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Updated on 20-Jun-2016

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Spoilers: Week of 06/20/2016


Questions arise about Ridge's attitude toward Thomas, who later springs a surprise on his dad that requires Caroline to step in.
Thomas, Caroline, Ridge, Rick and Maya
Rick and Steffy become suspicious about Ridge's sudden change of attitude toward Thomas.
Thomas blindsides Ridge with regard to their arrangement about Douglas.
Caroline takes control of a heated situation and provides her solution to Thomas and Ridge.


Trying to keep their actions secret places Bill and Brooke in positions where they have to explain themselves - or worse, could get exposed.
Brooke, Bill and Katie
Bill is forced to give a quick explanation when Liam uncovers his private rendezvous spot and questions him about the earring on the bed.
Bill surprises Brooke and then gives her two options regarding their future.
Bill and Brooke find themselves in an awkward situation when an unsuspecting Rick comes to give Brooke new information - and nearly catches them together!

COMING UP THE WEEK OF JUNE 27, 2016: Things continue to churn for Brooke, Bill and Katie.


Even with Steffy's commitment to her marriage and Liam's decision to move on, past memories linger. And pitches from Bill's sons about Spencer force Bill and Steffy to have to choose sides among the brothers.
Wyatt, Steffy and Liam
Liam and Steffy share a poignant moment as they revisit their past and contemplate what may lie ahead.
Bill is forced to choose between his sons' business plans when Wyatt and Liam pitch him new ideas for Spencer Publications.
Steffy is caught in the middle when Wyatt and Liam each seek her support for their proposed business plans.


While Vivienne shares her opinion with Nicole about Nicole's request of Zende, Sasha meets her new photographer and gives Zende her take on his choice.
Sasha, Zende and Nicole
Nicole and Vivienne discuss Sasha, who meets her new photographer, Sax.
Sasha shares her opinion with Zende about his choice to pass on the lingerie campaign.
Vivienne counsels Nicole to be wary of Sasha's intentions toward Zende.


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