These summaries cover episodes that aired prior to my web site's start, but came about thanks to emails I exchanged with a fan of the show in Israel some time after the site began.

Below is a list of the months included in the period from October, 1992 - December, 1993, with a brief description of each. Summaries for October, 1992 through November 1993 were written, on an episode by episode basis, by Ori Dekel as he watched them air in Israel, while December, 1993 was written by Scott Novick based on archival material.
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October, 1992: Zach and Taylor are reunited. Jack can't tell Stephanie the man in Felicia's life, who she despises, is his son. Sheila worries about what Lauren Fenmore can do to her. A pregnant Brooke keeps trying to get closer to Ridge:

November, 1992: Stephanie learns about Zach and Jack. Thorne comes to the point where he must choose between Karen and Macy. Sheila uses her mother to try getting Lauren in line. Thorne sees Macy with Jake, and chooses Karen. Brooke asks Ridge to accept the European offer. Sheila asks Eric to be patient with her.

December, 1992: After Thorne chooses Karen, Macy tries to live life without him. Sally sends a disguised Darla to get a job at Forrester. Zach and Felicia leave. Eric's friend, Dr. Tracy Peters, arranges for paternity tests, as Sheila tries to find out what's going on. Turned away by Stephanie, Brooke goes to the cabin in the freezing cold. Ridge finds Brooke, and with help from Taylor on the phone, delivers Brooke's child.

January, 1993Darla/Camille works at Forrester, as part of Sally's plan to steal. Illness delays the paternity tests. Sheila sends a puzzle to Lauren, as she tries to get closer to Tracy Peters. Sheila meets Mike Guthrie for the first time. Sly gives Macy a job.

February, 1993: Ridge reads Caroline's diary, as Stephanie tells Karen she's on the wrong side. Ridge is revealed as the father by the tests. Bill meets Camille/Darla. Eric asks Sheila to marry him. Sly uses Keith's poems to win Macy, while Macy makes a last effort to win Thorne.

March, 1993: Bill ruins Macy's plans, and she drowns her sorrow in booze. Sheila tries to stop Lauren and Stephanie, both of whom could ruin her plan. With Bridget in their lives, Brooke hopes to get closer to Ridge. Jack realizes Sally is stealing.

April, 1993: Macy goes deeper into the bottle. Stephanie enlists Lauren's help. Eric learns there may be problems patenting BeLieF. Thorne and Macy bring in the lawyers. Brad Carlton from Genoa City makes a deal with Sheila. Kristen arrives for the wedding.

May, 1993: Lauren and Sheila fight. Eric and Sheila marry. Brooke meets Connor Davis, as the Forresters take drastic steps to win BeLieF. Sly covers for Macy as her drinking problem gets worse.

June, 1993: The Battle For BeLieF continues; Sent to Monte Carlo by Eric, Ridge must choose between Brooke and Taylor; Sly keeps Macy drunk to keep her from Thorne; Ridge gets Brooke to sign her rights to BeLieF away. Stephanie taunts Brooke.

July, 1993: An intervention for Macy. Brooke almost forgives the Forresters, until she realizes they deceived her. Thorne and Macy reunite, but she still doesn't admit the depth of her problem. Sally and Jack's wedding day grows near - including a bachelor party featuring Fabio.

August, 1993: Sally calls off the wedding with Jack. Brooke gains control of Forrester, thanks to Connor's demands. Taylor can't get pregnant. Kevin saves Sly after surrounding a robber. Sheila becomes Brooke's assistant. Macy gets drunk and she and Kevin have a car accident that leaves them badly hurt.

September, 1993: Connor gives Brooke a marriage proposal. Macy and Thorne get back together as Macy goes to A.A. meetings. Brooke terrorizes Stephanie and throws her out of her office. Sheila makes Brooke realize Connor is having an affair with Karen. Sally fakes a pregnancy in order to win Jack from Stephanie. Mike Guthrie comes back and threatens Sheila.

October, 1993: Mike blackmails Sheila. Dr. James Warwick becomes Taylor's patient. Ridge and Brooke grow closer as Ridge starts to design the men's line. Sheila gets even with Thorne by getting Macy drunk. Thorne sees Anthony Armando taking advantage of Macy by kissing her. Eric and Sheila separate. Jack leaves Sally and quits Spectra after discovering Sally's plan. Brooke is rushed to the hospital after having a head injury.

November, 1993: Ridge attempts to get his relationship with Brooke on track so she will return the company, without ruining his life with Taylor. Sheila and Eric give their marriage one last chance on Catalina Island, where Lauren vacations with her husband, Scott. Scott dies, and makes Lauren promise not to expose Sheila. Anthony's presence drives a wedge between Thorne and Macy. The Forresters plan a salute to Hollywood for their show, and Sally prepares to cash in on it.

December, 1993: Ridge and Taylor's marriage is further strained by her treating James. Taylor and James go off to Scotland, where they encounter his father, Damon. Sally crashes the AFI fashion show. Thorne and Macy grow further apart because of Anthony.

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