November, 1993

Written by Ori Dekel

1657: Eric was in his office sketching. Then Sheila called from the plane on her way home. Sheila said she'd missed Eric and Eric pointed out that Sheila didn't call him. Sheila said she'd been busy at her visit in Genoa City. Eric wouldn't leave the office and sent a driver to pick Sheila up from the airport. Sheila hung up and Stephanie came into Eric's office. Stephanie notified Eric about Brooke's injury. Eric said he hadn't asked Sheila about Molly. At Spectra, Saul asked Anthony, "What was that all about?" Darla whispered to Saul that Anthony was a hunk and told him to back off. Macy told Sally, in Sally's office, about Anthony, "He's got designs all right," while Sally was amazed from Anthony's talent. Macy announced, "Anthony Armando and I cannot and will not work at the same company together". Sally asked, "Did you have an affair with him?" and Macy said no. Sally agreed to look for another designer. Bill came into Jack's former office and brought his attorney, telling Karen and the others he's closing down the business. Karen introduced Anthony to Bill. Eric told Stephanie he was beginning to understand his creative block, saying his marriage caused it. Eric said he'd lost connection with Sheila. Eric said, "I don't even trust her (Sheila) any more". Eric and Stephanie agreed they'd been something special. Sheila was on her plane telling herself, "Oh, Scott - no, Sheila, forget about Scott, he's in Genoa City and you're never going to see him again. It's Eric now, all Eric". Sheila remembered her encounter with Scott. Scott said they couldn't start over and go back. Sheila saw Scott still loved Lauren. Scott told Sheila, "Leave Genoa City behind" and advised her to go back to her life with happiness. Sheila finished remembering and said she had to make it work with Eric. Eric told Stephanie he was going to do something more serious than a confrontation with Sheila. Darla called Sally down. Sally and Macy arrived and saw Bill was impressed. Macy said Anthony wouldn't be working there. Bill said, "Mr. Armando stays, he's our designer," and threatened to close Spectra otherwise. Bill asked, "What's it gonna be, Sally? Make a decision." Bill welcomed Anthony to Spectra Fashions. Stephanie said, "I'm always there for you" and Eric thanked her. Stephanie left. Everybody left and Macy confronted Anthony about the other night. Anthony said he'd gotten a little carried away. Macy threatened, "You are out of here, so don't get comfortable," and left. Sheila arrived at Eric's office and wanted to apologize for not calling. Eric told Sheila, "That's not why you owe me an apology". Eric said Sheila should have supported him, while she only made him upset. Eric said Brooke had had a motive and added Sheila hadn't. Eric said Sheila had chosen the job, and not him, saying, "YOU DIDN'T CARE. WELL, NOW I DON'T CARE. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU, I DON'T CARE ABOUT OUR MARRIAGE. I HAVE NOTHING TO CARE ABOUT. I WANT OUT, SHEILA. I WANT A DIVORCE".

1658: Sheila said Eric couldn't mean it. Eric said it was difficult for him to feel love for Sheila. Eric said there was no warmth or sharing. Sheila asked, "Will you please stop with this? You're scaring me". Thorne walked into Stephanie's where they drank some champagne. Stephanie said Eric was beginning to see the light. Thorne said Sheila was evil. Stephanie said, "I really don't think that there's anything that she can do to save that marriage". Ridge entered Taylor's office. Taylor was working late and Ridge said Brooke would be fine. Ridge said he and Brooke had been working near the pool. Ridge wished things would have been even friendlier between him and Brooke. Connor walked into Brooke's hospital room. Brooke said she'd been in good hands, saying Ridge saved her life. Connor said, "He almost killed you" and Brooke said it'd been an accident. Brooke denied that Ridge had a hold on her and Connor said Brooke was lying to herself. Brooke said that no man would keep her from getting her goal. Brooke said Ridge was becoming a friend. Ridge said, "I am making progress" and asked Taylor not to worry. Ridge said it was important to get Brooke back to the point she was 8 months ago. Ridge added, "And she will give us Forrester back". Ridge said, "I'm almost there". Eric didn't think Sheila knew what his needs were. Eric asked, "Have you ever truly loved me?". Stephanie didn't think Sheila stood a chance. Sheila said she loved Eric and Eric said he should talk to Sheila's ex love to get another impression of her. Sheila said she'd quit her job and Eric asked her to be honest. Eric said Sheila covered everything inside and manipulated. Sheila said she feared of losing Eric. Connor said he wasn't threatened by Ridge and added Ridge had an agenda. Connor said, "He's (Ridge) loyal to the Forresters and he is up to something Don't give this man your trust. If you do, he'll turn on you". Ridge said he and Brooke were relating as friends. Ridge said he'd have a talk with Brooke when he picks her from the hospital. Ridge believed Brooke was ready. Taylor kissed Ridge and said, "Go get her, tiger" and he left. Eric said they might have jumped into it too fast. Sheila said Eric wasn't talking, but Stephanie and Thorne were. Eric said he didn't want to talk about it any further now and told her, "You'll hear from my attorneys" before he left. Ridge arrived at Brooke's hospital room. Connor asked, "What the hell are you doing here?" while Brooke was in the bathroom. Connor said, "She sees right through you, Ridge, so do I". Connor said Brooke saw Ridge as her employee. Brooke went out and Ridge said he'd take Brooke home. Ridge asked Brooke to fill Connor in, and Brooke said Connor was right and told Ridge to go to his wife. Connor and Brooke left and Ridge was disappointed.

1659: Mike entered Sheila's office teasing her. Mike interrogated Sheila about the sick friend she visited and asked if Eric knew about the special friend. Thorne entered Karen's office, where he found Macy alone. Macy said she was fighting the battle again and thought she would be all right. Macy said Thorne hadn't overreacted. Macy said, "Most husbands would probably kill us both". Anthony was sketching at his office where Karen figured out Anthony was the man who brought Macy home. Anthony said it wasn't like it sounded. Karen said Anthony had to get along with Macy. Then Sally, Darla and Saul walked in. Sally had a look at the sketches and liked them. Anthony suggested they should get back to work. James entered Taylor's office looking depressed. Taylor put on the tape recorder. James said Sophia was getting worse. James said Sophia wasn't letting go since she knew what her death would do to James. James said, "She doesn't feel free to die" and Taylor asked if James had given Sophia permission to die. Sheila told Mike she was loyal to Eric and her marriage and Mike told her to relax. Mike said he could be Sheila's friend if she doesn't blow it. Mike understood Eric was ready to divorce Sheila. Sally got mad and Darla said there was one person who was allowed to give orders. Sally said, "I am the boss around here" and added she was the general, and not Bill. Sally said Macy was second in command and demanded that Anthony get along with Macy. Anthony asked them to talk to him only about his work or to leave him alone. Karen suggested Anthony talk to Macy. Darla said she would like to get to know Anthony. Anthony said they would get to know him through his work and added the Armando line would make the company. Sally corrected him - there was no Armando line, but Spectra Fashions. Anthony left. Macy said she'd never known the guy before the night. Thorne said it could happen again and Macy was willing to do whatever it takes to stay sober, since she was nothing without her sobriety. They hugged and Macy wondered, "Why I took that first drink is just a total mystery to me". Then Anthony walked in saying, "All right, Macy, you and I are going to sit down and work out our", saw Thorne and continued, "differences". James said he'd told Sophia he would survive. James said, "It would be better if she let go". James wished he could help Sophia. Taylor advised James to show Sophia how strong he is in order to free her to die. James said, "What she wants is release from her body". James said, "I need to show her more than my strength; I do, and I will". Taylor said she was there for James night or day. James said it might be over soon and asked Taylor to pray for him and Sophia. Thorne said, "You? What the hell are you doing here?" and Macy said Anthony was the new head designer and just started. Thorne said he was an idiot and could see what was going on. Thorne said, "You stay the hell out of my life" and left. Anthony said he was sorry and Macy yelled at him to get out. He left and she shut the door. Taylor heard the tape of her session with James and concluded, "OH DEAR GOD, HE'S THINKING OF KILLING HER".

1660: At his office, Eric told himself he had to do something, since he couldn't continue like that. Then Ridge came in and Eric said he had a big decision to make saying he doesn't know Sheila any more. Eric talked about the tension he had with Sheila. Ridge advised Eric to focus on the showing. Sheila told herself, "Why? God, why is this happening to me?" Then Stephanie said, "Because you deserve it" and came into Sheila's office. Stephanie asked what was more important in Genoa City than Eric. Sheila said Stephanie had planted Eric's suspicions. Sheila said, "YOU'RE NOTHING MORE THAN A HOME WRECKER, STEPHANIE. A COMMON TRAMP THAT JUST WANTS TO BREAK UP A MARRIAGE. YOU HAVE NO CLASS. YOU'RE A FRUSTRATED RICH BITCH THAT JUST WANTS TO MAKE DAMN SURE I'M AS MISERABLE AS YOU ARE" and Stephanie just smiled. Taylor wondered at her office how far James was willing to go. Then Dr. Jay Garvin entered Taylor's office. Taylor asked for Jay's insights for a textbook. She asked him to tell her if such a person was capable of murder. James was at his house holding the poison saying there's no other way. Stephanie said Sheila only loved money and power. Sheila said her marriage wasn't over and said there wouldn't be a divorce. Sheila announced, "I will not let go of him" and Stephanie left. Taylor repeated James' last words. Jay said, "There will be a real possibility of mercy killing here". James was on the phone, saying, "Be prepared to remove and dispose of the leather". James read the label of the poison, "Ingestion of this product may result in fatality". Stephanie entered Ridge's office thinking Sheila was desperate. Stephanie said she could kill Sheila when she thinks of the things she'd done to Eric. Stephanie hoped Sheila ends up with nothing. Sheila walked into Eric's office. Sheila said she didn't have an excuse for pushing Eric away and came up with a solution. Sheila suggested removing the family from the mixture and offered, "Let's go away together" and Eric talked about the showing. Sheila said Eric loved here somewhere inside. Jay said he couldn't be certain. Taylor got panicked and admitted it wasn't a textbook. Taylor said she had to go and left. James mixed the poison with another liquid. Stephanie said Eric wasn't well. Stephanie said Eric would be fine when he takes Sheila out of his life. Eric said it was pointless to keep trying, and that Sheila wasn't being realistic. Sheila said that taking the chance was worth it. Eric said it might not stop him from asking for a divorce. Sheila said she had to honor the vows and asked, "Will you please go with me?" Eric agreed to give it one more chance and Sheila hugged him and thanked him. James was hoping it would be quick. James said, "I have to take care of it" and walked into Sophia's room with the poison. Taylor told herself she could be overreacting and arrived at James' house. Taylor said she had to see James. Taylor said she was concerned about James and Sophia. Taylor said she figured out what James was planning to do. Taylor said, "Oh dear god, tell me I'm not too late!".

1661: Scott and Lauren were on the plane headed to Catalina. Lauren thought Scott would get back to his old self again after couple of days in the sun. Lauren told herself she would get her revenge and added, "Eric is going to learn everything, everything. It's over, Sheila". Mike entered Sheila's office where she told him about the trip she's taking with Eric to Catalina. Sheila said, "I have to get close to my husband again and I'll stop at nothing to make that happen". Eric told Ridge he had to go away to Catalina. Ridge said, "Time alone will do you wonders" and Eric corrected him that he was going with Sheila. James told Taylor to calm down. Taylor held the poison and asked James to tell her what he was doing with it. Mike grabbed Sheila's bags and they left. Eric admitted he wasn't optimistic. Ridge told him not to go and Eric said he had to. Ridge said Eric was leading Sheila on and Eric said he had to make certain the relationship was dead. The limo arrived and Ridge wished Eric good luck. Eric left. Lauren and Scott's yacht arrived at the beaches of Catalina Island. Lauren and Scott were amazed at the beauty of the place. Taylor told James not to play games with her and asked where Sophia was. John walked into James' house asking, "Has the poison worked yet?". Taylor asked, "Are you two out of your minds?" and James showed her Sophia's room. Taylor came into Sophia's room and yelled, "Oh my god" when she saw the dead rat. John left and Taylor was sorry to be thinking that James was going to kill Sophia. Lauren and Scott arrived at their hotel. Scott went to their suite and Lauren asked if Eric and Sheila arrived yet. She was told they were going to arrive within a hour. Lauren asked not to tell Eric and Sheila she was there, since she wanted to surprise them. Eric and Sheila arrived at the island by helicopter. Sheila said it was another world and said, "Things are going to be so different, Eric - I promise you that". James asked, "Is this same kind of a sick joke?" James said Taylor should be ashamed of herself, since it was ridiculous. James asked if Taylor thought he was capable of murdering the woman he loves. James said it was a delusion. Taylor said, "I have listened". James said, "I'm a doctor, damn it - to kill someone will be the ultimate violation of my oath". Taylor said James should look for another therapist since she failed. James told Taylor not to cry and said, "I don't want another doctor, I want you. You're the only one who can help me". Sheila and Eric arrived at the hotel and were amazed at the charming gorgeous view. They were checked in by the same man who checked Lauren and Scott in. Sheila said they both would enjoy their stay. They went and Lauren came out, being told she'd just missed Eric and Sheila. Lauren said it would be the surprise of their lives. Lauren went aside and told herself, "Especially for Mrs. Forrester. She's not gonna know what hit her".

1662: Lauren told the clerk not to ruin the surprise. At their suite, Eric wanted to go out for a walk but Sheila went out wearing some white lingerie. Eric admitted Sheila was appealing but said he wasn't ready. Sheila went to change. Brooke and Connor didn't find Sheila at Brooke's office. Connor said, "So his (Ridge's) work is good, I still don't trust him". Connor suggested Brooke to be on guard and added he had good instincts. Ridge came in answering Sheila had gone to St. Catalina with Eric. Eric and Sheila went shopping. Lauren found out and she and Scott left for shopping too. Eric and Sheila had fun riding bikes, kissing, eating and travelling. While they were walking, Scott told Lauren, "Seems like you're looking for somebody" and Lauren said she was just looking in the stores. Connor told Ridge to get back to work and Ridge got mad. Ridge told Connor to shut up and take a hike. Brooke asked Ridge to stop it. Ridge teased Connor by telling him a lawyer joke. Brooke told Connor to ignore Ridge and he left. Sheila was going through some dresses. Eric gave Sheila a dress, earrings and a hat. They both came into the dressing room and Sheila tried the clothes on. Then Lauren and Scott came into the same store. Ridge wanted to show Brooke a surprise. Scott talked to Lauren, but she wasn't listening. Scott wanted Lauren to try a dress on but the worker said a man and a woman were in the changing room. She also said the woman was 10 years younger than the man. Scott almost collapsed and Lauren and he had to go back to the hotel. Eric and Sheila went out. Ridge had two guys, Mark and Grant, modeling his designs in Brooke's office. The models left and Brooke said it was wonderful and said they'd be a splash at the showing. Ridge said Brooke had to believe in his friendship. Brooke believed she could be there after the showing. Ridge promised not to hurt Brooke again. Scott said he was sorry at the hotel suite. Scott said, "I'm just not used to this travelling, I'm fine". Scott said, "I want this to be a time we always remember, Lauren" and Lauren said she'd remember it. Scott went to sleep and Lauren called the reception and found out the Forresters were eating in their room. Lauren told herself, "ENJOY YOUR EVENING, SHIELA, BECAUSE TOMORROW I CONFRONT YOU WITH ERIC AND SOCTT. AS I SAY, WE WILL LET THE CHIPS FALL. AND BOY, ARE THEY GONNA FALL HARD".

1663: Taylor slipped a note under James' door, when suddenly James opened the door inviting Taylor in. James said Sophia was spending the night with her mother. James read the note; Taylor apologized for thinking James was capable of murder. James said Taylor was totally forgiven and invited Taylor for dinner as friends. Taylor had dinner plans with Ridge. James suggested that she call Ridge and check if the plans weren't changed, as Taylor was sure they weren't. Ridge was with Brooke at her office. Brooke left and Ridge believed he would make headway in getting the company back. Ridge promised to make up with Taylor and hung up. Brooke came back and Ridge proposed that he take the night off. Anthony was at his office sketching. Then Macy came in screaming, "It's time you and I have it out, once and for all!" Macy accused him, "Thorne and I are in deep trouble because of you". Anthony claimed Macy didn't pass out. Anthony lied, "You kissed me in the car and on the way to the apartment you couldn't keep your hands off me". Macy did not believe she came on to Anthony. Ridge made Brooke put on a red dress, while he wanted to celebrate the birth of the men's line. Ridge pulled Brooke out of the office. James and Taylor arrived at Cafe Russe. Taylor told James she was happy to have Ridge in her life; she said her marriage was a happy one, yet admitted they shared problems. James started talking about Brooke. Taylor said Brooke had a love-hate relationship with Ridge, but didn't want to talk about Brooke. Ridge and Brooke arrived at Cafe Russe, where Ridge toasted to Forrester Creations, cooperation and understanding. Brooke added, "And success". Macy said Anthony had no right taking advantage of her. Anthony said Macy had dragged him into the bedroom. Macy asked him to tell her everything that happen that night. Anthony said he never kissed and tell. Anthony invented things Macy "said" about his lips. Anthony said Macy had wanted to kiss his ears. Macy said, "You're sick" when she understood Anthony was teasing her. She tore a sketch with sounds of anger and went out. Anthony told himself arrogantly, "She really likes me". James said there was no relief for him, or Sophia. James said that Taylor's marriage appeared to be on solid ground, while Ridge told Brooke, "Part of this evening does have to do with Forrester Creations". Brooke let Ridge know Connor suggested she should be on guard, and Ridge said it also had to do with them, and what they used to have together. Ridge said, "I want that back, and I think you do too". Taylor noticed them; James saw something was wrong and Taylor told James, "It's my husband and Brooke - what are they doing here?".

1664: Sheila was standing at the suite, wondering why Eric was avoiding her. Then Eric came back from a walk. Sheila said she had a feeling they weren't really connecting and Eric took out a ring. Lauren found out Eric and Sheila were at their suite. Lauren told herself, "The end is near". Then Scott left their suite to bring something. Lauren kept talking to herself, "This is going to be so satisfying". Back at Cafe Russe, Ridge told Brooke, "We're halfway there". Ridge told Brooke that Eric had used to give a momento to every department and Brooke said she'd remember it. Brooke wished Eric and Sheila were there and Ridge believed Eric needed to get away. Brooke said Eric held her doing a good job against her and Ridge didn't buy it. James and Taylor agreed there had to be an explaintion, while looking at Ridge and Brooke. Eric said Sheila was complicated and Sheila said she was a simple person that just needed Eric's love. Eric repiled, "You and I both know that's not true". Sheila said she wouldn't stay married to Eric if she thought she would make him miserable. Sheila said she wasn't the source of Eric stress, but his family and Brooke. They kissed and Sheila promised to fullfill Eric. Sheila said, "I love you, Eric. God, I want you". Scott entered a pharmacy, not walking very straight. He bought a very strong pain medication. Scott said he was a doctor and a terminal patient. Taylor was distracted and James suggested they leave; Taylor refused and gave another look at Brooke and Ridge. Then they left. Ridge talked about Eric, saying he can't work and was falling apart. He also mentioned the chest pains. Taylor and James arrived at Taylor's house and Taylor said she'd been behaving like a child, since she had no reason to be insecure. Taylor tried to convince herslef Ridge was only trying to get close to Brooke in order to get the company back. Then said, "I'm being a fool, aren't I?" and thought she was making excuses for Ridge. Sheila and Eric went out from the elevator. Then Lauren showed up. Eric was surprised to see Lauren. Lauren said, "I brought my husband with me", as Scott came. Taylor said Brooke didn't have any scruples. Taylor said, "I think I should get you together with Ridge. I think you would be a good influence on him". James left saying things have a way of working out and left. Ridge said he wasn't trying to make Brooke feel guilty. Brooke said, "I was never my intension to hurt anyone, you, Eric, or even Stephanie for that matter". Brooke said it was her opportunity to make something of herself. Ridge said, "It's just too bad it has to be at Dad's expense". Brooke asked if Ridge was asking her to give the company back. Ridge replied, "Logan, I'm your friend. I'm not gonna tell you what to do" and Brooke was relieved. Sheila ran to the elevator, then Eric introduced them and Sheila turned around. Scott said, "You're his wife?" Lauren said it involved a child, kidnapping and a murder. Eric asked, "Is any of this true" and Sheila said she'd changed. Eric said, "I WANT YOU OUT OF MY LIFE". Lauren said the police was on their way to arrest Sheila. Then Lauren stopped fantasizing saying, "And that's the way it's gonna be". Lauren said, "Finally, revenge at last".

1665: On their bad, Eric woke up. Eric talked about Sheila's visit to Genoa City. Sheila said her special sick friend she visited was working with her at the hospital. Sheila gave Eric a massage and called it "Eric's wake up call". Lauren told Scott to get dressed for breakfast since there's a surprise waiting downstairs. Ridge called Taylor's office, but she was with a patient at his office. Then Thorne came in asking how Taylor was feeling. Ridge said he was going to put a stop to all the tension. Ridge said Taylor had been asleep when he came back from the dinner with Brooke, and had been at work when he woke up. Ridge asked Thorne if he thought Taylor was upset. Thorne said Ridge was asking the wrong guy about women, since things between him and Macy can't be worse. Macy entered Thorne's office, finding Stephanie there. Macy said, "I did something, Stephanie, something terrible" and continued, "I got drunk the other night". Macy said she couldn't remember how it happened and asked Stephanie to talk to Thorne for her. Macy said, "It's not what Thorne thinks it is" and started talking about the jerk that took advantage of her. Stephanie said she didn't want to get in the middle of it and asked Macy, "What in the world were you thinking". Thorne told Ridge about Anthony and his hiring at Spectra. Thorne said Sheila had been with Macy that night and said it was weird. Ridge agreed with him. Thorne said, "According to Macy, Sheila has nothing to do with this". Thorne said he wanted to help Macy and be there for her, but didn't want to get involved, because of Anthony. Thorne said he wanted to hit somebody and said, "I do not deserve this". Scott told Lauren he was feeling better, and said that going to Catalina was a good idea. Lauren said Scott had a future with another woman, and not with her. Lauren said, "The excitement is downstairs". Eric said it was getting to feel better again. Sheila said they could and would communicate again and said she wouldn't let Eric slip through her fingers again. Macy said it was a big misunderstanding, but said Thorne wouldn't talk to her. Stephanie said, "There have been other men, and Thorne has known about them". Macy said it wasn't the case, since she barely knew the guy. Macy begged, "Talk to your son for me and tell him I need to see him". She confessed she loved only Thorne. The receptionist told Lauren the Forresters should be down any minute. Sheila said, "I'm so committed to this marriage. I won't let anything come between us". Stephanie entered Ridge's office, where Thorne was already gone. Ridge said Macy should get her act together. Ridge said Eric was at Catalina Island with Sheila. Stephanie asked, "How did that happen?" Ridge said Eric had to feel sure there wasn't another alternative than a divorce. Stephanie said that marriage would never work, since Eric would never trust Sheila again. Eric and Sheila kissed at the elevator and went out to the dinning room. They are about to get a table, then Lauren showed up and looked at Sheila.

1666: Sheila saw Scott and suggested they eat outside. But then Eric noticed Lauren. Brooke was at her office, remembering the day she hit her head. Ridge said then that they were the perfect combination. As she stopped remembering, Brooke told herself, "You're right, Ridge, we do make one hell of a team". Then Connor came in bringing a rattle. It was Connor's way to ask sorry for acting like a baby. Connor said it bothered him that Brooke spends so much time with Ridge. Brooke said she and Ridge had gone to Cafe Russe. Connor asked, "Is that a rather romanic spot for a business dinner?" Taylor came into Ridge's office saying they have to talk about Brooke. Taylor said, "I think you're taking it too far". Taylor said, "I thought you were trying to rekindle the relationship, not the romance" and asked to know what was going on, since she saw them together at Cafe Russe. Jack visited Stephanie at her office. Stephanie said Sheila was up to something and was dangerous. Eric went to say hi to Lauren. Lauren said said Scott was there and added, "And I can't wait for him to meet Sheila". Connor said Ridge had had a specific purpose in taking Brooke to Cafe Russe, which is Brooke's favorite restaurant where she and Ridge spent a lot of time together when they were an item. Connor asked, "So tell me, Brooke, did you finish your celebration at the restaurant, or did you go back to your place?" Ridge said he was trying to regain Brooke's trust and friendship. Taylor said Brooke wasn't exactly dressed for business. Taylor talked about the pool and the romantic dinner. Ridge said they had been just toasting the new men's line. Taylor said it was a dangerous situation for all of them and didn't think it was a good idea any more. Taylor suggested Ridge back off and Ridge said he was on the verge of making a real breakthrough. Ridge asked, "Is that it? You don't trust me?" Taylor said, "Maybe I don't. After what I've seen, Ridge, I don't know if I can trust you around Brooke any more". Sheila said they were just leaving. Lauren said they'd arrived there the day before, like Eric and Sheila. Sheila said it was a coinsidence. Then Lauren called Scott to come to meet somebody. Stephanie thought Sheila was evil, because of the things Sheila revealed to her by their confrontations. Stephanie said Sheila was cunning. Stephanie thought Eric wouldn't want anything to do with Sheila if she revealed her true colors. Lauren introduced Scott to Mrs. Sheila Forrester. Lauren was counting on Scott's reaction to finding out Sheila was alive. But Scott already knew that and shook Sheila's hand. Scott said, "It's really amazing". Eric invited Lauren and Scott for dinner. Lauren said she had a headacke and she and Scott left fot their suite. Brooke couldn't believe Connor asked her that. Brooke said she didn't deserve that and Connor said she was leading him on. Brooke said she didn't have time for anything else but the showing, even her kids. Brooke walked out. Ridge said he'd thought their marriage was based on trust. Taylor said, "We never used to fight like this". Taylor asked, "If I asked you to stop seeing Brooke, would you do that?" Ridge replied, "IF you trusted me, you wouldn't be asking that. If you don't trust me, what we have here - what the hell do we have here, Taylor?" Eric and Sheila entered their suite saying it's a small world. Sheila panicked telling herself, "I gotta get Eric out of here" and thank god Scott didn't blow her cover. Scott slammed the suite's door. Scott said he'd known Sheila was alive, like Lauren. They both wanted to know what was going on. Ridge had to relax from the craziness and entered the steam room, wearing a towel. Then Brooke's voice was heard through the steam. Ridge wanted to leave, but Brooke told him, "Ridge, stay!"

1667: Eric told Sheila they had to have at least one meal with Scott and Lauren and Sheila said she didn't want to share Eric with anyone. Eric said Lauren was one of his favorite people and asked Sheila to give a little when it comes to his friends. Eric said Lauren was a wonderful woman. Lauren asked, "When did you find out, how did you find out?" Scott asked Lauren the same and asked, "And what the hell are we doing on this island?" Lauren said that telling Scott wasn't that simple. Lauren asked, "What is going on with the two of you?" and Scott said nothing. Lauren asked Scott why he acted like he'd never met Sheila. Scott said he didn't know Sheila was going to be there. Lauren asked, "When did you see her and under what circumstances, Scott? What are you up to with that woman?" Taylor was sitting at her office telling herself, "Ridge, why are we doing this to each other?". Then James came in and they started a session. James asked what was bothering Taylor. Ridge said he was stressed not because of the men's line. Brooke said she was stressed out and Ridge said Brooke was expecting too much of herself. Taylor said that talking about herself wasn't appropiate. James said he didn't want to complain. James said Sophia suffered silently because of him. Scott took medication with water. Lauren wanted to know every detail. Scott said he'll explain to Lauren if Lauren would tell him everything about Sheila. Lauren said her relationship with Sheila didn't change - since she still despised her. Lauren said she had to bring Sheila to her knees and asked why Scott did not share that feeling with her. Scott said what Sheila had done to them is a moot point, since Lauren wants a divorce. Scott said Sheila had come to Genoa City to see him, since she was concerned. Scott said, "She never stopped loving me, Lauren, she needed to tell me that". James said Sophia loved him and asked Taylor how he gives up the one love of his life. Taylor got a little excited saying James was going to give Sophia up saying somehow she will find a way to help him. Brooke confessed to Ridge, "I have replaced my love for you with a position of power and influence" and Ridge asked, "Does that satisfy you?" Brooke thanked Ridge for what he's done to her and asked him to let her give something back. Ridge said, "Maybe there is something you can do for me". Eric asked Sheila to have dinner with Lauren and Scott, and promised the rest of the time they would spend together. Scott said he would like to talk to Sheila of her marriage, that he didn't know of. Then said it didn't matter. Scott said there were other sides to Sheila and Lauren said Sheila was a lying conniving bitch. Eric called Lauren and set the dinner for 7. Lauren hung up and said, "TONIGHT ERIC FINDS EVERYTHING ABOUT DEAR SWEET LITTLE SHEILA".

1668: Karen saw Macy going home and reminded her there was a meeting - Anthony showing his first designs. Macy said, "I don't want anything to do with Anthony Armando and I made that very clear". Macy said Anthony wasn't saving the company, but destroying her marriage. Karen said she wanted Macy there. At her office, Saul told Sally she hadn't talked to him in a week because he'd squealed to Stephanie. Sally said that thanks to Saul, Jack and her were finished. Saul said he was sorry and then Darla, Anthony and Karen came in. Darla reminded Karen that Macy was still upset with Anthony and then Macy came in. Stephanie was at Thorne's telling him about the encouter with Macy. Thorne said, "Maybe I should just get the message - Macy and I are a disaster". At their suite, Sheila told Eric that Scott had looked tired to her. Eric told Sheila to start getting ready. Sheila said, "You won't be late", opened up her robe and continued, "Unless you get carried away". Lauren couldn't believe Scott had forgiven Sheila. Scott said Sheila had started to look different to him. Lauren reminded him, "She kidnapped our precious little Scotty and exchanged him for someone else's child" and Scott mentioned Sheila had always taken good care of Scotty, and never hurt him. Lauren asked, "Then why are you giving her the time a day? Unless... are you in love with Sheila?". Sheila started to undress Eric and kissed him. Eric said they didn't have time. Eric suddenly understood, "You're trying to keep us from having dinner with Lauren, aren't you?". Macy told Anthony he didn't have talent and Sally told them to settle down. Anthony said, "Sally, my love, you haven't even looked at these sketches" and was sure it was his best work. Macy teased him, "I do love me". Karen said the designs were good. Saul and Darla agreed the designs were originals and elegant. Anthony pointed out that the fabric would have a low cost. Sally said they were very good and Macy disagreed, saying it's not their style. Sally said they would all leave so Anthony and Macy would find a way to make it work, since the future of the company hangs in the balance. Everybody left besides Macy and Anthony. Stephanie said she wasn't going to tell Thorne to leave Macy. Thorne said, "She means everything to me. But I'm miserable without her, I'm miserable with her too" and continued, "If I leave her, that's going to destroy Macy". Stephaine said they would both survive with, or without each other. Thorne said Macy had vulnerbility to guys and talked about Jake, Sly and now Anthony. Thorne said Anthony had better stay away from him and said he wouldn't be responsible for his actions if he saw him again. Scott asked Lauren if she was jealous of Sheila. Lauren said Sheila was headed to prison. Scott said he had no intention of interfering with Eric and Sheila's lives and Lauren said she had, and would intefere tonight. Lauren couldn't believe Scott would make a case for Sheila and added Sheila was good for no one. Macy said Anthony was making her life miserable since Thorne wouldn't talk to her. Anthony said, "It wasn't your fault. You were passed out. I'm a creep in this situation". Macy said it was noble but said that hiring Anthony upset Thorne. Macy said Anthony would resign if he were a man. Anthony said he wasn't quitting. Anthony said he would do something about the situation, didn't get into specifics and left. Sheila asked if Eric was offended, "Is this some kind of strategy?" Eric suggested to do it after dinner. Eric went to finish dressing and Sheila told herself there isn't going to be a tomorrow for her if they go to the dinner. Lauren said she was going to save Eric from a woman who could eventually destroy him. Lauren threatened, "She has it coming and tonight at long last, she's gonna pay". Scott went to dress. Thorne opened the door, and there was Anthony standing saying, "I think it's about time you and I set something straight, Thorne my friend". Sheila called Lauren and told her she was coming down to her room. Lauren said she wouldn't let Sheila in and said she would come up to Sheila's room, while Eric had gone to check on their dinner reservations. Sheila hung up and told herself, "Oh, yes, I'll be waiting for you".

1669: Scott went to the drug store to have the presciption refilled. Lauren told herself, "Tonight will be your last dinner as Mrs. Eric Forrester. I'm going to stop you once and for all". At Sally's office, Macy told Darla she and Anthony wouldn't be friends and Darla said Anthony was cute. Macy said she didn't want to talk about it as long as Anthony stays out of her personal lives. Darla hesitated about telling Macy where Anthony went to. Thorne told Anthony, "I don't want to listen to you at at all. I want you to leave". Anthony said Thorne should be angry at him, since he broke their "silly" American rules. Anthony said Macy was completely faithful to Thorne and asked for a chance to set it right. Scott entered the drug store and was told by the pharmacist he should see a doctor, since Scott said he wasn't feeling better. Sheila told herself, "Iive got to stop you somehow" and was willing to do whatever it takes. Then Lauren came in. Sheila said she wasn't intimitated. Sheila said, "I DEALT WITH YOU BEFORE AND I CAN DEAL WITH YOU AGAIN". Sheila held Lauren's hand and Lauren said she would end the charade tonight. Lauren said she would get what she wants with or without Scott's help. Sheila said Lauren would hurt Eric tonight. Lauren said that the woman Eric loves didn't exist. Sheila said, "No one's on your side" and asked Lauren what would happen if Scott didn't side with her. Sheila asked her if she was ready to take the risk. Thorne didn't like Anthony's talking about Macy's beauty. Anthony said Macy needed someone like Thorne, without his weaknesses. Anthony said Thorne was blowing it out of proprtation. Thorne told him to make his point before he throws him out. Darla told Macy she had the impression Anthony was looking for Thorne. Macy remembered Anthony's last words before leaving and was sure Anthony would only make it worse. She left to stop him. Lauren said her victory was less than an hour away. Sheila said Eric wouldn't like Lauren's reason for not telling him the truth before marrying Sheila. Lauren said Sheila's manipulations wouldn't work on her. They went out to the balcony and Lauren talked about Sheila's confessing her love to Scott. Lauren said she would reveal the secrets on the dinner table and said, "It's not gonna be pretty" while Sheila was sure Scott wouldn't confirm Lauren's story. Scott was at his suite taking the pain killers. Anthony said Thorne was insecure and said he had a working relationship with Macy. Thorne said Macy could get Anthony fired and Anthony said he was the best in the business. Thorne said Anthony was arrogant, and thought he was a big shot. He pushed Anthony back, while telling him to leave Spectra and Macy alone. Then Macy came in yelling, "Thorne! What are you doing?". Anthony thought he screwed it up. Anthony said he'd come as Macy's friend and then left. Thorne told Macy to tell Sally to get rid of him. Macy said they needed Anthony and Thorne was suspicious, "Maybe you need him". Thorne said, "I'll let you two get back to your business" and walked into his bedroom. Sheila said it could be dangerous for Lauren. Sheila said Lauren was the only one who knew. Sheila said Lauren wouldn't say anything and while talking to Lauren, she pushed her back to the edge of the balcony. Then Lauren's hand pushed over a plant and it fell off the balcony. Scott called and told Sheila he needed help. Lauren didn't understand where Sheila went to. Lauren told herself, "You haven't changed, and you never will. I've got to get rid of you now; forget about dinner, I'm going to wait here and tell Eric everything, everything.

1670: Stephanie was at Eric's office holding his picture. Stephanie told herself Eric should get rid of Sheila once and for all. Then Connor came in saying Ridge is up to something. Connor said Brooke and Ridge had become a team. Connor asked if it concerned Stephanie, since she despises Brooke. Connor thought Stephanie knew what Ridge was after. Taylor came back home from a swim at the pool, finding Ridge baking dinner in the kitchen. Taylor thought it was because of guilt. Sheila entered Scott's suite and found him bending from pain and moaning. Sheila asked, "What is it, sweetheart, what is it?" Eric arrived at his suite, finding Lauren. Lauren said Sheila had left and didn't care where to. Lauren said, "We need to talk, right now where we're alone. And it is a conversation that's long overdue". Scott asked for the pills and Sheila gave them to him. Sheila brought Scott a blanket, since he was freezing. Sheila was shocked to see they were pain killers. Sheila understood Scott wasn't at the hospital for a routine physical, as he claimed when she went to see him at Genoa City. Taylor thought Ridge's dinner was an attempt to kiss and make up. Taylor said that one home cooked meal wouldn't resolve the issue. Connor asked why Stephanie wasn't upset with the ice melting between Ridge and Brooke. Connor left Stephanie a message, "I will be watching and listening" and wasn't willing to let the Forresters use and manipulate Brooke again. Ridge and Taylor had dinner where Ridge said he and Brooke were almost friends again. Ridge found some papers under the bed and asked who Sophia was. Taylor said Sophia was the lover of her mentor from medical school. Taylor explained Sophia was dying and said she was moved by James. Ridge said, "Maybe I'm the one who should be upset", since Taylor was spending a lot of time with James. Taylor replied, "We're working together, Ridge, just like you and Brooke". They kissed and went to make a Ridge, Jr. or a Taylor, Jr. Lauren said it couldn't wait, but then Trish called Eric. Connor left and Stephanie told herself she knew Sheila was hiding something dirty. So she decided to call Lauren's office, where she was told Lauren and Scott were on Catalina Island. Scott kept having pains, saying there's no point any more. Scott didn't let Sheila call the Dr., and asked her not to leave him. Scott said it was cold and Sheila kept him warm by leaning on him. Sheila said she'd always loved Scott and always would. Scott said, "Me too, Lauren". Sheila said, "You called me Lauren!" Then she started to yell in panic, "Scott! Can you hear me?" When he didn't respond, she called for an emergency helicopter. Eric hung up the phone and Lauren said that running into each other hadn't been an accident. Eric said he didn't understand. Lauren said she couldn't sit back any more without saying something. Sheila called Eric and told him Scott was unconscious and could be dying. She asked them to hurry to Scott's room.

1671: At Brooke's, Karen came back to the living room after taking care of Bridget and Eric, Jr. Brooke said she and the kids adored Karen. Karen said she had feelings for Connor, but having feelings and acting on them are two different things, and added Brooke should know that better than anyone - she referred to Ridge. Brooke said Ridge wasn't more than a business colleague. Ridge and Taylor were on their bed, checking their heartbeats. Eric told Lauren something was wrong with Scott. They both left for the suite. Sheila told Scott he'd be all right. Stephanie came into Ridge's house and told Ridge and Taylor that Lauren and Scott were on Catalina Island. Lauren asked Sheila, "What did you do to him?" and Sheila said Scott was sick, while putting a wet towel on Scott's forehead. Sheila said Scott was taking pain killers as last defense. Karen asked Brooke to envision her future life with Connor. Brooke had a dinner in mind with her and the kids and her husband - Connor. Brooke said there would be love and stability in that future. Sheila told Lauren that Scott was dying. Eric went to get a helicopter. Lauren couldn't believe Scott didn't tell her. Sheila said Scott needed help fast. They both wouldn't leave Scott and sat near him. Scott had something important to say. Karen said she saw a completely different future of Brooke. Karen described a romantic place with two lovers. Then she added the picture included Ridge, and not Connor, as the camera showed us Ridge and Brooke making love near the fire place. Karen asked Brooke which future she wanted. Stephanie told Taylor and Ridge that she thought Lauren knows what Sheila's hiding and would blow the whistle on her. Scott asked Lauren to promise him to do something and she accepted. Scott said, "I NEED YOU TO PROMISE ABOUT SHEILA - HER PAST, DON'T SAY ANTHING. LET'S GIVE HER A CHANCE". Scott was moaning and Lauren held his hand. Lauren agreed to give Sheila a chance, as Scott died. Then Eric entered and after him the paramedics. Lauren told them, "You're too late" with tears and continued, "He's gone". Sheila started crying as the paramedics stated Scott was dead.

1672: At Ridge's office, Thorne told Ridge the collection was small. Thorne didn't know what Lauren was doing at Catalina Island, but added he was for it if it makes Sheila drop off the earth some how. Ridge said Taylor was treating her former mentor and talked about how much that man meant to her. At James' condo, Taylor and James had a session. Taylor asked James to describe his worst argument with Sophia. Sally walked into Anthony's office, as he was working with a model. Sally looked at the dress and told the model to leave. Sally said it had to do with Macy. Macy entered the Bikini, where Keith and Kevin were cleaning up. They were happy to see her and she filled them in about Anthony. Keith said business was dead. Then Sly came back from a meeting with the owners of the Bikini with some bad news. Anthony said he'd been trying to work things out with Macy. Sally said she knew it, like everything else that goes around at Spectra - and then mentioned Anthony's trying to put his name on the label. Sally said no designer gets his name on the label before proving himself to the company. Sally said Thorne was always upset. Sally said she loathed the Forresters. Sally said she wanted Thorne out of Macy's life. She said she wanted Macy to move on, since there were talented and good men out there. Sally told Anthony to follow his instincts and heart. Anthony said Sally didn't even like him and Sally thought he was better than Thorne, and left. Taylor asked James, "How do you and Sophia resolve your conflicts?" James said that arguments had a way of revealing a man's weaknesses. James said the greatest argument he and Sophia had was over a man. Taylor said she wasn't surprised and talked about Brooke. James said, "We're good for each other. I mean, as patient and therapist, of course". Thorne told Ridge his wife was observed with another man. Ridge asked, "Why should that bother me?" Ridge talked about Taylor's special attention for James and their session at James' condo. Sly said that Keith and Kevin were fired. Kevin told Sly he knew it wasn't Sly's fault and was sad. Kevin asked what they'd do, since they need money. Kevin said, "We're gonna make it. We're a family". Thorne said it was worse and told Ridge to keep an eye on Taylor. Thorne was about to leave, then Eric called. Ridge asked, "Something the matter", hung up and said Eric was on his way back and sounded terrible. Thorne said, "I wonder if he really left her". Taylor handed James his patient information, since he left out his mother address. James said he didn't want to involve his mother. Taylor assured James it was confidential and asked the address. James asked her not to insist on it and she left. Taylor told herself, "What is it, James. What is it about your mother? Is it possible that you're hiding something from me?"

1673: Karen was at Anthony's office, talking highly of Anthony's designs. Then Macy came in bringing Karen schedules of the showing and left. Anthony said he was the reason for Macy's actions and Karen said it was more than that. Stephanie entered Eric's office finding Ridge there. They were waiting for Eric hoping Eric had made a decision about his marriage. Ridge said the men's line was a means to an end for him. Ridge thought Brooke would be vulnerable to him as a friend. Stephanie said Ridge was expecting too much and hoped it wouldn't blow up in Ridge's face. Then Eric came in saying he's been a part of a very tragic thing. Sheila was at her office crying as Mike came in. Sheila wanted to be alone, but Mike didn't think Sheila should be alone. Sheila said she'd lost someone more than a friend, and then added he'd died. Mike almost left, then closed the door and decided to stay. Macy entered Sally's office and saw Macy was upset. Macy said Keith and Kevin had lost their jobs and didn't have any money. Macy wondered why life didn't give people what they deserved. Macy said they were about to make Anthony the user a star. Karen told Anthony he wasn't the cause of Macy's mood and told him about Keith and Kevin. Eric said Scott had died. Stephanie covered her mouth with her hand and yelled, "Oh my god!" Eric added it'd happened in front of all of them. Mike gave Sheila a tissue to wipe her tears. Sheila thanked Mike and said her friend had been too young to die. Mike said, "You were in love with him, weren't you? It's all right, you don't have to admit it. Well, for the record, I'm not gonna use this against you. Not ever... Former boyfriend? Husband? How long were you married?" Sheila just didn't answer and Mike continued talking about his father's death. Sheila cried, "I'm gonna miss him so much! He was my first true love". Mike said Sheila had changed. Sheila said Scott had loved her because of the sacrifice he made before he died. Sally told Macy Anthony wasn't a bad person and said there was another side to Anthony. Macy said Anthony was arrogant and self centered. Anthony came in and Macy told him to get out. Anthony said he'd hired a couple of assistants for him. Macy got mad, "You don't do the hiring around here, Anthony". Then he let in his new staff - Keith and Kevin, who both yelled, "Surprise". "My god, he was so young", Stephanie was shocked. Eric said Lauren hadn't known Scott was terminally ill. Eric said it was terrible mostly for Sheila and Stephanie didn't understand. Eric said Sheila was devastated. Eric said there wouldn't be a divorce in the near future. Eric said Sheila was a different person and Stephaine pointed out they were only gone for two days. Eric said Sheila had reacted strongly on a level he would never imagine because she watched a man die. Eric started talking about Sheila's sensitivity and left to the cutting room. Stephanie said it struck her as a little peculiar and thought something was going on. Sheila said Scott had wished something that saved her life and her marriage from a destructive woman that now wouldn't be able to use what she has against Sheila. Sheila cried, "Why did I have to lose him? Why?" Mike approached Sheila and she leaned over his shoulder. Anthony, Keith and Kevin left for a first staff meeting at the cafeteria. Stephanie said, "Of course I'm gonna give Lauren enough time to get over this and then... You know I've always believed that there was a secret between Lauren and Sheila and maybe Scott is a part of it. Maybe he's the key to it. I'm gonna find out what it is".

1674: Keith entered Karen's office and had her sign on same papers for Anthony. Keith said Anthony had surprised him and Karen was glad. Karen welcomed Keith abord and he left. Then Connor came in with news about Brooke and Ridge. Brooke was playing with her kids in the pool, until Maria came and took them. Then Ridge came. Dr. Jay Garvin was at Taylor's office where she explained to him her failure about the rat. Taylor said James was no murderer and that she should have known it. Taylor mentioned the strange thing - about James not giving her his mother's address. Taylor said James was a private man and Jay suggested Taylor would get a reason from James. Jay left and Taylor told Sandra to call international information and get James' mother's address. Taylor wondered what was there about James' mother he's hiding. Ridge told Brooke about Scott's death in Catalina. Brooke said it was awful. Ridge said he had a proposition for Brooke and 3 models came in wearing the swimsuit from the men's line. Brooke smiled. Connor thought Ridge was doing a number on Brooke and talked about Ridge's "let's be friends" routine. Connor said Ridge would try to romance the company underneath Brooke, while having the backing of his family. James was at Taylor's office, where he was grateful for Taylor's help and Taylor said she really cared about James. Taylor asked James why he wouldn't tell her where his mother lives. James said he'd overreacted. James said his mother depended on him since his father, Damon, had died. James said he couldn't let his mother know he was in therapy. James said that therapy had a stigma in a little Scottish village. James said he wouldn't undermine his mother's one assurance in life - which is him. Connor said Brooke had taken control since she wanted Ridge to pay. Connor thought it was a family conspiracy after talking to Stephanie. Connor talked of how Taylor wasn't worried of Ridge spending time with Brooke. Karen admitted it was strange. Connor said the family didn't have a problem with the men's line, since it was going according to their plan. Brooke and Ridge agreed they would be the talk of the town after the showing. James and Taylor said they were both more impressed with one another after talking more. James left and Sandra came in. She said she couldn't finding a listing for Mary Warwick, but she did find a Damon Warwick and gave Taylor his address. Connor said he had to get to the bottom of this for Brooke sake and their sakes. Ridge suggested Brooke give Eric the couture line while they concentrate on the men's line. Brooke replied, "You're asking me to give up control of Forrester?" and continued, "Is this a trick". Ridge said he couldn't do it for Brooke and Brooke asked why Ridge was nice. Ridge said he did care for Brooke very much and never meant to hurt her. Ridge said, "We're a team. And with Bridget we're always goint to be a team". Brooke said she wanted to believe Ridge and they hugged.

1675: Charlton Heston, Stephanie's neighbor came to see her. Stephanie was afraid that the dogs were at his tennis court, but Charlton had a favor to ask. Sally walked into Anthony's office. Sally said she was delighted to have Anthony in her team. Anthony said that getting along with Macy would take some time. Anthony said Eric was sophisticated and brilliant, who he's always looked up to. Sally made an important decision - to release a couture line this season. Eric was working with a model and got mad when a design didn't work. The model left and Ridge came in. Eric said he'd watched somebody die and was distracted. Eric was disappointed from only doing 4 gowns for the showing. Eric said he gave away his desire by giving up control of the company. Ridge encouraged Eric saying his best work is yet to come and had good news about Brooke. Connor walked into Brooke's office, where she was in a good mood. Connor asked to talk to Brooke as her attorney, and wanted to keep Brooke from losing something that is rightfully hers. He asked her to tell him what was going on the night before. Charlton wanted to talk to Stephanie about the Fashion show. Charlton was on the board of the American Film Institute. He asked her to consider presenting the spring line as a fund raiser to the institute. Stephanie said they would have to find a joint theme and Charlton suggested a salute to Hollywood. Stephanie said they could consider it as a done deal, since she thought it was a wonderful idea. Ridge told Eric about his suggestion to Brooke. Sally told Anthony they were going to do a lot more than competing with Forrester. Ridge said Brooke was tired and wanted to spend time with the children. Ridge said Brooke only wanted to be a part of the family and believed Brooke wouldn't have anything left to prove after the men's line is a success. Ridge told Eric to keep the faith. Brooke told Connor, "Sorry - it's personal". Connor talked about the way Ridge would try to steal the company from Brooke - he would approach Brooke very innocently, where Brooke's guard will be down and disarmed. Then he would talk about the opening of the men's line and then talk about the pleasure of spending time with the kids. Connor said, "Ridge is not your friend" and asked her to think with her head and not her heart. Stephanie walked into Ridge's office and told Ridge and Eric she had wonderful news. Anthony said to Sally that the name Forrester kept coming up and knew she wanted to get even with the Forresters. Sally said she wanted to destroy the Forresters. Sally talked about what Stephanie had done to her, Macy and Jack. Sally was determined to make the Forresters pay. Stephanie talked about Charlton's proposal. Eric thought it was a terrific idea and reminded Stephanie that Brooke had the final say in that. Ridge said he'd talked to Brooke and thought that Brooke would turn control of the company back to the Forresters after the showing, when the score will be completely settled. Stephanie guessed it was possible. Ridge said they had to treat Brooke with the respect she deserves. Eric said the past few months had been complete hell. Eric said Ridge might be and might not be right. Anthony said the Forresters were a powerful group and added that getting revenge wouldn't be easy. Sally said she wanted Anthony creating and asked him to leave the dirty work to her. Sally said, "You see, you have my specialty and I have mine".

1676: Jack visited Stephanie at her office and she told him about Charlton Heston and the Film Institute. Then Charlton called Stephanie and thanked her. Stephanie was excited about Charlton hosting the collection. She talked about P.R. and hung up and said it was all set. Sheila entered Brooke's office. Brooke was upset of Sheila's coming and going. Sheila said it wouldn't happen again and added she wouldn't handle Brooke's firing her. Brooke said that Scott's death must have been more than a nightmare and said she was sorry. Then Trish sent in a model to be interviewed to represent the men's line. Brooke told Sheila to stick around, since it's might be good for her. Ridge came into Taylor's office, pretending to be a patient. He told her he and his wife worked day and night and asked her what to do. Taylor replied, "Quit your job". Ridge left asking her to send him the bill. Then he opened the door saying, "In the meantime, what about lunch?" as caterers were coming into the office with food. Ridge said they were celebrating. Brooke said they had to make sure the models are carved to the underwear and the models started undressing. Jack told Stephanie he was worried since Sally was still bitter, and blaming everything in her life on Stephanie. Jack said Sally was out to get Stephanie and Stephanie said Sally might have the motives, but not the means. Stephanie said Jack was sweet to be concerned. Stephanie talked about the enormous publicity of the wonderful showing and told him to stop worrying. Jack intended to propose to Stephanie after the show, and wasn't willing to take no for an answer. They said they loved each other and they hugged. Ridge said he asked Brooke to give the company back and Taylor looked for cuts on Ridge. Ridge thought that Brooke would eventually realize that being CEO of Forrester isn't what she wants out of life. Brooke and Sheila had the 3 models walking around in their underwear. Brooke said she would get back to them and they left. Then Stephanie came in. Sheila thought Stephanie would ask her about Catalina, but Stephanie just asked to talk to Brooke alone. Sheila left and Stephanie wanted to alert Brooke about the changes to the show, including the American Film Institute. Brooke said, "It's not going to happen". Stephanie said it was a done deal and a salute to Hollywood. Stephanie said it wasn't mature since Brooke didn't agree since it wasn't her idea. Stephanie said she would say it was Brooke's idea and give her credit. Brooke said it had to do with protocol. Stephanie got mad, saying she's run the company since Brooke was a baby. She held Brooke's hand and said she wouldn't embarrass herself or Charlton. Brooke told her to swallow her pride and correct her mistakes. Stephanie left. Ridge believed Brooke will do them right if they treat her right. Ridge thanked god Taylor had the strength to hang in there and Taylor said it wasn't strength, but love. Taylor said lunch could wait and kissed Ridge. They both confessed their love and kissed.

1677: Sally was talking to her son at her apartment, "All alone again, huh, C.J.?" Sally talked of how Jack would have been a wonderful father and then talked of how Stephanie would pay. Then Macy came in and Sally said she'd asked Anthony to do a couture line for the next showing and was very sure of Anthony. Sally said Anthony wasn't the enemy. Macy admitted, "He is not as bad as I thought he was" and Sally reminded her the hiring of Keith and Kevin. Sally said they would have to win the war and Macy understood she was talking about the Forresters. Brooke was at her office talking to herself, "Sorry I had to veto this one" and said she owed it to Stephanie. Stephanie walked into Ridge's office, without even saying hello. Stephanie just said Brooke was using the company to get even with her. Stephanie said Ridge was wrong, since Brooke was on an ego trip and wouldn't give the company back. Stephanie said she hadn't gone through the proper channels. Taylor talked to herself at her office, "But your father is dead, so how could he have a listing in Scotland? What is it about you, James? What is it you're not telling me? Well, I'm going to get some answers today". Then Sandra sent James in. Taylor told James she had something James would find interesting and enlighting. Ridge told Stephanie he could straighten it out and Stephanie said Ridge couldn't do it every time Brooke does something childish. Stephanie didn't think they would get control of the company back and Ridge went to talk to Brooke. Macy said they couldn't win the war. Sally said it was about time the Forresters learned they couldn't treat people like that. Taylor put on the tape recorder. James lied back as Taylor tried a different technique - guided imagery/waking dreams. She told James to close his eyes and breath slowly and relax. It was hard to James to let go, but Taylor asked him to visualize a picture, and create a movie. Ridge came into Brooke's office, as she was expecting him. Brooke admitted it was a great idea, but added Stephanie had to acknowledge her as the head of the company. Brooke asked Ridge to get Stephanie. James found himself in a meadow and Taylor asked him to describe what he sees and what he feels. He saw a meadow with flowers, with a smiling sun. James said his mother had smiled like the sun. James saw a lot of people painted and not real, as he's all alone in the meadow. Taylor told him to walk through the meadow until he comes upon a tree, and finds something he can dig with next to the tree. James saw a strong tree and a small spoon, which is difficult to dig with. Taylor said the spoon was James' resistance. Taylor told him to pick up the spoon, dig, and find gifts. James found a jar with a human brain. Taylor said it was his life's work - setting the human brain. James found another gift - a blank box. Taylor told him to open it, but James didn't want to. Taylor said, "It's okay, I'm here, we'll open it together". Stephanie arrived at Brooke's office. Brooke ordered her to readdress the request in the way the CEO of Forrester should be addressed. Stephanie did it and Brooke asked her if she could trust her with the details and Stephanie of course confirmed. Ridge said they had to pull it together to have the best showing. Sally was at her apartment alone, wondering if fighting the Forresters is ridiculous. Then Sally opened the TV and watched the Ricky show, as Charlton Heston explained the benefit in the Forrester fashion show. Charlton made a request for support and getting involved. Sally got an idea - and said, "Yes, of course; oh, Macy you were so wrong" and was willing to give the Forresters the competition of their lives and nailing Stephanie. James kept imagining; he opened the box, and it was empty. There was some writing on the box. James read it, "This gift is meant to be read - look above you". Taylor told James to look up. James saw a cradle hanging from the branches and it was upside down. Taylor asked where the baby was. James said the baby had fallen and was motionless, cold and lost. Taylor suggested to stop and they hugged as James looked frightened. Taylor encouraged him, "That was excellent work, James".

1678: Karen, Darla and Saul entered Sally's office. Sally wanted to light a fire in every one of them. Sally talked about a real fight. Darla talked about the Ricky show with Charlton Heston. Sally said the Forresters were going to incorporate a salute to Hollywood in their fashion show. Karen said they couldn't compete with it and suggested to stop competing. But Sally said they were going to go head to head with Forrester and to win. Karen said Sally was only interested in getting even with Stephanie and Sally didn't deny it. Sally said she had a feeling about Anthony, and was sure some day he would be a big name in the fashion business. Then Anthony came in with a design. He wanted all of them to see it. At Eric's office, Stephanie cried to Eric about the humiliation with Brooke. Eric said he was sorry Stephanie had to go through that. Eric said Thorne and Macy were trying to pull it together. Thorne and Macy were meeting in Sally's apartment. Thorne said he didn't blame Macy for the other night, since she was drunk and passed out. Thorne realized it wasn't Macy fault. They hugged. Anthony said it was a design he came up with years ago. Anthony showed them "his labor of love" as they were all admiring the sensational wedding gown. Sally said it was marvelous and was going to make the wedding gown the centerpiece of the whole showing. Sally was excited until she saw "Armando Fashions" written on the sketch. Thorne said, "I WANT YOU BACK HOME" and he and Macy kissed. Thorne said he needed Macy to stop working with Anthony and get rid of him. Macy replied, "It's not that easy" and continued, "The man, he's just so important to the company". Macy said, "He really is not as bad as we thought he was". Thorne said Anthony had the hots for Macy, but Macy disagreed. Thorne said he couldn't live with it and gave Macy an ultimatum, "IT'S EITHER ME OR HIM". Macy asked Thorne not to put her in that position. Thorne said he wouldn't put up with it and Macy said she didn't want to lose Thorne over it and couldn't ask Sally to fire Anthony. Eric hugged Stephanie and she felt better. Stephanie said Sally wasn't in the picture, while they're fighting among themselves. Anthony said the label belonged to him. Karen was sure they could work something out. Anthony said it wasn't negotiable. Anthony said he wanted the world to know who created the wedding gown. Sally said, "You got your name on your gown" and Anthony thanked her. Sally said, "In fact, I think your name should be in every one of these gowns" and started talking of how the name "The Armando collection" had a nice ring to her. Anthony left and Saul, Karen and Darla were shocked, wondering what Sally was doing. Sally said she was so brilliant and left to see Charlton Heston. Stephanie didn't suppose Sally was up to anything these days. Eric had a good feeling about Thorne and Macy while Thorne thought Macy was putting Anthony and the company over him. Thorne said he couldn't stay with Macy if she works with Anthony. Thorne said, "You got a decision to make - I guess you've already made it". Thorne said, "I'm sorry, Macy, for you and for me" and left. Macy told herself, "I need something and I need it now". She went through the cabinets until she found a bottle of brandy. Macy opened the bottle.

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