Friday, May 20, 2016, Episode #7336

In Bill and Katie's bedroom, Katie freaks out that Brooke was hiding under her bed! Bill says that it's not what Katie thinks, but Katie scoffs at that notion.

Brooke tries to explain, but Katie doesn't want any excuses when it's obvious to her that she walked in on Brooke trying to seduce Katie's husband! Bill claims that it's nothing, but Katie doesn't buy that. Brooke insists that she didn't know Bill was there and explains how Bill surprised her when he came out of the shower while she was dropping off the dress for Katie. Even when Brooke presents the dress, Katie shakes her head and says she doesn't believe Brooke. Brooke states that she thought the gown would be perfect for the museum gala, but Katie balks that she has a closet full of dresses. Bill says that Brooke was being thoughtful, Katie can't believe he expects her to believe that. Putting on a shirt, Bill chides Katie for getting upset for no reason. "No reason?! She was hiding under our bed!" Katie exclaims.

Katie seethes that this is classic Brooke, never meaning to cause trouble, yet things just happen to her. Katie refuses to believe that Bill coincidentally came out of the shower just as Brooke arrived, and she feels so insulted that Bill and Brooke won't acknowledge the truth that she storms out of the bedroom.

Bill and Brooke follow Katie downstairs and find her in the kitchen, pouring drinks. Bill and Brooke urge her to stop, but Katie thinks that if Bill can do what he wants, she should get to do what she wants, too. Bill says this isn't what he wants. Katie tells him not to insult her by expecting her to believe that an intelligent man like him can't see the obvious. She wonders why Brooke panicked if it was all innocent. Brooke says she wasn't thinking, but Katie thinks Brooke WAS thinking - about Abu Dhabi, Monte Carlo, Aspen and all the times Brooke spent with Bill in Bill and Katie's bed!

Brooke begs Katie to stop, but Katie wants Brooke to stop convincing everyone that her sister is delusional and crazed by suspicion. Bill understands why Katie is angry and admits that he should have told Katie that Brooke was there, but he knows that Katie is unreasonable when she gets this way. Katie scolds Bill for allowing all Brooke's excuses, but Bill insists nothing happened.

Scoffing that Brooke is so addicted to the thrill that she can't help herself, Katie grabs her bottle of liquor, but Bill pulls it away from her, stating that they can't talk when she's drinking. Katie fumes that she didn't intend to drink tonight until Bill put her in this position by not telling her that Brooke was in the bedroom.

Katie stalks over to Brooke and rages, "Get the hell out of my house." Grabbing a bottle of alcohol, Katie goes to the bedroom and locks the door behind her. Bill and Brooke follow and order Katie to open the door. "What are you still doing here?! I told you to leave!" Katie calls out. Brooke says she'll leave after Katie comes out and gives Bill the bottle. "Just go away!" Katie shouts. Brooke wants to go, but Bill stops her and shouts to Katie that Brooke isn't leaving, so Katie should come out and talk this out. Katie doesn't see why she should when Bill can't see what Brooke is doing.

Alone in the bedroom with the bottle, Katie recalls her wedding to Bill. Next, she flashes back to the day she was so tipsy at dinner that Bill, despite her protests, had to take Will out of the room. Finally, she recalls Bill recently telling her that he doesn't want to lose her, and her promising that he won't. In tears, she gazes at the bottle, sniffs it, but then puts the cork in and puts the bottle down.

In the kitchen, Brooke blames herself for what happened, but Bill believes that even had Brooke not hidden, Katie would have reacted the same way. Worried about Katie's drinking, Brooke tells Bill to go up and reason with Katie. Bill fears there is no reasoning with Katie when she's like this.

Brooke sighs that none of this makes sense because Katie is the most level-headed person she knows. Bill says that he married Katie for her ability to rein in his hot temper with her level-headed attitude. Brooke feels that Katie depends on Bill, but Bill feels helpless.

Putting her hand on Bill's shoulder, Brooke says that Katie is lucky to have him. She asks him to let him know if she can help him with Will or with Katie. Bill thanks her. They agree that they are both worried about Katie, and they embrace.

In the photo studio at Forrester, Sasha asks Julius how Nicole giving birth affects her. Julius shares that he heard that Zende was at the hospital for the birth. Sasha reveals that Zende told her about that.

Julius tries to explain how moved Zende was by being there. Sasha acknowledges that Zende witnessed the life-changing experience of seeing someone give birth. Julius thinks Zende now appreciates the surrogacy. Sasha agrees, suggesting that Zende sees pregnancy in a new light now. Julius opines that Zende and Nicole are still in love, and Zende may even feel that leaving Nicole was a mistake. "But he did leave her - for me," Sasha qualifies. Julius wants Sasha to back off from Zende, but Sasha says that she's not going anywhere - because she's pregnant!

Julius asks if he's supposed to believe Zende is the father. Sasha says that Zende is the father, but she bets that Julius wouldn't ask Nicole that question. Julius says that Nicole would never be in that position, assuming Sasha truly is pregnant with Zende's child. Sasha says that she took a home pregnancy test last night.

Julius reminds her that he can confirm her claims since he's talking to his family again. Sasha tells him that his family doesn't know unless Zende told them. Julius presumes that she conveniently told Zende about this pregnancy just when he was about to get back together with Nicole; he reasons that this was her way to hold onto Zende. Sasha doesn't think a Zende/Nicole reunion is imminent. Julius says that she may be right, and Zende may not care about her pregnancy any more than he did Nicole's. At the same time, he agrees with Sasha that Zende's not the kind of man who would turn his back on his child, even if that child ruins his life.

At the hospital, Zende sits on Nicole's bed and tells her how overwhelmed he is with the incredible gift she gave Rick and Maya. He knows now that he shouldn't have left her. Nicole says that all that matters is that he came back.

Realizing now that he was being selfish while Nicole was being strong, Zende wants her back. He asks her to understand that he felt like he was losing her and didn't know where he fit in. He took the easy way out by getting involved with Sasha, and now he knows that was a mistake. Nicole sighs that it hurt to know he was with Sasha. Zende feels bad about that; he supposes that Sasha was there for him, but being with her hurt Nicole, and now he wishes it had never happened. He insists that his feelings for Nicole never changed, and he would never have left her if he knew how he'd feel after watching her give birth.

Nicole says that she never blamed him for leaving her; she recalls that he was always honest about how he felt. Wanting to be honest now, Zende tells her that he never stopped loving her and needs her goodness and beauty in his life. After what he learned today, he believes he can get through anything with her by his side, so he asks for another chance.

Nicole says that she still loves him, too, and agrees to give him another chance. They embrace. Nicole tells Zende that she missed him so much. They agree that their relationship is strong enough to get through anything. Zende refuses to lose her a second time. Nicole says she's not going anywhere. Zende hopes that's true because he doesn't want anything to stand in their way this time. At the same time, he has something to tell her, and it's not good news. Nicole assures that there's nothing they can't handle together. Zende reveals that when he went to tell Sasha that he wanted a future with Nicole, Sasha shared a truth of her own with him. Nicole supposes Sasha would say anything to keep him but asks what Sasha said.

Zende explains that Sasha was glad to hear that he recognized how miraculous childbirth is because the two of them will experience it for themselves next. "Sasha's pregnant," he states. Nicole is stunned.

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