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Updated on 06-Apr-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 04/07/2014


Things get even more tangled between Bill, Brooke, Katie and Ridge in light of Brooke and Ridge's new roles at Forrester.
Katie, Ridge, Bill and Brooke
Eric offers Ridge the Forrester CEO position, but only if Ridge returns to Brooke.
Ridge turns down the lucrative offer in the name of love, opting to remain co-vice president with Brooke.
Katie continues to question Brooke's motives, but Brooke stands firm in her defense of her decision.
After Bill pleads his case to Brooke, they reunite and make love.
Brooke delivers somber news to Katie, leading to the sisters throwing blame at each other.
Ridge and Bill argue about Katie and Brooke.
Bill finds his deal with Quinn is more than her bargained for.
Quinn explains to Bill that she wants two things to stay silent about their tryst.
Changes at Forrester cause Eric to worry about negative press.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF APRIL 14, 2014: When Katie confronts him about his intent for Ridge and Brooke, Eric makes a cryptic comment and his intentions become clear. Ridge seizes the moment during a business meeting with Rick absent from work. When Bill gets bad news about Spencer Publications, he vows to get his company back and get custody of Will. Brooke and Katie take the sibling rivalry between them to a new level. Karen returns to L.A. to right the ship at Spencer, and she gets a visit from Brooke, who tries to convince her to reinstate Bill as CEO.


How will Aly respond to the attention Oliver is giving her? And what kind of life-changing news does Hope get that may have significant impact for her, Wyatt and Liam?
Wyatt, Hope and Liam
When Aly leaves her sunglasses behind at Bikini, Oliver brings them to her.
Aly is a bit embarrassed having a boy in her room, with its HFTF paraphernalia, for the first time.
Oliver tells Aly that she's as special as the other girls at Forrester, and they share a kiss.
Aly again confers with her deceased mother, this time talking to Darla about matters of the heart.
When Hope catches him snooping for dirt on Quinn, Liam steals a kiss from her.
Wyatt gets life-changing news from Hope.
Liam finds an important paper that falls out of Hope's purse.
Wyatt, Hope and Liam await significant news.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF APRIL 14, 2014: Hope reveals her plans for the future to Wyatt and Liam. Liam gets Hope alone and goes to extremes to make a case for them to be together. Even though she and Liam share a passionate kiss, Hope decides to stay with Wyatt for now. Quinn eases Wyatt's fears about Liam. Quinn is furious when she learns of Liam's latest stunt. Maya is concerned when Oliver reveals his intentions toward Aly.


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