Tuesday, April 07, 2015, Episode #7050

In the CEO office at Forrester, Rick asks what Carter knows that he won't believe. Maya tells Carter to stop, but Carter insists that Rick needs to know. Rick doesn't want to hear this. Carter asserts that Maya is hiding something important. Rick refuses to stand there and let Carter bash his girlfriend. "That's just it; she is not your girlfriend!" Carter shouts. Maya tries to hush Carter, who refuses to talk to her. Rick tells Carter to watch how he talks to Maya. Carter and Maya yell at each other. Ridge enters, having heard the raised voices, and asks what's going on. Carter urges Rick to listen to him, but Rick doesn't want to hear another word. Ridge suggests that Rick hear Carter out. Rick wonders if Carter is still pining after Maya. Carter denies it, but Rick believes the only reason Carter would be so angry is that he hasn't found a woman as special as Maya. He tells Carter to try finding someone like Maya and orders him out. Carter shakes his head and leaves. Rick apologizes to Maya for having to put up with that. She tells him to have his meeting with Ridge and leaves, pausing in the hall to catch her breath.

At Spencer, Bill, Liam and Katie discuss Caroline's claims that Rick has been cordial to her of late. They agree that Rick's not to be trusted. When Bill questions Caroline's taste in men, Katie quips that some people question hers, too. Liam laughs, and Bill tells his son to behave if he likes being president. Bill and Liam wonder if Rick might be having second thoughts about Maya and could want Caroline back. Katie doesn't think so since Rick raves about Maya's honesty and seems to have forgotten her gold-digging way; she believes it would take something major to break up Rick and Maya's love-fest. Bill insists that Rick would leave Maya in a minute if Caroline wanted him. Liam notes that Caroline claims to be happy with Ridge, leaving Maya to fill the role of the woman in Rick's life right now.

Bill suggests they not worry about Caroline and instead focus on Brooke. Liam asks what's going on there. Katie shares that Brooke admitted to having a drinking problem and turned to Deacon for support. Bill laments that "the mugshot" is the last person Brooke needs to be tangled up with. Katie mentions Quinn, and Liam wonders if Quinn knows that Brooke is hanging out with Quinn's fiance. Katie hopes not. Bill agrees, since there's no telling what "that crackpot will do when someone threatens to take her toy away."

At Brooke's house, Brooke asks Wyatt about why he shared the conversation he heard between her and Deacon with Quinn. Wyatt claims he couldn't hide something like that. Brooke tells him he overreacted, since she and Deacon were just speaking hypothetically. Wyatt asks if he recalls correctly that she and Deacon were thinking they could start over if Deacon was not engaged to Quinn. Brooke notes that Deacon also said Quinn was good for him, and he loved her. She reminds Wyatt how dangerous his mother can be. Wyatt doesn't believe his mom will come after Brooke, but Brooke reminds him that Quinn recently knocked her to the ground. She doesn't think that anyone can control Quinn, including Deacon. Wyatt still thinks his mom has a right to know if her fiance is up to no good. Brooke insists that nothing is going on between her and Deacon, who wants to honor his commitment to Quinn. Wyatt knows that's what Deacon says, but he believes Deacon is still in love with Brooke. Brooke doesn't think it's Wyatt's place to interfere. Wyatt thinks he could say the same thing about Brooke. Brooke maintains that Deacon shouldn't be with Quinn since Quinn is highly unstable.

In Quinn's workshop, Quinn senses Deacon is panicking. Deacon insists that he wants to be with her and urges her not to overreact over a stupid, throwaway comment. Quinn dares him to just tell her if he wants to be with Brooke. He insists that he wants to spend his life with her, but she doesn't want to marry him if he's even the slightest bit in love with Brooke. Deacon asks what he has to do to prove to her that he only wants to be with her. Quinn finds it hard to believe that he only wants that when her son heard him daydreaming about a life with Brooke. Deacon maintains that he'll always care about Brooke on some level, but it wouldn't compare to how he feels about her. Quinn refuses to spend her life second-guessing. Deacon assures that she won't have to. "Tell that to Brooke," she snips. Deacon insists that he'll do whatever she wants and begs her to pick a wedding date. Quinn says that she has to clear her head and leaves.

Later, Wyatt arrives at the workshop, and Deacon asks him why he had to open his mouth to Quinn and give her another reason to hate Brooke. Wyatt believes that Quinn deserved to know. Deacon fears what Quinn might do now.

Outside Brooke's house, Quinn replays her fantasy of stabbing Brooke in her head. Brooke opens the door and warns that she'll call the police if Quinn lays a hand on her. Quinn scolds Brooke for leading Deacon on in a bid to break them up. Brooke scoffs. "Haven't you learned by now not to mess with me?" Quinn asks. "Do I look scared to you?" Brooke counters. Quinn threatens that Brooke will be very scared if she keeps going with this; she won't tolerate Brooke interfering in her engagement or trying to stop her and Deacon from getting married. "We'll see," Brooke says. Quinn retorts that she's only been interested in two men in her entire life, Bill and Deacon, and unlike Brooke with her many relationships, Quinn takes her relationships very seriously. "Deacon is taken. You will no longer reach out to him, he will no longer be your friend, and you go find yourself a new AA partner. Understood?!" Quinn exclaims. "Or what?!" Brooke responds.

Back at Forrester, Ridge tries to show Rick their showstopper and some ideas to promote it as a throwback to what Forrester used to be. When Ridge senses that Rick isn't listening, he grows annoyed and asks if Carter did something to irritate Rick. Rick complains that Carter had irritated him by implying that he knows Maya better than Rick, causing Rick to lose patience with the attorney. Ridge feels that Rick is overreacting, but Rick refuses to put up with Carter's claims that Maya is conning them and hiding who she is. He rants that everyone needs to accept for who she is, since she's the women he plans to spend the rest of his life with. "I think we're all painfully aware of that," Ridge mutters. Rick suspects that the only reason Carter would be on a tirade against Maya is that he's jealous, and so is everyone else. "Oh, God, please," Ridge scoffs. Rick decides to set Carter straight right now!

In the Executive Suite, Carter recalls happy times with Maya; he remembers their getting cast on Room 8, their getting intimate and him proposing. Maya walks in and yell, "How dare you?!" Carter balks that there's nothing she can say to convince him that Rick didn't deserve to know about Maya... or should he say Myron? Maya tells him not to disrespect her as she's had to deal with enough "crap" like that in her life. Carter states that it was her choice. "It was not my choice! This is who I am! I have never been a man, no matter what my body looked like!" Maya fumes. Carter doesn't feel he can keep her secret any longer. Maya says that it's none of his business and asks him to have some compassion or empathy, but he reminds her that she lied to him by not telling him she used to be a man. "I am a woman! And I will not stand for this!" Maya declares. She orders him not to say one word to Rick. Carter asserts that she can't stop him from talking to Rick. Maya asks him to let her tell Rick on her own time, as she believes he'll love her no matter what.

Carter tells Maya to tell Rick, but then he remembers that she said she'd tell Rick only after he proposed. Maya claims that Rick will accept her for who she is, but Carter believes she's too scared to tell Rick since he might reject her.

"Stop pressuring me. I will not be bullied by you!" Maya retorts. She repeats that she will tell Rick when he proposes. Carter says that it won't come to that because he won't let her keep this from Rick; even though he and Rick often disagree, he feels that they have a lot in common since they were both duped by Maya. Maya says that no one was duped, and Rick will understand. Carter asks if she's that naive to think that Rick, of the upper crust Forrester family, will forgive her and risk his family's social standing. Maya thinks the fashion centered family would be more open minded than most, including Carter. Carter thinks he's been very open minded, but he knows the resulting scandal will affect Maya and Rick, personally and professionally. Maya believes that the powerful LGBT community will applaud the Forresters for accepting her. Carter suggests they find out if Rick feel that way, too. Maya threatens to get him fired if he says anything. He predicts that she won't have any power to do that. She dares him to try it and find out. Rick storms in and demands that Carter tell him what he meant about the two of them having something in common. He assumes it's about Maya, so he wants to know now! Carter looks at Maya, who glares back at him.

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