Friday, February 05, 2016, Episode #7263

At the Spencer mansion, Bill sits Katie down and tells her, "Brooke's still in love with me; so what?" He states that women hit on him all the time without anything happening, so he'd like her to just let these feelings go and move on.

Katie concedes that he's the most desired man in L.A. When he motions to suggest she think bigger, she says that she might mean in the country or even the world. But this situation, she maintains, is different because it involves her sister, who has a history with him, and they have to deal with it. Bill argues that their married life is as good as it has ever been. Changing the subject, Katie suggests that he text Liam to come back as editor of Eye on Fashion. Bill needs to hear from Liam before taking him back, so he pulls out his phone and texts his son.

At Quinn's cabin, Liam tries to digest that he's "Adam" and Quinn is his wife, "Eve." Quinn laughs that his friends ribbed him about the names when they first got together. Liam wishes he could remember. Quinn is sure he will someday.

Liam asks why she didn't tell him sooner that they are married. She claims that she initially hoped he'd remember on his own, and then she feared he wouldn't remember what they meant to each other. Holding her hand, Liam says that he knows she's important to him but can't connect all the dots yet. Quinn tells him to relax; hugging him, she says that all she can ask is that he do his best. Looking at his bare ring finger, Liam asks why he doesn't have a ring. She answers that he never liked how a ring felt, but she was OK with it since commitment is more than just a ring. He sees her point but considers wearing a ring.

Quinn sees a test from Bill on Liam's phone that reads, "Worried about you. Call me." She texts back.

Back at the Spencer's, Bill pours drinks for him and Katie. She lets him know that telling her not to be upset about Brooke because every woman wants him didn't work. Bill gets a text from Liam saying that he's traveling to clear his head.

"What the hell is wrong with my son?" Bill asks. Katie tells him to text Liam back to take all the time he needs while she sees if Will's movie finished. Bill is too annoyed to answer. Katie wonders if Liam and Steffy reached their breaking point. Bill tells her that it's not too late. She assumes he's talking about Liam and Steffy and says it may be too late for those two. He corrects that he's talking about her and Brooke.

At the cabin, Liam gets up to turn on the radio but stumbles. Quinn seats him on the sofa. He appreciates his "doting wife." She quips that she signed up for that when they got married, and he'd do the same for her. He thinks he would.

As "Eve" turns on the radio, "Adam" asks if they have kids. She says they discussed it, but they don't. He's glad since he was afraid he forgot their children, too. She says that they live private lives, with just the two of them. "A modern-day Adam and Eve," he chuckles, pleased to be stuck in Eden with someone like her. Quinn feels he only thinks that since he only knows her, but Liam feels truly grateful to her for standing by a man who doesn't even remember he's her husband. Taking his hand, she says that standing by him was never in doubt, and she sees no reason to let his memory loss affect that since they can always make new memories. Liam says that hearing her say things like that make him think it could be fun to fall for her all over again.

Quinn leaves the room to do some work. Listening to the radio, Liam hears a jingle in a Mexican food commercial advertising "cha-cha-cha Chimichangas." He has a knowing look when he hears "cha-cha-cha" at the end.

Liam rushes to the other room and asks "Eve" if they eat Mexican food often. She says that they might and asks why. He says that he thought he had a memory. Quinn suggests that they have Mexican tonight. Liam wants to cook but then wonders if he can cook.

Quinn frets that he might not be able to stand by the stove for long, so Liam decides to order in if it makes it easier for her. Quinn laughs, prompting Liam to wonder if he's not very helpful. She laughs that he's very helpful and would even jump off a bridge for someone. He assumes she's exaggerating, but she says she's not.

Quinn adds that some people see kindness as a weakness, and she was one of those people until he helped her change that. "You are a very special person," she declares. "I'm also your husband," he responds. "My husband," she repeats. They smile at each other.

Liam states that the kindness in him that she's speaking of comes from her. He can see the goodness in her eyes. While it may sound odd coming from a man who can't remember, he feels like the past doesn't matter when he looks at her. Seeing a woman who nursed him and took care of him, he realizes that he may not remember her, but he knows who she is. He leans in for a kiss, but Quinn pulls away. Quinn says that it must be strange for him not to remember. He assumes it strange for her, too, but he likes getting to know his wife all over again. He holds her hand and then leans in for another kiss. Quinn says that he doesn't have to do this, but Liam says that she's his wife, and he's her husband.

Liam kisses her again. This time, Quinn responds, and the kiss grows more passionate.

On the beach at Malibu, Steffy and Wyatt sit on a blanket and enjoy the picnic basket Wyatt packed. They gaze at each other and smile.

Wyatt and Steffy walk along the shore. After a while, they stop and kiss. She thanks him, and he asks if she's thanking him for anything specific or just for his "general awesomeness." She laughs that the general awesomeness goes without saying, but she's thanking him for being there for her today. She appreciates him lifting her up since Liam's been away, making her feel like she deserves more than what Liam's willing to give. Wyatt says that he, unlike Liam, doesn't run from problems. Steffy agrees that he's different and says that he makes her feel different, too, like she doesn't have to wonder what he's thinking or feeling.

Wyatt asks what he's thinking right now. Steffy answers that he's thinking that being with her feels right, and that she feels the same way. Wyatt wants to make that feeling last - forever.

Steffy asks what he means. Wyatt says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and he kisses her deeply. They gaze at each other. Wyatt says that he doesn't expect an answer right now, but he wants Steffy to know that he sees the two of them together for a lifetime. Even though he's sure her mind is racing, he decides to give her a moment to process this. He promises not to pester her or go crazy, but he will ask her again - and again and again. He walks further down the beach. Steffy looks at him and smiles.

Sitting down on the shore, Steffy remembers happy times with Liam. Looking out into the ocean, she sighs, "Where are you, Liam?"

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