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Updated on 24-May-2015

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Spoilers: Week of 05/25/2015


With Ridge urging him to make a chance and Rick asking him not to, Eric is forced to make a decision about Forrester's leadership. Rick and Ridge make some decisions of their own in the aftermath.
Ridge and Rick
Rick urges Eric not to give in to Ridge's desire for a change in power at Forrester.
Bill defends his latest business decision to Liam, choosing to ignore his son's disapproval.
Rick gets a surprising visit from am unexpected supporter.
While Caroline supports Rick, Ridge makes a final effort to convince his father to assign someone new to run the company.
Eric makes a final decision about Forrester's leadership.
Steffy returns to Los Angeles at Ridge's urgent request and, out of loyalty to her father, agrees to help implement his plan for the future.
Rick makes accusations about who's to blame for his current situation.
Ridge makes a lucrative business proposal to Liam that carries with it a major stipulation.
Ivy is unsettled when she discovers that Steffy has permanently returned to L.A.
and will be working with Liam.
Nicole learns the truth about what happened between Rick and Maya.
Carter tries to talk Maya out of making an emotionally charged decision that would impact her life in a big way.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF JUNE 01, 2015: Ridge and Steffy plot to oust Rick as Forrester's CEO. Faced with betrayal by his family, Eric makes an offer to Bill that he believes Spencer can't refuse. Ridge is surprised by the lengths Rick went to in order to prevent the takeover. Bill gives Ridge the opportunity he needs. Ivy grows uneasy by the closeness she observes between Liam and Steffy. Ivy encourages Wyatt to ask Steffy out on a date. Maya anxiously awaits Rick's decision about their future as a couple.


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