Friday, October 17, 2014, Episode #6934

Hope awakens at home and is thrilled that Wyatt made her breakfast. Having read that expectant mothers need 300 extra calories a day, Wyatt has French toast, pancakes, waffles, fruit and "jus d'orange" for Wyatt Jr.'s mom. Hope asks what name they'll pick if the baby's a girl, and with a frown, she warns that it better not be named after his mother. Wyatt suggests, "Wyatta," but Hope, getting serious, advises that she hasn't changed her mind about Quinn. While eating, Hope reads a text from her mom asking how she and the baby are doing. Wyatt inquires if Brooke asked abut the expectant dad. Hope answers that she plans to say he's never been happier, unless that's an overstatement. With the wife of his dreams and a baby on the way, Wyatt thinks "never been happier" is spot-on, but he'd be happier if there was no tension between Hope and Quinn. Hope believes Quinn brought this on herself and has to accept the consequences. Wyatt fears it won't be easy to keep Quinn away. Hope asserts that she's made her feelings clear. "Are we gonna get a restraining order on her or something?" Wyatt asks. Hope doesn't want to, so she prays Quinn doesn't do something to bring them to that point.

At Forrester, Caroline grows upset about her followers wanting to know every detail of her life. Ivy assumes Caroline didn't hear her update about her romantic night with Liam. Caroline recalls hearing something about dinner, getting kissy-face and "blah, blah, blah." Ivy guesses that Caroline's still feeling stuck between Ridge and Rick. Caroline answers that it's unfortunately become more complicated. Ivy assumes that's because of Eric's pending decision. A guilt-ridden Caroline answers, "No, it's because... Ridge and I kissed." She brands herself a horrible person who deserves a scarlet letter on her forehead and a stoning in the town square. Ivy tells her to hold on, as it was just one kiss. Caroline frowns. "More than one?" Ivy asks.

Caroline agonizes over what she'd done, since she's not sure if Ridge is just using her to become CEO, or... "Or if he feels what you were feeling," Ivy finishes. Caroline says that there should be no feelings at all between her and her mentor, who she admires, but there's just something about Ridge. Ivy asks if the kisses awakened some new feelings. Caroline insists that it shouldn't have happened and has to stop. "Even if it means not working with Ridge anymore?" Ivy asks. Caroline says that she has to, since she crossed a line she should never have crossed. It has to end there, since Rick is too important to her. "And Ridge isn't?" Ivy asks.

Katie, in her bedroom, tells Ridge that she saw how restless he was last night and assumes she knows why. Ridge reminds her that Eric has to choose either him or Rick, "the number cruncher," to be the next CEO. While his dad claims to be impartial, he fears Eric sees Rick and Caroline as a dream team like Eric and Stephanie were.

Katie asks what Stephanie would tell him to do. He believes his mother would tell him to make it happen, so he plans to do that. Katie asks exactly how he plans to sway Eric toward choosing him. He says that he needs Caroline by his side, but she thinks that might be hard since Caroline is married to and loyal to Rick. He alludes that Caroline may not be as loyal as she thinks. Seeing that Katie's confused, Ridge explains that Caroline has a little crush on him, and since he wants Caroline on his side to help him become CEO. Katie asks if he really thinks Caroline will stab her husband in the back, since Caroline loves Rick and is as devoted to him as Katie is to Ridge. Pausing for a moment, Katie asks Ridge if he's done anything to encourage Caroline's crush. He claims that he hasn't, but "these things just happen." "To you," Katie qualifies. Shrugging, Ridge suggests that Caroline's marriage may not be as magical as Rick makes it out to be. Katie asks if those are Caroline's words, or his; Ridge says that he's starting to draw again, but he's not there yet, so he needs Caroline in his corner to give Eric the dream team he wants.

Katie tells Ridge that he's using someone, something Bill would do, not him. Ridge claims he's not using Caroline, but Katie thinks he's rationalizing. Ridge states that the CEO position is his, and he cannot and will not answer to Rick.

Katie doesn't think he's considered the consequences of encouraging Caroline's feelings. Ridge tells her that this has nothing to do with the two of them. Katie responds with a skeptical laugh. Ridge insists that he loves her and is committed to her. Katie begs him to stop before someone gets hurt. She doesn't think doing so will mean Eric won't choose him. Ridge fears it will lessen his chances. Katie doesn't believe that, and even if she did, she doubts he wants to become CEO by using Caroline and damaging her marriage. She reasons that even with the tension between him and Rick, they're still brothers and both love Forrester, so she urges him to tell Caroline what he has to, but not let this go on another day. She knows he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he did. "And that's why I love you," Ridge responds. Katie states that she hasn't seen much of him lately, so she misses him and what they share. She kisses him, but he pulls away and sees Caroline opposite him! "What is it?" he hears Caroline say, but then he sees Katie there as, in her voice, she asks what's wrong.

At the loft, Deacon offers Quinn some "high-octane" coffee. She thanks him for the coffee and for the advice about Hope. Deacon asks if she's saying he's good for her. She says she never thought she'd fall for another man, but it could happen if he plays his cards right. Deacon advises, in case she doesn't realize it, that he plays to win.

Quinn says that she's the same way, so while she normally wouldn't ask for help, she thinks Hope would listen to her daddy the same way Wyatt would to Quinn. Deacon asks if she meant it about them, Hope and Wyatt being a family. Quinn knows it sounds crazy, but things between them had progressed quickly, unless she's just a stand-in until Brooke gets back. Deacon doubts anything will happen with him and Brooke. Quinn proposes that they ditch the loft, stop living on the edge, and get a house in the valley where they could be the typical hand-holding couple by day, but she'd spank him behind closed doors when he's naughty. Deacon is tempted to play house with a dominatrix, but he fears it won't be that easy. Guessing that Hope is the stumbling block, Quinn feels that she has to prove she's changed to change Hope's mind. Deacon looks skeptical. She states that she just wants what everyone else has, a home and a boyfriend. Deacon asks what that last word was, so Quinn repeats "a boyfriend" twice. Surprised, Deacon assumes she wants a grandkid to bounce on her sexy knee. She laughs that she has the grandkid, but getting to see it is up to Deacon.

Deacon asks what will happen if he won't help. Quinn asks if he'd really miss a chance to explore their relationship. He wonders if he should be scared. She asks what's so scary about about a house in the valley with a girlfriend who rocks his world. "Losing my relationship with my daughter," he answers. He refuses to risk that.

Quinn says that she wouldn't ask him to, She claims they're not bad people, although she does get carried away at times for people she cares about. Taking her on his lap, Deacon agrees to help her if she'll swear to him she's not a murderer. She reminds him that she already said she had nothing to do with Ricardo's death and asks, "Do we have a deal, or do you need more convincing?" He asks for more convincing, so Quinn unbuttons his shirt, and they kiss. At the beach house, Wyatt marvels at Hope's "first-trimester, mother-to-be glow" and brags about being ready for the first ultrasound. An impressed Hope is interrupted by a call from her dad. Deacon tells the beautiful and happy mother-to-be that he's coming over with someone special to meet her. After he hangs up, Deacon looks at Quinn, who's still on his lap, and announces that it's time for his daughter to meet the woman in his life. Quinn smiles and kisses him.

When Deacon arrives at the beach house, Hope is eager to meet his special lady and wonders if it's someone she knows. As Deacon tries to remind her about unexpected events in life, a voice calls out, "Can I come in now?"

"Mom?" Wyatt asks. Quinn enters, and Hope waves her arms like an umpire calling a strike and shouts, "No, no, no!" When she asks Deacon if he's serious, he says that he knows it's a shock, but he wants them to get along and be a family. Hope asks how he can expect that after what Quinn had done. Calling her the most compassionate person he knows, he reminds her that she forgave him and asks her to please try. "Absolutely not. No. This woman is a manipulator. She uses people, and now she's using you," Hope responds. Quinn tries to speak, but Hope retorts that she's heard all the pleas and apologies before. Hope maintains that Quinn is so desperate that she'd say or do anything, and now Quinn is making a play for Hope's father. Hope looks at Deacon and says, "If this is the woman that you want to spend your life with, then you're out, too."

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