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Updated on 26-Oct-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 10/27/2014


Eric made his choice, but Maya's revelation brought tension into the situation that will impact Rick and Ridge's lives, personally and professionally.
Caroline and Ridge
Chaos ensues in the wake of Maya's revelation in the Forrester boardroom.
A hurt Rick accuses Ridge of trying to take away everything that means something to him.
Ridge must defend himself and his recent actions to Eric.
Feeling betrayed, Rick makes a shocking announcement to his father.
Maya takes advantage of an opportune moment to go after what she wants.
Caroline demands that Ridge prove that he's honest about his feelings.
Ridge makes a ground-breaking confession to Katie that rocks her world, but he tries to assure her his feelings for her haven't changed.
Maya moves on to the second step of her plan to end Rick and Caroline's relationship.
Rick and Maya share a special evening together.
Ridge's actions lead Eric to revisit his choice for Forrester's next CEO.
Caroline becomes only slightly aware of the damage she has done to her marriage.
Eric reaches out to Rick to discuss his future at Forrester Creations.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF NOVEMBER 03, 2014: Rick agrees to become CEO of Forrester, with more than a tiny push from Maya. In his new role, Rick makes major changes in personnel, including some shocking shifts in Ridge and Caroline's positions. Caroline remains focused on holding onto her marriage. Carter offers insights to Caroline about Maya's motives toward Rick.


An invitation from an employee brings Liam to a Halloween bash at Bikini filled with familiar faces from reality TV. And with Ivy joining him, will they find romance in the air?
Ivy and Liam
Liam is invited to join an exclusive Halloween party by former Big Brother 16 house-guest Donny Thompson.
Romance blossoms for Liam and Ivy when they take part in some Halloween fun at Bikini brought by a group of former "Big Brother" house-guests.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF NOVEMBER 03, 2014: Deacon tries to dissuade Quinn from interfering with Hope and Ivy's business trip to Amsterdam, but Quinn pressures Wyatt to do what she wants. Liam decides to accept Ivy's request to meet in Amsterdam. Taylor pays a visit to Forrester to check on Aly, concerned by Aly's claims that she communicates with her dead mother. Oliver comes to Aly's aid after an unexpected visit.


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