October, 1993

Written by Ori Dekel

1635: Stephanie walked around her living room talking to herself, "I think she is lying. But where are you, Jack? I'd like to know what's going on". Then Thorne came in and Stephanie asked if Macy told Thorne anything about Sally and added Sally claims she was pregnant to get Jack. Then Jack came in. Jack talked about the home pregnancy test. Eric was playing with Bridget at his office and said, "IF I WERE YOUR DADDY, THINGS WOULD BE DIFFERENT. IF I WERE YOUR DADDY, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED". Then Eric remembered how Brooke changed him in the beginning of their marriage. "Together you and I can have it all", Eric said back then; he stopped remembering and said, "Now your mother has everything". Eric said he and Brooke might be still married if Ridge weren't Bridget's father. Taylor entered Eric's office and Eric repeated the change the paternity test could have made to Taylor. Mike asked Sheila, "So what is it, Sheila. Am I hired? Or do I squeal like a pig?". Sheila replied she'd let Mike off easy the previous time and added, "I won't make that mistake again". Mike said Sheila wouldn't do anything to him. Mike said he could start immediately and Sheila told him to get the hell out of there, but Mike wouldn't. Mike let Sheila know how he read a headline about Eric's being Bridget's father and then he read about Sheila's marriage. Sheila said Mike had it all wrong. Sheila said, "When you burst into that lab, I panicked, I became confused. You're the one that spun the carousel with the blood samples, not me. Yes, that baby could be Ridge's, that baby could be Eric's. No one knows, least of all you". Mike said he could tell the Forresters something that can blow their minds - Sheila's tampering with the blood samples. Taylor told Eric not to be obsessed because of the past, but to look ahead. Eric was sure Bridget would have brought he and Brooke together again if the paternity test had gone the other way. Jack said the test results were positive. Thorne went out to give Stephanie and Jack privacy. Jack said Stephanie was the most important thing in his life and said the baby couldn't affect them. Stephanie disagreed saying she can't be involved with a man that raising his baby with another woman and added, "There can't be an us, not after this". Stephanie said it would be a full time involvement. Mike said, "I'm offering you a fair deal". Mike said Eric was already too upset about Sheila's new job, so it wouldn't take too much to push Eric over the edge. Eric said he loved Sheila and said she was glad Ridge was Bridget's father. Eric said Sheila's new job with Brooke was shaking his confidence in Brooke, but said Sheila hadn't given him a reason to doubt her loyalty to him. Stephanie said, "Give this baby a family". Jack and Stephanie hugged and Stephanie gave Jack a friendly kiss asking him to leave. Taylor told Eric to keep his eyes open about Sheila. Eric said love was based on trust and said, "If she loses that (trust), she loses me". Mike said Eric would see Sheila for the manipulative woman she is. Mike said he wasn't bluffing. Sheila said, "You're not going to tell my husband anything, I'm going to make sure of that. I gave you the chance to leave, Mike, you didn't take it. Now you're gonna wish to god you had". Then Eric came in and Sheila hid the blaze. Mike gave Sheila his card and left the office. Sheila went out, looked at Mike leaving and tore up his card into little pieces.

1636: Brooke came into Sheila's office, where she didn't want any security breaches with the showing coming up. Brooke left Sheila's office and Sheila asked herself, "What the hell am I going to do about you (Mike)?". Connor walked into Ridge's office finding Taylor there. Connor said he understood Brooke and Ridge's relationship - that sharing of Bridget. Connor said Taylor could trust in Connor's discretion. Ridge entered Brooke's office where he gave her two designs. Brooke said she liked it. Brooke said, "You are good" and Ridge said, "The best". Brooke said they were way behind schedule since Eric didn't show her anything yet. Ridge said Brooke was getting paranoid after Brooke had suggested it was a plot to make her look bad. Taylor told Connor she was secure in her marriage. Connor said Ridge had been at Brooke's the night before and Taylor said Ridge had gone to make peace with Brooke. Connor warned Taylor, "Don't get too comfortable about Brooke. She may be denying her feeling for Ridge and he is denying his for her, but they are both fooling themselves. Don't you fool yourself too". Sheila talked to herself about the thing she achieved and added that the stupid security guard could ruin everything for her. Sheila remembered how Mike figured out what Sheila was doing at the genetics lab and said, "It's all over, I'm turning you in to Tracy Peters. She and those Forresters, they're gonna know exactly what kind of a person they're dealing with". Sheila stopped remembering, saying Mike was a threat. Sheila said she was going to handle Mike. Ridge said Brooke was turning into a nervous wreck. Brooke asked Ridge, "So now you're concerned about me. You really expect me to believe that?" and Ridge confirmed it. Brooke said she would relax if they gave her the designs. Connor came in saying the situation was becoming desperate. Ridge left and Brooke, Connor and Sheila had a meeting. Brooke talked about insuring her reputation as CEO. Forrester workers brought designs from previous showings in Brooke's office. Brooke said, "That's exactly what Forrester Creations needs". Ridge entered his office and Taylor said Ridge had just missed Connor. Taylor said she wasn't worried that Connor knows. Taylor said Connor was convinced Brooke had strong feelings for Ridge. Brooke said Forrester Creations should have a men's line. Brooke decided to create a division of Forrester. Ridge said, "I couldn't care less what Connor Davis thinks". Taylor said, "I trust you, Ridge". Ridge said he wanted and needed to get close to Brooke again, since Brooke needed support to handle the stress. Ridge threw the things that were on his desk and he and Taylor made love. Sheila came back into her office and said, "There's just one loose end". She took Mike's card and called him. Sheila told Mike he has the job if he'll keep if mouth shut. Sheila hung up and said, "Tonight may be your first night on the job, Mike, but it's also going to be your last".

1637: Sheila was on the phone, talking about getting a hungry dog for a hour. Then Brooke went into her office calling for a meeting with Sheila and Connor. Brooke said she wanted a chief of security by the morning. Brooke said she'd been working day and night. Sheila promised to hire someone tonight and left. Karen walked into Connor's office and offered Connor dinner. Connor informed her about the meeting at Forrester. Connor said Karen was right - and admitted to overreacting about Ridge's being Bridget's father. Karen said Ridge was in love with Taylor. Taylor and Ridge continued making love on the floor in Ridge's office. When they finished, Taylor asked Ridge, "Are you out of your mind?" after she'd seen the door was unlocked. Taylor suggested they drive to the beach and conceive their child there. Connor doubted if Ridge will ever let go of Brooke. Karen admitted to be obsessive of Ridge when she first moved to L.A. Connor said Ridge was dangerous for anyone. Connor and Karen left Connor's office. Brooke looked at Eric, Jr. and Bridget's photo, and called Jennie. Brooke asked her to give a kiss for the children for her. Connor arrived at Brooke's office, and so did Sheila. Brooke said that the project (about the men's line) was very important to her. Brooke said they were going to need the best designer and didn't want Ridge and Eric involved. Brooke asked Sheila to call some designers. Connor warned Brooke, "You're gonna burn yourself out if you keep going at this rate". Brooke was showing Connor some files and Sheila answered the ringing phone. It was Mike asking Sheila to arrive at the loading dock, as they agreed. Sheila said one of the candidates for head of security was waiting for her downstairs and left. Brooke was very serious telling Connor she won't treat it as fun and games. Connor offered to join him and Karen for dinner. Brooke refused because of the men's line. Connor said, "It's a friendly thing, look, I wanted it to be a threesome". Connor left and Eric, Jr. called Brooke saying he misses Brooke. Brooke said she couldn't come home and asked to put Jennie on the phone. Brooke was upset and told Jennie she couldn't have Eric, Jr. call Brooke at work. Ridge kissed Taylor and went to Brooke's office. Brooke cried to herself, "What am I doing? What kind of a mother am I?". Brooke told herself, "I'M COMPLETELY ALONE AT THE TOP". Then Ridge entered Brooke's office. Sheila arrived downstairs with a dog - a frightening Doberman. She held the dog with a leash and threatened Mike. Sheila said the dog was here for a demonstration. "Hey, call it, Sheila", Mike panicked. Mike walked into the elevator and let loose the leash. The Doberman entered the elevator, that went up.

1638: Brooke told Ridge, "Don't say anything". And he left. Taylor talked to her secretary on the phone, telling her she has plans with Ridge, and isn't going to break them. The secretary said that there was an anxious man to see Taylor. Ridge walked into his office, telling Taylor it's a good chance to support Brooke, since she was alone crying in tears. Taylor told Ridge, "You go smooth things out", and they postponed their plans. Ridge entered Brooke's office. Ridge thought he could give Brooke some pointers, since he and Eric used to run the company. Ridge left to make a phone call at Sheila's office. Sheila told herself, "Let's bring you down - if there's anything left of you". The elevator arrived and Mike said, "Surprise, surprise". Mike said he used to train dogs, so he knew how to control the dog. Sheila said Mike had the job. Mike said he could have gotten killed in the elevator if he hadn't known how to handle the dog. Mike pointed the dog at Sheila. Taylor arrived at her office to pick up some things. Taylor's secretary left. Ridge came back with Jennie, who brought Eric, Jr. and Bridget with her. Brooke held her kids. Taylor turned off the lights and heard noises; she asked who was there, since Sandra had already left. When the image came in, Taylor said, "OH MY GOD, DR. WARWICK". They both said it was good to see each other. Dr. Warwick said Taylor had been one of his best students. Brooke talked to her children, saying she'll come back home as soon as she finishes her work. Jennie and the kids left. Mike told the angry dog to sit. Sheila asked, "What the hell are you trying to prove, Mike" and Mike said Sheila wasn't the only man that had control. Sheila swore to hunt Mike down and destroy him if he told the Forresters. Dr. Warwick said he wasn't teaching any more, or visiting. He said he'd taken a Sabbatical. He said he also wasn't writing another book. Taylor said she felt honored, and saw Dr. Warwick as the reason she became a psychiatrist. Dr. Warwick said, "I CAME HERE WITH A VERY SPECIFIC GOAL IN MIND - I NEED YOUR HELP. I NEED YOUR PROFFESIONAL HELP. I WANT YOU TO TAKE ME ON AS A PATIENT". He said it was good to see her again. Taylor said, "I do feel like I owe you so much" and Dr. Warwick left. Ridge said that the kids had to be more important than anything. Ridge said he deserved Brooke's trust, and that Brooke had to know Ridge wasn't planning a deception. Brooke said it was very easy for her to get carried away because of Ridge. Ridge said he wouldn't let it happen and Brooke said it wasn't a promise she wanted Ridge to make. Ridge told Brooke to finish up and go home. Brooke thanked Ridge and he left.

1639: At Sally's office, Macy told Sally she had to tell Jack the truth. Sally said she might not be lying, since she had the symptoms. Sally and Macy left for a doctor's appointment. At Taylor's office, Jack told Taylor he'd help Sally to raise the child. Jack said he'd keep an eye on Sally. Taylor said Ridge thought he was making some progress with Brooke. Taylor said she'd come to her office the night before and added, "I had a visitor". Stephanie and Thorne were talking to Ridge, saying Eric didn't come in today and is in a very bad mood. Stephanie said they had to stop all of the nonsense before something serious happens to Eric. Ridge said he was with Brooke the night before and believed he made progress. Thorne asked Ridge if he knew something about the men's line, since Stephanie heard a rumor about it. Connor said that every designer for the men's line would have to work with Brooke around the clock. Brooke said she'd show the Forresters. Connor said Brooke was talking crazy, after Brooke had said they would have a designer until the week is over. Thorne said Brooke wanted a Spring collection till November. Stephanie said everything could be ruined with bad management. Sally told the doctor she'd missed her perios and felt hot, dizzy. Sally said her body was changing. The doctor gave Sally a pregnancy test. Sally stated, "Jack and I are going to have a baby". Taylor told Jack that a professor from medical school had visited her. Taylor said Dr. Warwick was a brilliant man, and wanted her to be his therapist. Taylor said it was mesterious. Taylor said Dr. Warwick had seemed to be vanished for months while no body knew where he was. The Dr. said, "Sally, you're not pregnant", but pointed out she was about to go through a change - menopause. Ridge said he'd build Brooke's trust. Ridge said he didn't have ulterior motives, but wanted what Brooke's wants - a successful business and Brooke's happiness. Ridge said he had an idea about the men's line. Connor was realistic, saying they should find a designer until the next day. Brooke said she was afraid of Stephanie's gloating after she makes a fool of herself. Brooke said, "I have to move fast" and was determined not to give Stephanie the satisfaction. Connor said he wasn't losing Brooke to Ridge, but to Forrester Creations. Brooke said Connor wasn't losing her and they hugged. Sally realized she had to act now - by making sure she is pregnant by Jack. Taylor said it would be fulfilling and incredible to take Dr. Warwick as her patient. Jack left. Ridge walked into Brooke's office. Brooke admitted to making a men's line. Ridge said, "If you let me, I want to design your new men's collection".

1640: At her office, Sheila was telling herself how she'll be invaluable to Brooke if she finds a designer for Brooke. Then Mike came in wearing his new uniform. Sheila said she was busy. Mike said, "Don't forget - I have the goods on you, lady". Sheila reminded Mike he's in big trouble unless he keeps his mouth shut. Ridge reminded Brooke he was a Forrester, so he is loyal and has interests in the success of the company. At her office, Sally told Macy she felt sick inside. Sally said she might not be able to have another child. Macy said Sally deserved true love. Sally said she was losing her femininity. Thorne entered Taylor's office and said, "It's Ridge - I have to talk to you about what he's doing at Forrester". Taylor said she trusted Ridge, who knew what he's doing. Thorne said Ridge might reach the point where he has to choose between Forrester and Taylor. Sally felt she was losing a part of her. Macy said menopause wasn't making Sally old or reducing her sex appeal. Sally said it was too soon and Macy said there was nothing Sally could do to change that. Mike said Sheila might hurt his feelings, and then he'll go to Eric, so Sheila should be careful talking to him. Sheila said she wasn't going to live like that. Mike said he wouldn't forget anything from what happened in the paternity lab. Sheila warned Mike, "I dealt with people far more dangerous than you - you have no idea at all what I'm capable of". Mike left and Sheila was angry. She told herself she wasn't bluffing. Sheila said nobody stood between her and what she wants. Taylor said she wasn't excited about the plan and Thorne said he didn't want to see Taylor hurt. Thorne returned to Forrester. Ridge told Brooke, "It's personal. Like I said, we made a good team". Ridge said that hopefully history would repeat itself. Ridge said it was a chance for them to get back on track. Ridge said, "I want you back in my life". Taylor told herself, "I trust Ridge. There won't be anything to forgive, I hope". She opened her door and bumped into Dr. Warwick, who came in. Dr. Warwick asked, "Will you treat me?". Sally said she'd had to do something to stop the arrogant Stephanie. Macy said Jack would understand and appreciate her honesty. Sally said she wouldn't tell Jack anything. Macy said Sally would always have her. Brooke said Ridge was convincing. Ridge said he wanted his best friend, Brooke, back. Ridge said they all needed harmony and showed Brooke a man's suit. Brooke said, "All right, you're hired". Sheila walked in and Brooke notified Sheila of Ridge's new job. Taylor said there were many reasons she shouldn't take Dr. Warwick as a patient. Taylor wasn't sure if she could be objective, since Dr. Warwick was her mentor. Taylor said she was flattered. Taylor told James she couldn't pass up an opportunity to work with Dr. Warwick and announced, "So I'm going to take on your case, you have yourself a psychiatrist, trained by the best of them, I should add".

1641: Eric was at his house, and wasn't able to create. He ruined a paper with a bad design and then Stephanie came in. Stephanie said she was worried since she'd called but Eric didn't answer the phone. Stephanie said Eric had gotten through creative blocks before and said Eric would get through this one also. Eric said he hadn't come up with one original design - he was falling apart because of Brooke. Eric thanked god for Ridge. Sheila was in Eric's office, wondering what Ridge was up to. Then Mike came in. Sheila told him to take a hike. Sheila slammed the door on Mike and told herself, "I can't let Brooke get close to Ridge again. Oh, that would only cause trouble for me". Sheila called Connor, saying Brooke found a designer - Ridge. Sheila told Connor to do something quick or she and he will be history around Forrester. Sheila hung up and Karen came into Connor's office, bringing Chili. Connor said Ridge "had joined the party" and added, "I must have been out of my mind - to have ever thought that there was a chance for Brooke and me". At their house, Ridge told Taylor that he would design Forrester's new men's line. Ridge said it wouldn't be easy, since there were 6 weeks until the showing, and alarmed Taylor about working nights. Taylor wondered how Eric would react to Ridge's working for the enemy. Eric told Stephanie he was depending on Ridge and Stephanie said they were always able to count on Ridge. Stephanie encouraged Eric and said, "You're going to be fine". Stephanie asked Eric to let her return the favor since he was there with a reassuring smile. Stephanie asked, "Let me help you" and they hugged. Sheila was putting on lipstick as Mike entered the office and stared at Sheila's body. Sheila said Brooke was insane to hire Ridge and said, "Somebody better talk some sense into her before it's too late". Connor told Karen that Ridge had never been out of the picture. Connor said Brooke was everything he ever wanted in a woman. Connor said, "If only she was more like... like you". Karen said she had better be going and left. Taylor said that working with Brooke troubled her and made her uneasy. Taylor didn't know if she could live with it. Ridge said he had to come through for the family. Taylor said Ridge should design for himself some new clothes. They hugged and Taylor talked about her new patient - the brilliant Dr. Warwick. Taylor wasn't sure if it was ethical for her to treat him, but wasn't willing to turn him away. Ridge said, "It seems like we're both going to be putting in some long hours in the next while". Sheila said that Brooke was siding up with the enemy. Sheila started to fantasize about the way thing would be if she were in charge of Forrester Creations; she fantasized about everyone being nice to her - Eric presenting her the new line, Stephanie serving her tea, and Ridge's new name for the men's line - "Sheila" - and everyone clapping for her after Forrester was at the top, thanks to her. Sheila stopped fantasizing and said, "It just might happen".

1642: At Brooke's office, Eric said he felt much better and was on his way back after creating a design. Jack visited Stephanie, saying he should be at Stephanie's every morning. At Sally's condo, Sally told Darla she couldn't sleep because of the menopause. Sally said, "I want to get pregnant by Jack while I still can". Karen stopped by at Taylor's office, saying she and Connor are just friends. Karen said that Brooke had her hands full right now. Taylor hoped Karen wasn't implying that Brooke still had eyes for Ridge and Karen replied, "I'm not implying anything that I didn't think was common knowledge". Karen said she hadn't meant to stir up insecurities and Taylor said she was secure. Eric told Ridge that Stephanie had had positive affect on him. Eric looked at Ridge's design - a man's suit. Ridge explained that Brooke was trying to put together a men's line and Eric got mad. Eric said they didn't make men's fashions and said they had an image and personality of doing a classic women's line. Eric said Brooke had no idea how to run a successful fashion house. Ridge said Brooke wanted to make the collection ready, with him as the head designer. Eric told Ridge to explain Brooke that Forrester doesn't do business that way and left Ridge's office. Stephanie told Jack she was lonely. Jack said he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he lost Stephanie. Jack said that nothing could change the way they feel for each other. Ridge tore up the design for a man's suit; then Brooke came in saying the design was magnificent. Ridge said that designing a collection was a complex procedure and added Brooke had never done it before. Brooke wondered what made Ridge negative and asked, "Have you been talking to someone?". Karen told Taylor that Brooke had never stopped loving Ridge, in her opinion. Karen said that Brooke had one ultimate objective - Ridge and wining him back someday. Taylor said Ridge wasn't interested in Brooke. Karen said she admired Taylor for being the strong woman she is. Karen left and Taylor put on her jacket. Stephanie said there was no future for her and Jack, and said Jack was pretending. Sally said she'd lose Jack forever if he found out she wasn't pregnant. Brooke asked Ridge, "Why is this change of attitude all of a sudden?". Brooke figured out Ridge was talking to Eric and told Ridge to tell Eric she'd do the collection without Ridge. Ridge said, "All right, Logan, I'm in" and left Brooke's office. Sally beeped Jack; he called her and Sally asked Jack to come to her apartment to discuss things and stop avoiding her. Taylor came into Brooke's office saying, "I am starting to get the picture."

1643: Sally told Darla she had to do something to make Jack want her. Darla offered champagne, but Sally wasn't willing to get Jack drunk. Darla left so Sally could get ready. Karen walked into Ridge's office, saying Ridge and Brooke make a great team. Karen said she was amazed by Taylor, who handles everything so well. Ridge announced he was more faithful than a Cocker-Spaniel. Brooke told Taylor that she and Ridge spent a lot of time in her office. Brooke said that Ridge's new job would take all of Ridge's time in the next six weeks. Jack arrived at Sally's. Taylor told Brooke nothing was bothering her. Taylor said she wanted to know why Brooke wanted to do the new line. Brooke said she had a reputation at stake. Brooke said she thought she could run the company and bring it to the top. Karen said Caroline had been wrong about Brooke and Ridge in her diary. Sally said she and Jack should treat each other with some dignity, so the baby wouldn't suffer. Jack hugged Sally. Jack said it hadn't been easy for him either. Jack said they would raise the child together and was sorry if Sally felt alienated. Jack said he found Sally appealing and Sally took off her robe. Beneath it, she was wearing black-blue lingerie. Brooke said she would make the best line. Taylor said she'd had no idea Brooke was so motivated. Brooke said Ridge was important because of his fatherhood to Bridget, but said she didn't have any more time for other activities. Taylor heard what she wanted to hear and left saying, "Good luck". Brooke told herself, "Well, well, well. Worried about our husband, aren't we, Taylor?". Karen said she didn't understand how Ridge could work with Brooke day by day and not think about the thing Caroline wrote in her diary. Karen left Ridge's office. Sally told Jack to relax, enjoy it and stop trying to resist. Sally forced herself on Jack, and Jack stopped kissing her saying it's not right. Dr. Warwick arrived at Taylor's office. He told her to be less formal and call him James. James said he had a problem and Taylor said, "Then let's talk about that problem, shall we?". Ridge went to work with Brooke, at Brooke's request, since she wanted to see every first design. Brooke reminded Ridge how they made love on the floor of the lab. She and Ridge agreed they were something.

1644: Thorne told Eric they weren't ready to put out a men's line. Eric said Ridge would have to do double duty. Thorne didn't like Ridge working with Brooke every night. Thorne said he'd already talked to Taylor. At her office, Taylor had a therapy session for James. James said he had been raised in Scotland and had no brothers or sisters. Taylor suggested role playing after James had said it wasn't working. James lied down on the therapy coach. Connor entered Sheila's office where she said, "Brooke and Ridge are becoming close". Connor said Sheila had been supportive of Ridge back when he was the enemy. Connor called Sheila a double-crosser. Connor said he had a chance with Brooke, although Ridge was in the picture. At her office, Brooke approached Ridge's drawing desk while Ridge was drawing determinedly. Brooke was enthusiastic to have seen Ridge's new design. Brooke told Ridge about Taylor's visit. Brooke said she was putting her mark on the company through the men's line, and told Ridge that Taylor had no reason to be insecure about her. Thorne told Eric he didn't trust Brooke. Eric said that Ridge's plan might be the only way out of the mess. Thorne warned Eric, "The less said to Sheila about it (Ridge's plan), the better". Thorne said he wasn't going to see eye to eye with some people and added Sheila wasn't his friend. Sheila warned Connor, "If Ridge gains power, you and I are out of Forrester". Sheila suggested, "Next time we should have a plan of attack - attack and destroy, before Ridge does the same thing to us". Taylor asked about James' childhood. James said his mother had been a house wife and said his father had been strict. James said he didn't remember being a child. James said that there were 2 people who were close to him all of his life. James reminded Taylor about his lecture about the uncooperative and resistant patient and warned, "You're about to see it in fact". Ridge told Brooke that Taylor had no problem with them working together. Brooke said, "I don't really care what she feels - I care about this project" and added nothing would stop the project from going forward. Thorne stopped by at Sheila's office asking for reassurance about Sheila's loyalty to Eric and the company. Taylor said she could feel a lot of pain and asked to know the source of the problem. James agreed, "I'm here because of a person, a woman, whom I would give my life; instead - she's about to lose hers". Thorne asked Sheila for a statement of intent. Sheila said she didn't like Thorne's attitude. Sheila asked why she wasn't informed about Ridge's sudden move to get close to Brooke. Thorne said, "What Ridge does, he does on his own". Thorne said Sheila was out for her own personal gain. Before he'd left the office, Thorne warned Sheila, "For your sake, I'd better be wrong" before leaving. Brooke stated, "I'm married to my work". Brooke said she and Ridge had a professional relationship. They agreed about it and returned to work.

1645: Keith and Macy came back to Macy's condo after returning from an A.A. meeting. Keith said he could give Macy a lift whenever she wants to, since Macy's license was revoked. Macy said, "I've got to take it one day at a time". Keith said they cared about Macy unconditionally. Thorne came in and Keith said the meeting had been a huge success. Karen and Connor were having a romantic dinner. Karen gave Connor a picture of the two of them in a park riding. Connor thanked Karen by kissing her and Karen said she should be going. Connor said that Karen ran out the door every time something personal happens between them. Karen was honest, "You make me nervous" and added Connor was doing everything right. Karen said she didn't want things to get out of hand. Connor said he didn't know how the situation with Brooke was. "I'm most definitely interested in you, Karen", Connor confessed as Brooke looked at them through Connor's window. Taylor was going through her notes from James' lecture, hoping to find some answers; then Ridge entered his house, asking Taylor to let him have it since he's late from the office, but Taylor herself didn't notice how time passed. Ridge said the men's line was a challenge. Taylor said she had to put all of the clues in a big pile to get answers. Taylor said James was complicated and intriguing. Taylor said a woman was involved and Ridge said he wasn't surprised. Brooke asked herself, near Connor's window, "Is this just another friendly dinner, Connor, or is something going on? What are they up to?". Karen said Connor still cared about Brooke and Connor said it didn't affect his feelings for Karen. Connor said, "Brooke has given me no reason to think that she's serious about me". Connor felt he had to talk to Brooke to notify her where he stands - close to Karen. Connor said, "If she's involved with Ridge, she should let me go". Then Brooke came in, asking if she was interrupting something. Keith left the condo and Macy said she had something to tell Thorne, something she's waited a long time to say. Karen left and Brooke said she'd come by to tell Connor about Ridge's hiring. Brooke said she and Ridge had a business relationship. Macy showed Thorne her 30-day chip she was given from A.A.; Thorne said he was proud of Macy, telling her they have to celebrate. Macy confessed, "I still want to drink, Thorne - my body craves alcohol". Macy said she was succeeding in fighting the temptation. Macy wanted Thorne to have the chip, but Thorne refused. Thorne said that Macy's recovery was 100% Macy's doing. Thorne and Macy hugged. Ridge said he and Brooke had set the ground roles - all work and no play in the relationship. Ridge believed that Brooke had only one thing in her mind - the line - and hoped Brooke stays that way. Ridge said he wasn't exhausted and Taylor turned off the lights. Taylor said she could use Ridge's creative hands and they made love. Brooke asked, "Is something going on with you and Karen?". Connor said Karen would never betray Brooke's trust, no matter how she feels about Connor. Connor said he'd become interested in Karen romantically, if there wasn't any chance for them. Connor asked, "Just be straight with me, OK - if you're not interested with me, tell me and let me go on with my life". Brooke said, "I'll show you where we stand," and kissed Connor. Connor asked, "Don't keep us (Connor and Karen) apart unless you really mean it", and Brooke kissed Connor more.

1646: Eric was working while Sheila entered his office. Sheila said, "You haven't said a word to me in 5 days". Sheila said Eric was upset with her. Eric suggested Sheila be nicer to people, since she hadn't be nice to Thorne. Stephanie came into Thorne's office and Thorne said, "If I were Jack, I would want more proof". Stephanie asked Thorne not to get into a discussion about it with Macy. Stephanie admitted to missing Jack. Jack told Sally at her office, "I LOVE STEPHANIE" and Sally said it wasn't a shock. Sally said Jack should start to get romantic, since they have a baby on the way. Jack said Sally couldn't turn him on and off. Then Macy came in, saying she has some great news. Karen was dying to know what happened after she'd left Connor's. Then Bill entered Karen's office. Bill said he was losing money. Bill hated Saul's new designs for the next showing. Then Saul passed through the corridor and overheard the conversation. Thorne couldn't believe Sally was pregnant again, saying she should enter menopause. Stephanie suggested to change the subject and Thorne said something incredible had happened. Eric said the things Thorne told him about Sheila weren't Sheila's business. Eric said Sheila was pushy and aggressive. Eric said Sheila had a lot of enemies. Eric demanded, "It's time for you to take responsibility for yourself. You're alienating the entire family, including me. I want it to stop". Then Thorne called asking to see Eric alone. Sheila wanted to join Eric, but Eric told her to think about what he said long and hard. Macy showed Sally the chip. Jack understood what it was about and hugged Macy while congratulating her. Macy explained to Sally about the chip and Sally was excited. Sally said Macy deserved credit for fighting the battle on her own. Saul came into Sally's office saying they have problems since Bill was unhappy with Sally's management. Bill told Karen that Saul's designs had been out of style 5 years ago. Bill said his reaction was long overdue. Bill said Spectra was a sinking ship and asked her to save herself by writing a letter of resignation. Bill offered Karen a job at Spencer Publication. Sally entered Karen's office with Jack, Saul and Macy. Eric arrived at Thorne's office and Thorne informed them about Macy's being sober for 30 days. Thorne said that showing the family's support would mean a lot to Macy, and Stephanie and Eric agreed to have a surprise party at Thorne's office that afternoon. Eric and Stephanie left Thorne's office and Sheila barged into Thorne's office. Sheila said she knew about the party and assumed she was invited. Thorne said he preferred Sheila didn't come, and later said he didn't want Sheila there. Sheila said that Thorne's complaint to Eric was cowardly. Sheila said Thorne should be ashamed of himself for not fighting his own battles. Thorne said he was ashamed to count Sheila as a member of his family. Thorne said Eric was starting to see through Sheila, and added it made Sheila nervous. Thorne said love could come and go. Thorne said Sheila was manipulative and a user. Sheila said, "You've just made a very bad mistake" and warned him he would pay the price. Bill said he was considering closing Spectra down. Bill said he had a problem with Saul's drawings. Bill gave Sally 48 hours to find a young designer to replace Saul, or otherwise, Bill will close down Spectra permanently.

1647: At Spectra, Saul told Macy he'd warned Sally that this would happen. Macy calmed Saul telling him to go back to the cutting room and continue sketching. Saul told Macy that Thorne had called and left. Mike looked at Thorne's office that was decorated with balloons and a sign "Congratulations Macy", then Ridge came in bringing a cake. Stephanie said they should have done it sooner. Then Macy called Thorne, asking her to come to his office now. Mike entered Sheila's office. Sheila said she wasn't invited and was told to stay away. Sheila said, "He a thorn all right - a thorn in my side and I'm going to get rid of him". James and Taylor started another session at Taylor's office. James said it had gotten worse and said his friend was ill, and nobody seemed to help her. James talked about his friend's symptoms and said they weren't able to locate anything, so they considered cancer. James said, "She's dying Taylor. Sophia is going to die". Sheila told Mike she wanted the threat naturalize. Mike suggested the dog and Sheila said it was a tempting thought, but rejected it. Sheila said, "Thorne is trying to squeeze me out and I have got to stop him". Macy and Thorne entered his office as Stephanie, Eric and Ridge yelled, "Surprise". Stephanie said they were proud of Macy and were there for her. Ridge said, "We are also here to apologize". Eric said they hadn't been supportive. Stephanie said, "We should have accepted you for yourself" and added, "My son is fortunate to have you". Stephanie said they were all happy Macy was with Thorne again. Macy thanked them. James said he was romantically involved with Sophia and said they had been living together for years. Taylor said she was very sorry. James said that losing Sophia would devastate him and asked Taylor, "How do I cope? How do I go on when my one reason for living is no longer with me?" Thorne said he'd had another run in with Sheila today and said he'd talk about it with Eric later. Stephanie told Macy, "We're happy to have you in the family again". Macy said she respected all of them. Ridge, Eric and Stephanie left after congratulating Macy again. Eric walked into Sheila's office giving her a schedule. Mike left and Sheila wished she could have been at the party to congratulate Macy. Eric left after saying, "See you tonight, that is if you get home at a decent hour, for a change". Taylor said, "There are no easy answers but I want to help you" and James wondered if Taylor knew what she was getting into to. Taylor said it wasn't the first time she helped a patient to get over a loss of a loved one. Taylor gave James a compliment as his friend - that he was unique. Sheila walked into Thorne's office, then Macy came in. Sheila said she had a problem and hoped Macy would understand. They planned to meet each other at The Taxi. Macy left and Sheila told herself, "Do I dare do this? But if I don't do something about Thorne - oh, I have to, I have to".

1648: At Brooke's office, Brooke told Connor they were about to start cutting the collection so she wanted Connor to sign the union. Connor reassured Brooke, "The Fall showing will not be delayed". Connor and Brooke kissed and immediately Brooke returned to work. Connor said, "We made love the other night and you're acting like nothing happened". Brooke said she will lose control if she lightens up. Brooke said that the decision that they made meant a lot to her and Connor said that the decision would hurt Karen. Connor said Brooke shouldn't feel guilty and she left to check about the men's line. At Ridge's office, Thorne said that he'd never seen Macy touched like this by anything. Sheila joined Macy at The Taxi. Sheila thanked Macy, saying she needs to talk to someone about her major problem. Connor was calling Karen, but then Karen entered Brooke's office, asking how Brooke had taken it. Sheila admitted her problem had to do with Thorne. Macy said she couldn't come between Sheila and Thorne and Sheila said, "I don't dislike your husband". Sheila said she wanted Eric to get the company back like Thorne does, and she didn't want Thorne to see her like the witch he sees in her. Macy admitted Sheila had the right to be at the party. Macy said Sheila would have to fight her own battle, since it wasn't her place to get involved. Macy thought about leaving, but Sheila said there were other things they could talk about. They ordered drinks. Ridge told Thorne to leave bringing Brooke around to him. Thorne said he didn't trust Sheila and said, "That woman hates me - if Sheila had a chance, she would stab me in the back". Thorne went looking for Macy, since they had plans, then Brooke came into Ridge's office. Ridge asked Brooke what was the matter. Brooke said, "It's nothing" and then admitted, "Connor and I just had a few words". Connor told Karen that Brooke had said some things he didn't expect. Connor said, "Brooke has feelings for me, Karen, that I weren't aware of". Connor said Brooke had told him that she loved him. Connor felt that Brooke wasn't lying, and Karen said Brooke was using Connor to make Ridge jealous. Karen said Brooke was playing with Connor and taking advantage of him, since Brooke knew how to milk Connor's vulnerabilities. Ridge admitted to Brooke they were in love and Brooke said it didn't have lasting power. Brooke asked Ridge if there was a hidden agenda. Macy went to call the office; Sheila took out from her purse a little bottle of Vodka and spiked Macy's orange juice with half of the Vodka bottle. Ridge said they'd been very close and Brooke said it was over. Ridge said there wasn't any harm in remembering their good times. Brooke said she wouldn't be working this closely to Ridge if her past bothered her. Ridge hoped Brooke would patch things up with Davis. Brooke left. Connor told Karen, "This is between you and me, keep Brooke out of it," then Brooke came in. Connor said he and Karen were having a disagreement and Brooke said she could mediate. Karen said Brooke could be honest, for a change. Brooke asked Connor to leave. Brooke told Karen, "Now what is it? If you have a problem with me, Karen, let's hear it". Mike introduced himself to Thorne. Macy came back to the table and Sheila was sorry saying she had no right to burden Macy with her problems. They were about to drink to friendship. Sheila eyed how Macy was taking her glass.

1649: Ridge and Taylor were kissing near the fire place as Ridge was sure there would be changes at Forrester if he and Brooke were relating the way they used to. Ridge took off Taylor's robe while Taylor was saying she'd give Ridge a special massage. Karen told Brooke to stop pretending she didn't know why Karen was upset. Brooke said Karen had an idea - to be friends with Connor. Karen said, "There's only one man in your life and it isn't Connor". Brooke said she'd hired Ridge since he was the best and Karen said Brooke was lying. Thorne told Mike he'd noticed Mike was spending a lot of time at Sheila's office and asked Mike, "What do you think of Sheila, personally". Macy almost drank, but the waiter gave Macy her salad. They toasted again to friendship, and Macy took a drop from her spiked drink. Then Macy went to talk to her friend from The Bikini, Carl, who happened to be there. Sheila added the remaining Vodka to Macy's drink and Macy came back and drank some more of it. Mike said Sheila had mentioned Thorne. Taylor relaxed Ridge by pleasuring him with a massage. Karen told Brooke, "I know you better than anyone". Karen asked Brooke why she loved Connor and Brooke said it was an insult when she realized what Karen was implying. Karen asked Brooke to look her in the eye and tell her she was in love with Connor and not with Ridge. Brooke said, "I'm closer to Connor that I am to any man - now I'm sorry if that hurts you" and Karen said it didn't hurt her, but made her angry. Karen said Brooke wasn't honest about her feelings for Ridge; she felt Brooke was still waiting for Ridge since that kind of love doesn't fade away. Brooke said Ridge was married and said they was no future for her and Ridge. Brooke said, "Ridge doesn't think of me that way" and Karen replied, "You want to bet?". Macy returned from the bar with a drink. Sheila said, "I guess you know what's best" and let Macy have her drink. Macy asked the waiter for another one. Anthony was sitting next to the bar asking the waiter to order Macy another drink, since he would like to get to know Macy. The waiter refused since he didn't want Macy to drive away drunk, since Sheila was leaving. Anthony was ready to take Macy home. As Ridge and Taylor were making love, Taylor's secretary, Sandra, called, saying James needs to see Taylor and sounded pretty stressed out. Taylor told Ridge she had a patient and left. Anthony approached Macy's table and Macy refused when Anthony asked to join her. The drunk Macy said, "I'm not drinking, I'm just having a little something". Anthony sat down, saying he ordered that something. Anthony convinced Macy to let him drive her home and walked her out, holding her. Ridge started sketching. Karen said Brooke would forget about Connor after hearing the things Karen said about Ridge. Brooke said she and Ridge didn't have anything personal going on. Then Ridge called saying he's doing a great sketch and hung up. Karen said, "My, my, my. What in the world could that have been about?" and added, "It's happening, Brooke - the inevitable. It's just a matter of time, a short time, I suspect. You're gonna have him, Brooke, Ridge is going to be yours, and this time, it's going to be permanent".

1650: James entered Taylor's office saying he's afraid of losing Sophia. Sally entered Stephanie's although Stephanie said, "I'm not expecting visitors tonight, Sally". Sally wanted to apologize and said the party had been a lovely gesture. Thorne gave Eric Ridge's new sketches for the couture line at Eric's house. Eric said Sheila was in the bedroom, so Thorne started talking about Sheila, saying she has her own agenda. Eric said he was starting to see it and said, "I've got my eye on her". Then Sheila walked in. Anthony and Macy were driving in Anthony's car. Macy said she has to see Thorne right now. Later she said, "Why did I do this? I'm drunk. I let Thorne down, I let everyone down". Anthony said Macy's secret was safe with him. Anthony offered to have Macy go back to his place to sober up, but Macy refused, saying she wants to go home. Macy said she'd sneak in and tell Thorne about it in the morning. Macy fell asleep and Anthony took a card out of Macy's purse. Anthony found out her name then. Stephanie said the idea of the party wasn't hers. Stephanie said Macy was brave, including overcoming a problem - Sally. Stephanie said Macy was the result of an dysfunctional family. Stephanie also said she was concerned about Sally's unborn child. Stephanie said, "God help you if you are (pregnant)". Sheila said maybe Thorne should leave, since he came to stir up trouble. Eric told Sheila to calm down and Sheila said she wouldn't let Thorne bad mouth her at her own house. Thorne left, saying Macy was waiting for him. Sheila said, "Give your wife my best". Taylor told James, "It goes a lot deeper than Sophia and you know it" and tried to talk about James' feeling of loss. James said his father had wanted the best for him; he explained that his father had demanded a lot and wanted to make him a genius. James said that sometimes he was like his father. James elaborated, "Failure wasn't tolerated" and said he had never failed. Sheila told Eric she was sticking up for herself, since Thorne had come to poison Eric against his wife. Eric said Sheila was making the situation first. Eric said Sheila had been rude, and stated, "Maybe my family was right about you at the first place". Anthony found Macy's apartment and put her in her bed, while Thorne hadn't arrived yet. Taylor concluded that James' love from his mother was provided unconditionally while James' father's love was based on James' success. James said, "There's a fine line between genius and madness - Sophia helps me from crossing it". Taylor said she didn't follow James and James hoped Taylor would never have to. James said he'd had a mother like Taylor would be some day. Sheila said Eric's family hated her. She felt like she'd done everything, but Eric disagreed. Sheila said Eric was twisting everything around, and that she was fighting for Eric's love, and Eric asked if there was something more than that. Anthony put Macy in her bed and said, "You'll have a lot of explaining to do in the morning". Then Thorne came in wondering why Macy left the door unlocked. Anthony said, "Sweet dreams" and kissed Macy on the cheek. Then he turned Macy's face and kissed her on the lips. Thorne noticed Anthony's car keys.

1651: Eric called Lauren Fenmore and invited her and Scott to the Spring showing. Lauren said Scott was being hospitalized and thought it wasn't something serious. Eric hung up, looking forward to seeing Lauren. Then Sheila appeared. Thorne walked into his living room and saw Anthony kissing Macy, who was lying on the bed. Thorne pushed Anthony to the wall demanding an explanation. In his session, James said Taylor had his mothers' patience. James said Taylor was the only doctor he could trust. Taylor asked James to let her get inside and James replied, "It is very dark and very murky in there". James hoped Ridge wasn't too upset about disrupting their evening and felt guilty. James asked Taylor to call Ridge to alleviate his feelings of guilt and she did, but no one answered. At the same time Ridge was entering Brooke's office showing her a killer design. Brooke loved the design saying it's wonderful. Ridge told Brooke about Taylor's rushing to her office and said he would usually be upset, but added, "Under the circumstances, who am I to talk?". Eric told Sheila he'd called Lauren about the Spring showing. Sheila asked, "Did I hear you say her husband was hospitalized" and asked, "What's wrong with him?" and Eric replied, "What's it to you? You don't even know the man". Sheila whispered, "She never did give a damn about him anyway" but Eric didn't hear. Eric said it wasn't serious but had a feeling Lauren was holding something back. Sheila said, "This tension between us, Eric, it is really starting to get to me" and asked to get away for a while. Eric said they might use a separation and agreed. Anthony said, "I just gave the lady a lift home". Thorne called Macy, but she didn't answer. Anthony said Macy was passed out and drunk. Thorne said, "You lying piece of…" and punched Anthony in the face. Thorne yelled at Anthony, "Get out of here". Thorne realized, "God, no, no - you have been drinking" by smelling Macy's breath. Taylor told James that Ridge was probably back in his office. James asked Taylor to talk about Ridge's new project and Taylor said she was uncomfortable talking about it. James guesses about Brooke, "She is blond, extremely intelligent, she's cunning, sexy, seductive and an old flame of your husband, perhaps?". Then he admitted to reading it in a magazine and Taylor laughed. James went home, in case Sophia would wake up. Taylor was shocked, telling herself, "Talking about Ridge and Brooke in a therapy session? How could I let that happen?". Thorne gave Macy some coffee. Macy realized what happened, "Oh god, I'm sorry. I'm drunk". Macy said she'd started drinking and couldn't stop. Macy asked, "What am I going to do?". Sheila opened her door and it was Mike, being Sheila's driver to the airport. Sheila gave Mike a letter to hand to Brooke. Mike said he'd miss Sheila, since he'd have no one to play with and Sheila told Mike to play with himself. They left. Thorne asked about the guy that picked Macy up and brought her back to their condo and Macy said she didn't even remember his name. Macy said she had been meeting Sheila. Thorne asked suspiciously, "Did Sheila have anything to do with this? Did she offer you a drink" and Macy replied, "No, it was me - it was my all damn fault". Macy said she didn't deserve Thorne and wouldn't blame him for walking out the door. Thorne said he wasn't going anywhere. Macy said she needed someone to be with her every minute of every day and said Thorne couldn't fill it. Thorne said he trusted their love and said, "I am here for you". They hugged.

1652: Brooke found Sheila's letter on her desk, saying she had to leave town due to a sick friend. Then Ridge came in telling Brooke that Trish could fill in for Sheila, and Brooke appreciated it. Taylor was at Stephanie's, saying both she and Ridge were working the night before. Taylor said Ridge had been at the office, with Brooke. Bill walked into Karen's office at Spectra. Karen said they were looking for a designer. Bill said, "Sweetheart, I gave you 48 hours to come up with someone. That was over a week ago. So you either introduce me to a new head designer or I close these doors, today". Sally was in her office remembering how Stephanie didn't believe Sally's pregnancy. Saul came into Sally's office, all excited, and showed Sally some designs. Sally said, "Not bad" but she was bothered that someone didn't call. Sally said she couldn't talk about business right now and told Saul to put a sock in it. Sally's doctor called Sally and she asked him if she was still able to conceive a child. Ridge told Brooke they could work at the house, by the pool. Brooke didn't agree and Ridge told her to lighten up and continued convincing her. Stephanie said they knew Ridge was doing it for a reason. Taylor said Brooke had changed and was out to prove herself. Stephanie said Brooke was in a business she had no business being in. Stephanie then changed the subject and said she'd missed Jack. Taylor asked, "Do you think she's (Sally) faking it?". The doctor told Sally there were risks and Sally got excited, "I could still get pregnant". The doctor corrected Sally, "You may only have one month - this month". Sally thanked the doctor for the wonderful news and hung up. Saul warned Sally about making the biggest mistake of her life and Sally said she and Jack would be creating their baby today. Then a fishy guy, Kelly, barged into Sally's office although Darla tried to stop her. He tried to sell Sally furniture and Sally told him to beat it. He said, "I think I get the picture" and left. Bill said that there was no designer who wanted to work with Spectra and said Sally was out of control. Karen said she wouldn't let Bill do this and asked for one more day. Karen asked Bill to do this for her as her father and he agreed. Brooke said Stephanie could be near the pool and said it was a very bad idea. Ridge told Brooke not to use Stephanie as an excuse. Ridge said Brooke could use a break. Ridge went out, asking Brooke to bring a bikini. Brooke yelled, "I said don't expect me" while Ridge closed the door. Ridge opened the door asking if Brooke still had the yellow one and left. Taylor left Stephanie's after saying Jack is in love with Stephanie. Darla was excited when Sally told her she was still able to have a child. Sally said Saul could be supportive if he were her real friend. Saul said Jack didn't feel the same way about Sally. Sally said, "I have tonight, or it's over". Knocks were heard at Stephanie's door. Stephanie opened the door and it was that "fishy" man who visited Spectra earlier. Stephanie asked him, "How did it go?" and he replied, "I think that I got what you're after, Mrs. Forrester".

1653: The detective told Stephanie he had a strong hunch. Jack was in his office, wondering if it was really over between him and Stephanie. Then he remembered Stephanie words, saying, "There cannot be an us". Saul asked Sally, "Don't stoop to this level". Sally said time was running out, so she asked Darla to make Jack go to Sally's apartment. Darla reassured Sally, "I can handle it" and left while Sally was counting on her. Saul compared Clarke and Jack, saying, "Neither of them loved you" and Sally said Jack was confused due to Stephanie's malicious talks. Sally said, "I love him, I need him and I want him". Sally was sure of herself, "Tonight Jack is going to be mine". Sally left and Karen came in. Karen said her father was going to close them down if they don't have a head designer by tomorrow. Saul said Macy hadn't come in today and Karen asked, "What's with you people, doesn't anybody care?". Macy came back to her apartment telling Thorne her A.A. meeting was a big led down. Macy said she was back on the bottle again. Both Thorne and Macy asked themselves why Macy started drinking again. Macy said she'd been in control and said last night was vague. Macy asked Thorne, "What was going on when you came in here last night?". Darla came into Jack's office saying the baby was meant to be born. Darla asked Jack to make him and Sally happy. She said Sally was feeling abandoned. Darla encouraged Jack to go to Sally and do what's right. Jack left. The detective told Stephanie about Saul's words saying that Sally doesn't need any baby furniture, not now and not ever. Stephanie said it wasn't conclusive. The detective thought Sally wasn't pregnant and suggested Stephanie talk to Saul, since he was crazy about Sally. Karen asked Saul's help and he replied, "Right now, I could care less what happens to this business, you make the phone calls" and Karen made them. Karen said, "This is serious, I need your help, I can't do this alone". Saul started to cry, "I love her, Karen, she is about to make a major mistake and I can't help her. You have to depend on somebody else". Darla informed Sally and hung up. Then Jack arrived at Sally's. Thorne said Macy had been in the bedroom with a man who was kissing Macy. Macy was shocked and Thorne said Macy hadn't been participating. Thorne said he'd hit the guy. Thorne asked, "What happened between you two, Macy?" and they decided there could have been more. Karen was at her office, going through some papers, then a voice was heard. It was a clothing designer that Karen was expecting named Anthony Armando. Jack told Sally he was ready to take responsibility for the child. Jack said it would be best if Sally didn't mention Stephanie's name and Sally helped Jack forget all about Stephanie by kissing Jack. Stephanie came into Sally's office, finding Saul there. Stephanie asked Saul to help Sally by keeping her from making a terrible mistake. Stephanie asked Saul, "Is she really pregnant? I want to know, Saul, and you're going to tell me". Macy understood, "I was passed out and he was taking advantage of me?". Macy threatened, "if I see that bastard again". Thorne suggested, "You better not see him again, Macy. And for his sake, I better not either". Karen was looking at Anthony's designs and was impressed, saying he has a strong sense of style. Karen said, "Thank you for coming in, Anthony, you'll be hearing from us". Then Anthony's face was shown as he kissed Karen's hand - it was the man who brought Macy home. Anthony left and Karen told herself, "Macy, wait until you get a look at this one".

1654: Ridge was designing near the pool. Then he remembered how he pushed Brooke into the pool. Ridge stopped remembering and told himself, "What we meant to each other - she's got remember that. The day she does, is the day she gives us back the company". Then Brooke arrived asking to see an update. Brooke was disappointed and reminded Ridge the collection should be finished within a month. Brooke said Eric was behind schedule. Ridge asked Brooke to slip into a bathing suit and share with him the wonderful day. James had a session at Taylor's office talking about his father. James said his father had been a very unhappy man. James said, "He blamed us for his failure because he didn't have the courage to face the truth" and added, "He wasted his life". James said his father had made every decision for him. Taylor asked, "Do you resent him for that?" and James replied, "How could I hate my father for giving me the success he'd never had?". Jack told Sally they should rush into it. Sally sat Jack next to her and she kissed him. Saul told Stephanie he didn't have to tell Stephanie anything and she asked again, "Sally isn't pregnant, is she?". Then Darla overheard the conversation behind the door. Stephanie said Jack was coming back to Sally because of the baby. Stephanie said, "I know you want to protect her, but this isn't the way to do it". Saul said Sally wasn't listening and would do anything to keep Jack. Brooke was hot in her suit, but denied it to Ridge. Ridge said he didn't like fighting with Brooke. Taylor pointed out to James that she asked if James resented his father, while James talked about hatred. James said, "I hated him for abusing the little power that he had". James said that were other forms of abuse. Taylor said that releasing feelings created a sense of relief. Taylor asked, "Just tell me as much as you can". James said his farm had been small, while his father wanted to have more power. James said, "He was a dictator" and added, "I think he was jealous of the relationship I had with my mother". James said his father had had an affair and added he'd brought the whores to his bedroom. James explained the whole village had known. James said, "He threw it in her face because she couldn't stop him", and told Taylor they had to obey the rules with no questions asked, "How could he do this to my mother?", he wondered. Saul admitted that Sally wasn't pregnant. Saul said, "It might be too late, she might be pregnant by now". Darla told herself behind the door, "What are you doing, Saul? You're going to ruin everything," and went to warn Sally. Saul informed Stephanie about Sally's seduction plan. Stephanie said, "I appreciate your honesty, but what she's doing is wrong for the both of them" and left. Sally took Jack to the bedroom as Darla rang the door bell. Darla said Stephanie knew everything and was on her way over there. Sally told Darla to make reservations at some hotel and Darla made them. James kept talking about his father, "He wanted the perfect wife, the perfect son, he forced us into our roles and we played them. What did he ever do for us?". Taylor said it was James' success. James said it was his father's victory. Taylor said, "That is all right. You needed to get that out". Stephanie came into Sally's, asking Darla where Jack and Sally were and went to the bedroom. Brooke was standing at the end of the pool melting. Brooke wouldn't put on a bathing suit and Ridge told her to loosen up. Brooke said, "Please, stop fooling around". Ridge pushed Brooke in the pool. Brooke's head fell on the side of the pool. Ridge pulled Brooke out of the water saying, "Look at your head, Brooke - say something, please. Brooke! what have I done?".

1655: Stephanie walked into Sally's bedroom and found no one. Stephanie asked where they were, and said she was going to tell Jack the truth. Sally took care that a "do not disturb" sign would be on their at the hotel room. Sally kissed Jack, and then went to slip into something much more comfortable. Karen talked to Bill on the phone, then hung up at her office. Karen told herself Spectra's future was looking pretty good. Then Connor came in, bringing Karen a rose. Karen said they were still friends. Connor said nobody seemed to know where Brooke was and Karen suggested Ridge's. Ridge called the paramedics, saying Brooke is unconscious and bleeding. Ridge told Brooke to hang in there. Jack talked to himself, saying he has responsibility to the child. Sally came in wearing some black lingerie. Jack took off his shirt and they went under the covers. Sally started kissing Jack. Stephanie told Darla, "What she's doing is wrong". Stephanie said Jack won't want anything to do with Sally when he finds out the truth. Darla said, "You don't care about what happens with Sally" and asked her to leave. Stephanie said Jack had the right to know the truth. Stephanie demanded that Darla not talk to her in that tone of voice and Darla called security. Stephanie saw the name of the hotel written near the phone and left. Darla was proud of herself thinking she scared Stephanie off. The paramedics arrived and took Brooke on a stretcher. Karen said, "I came on pretty strong the other day" and didn't want Connor to feel guilty. Karen said, "Suddenly Brooke decided she wouldn't let you go" and was sure Ridge and Brooke were getting more involved. Karen said Brooke wouldn't give Connor a second thought if she had a chance with Ridge and warned Connor about being unavailable. Ridge and Brooke arrived at the hospital. Brooke didn't respond to the doctor's calling her name. Suddenly Brooke called "Ridge, Ridge". Ridge said Brooke was his best friend. Ridge said, and told her, "Thank god you're gonna be OK". Jack said he was losing control and Sally asked, "Give me a chance, Jack" and kissed Jack. Then Stephanie knocked on the door anxiously and without a stop. Stephanie didn't give up until Jack opened the door, thinking it was the champagne. Stephanie asked, "Have you slept with her?" and Jack said no. Stephanie was relieved and walked into the living room. Stephanie said, "You tramp" and Sally said, "I love it when you talk dirty to me". Then Stephanie continued, "You lying malicious bitch". Sally turned on the lights and started yelling at Jack to get Stephanie out. Stephanie said Sally wasn't pregnant and said tonight was a trap. Sally confirmed it and Jack was shocked. Sally said, "It wasn't like that". Jack went to dress and Stephanie kept yelling at Sally, "You are a liar, and a cheat and a thief". Stephanie said Sally had gotten what she deserved - nothing. Jack left and Stephanie said, "You did this to yourself, Sally". Sally cried. Ridge said it was a joke, and that he hadn't meant to hurt Brooke. Brooke said she was OK. Ridge said he couldn't stop thinking about how much time they wasted fighting. Ridge said he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if anything happened to Brooke. Brooke said it was an accident and Ridge promised to be with Brooke and not to go anywhere.

1656: Macy entered Karen's office where Karen was sorry. Macy said, "Poor Thorne" and couldn't believe how Thorne found her with the man who brought her home. Karen said she was happy to be with Macy for her. Karen was excited as she showed Macy's Anthony's designs, and Macy encouraged her to hire him. Macy thanked Karen for saving them. Jack was packing his things at his office, then Sally came in. Jack announced, "I quit". Jack said he didn't owe Sally anything. Sally asked for a chance to explain. Stephanie told Taylor that Sally had lied about the pregnancy. Stephanie admitted to be hiring a P.I. Stephanie said she'd stopped the part before it began. Stephanie explained that Jack wasn't taking it lightly and was hurt. At the hospital room, Brooke woke up. Ridge gave Brooke water. Brooke was worried, "What if there's anything terribly wrong with me?". Then the doctor came in saying everything looks good and that Brooke is going to be released in a few hours. Brooke fell asleep and Ridge touched her hair saying, "You're gonna be just fine". Jack said Sally wouldn't lie to him if she knew him. Sally said, "I lied to you because I love you" and Jack said Sally didn't know what love was. Sally admitted she was willing to do anything to keep Jack, including deception. Jack said it was unforgivable. Sally asked for another chance and Jack asked Sally not to contact him and to make it a clean break. Jack left and Sally burst into tears. Stephanie said Jack was quitting Spectra. Stephanie said, "I certainly don't want to take any pleasure in Sally's misfortunes". Then Ridge called, saying he was calling from the hospital concerning Brooke. Ridge told her about Brooke's slip on the side of the pool and then Taylor talked to Ridge. Ridge said he'd explain to Taylor everything when he sees her. Anthony walked into Karen's office where she said Anthony's job was marvelous. Karen said, "WELCOME TO SPECTRA FASHIONS, MR. ARMANDO" and informed him about the showing, which is a month away. Macy walked into Jack's office finding Sally crying. Sally said Jack had left her. Sally said she'd done something crazy and had made a terrible mistake. Sally said she had been blinded by love, so she couldn't go on. Macy told Sally about the jerk that took advantage of her. Macy said, "I'll probably never see him again". Then Darla and Saul came in, saying Karen wants to meet them all there concerning the new head designer. Macy said that from his work, he was incredibly talented. Karen presented Anthony Armando and he walked into the room. Macy looked at him suspiciously. Sally shook his hand and welcomed him aboard. Then he charmed Saul and Darla as well. Karen presented Macy and Macy said, "It's you? Is this some kind of a sick joke? Are you stalking me?". Macy said, "There is no way in hell that I am working with this man, Mother, no way in hell". Stephanie said Brooke had hit her head and Taylor got angry from Brooke's presence at the pool. Stephanie said it was part of the plan to get the company back and Taylor didn't like it. Brooke told Ridge she was depressed. Ridge told Brooke to close her eyes and brought Bridget into the hospital room. Ridge said little girls needed their mothers and Brooke said they needed their fathers too. Ridge said they were a family coming together in a tough time. Ridge said he was there for Brooke and Bridget. Ridge said, "BRIDGET BINDS US TOGETHER TILL THE DAY WE DIE" and promised Brooke will never be alone.

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