Tuesday, May 26, 2015, Episode #7085

At the Forrester mansion, Rick thanks Caroline for checking on him. Caroline is surprised to see Rick so "evolved" about Maya being transgender. Rick says that he loves Maya and won't let Ridge use Maya's pain to steal the CEO position.

Rick asks if Ridge knows Caroline is there. She says that he doesn't, but she plans to tell him to avoid any more lies of omission. Rick thanks her for putting herself in the middle to reach out to him. She reminds him that they once meant a lot to each other. He wishes she was with anyone but Ridge, who takes what he wants for as long as he needs it and moves on. He believes Ridge is about to find out that the CEO job isn't up for the taking. Caroline feels bad about the horrible way Maya was outed. She thinks Rick only found out that Maya's transgender because Maya lost control of the situation. Rick doesn't think that's true, but Caroline suggests that he doesn't see Maya's manipulative side. Rick says that she doesn't know Maya at all. Caroline wonders how he could be so furious about her not telling him that she kissed Ridge, but he's so forgiving about Maya. Rick insists that Maya always intended to tell him about her past. He asks if they can not fight about this. Caroline says that she didn't come there to fight. She just came to commiserate with a fellow accident survivor who should be resting in bed. Rick claims that he needs to be up and about as long as Ridge is out to take advantage. He warns Caroline again to be careful about falling victim to Ridge's deceit.

In the CEO office at Forrester, Ridge senses Eric hesitating and offers to make a list of Rick's missteps as CEO. Eric says he's aware of Rick's mistakes and his accomplishments, but Ridge feels that Rick's lack of compassion and inability to lead warrant Eric executing the morality clause to oust Rick so Ridge can be named CEO. Ridge asks Eric to uphold the standards of leadership Eric established as their founder. Eric feels that invoking the morality clause now would be an unfair way to use someone's personal pain against them. Ridge claims this isn't about Maya being transgender, it's about Rick acting erratically by doing things like wrecking a car or firing a gun at work. He urges Eric to see that Rick has lost it. Even though he knows Ridge doesn't want to hear it, Eric says that he's standing by Rick. "I believe in him," Eric states. Ridge says that he can't accept that, but Eric says Ridge has to. "No, Dad, I don't," Ridge responds.

Eric asks Ridge to be reasonable, but Ridge feels like all Eric's decisions are in direct opposition to him, almost like Eric still resents that he took Brooke away from Eric years ago.

Eric scoffs that Ridge would even think that rather than accept that Eric sees Rick as the better man for the job. Unable to concede that Rick is a better choice, Ridge asks what's clouding Eric's judgment. Since they've been talking about morality, Eric admits that he sees the cavalier manner that Ridge took Caroline from Rick as similar to Ridge taking Brooke from Eric years ago. While he views Ridge as one of the most talented designers alive, Eric feels that Ridge is lacking in ethics and morality. "You're not quite the Forrester you think you are. You just fall just a little bit short," Eric states. Ridge sees this conversation going down a familiar path. Eric responds that Stephanie gave him a son who he loved, raised and taught. "I'm your father. Don't you dare suggest otherwise," Eric asserts. Ridge laments that he expects loyalty and respect from Eric, but only Rick gets it, no matter how Rick behaves. Eric says that he supports Rick as CEO. Ridge asks what he's supposed to do. Eric tells Ridge to design and enjoy the rewards of his work, including Caroline, but do it in support of Eric's younger son. "This is our family, Ridge. I'm not gonna let you tear it apart," Eric adds. Assuming from Ridge's silence that they're clear, Eric leaves.

Ridge picks up the phone, calls someone and says, "I need to see you right away."

At Spencer, Liam continues to stew about his dad blatantly spitting in his face by publishing Maya's story. Ivy reminds him how ruthless his dad is when it comes to business. "I'm his son," Liam remarks. Ivy is sorry to see him hurting. Liam says that it's not so much that he's hurt as it is that he's mad about the lack of human decency in the situation. Ivy notes that his dad's actions may have a silver lining if Ridge is right that Rick is on the way out as Forrester's CEO. While he's still not happy by how things went down, Liam agrees that this might server their purpose. He gets that business is business, but the whole situation has reminded him how humanity often gets lost in the race for a profit. Ivy doesn't think that will happen to him, but Liam is terrified that as appalled as he is about how Maya was exposed, he can live with it if it protects Ivy and Caroline from Rick. Ivy understands his distaste but doesn't see any point in lamenting what already happened. She suggests that "we" just find a way to move forward. Pleased by her use of the word "we," Liam takes Ivy in his arms, and they kiss.

Ivy looks at the sword around his neck and says that she loves it, not just because she made it, but because it's like he's always wearing a part of her. "Like a cattle brand?" Liam asks. Ivy thinks a cattle brand might come in handy if Steffy comes around again and needs a reminder that the past is over, but then she decides that her being with Liam is reminder enough. She tells him that it means a lot that she can trust him. They embrace.

Steffy arrives at Forrester and asks Ridge how he knew she was in town. He says that as her father, he always knows where she is. They embrace.

Steffy assumes Ridge has been doing damage control over the Maya situation and asks how Rick is handling it. "He crashed his car and he attacked me last night," Ridge explains. Steffy is shocked. Ridge maintains that Rick is out of control and isn't fit to be CEO. Steffy asks if he spoke to Eric. He tells her how he tried to get Eric to enforce the morality clause, but Eric chose to keep supporting Rick. Steffy can't believe it. Ridge fears they'll be answering to Rick for the rest of their lives. "That is unacceptable," Steffy responds. Ridge recalls that when she last proposed a takeover bid, he didn't want to hurt Eric. But now that Eric has stabbed him in the back, he thinks a takeover is the only way they can stop Rick from running the company into the ground. His only request to Steffy is that she realize that this is bigger than her trying to get Liam back or him betraying his dad. "It's about our future," he stresses. Proposing that they combine their shares with Bill's and Thomas' to oust Rick from the CEO chair, Ridge says, "There's a fight coming. We're about to take over Forrester Creations."

Eric arrives at the Forrester mansion and finds Rick dressed for work. Rick hopes his dad didn't fall for Ridge's crap about how unfit Rick is to run the company. "This position, it's life and death. I need it," Rick states. Eric says that Rick was right that they both know the pain of having Ridge steal their wives away. "That's who Ridge is. It's what he does. And they call me entitled," Rick responds. Eric gushes with praise of the way Rick handled the blow-up with Maya with compassion. He thinks Ridge could learn from Rick about that. Rick appreciates Eric saying that. Adding how pleased he is with how Rick has grown as a man and as a professional, Eric vows to support Rick unconditionally, without reservations. Not knowing what to say, Rick thanks his dad for having faith in him. He promises to follow Eric's example and become better. While acceptance and compassion don't come as easily to him as they do to Eric, Rick feels that he has plenty of aspiration, and he vows to make Eric proud of his son and namesake. "I am proud of you," Eric states. Although he knows this will be a bumpy road, Rick vows to get the company back on track and prove that Eric was right to stand by him. Eric says that he's not worried. The men exchange "I-love-yous" and embrace.

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