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Updated on 19-Oct-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 10/20/2014


While Eric makes a choice about Forrester's future, Ridge and Caroline make some about their working relationship, and Maya makes one about winning Rick back:
Caroline and Ridge
Caroline continues to agonize over her feelings for her mentor.
Ridge and Caroline go to Big Bear for some solitude so they can get their work done.
At Big Bear, Ridge is faced with a surprising, unexpected epiphany that brings him and Caroline closer than ever.
Having both crossed a line they shouldn't have, Ridge and Caroline decide how to proceed with their solidified work partnership going forward.
When discussing the topic of Caroline with Katie, Ridge keeps certain information to himself.
When Maya spots Ridge and Caroline in an embrace, she immediately goes to Rick to share what she saw.
Maya's latest attempt to interfere in Rick's marriage are foiled by a heroic Carter.
Rick gets assurance from Maya that she'll always be there for him.
Ridge tells Katie not to second guess their relationship.
The employees at Forrester anxiously wait for Eric to reveal who will be the company's next CEO.
Rick is confident that he and Caroline will run Forrester, just as Eric and Stephanie did.
Eric announces who will be Forrester's next CEO, but Maya feels that she has information to share about the decision.
A series of unanticipated events unfold after the announcement.
Katie reveals Ridge's strategy to secure the CEO seat at Forrester Creations to her sister.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 27, 2014: A hurt Rick accuses Ridge of trying to take away everything that means something to him. Maya takes advantage of Rick's vulnerability by providing support and sharing a special evening with him. Ridge's actions lead Eric to revisit his choice for Forrester's next CEO. Ridge admits to Katie that he and Caroline kissed, but he assures that nothing has changed between them. Caroline vows to do whatever it takes to save her marriage.


As if Hope didn't have enough issues with Quinn, now she finds out that her father is in a relationship with her mother-in-law from hell.
Hope and Wyatt
Hope and Wyatt find out some rather startling news about Deacon and Quinn.
Finding the news about Quinn and Deacon hard to accept, Hope gives her father a stern warning about his relationship with her new mother-in-law, Quinn.
Hope's opinion prompts Deacon to question Quinn about her intentions for him.
Things gets passionate for Quinn and Deacon when she seduces him.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 27, 2014: Hope and Wyatt spend their first Halloween together as a married couple. A Spencer employee gives Liam an idea for Halloween; Ivy and Liam grow closer as they enjoy some Halloween fun at Bikini; Some Big Brother inspired antics, including houseguests in some roles, make for a fun Halloween celebration.


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