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Updated on 20-Jul-2015

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Spoilers: Week of 07/20/2015


Rick finds a way to make the California Freedom showing even more special for Maya. And later, Zende encourages Nicole to take a major step!
Rick and Maya
Rick proposes to Maya after the fashion show.
Maya and Rick take a moment to celebrate their engagement.
The subject of Maya's transition sparks a heated exchange between Vivienne and Julius.
Rick and Maya recall the major moments in their relationship as they reflect on their love story.
Nicole and Zende share a special moment as he encourages her to take the first step towards living out her dreams.


Besides for the reaction by the crowd to Forrester's new line, look for emotional reactions among Steffy, Liam, Ivy and Wyatt - not to mention Aly, who sees herself as the savior of the good in Forrester!
Steffy, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy
The crowd reacts to California Freedom.
Wyatt offers support to Ivy after she sees Liam flirting with Steffy at the end of the California Freedom fashion show.
Aly becomes unsettled by the audience's positive reception of the new line.
Aly's odd behavior draws notice Maya and Steffy each realize, in their own time, why Aly has been behaving strangely.
Ivy is shocked by what she discovers in Aly's room.
Thorne misses the fashion show because his flight to L.A. is delayed.
What Thorne discovers on his arrival threatens to have a big impact.
Thorne makes arrangements to take Aly to Paris, where she can get the help she needs.
Ivy shares the truth about Steffy and Aly's argument with Wyatt.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF JULY 27, 2015: Thomas returns to Los Angeles from Paris and informs his former girlfriend Caroline that he's home to stay. Ivy begins to notice how Liam and Steffy are acting more like a couple. Steffy draws closer to Liam, but she's unaware of what Ivy knows. Steffy worries that her secret can come out at any time. Wyatt discovers that Liam doesn't know what Steffy's hiding. Liam chooses between Steffy and Ivy. Wyatt is on the spot to comfort the heartbroken woman who Liam doesn't choose. Tensions rise between father and son when Ridge rejects Thomas' designs. Caroline makes sure Thomas understands that his father, Ridge, is the man in her life. Quinn overreacts when she sees Deacon spending time with Brooke. Thomas intends to uncover what really happened with Aly.


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