Friday, August 15, 2014, Episode #6891

Flying home on the Forrester jet, Ivy tells Liam that it was nice of Rick to let them use the jet. Liam states that she could have stayed in Paris, but she says that she didn't feel right sending him home alone.

Liam tells her not to feel guilty, since Hope and Wyatt didn't get married because Ivy fell into the Seine. She reminds him that had he not stopped to save her, he would have been on time to meet Hope at the Eiffel Tower. Liam imagines getting there on time and kissing Hope. He starts to second guess himself, wondering if he should have gone when Hope asked him, of if he should have allowed for more time. Ivy wonders why Hope didn't wait longer or call to find out where he was. Liam assumes Hope expected him to show if he wanted to be with her, so when he didn't... Ivy exclaims that he was on his way, and was nearly there. He shrugs that Hope is now married to his brother, and nothing would change that. Ivy wonders how Bill will react. Liam points out that his dad never thought Hope was right to be Mrs. Spencer, and it seemed like someone - Bill, Deacon or Steffy - was trying to break them up. Sometimes it worked. As scenes play on screen of Hope trying to get to Liam in Puglia, Hope getting trapped in the gondola in Aspen, and Liam pulling Hope across the beach in Cabo, Liam says that he and Hope always had a connection, just like the one he felt when he proposed to her on the runway, and he flashes back to that. Ivy thinks that's a nice memory. "Someday it will be," Liam sighs.

Ivy guesses it will take Liam time to process this. He asks if he should keep it to himself until he gets home. She says she didn't mean it that way, but she'd understand if it was too hard to talk about it.

Liam thinks back to spending time with Hope by a pool in Italy, marveling at their finally getting to the point where they would be husband and wife. He tells Ivy that he and Hope came close so many times, but maybe they only had so many chances. Liam then recalls how Hope told him, during the last time they got back together, that she couldn't imagine a life without him. Ivy asks if he thinks Hope didn't mean it. He says that Hope did mean it, but maybe the reason she couldn't imagine life without her was that he never let her. He had followed her everywhere, but maybe he can't do that anymore. He reasons that after sharing her and chasing her and trying to create an ideal future, this time, he has to let go and accept that she's married to his brother. Ivy thinks it's easy to say that, but doing it... "I know," Liam sighs, assuming that he will meet somebody eventually. Ivy tells him that there's no rush. Liam remarks that he's not one to rush, but maybe he doesn't have to right now. Ivy takes his hand and assures that even if it doesn't always seem like it, the good guys, like him, always win out in the end.

Bill arrives at Brooke's and asks Brooke if she reached Hope. She says she didn't and asks if he reached Wyatt. He says that their kids are married now, and maybe they should follow suit right after the party he throws for Hope and Wyatt. When Bill suggests they get married on the Stella Maris as well, Brooke scoffs that he's not worried that their kids acted recklessly. "In this family?" Bill asks, noting that Liam had his chance and hesitated, but Wyatt didn't. He admits that he does feel sorry for Liam, who is kicking himself. Brooke is surprised he told Liam about the wedding. Bill observes that Brooke says he acts without thinking, but in this case, not acting would have had consequences. In his own case, he doesn't want to make the mistake Liam did and just hang back and let things happen. Brooke doesn't think that forcing the issue will help, either, since there are always consequences. Bill tells her that they can get past what happened with Ridge, which was regrettable, but over now that he's back with Katie.

Brooke feels that Ridge isn't the same after his head injury, but Bill doesn't think that Ridge is acting any different at all. Hearing Bill talk this way, Brooke doesn't feel like he has changed, either. Bill tells Brooke that their kids are trying to teach them a lesson. Brooke says she has nothing against Wyatt, who is wonderful with Hope and really does love her, but Hope doesn't want Quinn as a mother-in-law. Bill notes that Hope married Wyatt anymore, so she must thing he's worth it. Bill then adds that Wyatt is a lot like his old man, not quite perfect and carrying a little baggage, but Hope can believe what Wyatt says. Brooke says that Quinn will always be an issue, and while she's glad Quinn is getting the help she needs, she hopes Quinn's therapy keeps her far from L.A. for a very long time. Bill thinks that Quinn should be locked in jail for what she did to Liam, but he doesn't think Quinn is a threat to him and Brooke, because he will never let Quinn or anyone else come between him and Brooke ever again.

At Quinn's loft. Deacon replays Ricardo's video several times, focusing on key words and phrases. The door opens, so he closes the laptop. Quinn enters. Deacon sneaks up on her and asks if she snuck out of therapy. Saying that she dot the help she needed, she asks what he's doing there. He says he was waiting for her.

Quinn assumes he heard the good news about her son and his daughter finally getting married. Deacon asks if she was out celebrating. Sniping that she didn't know she had a curfew, Quinn asks when he heard. He says he heard yesterday and asks when she heard. She says she always knew Wyatt and Hope would end up together. When Deacon asks what she knows about the ceremony, Quinn assumes it was beautiful, the happiest day of the kids' lives. Deacon guesses it's what she always wanted. Quinn wraps her mind around her and Deacon being family, especially since they met with him trying to pick her up in a bar. Deacon says that he dodged a bullet there... or more accurately, a blade, since he knows what she did to Liam. She counters that she knows he told Wyatt. And in doing so, Deacon contends, he saved her from doing something crazy. She shrugs that maybe it wasn't the way to handle things. He points out that she was desperate to get Hope away from Liam, with "desperate" being the operative word. And now Hope is married to Wyatt, Quinn notes. Deacon finds it curious how that happened. Quinn says it was meant to be. Deacon bets she wanted to be at the wedding, but she thinks her presence would have just been a distraction, since she and Hope still need to mend fences.

Deacon orders Quinn to leave Hope alone, because he knows it was more than fate. Quinn finds his skepticism to be typical of a con-man, but he says he's not like that anymore. Quinn argues that she has changed, too, and even if she can't get back into Forrester, Wyatt's future is set there with him married to Hope and owning the diamond.

"About the diamond," Deacon says, segueing into a recount of the visit he got from Lt. Barigan of the Mexico City police about their investigation into Ricardo's death. He hands Quinn the lieutenant's card, adding that the detective wanted to talk to Wyatt, but will probably want to talk to Quinn, too.

"Why?" Quinn asks, tossing aside the card. Deacon tells her about the policeman's theory that Ricardo was murdered, poisoned by some arsenic-rich gem. Quinn says that Ricardo was wealthy and had a lot of valuable possessions. Deacon tells her the officer asks about the diamond. Quinn doesn't think there is any doubt about that, since Ricardo willed the gem to Wyatt, but Deacon finds how that happened to be just a bit convenient. Quinn says that Wyatt would never hurt a fly. But an obsessed nut job might be willing to kill to get their way, Deacon reasons. Quinn warns him to be careful with his accusations, but he knows what she did to Liam and won't let her do that to Hope. Quinn asks what he's talking about. Deacon reminds her that she threatened Hope. Quinn shrugs the comment off, but Deacon tells her that while she may be very beautiful, she's also a lunatic... and a murderer. Quinn asks why he'd make such a ridiculous accusation. Deacon informs her that Ricardo told him what she did.

Quinn balks, asking if he was holding a seance while she was away. Deacon reaches for the laptop. Quinn tells him to put that back, since it's hers. Deacon thanks her for establishing that and plays Ricardo's video.

Quinn points out that Ricardo was just explaining his decision to leave the diamond to Wyatt and doesn't mention her at all, but Deacon plays an edited version of the video in which Ricardo says, "She's your mother, Quinn Fuller. I am at her mercy." Quinn scoffs, but Deacon tells her that her pal Ricardo wasn't going to let her get away with what she did. She accuses him of making the video, but he says he just found it. When Quinn argues that he could have edited the video to make Ricardo say whatever he wanted, Deacon suggests they let the police decide. Quinn asks if he sent it to the police. He says that he didn't, but he made himself a copy and could send it to the police at any time. Quinn laughs at his assertion that he'll ruin her with the video if she doesn't stay away from his daughter. He tells her to listen up, since this isn't a negotiation. He vows to see her in jail if she had anything to do with Ricardo's murder, and to make sure Wyatt, Bill, Brooke and Hope all see the video. He says that he thought what she did to Liam with the sword was bad, but if she murdered Ricardo, she's going away for a long time! Reaching into a box, Quinn pulls out a gun and points it at Deacon. "Oh, Deacon, you're a little too sharp for your own good," she says.

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