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Updated on 27-Ju1-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 07/28/2014


Having confessed about Abu Dhabi, Bill tries to explain himself to Brooke. But Deacon is ready to make a confession of his own, and maybe even do more than just talk!
Katie, Ridge, Bill and Brooke
Brooke tries to process Bill's admission about what happened in Abu Dhabi.
Ridge implores Brooke not to marry the man responsible for the tragic events in the Middle East.
Brooke finds herself in a difficult situation when Ridge takes it upon himself to decide about her future.
Even though she's upset with Bill, Brooke resents Ridge's interference.
Brooke demands answers from Bill, who urges her to believe that he still wants to marry her, sooner rather than later.
Deacon seizes an opportunity to swoop in and mend Brooke's broken heart.
Brooke is surprised to learn of Deacon's part in exposing Bill.
Bill's bid to reconcile with Brooke falls apart thanks to a major roadblock named Deacon.
The game changes dramatically for Brooke's ever-complicated love life when Deacon unexpectedly kisses her!

COMING UP THE WEEK OF AUGUST 04, 2014: Following his passionate kiss, Deacon reveals to Brooke that he returned to win her back. Brooke is confused about her feelings.


Wyatt's gift to Hope leaves her stunned - and Liam livid. But tension builds even more when Liam is forced to watch Wyatt make a grand gesture at a press conference!
Wyatt, Hope and Liam
A confident Wyatt believes his good-luck charm is working for him with Hope.
After seeing the HFTF Diamond around Hope's neck, Liam fumes about his brother's betrayal.
Out of respect for Liam, Hope decides to reject Wyatt's extravagant gift.
Faced with Liam's opposition, Wyatt moves into action and asks Rick to hold an impromptu press conference for HFTF.
Liam feels betrayed and humiliated when he's forced to watch Wyatt offer Hope the diamond in front of the press and the world.
Liam responds to his hurt feelings by giving Hope an ultimatum.
Ivy lends a comforting ear to Liam, who tells her about his entangled history with Hope in the wake of Wyatt's renewed bid for Hope.
Quinn returns to Los Angeles a changed woman.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF AUGUST 04, 2014: Quinn is linked to the events of Ricardo Montemayor's death. Wyatt fears that Quinn will go to any lengths for his happiness, and he warns her to stay away from someone. Liam worries about Hope's offer. Aly and Ivy play matchmaker for Liam. Wyatt is left broken-hearted when Hope tells him that she'll be returning his gift after the Paris publicity tour. Felicia helps out with the publicity tour at the Forrester International office in Paris. Unaware of Liam's plan, Aly fills Brooke in about Liam and Hope's arrangements to meet. Aly and Oliver spend some time alone. Oliver feels slighted when he's not invited to photograph the Paris tour. Deciding to accept Hope's offer to meet in Paris, Liam plans a special surprise - a wedding. Liam conquers all in the name of love. Hope gets wrapped up in a Paris shoot.


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