Friday, June 26, 2015, Episode #7108

At the Forrester mansion, Maya asks Rick if he truly wants "this." He says the answer is a million times yes. They kiss. Maya still seems unsure of herself. Rick assures that she has nothing to prove and tells her he feels lucky, grateful and in love with her. Holding her, he declares, "I want you with me on this journey -- OUR journey." They kiss. Maya removes Rick's shirt, and then he removes hers. They fall to the bed and make love. Later, they lie under the sheets. Maya gushes that after they make love, she realizes how lucky she is to have found a man who wants someone like her. Rick states that there is no one like her. Maya says she's just a woman trying to bring as much as she can to his life. "Oh, you do," Rick laughs, saying that he's a lucky guy. He and Maya get playful and kiss.

In the CEO office at Forrester, Ridge finds Caroline frustrated as she tries to navigate around. He reminds her that it will take time. After groaning that she knows, she thanks him for taking care of her, and she wraps her arms around him and promises to find a way to repay him. They kiss.

Later, Caroline sits down to sketch, but she seems stuck. Noting that she can design at home, Ridge asks why she can't design there. She explains that if feels different being there, where nothing is working right. Ridge tells her to focus on him and instructs her to walk to him. With a shoe on one foot and a rehab boot on the other, she hobbles to him. "Good job," he says, and he kisses her. Caroline playfully pushes him away and walks to him again. He wraps his arms around her, swings her around and lifts her up on the desk, and they kiss some more. He then brings her back to her chair and tells her to start drawing one line at a time. He places his hand on hers to get her started, just as she did with him. "It's gonna takes some time," he whispers. She looks at him, kisses him and then goes back to work.

In the Executive Suite, Quinn tries to convince Ivy to stay quiet, but Ivy feels that she has to take action and tell Liam that she has dual citizenship. Ivy leaves, and Quinn rolls her eyes in frustration. Wyatt arrives to discuss some inventory issues. Seeing that his mother is riled up, he asks what she did now.

In Steffy's office, Liam insists that his marriage is only temporary. Steffy knows that he wants to believe that, but she also knows it isn't easy to help someone avoid deportation. While she understands that he just wanted to help Ivy, he destroyed what he has with Steffy by doing it.

Refusing to let his mistake stop them, Liam asks for a chance to correct himself. Steffy tells him to accept that they can't correct this as it's not going to happen for them. Ivy arrives to talk to Liam. Steffy tells him to talk to his wife and leaves. Liam tells Ivy he's sorry. Ivy says that she knows how he feels about Steffy, and if he wants Steffy, he can have her again. Liam supposes that this wasn't as easy as they thought. Ivy replies that they knew it wouldn't be easy, but she always understood that their marriage was on paper only. Liam states that he'd never let the authorities take her family and her life away. Ivy asserts that she'd always be grateful to him for saving her, but his feelings for Steffy complicate things. Liam says that it's not really Steffy's fault. Ivy says that she understands that and know that he and Steffy share a long history. She also knows that he loves Steffy, and that loving someone means becoming part of who they are.

Refusing to hang her out to dry, Liam vows to stay married to her until she has her citizenship. Ivy says that she doesn't need rescuing, and she can't be deported as she is already a US citizen. Liam says that Ivy is a citizen because of the marriage. Ivy explains that someone made a mistake, and she has always been a citizen. Liam asks who told her that. Ivy shares that the immigration agent confirmed that she is legal, which means that Liam is free. While she loves Liam and wants to be his wife someday, she doesn't want it if he constantly wants to be with someone else. Liam realizes that Ivy didn't have to tell him this. Ivy states that she had to tell him. He deserved to know the truth, and now he does. She offers to have Carter draw up annulment papers and turns to leave, but Liam reaches out to stop her. Ivy says that she knows that he loves her; he wouldn't have married her if he didn't. But as much as she wants a future with him, she won't stop him if he wants to be with Steffy. Ivy turns to go, but Liam pulls her back and hugs her.

Ivy returns to the Executive Suite, where Wyatt is trying to find out why his mother is upset. Quinn looks at Ivy and asks, "You told him?" Wyatt asks what's going on. Ivy states that she doesn't have to be married to Liam, who is free to be with Steffy.

Liam finds Steffy at the Sky Lounge. She asks if he's stalking her. He says it wouldn't be the first time. Stating that it needs to be the last, Steffy asks if he talked to his wife. He says that he did, so Steffy conveys that there's nothing more to say. Liam disagrees.

Steffy doesn't want to hear it because his undying love for her died when he married Ivy. She asks if he even thought about them when he agreed to the marriage. Liam wants to say something, but Steffy feels that he'll just make it worse. She explains that she came back for him because she loved him, and seeing him with Ivy would just be too much for her. Liam admits that he should have thought about them when he made his decision. Steffy asks what she didn't, but then she decides that she's tired of asking questions and tells him to ride off on his white horse and rescue his damsel in distress. Liam insists that he was just in a position to help his damsel, but Steffy refuses to be the other woman while he is married to Ivy. Liam says that she doesn't have to because the marriage is over. Steffy asks if he's letting Ivy be deported. Liam explains that there was a mistake, and Ivy had dual citizenship all along. He and Ivy don't need to be married, but even if they did, he shouldn't have since he is totally nuts about Steffy. He asks Steffy to forgive him. She hugs him.

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