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Updated on 14-Dec-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 12/15/2014


Deacon comes to Quinn's rescue after Bill confronts her, while Dollar Bill finds himself reaching a new level in his relationship with his ex-wife.
Bill and Katie
Bill pressures Quinn to atone for her misdeeds toward his family.
Deacon rescues Quinn from herself and from Bill at a time when she needs the help the most.
Bill implores Katie to take a step back from her relationship with Ridge.
Katie blasts Ridge about his feelings for Caroline.
Katie shares a shocking discovery with Bill, leading to a brutally frank conversation between them.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF DECEMBER 22, 2014: Following weeks of estrangement, Wyatt and Quinn meet face to face for the first time, with Deacon acting as moderator. Unsure about the status of his marriage, Wyatt wonders if he can forgive his mother for all the damage she caused. Ivy enjoys her first Christmas in L.A. with Liam, who later faces her questions about his feelings for Hope.


Rick deceives his father and his wife in a bid to be with Maya and lock up his position as Forrester's CEO. But is everyone in the dark about what he's up to?
Rick, Caroline and Maya
With the Forrester team still unaware of his plans, Rick shocks everyone by supporting his father's recommendation for Ridge and Caroline to collaborate on the next collection.
Rick gives Maya an extremely generous gift, a love nest for them to clandestinely meet at.
Rick enacts the next steps in his plan to ensure that he remains CEO of Forrester, including seeking legal advice to make it happen.
As part of Rick's plan, he and Maya stage a grand performance and wait to see who will take the bait.
Believing that Rick wants to give their marriage another chance, Caroline tries to cozy up to him in the bedroom, but he tries to avoid becoming intimate.
Ivy observes Rick and Maya leaving their love nest.
Ivy confronts Rick about what she saw.
Rick angrily tries to justify his actions to Ivy and warns her not to tell anyone.
Caroline becomes worried about Rick's suspicious behavior.
Ridge confides in Carter about his feelings for Caroline.
Maya confides in someone about what she's been up to.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF DECEMBER 22, 2014: Maya shares details of Rick's takeover plan with an ally. Ivy finds herself in a tough position because of Rick's warning for her to keep quiet about what she saw. Knowing that Ivy could keep him from his goal, an edgy Rick implores Eric to sign the legal documents as soon as possible. After an awkward exchange about their future, Caroline asks Rick if he has completely forgiven her. Maya fantasizes about being married to Rick. Carter confides in Ridge that he wants to find a good woman to share his life with



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