Friday, December 12, 2014, Episode #6972

Bill is looking out his office window when Katie arrives; she didn't want to intrude on whatever he's feeling, but she wanted to check on him face-to-face. "It's a nice face," Bill sighs, thanking her for thinking of him. Katie wants to help him deal with his loss, whatever he needs.

Bill is uncharacteristically at a loss for words having lost a grandson. "It was a boy?" Katie asks. Bill explains that Hope found out just after she miscarried. Saddened, Katie asks about Wyatt. Bill says that he hasn't seen Wyatt since the hospital, since he figured his son needed time to heal, not a pep talk from dad. He laments how things ended, as Hope should have carried to term, and Wyatt should have been the father he truly wanted to be; thinking of all the kids who come into the world unwanted, Bill says that this one had a whole extended family waiting with open arms. "My first grandchild," he says, softly. "I know," Katie whispers, hugging him. Bill says that he's not one to bemoan fate, but with Liam having lost his first child with Steffy and now Wyatt with Hope, he wonders if the sins of the father are visiting his sons. Katie says that he believe that if he wants to, but this isn't about him. Bill thanks her for always knowing how to keep him humble. "I try," she laughs.

Katie recalls how radiant and excited Hope was at the shower. Bill states that he's not good at being helpless. Katie says that she knows, but sometimes that's all you can be, since healing moves at its own pace. Bill blames this horrific loss on Quinn, who had no business being on Brooke's property. Katie asks what he's planning. Bill notes that he didn't mention a plan, but Katie can see that he's ready to right a wrong. Bill asserts that he protects his own, as he proved with "Fashion Boy." When Katie questions the reference to her fiancee, Bill gripes about the "stupid freaking string" on her finger. Reminding him that it's a ribbon, Katie tells him that there's no one to confront unless he wants to drive to Mulholland to take it up with the gods. Heading for the door, Bill declares that he may just do that. Katie stops him and warns him not to do anything he'll regret. "You care about me," he remarks. She confirms that she does. Stroking her hair, Bill says, "My Katie, I missed you," and he pulls her into a passionate kiss. As Bill bolts out the door, Katie calls out, "Don't do anything you can't take back." Alone, she stands there, clearly surprised by the kiss.

At the loft, Quinn tells Wyatt that she never wanted to hurt Hope or the baby and only wanted to get Hope to accept her and give her a place in her grandchild's life. "Grandson," Wyatt corrects, stating that he and Hope were having a son. He wishes he'd done as Hope asked and done a better job of protecting his family. Quinn begs him to believe that she just wanted to be good for his family as a doting mother-in-law and grandmother, not part of this unspeakable loss. Wyatt shouts that he believed her more times than he can count! He knows she always says she never meant to hurt anyone, but her plans always spiral out of control. He adds that he's not blaming her, he's just trying to take responsibility for everything. Hope wanted his mother out of their lives, for good reason, but now the baby's gone, and he wishes he listened to Hope, not Quinn. The thing that strikes him funny is that Quinn was always so overprotective, and now he just wishes he would have emulated that quality and stood his ground against his mother.

Quinn reminds Wyatt that she's made many mistakes, but she's always owned up to them, especially when it involved the two of them. She begs him to realize that she's not responsible for Hope losing the baby. Wyatt rages that she didn't push Hope down the steps, but the only reason Hope was by the steps to begin with was because Quinn couldn't stay away! He and Hope begged her, time and again, to back off, but as usual, Quinn wanted something and needed it right away, regardless of the consequences. Now, because of his mother, he has lost everything. Quinn asks what he means by "everything." Wyatt shares his suspicion that Hope is going to leave him. Quinn argues that Hope shouldn't be blaming Wyatt for any of this, and should instead be with him so they can help each other through their grief. "Do you really believe that this is all my fault?" she asks. Wyatt says that he does, since her obsessive, suffocating love has cost him everything. "I'm done. I'm so done," he announces, and he says goodbye to his mother and storms out.

Later, Quinn goes up to the roof and walks to the edge. Looking down, she flashes back to all her confrontations with Wyatt and Hope, and she remembers finding Hope after the fall down the steps and arguing with Liam when he arrived. The door to the roof opens. Turning, Quinn sees Bill standing there. "Do it!" Bill orders.

Liam sits with Hope on a bench in Brooke's yard and says that he knew she'd be there. She asks how, since she didn't know she'd be there. He laughs that it was just a feeling. "You know me so well," she responds. They reflect on what happened. Hope can't believe her baby's gone. Liam asks what he can do for her. She says he's doing it. Liam asks if Wyatt is inside or on his way. Hope says she came alone. Liam offers to leave, but Hope tells him not to. Liam just wishes he could take her pain away. Hope weeps that the baby wasn't even born, yet she loved him so much. That little boy had his whole life ahead of him, but now he's gone because she wasn't careful for just one second. Liam states that this was Quinn's fault, and he won't let Hope blame herself for what was just an accident. He explains to a tearful Hope that as much as she wants to understand why this happened, sometimes there are no reasons, and random, horrible things just happen. As Hope composes herself, Liam asks if she'll be OK. She says she will be, since she knows he's always there for her. Liam vows that no matter where life takes them, he's there. Hope says that she's there for him, too.

Liam is surprised to hear Hope say that. Hope elaborates that for the past few months, her life has revolved around her pregnancy. Now the baby's gone, but her life continues, and she's found herself thinking about everything that happened. She had wanted to be with Liam more than anything, but when she found out she was pregnant, she decided to stay with Wyatt to give the baby the family she never had growing up. "But I never stopped loving you," she confesses. They gaze at each other. Hope cups his face with her hands, while Liam takes her hand and holds it. They get up and stroll across the lawn, hand in hand. Liam asks what happens next. Feeling that she needs to exhale, sort through her confusion and figure out who she is, Hope plans to go see her mom in Milan. Liam asks how long she'll be gone. Hope figures that it will be as long as it takes to piece herself together and think about what happened, why it happened and where she's headed. He asks when she's leaving. Now, she responds. Liam is surprised she's leaving so soon. Hope smiles and says she loves him and always will. He looks away for a moment, and then he kisses her. A montage of past moments from their history plays, from their Italian wedding to their farewell on the bridge in Amsterdam to him carrying her away after the fall. They embrace. Liam kisses Hope's hand and strokes her hair, and then he kisses her forehead. Their eyes lock again, and then he takes her hand and holds it.

Hope smiles, pulls her hand away from Liam's and starts to walk away. Liam watches as she walks off. She looks back at him, smiles and then turns forward again as she fades into the distance.

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