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Updated on 29-Sep-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 09/29/2014


Faced with choices about her future, Brooke considers what she should do next and comes to a shocking conclusion.
Katie, Ridge, Bill and Brooke
Brooke finds herself in an uncomfortable situation when Bill proposes to her in front of Deacon.
Turmoil surfaces at the Forrester office in Milan.
Brooke confides in Eric about her reservations about having a future with Bill.
A life-threatening incident interrupts Bill and Katie's discussion about their current status.
Katie and Bill agree to get along for the sake of their child.
Brooke's news stuns Katie.
After careful thought about her future, Brooke makes the shocking decision to go to Italy to straighten out the Milan office.
Bill refuses to let Brooke say goodbye to him.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 06, 2014: Carter warns Maya to keep her speculations about Ridge and Caroline to herself. Maya continues to spread rumors in her bid to win Rick back. Rick confronts Caroline after he walks in on an intimate drawing session between her and Ridge. Maya discovers another ally. Rick unleashes his anger on Ridge. Rick tells Eric about the secret Ridge has been keeping and shares his concerns. Eric makes an important announcement about the future of Forrester Creations. Deacon makes a move on an unsuspecting individual. Katie ponders her future. Bill and Katie share a deep discussion.


While Wyatt deals with issues within his family, with his mom and his wife, Eric gets a visit from a member of his family who has a connection to Ivy.
Wyatt, Hope and Liam
Quinn begs Wyatt not to cut her out of his life after she acted radically out of love for him.
While consoling one another over recent events in their lives, Quinn and Deacon find things taking an unanticipated turn when they kiss.
Wyatt is stunned when Hope reveals that she's pregnant.
Hope isn't pleased when Wyatt tells her that Quinn already knew about the pregnancy.
Hope makes it clear that Quinn will not be part of her baby's life.
Eric is surprised when his brother, and Ivy's father, John, pays an unexpected visit.
Ivy is taken by surprise after discovering who the guest of honor is at the dinner party Pam is hosting.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 06, 2014: Quinn is angry with Hope after she learns that Hope plans to exclude her from her grandchild's life. Hope's accusation about Quinn stuns Wyatt. Liam grows uncomfortable when John questions his intentions toward Ivy.


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