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Updated on 01-Mar-2015

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Spoilers: Week of 03/02/2015


While Steffy makes clear what she wants to move Liam's plan forward, Rick and Maya indicate to Aly what's needed from her for her future plans.
Steffy makes it clear to Ivy what she expects from Liam in exchange for her support of the Forrester takeover.
Ivy implores Steffy to give up her quest for Liam for the sake of Forrester Creations.
Despite Ivy's pleas, Steffy makes no apologies for wanting a future with Liam.
Rick and Maya tell Aly exactly what she has to do to secure her future at Forrester.
Steffy updates Ridge on the status of Liam's takeover bid as well as her own plans.
Ridge makes a colorful effort to get Caroline more involved with his art.
Maya becomes suspicious of Nicole's true intentions.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF MARCH 09, 2015: Nicole makes it clear to Maya that she's not leaving the Forrester mansion. Aly, after being forced out of her room at the mansion, backs down from confronting Rick about his ill treatment of her. Ivy lashes out at Rick for disrespecting family and employees.


After Quinn confronts Brooke, Brooke has her own confrontation with Deacon. This could get messy.
Quinn gives Brooke a stern warning to stay away from Deacon.
Brooke responds to Quinn's warning by sharing with Deacon a side of Quinn he didn't know.
When Quinn overhears Brooke making a case to Deacon that he should leave Quinn, a confrontation takes place.
Quinn is stunned by Deacon's request and tries to get him to change his mind.
Deacon's unexpected news regarding Quinn doesn't sit well with Brooke.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF MARCH 09, 2015: Quinn stands firm when Brooke tries to derail her engagement to Deacon. Following Deacon's latest rejection, a drunken Brooke falls and hits her head. After hitting her head, Brooke is forced to rethink the direction of her life.


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