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Character NameActor's NameDescription

Alicia CortezIvonee Coll*Mother of Claudia and Lucien, she worries about her daughter working illegally.

Ambrosia (Amber) MooreAdrienne FrantzTeenager who befriended Sheila in Death Valley who worked as a babysitter for James and Maggie Warwick. She is now pregnant, either by Rick Forrester or by an old friend named Raymond.

Bailey MastersonPaul Williams**Recovering alcoholic who serves as personal assistant/confidant to motivational speaker Pierce Peterson.

Beth LoganNancy Burnett**Brooke's mother, and one time love of Eric. After a one-night stand with Stephanie that resulted in Ridge's conception, Eric left Beth to marry Stephanie.

Bridget ForresterAgnes BrucknerThe younger daughter of Brooke and Eric, originally believed to be Ridge's child, due to paternity tests tampered with by Sheila.

Brooke Logan ForresterKatherine Kelly LangDaughter of Beth Logan, whose goal is to marry Ridge. CEO and 51% owner of Forrester, creator of BeLieF, ex-wife of Eric, mother of Rick & Bridget. Marriage to Grant Chambers was not legal. Marriage to Ridge was annulled.

CaterinaJessica Hopper*Supermodel who appeared at the Forrester fashion show in Italy.

C.J. Garrison (Clarke, Jr)Mick Cain **Teenage son of Sally and Clarke. He never knew his father (who didn't even want a child) as he grew up, but he has become extremely close to Clarke since his return.

Clarke GarrisonDan McVicar**Once married to Kristen, he later wed Sally and fathered CJ. Worked as designer at Forrester and Spectra. After a several year absence, he recently returned to Spectra, and to get to know CJ.

Claudia CortezLilly Melgar*Refugee from El Salvador who Thorne hired as a sewer, despite the fact that she does not have a green card to work in the U.S. Living with Stephanie, who assumed responsiblity for her in return for a favor from Thorne.

ConnieAna Mercedes**The current maid in the Forrester home.

Connor DavisScott Thompson Baker**Ridge's high school rival, the attorney who negotiated the deal which got 51% of Forrester Creations for Brooke. One time lover of Karen Spencer. Lawyer for Brooke and Grant, friend and lawyer for James and Maggie.

Damon WarwickJames Doohan**James' father, who lives in Scotland.

Darla EinsteinSchae Harrison**Sally's loyal secretary - somewhat ditzy at times, but she has a heart of gold and would do anything for the crew at Spectra.

Donna LoganCarrie Mitchum**Brooke's younger sister.

Dr. KellyJordana Capra**Doctor who treated Grant when he was shot. Treated Sheila after her most recent altercation with Maggie, which jeopardizes Sheila's pregnancy..

Dr. Mark BensonRichard Kline**Doctor who diagnosed Jessica's diabetes. He also did the 2nd paternity tests on Bridget, and diagnosed Stephanie's mercury poisoning.

Dr. Gina SantanaGina Gallego**Doctor who treated Bridget when she was shot in playground. Treated Jessica after her rape. Operated on Clarke after his fall saving C.J. from Jack Fuller. Treated Taylor after the fire which burned down her beach house.

Earl BanksChip Heller*Uniformed police officer who assists Lt. Baker in the Chambers shooting case. Unlike the lieutenant, Earl does not believe Ridge is guilty.

Eric ForresterJohn McCookFounder of Forrester. Father of Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, Felicia and Angela (by Stephanie) and Rick and Bridget (by Brooke). Divorced from both women, and Sheila.

Felicia ForresterColleen Dion-Scotti**The youngest Forrester daughter, one time lover of Jake Maclaine and Zach Hamilton. She left Los Angeles with Zach several years ago, and apparently travelled to Italy some time after that. She has returned to Los Angeles after hearing that Ridge was accused of shooting Grant.

GladysPhyllis Diller**Hairdresser and confidante to Sally. She once designed the Volunteer disguise Taylor used when she returned from Morocco.

Grant ChambersCharles Grant*Forrester designer and old friend of Taylor's from college. Was married to Brooke, and he convinced her to appoint him CEO of Forrester Creations. Marriage to Brooke was not legal. Now married to Macy. Died from testicular cancer.

Hunter JonesTristan Rogers*Hired by Forrester attorney Jonathan Young, this private investigator disappeared, at Ridge's insistence, after discovering Rick Forrester shot Grant.

Jack HamiltonChris Robinson **Taylor's father.

James WarwickIan BuchananTaylor's mentor and friend, a psychiatrist. Once engaged to Brooke, he was married to Maggie, even though Sheila was carrying his child. Marriage to Maggie has been anulled, currently married to Sheila.

Jessica ForresterMaitland Ward*Daughter of Maggie, a niece of Eric and Stephanie who came to live with Steph while her parents divorced. In love with Dylan, she is presently studying in England as she recovers from her rape at the hands of Sly Donovan.

Jonathan YoungJoseph Campanella**Stephanie's trusted friend and attorney.

Katie LoganNancy Sloan**Youngest sister and frequent confidante of Brooke.

Kimberly FairchildAshley CafagnaDaughter of investment banker Myles Fairchild, she met Brooke, Eric and their kids when her principal (through James Warwick) suggested Brooke and Eric help the new family get settled in L.A. Rick has taken an immediate liking to her and may be questioning his feelings for Amber as a result.

Lauren FenmoreTracey E BregmanOld friend of the Forresters from Genoa City, who moved to L.A. to work on a project with Eric. Sheila seduced and married Lauren's husband in Genoa City, and she stole Lauren's son.

Lt. Brad BakerDon Martin**Police officer assigned to investigate the Grant Chambers shooting, and has assisted in other cases since, such as the recent arrest of Sheila.

Lt. ConranRobert Craighead**Police Detective who has investigated several cases involving the Forresters.

Lucien CortezEmilio Rivera*Brother of Claudia, who is concerened Thorne is taking advantage of her.

Macy Alexander ChambersBobbie EakesDaughter of Sally and Adam Alexander, who walked out on Sally years ago. Filing for divorce from Thorne. She works with her mother at Spectra, and also had a singing career.

Maggie Forrester WarwickBarbara Crampton*Divorced from Eric's brother, she came to L.A. to get to know her daughter, Jessica, better. Worked as Stephanie's maid for a time. Marriage to James. was annulled.

Megan ConleyMaeve Quinlan **Brooke's Personal Assistant.

Michael LaiLindsay Price*Former roommate of Dylan and Jasmine. Former lover of Grant, until he married Brooke. Works at Forrester in International Marketing division.

Mike GuthrieKen Hanes**Former Forrester security guard and frequent friend and confidant to Sheila in her schemes.

Molly CarterMarilyn Alex*Sheila's mother, recently relocated to Los Angeles.

Myles FairchildMichael SwanInvestment banker from Nantucket with a mysterious past, he has moved into James and Maggie's old house, where he lives with his daughter, Kimberly.

Pierce PetersonPaul SatterfieldMotivational speaker who has employed Taylor for a new project, a method of behavior modification through hypnosis.

RaymondUsher**Singer and old friend of Amber who may also be the father of her baby.

Rick Forrester (aka Eric, Jr.)Jacob YoungOldest child of Eric and Brooke, now approximately age 16.

Ridge ForresterRonn MossOldest son of Eric and Steph, and designer at Forrester. The object of Brooke's desires, he was married to Caroline and Taylor. Originally believed to be Bridget's father. Now married to Taylor.

Rush (Tony) Carrera/Jonny CarreraAnthony Adabbo*Mysterious savior of Lauren and Eric when their plane crashed in Greenland, he was actually a murderer. Now deceased. His brother, Jonny was briefly involved with Lauren but has now left town as well.

Sally SpectraDarlene ConleyThe street-savvy owner of Forresters' rival, Spectra Fashions, mother of Macy and C.J. She moved up in the business by knocking off Forrester designs, but is now legitimate.

Sheila Carter Forrester WarwickKimberlin Brown*Nurse from Genoa City who fled to L.A. when she was believed to be dead. She was married to Eric (now divorced), and is married James. Mother of their daughter, Mary, she is now on the run, having abducted Mary after a failed attempt to kill Stephanie.

Stephanie ForresterSusan FlanneryThe Forrester matriarch. Eric ended their marriage when he found out about her schemes, but she remains his closest confidante. Mother of Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, Felicia and Angela (deceased).

Steven LoganRobert Pine**Husband of Beth, father of Storm, Brooke, Donna and Katie. Walked out on family because he couldn't live in the shadow of Beth's memories of Eric. Steph later brought him back, and he and Beth now live in Paris.

Tamara WalkerTamara Walker*Old friend of Grant and country singer who owns the Canyon Country Club

Taylor Hayes ForresterHunter TyloCaroline's doctor when she was dying from leukemia, as well as a psychiatrist, she met and fell in love with Caroline's husband, Ridge. Later married and divorced from Ridge, they were engaged again, until his involvement with Brooke caused her to question his commitment. Was pursued by both Ridge and Thorne. Now married to Ridge.

Teresa EmersonOlivia Virgil White**L.A. County Prosecutor, she has prosecuted Dylan Shaw (for stautory rape), Sheila Carter (parole review) and Ridge Forrester (shooting of Grant Chambers).

Thomas ForresterRachel and Erin Koch**Son of Ridge and Taylor.

Thorne ForresterWinsor HarmonYounger son of Eric and Stephanie. He was married to Caroline before she wed Ridge. Separated from Macy, who he married twice. Pursued Taylor. Worked in Forrester Production area. Now lives next door to ex-wife Macy, whose husband Grant is dying.

*   Actor is no longer on the show.
**  Denotes actor presently on recurring status, only to be used 
    as needed.

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