Friday, July 22, 2016, Episode #7381

In Bill's office, Bill answers Brooke's demand to reunite Katie with Will by asking if Brooke trusts Katie with Will. Brooke can't believe Bill thinks he's in the right by kidnapping his son.

Bill tells her to stop with the melodrama since he didn't kidnap anyone, he simply acted as a parent and protected his son from his unstable mother. He hopes his actions motivate Katie to get herself together. Katie threatens to involve lawyers, police, and the media. Bill is more than happy to go to court to put Katie's behavior on record; he hopes a judge will order Katie to get help. Brooke shouts that no one is going to court; she orders Bill to give Katie her son back now. While Bill admires how the Logan girls stick together, he thinks Brooke is blinded to the facts and needs to see things from his perspective. Brooke and Katie both feel that Bill kidnapped Will. Katie argues that Liam and Wyatt's mothers kept Bill from their sons out of fear that he'd do something like this. Bill states that Katie has no idea what she's talking about; he insists that he's just shielding his son from an unstable woman who's incapable of mothering him.

Katie scoffs at Bill calling her unstable. Believing that she can't take care of herself, let alone a little boy, Bill states that what he's doing for Will and Katie is an act of kindness that Katie will thank him for someday.

Katie calls Bill insane for thinking she'd hurt her son; she points out that she's not drinking at all. Bill argues that she could start drinking again at any time, so he can't risk Will being alone with her. Katie fumes that she started drinking because he tried to convince her that she was delusional by thinking something was going on with him and Brooke. Brooke agrees. Bill asks Brooke why she's exacerbating the situation by painting Katie as a victim. Insisting that their lies and denials caused this, Brooke is done; she states that she'll never look at Bill the same way again since he took Katie's son away. When Brooke asks where Will is, Bill says that he's fine and thinks his mother is on vacation. Brooke begs him not to drag Will through an ugly custody battle since the boy needs both his parents. She asks Bill and Katie to come together as parents for Will's sake and pleads to Bill, "Give my sister her son back."

Bill questions how he and Katie can co-parent when Katie, on top of her instability, threatened to take his son from him. Brooke argues that him taking Will just makes him look like the bad guy. She thinks that things will go badly for everyone if police, lawyers, and courts are involved, so she hopes Bill sees that he has a chance to make things right and spare Will a world of suffering.

Wanting what's best for Will, Bill concedes that Brooke had some good points. He takes some responsibility, but he warns Katie that he'll make sure she continues her therapy and will watch her life a hawk. At the first sign of a drink, they'll be right back where they are today. Katie vows that there won't be a next time.

Bill calls Alison and tells her to bring Will in. Bill sits in his chair silently while they wait, while Brooke tries to assure a nervous Katie. When Alison brings the boy, he excitedly races to his mother. Brooke smiles and Bill continues to sit silently as a tearful Katie picks up Will and tells him, "Mommy's home, baby."

In Quinn's apartment, Quinn tells Wyatt to take a honeymoon with Steffy in Monaco. Wyatt reminds her that this is a work trip, but Quinn thinks he should be able to wine-and-dine his wife in one of the world's most romantic cities.

Wyatt promises to try, although he reminds Quinn that Liam will be there. Recalling that Wyatt said that Eric might be going, too, Quinn gushes about how wonderful the trip sounds. "Monte Carlo, right? How romantic!" she raves. Since he's leaving today, Wyatt decides to get going. He warns Quinn not to do anything crazy while he's gone. Quinn says that she won't. Wyatt kisses her on the cheek, says goodbye and leaves.

At Forrester, Eric considers Steffy's invitation to attend the Spencer Summit to announce his return as CEO. Steffy suggests that Eric bring his lady friend along to experience the romantic French Riviera.

While he agrees that the Summit will be a good place to announce his return and head off any rumors about Ridge, Eric isn't sure he's far enough along with his lady friend to bring her along. He agrees to attend the Summit solo. Pleased, Steffy hugs him. Liam pops in to check on Steffy and asks if he heard right that Eric has a girlfriend. Eric says that it's too soon to use the term girlfriend. Liam asks where Eric is going without his "not-girlfriend." Steffy tells him that Eric has agreed to speak at the Summit. Wyatt enters and is thrilled to hear that Eric accepted the offer to speak. He apologizes to Eric for Quinn sneaking into Forrester and assures that she won't cause any more problems for Eric.

Quinn summons Deacon to her apartment. When he arrives, he asks why she was so insistent that she needs him. Quinn says that it's not what he's thinking. "So what crime are we committing this time?" Deacon asks.

At the airport, the Spencer pilot welcomes Eric aboard and tells him that Liam should arrive soon. While the pilot goes to prepare for take-off, Eric calls Quinn and tells him that he's leaving town for a few days on business. Quinn acts surprised when Eric tells her that he's attending the Spencer Summit. She mentions that Wyatt told her he's going to the Summit, too, so she asks Eric to bring her back a souvenir, maybe something he can rip off her as soon as she puts it on.

When Liam boards the Spencer jet, Eric is glad to see another passenger. Liam reminds him that "the honeymooners" will also be aboard. Guessing that being with Wyatt and Steffy might be hard for Liam, Eric offers to entertain him. Liam pours champagne and complains about Quinn handing his life to Wyatt. He wonders if Eric believes that he and Steffy were already on shaky ground at the time. While he won't comments on the status of Liam and Steffy's relationship at the time, Eric feels that Quinn was wrong to interfere. Liam complains about Quinn's interference, though he sees an unfortunate bright side to it if Quinn's pushing Steffy over the edge brings her back to him.

Once Steffy and Wyatt arrive, the pilot reports that they'll be taking off soon. Eric passes out champagne, and the four passengers toast to a successful summit - and to arriving safely in one piece, Liam adds. "To Monte Carlo!" they say as they clink their glasses. Steffy and Wyatt want a picture to capture the moment, so Eric offers to take one. Liam says that he's having a bad hair day and ducks out of the photo, rolling his eyes as he takes his seat.

At Quinn's, Quinn asks Deacon to find her a flight for an upcoming trip. Guessing that her destination is Monte Carlo, Deacon asks how a woman as intelligent as Quinn can't recognize that Steffy doesn't want her near the Forrester family. Quinn argues that she can be alone with Eric in his hotel room in one of the world's romantic cities. Deacon suggests she stay home to avoid embarrassing her son, but Quinn refuses to pass up on her "Grace Kelly moment" with Eric. Deacon asks why she'd risk undoing all her hard work to get Wyatt and Steffy together. Quinn doesn't think that looking out for herself has to ruin things for Wyatt. While Deacon reluctantly gets on the computer to find a flight, Quinn fantasizes about a romantic reunion with Eric in Monte Carlo. "Monte Carlo, here I come," she says, smiling.

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