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Updated on 29-Mar-2015

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Spoilers: Week of 03/30/2015


Rick's controversial staffing choice causes ripples at Forrester. Meanwhile, Rick also has to deal with tense times between the Avant sisters.
Rick and Maya
Rick gathers his team to announce a questionable staff change regarding at Forrester.
The Forrester team, and especially Ivy, are shocked to learn that Rick rehired Quinn.
Quinn tries to reassure everyone that she's changed.
As tensions rise, Rick tries to keep the peace between Maya and Nicole.
Maya demands answers when Nicole hints to Rick that her sister isn't being totally candid about herself.
Nicole blackmails Maya as the tensions between the sisters rise to a critical point.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF APRIL 06, 2015: Carter is stunned to overhear that Maya was born Myron, Nicole's brother. Carter suggests to Rick that Maya hasn't been honest about her past. Believing that Carter is making insinuations because he's still in love with Maya, Rick defends the lady in his life. Carter tells Nicole that he's aware of her blackmail, so she presents her side of the story. Ridge has an ulterior motive when he supports Nicole auditioning as a model.


Deacon wants to know where he stands in Brooke's life. But when Quinn finds out who Deacon's AA buddy is, Brooke might need to watch out.
Quinn, Deacon and Brooke
When Deacon confronts her, Brooke must confess that she's developed strong feelings for him.
Katie questions Brooke about the company Brooke has been keeping in her life.
Quinn finds something of concern that prompts her to grill Deacon about where he's been spending his time.
Upon learning who Deacon's distraught friend is, Quinn finds her suspicions about her fiance confirmed, but she remains calm in front of Deacon.
Now knowing the truth, Quinn confronts Brooke and forces her into a tense situation.
Brooke fears for her life when Quinn warns her to stay away from Deacon.
Wyatt confronts Deacon and Brooke about a conversation he overheard between them about his mother.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF APRIL 06, 2015: Quinn confronts Brooke over Deacon and his choice for the future. Brooke bluntly delivers her opinion of the upcoming wedding. Deacon is displeased by Quinn's actions.


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