Friday, April 22, 2016, Episode #7316

In the hall outside the Design Office at Forresters, Ridge worries about Steffy, but she insists that Liam's return doesn't change her feelings about her marriage.

Ridge asks if she's sure about that since she can still change her mind now that she knows the truth about Liam. Steffy asks him to stop and repeats that she's fine and is married to Wyatt. Noting that Liam didn't give up on Steffy as she thought, Ridge doesn't see Liam giving up now, even though she took vows with another man. He reminds her that she was misled. Steffy responds that they were all misled, but she can't pretend that the vows she took and feelings for Wyatt aren't real. "What about your feelings for Liam?" asks Ridge.

In the Design Office, Wyatt balks at Liam wanting to reclaim what's his, noting that Steffy's not property. Liam states that he's talking about his and Steffy's relationship, but Wyatt says that Steffy is a strong, independent woman who chose to marry him. "Because she thought *I* was unavailable, because she thought *I* left her," Liam argues.

Wyatt thinks Liam is forgetting he walked away from Steffy before going to play Garden of Eden with Quinn. Liam insists that no matter what he remembers, he wants his life back, including Steffy. He explains that deeply-buried memories of Steffy, even though he couldn't remember her name or picture her, kept reminding him that someone was waiting for him when he was at Quinn's cabin. Liam guesses that Wyatt knew Steffy was waiting, too, which is why Wyatt swooped in to establish himself as the better man rather than help Steffy. He tells Wyatt that there are healthier ways to work out his anger toward his brother. Wyatt claims he has no anger toward Liam, but he pities Liam. Liam finds it funny that Wyatt pities him, yet always goes after "every woman I've ever frickin' been with."

Wyatt tells Liam not to take his frustrations out on him or his marriage. "Don't even think that you're entitled to my wife," Wyatt adds. "She's only your wife because your psychopath mother kidnapped and tortured me!" Liam counters.

Wyatt recalls that the supposedly tortured Liam seemed to be enjoying himself when Wyatt walked into that cabin. "Grow up! Be a man! Do the right thing. Step aside and give Steffy what she really wants," Liam pleads.

Wyatt refuses to give up his life because things didn't work out like Liam wanted. Liam points out that Wyatt was there and saw for himself what Quinn did. Wyatt balks that it scarred him for life because no son should have to see that. Liam maintains that Quinn held him captive to let Wyatt get close to Steffy; claiming that it was evil for psychopathic Quinn to take him out of the mix, he asks if that means anything to Wyatt. Wyatt gets that his mom is disturbed, but it doesn't mean his marriage is any less -- "Your marriage is the direct result of manipulation!" Liam shouts. "Quinn basically took pushing somebody off of a bridge and multiplied that by a thousand. Is that really how you want to get the girl? Again?"

Liam hopes Wyatt has learned the difference between right and wrong and doesn't want to be in a marriage based on trickery. Wyatt finds it hard to be sympathetic with Liam selfishly thinking life can't go on without him around. He argues that his mom may have sped things up, but Steffy still would have turned to him because of Liam's penchant for pursuing her and throwing her away.

Liam claims he doesn't know what Wyatt is talking about. Wyatt assumes Liam doesn't remember walking away from Steffy after she wouldn't follow his orders to stay away from Ivy. Liam can't believe he would do that, but Wyatt reasons that Liam gets scared when he can't be Steffy's boss and walks out.

"I didn't walk out, Wyatt! Your mother kidnapped me! She victimized me!" Liam exclaims. Wyatt counters that he's been a victim of his mom's toxic love since childhood, but he sucked it up, and now Liam needs to do the same. He feels like neither the world nor he owes Liam anything, and he orders Liam to respect his marriage to Steffy. Wondering why he should, Liam asks if Wyatt knew about Quinn's plan. Wyatt denies it, but Liam thinks the situation seems really convenient for his brother. Wyatt points out that he was shocked when he saw Liam with Quinn and also notes that he brought Liam back to Steffy. "No, no, no. You brought me back to your brand-new wife," Liam counters. Finding it funny how Wyatt saved him after the wedding was done, Liam shouts, "Did you know?!" Wyatt responds that he didn't.

Liam doesn't think the answer matters since he will get his life back, including Steffy. He believes that Wyatt knows that Steffy wants, him, too. Quinn may have gotten in the way, but Liam vows to get his life with Steffy back, and it will be sooner than Wyatt thinks.

In the CEO office, Bill chats with Caroline, Maya, and Thomas. Bill praises Ridge to Caroline for warmly welcoming Liam back. Caroline can't believe he just complimented Ridge. Bill quips that Ridge is still an arrogant bastard, but not all the time. "Unlike you," Thomas mutters. Maya giggles.

Across the room, Katie is surprised by Rick's news that the doctor Ridge was talking to at Il Giardino died. Rick wonders what they were talking about. Katie repeats that it seemed intense.

Katie finds herself unnerved by how quickly a tragic accident took the doctor's life. Noting that she said that the conversation seemed intense, Rick asks if Ridge and the doctor argued. Katie wonders if her impression was a figment of her imagination. Maya interrupts to get Rick for a meeting with Carter. Rick asks Katie to let him know if she remembers anything. Katie asks why he's so curious. Rick claims he finds it interesting and leaves with Maya. Katie seems curious.

Thomas and Caroline step in the hall and find Steffy at the reception desk eating a lemon bar. They tease that Steffy is showing off her Douglas genes and looking like Pam's long-lost twin. Steffy says she'd gladly take after either Douglas sister.

Thomas asks his sister if she's doing OK. She tells him not to be concerned and insists she's fine. Thomas claims he's just concerned, but Steffy isn't in the mood for another round after being harassed about this by their dad. Thomas and Caroline offer to be there if she needs to talk. She thanks them. Caroline recognizes how hard this is since one of her cousins will have his heart broken by Steffy, Steffy doesn't want to hurt either man, but it's inevitable. Caroline thinks most women would be thrilled to have two men fighting over them, but Steffy feels terrible disappointing someone she cares about.

On the way back from her meeting with a supplier, Brooke stops backstage and texts Bill to meet her. When he arrives, she apologizes for the secrecy, but he admits that he wanted to talk to her in private about Katie's apology to her.

Brooke says that it was a good conversation, but Bill is still concerned. Even though Brooke mentions that Katie is seeing a therapist, Bill thinks Katie needs to be in A.A. and hopes Brooke agrees with him. Brooke agrees, but she knows she can't just drag Katie to a meeting. She hopes it's a good sign that Katie is reaching out. Bill fears that it won't last since Katie has been so erratic lately. Brooke concurs that Katie is a different person when she drinks. Even though they agree that Katie might say hurtful things under the influence, Brooke thinks they have to be there if and when Katie slips. She decides to get back to work before Katie sees them together. Bill takes her hand and thanks her.

At the Sky Lounge, Rick and Maya wait for Carter. Maya asks Rick why he was talking to Katie. Rick explains that he thinks Katie can help them get rid of Ridge

Maya asks what he means. Rick shares how he asked Ridge about being at Il Giardino, only to have Ridge deny it. Maya supposes that his friend was mistaken about Ridge being there, but Rick tells her that Katie was also there and saw Ridge in an intense conversation with the dead doctor. "Ridge is covering something up. And I bet Katie can help me figure out what that is," Rick concludes.

After Caroline fetches Douglas from the photo studio, Thomas runs into them in the hall and fusses over his little brother. "Total charmer, just like his dad," Thomas teases.

In the CEO office, Katie thanks Ridge for including her and Bill in the party. Ridge says that she's always welcome, and it made sense for Bill to be there. They talk about Liam's bad luck with Quinn, and Katie segues from there and guesses that Ridge must have freaked out when he heard about his doctor's death.

Ridge asks what she means, so Katie explains that she saw him having an intense conversation with Dr. Wolin at Il Giardino and talked to Wolin after Ridge left. Ridge assures that nothing was wrong, but Katie wonders if something may be wrong since Wolin told her Ridge isn't Douglas' father. Ridge tries to tell her that the doctor must be out of his mind from drinking too much and losing his license, but Katie can't understand why Wolin would say that about Douglas. Ridge tells her to stop saying that before someone misinterprets it. He figures that the doctor was drunk and wanted to blackmail him.

Katie thinks that the claims about Ridge's vasectomy and condition were quite specific. Growing angry, Ridge says that Wolin was a quack who lost his license. Ridge is just glad he found another doctor who figured his condition out.

Katie tries to understand why Wolin would approach Ridge in public about this. "I'm sorry, but if you're not Douglas' father, then -- who is?" asks Katie. Outside, they spot Thomas with Caroline in the baby. "It's a dangerous game you're playing," Ridge tells Katie. "He's my son. He's mine." Katie watches from the door as Ridge goes to the hall, kisses Caroline and walks off with her and the baby.

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