Friday, August 21, 2015, Episode #7147

At Il Giardino, Katie shares her observations with Ridge about his relationship with Caroline. While she sees that Caroline makes him happy, she knows Caroline wants children, so she asks Ridge how he feels about that. When he doesn't answer, she supposes he has her answer. Katie asks if she's prying. Ridge says that she is and notes that Caroline is young. Katie doubts that Caroline will just grow out of a a desire to be a mother. Ridge explains that he and Caroline are just starting their lives together and need time for travel and adventures right now.

Katie asks why Caroline would have to give up motherhood for that since there are options for working women. Ridge asks whose side she's on. She says she's not on anyone's side, but she knows he was willing to be a father to Will and wonders why he wouldn't want a family with Caroline. He says he doesn't want to start over. Katie asks if Caroline wants that. Ridge claims he was honest with Caroline about it and she said she was OK, so he's taking her at her word. Katie wonders if Caroline just said what she thought he wanted to hear. He feels that he told Caroline how he felt, even if it wasn't what she hoped to hear. He doesn't want to complicate their lives and just wants to live in the moment.

In the CEO office at Forrester, Caroline digests what Thomas told her about Steffy on the night Aly died, including the fact that Ivy captured the whole thing on video. Thomas points out that video isn't always clear and is subject to interpretation, so this video is incredibly damning.

Caroline asks what he means. Thomas reveals that Ivy is using the video to become the next face of Forrester. Caroline is stunned. Thomas reminds her that she can't tell Ridge, but she believes Ridge would want to help Steffy. Thomas says that he'll protect Steffy. He adds that he's also concerned about Caroline because of her relationship with his father. Caroline claims Ridge is good to her, but Thomas thinks that can change over time. Caroline asks why he's so cynical about his dad. Thomas says that he's seen the same pattern all his life of his dad leaving the woman he's with for some issue. Knowing that, he asks Caroline to be honest and admit if Ridge gives her everything she wants.

Caroline thinks it's unrealistic to expect anyone to get everything they want, as she learned during her marriage to Rick. Thomas thinks she deserves at least 99% of what she wants.

Caroline says there's one thing she and Ridge aren't in sync on, but she can't talk about it to Thomas. He guesses it has to with starting a family -- or NOT starting one. Caroline says she wants a family when the time is right. Thomas asks when the time will be right for his dad. Caroline says that they talked about it and Ridge isn't ready. "Not ready or not interested? There's a difference," Thomas remarks. Caroline feels that Ridge just wants to live in the moment. Thomas thinks that's great for his dad, but where does it leave her? From the brief time they were together, he feels like he knows what drives her, and he doesn't want to see her put her dreams aside and dim her light just for his dad. Caroline says it's not like that, but Thomas sees her sacrificing herself for Ridge's moments, especially when it comes to having a family. He knows his father and doesn't want to see her hurt.

At Wyatt's beach house, Ivy asks Liam what he thinks after seeing the video. He still believes Steffy acted in self-defense. Stunned, Ivy reminds him that Aly was just standing there, doing nothing. She plays the video again and says that it shows exactly what happened. "Steffy killed Aly, and she doesn't even care," Ivy asserts. Liam leaves.

Wyatt figures that Liam was shocked by what he saw, and that he was hearing about it just now. Ivy suspects Steffy was looking out for herself, but Wyatt doesn't see why she would when Liam is all about protecting women. Ivy guesses that Steffy doesn't really know or trust Liam enough to be honest. "In other words, she doesn't know him like you do," Wyatt qualifies. Ivy insists that she and Liam are done. She says that this isn't about her, it's about Steffy taking responsibility for her criminal actions that took Aly's life away, and she hopes that seeing the video will make Liam see Steffy in a new light. When Ivy wonders if seeing Steffy hit Aly affected morally upstanding Liam, Wyatt maintains that Liam isn't a saint and puts saving a woman he loves over his morality. Ivy sees no way Liam can condone what's on the video. Wyatt assumes Ivy is counting on that.

Wyatt feels bad for Liam. "Well, I don't," Ivy retorts, stating that Liam should be aware of the kind of woman he's with. Wyatt sighs. Ivy feels that Liam needs to know that Steffy doesn't walk on water and his a cold-blooded killer.

Wyatt calls that statement a bit extreme. Ivy contends that the video shows Steffy taking Aly's life, yet Steffy goes on without facing any consequences. The only one Ivy feels bad for is Aly, who is gone, but not forgotten by Ivy. Refusing to spend the night talking about others, Wyatt tells Ivy how sexy she is when she's angry. "I'll show you sexy," she laughs. They go to the bedroom and have sex. After, Wyatt tells Ivy that he likes "this" and likes her, even if she seems distant since they had sex. She apologizes for slipping away for a moment. He assumes she's wondering what's going on with Steffy and Liam. She bets it's "nothing like this." Wyatt agrees. They kiss.

Later, Wyatt catches Ivy looking at the video again. He snatches the phone and announces that she has lost her phone privileges. Putting the phone aside, he feels the mood lighten, and they kiss again and take a "lunch meeting."

At the cliff house, Steffy gasps as she flashes back to Aly's last moments. Soon after, Liam arrives. Steffy asks if he saw the video. He says he did. She asks, "It shows that I was defending myself, right?" When he doesn't answer, she says he's freaking her out. "It's bad, Steffy. It's really bad," he responds.

Probed by a confused Steffy, Liam conveys that the video was hard to watch because it showed her hauling off with a tire iron. Steffy reminds him that she was defending herself when Aly, trying to re-enact Darla's death, attacked her first with a tire iron and then with a rock. Liam tells her that there was no rock. Steffy insists that Aly certainly had a rock and was poised to crush it on Steffy's head. Liam says that the video didn't show one. Steffy asks how that can be. Liam isn't sure, but whether there was a rock or just a tire iron, it doesn't look good, so he asks Steffy to walk him through what happened one more time. Steffy states that she already told him everything. Liam reminds her that she said her memories are returning gradually, so he hopes she'll remember some new detail if she goes over it again.

Steffy hesitates at first, but with Liam's encouragement, she describes the events of that night. She recalls getting a flat tire and getting out to change it when she saw headlights and a car coming toward her. Aly was driving, and they started to argue. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Aly grabbed the tire iron and attacked Steffy with it.

Liam asks if that's when Aly picked up the rock. Steffy says that it was. With Aly holding the rock in her right hand, intending to smash it on her head, Steffy grabbed the tire iron and swung it at Aly. Aly fell and hit her head on a rock.

Trembling, Steffy says that she doesn't have all the bits and pieces, but she'd never intentionally kill her cousin. Weeping, she says she'll understand if Liam wants to leave her. Liam says that he's not going anywhere since he knows she was instinctively defending herself. Relieved that he believes her, even after seeing the video, Steffy kisses him.

In bed later, Steffy conveys how much it means that Liam believes her. He says that he'd never think she became a cold-blooded killer overnight, no matter what Ivy says. Figuring that neither Ivy nor Wyatt is being objective, Liam asserts, "They're lashing out at us for being with each other instead of them." Steffy wishes she had told Liam everything as soon as she remembered. Now, Ivy has the video to use against her and to get justice for Aly. Not caring what the video shows, Liam vows not to let Ivy use it to ruin Steffy's life. Still, they have to realize that this is a serious situation, and they have to do whatever it takes to keep anyone else from seeing the video. Liam holds Steffy, who looks worried.

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