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Updated on 27-Nov-2014

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First Look at Spoilers: Week of 12/01/2014


Spoilers: Week of 11/24/2014

NOTE: B&B will not air on Thursday November 27 and Friday, November 28 due to CBS Sports programming.


Following Eric's ultimatum, Rick wants Caroline back. But she's falling for Ridge now. Where does this leave them, not to mention Katie and Maya?
Rick, Caroline and Maya
Convinced that her marriage is over, Caroline is shocked when Rick tells her what he really wants for their future.
Seeing that he and Caroline still have unresolved feelings, Ridge tells her that they must get their respective relationships back on track.
Katie demands answers from Ridge about what they are going to do about their future together.
Bill is pleasantly surprised when Katie expresses her gratitude for his defending her and Caroline's honor with Ridge.
Rick carries out a plan that will ensure he remains CEO of Forrester.
Caroline is torn when Rick expects an immediate response to his request to reconcile.
Rick leaves Maya heartbroken when he makes it clear that he can't be with her because his marriage is his priority.


It's that time of year for our favorite families and their friends to give thanks. As usual, dinner brings out some surprising sentiments.
Wyatt, Hope and Liam
Eric and Taylor share a candid discussion about what the future might hold for them.
The Forresters, Logans and Spencers gather for Thanksgiving dinner at the Forrester mansion, but it's bittersweet with Brooke still in Milan.
Pam and Charlie prepare the perfect Thanksgiving feast.
Wyatt grows concerned when Quinn is pointedly excluded from the holiday festivities.
Liam and Ivy bond during their first holiday together.
Wanting Thanksgiving to be a day of peace and gratitude, Hope continues her tradition of putting conflicts involving love, business and family aside.
At Hope's urging, everyone says something kind to the person to their right.
For a moment, all seems right in the world at the Thanksgiving celebration, but two people see that their feelings for each other are still undeniable.


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