Friday, July 25, 2014, Episode #6876

In the helicopter, Bill admits that he was behind Ridge's fall. "You got what was coming to you," he declares, stating that he wouldn't let Ridge get away with that cheap-shot and dragging Brooke off. "Now land my chopper!" Bill orders.

Brooke, in her living room, wonders why Katie is so sure that Bill arranged the accident in Abu Dhabi as Ridge claims. Katie isn't sure they can call it an accident anymore. Brooke states that feeding Ridge's delusions won't help Ridge. Katie thinks it's possible that Bill might have arranged for Justin to pick the newlyweds up after the ceremony, but Brooke believes she would have known that. "How?" Katie asks, noting that Bill made all the arrangements. Bill arrives, looking worn. Surprised that he's back so soon, Brooke asks if the wedding is still on. Ridge enters and replies, "I don't know. Bill?" Brooke asks Ridge if he's been harassing Bill, because if he is, he can go home. Ridge states that Bill orchestrated the accident. Reminding him that she was there for the whole horrible ordeal, Brooke insists that it wasn't possible for Bill to organize that kind of plan, and she refuses to believe that he'd try to kill Bill. "It makes no sense," she contends. Ridge says that it does kind of make sense, since Bill thought he'd get away with it. Refusing to hear any more accusations, Brooke tells Ridge that she and Bill are getting married today, and it would be good for all of them and Katie to come together for their kids' sakes.

Turning to Bill, Brooke says that she's not ready, since she wasn't expecting him back so soon. Ridge shares that Bill never made it to Catalina. Brooke asks why not. Bill says that he was going to until Ridge hijacked his helicopter.

A shocked Brooke looks at Ridge, who explains that he studied more than poetry in Paris. Katie is shocked by Ridge's actions. He conveys that he thought it was a good way to get a confession out of Bill. "So you actually kidnapped him?" Brooke asks. Ridge shrugs her off. Brooke tells Bill not to press charges, since Ridge is confused, but Bill states that he's not pressing charges. Brooke is relieved, but Katie wants to know what happened. Ridge states that the great Spencer got a ride in a helicopter without a seat belt, just like Ridge had in Abu Dhabi. Brooke says that the chopper wasn't there, but Ridge says it was on Bill's yacht, and Justin flew it to pick Bill and Brooke up after the wedding. Brooke shakes her head, but Ridge says that he didn't imagine seeing Justin or the Spencer logo. Looking at Bill, Ridge states, "He saw us climb into the helicopter. I put a seat belt on you, but I couldn't get one on me. He knew that. So he gave Justin the order." Brooke tells Bill to defend himself, but he says that there's nothing to defend. It was his chopper, with Justin as the pilot, and he ordered Justin to dump Ridge in the water. Brooke doesn't want to believe it. Bill insists it's true. "He almost died," Brooke angrily states. Bill insists he never intended any harm. "Then why?" Brooke asks.

Bill claims that he was so angry that Ridge interrupted the wedding that he acted on impulse and told Justin to cool Ridge off. He never thought Ridge would get hurt and expected either Justin to fish Ridge out, or Ridge to swim to shore, and he was actually relieved when Ridge was found alive. Brooke is surprised that he was relieved. Bill explains that he'd been living in fear since he knew what Ridge meant to everyone. When Ridge was found, he knew everything would be OK. Brooke stares at Bill, who insists that he wanted to teach Ridge a lesson for the cheap-shot to the face and the interruption. No one does that to him and gets away with it. Brooke looks away. Bill asks her to say something, and to tell him she understands.

In Rick's office, Ivy is stunned to learned that Ricardo Montemayor willed his blue diamond to Wyatt. She asks what he intends to do with it. He says that he plans to let it do its magic. Liam enters, pleased to see Ivy and Wyatt hard at work already. Wyatt stashes the gem. When Liam asks about any big plans, Wyatt says that he has some, but he assures that they're strictly business.

Wyatt leaves to show Hope a piece he and Ivy had been discussing. Liam asks Ivy how she's fitting in, especially since she's do far from home. She says that's it a bit intimidating, but she's been in touch with her mom in Australia and has been taking video of everything so her mom can share the experience. Liam thinks that's cool. Ivy asks Liam to be in one of her videos. Happy to help, Liam lets Ivy put him behind the desk so she can pan the camera across the office over to him. Starting the camera on her phone, Ivy greets her mom and says that they're in the executive suite, where you never know who you'll bump into. As Ivy moves the camera toward the desk, Liam pops into the frame and shouts, "Hello, Mum!" Ivy giggles and thanks him. Liam is surprised his mother would know who he is. She explains that he, Hope and Wyatt are all over the tabloids back home, with the stories about who Hope would choose. Liam assures that Hope has finally chosen, although she can work with Wyatt as long as it's business only.

Ivy is a bit put off being part of Hope and Brooke's romantic entanglements, but Liam doesn't think that's a factor for Hope, who's committed to him. Ivy tells him that he's a nice guy, and she guesses that it's none of her business, anyway. Even though he knows she's there to work, Liam suggests they get to work on that video for her mom first.

In the CEO's office, Hope matches jewelry pieces to designs. Deacon enters and admires how much Hope is like her mother, a pair of beautiful blond fashion-execs.

When Deacon says that he never accomplished anything like Hope did when he was her age, Hope recalls that owned a bar. He laughs that he owned a bar and she runs a fashion line, and he inspires young men to have values while he inspired them to "other things." Hope laughs. Deacon observes that she has Brooke's giggle. When Deacon asks how she and Liam are, Hope laughs about how fun it is to watch Liam hobble around in his boot. She thanks Deacon for his part in saving Liam. Deacon says that he was glad to help since he wants to prove that he's changed. He just hopes Brooke might see that he's changed someday. Hope doubts that will happen; while she wants to have some kind of relationship with her father and hopes Brooke to accept that, she doesn't see Brooke seeing any interest in Deacon when she's involved with Bill. Deacon says that Bill's not who Brooke thinks he is. Hope admits that she's not a big fan, either, but Bill has proven himself to Brooke. "Proven as what? As a jerk?" Deacon asks, pointing out that Bill's arrogance makes him even a bigger jerk than Deacon. He predicts that will soon change, and Brooke will know what Bill is capable of.

Hope asks Deacon if he still has a thing for her mom. Deacon chuckles that any guy who's been with Brooke will always have a thing for her, but in the past, she was always destined to be with Ridge. Now that Ridge is with Katie... Hope reminds him that Brooke is with Bill now. Deacon doesn't see that lasting. Hope asks what he knows. He says that he's been helping Brooke out, and Hope will understand soon enough. Hope asks if this has anything to do with Ridge's accident. Deacon prefers to stay mum and let Brooke fill Hope in. Wyatt arrives and, seeing Deacon, offers to come back later. Saying that he was just leaving, Deacon tells Hope that he really thinks that with a little time and understanding, her mother will see that he's changed and will cut him some slack. "Who knows what the future holds?" he asks.

Wyatt and Hope go up to the Sky Lounge. He asks what's up with her dad. She says that she has no idea, but she's staying out of it. Hope then shows Wyatt one of Ivy's pieces; they agree that it looks beautiful, especially in natural light. Wyatt thinks Ivy understands the Forrester style; Hope thinks Ivy should, since she's a Forrester, and she predicts great things from their new jewelry team. Wyatt thanks Hope again for his second chance. She asks how he plans to top their trip to Mexico and the promotions with the HFTF Diamond. Wyatt thinks that was the start of a great adventure, one they can share again with their success. Hope presumes that they'll have to do it without the diamond, but Wyatt reminds her that he made a promise to give her the gem. Hope laughs that she intends to hold him to that promise. Wyatt tells her that he has something to show her. She asks if it's for the line, but he says it's for her, something that he always knew was perfect for her. Wyatt holds out his palm and opens it, revealing the blue diamond in its setting. Hope gasps, unable to find the words without stammering. Wyatt tells her that Ricardo gave the gem to him, and now he's giving it to her. Just then, Ivy comes up to the roof to capture more video; panning across the lounge, she captures a delighted Hope leaping up and hugging Wyatt.

Downstairs, Deacon returns to the CEO's office looking for Hope. Finding the office empty, he looks at some photos on the table and finds an old promo for Brooke's Bedroom that prompts flashbacks to intimate times spent with Brooke.

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