Friday, August 29, 2014, Episode #6901

At the packed end-of-summer bash at Bikini, Maya grimaces from behind her martini as she spots Carter dancing with a woman. Ivy finds Liam chatting with a woman and hands him a drink. "Sorry, I didn't get you one," she tells the woman, who walks off as Liam says, "Nice talking to you." Ivy asks Liam if he's glad he came. He says he is. Ivy and Liam join Rick and Carter at a table and explain how Ivy fell into the Seine and Liam rescued her. Carter commends Liam for his bravery, but Rick notes that it came at a cost. "Yeah," Liam sighs.

Later, Maya chats with Ivy by the bar about Ivy's beautiful jewelry and the expensive gemstones that just arrived at Forrester. Ivy says that the gems are above her price range, but Maya doubts that. Ivy says that she may be a Forrester, but she's still working her way up. Maya says that she knows the feeling, but not the Forrester part.

Maya mentions that she used to date Rick, and made a mistake in letting him go. Ivy guesses that's a dead issue since Rick is married now. "For now," Maya answers. Liam interrupts and invites Ivy to join him outside. She leaves with him. Maya spots Rick over by the bar. Oliver approaches and warns her, "Don't. He turned you down once." Maya claims that Rick loved her. Oliver counters that Rick is married and walks off. Looking back at Rick, Maya smiles and says, "He's a Forrester." Maya approaches Rick, strokes his back and observes that he looks alone. He says she does, too. "What a coincidence," she laughs. Rick tells her that there are lots of eligible guys there. she says that none of them are for her and adds, "I miss you, Rick. Especially at night." He sighs.

Outside, Ivy observes that it's a beautiful night. Liam says that he needed this. Ivy says that she knows, and Liam notes that she's been along for the whole ride. Ivy thanks him again for saving him. Liam tells Ivy how he was doing tech support when he found his dad, and Bill later moved him into management. Ivy remarks that he runs the company now, but he laughs that no one runs Bill Spencer company but Bill Spencer.

Bored with talking about himself, Liam asks about her home life. She says she came from a great home, and now she's there. Joking that she was very descriptive, he asks about her dad. She says that it may sound lame, but her father, Eric Forrester's brother John, was her best friend. Liam thinks that's cool, not lame. He then asks if she has friends back home. She says she has a few. He notes that she and Aly seem really close. She answers that Aly is the best, like the guy who saved her life. Liam laughs. Ivy smiles and touches his hand. Liam says that the party was great, and he has to find a way to move on. Ivy offers to help with that and kisses him on the lips. She pulls back, and they smile at each other.

At Brooke's house, Bill promises Brooke that he'll help Ridge recover, but he won't lose her over this. Brooke asks if he realizes what he's done. Bill claims he knows what Ridge did to them, but Brooke reminds him that Ridge lost his ability to create! Bill states that Ridge will get his talent back, and in the meantime, he and Brooke will move forward, since Brooke is the only woman for him, and he's the only man for her. Brooke argues that Ridge feels lost and alone. Bill says that Ridge has Katie, but Brooke doesn't see how a woman can solve Ridge's problem. "Even a Logan?" Bill asks. Seeing Brooke upset, Bill vows to help Ridge through it, and he asks Brooke to spend the night and kisses her. Brooke wishes it was that easy. Bill thinks it could be, but Brooke says that it's complicated, especially because it still hurts Katie to see her sister with her ex. "She's in love with Ridge!" Bill exclaims. Brooke again sighs that it's complicated. Bill tells Brooke that he's not giving up on them, and as he leaves, he vows that they will be together again.

Quinn returns to her loft and finds Deacon thinking, presumably about Brooke. Deacon tells her that their plan could unravel if Ridge suddenly recovers. Agreeing, Quinn urges him to make his move on Brooke now. Deacon sighs. Quinn paints a picture of them giving their children, who are now married, the sense of family they never had growing up. Deacon feels like it sounds too good to be true, but Quinn thinks they can have that sense of belonging as long as they don't give Bill a chance to convince Brooke to marry him again. You have to make a move before Bill does," Quinn insists. Deacon shouts, "I know, I know!" Quinn tells him that their children are depending on them, and she's paved the way for both their kids to see their parents reunite. The only thing left if for Deacon to make it happen with Brooke! Deacon leaves.

Later, Bill is pouring himself a drink in his office when Quinn shows up. Bill orders her out, but she claims that she needs to apologize for her heinous actions as part of her outpatient therapy. Bill reminds her that she tried to kill Liam! She knows an apology might fall short with Liam, but she hopes Bill will forgive her for bad judgment with the selfie. "You do have a lot to apologize for, don't you?" Bill asks. Quinn reminds him that their son is now happily married, but Bill counters that his other son is miserable. Quinn promises to see to it that Liam is fine. Bill scoffs. Quinn suggests they forget about Liam for now and celebrate. Bill presumes Wyatt is celebrating for both of then, but Quinn is thrilled to be part of Wyatt's starting a family and thinks Bill should feel the same. Bill says that he does. Quinn suggest that they give it another shot. "What?" Bill asks. Quinn clarifies that they should give Wyatt the family he never had, for Wyatt's sake. Bill suggests she check herself back in, but Quinn senses his frustration about Brooke wanting another apology and contends that apologizing isn't his thing. "Bill Spencer doesn't grovel," she asserts.

Deacon arrives at Brooke's and finds her drinking alone in the dark. She says that she's just trying to make sense of everything. He apologizes for laying the bad news on her. She explains that Bill just wants her to forget everything and get married, but she can't because she and Ridge share a connection, and when Ridge is hurting, she is, too. Deacon says that at least Ridge has Katie. Brooke shrugs. Deacon reminds Brooke that their daughter is home. Brooke remarks that Paris has a way of changing people. Deacon recalls it doing that for him and Brooke long ago. Wondering why she keeps picking guys who self-destruct, Brooke thinks her middle name should be collateral damage. Deacon laughs. Brooke notes how easy it's always been to talk to him, although she thinks the wine has gotten her yammering. Deacon says he's willing to listen to her yammer all night. Brooke suggests that he go, but he won't leave her alone with her "friend from Napa Valley." Deacon asks Brooke if she's ready for Hope to make her a grandma. Brooke scoffs, but Deacon insists that she'll be the sexiest grandma on the block. "Stop saying that word!" she exclaims. He thinks they'll be wonderful grandparents, taking their grandkids to amusement parks. When Deacon asks when she last rode a Ferris Wheel, Brooke says she doesn't know, and doesn't want to, either. Deacon offers to let her stay at the bottom with the ice cream cones.

Brooke laughs that he has it all mapped out. He admits there are glitches like Wyatt's whack-job of a mother, but he thinks his charm and Brooke's infectious giggle can neutralize that. Brooke laughs. Deacon tells her that he misses her and her body, and he senses she missed him, too. Calling the time they spent together the best time of his life, Deacon tells Brooke that he loves everything about her and wants to make love to her. After Deacon kisses her passionately, he asks if she wants to go with a slap or with wine in his face. She asks what he'd prefer. He really doesn't care, since the kiss kiss was worth it. Brooke sighs that they were good with things like this, but it also got them in trouble. Deacon says that they're smarter now, or at least, she is, and he thinks he has something to give her and Hope. "I love you. I've always loved you. You have to know that," he professes. Brooke is speechless. Deacon says that he wants to be the man she deserves, and he thinks the time to do it is now, with Ridge out of the picture and her at a crossroads with Bill. He insists that he can make her happy, and that they can support Hope and Wyatt together. "Our daughter's married; shouldn't we be, too?" he asks. Deacon looks at Brooke and tells her to marry him.

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