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Updated on 15-Aug-2016

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Spoilers: Week of 08/15/2016


Eric and Quinn's announcements cause ripples in the Forrester and Spencer families.
Quinn and Eric
Liam shares his opinion with Wyatt about how to make Steffy feel safe.
Steffy has an outburst in reaction to Eric's announcement that he's rehiring Quinn to work at Forrester Creations.
Wyatt and Liam argue over Steffy and the affect Quinn has in her life.
Eric's family grow frustrated and hostile over his decision regarding Quinn.
An anxious Ridge discusses his next move with Katie, and then with Steffy.
A romantic gesture launches a new living arrangement for a couple who are madly in love.
Wyatt tracks down Quinn and makes serious demands in an effort to preserve his marriage.
Liam is surprised by Thomas' choice to support him in regards to Steffy.
After being forced out of the mansion by Eric, Ridge sets his sights on taking back Forrester Creations.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF AUGUST 22, 2016: In the wake of Eric's and Quinn's choices, decisions are made and alliances formed.


Having come to Sasha's defense brings Thomas closer to her, and they share confidences with each other about their lives.
Thomas is impacted by Sasha's story and the secret she was forced to keep her entire life.
As their relationship begins to blossom, Thomas confides in Sasha about his relationship with Douglas and Caroline.


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