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Updated on 01-Sep-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 09/01/2014

NOTE: B&B will not air on Monday September 01 and Friday, September 05 due to CBS Sports coverage of US Open Tennis.


Brooke reacts to Deacon's unexpected declaration. Katie struggles to keep Ridge's secret from Rick, while Ridge comes up with a unique way to deal with his problem. And Quinn makes a bold move when she admits something to Bill.
Katie, Ridge, Bill and Brooke
Brooke is caught off-guard when Deacon arrives at her door, wanting an answer to his proposal.
Hope suspects that something is going on between Brooke and Deacon.
Caroline returns from her visit with her moms to find Rick feeling frustrated the lack of new designs from Ridge.
Katie has to deflect Rick's suspicions when he questions her about the status of Ridge's latest collection.
Ridge finds an unconventional way to complete his designs with help from an unsuspecting Caroline.
Quinn makes a bold admission of guilt to Bill in hope of recruiting him as an ally.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 08, 2014: An angry Bill threatens to unveil Quinn's secret. Katie urges Ridge to open up to his family about his problem. Brooke and Katie make a reconciliation attempt over lunch. When Caroline questions him about the cause of his work problems, Ridge admits that he's unable to draw. In a bid to break up Rick and Caroline's marriage and win Rick back, Maya tells him that she still loves him. Rick reminds Maya that he's happily married and tells her he has no interest in being with her. Maya makes a prediction regarding Rick's future. After discovering that Ridge and Caroline have been spending a lot of time together, Maya schemes to use that information to achieve her goal.


Ivy is eager to help Liam move on, but Hope's not too keen on that idea. But Ivy decides to invite Liam to a barbecue where they're the only ones who aren't part of a couple!
Wyatt, Hope and Liam
Ivy tells Aly that she has a personal motive in helping Liam get over his heartbreak.
Hope overhears and confronts Ivy, accusing Ivy of not giving Liam time to ease his broken heart over recent events.
Liam is put in an awkward position after he arrives at Ivy's barbecue and finds that it is an all-couples get-together, except for him and Ivy.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 08, 2014: Hope and Liam make plans for their respective futures. Hope shares her concerns about Liam possibly dating Ivy with Wyatt. Hope confronts Ivy about taking advantage of Liam. Wyatt makes a request of Bill that would benefit him and Hope, but not Liam. When Bill tells him about Wyatt's proposition, Liam fumes that he'll again be losing out to his brother. Liam and Wyatt butt heads; Charlie discovers that Quinn was in Paris when Liam and Ivy were there.


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