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Updated on 22-Jul-2016

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First Look at Spoilers: Week of 07/25/2016


Spoilers: Week of 07/18/2016


Eric's secret affair with Quinn and the Spencer brother and Steffy attending the Spencer Summit create a mix among the Spencer and Forrester families.
Wyatt, Steffy and Liam
To protect his secret affair, Eric sides with Steffy when she goes on a tirade about Quinn's presence at Forrester.
Liam and Steffy share a close moment as they make plans to attend the Spencer Summit in Monaco.
Wyatt and Steffy decide to invite an important guest to speak at the Spencer Summit.
Deacon arrives and gives Quinn many good reasons not to follow Eric to Monte Carlo.


Finally moving forward with getting their relationship back on track, Zende and Nicole prepare to move to the next level.
Nicole and Zende
Zende and Nicole get back to working on their relationship.
Zende surprises Nicole with a special gift in anticipation of their plans for a romantic evening together.
Nicole and Zende have a special night as they make love and take their relationship to the next level.


Ridge and Brooke find themselves supporting each other again, while Caroline feels torn following a discussion with Thomas.
Thomas, Caroline, Ridge
Ridge and Brooke lean on each other as they discuss their struggles in their respective relationships.
Caroline becomes conflicted when she and Thomas discuss their son and Ridge.


With Bill and Katie at odds over their son, can Brooke step in to intervene between the opposing sides?
Katie, Bill and Brooke
Katie is surprised when Brooke unexpectedly acts on her behalf in regards to Bill.
Brooke plays mediator when Bill and Katie come face-to-face in an all-out battle over Will.


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