Tuesday, October 14, 2014, Episode #6931

At Forrester, Caroline bolts from Rick's office to the CEO's office. Ridge follows and asks if she ran because she was thinking about "us." She replies, "There is no us" and reminds him that she's happily married. He asks why she's so flustered when she's around him and says, "We're a team. I'm not gonna let that go."

When Ridge eyes her, Caroline tells him to quit looking at her with those eyes, since it's confusing. Ridge maintains that they're building something special, and giving it up isn't an option. "It is the only option," Caroline retorts. Ridge feels that what they have comes along just once in a lifetime. No matter how inspiring it is to work with him, Caroline refuses to risk her marriage to see where this is going. She can't understand how he can pretend this is all business when they kissed, and she's disappointed in herself for doing it. Ridge advises her to stop overthinking it. Caroline doesn't know if she can since he's been giving her so much attention. He suggests that Rick give her more attention. She states that Rick is a wonderful husband, which is why she shouldn't be having these feelings and should just be happy with what she has. Ridge asks why. Caroline responds that she's married to a wonderful man while Ridge is engaged to Katie, so she and Ridge shouldn't confuse their passion for work with passion for each other. "Is that what we're doing?" Ridge asks. Fed up with his questions, Caroline tells him to keep his hands to himself while she keeps her lips to herself. "That's just how it has to be!" she exclaims.

Ridge tells her that he needs her, as his right-hand. Caroline states that she's seen him trying to draw, so she knows it's only a matter of time before he doesn't need her anymore. "But I do need you," he counters.

Caroline reminds him again that he's engaged to Katie and she's married to Rick. Ridge asserts that she married the wrong man. Caroline offers to pretend he didn't say that, but Ridge insists that Rick will never be on her level. Caroline covers her ears. Ridge believes that she wouldn't be so jumpy if she didn't see what could come of them running the company together. Reasoning that he only wants to work with her so he can be top dog at Forrester, Caroline states that she won't let herself be used. Ridge admits that he wants something from her and asks if she's really not feeling anything. Caroline starts to say something about Rick, but Ridge says that this isn't about Rick, who lacks the passion it takes to run the company - or to fulfill Caroline. "You can do better," he insists. Caroline accuses him of only saying that so she'll tell Eric that they're the future of Forrester. Ridge claims that he wants to run this company with her. "And that's what I'm afraid of," she responds, "because I want that, too, and you know that." When Caroline asks how he can be such a cold, calculating liar, Ridge pulls her into a passionate kiss and answers, "I don't lie."

Caroline tries to slap Ridge, who grabs her hand. They gaze at each other, and then she kisses him passionately. Pulling away, Caroline runs out of the office. Ridge wipes his mouth and stands there, looking surprised.

In Rick's office, Hope reads a book entitled "When You're Expecting." Aly enters, so Hope sets the book on the desk. Aly asks why Hope didn't go back to Liam after learning about Quinn's manipulations. Hope says she couldn't.

Aly explains that she's become close to Ivy and would like to see Liam with Ivy if he can't be with Hope. By the same note, she advises Hope to do something before Liam falls for Ivy if there's a chance Hope could go back to Liam. Hope says, "That's not going to happen." Aly urges Hope to understand that Liam is interested in Ivy. Hope asks why Aly is telling her this. Aly replies that there's still time for Hope to change her mind. Hope claims there isn't. "Why not? Why are you with Wyatt when you're in love with Liam?" a confused Aly asks. Aly sees the book on the desk and asks Hope if it's hers. "Yep. I'm pregnant," Hope replies. Aly asks if Liam knows. Hope reveals that he was one of the first people she told. Aly figures out that he knew at the dinner party but didn't let on. Hope presumes that's because Liam knows it's her job to tell people. Aly asks more questions, and when she learns that Hope took a pregnancy test the day she found out about what Quinn did in Paris, she assumes Hope stayed with Wyatt because of the baby. Hope denies it and insists that she's in love with Wyatt. Aly believes her, and she knows the baby is a gift, but she thinks that what Hope and Liam shared... "Is in the past," Hope asserts.

Still thinking Hope stayed with Wyatt because of the pregnancy, Aly asks if Liam knew Hope would have gone back to him but for the pregnancy. Hope says that she and Wyatt are going to be parents, so it's time to move on. Aly wishes Liam Hope could have had a life with Liam. Saying that she has a life with Wyatt, Hope asks Aly to stop bringing up Liam since it makes her think of him, and thinking of him makes her sad.

While having lunch at the Sky Lounge, Ivy teases Liam about taking off his shirt to work out. He says there's no chance of that, but he's enjoying hanging out with her. Ivy agrees that it's good to get away from the drama. Liam laughs that drama is part of Forrester's charm, but Ivy thinks it takes getting used to.

Liam shares that he enjoyed meeting Ivy's dad, even though he talked John's ear off and put him to sleep. Ivy thinks it was jet lag, but Liam thinks it may have been Eric's Martinis. Ivy laughs. Liam admits that he felt better after the party than he has in a really long time. Later, Liam notices that his cousin Caroline hasn't posted any selfies in the last hour. Ivy wonders if it has to do with Ivy designing with Ridge, since she talked with Caroline earlier and Caroline seemed kind of frazzled. Liam laughs that his cousin is kind of... Ivy still thinks Ridge is involved. Liam agrees that Ridge, who is really intense, may have Caroline stressed out. When Ivy talks about the rivalry between Ridge and Rick, Liam says that those two are as close as Wyatt and him, and he segues from there and asks Ivy if she's seen Wyatt lately. Ivy says she hasn't. Liam bets that Wyatt's preparing to make the big announcement, but Ivy hasn't heard any rumors yet. Liam says that only a few people know, although he bets Wyatt will plan some stunt to announce how the HFTF Diamond created a human!

Ivy is glad to see him laughing about it, since there is nothing funny about it. Saying that he has a plan to add some fun to his life that includes her, Liam invites her to dinner at his house tonight. She agrees to come. Later, after Liam leaves, Aly finds Ivy and reveals that she knows Hope stayed with Liam because she's pregnant with Wyatt's child.

Liam enters Rick's office, looking for Aly, and he finds Hope. Hope tells him Aly just left. He says that Aly wanted an early copy and hands Hope an envelope. Hope tells him that Aly knows about the pregnancy, and that Aly told her that he's spending a lot of time with Ivy and even met Ivy's dad. "Are you too, like... dating?" she asks. Liam doesn't know what to say, other than that he wishes things were different. Hope says that she wants him to be happy, adding that this isn't easy for her, either,. Liam understands. Lamenting that they almost got their life back, Hope asks, "God! What happened to us?" Liam shakes his head, and then he pats her on the back. Hope embraces him.

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