Friday, April 04, 2014, Episode #6796

In the photo studio, Maya asks Oliver why he's not excited about being rehired. He says that he is, but he realizes he has no job security since he's not a Forrester. Maya reminds him that many people have his back. Aly enters and agrees with Maya, adding that Ridge would have to go through Rick, Eric and her to fire Oliver again. Maya suggests that Oliver go have a drink and leaves to meet Carter. Oliver invites Aly to get some coffee. Aly stammers that she can't since she has a goldfish waiting to be fed at home, but Oliver convinces her that coffee won't take all night, so Aly agrees.

Later, Maya and Carter arrive at Bikini. She advises him to be careful about befriending Ridge, since Rick is president and doesn't like Ridge much. He assures he has it covered. Carter sees Oliver and Aly arrive and asks it they're dating, but Maya thinks they're just friends. At Aly and Oliver's table, Aly admits that she doesn't like coffee. Oliver doesn't care what she drinks. since he's just glad to be in her company. Putting his hand over hers, he thanks her for standing up for him today. Aly's glad that it all worked out. Oliver admits that he still feels like Ridge is gunning for him. Aly calls Ridge a bully and says that Oliver wouldn't believe the stories of how Ridge treated her dad. Oliver notes that Ridge is harsh with many people, like Rick and Hope. Aly claims that Ridge needs to respect Hope's line more. Oliver is impressed with the way she values Hope's message and surprises her by saying that he does, too, since it's important and needs to be heard.

Across the room, Carter tells Maya that he feels sorry for Ridge being shut down by Eric, and he predicts that Ridge will eventually be running Forrester again. When Maya eyes Oliver getting drinks by the bar and smiling at Aly, Carter tells her that she's staring. She claims that she was thinking that Aly's a bit young for Oliver. Carter assumes that means Aly and Oliver ARE dating. "No!" Maya exclaims, catching herself and saying, "I don't know." Oliver returns to his table with a hot green tea for Aly, and he accidentally spills some on her hand. He puts some ice on too cool her hand down and then tells her he has another idea that will help some more. Maya watches as Oliver takes Aly's hand and kisses it to make it better. Aly is clearly surprised by the gesture.

In Rick's office, Ridge hands over some sketches and reports he'll be meeting with Caroline later. Rick asks if Ridge has anything else to say. When Ridge seems confused where Rick is going, Rick asks if he should expect an apology for the hissy fit Ridge threw to try to take Rick's job, but Ridge has nothing to say about that.

Katie arrives to see how Ridge's meeting went. A smiling Rick says that it went well, and Ridge finally understands his boundaries. Katie asks Ridge what happened. Ridge strokes her arms, prompting Rick to grimace and excuse himself. Ridge tells Katie that little Ricky, as always, got his way since Brooke got to Eric. Katie asks why Brooke, who was keeping a low profile, was even there. Ridge says that Brooke threw herself back in and wrapped Eric around her little finger. As she does best, Katie snarks. Ridge then reveals that Eric named him and Brooke co-vice presidents. Katie scoffs that Ridge, who was once president and CEO, is now co-vice president with Brooke and will probably share a desk with Brooke like Pam and Donna do. Ridge snaps that he'll have to ask Rick, since he answers to Rick now. Katie jeers that this is Brooke's dream scenario, having her son in charge while getting to work closely with Ridge. Ridge says that it won't last long, since he plans to change Eric's mind because he's put in too many years to just give the company to Rick.

In the CEO's office, Brooke thanks Eric for what he did at the meeting. He tells her she earned her new title, but she clarifies that she was talking about what he did to keep Rick as president. Eric says that he hated disappointing Ridge, who contributed so much over the years, but he didn't want to take away a job Rick had earned by merit.

Brooke hopes Ridge can accept that. Eric thinks Ridge will accept it once he realizes he's better off working closely with her. Brooke asks what he's planning, since the new position will mean long hours working with Ridge. She hopes he's not playing matchmaker. Eric takes that as her telling him to mind his own business, but he explains that minding is business is exactly what he's doing, and he adds that he still can't believe that Ridge is with Katie. Brooke is just glad to have something positive in her life, whether Ridge is involved or not. Eric tells her that she and Ridge are the future of the company. She says that Rick and Caroline are, but while Eric feels that Rick and Caroline will lead in the long term, he sees a need now for someone to be the face of the company like he and Stephanie were. "It should be you and Ridge," Eric states. Brooke tells him that things that SHOULD happen don't always happen, so while she and Ridge will work together and make him proud, he shouldn't expect more than that. For now, she's just glad to know she can be happy without Ridge and can grow as a person without a man.

Later, Brooke and Rick talk in Rick's office. Rick tells his mom she's his favorite co-vice-president. She asks him to be patient with Ridge. He's surprised to hear that from the woman who gave Ridge a hard time. She laughs that Ridge deserved it and assumes Ridge will get used to it. Rick admits that he was a bit nervous, so he was grateful to see that Eric gave him such a strong show of support, in front of Ridge, no less. He then gets called away, so he tells his new co-vp to hold down the fort.

As Brooke sits down to work, Katie arrives and offers congratulations on Brooke's new position. Brooke thanks her but is taken aback when Katie asks if she got the job through good old-fashioned flirting.

Katie assumes that Brooke, unable to accept Ridge with Katie, manipulated Eric to get this new job, and she predicts that it won't be long before Brooke corners Ridge in the steam room. "You're not gonna get away with it," Katie warns. Brooke insists that the job was Eric's idea, but Katie doesn't buy that, especially since Ridge told her that Brooke pulled Eric aside at the meeting. Brooke sees little value in explaining to Katie, who won't believe her anyway. Katie asks why Brooke didn't turn the job down. Brooke says she wants the chance to work and focus on herself again. Katie thinks Brooke is focusing on Ridge, but Brooke claims she wants to protect her kids after Ridge tried to bully Rick and Hope and fire Oliver. Katie thinks Ridge has the right to do that, but Brooke counters that he doesn't and has to check with Rick first, and that's why she plans to use her job to make sure Ridge plays fair. A disbelieving Katie asks if she, like Taylor, should just stand by and watch "innocent" situations go awry, with Brooke giggling in her lingerie as her clothes fall off. Brooke thinks that's ridiculous, but Katie, having watched Brooke for years, wants to know why stealing Bill wasn't enough. She tells Brooke to go back to Bill, who she worked so hard to get, since Ridge loves Katie now, and not even Brooke can interfere with that.

Meanwhile, Ridge barges into Eric's office and orders Eric to take it back. Eric asks what he means. Ridge tells him to write a memo or do whatever else he needs to do, since Rick can't be president. "It's got to be me," Ridge proclaims.

Ridge asks Eric why he chose Rick. Eric claims it was Rick's qualifications, but Ridge accuses him of doing Brooke's bidding. "This was my decision," Eric insists, but Ridge responds, "This is my legacy." Eric replies, "You left." Ridge grumbles that he's been training to take over from Eric since he first picked up a pencil. Eric thinks that's exactly the point, since he sees Ridge as the the best designer in the world, while Rick is president. Ridge scoffs, but Eric believes that Ridge, after more than a year away, shouldn't expect to come home with nothing changed, especially with the way Ridge's personal life is now. Ridge tells him to leave Katie out of this, but Eric fears what will happen when people learn Ridge Forrester is shacking up with Bill Spencer's wife. Eric asks if Ridge wants to be in the middle of that. "I am in the middle of it! I've fallen in love with her!" Ridge answers. Eric points out that Katie is Ridge's sister. Ridge retorts, "So what? You don't understand..." Eric cuts him off and agrees that he doesn't understand, and he declares that if Ridge wants to take the company into the future, he should do it with Brooke.

Ridge explains that he's found something special with Katie, and even if Eric doesn't approve, his private life shouldn't matter at work. Eric feels this is a P.R. nightmare, but Ridge recalls their dealing with other scandals before, mostly Eric's.

Pointing out that R.J. and Will are involved, Eric can't believe Ridge would hurt two children just to punish Brooke. Ridge says that he's not punishing anyone, but Eric believes that's just what Ridge is doing. Eric argues that life went on while Ridge was pouting in Europe, wondering whether to forgive Brooke or not, and now it's time for Ridge to let that jealousy go and do wight by his family. Ridge asks how denying his feelings is right for his family. "Oh, Ridge, grow up," Eric fires back, asking if he's supposed to put a man in charge who would run off with Bill Spencer's wife and leave to door open for Bill to be with Brooke. Stating that "a big enough fool" like that isn't good enough man to run this company, Eric orders Ridge to end it with Katie. Ridge asks if he'll get Rick's job if he does. "No, I'll give you mine," Eric clarifies, telling Ridge to get his "ass back" to Brooke if he wants to run this company. Ridge asks if he heard correctly. Eric confirms that he'll step down and name Ridge CEO if Ridge stops this nonsense and goes back to R.J. and Brooke.


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