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Updated on 14-Sep-2014

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Spoilers: Week of 09/15/2014


Thanks to Charlie, Liam and Ivy now know what Quinn did in Paris. And when everyone else finds out, what kind of fallout will there be for the Spencer, Fuller, Logan and Forrester families?
Wyatt, Hope and Liam
Wyatt asks Hope to take their relationship to the next level.
Hope turns to Brooke for help in sorting out her feelings about Wyatt's intentions for their future.
Armed with the evidence he got from Charlie, Liam takes a stand against Quinn over her actions in Paris.
Wyatt witnesses his mother's encounter with Liam.
News of Quinn's actions in Paris spreads throughout Forrester, courtesy of Ivy.
Ivy faces the possibility that her opportunity with Liam has passed her by.
Quinn finds herself with no choice but to confess to Wyatt what she did in Paris.
Liam makes his case to Hope, showing her the footage that reveals what really took place in Paris.
Hope is totally shocked after seeing for herself how far Quinn went to stop her from marrying Liam.
Having been confronted by Liam about her deception and subsequently dismissed by Wyatt, Quinn turns to Dollar Bill for solace and advice.
Emotions flare when Liam accuses Bill of favoring Wyatt over him.
Wyatt and Hope's bliss as newlyweds comes to an end as stress creeps into their relationship.
Wyatt urges Hope not to let their future together be impacted by what his mother did.
Liam warns Quinn that he'll see her locked up, no matter what it takes.
Deacon and Brooke bond when they learn about Hope's dilemma.
Hope is unsure about what to do, but she needs to make a choice between Liam and Wyatt.

COMING UP THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 22, 2014: Ivy confronts Quinn about Quinn's actions in Paris, but Quinn makes no apologies for what she did. Ivy regrets letting herself fall for Liam, knowing he was still in love with Hope. Liam makes plans for him and Hope to be together, but Wyatt pleads with Hope to stay in their marriage. Maya seizes a golden opportunity to use Ridge and Caroline's relationship at work to her own advantage. Rick starts to question Caroline's loyalty. As her next step, Maya plays on Katie's insecurities about her engagement to Ridge. Katie observes the chemistry between Ridge and Caroline. A mystery couple share a surprise kiss.


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