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Updated on 06-May-2016

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First Look at Spoilers: Week of 05/09/2016


Spoilers: Week of 05/02/2016


Sasha got upset when Nicole told her to leave L.A. - and now Sasha and Julius' secret is out.
Sasha, Zende and Nicole
Nicole confronts Sasha about Sasha using the word "sister," demanding to know the truth.
Zende makes a revealing confession about his love life to Rick.
Sasha confides in Zende about her childhood and tells him about her fears for her immediate future.
Julius is blindsided and put on the defensive when Nicole hurls accusations at him.
Julius tries to compromise with Sasha, but she refuses to be pushed out of town or his life any longer.
With Vivienne beside her, Nicole forces Julius to reveal the secret from his past.


Ridge tries to get a curious Katie off the scent about his and Caroline's secret. But will the story he tells just lead to more questions?
Caroline and Ridge
Katie calls Ridge out about Dr. Wolin's accident and demands to know if he was involved.
Ridge tries to deflect Katie's suspicions by telling her that he and Caroline used a sperm donor.
Puzzled by Ridge's admission, Katie continues to bombard him with more questions.
Caroline regrets her conversation with Katie when she feels pressured to come clean about a secret.


Deacon keeps learning just how dead-set Quinn is on recapturing what she and Liam shared.
Liam and Quinn
Deacon learns the hard way that Quinn is still hung up on her relationship with Liam.


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