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Updated on 17-Aug-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 08/18/2014


Deacon tries to use the information he found to keep Quinn away from Hope, but Quinn suggests a way she and Deacon might be able to help each other.
Quinn attempts to convince Deacon that they make better allies than opponents.
Allies Quinn and Deacon execute the first steps of a well-planned-out scheme to break up Bill and Brooke.
Ridge finds that he's not ready to tell Brooke about his impairment, so he struggles to keep his heartbreaking secret to himself.
Quinn and Deacon stumble across valuable evidence that could help them fulfill their scheme.
Bill tries again to get Brooke to marry him.
Deacon hopes Brooke will change her opinion of Bill after he shares some incriminating information with her.
Katie tries to help Ridge deal with his situation.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF AUGUST 25, 2014: Ridge confides in Brooke about his problems with drawing following the accident. Brooke considers forgiving Bill. Quinn and Deacon move forward in their scheme to keep Bill and Brooke apart.


Wyatt and Hope return home as husband and wife. Bill wants his sons to get along, but that might be easier said then done when Liam feels like he's lost out on Hope again.
Wyatt, Hope and Liam
Bill encourages Liam to move on, but can Liam do it?
Hope tries to sort out her thoughts and feelings after her eventful trips in Paris and Monte Carlo.
Bill lays down the law with Liam, who can't set aside his pride for the good of the family.
A loving couple is honored with a party.
Ivy and Aly pressure Liam to come clean to Hope about what happened in Paris.
Rick orders Maya to stop pursuing him, reminding her that he's happily married.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF AUGUST 25, 2014: Hope struggles when she learns that Liam was in Paris to meet her at the same time she left to marry Wyatt. With Hope knowing that Liam was in Paris, Wyatt grows concerned about the state of his marriage. Quinn gloats, but Wyatt warns her to stay away from Liam. An unexpected gift prompts Hope to stand by her decision about whether to remain in her marriage. While Caroline visits her mothers, Maya sets her sights on pursuing Rick. Carter remains depressed over his broken engagement.


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