Friday, September 23, 2016, Episode #7426

In the Forrester CEO office, Steffy balks when she finds Thorne, Felicia, Rick, Maya, Thomas, Wyatt, and Zende dressed up; she presumes they got cold feet about boycotting the wedding. Thorne says that they may not be thrilled about Quinn, but they can't abandon Eric. "We can't let him marry her!" Ridge exclaims.

Felicia and Zende worry that Eric will be devastated if no one shows up. Wyatt thinks the same will be true for his mom if he's not there. Thomas argues that their absence might be the one thing that can get Eric to call off the wedding. Steffy refuses to watch her granddad make a huge mistake by marrying Quinn. Felicia, Zende, and Thorne think that they need to be there for Eric just as he's been there for them. Ridge insists that Eric needs a wake-up call to knock some sense into him, but Rick and Maya note that they've tried, but failed to change Eric's mind. Thorne decides not to leave his father hanging and says he's headed over. "You're not going anywhere. None of us are!" Ridge barks.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric has filled the living room with Quinn's favorite roses. Pam and Charlie report that the string quartet is on its way.

Eric thanks Pam and Charlie for helping with the food, despite their reservations about the wedding. He still hopes his family will come together today for his wedding. Charlie marvels at the number of chairs set up. Even though Bridget can't attend because of work and Brooke is with RJ, Eric anticipates a full house, just as he likes it. Quinn's wedding dress arrives, so Eric has it sent upstairs to Quinn. Pam is impressed that Eric designed Quinn's gown. "Of course I did," Eric states, predicting that everyone will rave when they see it. He believes that everyone will rally around his bride and him to make today the most special day in Quinn's life.

Upstairs, Ivy brings a piece from her personal collection to be Quinn's "something borrowed." Quinn thanks Ivy for the beautiful jewelry and for supporting her and Eric on their big day. She can't wait to be Mrs. Eric Forrester.

While Ivy helps Quinn with her makeup, the wedding dress arrives. Quinn and Ivy peek in the garment bag and gush over the gorgeous Eric Forrester original. Quinn is amazed by how Eric has changed her life. Ivy says that she sees it. Quinn hopes that the rest of Eric's family will, too, for Eric. "Whether they like it or not," Ivy qualifies. Quinn muses that family members support each other, even if it's more challenging for some than others. Ivy supposes that Quinn is talking about Steffy. Quinn wishes that Steffy would stop hurting Wyatt and Eric and return to her devoted husband; she thinks that could be good for Ivy, who could then start a life with Liam. Ivy advises Quinn to stop getting ahead of herself and focus on her big day with Eric.

In the kitchen, Pam and Charlie observe that Eric has enough food to feed a herd of sumo wrestlers. Eric anticipates a lot of mouths to feed as his family celebrates with him and Quinn and sees the beauty he sees in Quinn. Returning to the living room, Eric gives instructions to the string quartet and greets the minister, Reverend Murphy. The minister looks forward to meeting the bride, who he assumes is a wonderful woman. "That she is," Eric beams.

At Forrester, the family continues to debate whether to attend the wedding. While he knows his mom expects him to be there for the wedding, Wyatt sees how this marriage is affecting everyone here, so he chooses to stand by his wife.

Ridge gets a call from a frantic Pam, who's at the house with Charlie at Eric's request. While she doesn't support the marriage, she sees how excited and happy Eric is and thinks that he may be in love with Quinn! When Pam urges him to gather the family and come over to keep Eric from being devastated, Ridge tells her that they need to stand united on this and instructs her to find Charlie and slip out the back. He states that this may be the last chance they have to snap Eric out of this. Once Ridge hangs up, the others ask if he was a bit harsh with Pam. Ridge insists that they all need to stand together and boycott this wedding!

When Pam and Charlie arrive, they explain that Eric pulled out all the stops for the wedding and expects them all to be there. Ridge says that it's not going to happen, so they can take the food to the shelter later so someone else can enjoy it.

Pam feels bad for Eric, but Thomas says that they can't go. Charlie asks why everyone is dressed up if they're not going, including best man Thorne. Thorne mentions that Ridge insisted he not go. Ridge believes that Eric will thank them one day for saving him from that wretched woman. With Pam feeling torn, Steffy tells everyone that they need to stay to make a point. "We can't condone this. You guys, we can't condone Quinn!" she declares. Wyatt continues to stand by his wife, but Zende and Pam think they should go. "No one is going! We're all gonna stay here as a group together!" Ridge hollers. Thorne notes that Eric might still marry Quinn anyway, but Ridge believes that the empty room will make Eric realize that he made a mistake and stop the wedding!

Upstairs at the mansion, Ivy observes that Quinn looks beautiful. Quinn gushes about the joy that has always eluded her until Eric changed her life; she vows to treat Eric like a king.

Knowing that she and Eric will be blending their families together today, Quinn hopes his family will come through for him. Ivy realizes how much Quinn cares for Eric and says that her uncle is lucky to have Quinn. Since Eric has ignored all the naysayers and chosen to marry her, Quinn promises to spend the rest of her life making him happy. Ivy offers to help Quinn get her dress on, but Quinn thinks she can get dressed on her own. She tells Ivy that she has a future in bridal planning if the jewelry gig doesn't work out. Ivy laughs and thanks her. Quinn looks forward to saying goodbye to Quinn Fuller today. She plans to go out there and look Eric's family in the eye to tell them she's humble, she's there, and she's grateful. Ivy hopes they can finally have some peace in this family. Quinn vows to make it a day that Eric can be proud of, a moment he'll never forget. She and Ivy toast to that.

In the kitchen, Eric notices that Pam and Charlie are nowhere to be found. Returning to the living room, he looks up at Stephanie's portrait and asks if his true love is happy for him.

Ivy joins Eric and tells him that his bride is almost ready. She reports that her dad sent his regards, but couldn't make it. Eric chuckles that he'd never encroach on John's global adventures. Ivy realizes that no one else is there. Looking at his watch, Eric figures that his family should have arrived. It dawns on him that they're not coming. Reverend Murphy asks if they should wait, but the string quartet starts to play the wedding march, and Quinn makes her way down the stairs. Seeing only Eric, Ivy, and the minister, Quinn pauses, but Eric motions for her to join him. Once a tearful Quinn joins them, the Reverend starts the ceremony. Quinn stops him and sobs that if no one came, she must not be worth it. Eric tries to stop her, but Quinn weeps that he's losing his family. "I love you, but I can't let you do this," she cries. "I can't let you marry me."

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