September, 1993

Written by Ori Dekel

1613: At Brooke's condo, Connor said it was time to break their ties with Sheila. He said that hiring Sheila was a bad idea since her primary loyalty was to Eric. Connor said Ridge had come to his office and agreed that Sheila would cause problems. Brooke said, "No, I want her over there". Then Sheila arrived at Brooke's. Sally couldn't get Macy on the phone, as Jack walked into her office. Thorne suggested Macy had driven Kevin home, but no one answered the phone as Sly called Keith's. Keith hoped Macy could help Kevin with getting his troubles off his chest. The paramedics arrived at the accident scene. Sheila asked if there was a problem. Brooke said that she and Connor had reservations about Sheila's loyalty. Sheila said, "Let me reassure you both - you can count on me". Sheila felt more than prepared to deal with the family's asking for inside info. Sheila asked, "Are you not going to hire me, Brooke? Is that was this is all about?" Sally informed Jack about the visit she paid Stephanie. Sally said, "I'm not through with her yet, I'm only just begun". Jack said Stephanie was suffering and Sally said it was the dose of Stephanie's own medicine. Sly answered the phone at The Bikini and was informed that Macy's car had hit a tree. The unconscious Macy and Kevin were brought to the hospital and were treated. Brooke said she was going to stand by her decision and Sheila thanked Brooke, saying she won't regret it. Sheila said she wanted them to be a team. Sheila let herself out. Connor told Brooke, "You made your first big mistake as the head of Forrester Creations". Jack didn't want to talk about Stephanie and Sally wanted to talk about them. Sally said she had been mixed up about Jack and asked for another try for them. Jack said, "I appreciate your frankness," but stopped talking when the phone rang. It was Thorne and he told her about Macy's accident. Sally left for the hospital. Thorne and Keith arrived at the hospital. The nurse told them it'd been a serious accident but wouldn't let them in, saying the doctor will be out soon. Thorne wished, "God, please don't let them die". Connor said he'd be watching Sheila. Brooke planned to test Sheila's trust. Brooke said, "Forrester Creations is ours" and said she was going to bring Stephanie down. Sally arrived at the hospital and Keith said Kevin had been in the car with Macy. Thorne thought Macy hit a tree because of the fog. Sally told them to think positively. The doctor went out and said Macy had a head injury. The doctor said Kevin's condition was more severe. Keith asked, "Is my brother going to die?".

1614: Brooke told herself everybody was going to work for her and that she was in charge of the biggest fashion house in the world. Then Taylor entered Brooke's condo. Brooke said she only wanted to hurt Stephanie. Taylor said, "It's putting a strain on the entire Forrester family, especially Eric". Brooke said she had a score to settle, and stressed that she would make sure Stephanie knows who's in charge. Taylor said, "Do yourself a favor and call a truce with the Forresters". Thorne encouraged Keith, "No news is probably good news". Thorne said Sally was scared and Keith said, "Yeah, like the rest of us". Kevin was in surgery for hours and Thorne told Keith to be positive. Then Sly arrived at the hospital. At Stephanie's office, Ridge told Stephanie she was in a strange mood. Stephanie said, "I got a little unexpected support last night, that's all". Ridge said, "Brooke already got what she wants" and Stephanie said that Brooke's revenge wasn't over as far as she was concerned. Stephanie said that her warnings to Ridge and Eric about Brooke had come true. Taylor told Brooke to let go and Brooke said she would take advantage of repaying Stephanie. Brooke remembered all of Stephanie's abuse; she remembered how Stephanie gloated when Ridge decided not to marry her. Then she remembered how Stephanie treated her at Caroline and Ridge's wedding, when Stephanie said, "You're nothing to us, Brooke" and talked how Brooke would be forgotten. Brooke stopped remembering and said, "But she didn't get rid of me and I won't be forgotten". Thorne told Sly that Macy was in intensive care. Keith said Kevin wasn't wearing any seat belt. A nurse informed Thorne that Macy's condition had been stabilized. Thorne walked in to see Macy and told Keith to hang in there. Brooke said Stephanie was evil, since she was willing to take Brooke's children away from her in order to save Taylor's marriage, and remembered how Stephanie threatened her with that after Brooke had given birth. Brooke said, "She loved to get me when I was down, every chance she got" and remembered how Stephanie gloated after Ridge got Brooke to sign the release papers. Brooke said that Stephanie had made a mistake she would be paying for the rest of her life. Ridge told Stephanie she saw the worst in Brooke and Stephanie said she saw Brooke for exactly what she is. Macy regained consciousness at the hospital room, and called out, "Thorne, is that you?" Thorne held Macy's hand. Macy asked Thorne what had happened and Thorne reminded her she'd hit a tree. Thorne said, "I love you so much" and Macy said she loved Thorne, too. Thorne said he'd stay with Macy until it's over. Brooke said she wasn't a vindictive person but since Stephanie had pushed her too much, she would make Stephanie grovel at her feet. Brooke said Stephanie had to respect her, since she was the boss. Stephanie believed Brooke intended to turn everybody in the family against one another and said, "I'll bet you that by the end of this day Brooke is determined to tear this family apart".

1615: Taylor entered Stephanie's office. Stephanie said they had to have a new beginning and said, "What more could she do, right?". Taylor said she'd just spoken with Brooke and didn't share Stephanie's optimism. Connor told Brooke at the lab, "Your first day at Forrester Creations" and said the future started today. Sheila walked into the lab and Brooke said they had to find a permanent base of operation. Macy woke up and found Thorne near her bed. Thorne thanked god Macy was okay. Macy said she was dizzy and Thorne said it was going to pass. Macy remembered that Kevin sat next to her in the car and asked, "Is Kevin OK?". Keith told Sly he felt something was wrong. The doctor went out and Keith asked him if Kevin was all right. The doctor said Kevin had survived the surgery and that Kevin's condition was still critical. The doctor didn't know how long Kevin was going to survive. Keith said, "We'll wait and we'll pray". Thorne told Macy that Kevin was badly hurt and had been in surgery for hours. Thorne said, "It was nobody's fault. It was an accident". Thorne said that Macy had done the right thing by picking Kevin up from the side of the road. Thorne hugged Macy when she was shocked of hurting Kevin. Brooke held a map of the Forrester building and said she wanted an occupied office for herself - Stephanie's office. Sheila said it was a brilliant idea. Brooke asked Sheila if she was up to supervising the moving of Stephanie's stuff. Taylor said Brooke was out for Stephanie's blood. Stephanie said she would have to see the glass half full from now on and Taylor said Stephanie wasn't being realistic, and that things weren't over between Brooke and Stephanie yet. Sheila said she was concerned how Eric would react and Brooke reminded Sheila that Eric now worked for her, and she expected Sheila to follow orders. Sheila said she didn't want Brooke to use her in order to get back at Stephanie. Brooke said, "Take care off it, Sheila, or you're out of the job" and she and Connor left the lab. Keith entered Macy's hospital room, telling her the accident wasn't Macy's fault. Keith said that Kevin's condition didn't look so good. The doctor knocked on the door and asked Thorne to step outside, where a policeman asked to have a word with Mrs. Forrester's husband. Brooke entered Stephanie's office while Stephanie was talking on the phone. Stephanie told Brooke, "Please make yourself at home" and Brooke replied, "Don't mind if I do". Keith thanked Macy for being a true friend, and being there for Kevin. Macy said she felt terrible and said, "It's all my fault". Macy promised to say a prayer for Kevin. The policeman said they had run a blood test on Macy, and explained to Thorne, "Your wife had been legally intoxicated during the time of the accident". Thorne couldn't believe it at first, saying Macy stopped drinking; but then the doctor gave him the results of the blood tests, showing the alcohol level was above normal. Thorne couldn't believe Macy drove a car while she was drunk. Taylor walked into the lab and told Sheila Brooke was using her to get back at Stephanie. Taylor asked Sheila if she was willing to sacrifice her marriage and Sheila said her marriage was on solid ground. Taylor said, "You risk to lose everything". Brooke told Stephanie, "I like your office Stephanie - so much that I'm going to take it over as my own". Stephanie said, "This is my office, you get the hell out!".

1616: In Ridge's office, Eric said they should be prepared for the worst, since it was Brooke's first day on the job. Ridge said somebody had to get through Brooke. Macy said the accident shouldn't have happened to Kevin, and Keith asked her to say a prayer. Thorne said, "She lied to me, she lied to everyone". The policeman wanted to question Macy but Thorne told him to wait. Sheila told Taylor, "Nobody uses me". Taylor asked Sheila what was going on since she saw Brooke entering Stephanie's office, and then asked, "What kind of games are you playing?". Brooke said, "You have until afternoon to pack up your things and get the hell out of here". Stephanie said, "This is my office" and intended to make it impossible for Brooke. Brooke said her vote counted 51% of the company while Stephanie's vote was worth 15%. Stephanie said, "You find some other office for yourself, because you're not going to have mine". Ridge told Eric that Sheila shouldn't be acting as Brooke's liaison and Eric said Sheila could help them, since she had Brooke's confidence. Eric said Stephanie could take care of her own and Ridge agreed, "She's not going to be pushed around by anybody. Mother is prepared to put a hell of a fight". Taylor said Sheila was doing Brooke's dirty work. Taylor said there might be a time where Sheila has to choose between the two sides. Thorne asked the policeman to talk to Macy first and entered Macy's hospital room. Thorne told Keith he wanted to see Macy alone. Keith said, "Keep the faith" and went out. Thorne looked very disappointed and Macy asked him what was wrong. Taylor said she thought Sheila was doing what's best for her and told Sheila, "If you want to prove your loyalty to the Forresters, you get out of this job". Stephanie said Brooke wanted to humiliate her. Brooke said the office was centrally located. Stephanie said, "This is a silly power play and no one is going to appreciate it". Brooke said, "Sheila and I are going to be working side by side". Stephanie said she wouldn't sit still and take Brooke's dictation, and told Brooke, "I don't quit, bitch". Brooke said it was payback time and that Stephanie would pay in full. Thorne told Macy that Kevin was fighting for his life and was still in critical condition. Macy said she felt responsible. Macy confirmed it was an accident she couldn't prevent due to the fog. Macy also said she didn't remember everything. Thorne said Keith wasn't OK and was worried. Thorne reminded Macy of Keith's words and said he'd had faith in Macy; he then frankly stated, "We all trusted you - well, we were all fools, because your car accident wasn't an accident, Macy. It wasn't the weather, it wasn't the fog. You could have killed yourself - you may have already killed Kevin - because you were drunk, Macy. You were driving drunk". Stephanie said Brooke would never be a Forrester and Brooke said she had something better than being a Forrester - having Stephanie in the palm of her hand. Brooke said she'd throw it back at Stephanie with interest. Brooke said, "What goes around, comes around". Brooke said she wanted Stephanie the hell out now and left. Then Sheila entered Stephanie's office. Sheila said, "I'm here to help you move". Stephanie said, "Over my dead body, Sheila" and Sheila replied, "Anyway you like it, Stephanie, anyway you like it".

1617: Ridge came into his office and found Brooke looking for the Spring Line files. Brooke said they were in this together, and explained she had logistical problems; she told Ridge, "I'm taking over Stephanie's office". Sheila told Stephanie it was a chance for her to show her talents, since she was a motivator. Stephanie said, "This is my office, I have no intention of leaving - Let's see what you can do to motivate me". Sly encouraged Keith, saying Kevin will pull through. Thorne said the accident happened while Macy was under the influence. Macy said Thorne couldn't believe it and Thorne told her about the blood tests. "You were legally drunk", Thorne repeated. Ridge said that taking over Stephanie's office was the choice of vengeance; he offered Brooke his office but Brooke said she needed Ridge near her for the orderly flow of communication. Brooke said, "I don't feel good about this, but it's the way it is". Brooke said she didn't care less about Stephanie's personal comfort, as Stephanie didn't care about Brooke's for years. Ridge said, "Revenge, how delicious. But there's one big problem with all this - it's not in your nature to be cruel. That's what you're doing. So no matter how much you think mother deserves all of this, you're not going to enjoy what you're doing to her". Stephanie told Sheila that Brooke had no idea how to run a company. Sheila said Stephanie had created the situation and said, "What goes around does come around, Stephanie". Sheila said, "Now I'm going to ask you one more time. Will you leave this office - it now belongs to Brooke?" Thorne said Kevin was in intensive care because of Macy. Keith told Sly to go home to rest, but Sly wouldn't, saying Kevin has become his little brother too. Keith wondered what bothered Kevin in the last few days. Macy admitted to be drinking and that the accident was her fault. Thorne said Macy was lying to him while she swore she'd stopped drinking. Macy said she'd start drinking in the last days since she wasn't strong enough. Thorne said Macy was an alcoholic. Macy didn't think she could go on if Kevin doesn't pull through. Thorne told Macy to take some responsibility for what had happened. Brooke said that revenge wasn't the only thing that motivated her and said it was a challenge. Ridge said Brooke wasn't interested in business and said, "I think it involves me". Thorne said Kevin was still unconscious. Macy told Thorne how Kevin caught her drinking and how she made Kevin get in the car, she then said Kevin was an innocent child and that she should be the one who's dying. Macy was sorry for everything and said she'd hurt the people she cared most about. Macy said it didn't have to come to this and talked about the craving she had for alcohol, she told Thorne she didn't say anything to him since she didn't want to disappoint him. Thorne and Macy hugged and Macy said, "Would you call A.A. and have them sent somebody over to see me - I NEED HELP?" Sheila said they were simply relocating Stephanie, since her office was at the center of operation and Stephanie said that Eric's office was the center of operation. Forrester workers entered and started to move Stephanie's things at Brooke's request. Brooke said Ridge was flattering himself and said, "I am doing it for a man, and that man is Connor Davis, not Ridge Forrester. Disappointed, Darling?" and left his office.

1618: Ridge walked into his house telling Taylor Brooke had taken over Stephanie's office. Brooke was at Karen's telling her about Stephanie's moving. Brooke was enjoying herself. Brooke said she didn't like hurting people, even Stephanie - but talked about her duty to make Stephanie feel the things she's put people through. Karen said Brooke was rich, with an important job and a great man. Brooke talked about the evening with Connor, with violins, fireworks displays and the limousine. Brooke said, "You should really find a man like Connor". Brooke said she was in love with Connor and asked Karen not to mention Ridge's name. Connor was preparing dinner at Brooke's when Sheila arrived. Sheila wanted to wait for Brooke. Connor wanted to take a message, but Sheila insisted and came in. Sheila looked at the dinner preparations and said, "How interesting". Brooke said Connor had done for her more than Ridge ever did. Brooke said she'd be devastated without Connor, and that she was lucky to have him. Brooke left for her condo. Karen told herself, "You are the luckiest woman in the world, Brooke". Sheila said Connor was transparent and talked about a lot of money. Connor said he had a good career, unlike Sheila. He said he needed Brooke and not her money and power. Sheila said she was in it for the experience, and suggested that Connor's future in Forrester Creations was limited before she left. Ridge said he didn't have influence over Brooke any more; he explained that Brooke was enjoying the feeling of being in charge and Taylor said Brooke didn't feel secure. Ridge grabbed Taylor's book, "Infanitly", and said, "I want to talk about this". Brooke arrived at her condo. Brooke said she was impressed and she and Connor kissed. Ridge reminded Taylor they'd been trying only a couple of months. Taylor asked, "If I couldn't conceive, what would you do about it?". Brooke said she'd be in terrible depths of depression if it weren't for Connor. Connor and Brooke drank French wine from '59 for a special occasion. Ridge told Taylor it was irrelevant. Taylor said Ridge knew he was capable of creating a life because of Bridget, but she wasn't sure if she could. Ridge said, "I would never, never, ever love you any less for that" and talked about how they'll open up gifts for Christmas when Taylor starts showing. Taylor said she wanted so much to give Ridge a child. Connor and Brooke agreed they've come a long way in a brief period of time. Brooke and Connor kissed. They sat at the table. Connor hid Brooke a ring in a plate, and attached a card to the ring. Brooke opened the card; it said, "MARRY ME". Connor asked, "WILL YOU? WILL YOU MARRY ME?".

1619: Brooke admitted to being surprised. Connor said they would have a great life together and promised to be a devoted father and husband. Sheila came into her house, where she found Eric on the balcony. Sheila wanted to take Eric out to celebrate. They walked into the living room; Eric said that the way they were treated by Brooke was a big deal, and he wouldn't tolerate it from Sheila. Eric said it would stop. Sally was at Macy's hospital room, where Macy kept blaming herself. Sally said, "It was just an accident, it was nobody's fault". Macy said there was something Sally needed to know and then 2 policemen entered Macy's hospital room. The policemen read Macy her rights while Sally couldn't figure out what was going on. Eric couldn't believe Sheila kicked Stephanie out of her office and said Sheila would quit her job. Sheila said she was just following orders and added she hadn't been rude toward Stephanie or disrespectful. Sheila said she'd managed to get the job done without creating World War 3. Eric wondered, "When is this going to end?". Sheila said Brooke wanted what's best for Forrester Creations, and said Connor was the true enemy. Brooke told Connor the ring was beautiful, but wouldn't try it on. Brooke didn't know what to say. Brooke said the children loved Connor and Connor said he loved the children. Connor said they were ready for this. Connor asked, "You're going to turn me down, aren't you? You don't want to marry me, Brooke?". The policeman told Sally, "Your daughter is being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and possibly involuntary manslaughter". Sally said it was ridiculous and the policeman served Macy papers and she signed them. The policeman gave Macy his card and asked her to call him to answer some questions. The policemen went out. Sally said, "It's obvious they got you mixed up with somebody else". Macy replied, "It happened because I was drinking". Eric said Brooke made the decisions and Sheila said Connor manipulated Brooke. Eric said Sheila could prevent Stephanie's moving and said Sheila wasn't being straight with him. Eric said Sheila was a willing participant. Sheila asked, "Are you done with your insults?". Eric said he was and went to sleep in the guest room. Brooke said, "Connor, I'm just not ready" and Connor didn't understand. Brooke admitted to seeing Ridge that day, but said it was more than Ridge. Brooke said, "I just need more time". Connor said, "I love you Brooke but I won't follow you around like a puppy dog". Connor felt Brooke's love for him but said there was a part of Brooke that's still holding out for Ridge. Connor said he gave Brooke 100% and wasn't willing to get anything less out of Brooke. Connor left Brooke's condo and arrived at the Bikini, when Sheila walked in. Sally couldn't believe Macy was drinking and said Macy was lying to her. Macy replied, "I was lying when I told you I was sober. That was a lie, this is not". Macy said Kevin was paying the price. Macy said she'd stopped for a while but didn't manage to keep it up, and explained that she couldn't tell anybody since she was afraid of losing Thorne. Then Keith walked into Macy's room. Keith said there was no change in Kevin's condition and gave Macy flowers. Macy asked Sally to leave her and Keith alone. Connor was about to leave and Sheila wondered what went wrong with Connor's seduction plan. Sheila said Eric was working late and Connor proved her wrong. Connor bought Sheila a drink and they sat at a table. Sly told Connor to use the door. Connor replied, "No way, it's time this lady gets hers and I'm just the man to do it".

1620: At The Bikini, Connor thought Sheila was cooling off after the blow up with Eric. Macy told Keith she might have killed Kevin and said Keith didn't know everything. Macy said Keith was her best friend and appreciated Keith's help. She told him she'd thought she could beat it and be in control, and added, "You were right all along about me, about my denial. I have been drinking. I was drinking last night - that's why the accident happened". Keith asked, "How could you do this to my little brother?". Sly looked at Kevin's photo, saying Kevin has to pull through. Then Karen arrived at The Bikini and said Connor was in love with her best friend, who are happy together. Sly wondered why Connor was drinking with Sheila, if he's happy. Sheila said she knew what Connor was up to. Sheila said Connor didn't matter, and Connor was sure he'd be able to find a way to get rid of Sheila. Karen said Connor was supposed to be with Brooke and went over to Connor's table. Macy said she wanted to talk to Kevin since he saw her drinking. Keith said, "You are sick and I should have put you in a treatment program". Keith was angry, saying he shouldn't let Macy convince him that she's stopped drinking. Karen sat next to Connor and Sheila. Connor said Brooke was at home and Sheila left, saying she has to call Eric. Sheila hid at a nearby table and overheard Connor and Karen's conversation. Connor said he'd walked out of Brooke's apartment. Macy said, "I tried to stop drinking" and Keith was sorry it took a tragedy to bring Macy to her senses. Keith said he knew Macy was sorry. The doctor walked into Macy's room, asking Keith to come to see Kevin, and Macy begged to join Keith. Connor said, "I proposed to Brooke tonight and now I wish I hadn't - she turned me down" and Karen couldn't believe it. Sheila smiled to herself. Macy and Keith arrived at Kevin's hospital room. Keith talked to Kevin, who was still unconscious, saying he has to pull through. Connor said, "I don't think she'll (Brooke) ever be ready". Karen said Brooke was being a fool. Connor said, "I'm not going to wait for Brooke". Sheila picked up a camera from the bar. Karen said Connor better hang on to his true love with Brooke. Connor touched Karen's hair and then Sheila tool a picture of them. Kevin suddenly woke up and Keith thanked god. Kevin asked, "Where am I?". Keith reminded Kevin about the car accident, saying Macy is OK. Macy came near Kevin's bed and was sorry. Kevin said he wasn't mad at Macy. The doctor said Kevin was weak, but didn't have any permanent damage. Keith got excited saying Kevin is going home and would be fine.

1621: Sheila called Ridge's office and said Brooke wanted everyone in a board meeting. Then Eric walked into Ridge's office and wondered what Brooke was up to now. Eric said he'd asked and insisted that Sheila quit her job, and when she refused he slept in the guest room. Ridge said Sheila had a hidden agenda. Eric said Sheila had told him Connor had proposed to Brooke. Brooke was decorating her new office when Connor walked in. Connor took off the door the sign that read "Stephanie Forrester" and put it in the trash. Brooke and Connor were both looking forward to the board meeting. Brooke said they needed to talk about Connor's marriage proposal. Sheila walked into Stephanie's new office and made fun over how small the office was. Sheila let her know about the meeting. Stephanie said Sheila was a fine secretary. Sheila asked Stephanie what her job descriptions were and said, "Don't you dare pass judgment on me". Sheila said she was doing quite well for herself and Stephanie said, "Not for long". Stephanie said Connor didn't like Sheila and wanted Sheila gone. Stephanie said it wouldn't take Connor long to convince Brooke she should get rid of Sheila. Connor said he could handle a little rejection. Brooke said she cared for Connor very deeply. Brooke said, "Marriage is still a possibility. A very strong possibility". Brooke knew Connor was hurt. Connor said that somewhere deep down, Brooke's decision has something to do with Ridge. Brooke said she needed Connor and hugged him. Ridge got panicked saying, "She accepted? No way, she couldn't have" and Eric confirmed that Brooke had turned Connor down. Ridge wondered why Brooke didn't accept Connor's proposal and went to Brooke's office. Sheila said she could handle Connor. Stephanie said, "I think that your marriage and your brand new career are in jeopardy". Stephanie said it'd be fun to watch Sheila fall down on her face. Sheila left Stephanie's office. Ridge walked into Brooke's office, where Connor was already gone. Ridge said he'd heard the news and was curious. Ridge said, "I wan to know why you turned him down". Sheila looked at the photo of Karen and Connor, saying, "Oh, I'll take care of Connor, Stephanie. In my own time, in my own way" Connor walked into Eric's office and pointed out that Sheila wasn't told why the meeting was called deliberately. Connor teased Sheila, saying she can fill up glasses and take care of everyone's chairs. Connor said Sheila belonged in the receptionist area. Sheila said Connor should treat her with some respect. Sheila said, "The only reason that you're....", but stopped talking once Eric and Stephanie walked in. Connor said the meeting was about the full showing, since Brooke had some input to offer. Brooke told Ridge she wasn't ready. Ridge said Brooke was contradicting herself and was sending mixed signals. Ridge reminded Brooke how she talked about Connor and said, "I don't buy it, Logan". Ridge said he was the reason Brooke took over Forrester. Ridge said Brooke was still bitter that he decided to stay with Taylor. Ridge said, "You still care for me". Brooke said the company was rightfully hers, but Ridge said it was to have some influence over his life. Brooke said she'd gotten on with her life. Brooke said she was over Ridge and Ridge didn't believe her. Brooke gave Ridge proof - she kissed him. Brooke said, "You know what I felt - nothing at all". Brooke left for Eric's office.

1622: Brooke was about to enter Eric's office, but Ridge stopped her. They were talking around Eric's door and Ridge said the kiss was a play. Brooke tried to slap him, but Ridge grabbed Brooke's hand. Ridge said it was between him and Brooke, and said nothing would convince him otherwise. Jack visited Taylor at her office. Jack wondered why Taylor didn't cut down her case load, as she promised to do, and told his daughter he didn't know how to take it from here. Bill visited Karen and entered her office at Spectra. Bill was back from a trade show. Karen said the situation with Connor hadn't turned out like she hoped. Karen said, "I'm not going to wait for Connor or any other man". Karen said she would turn Spectra Fashions around 180 degrees. Thorne walked into Eric's office, saying Brooke and Ridge were talking outside the door. Connor was about to get Brooke but Stephanie told him to relax. Connor said he wasn't planing to have a relationship with Brooke. Then Brooke and Ridge entered the office. Karen said, "I'm committing myself completely to this business". Bill said life was a risk and told Karen to take a chance, or to miss out of life. Bill said, "Don't make the same mistake I did". Brooke said she'd deserved control of the company, but pointed out, "I can't do this all by myself". Brooke said they all wanted the same thing - a profitable business. Brooke asked them to be professional. Jack said he cared for Stephanie and wanted to do more than just be supportive of her. Taylor pointed out it took time to get pregnant. Taylor then said they had to wait at least a year before concluding if there's a problem, but admitted she was really worried. Jack and Taylor hugged. Sheila said that eventually the Forresters would come around. Brooke said that the marketing, creative and production ends of the company would stay the same; "The only thing that's going to be different is that I'm going to be overseeing everything". Connor said there would be a change in efficiency through design, production and creative schedules. Connor said that if a design comes in after a deadline, it won't make the showing. Brooke said it was a business, and not a family party and the meeting was adjourned. Bill told Karen to call Connor but Karen said she had pride left. Karen said she wouldn't be begging for attention from any man. Sheila, Brooke and Connor stayed at Eric's office. Sheila said Brooke was great while Connor was overbearing, like attorneys are. Sheila left Eric's office and Brooke kissed Connor. Connor asked what he was supposed to make of this. Connor said he was there for Brooke as her attorney, but said that their personal relationship had changed. Brooke said, "OK, if that's the way you want it", and was about to leave, but then she added, "But I don't think it is". Sheila was standing in Margo's former office. Connor called Karen and asked her to have dinner with him at his place tonight. Karen agreed and hung up. Sheila smiled to herself as she overheard Connor's dinner invitation.

1623: Sheila entered Eric's office and congratulated Connor. Sheila said she would always be one step ahead of Connor and talked about Connor's stunt - when he tried to make problems with Sheila and the Forresters. Connor said Sheila was the expert at manipulations. Then Brooke walked in, and took Sheila to her new office, that is across from Brooke's. Macy arrived at Karen's office, where Karen said it was great to see Macy outside of the hospital. Macy said, "Karen, I caused the accident. I was drinking and fortunately, Kevin is going to be OK". Macy said, "I lied to everyone, but especially to myself, and now I'm going to have to pay the price". At Ridge's office, Ridge told Taylor that Brooke and Connor were going to run the company like dictators. Taylor tried to make Ridge feel better, and when a joke didn't work, they kissed. Karen said she was sorry, and Macy said she was going to A.A. and would take it one day at a time. Macy said, "Drinking and driving is wrong, and I thought I was above it all". Karen told Macy to look at the accident as a wake up call and to look at the positives, and Macy said Thorne kept his distance from her. Macy said, "He (Thorne) would have helped me if I just opened my mouth". Karen said she wasn't sure whether or not to show up for dinner with Connor, since she knew it was the result of Brooke not wanting Connor. Macy said Karen should talk to Connor and warned her, "Don't be stupid like I was, or you will end up like I did - alone". Sheila was disappointed to see her small office with word processors. Brooke said, "I'm going to need you to function as my secretary, so here's the fax machine". Sheila said she wasn't trained to be a secretary. Connor tried to squeeze his way out of the "pigeon hole", as he called it, and arrived at Ridge's office. Connor said he needed to see the sketches for the Spring collection. Ridge said Connor tried to take over the operation. Taylor said they shouldn't be in the same room and asked Connor to leave. Karen wrote Connor a letter and had it delivered to Forrester. Sheila said she barely knew how to type. Brooke said, "I need you in here". Sheila asked if it was Connor's idea to put her in there. Sheila said Connor didn't have Brooke's best interests at heart. Ridge said Connor was behind the schedules. Connor said Ridge didn't want Brooke to see other men, and said it was insulting to Taylor. Ridge attacked Connor and punched him in the face, Taylor and Ridge left to eat dinner. Sheila said the word got around about Connor's marriage proposal. Brooke said Connor and her were close. Brooke said, "We're connected, we relate very well, and in many ways I love him". Brooke said, "He's honest. He's sincere. He's never held anything back from me". Brooke said, "And one of this days I might as well marry him". Brooke left asking Sheila not to talk badly about Connor. The delivery boy walked into Sheila's office, handing over Karen's letter to Sheila. Sheila said she'd see that Connor gets the delivery. Sheila opened the letter and read it. Karen wrote she's vulnerable and wants Connor not just for the evening. Sheila told herself, "You trust Connor, do you, Brooke? Let's see how much you trust him after you see this".

1624: Connor walked into Brooke's office where Brooke said she loved the new decoration. Connor said it would be nice to get Stephanie to be their ally. Connor said he didn't want a Forrester office yet. Brooke suggested Connor have dinner with her tonight. Sheila talked to herself, holding Karen's letter at her office and saying, "Won't you be surprised, Brooke. So you think he's loyal, do you?". Stephanie came in and couldn't imagine who would write Sheila a letter. Stephanie laughed about how Sheila's office was once a clothes closet. Sally talked about the meeting at Forrester to Saul, Jack and Karen. Sally said it was the perfect time to attack Forrester. Sally said, "Now is the time for us to strike". Jack said they shouldn't take advantage of Forrester. Saul said Connor could be good to the company but Sally doubted if the Forrester will cooperate with Connor. Karen suggested to sit back and wait. Sally told Karen to encourage Brooke to see Connor more. Karen said she had no intention to pry in Brooke's personal life. Jack said, "Sally, you're becoming a little overbearing". Sally said she should have seen how Stephanie was thrown out of her office. Sally said, "It couldn't have happened to a more deserving prima donna". Jack said it was enough. Stephanie said she would keep treating Sheila that way until Sheila returns to Genoa City. Sheila said her marriage was solid. Stephanie said, "There is nothing solid about you. You are as conniving as ever. Connor sees that and Eric is going to see right through you too". Sheila said Eric loved her and that she had Connor in the palm of her hand. Sheila said she'd do something for the family, and that she'd be Brooke's right hand the next week. Brooke told Connor, "Don't tell me you have other plans for tonight". Brooke said she had a crazy attraction for Connor although she refused his marriage proposal. Brooke told Connor to pick an intimate place to have dinner in. The others left Sally and Jack alone. Jack said Stephanie didn't deserve to be kicked when she's down. Jack said Stephanie wouldn't take any pleasure from Sally's pain and left Sally's office. Sheila closed the envelope and entered Brooke's office. Sheila gave Connor the letter. Jack arrived at Stephanie's office. Stephanie hoped her office was temporary. Jack gave Stephanie flowers. Stephanie said she hadn't heard from Jack and said she didn't want Jack to give her any space. Stephanie and Jack hugged. Stephanie said she was angry at herself for losing control of Forrester. Stephanie said she thought about Jack and they kissed. Karen talked to herself, wondering how Connor is going to react to her letter. Connor read Karen's letter and called Karen. Karen said she wanted to have fun with her friend. Connor agreed and Sheila overheard the call. Sheila laughed to herself saying "My, my, my. You may just self-destruct, Connor, without my help. No, no, you'll probably shoot yourself in the foot, and then I'll blow your head off, tonight".

1625: Thorne entered Ridge's office and Ridge said he couldn't concentrate because of the thing with Connor. Thorne said they had to live with the arrangement. Thorne said Macy was living with her mother. Ridge asked, "Why would you even consider taking Macy back after everything that woman has done to you?". At her office, Karen told Macy it was nice to have Macy back at work. Karen said she would have dinner with Connor after all. Macy said, "I may have lost my husband for good". Karen said Thorne loved Macy and would come back. Karen told Macy her relationship with Connor was a platonic one. Karen said Connor needed a friend and Macy asked Karen if a friendship with Connor was enough for her. Connor entered Sheila's office, asking for a pencil and typing with no spelling mistakes. Connor left and Sheila told herself, "It's the last time you ever speak to me like that". Connor came into Brooke's office, as Brooke was wearing a red dress. Connor admired, "Wow". Brooke put her hands around Connor's neck and Connor asked for a rain check. Connor said he had to work. Brooke thought that Connor was trying to teach her a lesson. Connor said he was going home and said, "There is nothing romantic about this evening" and left. Ridge said he'd given Thorne his honest opinion, since Macy had lied to Thorne and was out of control. Thorne said Macy had a disease. Ridge said, "I say, you dump her". Thorne said, "You can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that? My wife needs me right now and I'm going to be there for her". Thorne left and Ridge said, "Go get your wife". It appears that Ridge was using reverse psychology on Thorne. Karen said she'd made it clear to Connor that they were just friends. Brooke called Karen and asked her what she was doing tonight. Karen told Brooke she'd made other plans and hung up. Macy asked why Karen didn't tell Brooke about the dinner. Karen said, "Things are complicated as it is". Sheila told herself Connor had never faced anyone like her and said, "I'm going to do whatever it takes to get you out of this company and I'm going to succeed". Brooke came into Ridge's office. Ridge asked Brooke not to have Connor send her messages in the future. Brooke said Ridge was taking it too much personally. Brooke invited Ridge to go to dinner with her to discuss Ridge's problems. Brooke admitted Connor had to work late. Karen arrived at Connor's. Connor went to bring drinks. Thorne walked into Sally's office at Spectra and told Macy they had to talk about her and her drinking. Macy said she was going to A.A. meetings regularly. Thorne said he had been shocked and hurt and said, "But you are not the problem - alcohol is". Thorne said he was willing to help Macy. Macy said she'd thought Thorne had come to say good-bye. Thorne told her to think about getting her back in the apartment. Thorne and Macy confessed their love for each other. Karen said Connor's nice place reminded her of the place she lived in before arriving in L.A.. Connor told himself it would be a friendly evening and drank beer. Brooke told Ridge that Connor wouldn't mind her eating dinner with a business colleague. Ridge said, "Taylor is expecting me home". Sheila left her office and asked to talk with Brooke privately.

1626: Brooke and Sheila stepped outside of Ridge's office and Sheila said, "It's Connor - I think you need to know what he's been up to". Ridge went outside, and Brooke said Sheila could talk in front of Ridge about Connor. Ridge left and Sheila suggested they go to Brooke's office. Karen saw Connor's strange acting and Connor said he was sorry and distracted. Karen asked Connor to talk about his problems and Connor said, "Brooke invited me to dinner tonight". Karen had a solution - she offered to leave and to invite Brooke over. Connor said Karen was a good friend and Karen gave Connor some advice, "Brooke turned down your proposal so it might be better if you didn't make yourself too available to her". Connor told Karen not to go, and wanted to talk about Karen, and not Brooke. Ridge arrived at his house, and Taylor said Ridge owed Connor an apology. Ridge said he wouldn't watch Connor bring the company down. He said Connor was a loser. At Brooke's office, Sheila said it was difficult for her and asked Brooke not to be upset. Sheila said, "CONNOR IS SEEING ANOTHER WOMAN". Brooke said it was the most ridiculous thing she's ever heard. Brooke said Connor was devoted to her. Brooke said it was only Sheila's plan. Sheila said Connor was using Brooke and wanted her money. Sheila said she had proof and Brooke threatened to fire her if the proof doesn't hold up. Sheila lied saying, "I wish none of this had happened. Please believe me, Brooke". Brooke asked who was the woman fooling around with Connor. Connor was interested, and Karen told Connor how she was kidnapped as an infant and got back to L.A.. Karen also talked about Caroline, her twin sister. Connor said Karen was deep and a rich human being. Taylor said Ridge could be wrong and asked, "If the new leadership proves to be beneficial to the company? What would you have to say about Connor then?". Taylor said anger destroyed Ridge's judgment. Ridge said Connor was manipulating Brooke. Ridge said Brooke should start seeing Connor for the conniving rat he is. Sheila said she could show Brooke the woman Connor has been seeing. Brooke held the photo and said, "Karen?". Then Sheila gave Brooke the letter Karen sent Connor. Karen talked about the pure place she lived in and Connor told Karen how Brooke wasn't interested to leave for a place like that. Karen said she had never looked back at the life in Texas. Karen said, "Starlight would always be with me". Brooke wasn't sure she believed Karen actually wrote the letter. Brooke said, "This is just a power move, stabbing Connor in the back so you could get a better position in Forrester". Sheila said Connor lied to Brooke by saying he's working late, when he actually he was at his house with Karen. Brooke didn't believe it and said, "All right, Sheila. We'll go out to Connor's house. But if you're wrong, and I know you are, it's over for you because you're going to be out of a job". Sheila smiled to herself and they left. Taylor said she was happy for Brooke finding a person to love. Ridge and Taylor kissed. Connor said, "I really wasn't looking forward to tonight", but said that now he was glad he told Brooke the little white lie. Connor said Karen and Brooke were different - he said Karen was easy to be with. They drank to Starlight. Brooke and Sheila hid in the bushes across from Connor's balcony, where Karen and Connor danced. Brooke said, "There's nothing to see here, Sheila". Brooke almost left, but Sheila grabbed her. Sheila said, "Your two most trusted friends in the world, Brooke - Connor and Karen. I'm sorry, I really am sorry".

1627: Eric came into Stephanie's where Eric said he didn't have a reason to go home and didn't know where Sheila was. Eric said that at first Sheila had been starting with good intentions to get them the company back, and it didn't involve any blind ambition. Karen and Connor were dancing and bending at each other's shoulder. Brooke said it was unbelievable and Sheila said it'd been going on for months. Brooke wondered, "How could he do this to me?". Sheila said, "I'd go over there and I'd tell the two of them off now - while they're hot in the act". Eric talked about how he and Stephanie turned out to be good friends and wondered why he and Stephanie didn't communicate when they were married as well as they do today. Eric said, "That woman (Sheila) really loves to stir up troubles. Oh, and don't say, 'I told you so'". Eric went to use the phone to track Sheila down, then Jack arrived. Jack said, "Great, you're alone" and came in. Connor told Karen he wasn't dating Brooke. Connor said he hadn't told Brooke about the dinner with Karen. Karen asked Connor what his reason for lying was and put her hands around Connor's neck while she asked it. Brooke said, "I can't let them do this to me". Brooke wanted to get out of there. Jack brought a movie. Stephanie said Eric visited her. Jack said he was sorry, then changed his mind and said, "No, I'm not sorry. You tell him to go home to his wife - you're mine tonight". Connor said Brooke didn't know he and Karen have become good friends. Karen said Connor would be better off being honest with Brooke. Brooke and Sheila arrived at Brooke's, and Brooke needed to calm down. Brooke thought of all the trust she put in Connor. Sheila said she didn't tell Brooke about Connor since Connor would have held it against her. Brooke said that a wedding would have been a disaster, and Sheila said she would have stopped the wedding. Sheila said, "Get rid of this jerk now. Get Connor Davis out of your life for good - tonight". Stephanie said Eric was going home and as Jack kissed Stephanie, Eric came in the living room holding two glasses of wine. Eric put down the glasses and left, saying Sheila is waiting for him. Jack said he was envious of the happily married man. Stephanie looked at the two glasses Eric brought. Connor and Karen said they had had a terrific time and Karen left. Brooke said she couldn't get rid of Connor, since she needed Connor as her attorney. Sheila said Brooke could have gained everything on her own, without Connor. Sheila said Connor was a gold-digger and was being unethical. Sheila said Connor was in it for himself. Brooke said, "Do you think I should fire him?" and Sheila said Connor was making love with Karen right now. Sheila said Brooke could run Forrester Creations by herself - with Sheila being her right hand, of course.

1628: Ridge was at Stephanie's, where Stephanie told Ridge about seeing a movie with Jack, and then going to the theater with Jack for a late movie. Stephanie hoped Sally was out of the picture permanently. C.J. was sitting on Sally's lap, while Sally said she was going to fix her mistake. Then Saul arrived and a Spectra worker, Li, took C.J. Saul and Sally entered Sally's office. Sally wanted to get a new wedding date. Sally said, "Saul, will you please save your breath - don't even start!". Then Darla walked in. Sheila went out on the balcony at her house, where she found Eric. Sheila got proud saying, "Connor Davis is History". Brooke was at her office and asked Trish to send Connor in her office. Brooke said, "Can't wait to get my hands on him". Then Karen walked into Brooke's office and was admiring Brooke's new office. Karen asked, "You do have couple of minutes for your best friend, don't you?". Saul said Jack had been caught in the act. Sally informed Darla about the kiss and said she knew it was a good-by kiss. Sally asked them to leave her alone and Darla said she'd seen Jack in a movie theater with Stephanie the night before. Stephanie didn't think Jack was interested in Sally, and said Eric was having trouble at home. Stephanie predicted about Sheila and Eric's marriage, "That marriage is going to end before this year does". Stephanie told Ridge how Eric left after pouring and bringing two glasses of wine. Stephanie thought Eric wanted to talk, and said Eric was looking jealous. Stephanie said she was delighted to be involved with Jack. Sheila said she'd found out Connor had a love interest other than Brooke, and told Brooke about it. Sheila said Brooke was furious and betrayed. Sheila said, "Connor is out". Karen told Brooke she had an important thing to say. Karen said she had a friend that was also Brooke's friend. Karen said, "It's Connor". Karen said she was seeing Connor as a friend and confirmed she'd shared a brief romantic moments with Connor - but only when Brooke was still pressuring Ridge. Karen said she wouldn't let any man destroy her and Brooke's friendship. Karen asked, "And you do want him (Connor), don't you?". Saul said he was going to kill Jack, and Sally said, "Saul, please, put a sock in it". Sally didn't make a big deal out of it. Saul said Sally was making excuses for Jack. Sally said she was going to get Jack back. Sally left to make Stephanie realize she wouldn't give Jack up without a fight and announced, "I'm going after my man". Eric said Brooke needed Connor. Eric said, "We have to talk about this", but Sheila just said, "We will" and left for work. Brooke let Karen know she knew Karen and Connor were together the night before. Brooke said she was still involved with Connor, although she refused his marriage proposal. Karen said she won't see Connor if it bothers Brooke and Brooke said she didn't mind. Karen said Brooke was her best friend and said, "I will not betray you - not ever". Brooke and Karen hugged. Stephanie opened the door and Sally said she wanted, "A new wedding date, a husband, a father for my child". Sally announced, "Jack Hamilton is my man, Stephanie, he belongs with me and I am here, Stephanie, to tell you I am taking him back".

1629: At Taylor's office, Taylor asked Jack to admit he's in love with Stephanie. Then Ridge came in wanting to hear the answer. Stephanie asked Sally if she was enjoying making a fool of herself. Sally said Stephanie didn't mean anything to her or to Jack. Keith, Sly and Kevin came into Thorne's apartment to see Macy, who was in her bedroom. Thorne said Macy was going to A.A. meetings daily. Thorne talked about Macy's depression and Kevin suggested to cheer Macy up and to make her laugh. Thorne told him to try and they all entered the bedroom. They found Macy sitting next to her bed and staring. Ridge told Jack he didn't want to see Stephanie hurt again. Sally said it was war and Stephanie said, "Jack is already mine". Sally said Stephanie was dead wrong and Stephanie told Sally not to embarrass herself. Stephanie said, "Jack and I are in love". Stephanie said she was sorry and Sally replied, "I'M SORRY FOR YOU - YOU SEE, THERE SEEMS TO BE A COMPLICATION THAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT. I'M PREGNANT". Stephanie responded by laughing. Kevin approached Macy; and Macy was glad Kevin was out of the hospital. Macy wouldn't sit up on the bed. Thorne suggested to leave Macy alone; they were about to leave but then Keith said, "There's something I want to read to Macy". Keith finished reading his poem and Macy said, "That was beautiful, Sly". Sly replied, "I didn't write that poem, or any of the others that were sent to you". Ridge told Jack that his relationship with Stephanie was the best thing that ever happened to Stephanie in years. Sally told Stephanie to show some class and back off, since Jack was about to become a father. Stephanie said, "No, he's not. Nice try". Kevin said Keith had written the poems. Keith said they all shared the same feelings of love for Macy. Keith said they all didn't want to see Macy suffering and were willing to do anything for Macy. Macy thanked them. Kevin asked if Macy would come to see him in The Bikini and Macy said she would. Macy said she owed her life to Keith and hugged him. Ridge said Jack had his blessing. Stephanie said Sally was lying and that she would continue to keep seeing Jack. Stephanie said Jack had no desire to have a baby with Sally. Stephanie said, "We're getting on with our lives, together". Sally repeated, "I am pregnant and Jack is the father" and left Stephanie's.

1630: Sheila walked into Ridge's office, where she told Ridge he wouldn't be taking any more orders from Connor. Sheila said, "I assure you - that man is no longer a problem for any of us". Connor came into Brooke's office; Brooke asked Connor how his last evening had been. Brooke said, "So, tell me what you did last night". Saul and Darla were at Sally's office when Sally came in, all upset. Sally said she'd confronted Stephanie, and explained that she and Jack would be together, since Stephanie couldn't do anything to compete with her now. Saul asked Sally what she'd done. Jack came into Stephanie's. Jack said he and Sally were friends. Stephanie said, "Sit down, there's something I need to tell you". Sheila said about Connor, "He is definitely leaving Forrester Creations and he's going to be out of Brooke's life for good", explained she was the reason for it, and left Ridge's office. Brooke told Connor, "You told me you had some work to do" and Connor said he'd finished his work this morning, and not the night before. Connor said he hadn't been completely honest with Brooke, and admitted he'd had dinner with someone else the night before. Jack told Stephanie they had a second chance now, and asked her how she felt. Stephanie said she wanted exactly what Jack wanted. Stephanie said Sally had told her Jack was the father of her unborn baby. Saul asked Sally to let it go, but Sally continued, "We are going to be a family". Saul said Sally didn't need Jack. Darla told Sally to forget about Jack but Sally said she loved Jack. Sally said, "I want Jack and I'm going to go after him with everything I got". Jack wondered why Sally didn't tell him anything about the pregnancy, but he said that Sally wouldn't lie about something like this. He admitted a pregnancy was possible, and Stephanie said Jack didn't have to explain. Jack said it might be a ploy. Jack said he had a right to know and left. Connor said it hadn't been a date and said he'd had dinner with Karen. Connor said nothing had happened the night before; he added that he couldn't wait forever, and said Brooke had to decide what she wanted. Connor said, "I want you". Sheila said she'd turned Brooke against Connor, and that she'd even given Brooke proof. Sheila told Ridge to come with her so she would prove him wrong. Sally said Jack wouldn't reject her now. Jack came into Sally's office and wanted to speak with Sally alone. Saul said he and Darla were staying, and Jack asked Sally, "Are you pregnant?". Connor said he wasn't involved with Karen. Connor said, "You can trust me and you can trust Karen". Connor said Karen was very loyal to Brooke. Sheila told Ridge he would never doubt her again. Connor said the ring still could be Brooke's. They hugged and then Sheila opened Brooke's door. They closed the door and Ridge said it didn't look like Sheila got rid of Connor.

1631: Sheila came into Brooke's office where she said, "I saw you embracing Connor - what was that all about?". Brooke said there had been no betrayal. Brooke said Connor and Karen were just friends and said she would keep her eye on them. Taylor entered Ridge's office, bringing him lunch. Ridge drew Brooke and Sheila holding a lighting over the Forrester family. Ridge said he wasn't doing a damn thing about the mess. Ridge said, "My father is going through pure hell and it's all because I blew it with Brooke. It's my all damn fault". Stephanie walked into Eric's office where Eric couldn't create. Stephanie tried to encourage Eric, "We will survive this". Stephanie said, "Sally Spectra told me that she's pregnant". Sally told Darla she was going to be a mother again. Jack asked for private time with Sally, and Saul and Darla left. Jack said he and Sally hadn't been together since Sally called off the wedding. Jack said he had to be certain and gave Sally a home pregnancy test. Stephanie told Eric, "I think she's lying, but we'll know soon enough". Eric said Brooke controlled every step they make. Stephanie said she was concerned about what it could do to Eric's health and told him to calm down. Sheila said Connor was a sneak and Brooke said, "I don't want to hear another word". Brooke said Sheila should start to learn how to get along with Connor. Sally went down to the sewing room, where Darla brought a pregnant Spectra employee. Sally had the pregnant lady take the test. Taylor told Ridge not to blame himself. Ridge said Brooke was out for blood because he hurt her. Eric told Stephanie not to worry and said he was fine. Stephanie said that a vacation was a wonderful idea. Stephanie said she would like Eric to see a doctor, and Eric refused, saying he would like to have some good ideas for the Spring showing. Sally walked into her office bringing Jack the test results. Jack saw the blow stick and said, "God, you are pregnant". Jack said he needed time to get used to it. Jack went out and Sally said she had rigged the results. Saul said, "It could be a disaster". Sally said, "The only important thing is that I am finally going to be Jack's wife". Brooke said that Forrester Creations and her children were the only things that mattered to her, and she would do whatever it takes to take the company to the top. Stephanie came into Ridge's office, where she told Ridge they had to do something about Eric's stress. Ridge said Eric will wind up in the hospital if he doesn't get away from this. Ridge said he could change the situation if he changed his attitude towards Brooke, and promised he was going to get the company get no matter what the personal cost might be.

1632: Thorne and Macy walked into Karen's apartment. Macy gave Karen some sales reports on her way to an A.A. meeting. Thorne asked Karen how she'd been. Ridge was sitting on the door steps of his house, then Taylor walked outside and joined him. Ridge said Eric almost had had another one of his attacks. Taylor said she'd talk to Eric about it. Ridge said he had to do something to make the situation at Forrester more tenable. Macy asked Karen about the dinner with Connor. Karen said Connor was romantically involved with Brooke. Karen said she wasn't lonely, and didn't need Connor to make her happy. Karen said, "Connor is not a part of my future". On Brooke's couch, Brooke and Connor kissed. Brooke said the refusal of Connor's proposal wasn't because of lack of feelings, but work related. Connor said, "The more you reveal the truth to one another, the more you trust, the closer you become". Brooke said there was something Connor didn't know and wasn't sure how Connor would react. Brooke hugged Connor. Ridge told Taylor he wanted to mend fences with Brooke, and Taylor said that making an apology wouldn't make any difference. Ridge said he was talking about something more than an apology. Ridge said the trouble began last Spring when he told Brooke he was committed to his marriage. Ridge wanted to bring things back to the way they were. Ridge asked Taylor to trust him. Thorne told Karen that they wanted to support her. Thorne and Macy left for the Cafe Russe. Brooke told Connor about Bridget, "Her father is Ridge". Connor understood why Brooke couldn't let go of Ridge. Connor said he'd never had a chance with Brooke and never would. Connor said, "You share a child with him, Brooke. I mean, my god, if I had known that, I never would have allowed myself to fall for you," and added, "Thank you for wasting the last five months of my life". Connor said he wasn't the man Brooke wanted around and would never be. Connor left, walked into the elevator and Brooke shouted outside the door, "Don't leave me alone". Taylor said she had a big problem trusting Brooke; she asked Ridge to be more specific and Ridge said he could change everything by letting Brooke know he cares for her as a friend. Karen told herself, "You don't have to be his lover, you have to be strong". Then Connor rang Karen's door bell. Connor walked in, didn't say a word and just kissed Karen passionately. Brooke opened her door; she hoped to find Connor there, but it was Ridge.

1633: Connor told Karen he was sorry about the kiss, and that he'd done it to break the ice. Karen replied, "Your nose is the only thing that's gonna break if you ever try that again". Karen asked, "You had a fight with Brooke, didn't you?". Stephanie came into Taylor's asking if Taylor had heard from Jack. Taylor said that it'd been over for Jack and Sally for weeks. Stephanie told her about Sally's pregnancy and Taylor said Sally was lying. Taylor said Ridge had gone to see Brooke. Ridge told Brooke he wasn't there to see Bridget; he told her that she was trying to run his company and Brooke said she wasn't willing to deal with it right now. Ridge was sorry and asked to come in. Connor told Karen, "Yes, something went wrong". Karen said all men were alike. Connor said, "I was way out of line". Karen asked what happened; Connor talked about the secret and Karen right away thought about Bridget. Taylor said Ridge felt he was the cause of the problems, since he played with Brooke's emotions, and Stephanie said Brooke was the cause. Taylor said she agreed with Ridge. Ridge said his visit wasn't about convincing Brooke to give the company back, and explained that he wasn't up to anything. Brooke said they had nothing in common any more, but just opposite sides of a struggle. Ridge asked Brooke, "Have you been crying?". Brooke said she wouldn't be vulnerable to Ridge any more. Brooke said, "You haven't been decent to me in months" and added Ridge only now realized how he was cruel to her. Taylor said Ridge wanted to renew his relationship with Brooke. Brooke said she wasn't hurt any more. Ridge said that his coming in was a mistake. Ridge said, "I don't like what this has done to us". Then Brooke went to take care of the crying Bridget. Karen explained to Connor that Brooke was afraid of a scandal, and wasn't sure if Connor would use it against Ridge. Connor called Brooke at Karen's suggestion, and Ridge answered. "Damn it", Connor said after hanging up. Connor wondered what Ridge was doing there. Connor said he wouldn't waste the rest of the night worrying about it and invited Karen to eat outside. Taylor and Stephanie agreed that the plan was beneficial and made sense. Taylor said that she didn't fear Brooke any more. Brooke said Connor had walked out on her earlier, and admitted to Ridge, "I told him you were her father". Ridge couldn't trust Connor and said Connor could use the information. Ridge then said Brooke only cared about revenge and power and commented, "I'm not even sure I know you any more".

1634: Stephanie came into Eric's office, bringing Eric coffee. Eric said he was completely blocked, and that the Spring showing was around the corner. Stephanie said Ridge was going to take care of it. Ridge came back to his office, where he found Taylor holding Bridget. Taylor talked about the things she and Bridget did. Taylor asked if Ridge wanted to talk about the visit with Brooke. Brooke said she wanted Sheila to conduct the interview for the new head of security. Then Connor came in and Sheila went out. Stephanie told Eric that Ridge would try to patch up his relationship with Brooke. Ridge said the visit hadn't turned out the way he hoped, and that it had started bad and had become worse. Connor let Brooke know he was the one who hung up the phone on Ridge. Connor said Brooke was free to do whatever she wants. Brooke said Ridge was valuable to the company, and added that she had no positive feelings for Ridge. Connor said he knew Brooke had feelings for Ridge and asked her if she was still involved with Ridge. Stephanie explained to Eric that Ridge's actions might be the only way to get out of the mess. Stephanie asked Eric not to tell anyone about it and left as Sheila came in. Sheila said, "I'm always going to be loyal to you and the family" and told Eric a piece of gossip - Connor and Brooke's fight. Connor said he could feel the heat between Brooke and Ridge. Taylor said Ridge didn't have to go through with trying to get through to Brooke, but Ridge was sure it was the key to getting the company back. Brooke walked into Ridge's office and was surprised to find Taylor holding Bridget. Sheila left Eric's office to conduct the interview for the head of security position. Brooke took Bridget, and Ridge explained he had a meeting, so couldn't spend time with Bridget. Brooke said it wasn't a misunderstanding, but a deception. Brooke left the office. Ridge said he should have told Brooke about it, but Taylor said Brooke used Bridget and just looked for excuses. Taylor talked about the day they heard the paternity test results for Bridget, and said that life would be easier if the results were different. Taylor was sure nothing could be done now. Ridge and Taylor hugged. Sheila called Trish and asked her to send the next applicant. Sheila looked at the file, and said, "Mr. Michael Guthrie" as Mike came in asking, "Hello, Sheila, remember me?". Mike said he could learn how to secure the building as fast he learned how to get Sheila in the genetics lab. Mike said, "Well, sweetheart, if I don't get this job, they're gonna find out everything".

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