Friday, July 18, 2014, Episode #6871

In the Medieval Times lobby, Oliver tells Aly that he had to come to prove he's not the guy in the recording. She thinks he could have bought a ticket, but he says he wanted to get her attention. "You got it," Aly says, blushing. Worried that he could have been hurt, Aly calls Oliver crazy; he says that he might be, but he cared about her so much that he had to prove she could trust him, even if it meant taking on every knight in the kingdom. Aly asks how he knew where she was. He explains that he saw her in the elevator at Forrester in costume, so he followed and crashed the show. A young girl and her mom approach for a photo with the yellow knight and his fair maiden; Aly starts to decline, but Oliver eagerly obliges. Pam and Charlie arrive and praise Oliver for his performance, although Charlie wants to know how Oliver got past the top-notch security. Before Oliver can answer, Pam pulls the four of them together for a photo among friends... that is, assuming they're all friends again. Oliver looks to Aly, asking if they're still friends. Charlie and Pam decide to check out the souvenir stands so Aly and Oliver can talk alone.

Oliver tells Aly that he may have screwed up, but he's cared about her since day one. Aly says that she knows and agrees to forgive him as long as he's always honest with her, even if he thinks she won't like what he has to say. He agrees. Aly also doesn't want any more scares, since she thought he was as good as dead while jousting and fighting. Oliver brags that there are no real deaths there, and besides, his lady needed her carnation. Aly realizes she lost the flower. While Aly looks for it, the beaming vision of Darla places a carnation in Oliver's hand, which is behind his back. Surprised to feel something in his hand, Oliver presents the flower to Aly, and they beam at each other.

At Brooke's house, Bill mocks Ridge's accusations, asking if he's some kind of super-villain who could remote control a chopper. Brooke reminds Ridge that his appearance was completely unexpected, while Bill insists he was only focused on getting to Brooke. Ridge believes it was no coincidence that Justin was the pilot, following Bill's orders.

Bill balks that this is ludicrous. Ridge asks if he's denying Justin was there, but Bill admits Justin was in Abu Dhabi. Ridge asks why. "To fly around in a helicopter and dispose of wedding crashers," Bill quips. Katie shoots him a look. Bill asks what she wants him to say. Katie explains that Ridge just wants answers now that is memory is returning. Bill understands and hopes Ridge gets them, but it won't be from him. Brooke interjects that she didn't see the pilot since things were so frantic. Bill suggests that Ridge's subconscious is taking cues from his obsession with stopping the wedding to save Brooke from "Big Bad Dollar Bill." Ridge claims that Brooke needed to know Bill cheated on her. Bill responds that he wasn't cheating, but he did keep a secret he should have disclosed before the wedding. Even so, he thinks a phone call and text from Ridge would have sufficed. Ridge asserts that Bill would have talked his way out of it. Bill says there was nothing to talk his way out of since his one regrettable night with Quinn was the night Brooke was marrying Ridge, making it hardly a reason for Ridge to rush to the Middle East.

Katie admits that they didn't have all the details. "No, you didn't, and that's the point. You just had to stop me!" Bill retorts.

Bill suggests that these "memories" are manifestations of Ridge's deep-seated hatred of him and desire to keep him out of Brooke and R.J.'s lives. While he'll concede that Ridge believes the memories are real, Bill reasons that they won't go away until Ridge lets go of his hatred. Ridge states that Brooke was buckled in, so Justin knew Ridge was the only one in danger. Bill asks how this was all his fault when Ridge did everything to stop the wedding. "It wasn't my helicopter," Ridge replies. Bill counters, "Wasn't mine, either." Katie thinks there must be an explanation, so Bill invites her to explain how he plotted Justin's turning Ridge into the high-dive champion of the world. Ridge tells him not to be condescending. Bill says that he's not being condescending and just wants to get to the truth, which is that he didn't try to kill Ridge and that the fall was an accident. He sees no point in Ridge fixating on these memories instead of focusing on the future. Ridge says he's remembering, not fixating. Bill suggests that Ridge talk to a professional, but Ridge claims he only needs to talk to Bill. Bill tells Katie to take care of Ridge, warning them not to come back with these accusations again. "I'm done," he declares.

As Brooke shows Ridge and Katie out, Bill flashes back to a day when he assured Justin they were in the clear since "Smidge" had no memories of the fall. As she closes the door, Brooke confides that she feels sorry for Ridge and thanks Bill for being so patient. Bill doesn't blame the confused Ridge for thinking the worst of him, since Ridge's brain is probably working overtime to justify his actions. He just hopes Brooke isn't thinking... Brooke assures that she knows there's no way he could do what Ridge claims he did.

At Spencer, Justin tells Alison about his recent run-in with Ridge. He fears Ridge might be remembering what happened. Alison asks if he told Bill. Justin says that he did, and Bill wasn't worried, but he wanted to erase any paper trail. Alison assumes that's where she comes in. Justin asserts that she's the best at cleaning up Bill's messes.

Confirming that he shredded or deleted all evidence, Justin asks Alison to double-check. She promises to make sure there's no proof he piloted the chopper. Alison asks if Brooke could be a problem. Justin explains that Brooke didn't know he was there to fly her and Bill off after the ceremony since it was part of Bill's honeymoon surprise. Alison thinks that makes her job even easier. She almost hopes Ridge remembers, since he'll look "completely bonkers" with no evidence to back him up. When Alison pulls out Bill's credit card bills, Justin asks why; she explains that she wants Ridge to see them, since she's confirmed the only things listed are typical wedding expenses. Justin says that they never chartered a helicopter, and he'd love Ridge to prove they did. Stating that no one needs to know that the Spencer helicopter was there, Alison deletes the file that shows the chopper ever left Bill's yacht. After confirming that he deleted the flight plan, she checks his email for any digital footprint on the server. Justin thanks her for not letting this get ugly, as in "going-to-jail" ugly. She says that she has bills to pay, so she can't let him or Bill get caught.

Justin thinks back to Abu Dhabi, recalling how three words from Bill over the headset - "cool him off" - changed everything. Alison says that it was an accident, since Ridge needed cooling off, and no one knew he'd go missing. Justin agrees that Bill just wanted to teach Ridge a lesson. Alison says that it was a minor prank, and Bill had done worse, so she'll make sure this won't bring them down. Justin remarks that Bill is lucky to have Alison, who thinks she could say the same for him, a lawyer with a pilot's license. Justin guesses they make a good duo. The best, Alison laughs. As she goes to put the bills back so Adele doesn't notice they're missing, Alison wonders why Bill kept Katie's assistant on. Justin jokes that it was to rub it in Katie's face that Adele now pours Bill's scotch. Chuckling that she loves a good demotion, Alison bids Justin good night and leaves. Justin pours himself a drink and walks over to the window, taking in the view. Suddenly, a hand grabs his tie and spins him around. Justin finds himself face to face with an angry Ridge, who shouts, "You dumped me out of that helicopter at Bill's orders. Say it!"

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