Friday, August 12, 2016, Episode #7396

In Quinn's apartment, Eric declares that it's not over. Quinn fears their families won't approve. Eric hopes the family will be happy that Quinn brought something extraordinary to his life in Monte Carlo. He wants Quinn in his life.

Even though she wants to keep seeing Eric, Quinn wonders if she can since Wyatt asked her to leave L.A. to preserve his marriage. Eric notes that their involvement spells doom if you ask his kids. While she thinks that's a bit over-dramatic, Quinn doesn't want to cause problems for Eric, Wyatt or Steffy. Eric feels that they're adults who can make their own decisions and expect their families to respect them, though he can see why this is hard for Steffy. At the same time, he recognizes that Quinn has changed and that she's changed him. Quinn thinks he has that backward, but Eric thanks her for reviving his passion for his job when everyone else thinks he's a doddering old fool who's being manipulated. He finds it insulting. Quinn sees him as vital, exciting and intelligent, a leader who's more than a figurehead and still has what it takes to run his business. Eric decides to text his family to meet him at the office so he can announce some big changes.

At the Forrester Sky Lounge, Sasha sees Thomas working out and asks if he misses Caroline and Douglas. Thomas reports that Caroline and Douglas are doing fine in New York and thanks Sasha for asking.

Sasha offers to listen if he wants to vent, or she can just watch him work out. Thomas appreciates the offer. They laugh and compliment each other on their good "aspects." While Thomas stops to take a call, Julius appears. Sasha assumes he wants to apologize for acting like a jerk after the christening, but he just wants to renew his direction for her to leave L.A. Sasha reminds him that she has a job there, but Julius thinks it's time that she leave Nicole's "turf." Sasha questions his implying that the town "ain't big enough" for her and Nicole. Julius thinks she reminds Nicole of the time when she and Zende were apart; Sasha counters that it's Julius, not Nicole, who has a problem with her being there. Julius argues that he and Vivienne need to focus on the future that Sasha nearly destroyed, so he can't have Sasha around reminding people of the past at family gatherings. He knows Vivienne would never exclude Sasha, but Viv would feel awkward having Sasha around.

Believing that the awkwardness would only be temporary, Sasha refuses to leave L.A. and her career just to help Julius patch things up with Vivienne. Julius scoffs that she only has a career because of her ties to Nicole and Maya.

Insisting she got her job on her own, Sasha tells Julius to fix his problems himself. Julius suggests that she get some experience in Chicago, New York or Paris to let him and Vivienne move on; he calls Sasha the biggest mistake he ever made! Thomas returns and, having overheard, tells Julius to stop blaming Sasha for obeying him and keeping her daddy's secret. Julius tells Thomas to stay out of family business. Thomas notes that Sasha *IS* Julius' family. Julius claims that it's complicated, but Thomas wants Julius to fix his own mistake and not disrespect Sasha. While he sees why Thomas may want to be a chivalrous gentleman and protect Sasha, Julius believes he's acting in everyone's best interest. Thomas thinks it's in Julius best interest to leave. Julius reluctantly leaves.

Sasha thanks Thomas for sticking up for her, especially since she isn't a saint and has caused a lot of problems for Nicole and the Avants. Thomas says that it's not her fault that she was conceived when Julius cheated on his wife. Sasha laments that she's made a few mistakes of her own, including screwing things up with a guy she thought cared about her.

Thomas says that they all do stupid things to keep from losing someone, but Sasha thinks she was "mind-blowingly stupid, selfish, and hurtful" and thanks Thomas. Thomas feels that Julius, even if he's Sasha's dad, is the one who should be ashamed of himself. Seeing that Thomas understands, Sasha thanks him with a hug and a kiss.

Downstairs in the Design Office, Liam begs Steffy to let him help her cope with her Quinn-induced stress. Steffy doesn't want him taking on her problems since Quinn's hurt him enough, but he wants Quinn out of her life as much as she does.

Steffy reminds Liam that Wyatt is dealing with Quinn. Holding Steffy, Liam points out that Wyatt doesn't see Quinn the way they do. Steffy counters that she doesn't see Wyatt the way Liam does. Wyatt enters and calls out Liam out for having his arms on Wyatt's wife. Steffy tells Wyatt that Liam is just concerned about Quinn. "And you," Liam says to his brother. Wyatt tells them that his mom has assured that she's out of Eric's life, but Liam isn't sure they can believe her. Steffy doesn't want Quinn to trick Eric the way she's tricked everyone in the past. Wyatt is sure that won't happen since Eric also told him that he and Quinn are done. Steffy gets a text from Eric calling a meeting and leaves to see what's going on.

In the CEO office, Ridge and Rick worry about Eric's childish, defensive reaction when he stormed out earlier. They hope Eric didn't go to see Quinn.

Pam enters to report that Charlie checked, and Eric hasn't returned yet. Rick doesn't want to assume Eric is with Quinn, but Ridge notes that Eric doesn't like being told what to do. "Seems to be kind of a family trait," Pam remarks. After waiting a while and still not hearing from Eric, Ridge and Rick grow concerned. Rick suggests they follow Steffy's suggestion to hire a private investigator, but Ridge doesn't want to go there. Pam believes that Eric will be back. Ridge fears that Eric is still a target for Quinn to take advantage of if she returns.

In the Design Office, Wyatt and Liam wonder about Eric's meeting invitation text. Liam finds the sudden summons odd and thinks Wyatt should be concerned that Quinn might be lying about it being over. Wyatt assumes that the meeting is to reassure Steffy that things are done with Quinn. Liam hopes he's right, for all their sakes, but he plans to stick around to be sure. Wyatt assures that Quinn will not be a problem now that she's totally out of Eric's life.

When Eric arrives, Pam tells him that everyone is waiting in his office. Before he goes in, she wants him to know that she gets that he's lonely, but she questions why he'd choose Quinn. Eric enters the office, where Ridge, Rick, and Steffy ask where he's been. Eric asks them to take a seat so they can get started. Ridge and Rick want to know if Eric saw Quinn while he was gone. Eric says that as CEO, he was trying to rectify a problem that needs attention. Ridge asks what Eric means.

Eric decides to show them rather than answering verbally, and he calls Pam and says that he just needs another minute. He then tells Ridge, Steffy, and Rick that they need to revive the jewelry line, a part of their identity that makes them unique from other fashion houses, and that's why he's asked their former jewelry designer to return. Steffy assumes he means Ivy, but Eric opens the door and ushers Quinn in. Steffy stands up and shouts, "Granddad, no! Absolutely not!"

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