Friday, September 12, 2014, Episode #6909

At the cliff house, Wyatt claims that he's not taking anything from Lia. "Especially not my house," Liam retorts. Wyatt notes that it's actually Bill's house. Liam doesn't see their dad kicking him out. Wyatt says that this isn't an attack on Liam and is just a way for him and Hope to have more space. Liam balks at Wyatt, who didn't want Boo around as a reminder of Hope's memories of the past, suddenly wanting a house full of those memories. Wyatt maintains that he and Hope will make new memories. Shaking his head in disbelief, Liam wonders why returning to Forrester and marrying Hope wasn't enough for Wyatt. Wyatt says that it wasn't because he and Hope have bigger plans for their lives. Liam asks if Hope knows about these plans. Picturing a bunch of kids at the house's dining room table or running around the backyard, Wyatt insists that the place is perfect for him and Hope, and even if Liam disagreed, Hope would be excited about it.

At Forrester, Ivy asks Hope why they have to be at odds over Liam. Hope believes that Liam needs time before moving on. Noting that the man who leaped to her rescue had no problem making quick decisions, Ivy says that you can tell a lot about a person by their decisions, and Liam's choice to save her spoke to what kind of man he is. She then points out that Hope made a decision that day, too, to leave with Wyatt and marry him when Liam didn't show. "Which tells you what?" Hope asks. Ivy replies that it tells her that Hope must love Wyatt very much. Hope confirms that she does. Ivy states that it's only fair to Liam move on, too.

Later, Wyatt returns and finds Hope alone, deep in thought, so he offers a kiss to brighten her mood. After the kiss, he asks if everything's OK. "Now it is," she replies, smiling. He recalls that things were tense with Ivy when he left. Hope indicates that things got bumpy after that. Wyatt remarks that it sounds like they both had the same kind of day.

Hope asks what went wrong with his day. He states that he and Liam have some things to work out. Hope asks about the surprise he mentioned earlier. He says that it's big, but it's not official yet, yet he's sure she'll love it. Hope asks if she needs to see it first, but he explains that she's already seen it, since they kind of lived there. Hope looks puzzled, so announces, "I want us to move into the cliff house." Hope asks why he's want to live at Liam's. He says that he talked to Liam and Bill. "And they agreed?" Hope asks. Wyatt says that it's not a done deal, and he knew Liam wouldn't just hand over the keys. Hope agrees, since it's Liam's house. Wyatt says that Liam is just staying there, just as Wyatt is at Bill's other house, and he proposed a swap. Hope still doesn't get why he's want to live in a house full of memories of her ex. Wyatt says that they can make new ones, and he raves about how the bigger house is everything he'd want - for their family. Taken aback, Hope says that he was right that this is a big surprise. Wyatt says that they don't have to start right away, but however it happens, he wants her to know that he's ready.

Quinn drops by Bill's office with a bottle of scotch and offers him a drink. When he declines, she asks if he's still keeping her secret. He says he is, but only because no good will come from stirring things up. Quinn says that she's not ashamed of pushing Ivy off the bridge since it put Wyatt son where he is now. Bill clarifies that Wyatt's married because Hope accepted his proposal, even if Quinn put Wyatt in a place to propose, and that's the only reason he's keeping the secret, not because he approves of what Quinn did.

Grinning, Quinn laughs at his sense of romance, but Bill's not amused. She asks why he's so touchy about it. He responds that he has no problem with secrets, but he wants her manipulation to stop. Quinn brags that she did the family a favor since Bill's sons aren't at each other's throats anymore, Hope and Wyatt are married, and Liam is moving on, all because of her. Bill orders her to back off. She assures that Liam has nothing to fear from her anymore, but he qualifies that she needs to let Liam, Hope and Wyatt all live their lives. "Gladly," she responds. Bill tells her to appreciate that she got off lucky, since Wyatt would turn on her again if he knew what she did. Quinn insists that no one will find out and says, "Our secret is safe."

In the Forrester security office, Charlie studies a foldaway whiteboard filled with photos of Quinn, maps and pics of Paris, with string and post-it notes to draw connections between the items. Pam enters, so he folds the board toward the wall. She asks what he's up to. Charlie tries to be evasive, but then he admits he's waiting for a text from customs, and he didn't want to to tell her about it until he was sure. Pam assumes he's getting her a present; saying he sort of is, Charlie asks if she'd like to see Hope and Liam back together. She says she'd love to, but it will never happen. He says it might, if Quinn pushed Ivy into the seine. Pam says that Quinn wasn't in Paris, but when Charlie grins at her, she asks, "Was she?" He says that he's waiting for information that will tell them just that. After Charlie explains how questions about Ivy's fall led him to conclude that Quinn was certainly capable of making it happen, Charlie gets a text with a document from Paris showing Quinn clearing customs on that day. "You were right!" Pam gasps, but then she realizes that doesn't tie Quinn to Ivy's fall. Charlie explains that he knows someone who can check surveillance footage from the city that will tell them if Quinn was there. While Pam looks at the whiteboard, Charlie calls a young woman named Silvie who set up cameras for the photo shoot to request video from the airport and near the Eiffel Tower, the bridge and Trocadero Gardens. Pam asks why they need the airport if they have the customs document. Charlie explains that they need solid proof in case Quinn claims it's a fake, since the woman lies like a wet Berber carpet.

Pam wants to call Liam, but Charlie says that you don't poke a snake unless you're ready to lop off his head. Soon after, two files arrive from Sylvie. In the first, showing the arriving flights area outside the airport, Charlie spots a woman without luggage who he believes is Quinn in disguise. When the woman gets on a scooter and looks up before driving off after Liam and Ivy's car, Pam exclaims, "That is definitely Quinn!" Next they, view images of the bridge by the Eiffel Tower. After zooming in to see Liam and Ivy, they see Liam rushing to meet Hope and Ivy sitting on the bridge - and Pam gasps as the next few frames show the disguised Quinn pushing Ivy off the bridge!

At the cliff house, Liam recalls times with Hope, at the house and in different places around the globe. He feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to see Ivy, who says that the door was unlocked. He wipes away a tear and smiles.

Sensing Liam seems distracted, Ivy asks what's wrong. He tells her that Wyatt wants to live in his house and fill it with "mini-me's" with Hope. She guesses it's about more than the house. Liam rants that it's about Wyatt, who like his mother, keeps taking and taking. Ivy sees how much the house means to him. He admits that maybe it means more than he realized. Ivy says that she understands. Liam says that he thought he was ready, and he's close. But he's not there yet, Ivy concludes. Suddenly, they hear pounding at the door. Liam opens it and lets Charlie and Pam in; glad to see Ivy there, Pam and Charlie explain that they have something unbelievable to show Ivy and Liam about Paris. Liam and Ivy wonder what's going on. Pam says that Ivy's fall was no accident. Liam asks who would want to hurt Ivy. "Not Ivy. You," Charlie responds. Pam adds that with Liam about to unite with Hope, Quinn couldn't let it happen. Ivy and Liam say that Quinn was in L.A. Charlie and Pam pull out a laptop and show the footage from the airport and the bridge, explaining how Quinn followed Liam and Ivy to Paris and then to the Eiffel Tower. As Charlie zooms in on the scene showing Quinn pushing Ivy, Pam declares, "That's why you lost Hope, Liam. It wasn't some act of fate. It was Quinn!"

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