and he's not doing a good job by trying to replace Ivy with Maya. "Ivy is not a model," Rick states. "Neither was Maya until you decided to make her one," Caroline retorts, "and you weren't CEO until your daddy slapped a label on your door." Not wanting to argue, Rick tells her to focus on her work, and he'll take his issues with the designs up with Ridge, if Ridge ever shows up. What issues? Caroline asks. Rick points to her display, shocked that she can't see that these aren't her best efforts. Ivy scoffs, but Caroline says it's fine and asks Rick to tell her what's wrong with the designs. Rick plans to discuss that with the head designer. "And some other things, as well, I'll wager," Ivy mutters, tearing into Rick for disrespecting everyone to get back at Ridge and Caroline. Rick is shocked that Ivy would dare talk about disrespect. Ivy tells him to admit that he's angry because he's still in love with Caroline. Rick is tired of hearing that after Caroline betrayed him. Ivy reminds him that it was just a couple of kisses, but Rick doesn't believe that was it and asks Caroline if it's over with Ridge. She doesn't answer.

In the corridor, Pam and Aly fume about Rick's attitude. They wish Stephanie or Eric were there to set Rick straight. Eva asks why Rick has issues with Ivy modeling. Oliver says that it's personal. Eva asks if it has to do with Rick's breakup with Caroline. "Everything has to do with his breakup," Oliver whispers. Aly and Pam resent the way Rick is taking his anger on everyone else, especially poor Caroline and Ivy. Liam arrives and asks where Ivy is. Pam, Aly and Oliver explain that Ivy is in the office getting dressed down, so they don't suggest that Liam go in there. Liam asks who else is in there. Aly says that Caroline and Rick are in there, and it's pretty intense. Aly vents about Rick's comments about her shoe designs. Oliver assures that Rick will come around and recognize her talent once he's back to normal. They joke about brand names and slogans for a shoe line. Oliver assures that it will happen. "Everything will happen," he adds. Aly says that it already has. Liam frets upon hearing that Rick called Ivy a "neophyte" and Caroline "Ridge's little helper." Eva says that Caroline and Ivy held their own, but Liam doesn't think they should have to.

Inside, Rick deduces from Caroline's silence that something has happened with Ridge. Ivy asks how he can be so judgmental when he's living with another woman. Rick tells her to butt out, but she argues that Caroline begged to save their marriage, but he's lashing out over a few kisses. Rick asks Caroline if she and Ridge have kissed. Ivy tells him to stop, but Rick continues to tear into Caroline for getting it on with Ridge after all her pleas for reconciliation. Ivy suggests that it's because he refused Caroline over and over. Fed up with her accusations, Rick orders Ivy to pack her things, and then he turns to Caroline and bellows, "You're finished!" Caroline asks if he's serious. "I'm dead serious!" he shouts. Overhearing through the door, Liam bursts in, grabs Rick from behind and shoves him to the floor. "You do not speak to these women that way. You understand?" Liam shouts. Still lying on the floor, Rick grins and laughs at Liam.

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