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Updated on 20-Ju1-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 07/21/2014


Ridge refuses to give up until he proves Bill ordered his fall. Will he find the proof he needs?
Katie, Ridge, Bill and Brooke
A determined Ridge searches for proof that will confirm his suspicions about his fall.
Deacon tries to redeem himself with Brooke with an offer to lend her a hand.
Deacon pays Alison a visit to get information about her boss' trip to the Middle East.
Justin becomes collateral damage in a scheme gone wrong.
Bill charms Brooke to deflect any doubts she has about his innocence.
Katie uses her resources at Spencer Publications to help Ridge validate his lurking suspicions about Bill.
Brooke has misgivings, but she still agrees to marry Bill right away.
With Ridge moving closer to learning the truth, Bill speeds up his plans to marry Brooke.
Bill's plans to go to Catalina take a dramatic turn when he's joined by an unwelcome companion.
Katie makes an emotional plea to Brooke.
Brooke is stunned when Katie, after researching Bill's financial records, suggests that Ridge's fall wasn't an accident.
Ridge hauls pays an unexpected visit to Brooke and Katie, with an unapologetic Bill in tow.
Deacon formulates a new plan to get back into Brooke's life for good.
Hope starts to realize why her father really came back to Los Angeles.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF JULY 28, 2014: Armed with the truth about Bill's role in his accident, Ridge attempts to convince Brooke not to marry Bill. Bill begs for Brooke to forgive him in a bid to get her to marry him. Deacon confronts a broken-up Brooke, making himself a roadblock in Bill's path to win back Brooke.


While Ivy settles in to her new job at Forrester, her new co-worker, Wyatt, makes plans of his own as he returns to the company.
Wyatt, Hope and Liam
Ivy acclimates herself to her new job at Forrester.
Returning to work at Forrester, Wyatt gives Hope a sentimental gift, but he has an ulterior motive.
Wyatt shares a secret with Ivy about Hope and the HFTF line.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF JULY 28, 2014: Wyatt works his magic on Hope. Liam is betrayed by someone close. Out of respect for Liam, Hope rejects Wyatt's extravagant gift. Wyatt calls a last-minute press conference. Wyatt forces his brother into a corner at the press conference, making Liam witness his public display of affection toward Hope. After bolting from the press conference, an angry Liam spills his secrets to Ivy and finds comfort from her. Quinn returns to Los Angeles a changed woman.


Put on your thinking caps, since B&B will have you guessing who the following teasers refer to for the week of July 28!
Who is this talking about?
On Friday, August 1, a mystery couple share a surprise kiss. Who is it?



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