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Updated on 29-Nov-2015

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Spoilers: Week of 11/30/2015


Secrets can only stay hidden for so long. When the events of a stormy night come to light, the results can be explosive.
Steffy, Liam, Thomas, Ivy and Wyatt
Steffy is dismayed by a conversation she overheard between Ivy and Thomas.
Liam questions Steffy's reasons when she wonders what went down between Thomas and Ivy.
Thomas tries to get some time with Ivy.
Ivy reassures Wyatt.
Bill and Katie flirt and share some romantic time together.
When Steffy reveals what she learned to Liam, he offers some sage advice about meddling.
Ivy makes a strong defense when Steffy levels an accusation against her and issues a stern threat.
Wyatt stands his ground and confidently tells Thomas that Ivy is already taken.
Steffy catches Thomas and Ivy discussing a hot and heavy make-out session and demands answers from her brother.
While Ivy waits at the beach house, ready to make a confession to Wyatt, Steffy has a conversation with Wyatt about Ivy.
Hearts are broken and deceptions are set in motion when the events of a stormy night become known.
Thomas is unsure about whether to bite when Quinn baits him with a pointed question about who would make the best wife for Wyatt.
A young couple in love search for answers, and one person begs for forgiveness.
Steffy and Ivy find themselves at odds again.
Business as usual at Forrester stops when an electrical fire ignites backstage from the showroom.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF DECEMBER 07, 2015: In the wake of the fire, relationships remain in turmoil. Someone must decide whether to forgive a betrayal.


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