Tuesday, August 12, 2014, Episode #6888

As Liam frantically searches for Hope near the Eiffel Tower, Quinn sits in the cafe, watching him through binoculars and cackling with glee at his botched rescue attempt. "What a drip," she snips, laughing about Liam losing, and then she self-congratulates, "Damn, I'm good." Ivy catches up with with Liam, who tells her that Hope didn't wait for him. He tries to call Hope, but his phone is dead, so they decide to go to Forrester International to look for Hope.

At Forrester, Brooke calls Rick at International. He reports that the photo shoot and press conference went extremely well and created the buzz they expected. Brooke asks to talk Hope, but Rick says that she's not there, and neither is Wyatt. Brooke asks about Liam, but Rick says he hasn't seen him, either. After Brooke hangs up, Bill appears, confident and ready to convince her to come back to him. Brooke asks if he's heard from Liam or Wyatt. Sensing she's worried, Bill assumes it has something to do with Hope and tells her to bring him up to speed. Once Brooke explains about Liam's plans, Bill reasons that Liam and Hope are again at a crossroads and asks Brooke if the couple will make it past this. Brooke answers that before Wyatt, she would have said yes without hesitation, but Hope has feelings for Wyatt, and Liam feels threatened. Bill points out that Liam is still Hope's choice, but Brooke wonders if Liam has been pushed to his limit and can only say "no more." Bill asks where Wyatt fits into this. Brooke opines that no matter what happens in Paris, someone's going to be the odd man out.

On a private jet, Wyatt tries to comfort a sullen Hope. Holding her hand, he says, "You can't count on him. Liam just doesn't come through for you."

Wyatt gets a call from his mother, who ask where he is. He says he's with Hope on the Spencer jet, headed to Monte Carlo. Pleased, Quinn tells him to take control of his position and marry Hope. "Just like that?" he scoffs. Noting that most couples don't get as many chances as he's had with Hope, Quinn tells him not to let this one slip away and implores him to marry Hope immediately. Quinn then hangs up, gets up and hands the stolen binoculars to a befuddled waiter as she leaves. On the jet, Wyatt tells Hope that nothing has changed between them, and he hates seeing her so disappointed by Liam yet again. He believes she deserves to be celebrated and loved, not taken for granted like the way his well-meaning, but idiotic brother treats her, and he advises her to walk away before Liam disappoints her again. Hope sighs that it's not easy letting go. Wyatt offers to help her, as he did before. Hope feels tired of getting her hopes up and being let down. Wyatt doesn't think that's how she should live her life, since what they shared is so good. Hope sighs. Wyatt tells her to hook up with him, since the ride's always been pretty good, even as his mode of transportation improves. "Come back to me," he pleads.

Liam and Ivy arrive at International and ask Rick where Hope is. Rick says that he hasn't seen her and observes Ivy and Liam's wet clothes. Liam explains that he went to meet Hope but had to save Ivy, who got pushed in the Seine. Now he needs to find Hope. Rick says that hasn't heard from Hope, or Wyatt.

After he and Ivy get into dry clothes, Liam tries to call Hope, but she's not answering her phone. Rick advises Liam to wait, but Liam calls Brooke and asks if she's heard from Hope. Brooke says she hasn't and puts the call on speaker so Bill can hear. When Liam tells his dad he can't find Hope, Brooke assumes the meeting didn't come off as planned. Liam explains that he was late because he had to jump in to save Ivy, who was pushed into the Seine, and by the time he got to the spot, Hope was gone. Brooke thinks Hope will understand, but Liam frets that he can't find Hope. Brooke promises to tell Hope to call Liam if Hope calls. As Liam hangs up, Rick conveys news that Liam might not want to hear and suggests that Hope's most likely with Wyatt. Liam tries to reach Hope again, to no avail. Ivy suggests he leave a message, but he believes he has to talk to Hope in person. Ivy thinks that his choosing to save her shows what kind of a man he is, and she is sure Hope will get that once she hears what really happened. She stresses that Paris takes care of its lovers, and that includes Hope and Liam.

At Forrester, Bill realizes that Brooke is worried about Hope. Brooke confides that she's trying to figure out if she should be. Bill tells Brooke that he plans to overcome the obstacles between them, vowing to never dump another person out of a chopper into a large body of water ever again. Brooke says she'll hold him to that, but Bill would rather just hold her. Speaking of bodies falling into water, Brooke can't believe Ivy fell into the Seine, and she's just glad Liam was there to save Ivy. Bill kids that his son is a rescuer of defenseless animals and damsels in distress, but Brooke hopes Liam's act of heroism didn't cost him Hope.

In Monte Carlo, a young girl spots Hope boarding a pontoon boat with Wyatt and asks for Hope's autograph. Speaking French, Hope tells the girl, Angelica, how beautiful she is and gives the autograph. The girl watches Hope and Wyatt board the boat and waves to them, bidding them Au Revoir. Wyatt and Hope laugh and smile as the boat makes its way to Bill's yacht, the Stella Maris. The captain welcomes Hope and Wyatt aboard and puts the crew at their service for whatever they need. As the captain and crew prepare to cast off, Wyatt tells Hope that only one phrase comes to mind. Hope asks what that is, so Wyatt tells her to think hard. "Rock 'n' roll?" Hope asks. "Rock 'n' roll, baby," Wyatt laughs. As they look out at the water, Wyatt tells Hope to let Liam go, once and for all. He muses that when the diamond came back into their lives, it was a sign that they were meant to be together. Opening a jewel box containing the diamond, Wyatt tells Hope, "Take it. Keep it," and he stresses that it's a sign of his unwavering love and commitment to her. He wants her to say, if she wants to, right there and now, that she'll marry him. Stunned, Hope looks at the diamond, then at Wyatt.

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