Friday, April 18, 2014, Episode #6806

In the Forrester photo studio, Carter kisses Maya but senses she's distracted. She admits she's worried that Oliver is playing Aly to keep his job. He tells her not to worry too much, but she claims she's not worrying, she's observing.

Oliver appears and assumes Maya is observing since she thinks Ridge won't like today's shoot. "What? No," she responds. Oliver feels like he needs to impress the guy who tried to fire him. Carter assures Oliver that his photos are great and leaves for a meeting. Maya uses Carter's comment to show Oliver how much support he has. Oliver gripes that support means nothing if your name's not Forrester or Logan. As Maya reaches for her phone, Oliver tells her that she's lucky to be engaged to Carter, whose brother, Marcus, is a Forrester and a Logan. "You're set for life. I wish I could say the same," he expresses. Maya glances at her phone, which is recording the conversation. Feeling like Maya is warning him about Aly again, Oliver says that Aly's a nice girl, and he likes hanging out with her. Maya assumes Aly's family connections are just a happy coincidence. Oliver says that he needs to hold on to his job, and he's willing to date the redheaded Forrester for a bit to do that.

Maya holds her phone behind her back, still recording. Oliver shows her some photos he wants to re-shoot, to be less wholesome. She reminds him that wholesome fits HFTF's target audience of girls like Aly. Oliver says that girls like Aly are innocent, but they want to be kissed, and he wants to bring that out in the photos and show the Forresters what he can do for them. Maya assumes he's not just talking about behind the camera. Oliver replies that the Forresters are extraordinary, and if he can be part of their world, he'll put up with Aly, who is nice and pretty enough. Maya warns that if he's using Aly, it will end badly. Oliver responds that Maya knows he's a good guy and isn't looking to hurt anyone. "If Aly likes hanging out with me, and I benefit from it, what's the harm?" he asks. Later, Carter returns from his meeting and finds Maya alone, still distracted. He asks if Oliver said something. She tells him to close the door and hear for himself. She replays Oliver's remark about "dating the redheaded Forrester," but Carter says it's taken out of context. Telling him to stop being a lawyer and keep listening, she plays the clip about Oliver being able to put up with Aly. "Oliver's using Aly. This is proof," she declares.

In her room, a giddy Aly lies in bed, hugs her diary and recalls kissing Oliver. The vision of Darla appears, pleased to see Aly smiling. Aly shares that Oliver kissed her on the lips. "He really likes you," Darla says. Aly says that Oliver gets her and why she values HFTF so much. Darla wishes she could meet him. Aly does, too, but she hopes her mom will watch over her, since she's nervous about having a guy liking her. Darla assures that she'll be there, but she doesn't think Aly will need her help since Oliver sees how special Aly is.

Later, Oliver arrives at the mansion. When no one answers the door, he wanders around back and spots Aly lounging by the pool. After admiring her legs as she sits on a lounge, Oliver calls out, "Hey, Miss F. Dare me to cannonball?"

Aly eagerly skips over to Oliver, who says how much he loves lounging by the pool in LA year-round. Aly feels embarrassed that she's wearing next to nothing in her one piece swimsuit, so she offers to change clothes, but Oliver tells her she's beautiful and shouldn't change a thing. She decides to stay in her swimsuit. Oliver suggests she'll be more comfortable if he takes off his shirt. Trying not to stare as he removes his shirt, Aly stammers while asking why he's there; she assumes he's not there for a swim, but he says that's exactly why he's there. Aly asks why he'd come there for a swim when he lives by the ocean. Oliver explains that she's not at the ocean, and he needs her help with a project he's working on. Aly asks what he needs. He explains that he needs to up his game with his photography. She tells him he's safe, since her grandfather put his foot down. Oliver looks around, marveling at the size of the estate; he apologizes for staring, but he can't help it since she's so beautiful. Feeling like the nerdy kid approached by the hot guy at school. Aly doesn't know what to say. Oliver chuckles, "You're not a kid anymore. You're a woman now." Blushing, Aly says that no one ever called her that. Oliver kisses her, and then they smile at each other.

At Spencer, Adele takes some work from Katie and announces that Justin is early for his appointment. As Adele leaves, Katie invites Justin in and tells him that she got his email, but wasn't sure what he was implying. Justin explains that he wants to do the best job he can, but can't without full access since she's blocked him from her inner circle. Katie says she has no issues with his work, but Justin feels he can do more. "For me or for Bill?" Katie asks, noting the attorney's obvious loyalty to Bill. Justin sees nothing wrong with his talking to Bill, who as a shareholder, deserves to be part of the action. Katie doesn't think he should tell her what Bill does or doesn't deserve. Noting that Bill is hurting from being ousted from his company, Justin states, "Have a heart. I know yours is borrowed, but you can still use it." Shocked that he'd talk to her like that, Katie tells Justin that he's lucky to still have a job. Justin reminds Katie that they used to be friends, and he's the father of her nephew, so he'd like to get past this animosity.

Katie admits that they were family when he was married to Donna, whose son he fathered, and that he brings value to the company. Supposing that she has a character flaw of being loyal to people, even if they're not loyal to her, she says that it's clear he's Bill's right-hand man and nothing more, and she'd have to be insane to give him more responsibility after he, like a little puppet, drew up those papers for Bill. Justin insists that it was Bill's last shot to get his company back. Betting that he will take another shot eventually, Katie suggests he look elsewhere for career growth, since she'll never trust him again after what he and Bill did. Justin asks her to forgive him for helping a friend, but she reminds him that he tried to con her. He claims he just wanted Bill to get what he deserved. "My job? My son? No. Signing those papers was the worst mistake I've ever made. Thank God Brooke destroyed them," Katie responds.

At Il Giardino, Brooke recalls that Bill Sr. wanted Karen and Bill to run their family business as team. She adds that with Katie as CEO, it's not like that anymore, but it could be again if Karen fires Katie and gives Bill back his job.

Karen admits that she thought Bill and Brooke were just having a fling, but seeing how hard Brooke is fighting to reinstate Bill shows her how much they care about each other, even if it hurts Brooke's sister. Brooke says that she doesn't want to hurt Katie, but she will fight for Bill because he fought for her, and giving him his job thing will make things right. She knows how hard divorce settlements can be, but she questions why Katie, who has 1% of the company, needs Bill's job, too. Presuming that Karen had the right intentions in trying to support Katie, Brooke asks Karen if she really believes her choice was fair to Bill. Bill asks Karen to support him, as he did when she came out to him. Karen tells him that she appreciates that, but that had nothing to with business. Bill asks Karen why, if she feels that personal issues shouldn't affect business decisions, he's sitting there and not in her office. "All I'm asking is that you support me the same way I supported you. Can you do that?" he asks.

Karen states that no matter what she decides about the CEO job, she respects Bill and Brooke's relationship. She feels that Brooke is good for her brother, and she's grateful that Bill, unlike their father, accepted her when she came out. But even though she was wrong about Bill then, she needs to be sure when she decides who will run Spencer.

Bill asks if that means she's decided. Karen says that she has, keeping in mind what's best for the company and their families, and she's going to stay with Katie. "You can't!" Brooke gasps, but Karen says that even though she's considered Brooke's arguments, her decision is final, and she hopes Brooke and Bill won't hold it against her. When Karen leaves, Brooke looks at Bill, who is clearly upset. Bill thanks her. Brooke asks why he's thanking her, since her plan didn't work. He tells her that she tried, and just knowing how far she would go for him means a lot to him. Noticing that Karen didn't bother to use any of the money he made her to pay for lunch, Bill grumbles, "It's typical," and goes to pay the check. Brooke flashes back to Bill showing her the papers he tricked Katie into signing, and then to her telling Katie how she swapped out the papers for leaves from Aspen. She then recalls Bill confronting her after, asking if she shredded or burned the papers. Reaching into her purse, Brooke pulls out the papers Katie signed.

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