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Updated on 07-Feb-2016

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Spoilers: Week of 02/08/2016


Quinn finds herself surprised by what's developing between her and her "guest" at her cabin - but will the arrival of her estranged hubby require a change of plans? Meanwhile, Steffy's hesitation to give Wyatt an answer leads to more maneuvering from Wyatt's meddling mom.
Wyatt, Steffy and Liam
Quinn is surprised by her reaction to the amnesiac Liam's appreciation of her.
Quinn shares a long-buried secret from her childhood with Liam.
Steffy finds it difficult to give Wyatt an answer to his proposal because she still has unfinished business with her ex.
Deacon's arrival at her cabin comes as a surprise to Quinn.
Quinn tries to keep her secret "visitor's" presence from her hubby, but Deacon discovers that Liam is there.
Caught red-handed, Quinn explains to Deacon why Liam is at her cabin.
Quinn turns up the heat by urging Wyatt to elope with Steffy.
Quinn comes up with a flawless solution to let Steffy hear from Liam directly.
Steffy finally gets the call she's been waiting for.
Cupid's arrow pushes two unlikely couples to take their relationships to the next level.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 15, 2016: Will Quinn's plans come to fruition, not only for Wyatt and Steffy, but for herself?


Caroline wants to know why her cousins' presence in Steffy's life irks Thomas so. Thomas makes an admission to Caroline about what went down with them. And there is another kind of admission in play when Thomas has to rush Caroline to a hospital.
Thomas, Caroline and Ridge
Caroline wonders why Thomas disapproves of Steffy having relationships with the Spencer brothers.
Thomas makes a startling confession of remorse to Caroline.
Thomas rushes Caroline to the emergency room, where she accidentally learns some important information that could push her over the edge emotionally.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 15, 2016: Ridge's plans to reestablish his presence at the Forrester mansion don't sit well with Rick. Ridge's bash for Forrester's buyers puts Eric in the role of peacemaker between his sons.


While wondering why Liam's gone MIA, Bill also has to fend with Katie's feelings about her sister.
Brooke, Bill and Katie
Bill wonders about his son and hears more from Katie about her situation with Brooke.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 15, 2016: Katie gets in deeper over her fears about Brooke and Bill.


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