Friday, September 09, 2016, Episode #7416

In the CEO office at Forrester, Steffy insists to Quinn that she and Wyatt can only succeed in marriage if Quinn leaves Eric. Quinn states that she'd do almost anything for her son, but she can't leave the love she's found with Eric. "Then I can't be with Wyatt - and if there's a divorce, that's on you," Steffy retorts. Believing that her choices have no bearing on Steffy's marriage, Quinn implores Steffy to stop hurting Wyatt and go home to him.

After Quinn leaves, Thomas stops by. Steffy tells him that she made it clear to Quinn that she wouldn't move back to Wyatt's unless Quinn left Eric. Thomas tells her not to say something like that unless she means it.

Steffy doesn't want to hurt Wyatt, but she fears that he can't control his mom. Suspecting that no one can control Quinn, Thomas asks if Steffy really wants to end her marriage. Steffy says that she doesn't want to end it, but she wants Quinn out of their lives; knowing what Quinn did to Liam and Eric, she refuses to let Wyatt's mom hurt anyone else she cares about. Thomas asks how she can stop Quinn. Steffy hopes that they can get Quinn out of their lives once Brooke sells Bill's Forrester shares to Ridge. Thomas questions if Steffy will really go back to Wyatt if Quinn leaves Eric; he observes that his sister is in love with two guys. Agreeing that she can see herself with either Spencer brother, Steffy assumes that she can figure it all out once Quinn is out of their lives.

In Brooke's kitchen, Ridge tells Brooke about Eric demanding respect for his choice to be with Quinn. Brooke feels sorry for Eric. Ridge looks forward to getting rid of Quinn for good once Brooke sells him Bill's shares of Forrester.

Brooke fears that Eric might be so hurt by their actions that he may swear loyalty to Quinn and turn his back on the family forever. Ridge thinks it's worth the risk if they can show Eric that they're protecting the company to be his legacy to his kids and grandkids. Brooke asks what will happen if Eric doesn't come around. Ridge fears that Eric refusing to come around may be a sign of dementia, something Brooke knows about because she experienced it with her mom. Brooke hopes it's not dementia, but Ridge refuses to rule it out.

Brooke and Ridge are both scared by the idea of Quinn having influence over Eric. Brooke insists that they will stop Quinn before she gets too close to Eric. Ridge wishes that Brooke didn't have to make such a big sacrifice for him to get his hands on Bill's shares. While he's grateful that he'll have the means to get Quinn out of their lives, he's not happy that Brooke has to marry Bill to make it happen. Brooke assures him that she wants to marry Bill. "Even if you marry the guy, you'll always be my Logan," Ridge declares.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric holds a martini and looks up at Stephanie's portrait. Reflecting on his taking back the house and the CEO job, he figures that letting the kids use the house isolated him from all the memories of Stephanie.

Thinking about the events he and Stephanie held in the house, Eric realizes that it was just him once she was gone. He supposes that she knows he has a new woman in his life, so he wonders if she disapproves of Quinn like the rest of the family does. Lamenting that everyone thinks he's stupid, Eric asks "Stephanie" what she thinks of Quinn. Sitting down by the piano, Eric starts to play and reminisces about the times he and Stephanie spent there; he recalls her saying in this very room that their lives are in this room, and her heart is in this house. He raises his glass and toasts to Stephanie's portrait.

When Quinn arrives, Eric tells her that the staff is gone, just as she asked. Quinn laughs that she can get used to being the Lady of the Manor. Eric chuckles that she must be experiencing a wonderful feeling of power.

Quinn tells Eric that she's glad to be alone with him after the day she had. She shares the details of her run-in with Steffy at the office, growing frustrated about Steffy acting dismissive of her and calling her and Eric an abomination. When Quinn vents about Steffy's vow to only return to Wyatt if Quinn leaves Eric, Eric starts to wonder. Quinn asks what he's trying to say. Eric claims that he has a lot to say but doesn't know how to say it. Quinn urges him to open up to her. Eric tells her that only one other person has supported him the way Quinn has. Looking up at Stephanie's portrait, Eric admits that he's been thinking about his late wife. Quinn regrets that she's been so consumed with her own issues that she hasn't come close to being the kind of partner Stephanie was to him. She's sorry that Eric has had to face so much anger from his family over something that started as a flirtation. Despite her appreciating that Eric has changed her life, Quinn starts to wonder if she should back away before she makes Eric's life spiral out of control.

Eric tells Quinn to stop talking that way. He wants her to understand that having her in his life has ended the loneliness he's felt since Stephanie died. Quinn asks if having her is worth the cost of having his family angry at him.

Knowing that their relationship has brought a lot of turmoil and uncertainty to their families, Eric suggests that they end the uncertainty and foster acceptance in its place. Quinn doesn't get where he's going. Eric feels that their families would have to accept their relationship if they make it permanent and official. Quinn is surprised as she thought he was ending things with her. Insisting that he doesn't want to end things, Eric tells Quinn that her love and inspiration are the best things that have ever happened to him. Wanting his family to understand that, he impulsively drops to one knee and asks Quinn to stay in this house and by his side. Opening a ring box, Eric asks Quinn to marry him. Squealing with delight, Quinn accepts.

Eric slides the ring on Quinn's finger and kisses her. Stephanie's portrait falls from its place above the fireplace and crashes to the floor, shattering glass. Quinn looks at her engagement ring and cries tears of joy.

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