Friday, April 17, 2015, Episode #7058

In the CEO office at Forrester, Nicole asks Maya where Wyatt is. Curious about her sister's sudden interest in Wyatt, Maya presumes he's at his mother's wedding. Nicole recalls that Rick and Maya were invited, but Maya says they declined because of some opinions of the bride, like that of Wyatt's brother, Liam. Nicole asks for the scoop on Wyatt. When Maya calls Wyatt's dad "insanely rich and powerful," Nicole assumes Wyatt will be rich, too - unless his working at Forrester, not Spencer, means he and his dad are on the outs. Making a long story short, Maya explains that Wyatt oversees Forrester's jewelry line, designed by his mom and Ivy. Nicole asks more questions, and Maya teases her for being so curious. Nicole says that she can't help if if she thinks Wyatt is... "Hot?" Maya offers. Nicole laughs that she was thinking "handsome," but hot works better.

Maya gets a text from Rick that his meeting is running long. Nicole mentions that she wanted to talk to Rick, and Maya tenses up. Nicole sees Maya's reaction and asks her not to do that every time Nicole says she wants to talk to Rick; "I want us to be sisters," she asserts. Maya wants that, too, but there is "everything else" to consider. Nicole says that there won't be an "everything else" if Maya opens up to Rick. Maya insists that until she's ready to tell Rick, Nicole and Carter must be the only ones who know. Nicole wants things to work out for her sister, but she warns that Maya can't control Rick's reaction. Maya feels that the fashion industry is open-minded, but Nicole worries that a more traditional house like Forrester might get hurt by the publicity. Maya states that Rick won't let it go that far, but Nicole fears Rick might not be able to stop it.

Across the hall, Liam gives Ivy a kiss and says that they can do this every morning if she moves in with him. Ivy refuses to leave Aly to fend with herself with Rick and Maya. Liam reveals that he has news about Rick, since Wyatt had stumbled on to something that could end Rick's reign of terror. Once Liam explains how Wyatt overheard Nicole and Maya talking about a scandalous secret that only they knew that could send shockwaves throughout Forrester, Ivy thinks it sounds promising, but she wonders what could be that devastating. Liam isn't sure, but he can't believe this game-changer just fell into their laps when they needed something to get Rick out. Ivy asks how they can find out more about the secret. Liam explains that Wyatt is trying to work on Nicole, who will be more open to Wyatt's charms than Maya; it's a risk, but Wyatt might be able to get Nicole to open up, and Liam gives his brother props for being willing to do it. Ivy laughs that Wyatt's not the only Spencer brother who likes a little intrigue.

With Ivy still hung up on what Rick could have done that could jeopardize Forrester, Liam reasons that Rick maybe got cocky after getting irrevocable control and made an even bolder move. Ivy asks what they'll do if Wyatt gets nowhere with Nicole. "Plan C?" Liam answers. Ivy asks what that is. He says she'll know when he does and turns to leave, giving her a goodbye kiss and telling her he'll be back before exiting. Walking across the hall, Liam sneaks over to the CEO office and cracks the door open just in time to hear Maya tell Nicole that Rick's position can't be jeopardized, and Forrester must be protected at all costs. He listens intently as a panicked Maya tells Nicole that this secret could bring Rick's whole world come crashing down, and she won't let that happen. "No one can find out," Maya insists.

Brooke drops by Spencer to see Katie; having known that Katie's worried about her sobriety, Brooke reports that she's been going to meetings and is focusing on her family. Katie is happy for her, but Brooke bets Katie won't be so happy to hear that her big sister is still worrying about Deacon. Katie asks why Brooke would be thinking about Deacon, who is marrying Quinn today. Brooke assumes that Bill, as Wyatt's father, was invited to attend with his wife. Katie replies that they were invited, but obviously weren't attending. Brooke says that she was invited, too, and Katie should be able to guess how she reacted when she got the invitation. Katie assumes that Brooke is concerned because Deacon is Hope's father. "Of course I'm concerned!" Brooke exclaims, blaming Deacon's bride-to-be for Hope losing the baby; she feels that Quinn brings nothing but misery into people's lives, and that will include Deacon - if the marriage happens.

Katie asks what Brooke means by "if," guessing it has to do with Brooke's connections to Deacon through Hope and AA. Brooke rants that Quinn, who claims to have changed, hasn't and revert to type, making Deacon's life a living hell. Katie asks if Hope knows about the wedding. Brooke says that Deacon told Hope, but Hope isn't attending, yet she isn't giving him grief over the marriage, either. Katie wonders if Deacon is taking that as approval. Brooke doesn't know why Deacon thinks Hope would approve. Katie guesses that love really is blind, but Brooke figures that what Quinn gives isn't love, it's a craziness that will consume Deacon if Brooke can't get through to him before it's too late. Katie advises that it may already be too late, but Brooke says there's still time if she gets over there. Presuming her sister has a plan, Katie goes to get her purse so she can go with Brooke, but when she turns around, Brooke is already gone.

In Wyatt's living room, a suit clad Deacon paces and recalls Brooke protesting the wedding. Wyatt arrives and asks if Deacon is ready. Deacon asks how he can convince Wyatt in 10 seconds or less that he'll do right by Quinn. "Start convincing," Wyatt responds. Looking around the empty room, Deacon says that it's clear that no one is thrilled about this wedding, and he knows full well that it's not always easy to love Quinn. "Yeah," Wyatt chuckles in agreement. Deacon assures that he's all in for this marriage, for better or for worse. Carter arrives, and Deacon is pleased to see their officiant is on time. Carter says that's he's also pushed for time, so they should get started.

In the bedroom, Quinn prepares for the wedding and remembers when Deacon asked her to marry him. Wyatt enters and is glad to see she's not bolting for the door. Quinn still can't believe she's getting married. Wyatt asks what she's wearing; she reveals that she has two dresses, one traditional, one not so much. Wyatt asks if the non-traditional one is leather. "I'm saving the leather for the honeymoon," Quinn gleefully boasts. "La-la-la-la," Wyatt chants, pretending not to hear. Quinn asks if he's OK with this. Wyatt says that he may have reservations about Deacon, but he wants this to be the start of something wonderful for her. He kids that on a good day, she's a handful, but then he adds that people say there is someone for everyone, and if Deacon is that someone for her, he's happy for them both. They hug.

In the living room, Carter helps pin a boutonniere on Deacon, who asks if it's normal to have pre-wedding jitters. Carter says that he wouldn't know. Deacon then recalls that Carter almost married Maya; Carter thinks it may have been a good thing that Maya ditched him since she wasn't who he thought she was, and he wonders if Deacon's pre-wedding jitters might be similar misgivings about the often-unstable Quinn. "You don't know her the way that I do," Deacon responds. Carter walks away, and Deacon stands there, growing nervous.

Wyatt returns and announces that the bride is almost ready. Deacon says they should start. Carter asks if they should wait for guests, but Wyatt concludes that this is it. Deacon says that they don't need guests since they have all they need with the happy couple, the officiant and family present.

The trio take their places, and Wyatt plays the Wedding March on a tablet. Quinn enters in a white sleeveless gown. Deacon kisses her on the cheek and remarks that no one knew when they first met that it would lead to this. Noting that the kiss usually happens at the end, Carter gets started. When he asks if anyone objects, Quinn reminds him that they have no guests there to object. Suddenly, Brooke bursts in and calls out to stop. Deacon asks what she's doing. Brooke urges him not to marry Quinn, but Quinn Boasts that there's nothing Brooke can do. Holding up a tablet, Brooke says that maybe she can't, but she has someone who can. "Dad?" says Hope from a video call on the tablet.

Deacon asks Hope what she's doing. She says she told him she couldn't be at the wedding, and it wasn't a big thing to her because she was stunned. She guesses she didn't believe he'd actually marry a woman who had done the things Quinn did to the daughter he claimed to love. Deacon insists this doesn't change anything, but Hope feels that it will because he'll be pulled into Quinn's craziness. Stating that they still have a lot to overcome as father and daughter, she implores him not to marry Quinn.

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