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Updated on 31-Aug-2015

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Spoilers: Week of 08/31/2015


Ivy has what she wanted: she's now the new face of Forrester Creations? But will Steffy continue to be controlled by the video Ivy used to get there?
Steffy, Wyatt, Liam and Ivy
Ivy delights in being the new face of Forrester, especially because her new title comes at Steffy's expense.
A desperate Steffy tries to remove the threat posed by Ivy by again asking Wyatt to delete the video.
Liam vows to keep Steffy out of jail, no matter what the cost.
Steffy is annoyed by Wyatt's inability to decide to do what is right.
Steffy tells Wyatt about the backup plan she and Liam formulated in case Ivy won't delete the video.
Ivy presents Liam with conditions for him to agree to if he wants her to do what Steffy wants.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 07, 2015: Wyatt is caught in the middle when Ivy and Steffy give him opposite directions about what to do with the video. Ivy makes a back-up plan in the event that Wyatt and Steffy delete the video without her consent, but she later has regrets about her decision. After learning that Caroline knows the truth about Aly's death and the video, Steffy appeals to her to never disclose either to Ridge. Ivy is excited, but nervous, as she prepares for her first photo shoot as the new face of Forrester. Steffy uses her authority as company president to make alternate plans for the shoot.


Can Ridge and Caroline's love for each other overcome a situation where they have different hopes for their relationship? And how will Thomas factor into the situation?
Thomas, Caroline and Ridge
Brooke encourages Ridge not to make a hasty decision about having children with Caroline.
Ridge confides in Brooke about events that took place in Paris and the reasons why he can't reveal them.
Ridge and Caroline have an emotional, potentially game-changing conversation about their relationship.
Brooke shares significant information with Thomas about Ridge and Caroline's relationship.
Rick and Maya return from their honeymoon and share their wedded bliss with family and friends.
Caroline is stunned when she learns the truth about the events that led to her current situation.
Ridge gives Caroline a very significant gift.
Thomas is caught off guard when Ridge gives him news about his future at Forrester.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 07, 2015: Brooke urges Ridge to tell Caroline about what he did in France. Ridge makes sure Brooke understands what her place is regarding his personal life. Steffy questions Thomas' unusual recent behavior and his sudden change of heart about Ridge and Caroline's relationship.


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