Friday, July 17, 2015, Episode #7122

Backstage at Forrester buzzes before the fashion show. In the showroom, Liam stammers while greeting guests. Steffy steps in and directs the guests to up front seats she reserved for them. Liam calls Steffy a natural and says he's like a flight attendant. "A handsome flight attendant/vice president," Steffy laughs.

Backstage, Ivy stares at Liam and Steffy flirting. Wyatt pulls her away, stating that there's nothing to see "out there" but lots to do.

Liam and Steffy greet Bill and Katie, who congratulate the president and VP. Bill thinks the new executives make a good team. Steffy agrees. Steffy and Liam head backstage and talk with Ridge and Caroline about the introduction Steffy plans to make with Maya. Aly, clad in a black outfit buttoned up to her neck, lurks nearby and stares.

Carter tells Rick that they have a full house as every overseas buyer accepted their invitation. Rick laughs that he expected that since he runs International. Rick greets Maya, who sits in a robe at a nearby dressing table. She calls this her biggest show ever since her parents will be in the audience. Rick hopes she's not nervous. Maya plans to stand proudly on stage for her first public appearance since being outed and take back her power.

Vivienne and Julius arrive. Vivienne is amazed by all the activity, but Julius doesn't see what the fuss is about. Nicole greets them and introduces them to her fellow interns, including Zende, who she notes is Rick's nephew. "You're a Forrester?" a surprised Julius asks. Vivienne asks if any famous people are there. Zende says that there are some big names from the fashion world. "Speaking of, here comes Rick's mom," Nicole says. Brooke greets Mr. and Mrs. Avant. Vivienne smiles and says to call them by their first names. Julius says that Rick's a good man, and he appreciates what Rick has done for Maya.

Jarrett approaches Bill and Katie, surprised to see his boss. "My son is third in command, and I own a piece of this company," Bill notes. Unimpressed by the hype, Bill tells Jarrett to find a story. Jarrett says he'll do his best. "Do - your - job!" Bill barks, confident that something there could make headlines.

As Quinn helps a model with jewelry backstage, Deacon slips up behind his wife and gives her a kiss for luck.

While Steffy and Liam review some schedules, Aly slips over to Ivy and tells her to look at Steffy all over Liam. Aly, in her mind, sees Steffy touching Liam, laughing and tossing her hair. "It's not right," Aly sneers. Ivy sees Liam and Steffy talking and says Steffy isn't all over Liam. Aly jeers that Steffy's meaning of freedom is taking what she wants. Ivy says that they're all trying to get along, so Aly needs to calm down and stop being so judgemental. Carter calls Ivy over. Aly turns her gaze back to Steffy and Liam and glares as Liam pulls Steffy away. Steffy asks where they're going. "To the future," Liam answers.

At the Sky Lounge, Steffy fusses about Liam taking her from their first fashion show together. Liam wants to show her the future, which is there. It's in the showroom, backstage, and in their working together to run Forrester and keep it relevant for years to come. It's also standing right in front of him, a beautiful force of nature who barrelled into his life with the determination to fight for what she believed in. "You don't have to fight anymore," he declares. He thanks her for being patient while he took the time to see the obvious. Steffy wipes away tears, and Liam tells her not to cry. He says that he's right where he wants to be, with her, day after day, year after year. "OK, Mr. Spencer," Steffy says. They smile at each other and kiss. "Cha-cha-cha," says Liam. Steffy laughs.

Downstairs, Rick finds Brooke in the showroom. He looks forward to a great show. Brooke is glad he's enthusiastic, but she's sad that he lost his job as CEO. Although he misses running the company, Rick feels this is a big day for him and Maya; their future is ahead of them, and no one can take that away -- especially after today.

Rick then chats with Othello, who says everything is set. Rick says he wants it to be a special night for Maya and him. "It is," Othello assures.

Backstage, Maya chats with Nick. She supposes that if they get people talking or inspire anyone, they've done their job. Nick says that by reaching out to all walks of life, the show is really for "all of us." Maya admits that she's never felt prouder to walk down a runway. Nick asks how it feels to have her parents there. She says it's strange but good. For the first time in her life, her dad says he's willing to try to accept her, and she hopes he means it.

In the showroom, Julius feels like he's in another world in "LA-LA land." Awed by the swanky gift bags, Vivienne guesses that the event cost a fortune. Half a million, easy, Julius figures. Vivienne wishes she'd packed nicer clothes. Julius asks what's wrong with her clothes. "Look around," she responds. He says he has, and she looks fine. When Julius wonders when the show will start, Vivienne urges him to be patient and enjoy the moment. She is so proud of Maya. Julius says he's trying, but it's wrong for their son, his firstborn, to traipse down a runway in women's clothing. "How humiliating!" he huffs.

Steffy and Liam return backstage. Aly, working on her laptop, spots them. Steffy asks Liam if Ivy knows. He says he couldn't get to Ivy without losing his chance to tell Steffy, but he'll tell Ivy soon. Steffy asks Aly how many hits they have. Aly says it's under a million, but it will pick up when the show starts. Steffy thanks her and walks off. Aly stares.

Steffy gathers the troops for a pep talk from the CEO. Put on the spot, Ridge thanks everyone for their time and effort. Holding Caroline from behind, he thanks his co-designer, who is more talented than he'll ever be. "Thank you for admitting it," Caroline laughs. Ridge adds that they make the gowns, but the models make them wonderful. He feels California Freedom is about celebrating everyone's uniqueness without judgment or fear, and he thinks it's cool for them redefine Forrester and move into the future together. Everyone claps but Aly, who rolls her eyes.

As everyone mills about backstage before the show, Ridge asks Liam how it looks in the showroom. He's pleased when Liam shares that everyone looks pumped. As Liam walks away, Ivy approaches to wish him luck. She feels like today is a new beginning for them all. Liam asks if they can talk after the show. Ivy says she'd like that.

In the showroom, Brooke runs into Deacon, who's glad to see someone else without a drink. Brooke says she's much better thanks to him. Deacon says he'll always be there for her. Quinn peeks from backstage and smiles, but the smile fades when she sees Deacon with Brooke.

Rick grabs a moment with Maya before the show starts. He feels lucky to be with the most exquisite woman on the planet. Nearby, Aly watches Steffy help a model get ready; in her mind, Steffy has her hands all over the model.

Ridge takes the stage to welcome everyone. He explains about the message of empowerment behind the California Freedom line and introduces Steffy and Maya. Steffy states that they had Hope for the Future, but no longer need it since the future is now. Maya agrees that this is a new day at Forrester, where no one has to be someone they're not. The ladies share the mic as they talk about a world of free believers who are free to love each other and themselves. They feel that California, from the oceans to the redwoods, embodies diversity in its beauty and its people, so they ask the audience to be creative and kind without condemnation, shame or guilt. The scene pans to Julius and Aly as the ladies make that last point. Steffy and Maya declare, with open hearts, "This is California Freedom."

Up-tempo music plays as the first models take the stage. Aly glares from backstage, a dark music box tune playing in her head. Steffy and Liam notice that the crowd is really into it.

Maya appears backstage in a cream-colored, glittering gown. Ridge and Caroline tell her she's beautiful. Ridge adds that her parents will be proud. Steffy leads Maya to the runway.

As Maya takes the stage, applause fills the room. Rick and Brooke smile. Vivienne looks proud, but Julius is unhappy.

Darla's dark visage appears to Aly backstage and says that this isn't freedom, it's sex! Dark Darla maintains that there is no making peace with these enemies for life who promote pornography over romance. "Aly, make it stop!" Darla orders. As Maya walks the runway, Darla tells Aly to save their family legacy and reputation. "You know what to do, so do it. Put an end to it once and for all!" Darla seethes. Aly glares at the runway as the world "all" echoes in her head.

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