Tuesday, May 03, 2016, Episode #7323

At the motel, Julius hopes Nicole hasn't gone to Vivienne with her foolish accusations yet. "Sasha is my sister, your daughter," Nicole responds. Julius calls Sasha a boyfriend stealing liar who is now out to steal Nicole's father, too.

Nicole believes that her friend Sasha is telling the truth. Julius asks if Sasha proved her friendship by showing up in short-shorts and seducing the Forrester who was promised to Nicole. Nicole argues that Sasha let "Mom, dad, and little Princess Nicole" live their fantasy life by taking the few crumbs Julius gave her. Julius asks why Nicole would believe "that girl" over him. Nicole believes that her dad has maintained this lie over the years, including right now. Julius feels like this is something that "Sasha's crazy mother" Lucy Thompson cooked up. Nicole tells him not to describe Sasha's mom that way. Julius guesses she's right that they should show compassion toward a woman who's had a hard life like Lucy.

Nicole asks if Julius was showing compassion when he kept it from her that she had a sister that she could have shared her loneliness and secrets with while growing up. Julius insists that he loved her, but Nicole believes that he loved himself by making them live like an upstanding family when they weren't.

Julius asks if this is how Nicole talks to the man who gave her life. Raging that he stabbed her mother in the heart with his lies, Nicole predicts that his deception might be the end for Vivienne. "You like to pretend you're better than everyone else," she shouts, "but all you are is a fake and a hypocrite who hurts anyone foolish enough to love you!"

"Stop!" Julius shouts. He weeps as he tries to explain how the pressures of everyday life drove the love from him and left him with nothing but loss.

Insisting that he cared for Sasha in return for her silence, Julius thinks Nicole would forgive him if she knew the whole story. Nicole scoffs that he always wants to be forgiven, but now she knows he cheated on her mom!

Julius recounts that years ago, his father argued that he was too easy on Myron over Myron being different while Vivienne felt he was too hard and turned away from him in private. Nicole asks where she came from if that's true. "Watch your mouth, little girl," Julius scolds. Nicole reminds him that this is his story. Julius explains that almost everyone felt he needed to man up and fix what was wrong with Myron, but Lucy didn't. He sobs that he was weak, but even when he was, he never stopped loving Vivienne. He forbids Nicole from telling Vivienne about Sasha, insisting that he'll do it himself at the appropriate time. "You don't get to forbid me to do anything anymore," Nicole answers in a hushed tone. Guessing that he has someone to see, Julius grabs his jacket and leaves.

In the photo studio, Zende asks Sasha what happened with Mr. Avant. Sasha fears Nicole won't look at her the same way now. Zende asks what she told Nicole; Sasha explains that she told Nicole that they share the same father.

Confused, Zende asks what Sasha means. Sasha figures that she's been lying to hold onto the love or whatever it was that Julius Avant, her father, gave her. "That's right," she confirms, "Nicole is my sister - only she never knew it till today." Zende tries to understand the situation. Sasha explains how the Avants, especially Aunt Viv, helped raise her because her mom had "problems," but Julius' presence replaced Viv's in the Avant household once Julius' dad laid him off and Viv had to go to work. She didn't like school much because kids said some not so nice things about her mom, and one day, she came home and heard Mr. Avant order her mom to get her decent clothes and enroll her in the fancy school Nicole attended. After she'd heard Julius shout that "No child of mine is gonna grow up ignorant!" they had an understanding that Julius would perform basic paternal obligations as long as no one knew - and no one did until today.

Figuring out that Nicole knows, Zende asks where she is. "She's gone to find our father," Sasha replies, realizing that she's never said those words aloud.

Zende asks Sasha what she plans to do. He doesn't think she's afraid of Julius. Sasha fears that the small window that Julius left open for her to be close to him is about to close, and she'll be left on the outside. On top of that, she believes that Nicole hates her. Zende disagrees about Nicole. Sasha realizes that she doesn't have her bag with her. Zende recalls that she had it when she brought her modeling contract to the mansion to show him. Sasha figures that she left the bag at the mansion and decides to retrieve it since she might need the contract if Maya and Rick fire her. Zende offers to get the bag for her, but Sasha says she'll get it herself and asks him to let Pam know where she is. Before she leaves, Zende tries to convince Sasha that Julius loves her; he thinks that Julius' actions prove that Julius wanted her close to him and his family. "Maybe he did," Sasha concludes, "but he won't anymore."

In the CEO office, Vivienne feels bad for Sasha. Maya realizes that she never really knew Sasha, but she recalls that Nicole and Sasha went to the same parochial school, and both had Vivienne in their lives while growing up.

Viv remembers that Sasha needed stability because Sasha's mom lived a chaotic life; she's just grateful that Julius spared her that kind of life by marrying her. Maya observes that her mom is a lot like Brooke. "Yeah, people can hardly tell us apart," Vivienne scoffs. Maya explains that her mom and Brooke both excuse people who don't deserve it, and she looks to Rick for support. While he doesn't condone what Sasha did to Nicole, Rick agrees with Vivienne since he recalls how growing up without an in-home dad led him to compete for love from strangers to make them like him. Maya thinks her dad's right that Sasha should return to Illinois or look for work in New York or Chicago. Viv and Maya wonder if it's work or Zende that's keeping Sasha in L.A. Viv suspects Sasha wants to be around the Avant family again.

Vivienne decides to go back to the motel, which feels like home since Julius hasn't found a more permanent place he likes yet. Rick offers to advise Julius on investing, but Vivienne fears that her husband has no tolerance for risk.

When Vivienne gets to the motel, she finds Nicole there, all alone. "Your sister told me everything went well at the doctor's," Vivienne shares. "My sister?" Nicole asks. "Maya," Vivienne chuckles matter-of-factly.

Nicole asks Viv if Julius spoke to her. Vivienne says that she didn't see him. Sensing that Nicole seems upset, Vivienne wonders if her daughter fought with Julius.

At the Forrester mansion, Sasha finds her bag and looks through it. Julius enters and makes himself known. Sasha tells him that Eric's not there, but Julius says he's not looking for Eric.

Sasha tries to leave, but Julius says that she shouldn't have told Pam where she'd be if she wants to run. Sasha guesses she can't do anything right, but Julius scoffs that she can destroy well. Sasha frets about spoiling his world of lies. Julius tells Sasha that life is just a dream, with each person dreaming their own little dream and trying to find happiness without causing too much trouble. He reasons that problems occur when a sister steals her sister's first love, breaks her heart or takes everything good from her life via slander. Julius argues that what Sasha told Nicole was a lie because she left out that fact that he took care of her. He claims that Sasha was precious to him, which is why he gave her his precious Nicole to be by her side and his wife to look over her. He felt it was the best he could do, and all he asked in return was Sasha's silence.

Sasha fights to hold back tears as Julius concludes that she was too selfish to do that one little thing. "You may be my daughter," he seethes, "but you will never be my family," A tear runs down his cheek, and Sasha cries.

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