Friday, June 17, 2016, Episode #7356

In the CEO office at Forrester, Ridge tells Steffy that Zende passed on the lingerie gig. Steffy guesses that Nicole didn't want Zende working with Sasha. Ridge reasons that sacrifices sometimes get made, like when a woman is in love with two men.

Realizing she's obvious about her feelings, Steffy laments that she gets that trait from her mom. Ridge understands her position after what Quinn put her through. Steffy notes that Quinn turned her life upside-down. Ridge thinks she has unresolved feelings for Liam, but he knows that she married Wyatt because she loves him and advises her to focus on her husband. Steffy laughs that he sounds like Bill. Though he's irked by the idea that he and Bill share an opinion, Ridge thinks Steffy should be loyal to her husband. Steffy agrees that Wyatt deserves that. Ridge concurs since he knows what Quinn has put Wyatt through recently. Steffy remarks that Wyatt feels torn. Ridge notes that no one gets to pick their parents, and Wyatt got handed a piece of work.

Steffy feels like Quinn's manipulations robbed them of their integrity and ability to choose, and now they have to pick up the pieces. Ridge believes that she will. Steffy says that will be easier said than done.

Ridge assumes that she's talking about her feelings for Liam. Steffy feels bad for Liam because she still has strong feelings for him. Ridge believes that Liam is strong and will be OK, but he asks if Steffy and Wyatt will be all right. Steffy scoffs at what "that bitch" has put her through. Ridge believes that Steffy won't let Quinn defeat her, and he also thinks that Liam will find someone else. Steffy agrees that Liam will make someone very happy. Ridge asks if she's sure she doesn't want to be that someone. Steffy reminds him that she's already said more than once that she loves Wyatt. Ridge knows that she does, but he also knows that she loves Liam, so he wonders if her love for Wyatt is enough to get them through the rest of their lives.

In the bedroom hidden behind Bill's office, Brooke and Bill lie on the bed and kiss. Outside, Liam asks Alison to let Bill know he's there, but Alison states that she has strict orders not to disturb Bill. Liam asks if Bill is alone. Alison isn't sure since she was briefly away from her desk. Liam wonders what's going on. Alison only knows what Bill told her. Liam wonders what his dad is doing. "He might be -- meditating," Alison guesses.

In the bedroom, Bill tells Brooke that it has to be this way because he wants all of her. He can't go on pretending. Brooke feels that they'll both be pretending if this continues, and she can't do that. Bill promises to work it out. Brooke hugs Bill, who kisses her and suggests that they leave. They exit, but Brooke's earring sits on the bed.

In Bill's office, Bill vows to make this work. Brooke doesn't see how they can; she frets about keeping a secret like this from Katie. Bill believes they can help Katie cope in time. He knows neither of them wants to hurt Katie, but he feels that they can't ignore their feelings any longer. They kiss. Alison buzzes Bill to report that Liam is at her desk waiting to see him. Brooke overhears and panics. Bill tells her to relax and instructs her to exit through the bedroom door. They kiss again, and Brooke goes back to the bedroom and leaves.

Bill invites Liam in. Liam asks what Bill was doing. Bill takes a file from Liam and, after reviewing it, smiles. He likes what Liam did but wants Liam to run it by Wyatt, too, since they're all on the same team.

Liam remarks that Wyatt will probably remind him of that. Bill states that Wyatt isn't the enemy. Liam says that he knows that Wyatt had nothing to do with what Quinn did. Bill adds that Wyatt saved Liam. Despite his being hard on Liam, Bill assures that no one feels worse about what happened to Liam than he does. He just wants Liam back in the game, and that means no more obsessing over what might have been and instead getting up and responding to the challenging position Quinn put him in. When Bill tells him to be a man and accept Wyatt and Steffy's marriage, Liam says that he's trying, not because he's fallen out of love with Steffy but because of Bill's example. After hearing Bill and Katie talk earlier about overcoming their challenges, Liam wants to follow his dad's lead. Bill doesn't want to take any credit. Liam questions his dad's atypical show of humility. Bill says that he's not perfect.

Liam wonders if Katie would agree that Bill's not perfect after Bill supported her through a challenging time. Bill says that Katie is his wife, and he'll always be there for her.

Seeing his dad's resolve, Liam wants to be "that guy." Bill responds, "You are that guy, and so is your brother. I want you to have each other's backs." Liam sighs that Quinn didn't make it easy. Bill feels his sons are stronger than Quinn, but Liam questions if strength matters when Quinn changed his life so dramatically.

Bill still wishes that Quinn would suffer for what she did, but he's accepted Justin's advice for Liam not to press charges and instead move on. Liam says that he's fighting the battle. Bill asserts that the only way to fight that battle is to accept that no one interferes with the loyalty and commitment among the Spencer men.

Liam is glad to have Bill as an example. Bill thinks there are better examples. Liam doesn't understand why Bill, the best example of respecting marriage he knows, would say that. Bill explains that he sees marital bonds as paramount to civilization; he wants Liam to remember that when looking at Steffy and Wyatt since Bill's take on marriage allows him zero tolerance for Liam to do otherwise. Liam sees his dad's point but wonders if Bill could walk away from the kind of love Liam has for Steffy; he senses that Bill couldn't. Bill states that he's just saying what needs to be said, and he hopes Liam hears him. Inspired by his dad's commitment to Katie, Liam vows not to go after Steffy. He wants that kind of commitment and wants Wyatt to have it, too. Hugging his son, Bill says that he feels Liam's pain. He promises that they'll get through this together and decides to head home to his wife.

Brooke gets home, and Katie arrives right after. Brooke guesses that Katie came back for sunglasses she left behind. Katie wants Brooke to keep the glasses since she feels that what's hers is Brooke's.

Brooke doesn't think that's necessary, but Katie wants to be clear that she meant what she said the other night about appreciating Brooke standing by her. Katie knows she made false accusations and said ugly things about Brooke, so she wants to make up for that by being as supportive of Brooke as Brooke is of her. They hug, but Brooke looks worried. Katie expresses how embarrassed she is of how she treated Brooke. Brooke thinks Katie was justified, but Katie thinks Brooke and Bill were right to tell her that her jealousy was all in her head. Brooke asks her not to say that, but Katie feels she's taking an important first step by being honest and owning up to her actions. Katie feels that she hasn't been herself because of her inability to accept that Bill and Brooke can't just erase their past feelings. Katie knows she can't take back what she said, but she wants to move forward and break her habit of thinking the worst of Brooke. Brooke looks guilty as Katie says that she knows Brooke loves her, and she loves Brooke, too.

Katie asks why Brooke seems so sullen; she hopes Brooke isn't concerned about her since there's no reason to. Pointing out that she and Bill are in a good place, Katie thanks her sister for being so loyal and so supportive. They hug, but Brooke looks pained.

Alone in Bill's office, Liam looks at a photo of Bill and Katie on the desk. Putting the picture back, he spots one of Wyatt and Steffy from their wedding and sighs.

Pacing around the office, Liam sees the door to the hidden bedroom slightly ajar. He enters the room and looks around, and then he spots Brooke's earring on the bed.

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