May, 1993

Written by Ori Dekel

1530: Lauren called Stephanie from the airplane and was about to land in L.A.. Stephanie said that the wedding was still on for the moment. Brooke came into the lab, and talked to herself about the discovery of BeLieF, and working with Ridge side by side. Then Connor came in. Kristen came into Ridge's office where she told Ridge that Eric seemed ready to get married. Kristen said they should butt out. Kristen asked Ridge if it wasn't a part of Stephanie's personal vendetta, and Ridge confirmed that there was something about Sheila. Kristen said, "Dad wants to marry her, Sheila can't be that bad". Sheila knocked on Stephanie's door. Stephanie opened the door and Sheila said, "YOU BITCH" Stephanie tried to close the door on Sheila, but Sheila managed to come in. Sheila said that Stephanie's dinner the night before had been a setup. Stephanie said, "What goes on in my home isn't any of your damn business". Stephanie said that she would fight Sheila until Eric finds out what's going on. Sheila asked why they don't give her a chance and Stephanie answered "Because you're a liar and you've done something, and I know you've done it. What have you done, Sheila?". Sheila said it wasn't Stephanie's business. Stephanie said that she thought that Sheila was a threat to her family. Stephanie said, "This wedding is history and you are finished with Eric, you understand? Finished!". Ridge said he hadn't made up his mind about Sheila. Kristen asked Ridge how Brooke was. Ridge said that he wasn't the most important thing in Brooke's life any more. Kristen asked Ridge, "Do you really want Brooke to give up on you?". Brooke told Connor that she was proud of BeLieF, and that money wasn't the issue. Brooke said that she was happy to see Connor again. Brooke said that their date was significant. Connor said that he was falling for Brooke. Sheila decided that Stephanie was dead wrong and Stephanie said that Lauren was going to tell Eric the secret. Sheila threatened, "If you don't stop interfering, you're going to regret it. I promise you, you will regret it" and left Stephanie's. Ridge told Kristen how Brooke tried to make him jealous by using Connor. Kristen said that Connor was gorgeous and said she wanted to meet Bridget. She then asked Ridge if Brooke was downstairs. Kristen and Ridge left for the lab. Lauren arrived at Stephanie's. Stephanie said that Sheila had stopped by and talked about a hostile tone in Sheila's voice. Connor said that he wanted to make sure that Brooke was interested in him, and not only trying to make Ridge jealous. Brooke saw Ridge through the window and kissed Connor for "proof". Kristen and Ridge saw Brooke and Connor kissing and Ridge said that Connor was a jerk. Stephanie said that Lauren had proof concerning who Sheila is, and said "You're the only one who can change his mind. You are the only thing standing between Sheila and that altar. You've got to talk to Eric before this wedding takes place". Lauren said, "You can count on me, Stephanie, I will stop that wedding". Stephanie thanked and hugged Lauren.

1531: Eric and Sheila were kissing at Eric's office and then talked about their wedding, which is a few days away. Sheila said that Stephanie got to her. Eric said that his family would grow to like Sheila. Sheila said that Stephanie was trying to turn Lauren, who's a "complete stranger", against her, and that she had even gone to Stephanie's to reason with her, to no avail. Lauren said that Eric would be deeply hurt once he hears the truth about Sheila. Stephanie said that it was better now than after going through the pain of another divorce. Lauren repeated her promise to stop the wedding. Jack was at Sally's office. Sally and Jack talked about Eric's wedding and then Sally said that the Forresters weren't her main concern, but Macy. Sally said she wanted to help Macy. Macy stood next to Sally's door and overheard Sally saying, "I hate standing by and watching my daughter throw her life away". Sheila said that she felt like she had to protect herself. Eric said that Sheila shouldn't have gone to Stephanie's and that he didn't want Sheila caught in the middle. Sheila said that she never knew somebody as hateful as Stephanie. Eric said he had Sheila's wedding dress, that he designed, shifted to her apartment. Sheila got excited and went to her apartment. Then Stephanie called Eric, and Eric said that Sheila had gone to her apartment. Stephanie apologized for the meeting with her, Kristen, Thorne and Ridge, and said that she didn't want to see Eric hurt. Stephanie hung up and told Lauren that Sheila was at her apartment. Lauren said, "Once Eric learns the truth, he won't want anything to do with her". Lauren said, "If I don't stop her now, god knows how far she'll go". Lauren said that she knew she could stop Sheila, and that she would stop the wedding whatever it may cost her. Lauren went to confront Sheila. After Sally had said, "I can't seem to talk to Macy about anything these days", Macy came into Sally's office and said ,"That's not true, you can talk to me now". Macy said that it was over and that she and Thorne had worked out a settlement. Macy said she had to make some changes in her life. Sally was glad. Macy said she'd been selfish. Darla and Saul went into Sally's office and Macy said, "I owe everybody in this room an apology, a very sincere apology". Sheila was standing next to her mirror wearing her wedding dress. Sheila remembered how Eric proposed to her. Lauren came into Sheila's apartment. Lauren said that Sheila didn't deserve the beautiful dress, and that she wanted Sheila out of Eric's life. Lauren said that she would drop dead before she let Sheila marry Eric. Lauren told her to call off the wedding or she will tell Eric everything. Lauren said that she knew that Sheila threatened Stephanie, and that she knew what Sheila was capable of. Macy said she'd had a problem, but added that she was now sober and wasn't drinking any more. Macy said she was singing at the Bikini. Macy left, went into the elevator and took a little bottle of Tequila out of her bag, and drank it. Sheila said that she didn't want to hurt the Forresters. Lauren said that Sheila's giving Brad the negative was Sheila's mistake. Sheila said she would tell Scott about Brad, and Lauren said that Sheila had no proof. Lauren said that Sheila was going to prison. Sheila started to strangle Lauren and they fought each other.

1532: Stephanie and Eric were at Eric's office. Stephanie said she wanted to talk to Lauren but then Steve came in. Ridge showed Taylor the dress he designed for Bridget at his office. Ridge left for Brooke's to give the dress to Bridget. Over at Brooke's, Connor arrived and gave Eric, Jr. ice cream and a dinosaur. Connor talked to Bridget and gave her a rabbit. Connor charmed Brooke. Sheila kept strangling Lauren. Lauren pulled Sheila down on the floor and then pushed her right on the wall. Steve told Eric and Stephanie about the meeting with Brooke and Karen at the Bikini. Steve said that Brooke was upset about Stephanie. Eric said they had to be friendly to Brooke, and that they couldn't tell Brooke until they decide if Brooke is in a fair state of mind. Steve said it wouldn't be simple and talked about a complication - Connor Davis. Bridget started to cry and Connor picked her up. Then Ridge came into Brooke's apartment and was upset to see Connor holding Bridget. Sheila tried to stab Lauren. Lauren tore up parts of Sheila's wedding dress. Sheila took a knife from the kitchen and used it against Lauren, but she missed. Lauren took a kitchen knife and held it by Sheila's throat, and said it was over for Sheila. She said she was going to tell Eric everything and left. Stephanie said that Ridge and Connor had hated each other. Steve said that Connor was a ruthless attorney. Eric said that Ridge and Brooke had problems, and Steve said that Stephanie and Ridge must get closer to Brooke for the sake of the company. Lauren arrived at Stephanie's all injured. Lauren wanted to tell Stephanie everything, but Stephanie wasn't home. Lauren went upstairs to clean up. Brooke told Ridge that he was acting like a child and Ridge took Bridget from Connor's hands. Brooke told Connor to take Eric, Jr. to the nursery because Brooke wanted to talk to Ridge. Brooke said that Connor was important to her. Brooke said, "You have until after your father's wedding to make up your mind whether or not you're going to change this situation. I want you, Ridge, and you want us. You can keep this family together. You can come through for this family. It's all up to you". Ridge left without saying a word. Steve left Eric's office and Eric said that Stephanie had to learn to coexist with Brooke. Stephanie said that she would do what she has to do. Stephanie told Eric that things were going to happen and left for the house. Lauren went out of the shower and said that Sheila was history. Lauren fell asleep, and her window was open.

1533: Ridge told Eric how Connor held Bridget and Eric told him to get used to seeing other guys with Brooke. Eric told Ridge not to create more tension between him and Brooke and said Connor was an attorney. Stephanie told Taylor there wasn't going to be any wedding. Stephanie said that Lauren knew something that can keep Sheila and Eric apart. Stephanie said, "Sheila Carter is a memory, a bad memory" and was sure that Lauren accomplished what she wanted. Lauren woke up, was about to tell Stephanie the news, went into the shower and yelled. Eric said that Connor had instincts. Ridge said he wouldn't kiss up to Connor and Eric told him to put behind him his rivalry with Connor. Ridge said he understood and asked Eric if Sheila was pleased about her wedding dress. Eric said he loved Sheila and talked about Sheila's magic. Ridge asked Eric what kind of mother Sheila would be. Taylor told Stephanie that her concern for Eric was nice. Taylor said that Stephanie deserved getting was she wants. Stephanie said she might get it with Lauren's help. Lauren found in the shower a lot of copies of the photo of Brad and her which were hanging on the wall. Lauren understood that Sheila didn't give Brad all of the negatives. Lauren found a letter from Sheila saying, "Good morning, fool. Did you really think I'd give Brad the only negative without saving a copy for a special occasion like this? One word to Eric or Stephanie and you can say goodbye to your precious little family. See you at the wedding". Lauren yelled wondering what she can do to stop Sheila. Lauren knew Stephanie was counting on her. Sheila was cleaning her bruises. She told herself that Lauren wasn't a match for her and that nobody was going to stop the wedding. Sheila opened the door and found Molly there. Molly guessed that her invitation got lost in the mail and Sheila told her, "Guess again". Sheila told Molly to leave. Sheila thought that Molly wanted to cash in once Sheila gets married to Eric. Molly was shocked. Sheila said, "I don't need you any more and I don't want to see your face again". Eric said that Ridge would experience Sheila's tenderness one of these days. Eric left for Sheila's. Lauren went downstairs and Stephanie asked her about her conversation with Sheila. Stephanie noticed that Lauren looked like she's been in a fight and asked what happened with Sheila. Molly said she was a fool thinking Sheila had changed. Molly said, "There's gonna come a time when you're gonna need your mother" and told her not to come crawling back. Sheila said there wasn't a chance she would need Molly again. Molly said Sheila was evil and Sheila threw Molly's suitcase out saying, "And don't forget not to write, mother". Stephanie said that she had no idea that Sheila was capable of physical violence. Stephanie wanted to call the police but Lauren told her not to. Lauren said that the night before she was convinced that she made Sheila back off, but this morning things looked different. However, Lauren said she hadn't given up the fight. Lauren said, "I told you that if Sheila didn't back away from the wedding, she would have a terrible price to pay. What I didn't tell you, is that if Sheila pays, I'm gonna have to pay too. I risk losing something very precious to me. It's a risk, it's a very big risk, but I one I may have to take". Lauren said she owed it to Eric and Stephanie to make sure that the wedding never happens. Sheila opened the door to Eric wearing a night gown. Sheila and Eric kissed and Sheila said that she wanted the wedding dress Eric designed for the fashion show. Eric said he had to get back to work and left saying they have the rest of their lives to be together. Sheila told herself, "The rest of our lives, oh god, I hope you're right".

1534: Eric and Sheila's wedding day arrived. At Brooke's apartment, Brooke got ready for the wedding. Brooke told Karen that Ridge had to decide between her and Taylor. Karen asked Brooke what she thought about Sheila. Lauren called Sheila, but the line was busy and the door man wouldn't go up to Sheila's room. Thorne arrived at Stephanie's. Thorne asked Lauren why she wanted to find Sheila so badly. Eric woke up at Sheila's bed and Sheila brought him breakfast. Sheila said she was excited. Eric said that Sheila didn't let his family get to her. Sheila said she'd like a maid of honor and Eric said he had someone in mind for his best man. Eric announced, "This is the only wedding you are ever going to have, Sheila Carter, I want it to be everything you ever dreamt it would be". Brooke told Karen she didn't have any feelings for Sheila one way or the either. Brooke said she and Eric were friends and the wedding wouldn't change that. Karen said that none of them knew Sheila. Sheila came to see Brooke. Lauren said it was important to her to see Sheila before the wedding. Thorne said that Lauren was being evasive, and that Eric was jumping into a marriage with a woman they don't know, which means the marriage was a mistake. Then Eric arrived and asked Lauren to give him and Thorne few minutes alone, and Lauren did. Brooke showed Karen the way out and Sheila was left alone with Eric, Jr. Sheila told herself that Eric, Jr. was a mess and said, "Just wait till I be your step mother," and planed evil plans. Brooke came back. Eric asked Thorne to be his best man. Brooke undressed Eric, Jr., came back and Sheila asked her if she would be her matron of honor. Sheila said that Brooke was her only choice and Brooke agreed. Sheila said, "It won't be long now and then even Stephanie won't be able to hurt me". Eric told Thorne to give the ring to the minister. Thorne refused and gave Eric the ring back. Thorne asked Eric to understand. Eric said that Thorne should've respected Eric's choice to marry Sheila. Thorne said he refused because he cared for Eric. Eric said that Thorne didn't care but only made a statement. Sheila told the reverend that Eric was bringing his best man. Sheila said she couldn't wait to be a Forrester. The reverend left and Sheila told herself, "Oh, finally, finally, all my dreams are coming true". Lauren came in and said "No, they aren't, not yet. Don't even bother putting on the wedding dress because I guarantee you - there isn't going to be a wedding today".

1535: Lauren said that Sheila was going to call off the wedding. Connor was at Brooke's talking to Bridget. Connor told Brooke that she was dressing for Ridge. Connor said that Ridge would make his decision today and said, "Ridge didn't threaten me in high school and he doesn't threaten me now". Connor and Brooke left for the chapel. Ridge was putting on a tie and remembering Brooke's words to him to make a decision. Taylor said Ridge was thinking about something else than Eric's wedding and Ridge told her to stop being the analyst. Thorne, Kristen and Stephanie were at the chapel; Stephanie wondered where Lauren was. Thorne said he didn't look forward to this strange day. Stephanie said that they were all counting on Lauren. Sheila told Lauren she was in charge again and had the ammunition to destroy Lauren. Lauren said she didn't care any more and committed to preventing the marriage. Lauren said she was holding the cards. Sheila said she was getting married in 20 minutes. Lauren gave Sheila 2 choices; to leave and have freedom or to go ahead with the wedding, and then Lauren would stop the wedding. Lauren said she would love to expose Sheila, whatever the cost is to Lauren. Eric was getting ready and Steve came in. Steve asked him to sign some papers. Eric said he was upset because Thorne turned down his offer to be his best man. Steve said he'd call Eric in a few days and left. Thorne told Stephanie that Lauren was talking with Sheila. Stephanie said, "I don't think we have to rush to find a seat because I don't think there is going to be a wedding". The reverend told them they were going to start soon. Ridge looked at Connor, who was holding Bridget and talking to Karen. Ridge went to talk to Brooke. Brooke said she was the matron of honor and couldn't be carrying Bridget around. Brooke said that Connor was significant to her and may become more significant, depending on Ridge decision. Brooke said she wanted Ridge's decision after the wedding and said, "I'm going to move on with or without you". Taylor introduced herself to Connor and said she would like to talk to Connor in the next few days. Thorne said there was going to be a wedding but Stephanie was still convinced that Lauren would prevent it. Sheila said Lauren was bluffing and Lauren said, "You're really going through with this; good, I'll see you at the altar". Eric asked Stephanie to sit down and she sat next to Lauren. Eric and Sheila marched down the aisle. After Eric's "I do", Sheila's turn arrived, Sheila looked at Lauren, who then stood up. Sheila looked at Eric and at Lauren and didn't know what to do.

1536: The reverend said, "Miss Carter, you answer I do". Macy was at Sly's room. Macy was about to drink Tequila, but then Sally and Darla knocked on the door. Macy used mouth wash so Sally wouldn't smell her breath. Macy opened the door and Sally said they wanted to see how Macy was doing. Macy said she felt good about herself and happy. Macy lied saying she isn't drinking. Sally asked Macy to move back home. Macy said she wasn't an alcoholic. Sly came into his room and Sally said she appreciated Sly for the things he's done for Macy. Sally and Darla left. Macy said she needed a drink. Sheila said, "I, I'm sorry, Eric" and left the altar. Eric said Sheila would come back. Lauren told Stephanie that she was certain it was over. Stephanie and Lauren said they wouldn't rest until Sheila leaves L.A. Eric went to check on Sheila and found out she wasn't at the bride's room. The reverend said that Sheila had left and drove off with her car. He said there wasn't going to be a wedding. Eric didn't understand and said, "Why? why?". Lauren and Stephanie walked into the room and asked Eric where Sheila was. Eric said Sheila was gone. Lauren and Stephanie said they were sorry and Eric said they weren't. Eric said that Lauren controlled how things were going to happen today. Eric asked Lauren, "What did she do to you? What could she have done to you to make you this angry with her? What was it, Lauren?". Ridge took Bridget from Connor's hands and Connor said Ridge was quite a big brother and acting like the old man. Ridge said that it was pretty obvious there wasn't going to be a wedding and they left the altar. Eric asked Lauren what did she know about Sheila. Eric said Sheila loved him and had a good reason for leaving. Lauren said that Sheila could tell him herself. Eric said Sheila didn't trust him enough to tell him and announced that Sheila wasn't his fiancee anymore, and that he wasn't going to marry Sheila ever. Sly said that Macy didn't need Tequila, and suggested Macy wasn't moving back home because she couldn't drink there; Macy said that she wasn't moving because Sly wouldn't be there. Macy and Sly kissed and then Macy drank Tequila. Eric was standing at the altar and ask himself, "Why did you do this, Sheila?" and said "Well, it's over, just end it here". Then Sheila came into the altar, still wearing the wedding dress.

1537: Connor and Brooke returned to Brooke's; Brooke couldn't believe Sheila left Eric standing at the altar and said Eric didn't deserve it. Connor said, sarcastically, "Oh, it's Eric and the way that he was treated, that's what brought this mood on" and continued, "Brooke, You have a lot riding on this marriage and none of it had anything to do with Eric. What happened at the chapel today had a big effect on you and Ridge though, did it?". Ridge and Taylor arrived at their house. Ridge said that Sheila's leaving didn't make any sense. Taylor said there was a lot going on they don't know about involving Lauren. Stephanie thanked Lauren for keeping Eric from doing the biggest mistake of his life and saving her family from a crisis. Lauren said she was leaving today. Stephanie said, "It's over. Sheila is gone, she's out of our lives forever" and asked Lauren what Sheila did to her. Eric asked Sheila why she'd come back. Sheila said they needed to talk and Eric said he was too angry to talk. Sheila said she wanted to explain why she had to leave. Connor said that with Eric out of the way, Ridge would be free to move in. Connor said that the way Brooke was going after Ridge was stupid and a waste, and reminded her that Ridge was married and wouldn't move in. Connor said he didn't want to hurt Brooke, and that he was the best thing that ever happened to Brooke. He said he could draw Brooke from the Forresters and show her what life is all about. Lauren told Stephanie that someday she'd tell Stephanie what Sheila did to her because it wasn't over. Lauren said that Stephanie could win Eric back. Stephanie said, "With Sheila gone, I suppose anything might be possible". Sheila told Eric she'd left the church for Eric. Eric got angry and Sheila said that Eric was a family man. Sheila said that she realized that she'd come between him and his family, and she couldn't destroy Eric's relationship with his family. Taylor asked Ridge if he knew why Brooke was in favor of the wedding. Ridge said that Connor was using Brooke. He said Connor was after Brooke's body because he was totally superficial. Ridge wished Connor was out of Brooke and Bridget's lives. He said Connor was trouble. Connor said he'd prove to Brooke that they're hot together. Brooke said that Ridge shared feelings with her which he didn't share with anyone else. Stephanie said, "Mission accomplished", and felt that someday Eric would realize that he owed Lauren a debt of gratitude. Lauren left for Genoa City. Sheila yawned that Eric's family despises her, and that everyone looked on her with contempt and hatred. She said that Eric's family didn't come to bless the marriage, but to curse it. Eric said he loved Sheila. Sheila said that she shouldn't have done what she did today, but she couldn't take the values under the conditions that were on the church; the animosity and hatred. Sheila said she loved Eric and asked him if he would still marry her.

1538: Jack and Saul were at Sally's office. Jack told them how Sheila left Eric at the altar. He said that Stephanie's reaction was like she expected it. Ridge came into Stephanie's; Stephanie said that Lauren had left. Stephanie said that Eric was hurt but better off and Ridge agreed. Stephanie said she'd seen Ridge talking to Brooke at the chapel and asked Ridge if there were friendly words. Stephanie said that Brooke had a possible claim for the BeLieF patent. Stephanie said that if Brooke found out about the possible claim, she'd go after it because of her hatred of Stephanie. Ridge said somebody else was involved and that they could be in big trouble. Brooke told Connor, "If Eric had married Sheila the last obstacle would have been removed. Ridge would have been mine". Eric said Sheila didn't want to marry him and ran out of the chapel. Sheila asked him "If you had been me today, standing here, surrounded by people who hated me for what I was about to do, could you have gone through with the wedding? could you have, Eric? I don't think so," and Eric agreed. Sheila said Eric had wanted his family there. Eric said he hoped his family would change, but they didn't accept Sheila. Eric said he forced something that wasn't there. Eric said, "Oh Sheila. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry". Sheila asked what they were going to do. Jack said that he was happy that Stephanie didn't care because he didn't want to see Stephanie miserable. Sally asked Saul to leave and Saul asked Jack what really happened between him and Stephanie. Jack asked Saul to leave; Saul left and then Jack told Sally that something significant happened between him and Stephanie. Brooke told Connor about the things that happened last year; that Ridge gave her up for Eric and married Taylor to keep her from divorcing Eric. Connor said that it was possible that Ridge fell in love with Taylor after a year of marriage. Brooke answered, "If he were in love with Taylor, I'd feel it and the only feeling I feel right now is the longing that he still has for me," and "Seeing Eric marry Sheila was supposed to finally allow him to see the truth - that Eric really doesn't love me any more, and that final hurdle would have been gone. Ridge would have been mine, I'm sure of that as I am of my love for that man". Connor reminded her, "The wedding didn't happen, Eric did not remarry and there's nothing you can do about that". Ridge said that Eric said that Connor was a hell of a lawyer. Stephanie said that Ridge had to persuade Brooke that Connor isn't the right man for her. She made it clear that she wasn't suggesting that Ridge would become romantically involved with Brooke. She said that Ridge should use the fact that Bridget was living with Brooke to get Brooke to stop dating Connor. Ridge said that he would have had influence over Brooke if Eric had married Sheila, because then Brooke would have had influence over him. He said he wasn't sure how he would've dealt with that if that had happened. Jack said that he and Stephanie didn't talk, and told Sally they had to set a date. Sally hugged him and said she was ready, Sally was happy. Sheila said that a private ceremony would be romantic and wondered if the reverend was still around. Ridge told Stephanie that Brooke was hoping that Eric's marriage would open things for them. Ridge said he was caught in the middle. He said that if he starts interfering with Brooke's relationship with Connor, it will send Brooke mixed signals. Ridge said that if Eric had married Sheila, it could have been a major complication for him and Taylor. Sheila and Eric had a private ceremony. ERIC AND SHEILA SAID THEIR VAUES, ERIC PUT THE RING ON SHEILA'S FINGER AND THE REVREND ANNOUNCED THEM AS HUSBAND AND WIFE.

1539: Macy sang at the Bikini and Keith asked Sly if Macy had been drinking again. Sly said that Macy was drinking now and then. Sly said he was Keith's boss and reminded Keith about his request to hire his kid brother, Kevin. Sly said, "Macy's in good hands - mine". Karen came into the Bikini and sat next to Macy, who finished singing. Karen said that Thorne had told her about Macy's problem. Karen said she didn't try to preach to Macy, but to set things right and to help her. Taylor arrived at Spectra at Jack's request and both of them were in Sally's office. Jack said he wouldn't set a wedding date until the fight between Spectra and Forrester is over and asked for Taylor's help to do it. Kevin arrived at the Bikini and Keith told him he would be doing fine. Keith told Kevin that the manager was a friend of his. Keith told him the routine; to pick up the empty glasses and not to break things. Kevin said he wouldn't let Keith down and Keith said he'd be watching Kevin. Taylor told Jack that he would need a miracle to make the Forresters and Spectra see eye to eye. Jack said Sally was a wonderful person and asked Taylor to give it a shot to get to know Sally. Sally came into her office and Jack said that Sally should be a part of the conversation. Macy said she didn't want to talk to Karen. Macy said she didn't quit Spectra but took a leave of absence. Macy told Karen to stay the hell out of her life. Karen said she was there to help Macy. Macy said she didn't want Karen's pity or advice. Sly arrived and Macy told him that Karen was driving her crazy. Macy called Karen a tramp, and said that Karen was the reason for all of this. Sly said that he thought Karen should leave. Karen left and Macy asked Sly to get her a drink. Jack told Sally that their marriage would create a new bond between the two families. Sally said that after the way the Forresters had been treating Macy, all she can think of is revenge. Jack said he wanted Sally and Taylor to get along and the only way to make it is for the families to put aside their differences. Sally said it was possible it won't happen. Macy and Sly sat at a table, Macy wished she never saw Karen. Sly said that Thorne had chosen the wrong woman. Sly brought Macy a drink and said he didn't want anybody to see her drinking. Keith saw Macy drinking and said, "What's he doing? He's getting her liquor? This is wrong, Macy. This is wrong". Macy said she hated being this way. Macy couldn't believe Thorne chose Karen. Sly advised Macy to put Karen out of her mind. Macy asked for another drink. Kevin noticed Keith was staring at Macy; Keith told him to keep working and told himself, "Lay off, Sly. You're not helping so just lay off". Sly said that Macy shouldn't be drinking in front of the customers and told her that there was a bottle upstairs in his room. Macy got up and bumped into Kevin and glasses were broken. Sly started to yell at Kevin, "Who are you, you don't even work here. Just get the hell out of here before I throw you out!". Jack said he didn't want to mediate between Taylor and Sally for the rest of his life. He said he wouldn't live like that. Jack asked Sally to put her differences aside. He asked them to shake hands for him. Sally and Taylor shook hands. Kevin picked up the broken glasses and Kevin said he bumped into a lady. Kevin said he was yelled at and called a fool by the man with the lady. Keith said "You let me deal with Sly, Kevin, you let me deal with Sly".

1540: Stephanie was sure Eric didn't call her because he was upset, but he was actually making love with Sheila. Taylor told Ridge he looked preoccupied. Sly said Kevin looked weird and Keith said his brother was mentally disabled. Taylor told Ridge she'd be there for him for better and for worse and he went out to the pool. Stephanie reached Eric's answering machine and hung up. Stephanie told Maria she'd like to be there for Eric. Sheila toasted to the Forrester family. Eric said he knew Sheila very well. Eric went to work and Sheila touched her ring and told herself, "Actually, I have a little business I could attend to myself". Sly told Keith Kevin was a jerk. Keith told him to treat Kevin like anyone else. Keith introduced Kevin to Sly. Kevin apologized for breaking the glasses. Sly said he needed time to think about hiring Kevin and went upstairs to his room, where Macy was waiting. Ridge was standing near the pool, where Brooke appeared. Brooke said she'd come because they needed to talk, and that nothing was going to convince her that Ridge didn't marry Taylor out of loyalty to Eric. Ridge said he was married and Brooke said Ridge still loved her. Ridge said, "This is a broken record. We're getting nowhere with this" and Brooke said, "That's why I've decided to move on. I'm giving up, Ridge. I'm giving up on our ever becoming husband and wife. This marriage between Eric and Sheila was my last hope for us and now that hope is gone, it's gone forever". Ridge said they were always going to share Bridget and Brooke said she had to look elsewhere for a full time father. Brooke asked Ridge if Eric's marriage would allow them to have a future together. Stephanie wondered where Sheila had gone and then Sheila knocked on Stephanie's door. Brooke said she didn't expect Ridge to leave Taylor. Ridge said Eric didn't marry Sheila and was sure Eric still loved Brooke. Brooke said it wouldn't happen for Eric and her again. Taylor started to call for Ridge. Brooke said she felt Ridge's answer without him telling her. Brooke said, "Goodbye, Ridge. Goodbye, my love" and left the pool. Sheila entered Stephanie's house. Sheila showed Stephanie the ring and asked Stephanie to guess who slipped it on her finger, Stephanie asked her, "Are you crazy?" and asked her if she'd done something to Eric. Sheila said, "You're no longer the Queen bee, your dynasty is over, your role is finished. Say hello to the new Mrs. Eric Forrester". Sheila explained she came back to the chapel, and asked Stephanie to congratulate her; Stephanie said, "You can go straight to hell" and told her to leave the house before she does something she'll regret. Sheila left laughing.

1541: Stephanie called Lauren and said Sheila and Eric were married. Stephanie said that Sheila had pulled it off. Lauren said that Eric didn't know the kind of woman Sheila was. Stephanie told Lauren to tell Eric the truth now. Lauren said Sheila wouldn't get away with it. Taylor went out to the pool. Ridge said he needed to tell her something. Brooke was about to leave through the main door but Stephanie caught her and asked her, in a kind voice, "Brooke? What are you doing in my house?". Stephanie said she didn't want to argue with Brooke and Brooke got suspicious. Brooke said she'd accepted the fact that Ridge loved Taylor but also mentioned that Ridge can love a lot of women. Stephanie said that Brooke would never have Ridge, and told her that Eric and Sheila were married. Taylor asked Ridge to tell her what was on his mind. Taylor acknowledged that it might have been Brooke if it hadn't been her. Taylor said Ridge had strong feelings for Brooke and asked Ridge to admit it. Taylor asked Ridge if he married her to free Brooke up for Eric. Steve was at Eric's office saying that Brooke can end up with all of the ownership of the BeLieF formula. Steve said he was working on a solution before Brooke finds out. Eric said he couldn't lose the patent and said, "If we lose this formula to Brooke, we will never recover". Ridge said he was in love with Taylor when he married her, and even more in love with her now. Taylor asked him, "You're also in love with Brooke, aren't you?". Stephanie told Brooke that Eric's marriage didn't have anything to do with how Ridge feels about her, and asked her to please leave. Brooke said she'd never heard Stephanie saying, "Please" and said she liked that. Brooke left. Ridge said he had feelings for Brooke. Taylor asked about the depth of the feelings and Ridge said, "All, right, yes, I have deep feelings for Brooke". Ridge said he and Brooke would never be more than close friends. Ridge said that Brooke was there tonight. Taylor got angry and Ridge said Brooke had come to end it because Eric didn't marry Sheila. Ridge said that Sheila was just a rebound and that Eric was still in love with Brooke. He said that Eric's marrying Sheila had a great significance for him and Brooke. Ridge was convinced Brooke and Eric would get back together. Taylor was moved, that Ridge trusted her enough to admit his love for Brooke. Taylor said she loved Ridge and they kissed. Then Brooke came back and watched them kissing and told herself, "Wait till you hear the good news, Ridge. Your father got married after all. So you see, you were wrong - Your father doesn't love me anymore, which means that you are free to, my darling".

1542: Connor was working in a restaurant, then Taylor came in. Connor said Taylor was welcome to join him. Thorne was at Ridge's office and they talked about the BeLieF success. Ridge said he was glad Sheila walked out of the church. Ridge said he didn't think Eric loved Sheila and that Eric still loved Brooke. Karen came to Brooke's where Brooke told her that Eric and Sheila had gotten married. Brooke said that Eric was the only reason Ridge wasn't pursuing her, but Eric is now married. Stephanie walked into Eric's office. Stephanie said that Sheila had come by to see her and told her how she married Eric. Eric said he loved Sheila. Stephanie said that Sheila didn't want the family to get to know her because she was afraid of the things they might find out. Brooke said that Eric's marriage would influence Ridge. Brooke said she wasn't desperate anymore, but just waiting. Taylor said she wanted to talk to Connor and called his office, where they told her where Connor was. Taylor said that Ridge was close to Brooke's children and Connor said Ridge was acting like he was the kids' father. Taylor said Ridge would spend time at Brooke's, as Connor would. Connor told her not to worry. He talked enthusiastically about the things he did with Eric, Jr. and said, "If I stop seeing Brooke tomorrow, I want to stay in contact with her kids", Connor said he'd never do anything to come between Ridge and his half sister, and that there would never be a problem in front of the children. Ridge told Thorne that Brooke had had high hopes for Eric and Sheila's marriage, so Ridge would be drawn back to her. Ridge thanked god Eric didn't marry Sheila. Thorne said he was going to take Kristen to the airport and left. Eric told Stephanie that Brooke held the future of the company in her hands. Stephanie said she could invite Brooke to dinner and Eric pressured her to do it tonight. Stephanie said she and Brooke hated and despised each other. Eric said they would make it a family dinner. Stephanie said she'd invite Brooke and asked in return for Eric to come to the house alone, without Sheila. Brooke said that Taylor would end up very hurt. Brooke said she was confident that Ridge would come back to her. Ridge came into Eric's office; Ridge said he was sorry about the wedding and Eric said, "Sheila and I, we got married".

1543: Eric told Ridge that Sheila had been surrounded by hostility that broke her heart, so she ran away from the altar. Ridge asked Eric if he loved Sheila as he loved Brooke. Eric said he was over Brooke, who didn't actually love him. Over at Brooke's, Brooke told Connor that Sheila had come back to the chapel. Connor said it didn't matter if Eric got married or not, because, as Connor thought, he and Brooke would be together no matter what. Stephanie came into Brooke's apartment and said she had a realization; Stephanie said they didn't have to have an argument every time they see each other and said it had to change, and invited her to a family dinner. Kevin and Keith were at their apartment. Kevin asked if he was going with Keith to work. Keith explained to Kevin that he didn't have a job yet. Kevin was very anxious to work at the Bikini. Keith said Sly might not take Kevin to work. Eric asked Ridge if he had any regrets about marrying Taylor. Brooke was amazed at how Stephanie was acting. Stephanie said that Brooke was the mother of her own grandchild, which means family. Brooke asked Stephanie who had put her up to it. Stephanie said it was her invitation and didn't matter who's idea was it. Brooke introduced Stephanie to Connor and they shook hands. At the Bikini, Keith asked Sly if Kevin could start working. Sly said that he had a lot of concerns about hiring Kevin. Ridge said he was fortunate to be Taylor's husband. Eric told Ridge that they had a family dinner at Stephanie's with Brooke. Eric said that the dinner was an important strategy, which has to go well. Brooke asked Stephanie if she could bring a date to the dinner. Connor said he was free and Stephanie said she'd see them later. Stephanie left and took a long breath. Brooke said something was going on. Keith tried to convince Sly, and Sly asked for more time to think. Sly then decided not to hire Kevin. Brooke called Ridge and said that Stephanie had been nice and found it odd. Brooke said Eric and Sheila had gotten married after all. Brooke wondered what it meant for them and hung up. Brooke told herself, "It's only a matter of time, Ridge. Only a matter of time". Keith returned home and told Kevin he had something to tell him.

1544: Steve was at Stephanie's with Eric and Stephanie. Steve said Brooke could get all of the rights to the formula. Stephanie said Brooke wasn't unpredictable when it comes to money. Steve said there was something else they can do, but it was risky. At Brooke's apartment, Brooke told Connor that Stephanie's invitation was out of character for Stephanie and was sure Stephanie was up to something. Ridge told Taylor that they could lose the formula if they don't patch things up with Brooke. Taylor said she'd met Connor. Kevin was about to go to change and Keith was trying to convince him that he didn't want to work at the Bikini. Keith said that Kevin wasn't going to work at the Bikini. Steve said he could lose his license for this, but they could sign Brooke to a contract, giving Forrester the rights of her creation, and then backdate it. Eric said he wouldn't let it come to that. Brooke said Stephanie despised her and probably lost her mind. Brooke said that Stephanie couldn't change over night. Ridge said that Connor was a creep and didn't want Taylor or Bridget near Connor. Taylor said Ridge didn't know everything about Connor. Stephanie said that Brooke would jump at a chance to claim the rights to the formula. Stephanie said that Connor would join them, at Brooke's request. Eric said that if Brooke or Connor understand what's going on, it could jeopardize the entire future of Forrester. Taylor said that Connor wasn't a threat to Bridget. Taylor said Connor was a nice man who cared about Brooke and her children, and Ridge disagreed. Connor told Brooke she deserved better than Ridge, and that her future was with him. Keith said Kevin didn't get the job. Taylor and Ridge got into an argument about Connor, and Taylor wondered if Ridge wanted Connor to not be around Bridget. Keith said Kevin was his only family. Connor and Brooke arrived at Stephanie's. Stephanie said that Brooke looked lovely. Taylor and Ridge knocked on the door. Ridge and Taylor came in; Ridge looked at Connor and said, "I don't believe it, who the hell invited him?".

1545: Ridge wanted to leave, but Stephanie said they had to make Brooke feel like part of the family. Stephanie told Ridge to play the game through especially well. At Sly's room, Sally was waiting for him as he came back. Sally asked Sly to confirmed if Macy had stopped drinking. Sly lied, saying Macy didn't touch a bottle for weeks. Sally asked him again but then Macy came in. Stephanie said too much was at stake. Maria asked everyone to sit down. Macy said she was happy. Sally left, asking Macy to call her if she needs anything. Macy panicked that Sally might have smelled the Beer. Sly said it had to stop. Around the dinner table, Connor told Eric he had a beautiful daughter. Stephanie said Brooke looked stunning and Eric agreed. Connor talked about BeLieF. Brooke told a joke and Stephanie laughed. Connor said that Eric, Jr. asked him if he could call him Daddy. Sly said he lied to Sally about Macy's drinking, but that he'd tell Sally the next time. Sly said Macy was out of control, and told Macy he loved her. Sly said that Macy wouldn't share his bed, and Macy said that Sly was special to her. Sly said Macy was becoming an alcoholic. Connor said he'd taken Eric, Jr. to the beach and to Disneyland. Stephanie toasted to Connor and said she was impressed. Then she toasted to Brooke, hoping that they could become friends. Connor suspected something was up. The dinner was over and Ridge told Eric that Connor was dangerous. Ridge had an idea to end Brooke and Connor's relationship. Macy told Sly she wasn't an alcoholic. Sly said that his room wasn't the best place for her and asked her to move to Sally's. Macy kissed Sly and said she wanted to stay there with Sly. Ridge said, when everyone was listening, that his and Connor's rivalry had to stop. Ridge said that Connor was a hell of a guy and Brooke was a hell of a woman, so they make a great team. Ridge wished them good luck and Ridge and Connor shook hands.

1546: Connor and Brooke were dancing and Connor wondered what Ridge was up to. Stephanie told Ridge they shouldn't support Brooke and Connor's relationship. Darla was baby-sitting C.J. and then Sally and Jack came back. Sally said she wanted Jack to get to know his step son better. Ridge explained that Brooke would dump Connor when she realized her plan to make Ridge jealous didn't work. Connor was out on the balcony and Taylor joined him; Connor said the speech Ridge had given wasn't real. Brooke told Ridge that his speech had been a complete load of bull. Stephanie told Eric he couldn't trust Brooke. Ridge told Brooke he was starting to see the light. Brooke said that Ridge wanted Connor out of Brooke's life. Ridge said they had to talk about the changes Eric's new marriage made. Brooke offered to talk the next day, but Ridge said he had an anniversary to celebrate with Taylor. Connor told Taylor he hadn't believed a single one of Ridge's words. Connor said that something was going on that Brooke isn't aware of, and suggested that Taylor probably knew about it; from Taylor's reaction, Connor understood he was right. Jack told Sally that C.J. gave him a second chance to be a father. Jack said family was important to him. Brooke told Stephanie she had a hard time believing it was for real and Stephanie told her to accept it. Brooke said she'd wanted to be close to Stephanie for a lot of time. Connor took Brooke to her home. Stephanie said it was difficult but worthwhile to be nice to Brooke, and that she'd gotten the feeling that Brooke was starting to trust her. Eric told Stephanie that she might look at Brooke in a different light when all of this is over. Stephanie made clear it was an act and talked about the things Brooke has done. Taylor told them that Connor knew something was going on. While driving in his car, Connor told Brooke the Forresters were up to something. Connor said he'd find out why Ridge said his speech. Eric said that Connor will help Brooke secure the right to the patent if Brooke finds out about the claim to the patent while being involved with Connor. Eric said that he had an idea that had to work or Brooke would run Forrester Creations.

1547: Taylor was at Ridge's office when Sheila went in. Sheila said she wanted Taylor to put more effort into getting along with Sheila now that they're related. Eric and Ridge were in a meeting at Eric's office; Ridge said he'd meet with Brooke to discuss their future as parents. Ridge was convinced Brooke wasn't in love with Connor, but with him. Steve arrived at Eric's office. At his office, Thorne asked Karen what was the matter, and Karen replied it was them. Steve told Ridge how he tried to get information from Brooke at the Bikini. Steve said that he'd gotten the impression that Brooke would claim the rights of BeLieF if she knew she could. Eric asked Steve for a favor regarding Brooke - to get closer to Brooke and to capture her affection and to make her forget Connor. Ridge said it was dishonest and Eric explained they stood to lose everything, so he was willing to do anything. Steve left Eric's office asking Ridge not to worry. Taylor told Sheila that everything would be better if Sheila and Eric waited a little. Sheila said that Eric respected her and advised Taylor and the others not to cross her. Sheila went out of the office as Ridge was coming in. Ridge and Taylor left for the cabin at Big Bear to celebrate their anniversary. Karen told Thorne she wanted a commitment and Thorne said he wasn't ready to get married. Karen said she understood and didn't want to pressure Thorne. Karen said she wasn't going to wait forever. Sheila entered Eric's office and locked the door. Sheila was on a high and Eric kissed her. John, a real estate broker entered Eric's office to help Sheila to choose a house. Sheila was thrilled. John, Eric and Sheila went to look on a house in Holmby Hills. At the cabin, Ridge and Taylor kissed near the fire place. Ridge asked Taylor to name the goal she wants to achieve, so he will help her. Taylor said, "You can give me a baby, our baby". Taylor offered to throw her birth control pills into the fire place.

1548: Eric, Sheila and John entered the house in Holmby Hills. "The masseur", Steve Crown, entered Brooke's. The baby-sitter opened the door while Brooke was getting undressed. The baby-sitter then left. Ridge said he wanted to wait and Taylor said she didn't want to pressure him. They drank champagne and Ridge said that Eric and Steve were doing a number on Brooke and mentioned that it wasn't right. John tried to convince Sheila and Eric that the house was perfect for them. John said that Harry Houdini had built the house. Ridge said that Eric and Steve wanted to get Brooke involved with Steve. Ridge said Steve had met with Brooke at the Bikini Bar and was going to see her tonight. Meanwhile, Brooke was trying to adjust the idea that she was going to have a massage from a man. Brooke recognized him from the Bikini. Brooke said, "No monkey business" and Steve was revealed as a good masseur. Brooke enjoyed it. Brooke said she was going to get married soon. Sheila said she loved the house, John left them alone and Eric said he loved the house too. Sheila offered Eric to try the Jacuzzi. Ridge said that it was a manipulation of a worst form and that Brooke didn't deserve it. Taylor hugged Ridge. John walked into the yard and found Sheila and Eric kissing in the Jacuzzi. Eric said they would take the house. Eric said, "Welcome home, Mrs. Forrester," and Sheila said she loved the house and Eric. Steve said he was finished massaging. Brooke, apologized for being rude at the Bikini and asked for another massage in two days. Brooke went into her room and Steve left. Taylor was amazed at Ridge's sensitivity for Brooke. Ridge felt that Taylor understood him and Taylor said she trusted Ridge. Ridge offered to wait a month and then make a baby. Ridge said, "I love you, Doc, happy anniversary"; Taylor said she loved him too and they kissed.

1549: Keith was getting a tan on the beach near the Bikini, when Thorne arrived. Keith said Macy was off tonight. Thorne said there were couple of things he had to straighten out. He said he and Macy needed to talk. Macy and Sly were sitting at a table in the Bikini. Sly said he wanted to go with Macy to a meeting with her lawyer. Sly said they had a great future together, kissed her and then saw Thorne. Jack was on the phone with Taylor and then Sally came into her office with Saul and Darla. Jack said it was Taylor's first anniversary and said it was an opportunity for Sally to do what they were talking about. Saul said, "It won't work. The Forresters and the Spectras are like oil and water; all the stirring in the world isn't going to get them together," and Jack disagreed. Sally said she'd get the thing started and said she was feeling charming today. Thorne told Keith he had a feeling that there was something needed to be said between him and Macy. Keith said Macy was in the Bar. Thorne said it wasn't a good time, since Macy was with Sly. Keith told Thorne to forget about his ego and to tell Macy what he told him. Keith encouraged Thorne to talk to Macy. Sally knocked on Stephanie's door and told Stephanie she had a gift to give Ridge and Taylor, but they weren't home. Sally said she wasn't up to anything and Stephanie didn't believe her. Stephanie said, "Come in, Sally, I'd like to talk to you". Sly tried to make Macy leave, since he didn't want her to meet Thorne. Macy said he was getting weird. Macy looked around and saw Thorne. Macy went to the Bar and asked for a shot of Tequila. Macy was sure Thorne didn't want to talk to her, since he didn't come to say hello. Macy was about to leave when Keith stopped her, saying Thorne wants to talk to Macy. Macy went out to talk to Thorne. Stephanie asked Sally why she was harassing her family. Stephanie said it was a stunt. Stephanie asked Sally if Jack had sent her and put her up to this. Sally answered. "Jack Hamilton and I are engaged to be married, and naturally it's very important to my future husband that when we are married, we become a real family. And that real family has to include Taylor and Ridge". Macy and Thorne were out on the porch. Thorne said that Karen was home. Macy thought it was about the divorce, but Thorne didn't know, saying his being there was crazy. Thorne said, "I may be wrong, but I feel like you and I need to talk, Macy". Stephanie told Sally that the gift wouldn't make any difference. Stephanie said that Sally had been stealing from Forrester for years, and that Ridge wouldn't accept Sally. Stephanie said that even if Jack marries Sally, she will never be a part of her family. Stephanie said, "Believe me when I tell you this - No matter what you say, no matter what you do, you are never going to be accepted by the Forresters". Sally left. Macy asked Thorne what he wanted to say to her. Thorne said he'd been thinking about the divorce and didn't want to hurt Macy. Macy and Thorne agreed they felt the same way, that there are unsaid things. Thorne asked Macy if she had anything to say to him. Macy said "Thorne, I love you, I've never stopped loving you". Macy said she couldn't confess it because she was hurt and afraid of rejection. Macy said she loved only Thorne.

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