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Updated on 29-Jun-2015

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Spoilers: Week of 06/29/2015


After Ivy's disclosure to Liam, how will things change for her and Steffy? And meanwhile, tensions mount between Aly and Steffy.
Steffy, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy
John Forrester pays a visit to Ivy and provides fatherly advice about her failed marriage to Liam and their separation.
Aly, feeling protective of Ivy, has an outburst of disapproval upon witnessing Steffy and Liam in an intimate moment.
Tensions rise when Aly reminds Steffy of their mothers' past history and Darla's accident.
Wyatt gives Ivy a sliver of hope when he makes a bold confession about a recent stolen kiss.
Ridge and Steffy make a huge announcement about a new fashion line at Forrester Creations.
Liam and Ivy make a huge decision about how to handle their relationship.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF JULY 06, 2015: Steffy and Liam share a tender moment that is witnessed by Ivy. Ivy realizes that her and Liam's relationship has changed. Aly has a meltdown at a staff meeting that backs Steffy, and Maya, as the faces of Forrester. Darla speaks to Aly about turning her life for the better.


Nicole wants to come back to Forrester, and she meets someone else who, unknown to her, is ready to learn his family business. Meanwhile, Caroline and Maya have to learn to co-exist, and the Avant sisters get a visitor during a celebration!
Rick, Maya, Ridge and Caroline
Kristen and Tony's son, Zende, returns to L.A.
Nicole and Zende meet when they both submit applications to intern at Forrester.
Ridge and Pam decide to keep Zende's Forrester connection from the other interns.
Caroline and Maya face-off as they air their grievances about each other, and they come to an understanding.
The Forresters and the Spencers celebrate the Fourth of July with a pool party and a photo shoot.
Maya's mother, Vivienne Avant, arrives at the Forrester mansion, looking for her daughter, Nicole.
Maya finds herself in a bad place when faced with her mother's attitude.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF JULY 06, 2015: Maya reconnects with her mother, and later, her father, Julius, arrive in town. Julius demands that Nicole return home immediately, and he refuses to acknowledge Maya as female. The Avants receive a shock at the Forrester Mansion.


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