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Updated on 26-Jan-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 01/26/2015


Rick gets emotional about an event he witnessed. Maya tries to tell Brooke the score. Caroline takes a major step. Bill and Liam seek revenge, including Liam reaching out to an old friend. What's NOT tense about this equation?
Rick, Caroline and Maya
Maya tells her side of the story to Brooke about what happened with Rick and Caroline's relationship.
Rick allows his resentment to get the best of him when he sees Ridge and Caroline kiss.
Caroline takes Rick's bad behavior as a sign that it's time to move on from their failed marriage.
Caroline gets a clear sign of what choice to make in light of recent events, and she decides to sign the divorce papers.
Brooke becomes suspicious of Maya's motives when Maya asks Brooke to support her and Rick.
Maya fears that Brooke’s recent return to L.A. might affect her and Rick’s relationship.
Ridge and Caroline plot to get Rick removed as Forrester's CEO, threatening him with legal action if he doesn't step down.
Bill and Liam form a plan of action to get revenge against a family rival.
Caroline tries to share with Brooke her own account of what happened between her and Rick.
Liam turns to Steffy for help in acquiring a company alongside Bill.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 02, 2015: Liam and Steffy collaborate on his plan to get back at Rick. Liam is surprised when Steffy reveals what she wants in return for her help. Ivy is upset when she sees Liam and Steffy in a close moment. Brooke becomes concerned about Rick's recent behavior. Rick treats Wyatt harshly, prompting Wyatt to join the scheme to teach Rick a lesson. Brooke confronts Caroline, and the two trade nasty words about Caroline's relationship with Ridge. Brooke reminds Caroline she could have Ridge back any time she wants. Brooke moves forward with a plan of her own to make sure Ridge and Caroline's growing bond is severed.


When Brooke sees Bill, she gets news she should have expected, but didn't. Meanwhile, Quinn faces issues with her relationship with Deacon.
Brooke comes face to face with Bill for the first time since she unexpectedly left for Italy last year.
Brooke reacts to the news that Bill wants to reunite with Katie.
Quinn feels insecure in her relationship with Deacon because a third party is in the picture.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 02, 2015: Katie is surprised when Bill proposes marriage to her.


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