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Updated on 17-Nov-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 11/17/2014


New CEO Rick presents Ridge and Caroline's designs to the world, but things may not turn out as he expects. Meanwhile, Eric gets a visit from an acquaintance from Genoa City, and Bill comes to blows with his rival over a new cause.
Rick, Caroline and Maya
Rick seeks to ease the pain he feels over Caroline and Ridge by turning to Maya - and to the bottle.
Eric lays down guidelines for Rick to follow as Forrester's CEO.
Rick goes against his father's idea and declares that Caroline should look elsewhere for employment.
Katie tells Bill what has taken place between Ridge and Caroline.
Bill grows increasingly furious after Caroline explains about her relationship with Ridge.
Ridge accuses Rick of running Forrester by ruling with his emotions rather than his head.
Eric is surprised when Gloria Fisher Bardwell from Genoa City shows up at the fashion show, with more than just couture on her mind.
Bill resorts to violence when he comes to blows with Ridge in an effort to protect the Spencer family name.
Rick's pride takes a hit when Ridge and Caroline's line is a success, especially when Eric gives the line his full support.
Eric issues Rick an ultimatum.
Ridge and Caroline's success shifts the balance of power at Forrester Creations.
Maya gets a reality check from Carter, who reminds her about her lack of importance at Forrester and presents an alternate scenario to her future plans.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF NOVEMBER 24, 2014: Convinced that her marriage is over, Caroline is shocked when Rick tells her what he really wants. Seeing that he and Caroline still have unresolved feelings, Ridge tells her that they must get their respective relationships back on track. Caroline is torn when Rick expects an immediate response to his request to reconcile. Rick leaves Maya heartbroken when he makes it clear that he can't be with her because his marriage is his priority.


Hope was upset after finding out that her husband set plans in motion to get Liam and Ivy together, but she gets even more upset when she sees Liam and Ivy getting closer.
Wyatt, Hope and Liam
Hope becomes miserable after witnessing just how much Liam and Ivy have bonded during the Amsterdam trip.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF NOVEMBER 24, 2014: The Forresters, Logans and Spencers gather for Thanksgiving dinner at the Forrester mansion, but it's bittersweet with Brooke still in Milan. Wyatt grows concerned when Quinn is pointedly excluded from the holiday festivities. Hope continues her tradition of having the dinner guests say something kind to the person to their right. Liam and Ivy bond during their first holiday together. Eric and Taylor share a candid discussion about what the future might hold for them.


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