Friday, September 25, 2015, Episode #7172

At Wyatt's place, Ivy kisses Wyatt before she has to leave, but he says she just got there. She kisses him again and says she doesn't want to interrupt his work. He says that he can't concentrate; while he chose to work at home to avoid seeing Liam's smug face, he's still upset that Bill shot down his fashion house idea.

Ivy understands Bill's desire not to pit brother against brother, but she loves Wyatt for trying to push his idea. Even so, she's frustrated; while she was wrong to use the video, she deleted it, so she believes Steffy was wrong to fire her and have her escorted from the building. She maintains that Forrester is her family business, too, and she won't let Steffy keep her away. Wyatt advises her to slow down and think about it; even though Steffy hasn't shared why she fired Ivy, she could if Ivy pushes her. "Push who?" asks Quinn as she enters the house.

Wyatt says that he and Ivy were just talking, but Quinn assumes Ivy is plotting to get her job back. Ivy says she's not plotting, but she wants to go to Forrester and hopefully get through to Steffy. Noting that Steffy never backs on down on anything, Quinn asks why this time will be different. Ivy feels she has to try,

Quinn assumes Ivy misses working with her. Ivy says she misses everything, even Pam's lemon bars. "Ew!" Quinn sneers. Ivy adds that what she misses most is having Wyatt there to defend her. Quinn raves that Wyatt, unlike Liam, will always have Ivy's back.

Wyatt asks not to go there, but Ivy says that she knows that Wyatt supports her, as he's proven to her in ways she'll never forget. "In what way?" asks Quinn. Wyatt asks why Quinn has to know everything. Quinn asks why he's always so "infuriatingly cryptic." "You're infuriating," he quips.

Ivy asks if they can resume talking about Steffy, who she believes she can get through to. Quinn asks what will happen if Ivy can't.

In the Design Office at Forrester, Steffy enters and gripes that Quinn's designs were nothing like Quinn pitched. "You mean like Ivy and she pitched," Thomas corrects, asking if she's having second thoughts about letting Ivy go.

Steffy asks why she'd have second thoughts about Ivy, who she can't trust. Thomas thinks Ivy should be grateful that Steffy only fired her. Steffy is glad he's on her side. He says he's always on her side, except when he's not. She warns him not to get on the boss's bad side. He says he won't, and even though he and Ridge started off a bit rocky, Ridge is now responding well to his designs. Steffy asks how it is for him to work closely with their dad's new wife given his history with Caroline. Tired of everyone thinking something's going on, Thomas insists there isn't. While he initially feared Ridge would let Caroline down, Ridge stepped up to give Caroline the child of her dreams.

Back at Wyatt's, Wyatt assumes Ivy is at Forrester by now. Quinn guesses he's worried about Ivy. Wyatt hopes Ivy can get her job back. Quinn says that it's up to Steffy. Wyatt gripes that Liam should stand up for Ivy to Steffy. Quinn bemoans that Liam remains the fair-haired wonder boy, despite his poor track record with Hope and now Ivy.

"Especially in dad's eyes," Wyatt sighs. Quinn asks what he means. Wyatt dismisses talk about Bill and asks why Quinn is supporting Ivy after seeing Ivy's firing as a huge opportunity. Quinn asks why she can't change her mind. She explains that she sees how Wyatt and Ivy feel about each other given their similar situations. Wyatt feels that Liam and Steffy disrespected him and Ivy, but he hopes that will change, at least for Ivy. Quinn asks why he's not fighting Steffy and her lap dog. She sees him has a natural-born leader who should be running Forrester and Spencer or creating his own company to compete with them. He asks who says he hasn't tried.

Back at the Design Office, Ivy enters and says she slipped by security. Steffy asks what Ivy wants. Ivy thinks she's been punished enough and should be allowed to return to work, despite Steffy feeling justified in firing her. Steffy sees blackmail as enough justification.

Ivy admits she didn't deal with Aly's death well. She acted as she did because she was torn by what she saw in the video and failed to deal with her guilt over not seeing, or not wanting to see Aly's cries for help. She understands why Steffy doesn't want her as the face of Forrester, but now that they've both cooled off, she hopes Steffy will acknowledge her as a Forrester and recognize her contributions to the company. Ivy states that they're family, and as such, they should be able to put the past behind them and work together for the good of the company. Claiming to respect Steffy's position as president, Ivy vows to prove that she's a loyal and trustworthy employee. "Please find it in your heart to allow me to return to Forrester," Ivy asks.

At the doctor's office, Caroline begs Dr. Li to tell her if the other man she told the doctor about could be the father of her child. She needs to know who the father is right away.

Dr. Li says it's too soon to do a paternity test, but she considers that Caroline said she had her period, even though it was a bit light. She asks if Caroline really had no idea she might be pregnant. "I was on the pill!" Caroline shouts. The doctor says that no contraception is 100% effective, especially if doses are missed. Recalling that she was stressed then, Caroline frets that she "could be carrying..." Noting that Caroline had her period, Dr. Li believes the pregnancy could have come after. She sees no reason to think that this isn't Caroline's husband's child, so she suggests they run more tests down the line and stay positive for now. Caroline asks what she should be doing. Dr. Li prescribes prenatal vitamins but sees nothing else to be concerned about.

Clasping her stomach, Caroline says that this is "our first baby." She can't wait to tell Ridge.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Brooke suggests that Ridge see a fertility aspect. Ridge is confident that the results from his urologist are accurate and sighs, " I'm sterile.' Brooke believes that Caroline will love him, no matter what, but she urges him to tell Caroline about the vasectomy and stop holding back..

Ridge feels like he's taking Caroline's dream away. Brooke says that he's done everything he can, but it's not possible, and he needs to let Caroline know that. "You know I'm right," she states. Ridge appreciates her trying to help, but he thinks he needs to be alone with his wife when she returns. Brooke tells him that there are other ways he and Caroline can have a child. However, he reminds her that Caroline wants a child with him and went to see her doctor to prepare to make that it happen. The only problem is that it can't happen, and Caroline will never be pregnant as long as she's with him.

Later, Thomas comes by with a sketch hoping to show it to his dad. Brooke looks at it and says that it's brilliant. Thomas asks her to be straight with him. She insists that it's good and notes the new energy and excitement in his work since joining the design team. Thomas thinks that's a sign of Ridge challenging him and asks where Ridge is. Brooke says that Ridge went home to talk to Caroline about something in private. Thomas wonders if his dad has a romantic evening planned that will bring a baby Forrester in nine months. Brooke purses her lips but says nothing.

When Caroline returns to the loft, she finds Ridge drinking scotch and assumes there was a crisis at work. Given his dour mood, she offers to share some amazing news that she thinks he'll like. As she starts to explain, Ridge says that there's something he has to tell her first.

Even though she'd prefer to share her news first, Caroline sees the serious look on his face and tells him to go first. Ridge says that he needs to talk to her about Paris. He was at a crossroads in his life and his children were doing great, so the thought of having another family seemed like a lot of work. He never expected someone as perfect and beautiful as Caroline to come into his life, so he had a vasectomy to make sure he had no more kids. "What?" Caroline asks. Ridge says that when he said he couldn't give her kids, he meant it, so that's why he let her go to be with someone else. But then he talked to her on the phone and heard how sad she was, and he realized that he'd be lost without her. That's when he decided to have the vasectomy reversed and agreed to marry Caroline and have kids with her.

Caroline looks relieved, but then Ridge tells her that his doctor did some tests and determined that he has a condition where nothing is viable. "I'm sorry, Caroline," he says, "but I can't be the father to your kid." Caroline looks stunned.

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