Friday, May 15, 2015, Episode #7078

At Spencer, Justin asks if Bill is sure about running Maya's story. Bill knows it could backfire and upset Katie, but he wants everyone to know about Rick's girlfriend and tells Justin to run the story. Justin asks what Liam, Eye on Fashion's editor, will think. Bill claims he has final say over anyone and doesn't feel like hearing Liam whine, "But Dad," to try and talk him out of this. Justin thinks it might be good for Liam to try since this could cost Spencer money. Bill says that they'll sell tons of magazines. Justin clarifies that he was talking about Bill's Forrester stock. Bill insists that no one in the fashion world cares if someone is transgender, but housewives in the checkout line will, as will Rick. He reasons that Rick will have a meltdown when he finds out about Maya and will be sent to Paris or a mental facility. Since either possibility will be a win for Forrester and for Bill, Bill sees no reason not to do this.

"Do what?" Katie asks as she enters the office. Justin takes that as his cue to leave. Guessing about what she walked in on, Katie reminds Bill that they agreed not to exploit Maya's past. Bill claims this could be a huge story about a con artist who duped "his way -- her way" into Rick's bed. Katie warns that this story will land him in trouble. She reaches for her phone to text Liam, but Bill grabs it. Katie insists that their editor needs to know about a damaging article being published. Bill asks if he gave any indication he is going to publish. She says that he has and asserts that Maya's past is her business, not Spencer's. "Don't publish!" Katie orders.

Later, Justin returns and asks if Katie convinced Bill to drop the story. Looking at a pad, Bill reads, "Rick Forrester, trans-ferring to Paris." Justin assumes they're going forward. Bill suggests another headline, "Forrester CEO caught in a trans." Justin likes that one. Bill considers focusing the headline on Maya but then decides that the story needs to be about Rick and tarnish Rick's fragile little ego. He shows Justin a photo on his phone of Maya's portrait that hangs in Stephanie's place of honor; Bill wants the graphics department to clean the photo up to go with the story. "Forrester family matriarch once a man," Bill muses. "Now that's a headline."

At Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke and Eric that Wyatt told Bill about Maya. Brooke fears that Maya's story will soon be all over the Internet and the tabloids. Ridge says that he told Bill to keep the story private.

Brooke wants to talk to Bill. Ridge asks why if he already did. "Since when does Bill Spencer listen to you?" Eric scoffs. Brooke frets that Bill will create a scandal, and Eric wonders if Ridge would mind if that happened. Offended, Ridge states that he'd never conspire with Bill, and that's why he told Bill to quash the story. Brooke questions if Bill would even listen to Ridge. Ridge says that Bill might not listen to him but will listen to Katie, who knows about Maya and took a strong stand to protect her nephew. Eric doubts that will matter since "Dollar Bill" only cares about making money. Eric and Brooke check the media on their phones and find nothing about Maya. Ridge presumes that Bill kept his word to pull the story. Brooke and Eric thank Ridge for protecting Rick, but Ridge says that he was protecting the company, not Rick, by keeping the story out of the public eye.

"He's your brother," Eric reminds Ridge. Ridge says that he knows how he sees Rick is and how Eric does, and he suspects that when Eric and Brooke stop coddling Rick, they'll see that Rick did this to himself.

Brooke argues that Maya put Rick in this position, but Ridge counters that Rick, the dictator put himself there by bullying everyone to worship Maya. Ridge realizes that Eric and Brooke, as Rick's parents, are worried about their son, but he believes that karma has come back for Rick for how he mistreated everyone. Brooke tells Ridge not to take any joy in this while Eric rejects the idea of karma and objects to Rick being called a dictator and a bully. Ridge says that he sees Rick that way. He's sorry this intimate subject left Rick blindsided. However, he feels that Rick put Maya, who he barely knew, on a pedestal and in Stephanie's place above the mantle, despite everyone seeing Maya manipulate her way into Rick's bed. Brooke insists that Maya loves Rick, but Ridge feels that Rick won't like that Maya kept him in the dark. Eric hopes Rick might forgive Maya if she reveals everything and says she's sorry, but Ridge counters that the Rick he knows will blow his top and be done, just like he did with Caroline. Eric notes that Caroline didn't confess; she was exposed. Ridge warns that this might not end the way Brooke and Eric want it to.

In the living room at Big Bear, Rick serves Maya champagne and reminds her about his proposal. He senses she wants to say yes. Maya says that she will, but she has to tell him about her past first. Rick says that she's come a long way from the woman who ran from fear about him or from whatever was in her past, and she's not running anymore.

Maya wants to face this straight on. Rick's glad since he doesn't want her ever questioning if she can fit into his world. Maya says she's not questioning that because she finally feels like she belongs, like she's the woman she always wanted to be. For a long time, her outside didn't match her inside, and that's what she has to explain. Rick assumes she is talking about moving from the Midwest to Beverly Hills, but Maya says it's deeper, and something always felt off when she was a kid. Rick thinks every kid feels that way, especially during puberty, but Maya says this was more than typical adolescent angst. She explains that her parents were strict, traditional people who thought kids were meant to be seen, not heard, so she rarely shared her feelings. Rick finds that hard to believe since she's so outspoken today. Maya says that it took a long to get there, and she's proud of who she is. For a long time, she pretended to be someone she wasn't just to please parents who couldn't accept the child they gave birth to. But inside, she knew how she wanted to live her life, and when she was old enough to execute those ideas, she moved to L.A. and became the woman Rick knows today.

Rick realizes why things were so awkward when Nicole showed up. He assumes Nicole's presence made Maya face those old memories. Maya says that it was upsetting at first, but now she's thankful because it prepared her for this conversation with Rick. She realizes now that she had to look back at her past for her and Rick to have a future.

Stating that they have plenty of time to share stories about their past, Rick tells her to just accept his proposal now, but Maya feels that that he has to understand how she came to be the woman she is before she can be his bride. Rick insists that he's not marrying the Maya of today, so she shouldn't feel obligated to talk about who she was before. Since they don't get to choose their parents or how they're raised, he won't judge her based on a lifestyle she couldn't choose, and he promises not to bail on her. Opening the ring box, he tells her to say whatever she has to as long as the first word is "yes." After that, she can put the ring on, and they can delve into what made him Rick and her Maya. "A lot more went into making me, and you need to know," Maya explains. She knows it won't be easy, and he'll have questions, but she promises to answer as best as she can. Rick closes the ring box and agrees to listen.

Maya decides to start with why she moved to L.A. Rick recalls that she wanted to act. Maya says that she needed help, physically and emotionally, that she could get in L.A. to become the woman she was meant to be. She agrees with Rick's notion that their childhoods don't matter since they all grow and change, so she realizes he's a different man than when he married Caroline and Amber. She believes that what happened to him in Paris or as a child or a teenager were just pieces that led him to Maya, who just cares about this moment and wants to have a life with him.

Rick asks if that means she's saying "yes." Maya says that she will if he asks her again once she finishes. While she said the past doesn't matter, there's something about her that a husband deserves to know about his wife. Rick says that her being so serious is freaking him out. Maya says that this is positive, and they probably wouldn't be together if it hadn't happened.

Rick recalls that she said she came to L.A. for help. Maya says that there was no doctor back home who could help her. He asks if she was sick. She says she wasn't in a traditional way. Rick asks if this has to do with the estrogen pills he found. Maya says yes and explains that she needs those pills. "To live?" he asks. Maya says that it's not in the way he's thinking, but she came to L.A. to find a particular kind of doctor, and she's been taking estrogen ever since to live the life she always envisioned for herself. The life she has before was hurting her because the way she was born wasn't who she was. "Like a birth defect?" Rick asks. Maya says that she thinks of it that way sometimes, but others don't. Rick is confused. Maya states that there was no Maya Avant until she came to L.A. He asks who she was. She answers that she was the same as she always was, but the birth certificate she gave Forrester wasn't the one filed when she was born. Rick asks why not. "Because I had a boy's name: Myron," she replies. Rick asks why her parents would do that. "Because they raised me as a boy," Maya answers.

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