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Updated on 26-Sep-2016

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Spoilers: Week of 09/26/2016


When Eric confronts his family for their lack of support, events take a tragic turn.
Quinn, Eric, Wyatt, Steffy, Liam
Eric makes a bold decision to go through with his plan to marry Quinn, despite his family's protests.
Ridge stands firm with his siblings when their support of him starts to waiver.
Steffy and Wyatt find themselves at odds over Eric and Quinn's relationship.
The Forresters learn that their plan backfired and caused irreparable damage.
Wyatt reluctantly starts to soften his opinion toward his mother and her relationship with Eric.
Eric confronts his family, addressing each of them to convey his disappointment in them.
The Forresters are stunned when Eric, while confronting them, collapses!
People blame each other for Eric's situation.
Ridge remains adamant about protecting the family from Quinn.
In the wake of Eric's health crisis, Wyatt takes an unpopular stance against the Forresters by supporting his mother.
Steffy unleashes her wrath upon Quinn for the strife Quinn has caused.


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A family worries that their past behavior has contributed to the downfall of a loved one.
A former lover makes a solemn vow to his ex about their future together.



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