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Updated on 30-May-2016

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Spoilers: Week of 05/30/2016


Maya, Nicole, Zende and Sasha are all anxious to learn a test result that will determine what happens next.
Sasha, Zende and Nicole
Maya and Nicole push a cornered Sasha for information, but Sasha won't give them the info they want without first consulting with Zende.
A wave of emotions comes down when Sasha's pregnancy test results are announced.
Remorseful over her betrayal of Nicole, Sasha begs her former friend not to shut her out.
Zende finds himself stuck in the ongoing drama between the women in his life.
Julius calls a family meeting - and surprisingly includes Sasha.
Vivienne is forced to make a tough decision that could either unite or divide her family.


Ridge thought he had everything thought out. But when Thomas considers his options, will the plan reach fruition? Or will it unravel?
Thomas, Caroline, Ridge, Rick and Maya
Ridge challenges Caroline on her thoughts about fatherhood.
Thomas stands his ground with Ridge, refusing to be separated from Douglas.
Rick gets suspicious about Ridge's plans for Thomas.


A move by Dollar Bill regarding his business takes a personal turn.
Brooke, Bill and Katie
Determined to protect his stake in Forrester, Bill tells Justin to find dirt on Ridge as a means to get control.
Bill obtains the ammunition-worthy information he is looking for to take Ridge down.
Brooke is heartbroken after Rick makes a big announcement about his future.
Bill promises Katie that he will keep quiet about the secret he learned.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF JUNE 06, 2016: Will Bill keep his promise and keep quiet about what he knows?


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