March, 1993

Written by Ori Dekel

1490: Taylor came to Ridge's office; Ridge said Brooke had stopped by with the baby and mentioned the dinner. Taylor said she still didn't want to go and asked Ridge, "And do you want to go, Ridge, if I don't want to?" Karen was at Brooke's apartment; Brooke said Ridge had sang to Bridget. Brooke explained that Taylor wasn't coming and that she probably wouldn't let Ridge go either, and added that she only wanted what Ridge wants: to spend more time with her and Bridget. Bill and Darla were at Bill's office; Bill told her that Thorne and Karen would announce their engagement one of these days. Darla said she didn't think it was going to happen. At Spectra, Macy told Sally she was waiting to hear from Thorne. Thorne started opening the envelope. Darla said she didn't think Thorne and Karen were a good match. Darla said Macy had sent Thorne a massage on a tape. Bill interrogated Darla; Darla said Macy had sent the tape today. Bill got rid of Darla, saying he has a meeting. Darla left and Bill called his limousine driver, saying he's going to Forrester Creations. Bill said, "Damn it, I've got to stop this". Thorne took out the tape from the envelope. He almost put the tape on, when he had to leave to meet someone. Brooke told Karen again that she and Ridge would eventually end up together. Karen told her to make it happen. Brooke said she wasn't out to destroy Taylor. Karen told Brooke, "You're a lot closer than you think (to having Ridge)". Ridge asked Taylor what Brooke's ulterior motive was and Taylor said "You - you are her motive for everything she does in life. She wants to pull you further and further away from me and closer and closer to her". Ridge couldn't believe Brooke was doing a number on Taylor. Taylor said there was no big rush to get together and talk about raising Bridget. Ridge said Brooke was concerned about Bridget and Taylor said that if Brooke were concerned, she wouldn't be pressuring her or Ridge. Taylor asked him if he wanted to bet that if he goes alone to the dinner without Taylor, Brooke will seduce him. Ridge said he had been alone with Brooke before. Taylor said, "Not that I want you to go, but I'll leave the decision entirely up to you". Sally said Macy should be in the process of getting a divorce. Macy said she needed to hear Thorne say something that he's never told her before, that he doesn't love her and wants a divorce. Macy hoped there was a chance and Sally said Macy was setting herself up for a disapointment. Macy said she had to be certain. She said she had used a tape, because when she talks to Thorne, things go wrong. Macy hoped Thorne would respond to the tape. Meanwhile, Thorne came back to his office. Brooke told Karen she realized Taylor loves Ridge and said that Taylor also had to realize Brooke and Ridge have a family. Brooke said she would like to see Taylor show up, so she could see for herself how Ridge, she and the baby relate together as a family. Brooke said, "I just love him so much and I want him,", but that Taylor was the only one who is keeping Brooke and Ridge apart. Brooke said about Taylor, "I don't want to hurt her, Karen, but she shouldn't have married him. She knew it was going to be a mistake and she shouldn't have done it". Ridge said he was going to the dinner alone to see his daughter, to prove to Taylor that it's not a seduction number and that Brooke wants to talk about the raising of Bridget. Ridge said he would inform Taylor, if she was right about Brooke's motive. He said he could resist any woman's charm, but doesn't want to resist Taylor. A phone rang at Spectra, but it was for Sally. Sally talked and Macy talked to herself saying Thorne can't let her down. Bill arrived at Thorne's office.

1491: Sheila was on a plane, headed to L.A. telling herself she's coming back to her wedding and making Eric happy. In Eric's office, Eric thanked Stephanie for their dinner which was a great fun for him. Eric hoped they could do it again. Saul came into Jack's office asking to talk to Jack about Sally. Sally told Macy that Thorne wouldn't call. The messenger service that delivered the tape called Macy and told her the tape was delivered an hour ago. Macy panicked that Thorne hasn't called. Meanwhile, Thorne tried to find batteries for the tape recorder to listen to the tape when Bill came into his office, watched the tape and asked to talk with Thorne. Saul asked Jack what Jack's intentions for Sally were. Saul said he wouldn't let Jack do to Sally what Clarke did to her and to take advantage of Sally. Jack said Saul was a good friend for Sally. Saul said he wanted to be more than a friend. Jack said he and Sally were much more than just friends, too, and to believe it, invited Saul to watch how he treats Sally. Saul warned him, "Don't hurt her, or you will have me to answer to". Sally said Macy couldn't communicate with Thorne. Sally talked about Sly. Sally reminded Macy about Thorne's choice of Karen. Macy stopped her, saying, "I love Thorne Forrester, and yes I know, I tried to get him out of my heart, I tried to get him out of my mind but I failed, I admit it, I failed miserably. I know what I need, what I need is to see him, to talk to him one last time before I close the book on this chapter of my life... You see mom, I have to do this, because I cannot just give up". Bill told Thorne he wanted to talk about Karen, and that he wanted the 3 of them to get together. Thorne turned around, and Bill tried to take the tape, but Thorne turned back. Then Thorne got a delivery. Stephanie told Eric they could get married again. They laughed about getting a second divorce and Stephanie suggested, in a kidding kind of way, that Eric will kiss her and Eric did. Sally said she despised the Forresters. Macy said that it wasn't Thorne's or the Forresters' fault that she's miserable. Macy said she had to give her marriage a second chance. Macy left the office, still hoping Thorne will call. Thorne was dealing with the massager, which gave Bill a chance to switch Macy's tape with a blank one. Stephanie told Eric everything was possible. Stephanie left the office leaving Eric to his thoughts. Sheila called Eric from the plane saying she's coming back and did everything she had to do in Genoa City. Sheila said she was ready to be Eric's wife. She said that she was going to make Eric happy.

1492: Sheila arrived at Eric's office; Eric wasn't there. She told herself she had no more worries and can relax. She remembered her conversation with Lauren; Sheila threatened Lauren. Lauren said Sheila would be punished. Sheila said, "If nothing happens to me, nothing happens to you, it's that simple; there's really nothing more to say. If you do one thing to hurt me, you do anything to interfere in my life and I will destroy you - that's a promise". Sheila said she was free. Stephanie went to Thorne's office, and he told her about the blank tape. Thorne said that Macy was gone and that Karen wasn't enough - but he will make her enough. Macy arrived at The Bikini Bar. She asked Sly for 2 shots of Tequila. She told herself, about Thorne, "Can't believe you didn't call. What a fool I've been". Sally and Jack were in a restaurant. Sally told Jack about the tape and said that "prince Thorne" ignored it. Jack and Sally went dancing. Stephanie told Thorne that Eric had kissed her. Eric came to his office and found Sheila there. Sheila said she had missed him and hugged Eric. Keith was concerned with the amount Macy was drinking; Macy told Keith she didn't drink enough and takes things too seriously. Macy asked Sly if he replied to an old girlfriend message; Sly said it'd depend on his feelings for his old girlfriend. Sly and Keith took Macy to the bathroom because she was going to throw up. Sheila said her trip was a success. She said she had gone to Genoa City only to get Molly's approval. Eric told Sheila he was talking to Stephanie the night before. Jack sat Sally down and gave her a bracelet. Thorne told Stephanie to go up to Eric's office again and to take advantage of Sheila's absence. Eric said that Stephanie admitted to wanting Eric back and that she didn't pressure him, and added that he didn't believe his ex-wife had an ulterior motive. Then, Stephanie opened Eric's door office and saw Sheila, so she waited and listened to them. She overheard Sheila saying Stephanie has an ulterior motive. Eric said he and Stephanie were close friends, and that it was a pleasure to be with Stephanie. Sheila said she didn't want to talk about Stephanie. Eric agreed and apologized if he was insensitive, and they kissed. Stephanie watched them kiss, closed the door and tried to stop her tears.

1493: Karen was at Brooke's apartment; Brooke said the dinner had to be a special evening for Bridget. Karen said it had to be more important to Brooke than to Bridget. Ridge suggested again that Taylor go to the dinner at Brooke's with him. Sally told Jack that the bracelet he bought her was gorgeous, and asked Jack to escort her home. Keith returned a drunk Macy to Sally's apartment. Brooke said her main concern was to Bridget, and she was going to make sure Taylor's animosity wouldn't hurt Bridget. Brooke said that the best thing for Bridget was the reunion of Brooke and Ridge, and guessed that Taylor would understand that when she sees them together. She and Ridge belonged together, Brooke explained to Karen, and when she hoped that Taylor seeing how much Ridge loves Bridget would drive that realization home. Taylor said Ridge was going to be Bridget's father for the rest of his life; she added that she wasn't prepared to have dinner with Brooke and Bridget, but she wouldn't keep Ridge away from Bridget. Keith took Macy to her bedroom. Keith said he respected Macy and hated to see how Thorne is treating her, but Macy fell asleep on her bed. Keith was about to leave, but then Sally and Jack came in, so Keith stayed in Macy's room. Ridge called Brooke and said he was coming soon, but informed her that Taylor wouldn't be able to make it. Brooke told Karen that Ridge was coming alone. Karen said Ridge wanted to see Brooke. Brooke went to change. Taylor said she was going to read and Ridge left for Brooke's. Taylor told herself "A book - I am going to need a good one to get me through tonight". Karen said Brooke was looking her best, and then left so as not to be in Brooke's way. Jack said he hadn't seen any other women in the restaurant, besides Sally. Jack and Sally kissed; Keith opened the door and looked at them. Sally noticed Macy's purse on the table. Taylor went over the books trying to find one when she saw Caroline's diary with a marked page. Ridge arrived at Brooke's; Brooke said, "Tonight is our night, Ridge, tonight is ours" and opened the door.

1494: Jack convinced Sally that Macy wasn't home, while Keith was in Macy's room. Keith realized he couldn't hide in the room all night and went out. Ridge told Brooke she had lost too much weight. He held Bridget. Ridge repeated they had to do everything based on what was best for Bridget and Brooke agreed, saying that's why she wanted the dinner. Brooke said she was sorry Taylor hadn't come and said it might be better that way. Sally got panicked by seeing Keith; Keith explained he works at the Bikini and took a drunk Macy home at Sly's request. Sally went into Macy's room. Sally said Macy was down because of Thorne and the divorce. Keith was about to leave, but Sally told him to wait a minute. Taylor read that Caroline's dying wish was to make Ridge's life with Brooke what his life with Caroline was. After Taylor read, "Take Brooke and make her your wife, Ridge", Stephanie came in asking where Ridge was. Stephanie saw Caroline's diary. Taylor said Ridge had been keeping the diary from her. Brooke said Ridge didn't spend enough quality time with Bridget. Bridget fell asleep and Brooke took her to her bedroom. Brooke then returned and said she wanted to discuss Bridget, asking Ridge how would they make sure Bridget gets love, security and family. Ridge said Bridget was surrounded by love. Brooke said Bridget had one disadvantage - she doesn't have her both parents living with her, emphasizing that, "A child should be raised living with both of her parents". Ridge said Bridget didn't lack love, attention and security. Brooke said Ridge was going to want to spend more time with Bridget. Taylor told Stephanie that no one had told her about the diary, and guessed that the marked page probably meant something to Ridge. Stephanie told her not to blow it out of proportion and to talk to Ridge. She asked where Ridge was, and Taylor said he was having dinner with Brooke. Sally asked Keith why Keith had waited so long to come out. Keith said he froze. Keith swore he would never take advantage of a drunk person, and Sally believed him. Keith then added that he respected Macy and left. Stephanie said Brooke was a threat to Taylor's marriage, but Taylor said Ridge didn't want to marry Brooke. Stephanie told her to face the danger and to go to Brooke's. Taylor said, "I trust Ridge and this isn't going to change that". Ridge reminded Brooke that he was committed to Taylor, and that he didn't have to choose between Bridget and Taylor. Ridge told her to accept the fact he's married to Taylor, and Brooke asked, "Ridge, are you saying that you don't have the same dream that I have, because I know you do". Brooke said he couldn't avoid the inevitable. Ridge said she wasn't facing the facts and Brooke said, "Facts? I'll tell you what the facts are, Ridge; you never would have married Taylor if you had known that I was pregnant. That is a fact and you can't deny it. YOU LOVE ME, RIDGE! I know you can't say it and I know you don't want to hurt Taylor, and neither do I, but you have to stop thinking about everybody else and you have got to start thinking about yourself for a while". Ridge yelled, "Damn it Brooke, you're not listening to me. Will you stop, I said stop," while Brooke yelled he should get in touch with his true feelings. Their shouting ended with the two of them kissing.

1495: Sheila and Eric returned from a dinner at Sheila's apartment. Sheila told Eric that nothing stood in their way together, and that she had waited long enough. Stephanie apologized to Taylor saying she could have been more sensitive. Taylor said she couldn't let her guard down when it comes to Brooke. Stephanie told Taylor how she and Eric reconnected, and how she couldn't imagine Eric has the same feelings for Sheila that he has for her. Stephanie wished Eric would wait a few months to marry Sheila after he sees her for what she is. She explained to Taylor that she thought she got through to Eric until she saw them together; she then confessed, "To see someone, to see the man that you love in another woman's arms..." it was painful. However, she hadn't given up. Ridge stopped kissing Brooke and asked, "Logan, no... Why did you do that?". Brooke asked Ridge if it felt good and wonderful. Sheila and Eric kissed; Sheila went to change her dress and said, "Hold that thought, I'll be right back". Stephanie said that seeing Eric and Sheila put everything in the right perspective - she wasn't going to give up her important relationship with Eric. Returning to the earlier subject of Taylor's marriage, Stephanie told Taylor that what Taylor needs was maybe to be insecure. Ridge told Brooke he had a wife and a marriage, and informed her, "I'm not going to leave my wife, so will you stop". Brooke said she wanted to do what was best for Bridget. Ridge said they weren't going to live together. Brooke said that even Taylor knew she and Ridge would end up together and Ridge disagreed. Brooke said only Ridge didn't see it because of his loyalty to Taylor. Brooke asked him how Taylor gets more loyalty than Brooke and reminded him the things they've been through. Sheila invited Eric to her room; Eric came in and found Sheila wearing a blue nightgown. Sheila told Eric he was overdressed. Eric took off his shirt, and said he had never wanted a woman as he wants her. He said he couldn't wait any longer. He threw Sheila gently on the bed and they made love. Ridge didn't know what to say. Brooke surmised that Ridge loved Taylor and not her, but Ridge said it had nothing to do with his feelings for Brooke. Ridge then said he couldn't keep fighting Brooke off; Brooke responded that she's not trying to seduce Ridge and guessed Taylor warned Ridge about it. On Sheila's bed, Sheila said it was incredible and fulfilled all of her fantasies. Sheila said she didn't want to wait to marry Eric and suggested they get married tonight. Eric said he couldn't take time off before the showing. Sheila asked Eric if Stephanie talked him out of it and Eric denied it. Eric left the room and Sheila told herself, "Oh you did have something to do with this, Stephanie. I just know you did". Ridge said Brooke had to understand things are as they supposed to be. Brooke said Taylor was a mistake Ridge made. She then reminded him that she couldn't wait for him forever, and that someday she'll move on. She said that when she's gone, Ridge will have an emptiness in his soul and he'll be hurt. She said Ridge had to believe it wasn't a tactic and asked Ridge not to let it happen to them.

1496: Macy and Darla were at Spectra. Macy had an hangover. Darla asked Macy how she got home, and Macy replied that she wasn't sure, but it must have been one of Sly's guys. At the Bikini, Keith told Sly about Sally and Jack and how he hid at Macy's bedroom. Then Thorne arrived; he even admitted he had come to check in on Macy and asked how she was doing. Sly said Macy had been drowning her sorrows over Thorne. Bill put on Macy's tape at his office; Karen came in, found Bill alone and said she was sure she heard a woman's voice with Bill. Sheila told Eric he was outstanding the night before in Eric's office. Eric said Sheila was savage. Sheila said she was going to turn Eric on for the rest of his life, and that she wasn't feeling insecure about postponing the wedding until after the showing. Eric said there would never be a dull moment with Sheila. Macy said it was inconceivable to her that Thorne didn't respond to the tape. Macy then guessed that Thorne heard the tape and found out how Macy feels about him, but because he doesn't share those feelings, he ignored it. Macy said she still loved him. Thorne got angry at Sly, saying Macy didn't get drunk because of him. Sly said that he didn't want to argue and that he was wrong. Sly said Macy didn't have a good time. Thorne and Sly almost fought, but Keith separated them. Thorne repeated that Sly can have Macy, and Sly asked him how could he say that while he was hanging out at the Bikini and keeping an eye on Macy. Sly then asked him why Thorne didn't admit that he's in love with Macy and Thorne replied: "My feelings are half the equation, Sly - she has to return it and she doesn't," and left. Keith said Thorne didn't understand Macy, and Sly said, "I know Keith - I did what I could do to help, now it's time I start doing something to help me". Bill nagged Karen again about a wedding date with Thorne. Karen said she didn't want to pressure Thorne. Bill said that if Karen doesn't pressure him, Macy will. Bill said Macy was in love with Thorne, he told Karen Thorne was a fine man, and that she should take advantage of the fact that Karen's living with Thorne to charm him and to push him to the altar. Karen thanked Bill for the advice and left for a meeting. Eric surprised Sheila and Thorne brought into the office 2 designs from the full collection. Thorne said that no one would have anything like this. Meanwhile, Saul came into Sally's office with the same two designs, just with different colors. Macy and Karen said the designs were breath-taking and Saul confirmed Camille created them. Thorne said, "One week, Dad, one week till the showing. This is going to be something", Eric said "I predict it's going to be the brightest day in our company's history." Saul and Darla talked about their showing which will be in 6 days, a day before the Forrester showing. Darla and Saul shook hands.

1497: Jack went to see Taylor at her house. Taylor said she wasn't ready to spend time with Bridget. Jack said he and Sally were committed, but then asked her how things were going with Stephanie. Stephanie entered Eric's office, saying the showing will be the best that they've ever had. Eric said Sheila and Stephanie inspired him. Eric showed Stephanie the show stopper, saying she's the only one to see it before the showing. Stephanie said that Eric hadn't shown her the show stopper in all of their married life. Eric then told Stephanie he had postponed the wedding. Sheila took care of Nancy at the infirmary, and Nancy asked her when the wedding is. Thorne told Ridge he had a thorough talk with Macy's latest man, Sly; Thorne said he didn't know why he went there. Ridge told his brother about his night with Brooke, emphasizing that he only had dinner with Brooke. Sheila told Nancy that Eric had proposed her; Nancy was enthusiastic and left. Sheila told herself ,"I wish the showing was over, I just want to be his wife." Jack asked Taylor if there was any possibility that Stephanie will change her mind about him. Taylor then advised him that a commitment to Sally isn't a good idea if his heart is somewhere else. Jack said his heart was with Sally. Taylor said Sally was a risk taker and sort of a gambler, and Jack assured her that he would never come back to that kind of life. Taylor said that if that happens, it will be the end of them. Jack said he had to talk with Stephanie one last time, but Taylor didn't think Stephanie would go for it. Eric explained to Stephanie that Sheila flew to Genoa City to talk with her mother. Ridge told Thorne he had gone to dinner to see if Brooke would try to seduce him, but she didn't. Thorne asked Ridge if he was disappointed about that and Ridge said no. Ridge told Thorne that Taylor thought Brooke is using Bridget, but he felt if Taylor had gone, Brooke would have seen them as a family and backed off. Ridge said Taylor would be different after spending time with Bridget. He then said she would loosen up and forget all her concerns about Brooke. Ridge suddenly got an idea how to make Taylor realize the kid should be a part of her life and called Brooke. Sheila passed next to Eric's office and overheard Eric and Stephanie's conversation. Stephanie said Eric should wait longer, since waiting wouldn't jeopardize Eric and Sheila's relationship - and if it did, the marriage won't be good anyway. Eric said Stephanie played a part in his decision to postpone the wedding. Stephanie invited Eric to dinner and said they were going to talk about Ridge and Brooke having dinner together, among other things. Stephanie and Eric hugged, and then Sheila looked at them. Eric had his back to Sheila, so Stephanie saw her; Stephanie and Sheila looked at each other and Sheila went. Sheila got into her infirmary saying, "I don't believe this! What's going on, Stephanie Forrester, Stephanie Forrester," then Stephanie came in. Stephanie said Sheila was spying on them and should have made her presence clear, and asserted that Sheila only wanted Eric, but did not love him. Stephanie said Sheila pressured him to marry her regardless of what's best for Eric, and Sheila said she was best for Eric. Stephanie called her opportunist and said that what's best for Eric wasn't to be involved again so soon after a bad marriage. Sheila said Stephanie wasn't going to stop them from getting married and Stephanie said "I don't intend to; I'm going to have dinner tonight, as you already know, with Eric. I'm not going to have to pressure him, or trap him - those are your tactics. I don't have to do that, we'll just talk, we'll relate, we'll converse, as we have for so many years and as we did all last week while you were gone." Stephanie said Eric was attracted to Sheila's youth and beauty and said Sheila lacked of substance. She said, "I bet Eric senses there's something missing in your relationship,; I sense it, and I think you can too," and left. Ridge said Taylor liked to be surprised and she will be. Sheila said she has got to do something to stop Stephanie. Sheila told herself, "I've got to do something now, before I lose him, There may be something that works, it may be the only thing". She went to her medicine cabinet and took out a white drug. Sheila said, "You had your chance with him Stephanie. Eric is mine, and I'm going to make damn sure it stays that way".

1498: Eric showed Ridge another design from the full showing. Eric said Spectra was doing their own collection. Sally told Saul they were going to make a lot of money from the Forrester knockoffs, and that she had no guilt about what they had done. Taylor went to Stephanie's; Stephanie told her she was having dinner with Eric. Stephanie said she had caught Sheila spying on Eric and her, and that seeing them was good, because Sheila caught them in a nice intimate moment. She said Sheila was angry, and noted that Sheila hid some things very well, but her anger comes up when you confront her. She talked about Sheila's strange wild look in her eyes, which Stephanie said, "Makes you really wonder how far she go to get exactly what it is that she wants." Sheila talked to herself at the infirmary; she said, "We'll see who ends up with Eric; it's not going to be you, Stephanie. You, darling, are history". Saul asked Sally out to dinner; they were about to leave but then Jack came into Sally's office and saw one of the models wearing a design. Jack said Sally was brilliant. Saul reminded her that they were going to have dinner. Sally ignored him, saying it can wait until tomorrow. Saul left. Ridge told Eric that he had a surprise for Taylor and they wished each other good luck. Then Sheila came into Eric's office. Stephanie told Taylor that Sheila was dangerous; she admitted she didn't know anything about Sheila, but her instincts tell her Sheila is not to be trusted. Taylor told her not to mention Sheila over dinner. Stephanie asked Taylor what Ridge told her about the dinner with Brooke but Taylor was in a hurry and had to leave. Jack said, "Sally, I think the time has come..", regretted not being able to stay, and left, saying he'll be back soon. Sally told herself, excitedly, "I think he's going to propose to me tonight!" Sheila asked Eric if they were going to have dinner but Eric said he had dinner plans with Stephanie. Sheila said she wanted to have a toast for their special evening. Taylor returned to the house and had found Ridge made dinner. Ridge stopped Taylor from entering the bedroom and sat her town at the table. Ridge said his marriage and Taylor were important to him. Ridge said that Taylor's influence on Bridget's life would be good for all of them. Taylor said it would happen when Taylor feels better about Brooke, but for now, she felt that keeping her distance from Brooke would be better. Taylor promised that someday she'll be close to Bridget. They hugged and then Bridget started crying in the next room. Sheila poured Eric some wine, and when he turned around, Sheila added the drug. Sheila made a toast: "For the end of my insecurities, may they rest in peace".

1499: Karen stopped by at Brooke's. Brooke said she might have made a mistake. She said that she didn't want to let Ridge take Bridget to meet Taylor, but she agreed. Ridge told Taylor he had brought Taylor's step daughter to the house. Thorne was at Stephanie's. Stephanie understood that Thorne was checking up on her. Thorne was about to leave because Eric was coming over but Stephanie said "Thorne, don't go yet". Sheila had asked Eric to dance with her after he drunk the spiked wine with the drug. Taylor said that bringing Bridget was a bad idea. They went to the room and Ridge took care of the crying Bridget. Taylor said Ridge was pressuring her because she didn't want to see Bridget. Ridge said he would take Bridget back to Brooke's. Taylor was getting ready for bed and Ridge changed Bridget's diapers. Taylor looked at him. Ridge took Bridget and was about to leave but Taylor said, "Ridge wait, let me hold her". Taylor held her and said Bridget was hungry. Eric began to act strangely. He said his head was becoming heavy. Eric asked Sheila to kiss him, and she did. Stephanie said Eric was never late but early. Stephanie said that Eric and her were closer than they've been in years but she suspected Eric had deep feelings for Sheila. Thorne said everything was progressing as it should. Stephanie said she didn't want to get hurt again. Thorne said it wasn't Jack Hamilton that was the man for his mother, but Eric. Karen said it could be a dangerous situation and Brooke wished she knew how Taylor is reacting to Bridget. Karen said it could backfire and put more stress on Ridge and Taylor's marriage. Taylor asked Ridge to bring Bridget's bottle. Taylor fed Bridget. Taylor repeated that she wished she had given Ridge a child. Taylor said she was feeling sad. Ridge said "There will be others". Thorne said Eric was going to arrive any minute. Thorne almost left and looked at the worried Stephanie. Eric said he wanted to make love to Sheila and began taking off Sheila's clothes. Eric said he was in ecstasy. Stephanie understood Eric wasn't going to show up, she snuffed the candles and was very disappointed.

1500: At Sally's office, Sally told Saul that she was convinced Jack would come back to Spectra and propose to her the night before. Sally said that Jack had said they had waited long enough. Saul made Sally realize that Jack didn't specifically say that he was going to buy a ring. Saul said he was sorry, he and Sally hugged and Jack arrived. Ridge and Taylor were at the guest house; Ridge said that Lauren was coming for the showing. Ridge talked about what happened the night before. Taylor said she wasn't ready to be a part of Bridget's life yet. Eric was working with models and then Thorne came into Eric's office; Thorne asked Eric how the dinner with Stephanie went. Eric said that he hadn't made it to dinner and that he had lost track of time talking with Sheila, who stopped by with wine. Eric said he didn't manage to speak with Stephanie yet. Sheila was talking to herself at the infirmary saying how the powder worked and pushed Eric into her arms. After she'd said, "And we are going to get married, and when Stephanie's out of the picture, there's nothing standing in our way", Stephanie knocked on the door and told Sheila to close the door. Stephanie made it clear to Sheila that Sheila was an employee, and not married to Eric yet. Stephanie said she had had dinner plans with Eric, but he didn't show up. She assumed Sheila had something to do about it. She said she would find out sooner or later if Eric was or wasn't with Sheila. Sheila admitted, "Well, yes, Stephanie, Eric was with me last evening." Ridge and Taylor were out on the balcony; and Taylor told Ridge to see it through her eyes. She said Brooke was the woman who wants him and has his child. She said that if she had Ridge's child, things would be different. Taylor said Ridge shouldn't expect it to be easy on her. Ridge said he was sorry for being insensitive. Taylor said she'll be close to Bridget as her natural mother if Ridge tells Brooke to back off and stay away from him. Jack said he wanted to talk to Sally privately. Saul left worrying. Sally asked Jack what he wanted, and Jack revealed that he had brought Sally breakfast. Sally said she had waited for him to come back the night before, and that she didn't have time for a chat with Jack, since there was a showing coming up. Eric told Thorne he couldn't leave Sheila. Eric said he'd never been more attracted to a woman. Stephanie asked Sheila if she seduced Eric because Eric would never have just stood her up. Sheila said she'd reminded Eric about the dinner 4 times when they were together. Stephanie didn't believe her, saying she knows Eric. Ridge said he was upset about the situation. He asked Taylor who should he protect: Taylor, who's an adult, or Bridget, who's a newborn. Ridge left for work. Thorne said Eric shouldn't tell Stephanie that he missed dinner because he couldn't take his hands off Sheila. Stephanie said Sheila would do everything to get what she wants. Sheila said she had asked Eric to leave, but he had been into her and couldn't get enough of her. Sheila said, "Eric asked me to marry him for a reason and I think last night proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt". Stephanie left and Sheila smiled to herself. Jack sat Sally down and gave her a ring. Sally said the ring was gorgeous. Sally was excited and Jack said, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want you to be my wife." Sally said Jack was a wonderful man and they kissed.

1501: Karen was at her office when Thorne arrived. Karen said their pieces were magnificent and Thorne was happy for her. Karen said they had their own designer. They kissed and Macy came in, slamming the door with an angry face. Sally showed Darla the ring, and said that the Forresters wouldn't be able to prove that their 3 top designs were featured in the Spectra collection. Sally then said she was going to inform a certain woman about her engagement to Jack and left. Jack was at Taylor's; Jack told her that many of the Spectra designs were made by the new designer, and that he had Sally's word that all of the designs were Spectra originals. Jack then told his daughter that Sally was going to be his wife. Sally barged into Stephanie's house; Stephanie said Sally was immoral, unethical and had no self respect. Sally showed Stephanie the engagement ring. Stephanie found it pathetic that Sally drove all the way to Stephanie's to announce her engagement to Stephanie. Sally said she had come to see Stephanie's face and told her she was going to marry Jack Hamilton. Sally reminded Stephanie about rejection and said that the arrogant Forresters made Macy feel hurt. Stephanie asked Sally to leave. Sally said she wouldn't leave before she makes Stephanie cry. She said that today was Macy and Spectra Fashions' pay back day. Macy threw away the papers she brought to Karen and said the kiss was unprofessional; she also confessed that it bothered her and that Thorne was insensitive. Thorne said, "You are calling me insensitive, the woman that's running around with god knows how many guys." Macy didn't understand. Thorne said Macy couldn't let go and Macy said she had let go. Thorne said, "You are a child, you don't get what you want so you blame everyone else for it - well, grow up, go get yourself a life, stop playing your stupid games. You're really pathetic". Macy slapped him and left. Jack told Taylor he loved Sally, and he then sat down and took a look at Ridge and Eric's designs. Stephanie said Thorne and Macy's marriage was a mistake. Sally said she was going to be Stephanie's only visitor all week. Stephanie showed Sally the door and Sally tried to hurt Stephanie; Sally said it must be lonesome for Stephanie in the big house only with the maid and asked her if she remembered how it was like to have a man in the house. She continued: "Do you even remember what a man is like? Do you remember what a man looks like? Well, I hope you do, because I don't think you're ever going to have another one in your life - because you don't know how to love." Sally said that the Forrester dynasty was about to become extinct, starting tonight. Sally said "You people are finished" and left, making Stephanie suspicious. Macy went into her office crying, telling Darla she's not sorry for slapping Thorne. She said that she had lost control and that she loved Thorne very much, but now it was over. Taylor told Jack to go ahead and look at Ridge and Eric's designs. Jack guaranteed that the designs wouldn't be on the Spectra runway. Macy told Darla that Thorne didn't say anything about the tape, but that Thorne told her he was moving on, while she was stuck in the past. Sally returned to Spectra and saw something was wrong with Macy. Macy said she'd walked in on Thorne and Karen when they were kissing. Sally said Thorne shouldn't have been at Spectra, but told her daughter that Thorne wouldn't be laughing much more. Macy went out. Sally told Darla they were going to get the credit and the orders for the Forrester originals, while the Forresters would look like fools. Taylor showed Jack Eric's center piece of the line; Jack looked at it and recognized it from seeing it at Spectra. Jack said "Oh my god, oh my god!"

1502: Ridge told Eric it was a shame Lauren wasn't coming, but Eric said he had just talked with Lauren on the phone. Sheila wrapped up Thorne's injury at the infirmary. Reporters were at Spectra, waiting for the press conference before the Spectra showing. Sally told Saul to come into her office and told him that Jack had asked her to marry him. Saul said "Congratulations, Sally" and returned to work. Taylor asked Jack what was wrong and Jack said he had to go and left. Taylor understood. Sheila asked Thorne if Lauren would come and Thorne said Lauren wasn't coming. Thorne left and Sheila talked to herself happily that Lauren Fenmore wasn't coming. Eric told Ridge that Lauren was coming after all. Eric said he would get Sheila and Lauren together and reminded Ridge that Sheila and Lauren didn't meet the last time Lauren was in town because Sheila had an accident. Stephanie came into Eric's office and said that Sally had visited her and that something was going on over at Spectra. Sally talked to the reporters, she said they were going to see Spectra's finest and most brilliant collection, but she had a surprise before they started - she invited Karen to join her and said Karen was responsible for the collection. She talked highly about Karen, went off stage and let Karen answer the reporters' questions, while Sally explained to Darla that she said those things so she could see Thorne and the Forresters' reaction when they think Karen is responsible for the knockoffs. Stephanie said that Sally had told her that something was going to happen that would mean the end of the Forrester dynasty. Then Taylor came in and said something was going at Spectra. Karen asked Sally why she gave her the credit for the collection she barely had anything to do with and Sally said she had given her the credit she deserved. Sally told her to relax. Taylor said Jack reacted strongly to one of the designs and took off to Spectra. Taylor said she got the impression that there might be a similar design in the Spectra collection. The Spectra showing started. Darla told Sally that Thorne was watching with Karen on the monitor. Eric called Sally and warned her he'll slap a lawsuit on her if one of the Forrester designs shows up at the Spectra showing. Sally said the Forresters were paranoid, and that if one of their designs shows up at the Forrester showing, she won't do anything. Jack arrived at Spectra and told Sally to cancel the showing. He said he knew what Sally was up to. Sally said it was too late, Jack said, "I'll give it to you straight, it's the designs or me; you don't pull those gowns and I'm gone, forever, Sally - and I mean it, forever".

1503: Thorne and Karen were at Karen's office watching the monitor. Thorne said he had heard about the incredible things Sally said about Karen. Thorne was proud of Karen. He said he was getting the impression Karen was responsible for the showing. Taylor and Ridge were at Ridge's office. Ridge was changing for a meeting. Taylor said she had a bad feeling that one of the Forrester designs will show up at Spectra's runway. Ridge said that Jack looking at the designs was a breach of security. Taylor said Ridge had left the sketches on the table and Jack noticed them. Saul said there were 5 minutes until the 3 show stoppers are on. Jack said they weren't going to show them. Ridge said allowing Jack to look wasn't professional and Taylor said that Ridge had left them on the coffee table. Ridge told Taylor to stop being defensive. Taylor said that it was insane and that she didn't share Ridge's concern. Taylor left; Ridge yelled for her to come back, but she didn't. Ridge punched his file cabin and hurt his left shoulder. Thorne said Karen had talent, and started kissing her. The show stoppers were supposed to come up, but they didn't. Karen said she was going down. Jack told Sally not to let the dresses go on. Saul said that without the dresses, they had nothing. Ridge continued undressing and when he took off his pants, Brooke opened the door and looked at him. Ridge had his back to the door and didn't see Brooke. Saul told Sally not to listen to Jack. Sally told Saul to hold the 3 designs for a moment and move ahead with the next group. Jack said it was wrong and Sally talked about the wrongs the Forresters made. Jack convinced Sally she could fight the Forresters and win without stealing. Jack said he couldn't be a part of this and wouldn't let Sally be a part of it. Ridge turned around and wanted to put on his pants, but they disappeared. Suddenly Brooke appeared (she hid) and gave him his pants. Ridge said he wasn't in the mood. Ridge said he would stop by to see Bridget the next day. Brooke said she was going to a play with Sven, but Ridge didn't believe there was a Sven. Ridge tried to wear his shirt and his shoulders hurt. Ridge told her he had rammed into the file cabinet and Brooke gave him a massage. Saul told Jack he didn't know anything about fashion, so he should shut up. Karen told Saul to take the 3 show stoppers out the runway. Sally said that group wasn't going and that it was final. Jack said he was proud of Sally. Sally said they still had to deal with the Forresters - they weren't nice around people like her. She said that she took away her only chance to get back at the Forresters. Sally said she let Jack influence a business decision, and that the last time she let that happen, she was almost destroyed; she then asked him what would happen this time with him. Brooke reminded Ridge of the times she gave him massages after they'd made love. Ridge still didn't believe Sven was taking Brooke to a play. Then, this great looking guy went into Ridge's office, said he was ready and waited outside. Brooke left and told Ridge, "Nice bod, I hope somebody appreciates it".

1504: Ridge and Eric planned the showing near the runway. Ridge told Eric it wasn't Taylor's fault Jack looked at the designs, and that he had taken it out too hard on Taylor and should apologize. He said that leaving the designs on the coffee table wasn't smart. Ridge said he had talked to Thorne and asked Eric why he stood up to Stephanie. Sheila passed next to Stephanie's office and decided to come in. Stephanie asked her what she wanted. Sheila said she wanted to talk. Stephanie said there wasn't anything to talk about. Sheila said they had no reason to argue and Stephanie said Sheila and Eric's relationship is reason enough for her. Sheila reassured Stephanie that she will always be a part of Eric's life. Sheila told her she wasn't asking her friendship but an end to all the hostility. She offered her hand and asked to put it behind them. Macy arrived at the Bikini, and she said Sly and Keith were going to see a lot of her. Macy told them why she had been drinking; she said Thorne hadn't replied to her tape and that she was subjected to Thorne and Karen kiss. She said she would forget Thorne. Macy told Sly she would take the singing position Sly offered her once. Macy asked for Beer and Sly gave her one. Eric told Ridge he had apologized to Stephanie. He said things got out of hand with Sheila. Ridge understood they made love at the office. Stephanie told Sheila, "Nice try". Sheila said it would be better if they stopped fighting. Stephanie said she hadn't even started to fight, and reminded Sheila that Eric postponed the wedding. Sheila asked Stephanie what she did to her and Stephanie said, "It's not what you've done to me, it's what I don't want you to do to Eric. You're a real manipulator and sooner or later Eric will realize that - but I'm just going to make sure that it's sooner rather than later". Macy said she wanted her life to be different. Sly toasted their new star and Macy toasted to foregoing the past. Eric said he got carried away not because of the wine, but because of Sheila. Eric talked about his and Sheila's Chemistry. Stephanie said Eric had a weakness for beautiful young gold diggers. Sheila told her Stephanie was green of envy. Stephanie told her not to be over confident. Stephanie said, "I've got my eye on you; sooner or later you're going to slip up". Stephanie said she couldn't believe Eric would marry her and Sheila reminded Stephanie Eric had stood her up. Sheila said the wedding would happen and Stephanie can't do anything to stop it. Stephanie was working on a seating chart for the fashion show and noted that they had a full room, so Sheila can't be there. Sheila said she could take Lauren's seat. Stephanie said Lauren was coming. Sheila said Thorne had told her Lauren wasn't coming and Stephanie said Thorne was wrong. Sheila left and told herself, "Oh my god, can it be true? Is Lauren actually coming?". Eric said he wasn't completely honest with Stephanie. Eric told Ridge not to talk about it with other people and Ridge promised that his lips were sealed. Macy left for a meeting with her attorney. Sly said it was great to see Macy on such a high. Keith said he was worried about Macy. Sheila went down to see Eric. Eric told Sheila she was going to meet Lauren Fenmore, who changed her mind about coming because she was dying to meet Eric's fiancee. Lauren called Eric and said she was going to the airport. Lauren asked to say hello to Sheila. Sheila refused. Somebody called Eric, so Eric gave her the phone and left. "Hello, Lauren," Sheila said and Lauren said they were going to have dinner, then Lauren had to go. Sheila told herself, "This is it, Lauren. You're finally going to know where I live and who I'm engaged to, there's no way around that now. But god help you if you do anything to screw this up for me. God help you".

1505: Karen was at Brooke's; Karen told her she was angry at Sally. Brooke said she had seen Ridge at his office in his underwear; however, nothing happened, and she then told Karen about her date with Sven. Karen asked her if making Ridge jealous worked. Sheila asked herself how to handle Lauren while she was giving Eric a massage in his office. Eric kissed her and Sheila said she loved him. Then Lauren arrived at Forrester. Eric said he wanted to introduce Lauren to Sheila. Sheila said she had some things to do at the infirmary but Eric asked her to wait. Eric went out of the office to welcome Lauren. Eric and Lauren came into Eric's office, but Sheila disappeared. Lauren suggested they have dinner and Eric agreed. Eric said Sheila was mysterious, and told Lauren she would stay over at Stephanie's. Sheila talked to herself at the infirmary saying she will might have to do something drastic. Brooke said that she couldn't wait for Ridge forever and that she had to move on. Brooke talked about the massage and said it had felt good. Brooke said she and Ridge were developing a relationship of 2 divorced parents raising a child. Taylor told Ridge he was forgiven as they stood next to the runway. Taylor said Brooke didn't cause her frustrations, but she herself did. Taylor then talked about her dream, which Brooke is living - having Ridge's baby. Karen said that Brooke was close and that Brooke needed one encounter before Ridge will be hers. Eric called Stephanie and she agreed to host Lauren at her house. Sheila heard Eric and Lauren and Lauren mentioned the name of the judge of her custody case, Sheila wrote the name down. Eric said he and Lauren were going down to the infirmary. Sheila said, "What now, what the hell do I do now? I can't keep avoiding her, that's impossible. Oh no, the time has come. The time HAS come". Brooke said Ridge was in love with Taylor. Karen said that if that's the case, Brooke should forget about Ridge. Karen said Ridge loved Bridget and connected to her because of his love to Brooke. Karen told her to try harder to get the love of her life by getting his undivided attention in one night and to make Ridge realize how much he loves Brooke. Brooke liked the idea and said that Ridge wouldn't want to leave her and Bridget after that one night. Taylor said that having a baby would be the solution and left.

1506: Brooke called Forrester, Thorne answered and said Ridge was busy. Brooke hung up and had an idea. Stephanie talked to Maria on the phone, hoping Sheila won't show up to the dinner. Then Taylor arrived at Stephanie's office. Stephanie said Eric hadn't come to have dinner because he had been with Sheila. Stephanie said she hoped Eric would realize Sheila is an opportunist before he marries her. Stephanie said that Sheila's going to Genoa City to see her mother made Stephanie if Sheila might have a hidden agenda. Stephanie said, "I don't know what it is, but I am damn well going to find out". Sheila held a knife at the infirmary. Eric and Sheila stood next to the infirmary door while a Forrester worker asked for Eric's signature. Eric and Lauren turned around and Sheila opened the infirmary door holding a knife. Eric had to go to the showroom. Eric went into the infirmary but didn't find Sheila. Lauren waited at the infirmary. Sheila hid behind the door, and when Eric left, closed the door, Sheila appeared. Brooke made a picnic for Ridge at his office. Thorne came into Ridge's office and Brooke invited him to join them. Lauren went to Sheila's desk and saw the picture of her and Brad. Sheila said she was Eric's fiancee; she told Lauren that she and Eric were in love and that there wasn't anything Lauren could do to stop them from getting married. Sheila threatened Lauren with the pictures. Sheila said, "Welcome to the city of angels, Lauren, it's truly Paradise here". Thorne questioned Brooke's motives. Brooke said she had just brought Ridge lunch. Thorne left. Stephanie said Taylor must spend more time with Bridget, even though Brooke would get furious by that. Stephanie left. Lauren said she wouldn't let Sheila get away with it. Sheila said she hadn't deceived anyone, that Eric loved her and that she was good for Eric. Lauren said "Let's see how good he feels about you when he finds out what you did to me," Lauren boasted. Taylor came into Ridge's office and saw Brooke, Bridget and the picnic. Taylor said that she didn't want a confrontation and said, "My husband is in a meeting all afternoon so I'd like you to pick your cute little bread and your lovely little daughter and shove them right out of here". Brooke packed her stuff and Taylor said Brooke was trying to do a come-on. Taylor said Brooke didn't have respect for marriage or any sense of what's wrong or right. She said Brooke was the worst person a child could have as a parent. Taylor then left, saying she wants Brooke out in 5 minutes. Sheila asked Lauren for a chance and to see her and Eric together. Lauren said Sheila lied to Eric, and that she wouldn't ignore the fact that Sheila tried to kill her own mother. Eric was her friend, Lauren explained, and she was not going to let Sheila's threats work this time. Sheila asked her if she was ready to lose her child and Scott. Lauren looked at the knife and took it, but then Eric and Stephanie came in, so Lauren put the knife down. Eric said Stephanie was giving a small party, a gathering of the family, including Sheila, and Lauren would be the guest of honor. Lauren said she had a special toast to make, especially for Sheila. Eric and Stephanie left. Lauren said, "You do what you have to do, Sheila". Sheila looked at Brad and Lauren's picture and stabbed Lauren's image.

1507: Ridge told Taylor he and Lauren had kept a professional relationship. Taylor said it must be hard for Stephanie to see Eric and Sheila relating as a couple. Ridge said he knew Stephanie was still competing for Eric. Stephanie told Maria that Sheila was coming. Lauren went downstairs and asked Stephanie how she fells about Sheila. Stephanie said she didn't have good feelings about Sheila. Sheila cried at her apartment; she said she stood to lose very much, and that she couldn't lose Eric, when Eric arrived. Over at the Bikini, Keith told Sly he hoped Macy wouldn't come because Macy had been drinking a lot lately. Keith reminded Sly how he returned Macy home when she was drunk. Sly said that Macy could handle it and that he wouldn't let her become an alcoholic. Then Macy arrived. She asked Keith for a drink and Keith avoided her, so Macy asked Sly for some tequila. Stephanie told Lauren that Sheila had a hold on Eric. Stephanie said Sheila had a dark side and something hidden from the past. Lauren said she had come across something like that, but didn't handle it well. Eric asked Sheila why she cried. Sheila said she was thinking how much she loves Eric and got scared. Eric said he couldn't imagine anything coming between them. Sheila suggested some wine again, but Eric refused. Sheila and Eric left for Stephanie's. Macy convinced Sly to give her a drink, and soon after asked for another drink. Macy said she was starting to feel good and would feel better after another drink. She said she was trying to get over Thorne. She said that few drinks wouldn't hurt her and Sly gave her another drink. Ridge said that he would ask Lauren tonight if she found out who switched her baby. Lauren told herself she would destroy Sheila at any cost. Sheila and Eric came to Stephanie's. Macy got drunk and asked to sing with the band. Sly told Keith that Macy would be all right. Taylor and Ridge arrived at Stephanie's. Taylor asked Lauren about her life in Genoa City. Stephanie said she was sorry about what happened with the baby and Lauren said she might never get over it. Eric made a toast and talked about Sheila. Eric said Sheila had been his inspiration, and that he owed Sheila, who gave him love and devotion, a great deal. Stephanie noticed how Lauren was looking at Sheila. Stephanie asked Lauren if there was something between Lauren and Sheila. Stephanie said that she knew she was right and asked Lauren to tell her what she knows about Sheila.

1508: Stephanie asked Lauren if she met Sheila before. Karen suggested Thorne go out to the Bikini. Thorne said he got into it with Sly when he was there last, and Karen guessed that Thorne went over there to check up on Macy; Thorne, however, denied it. Thorne said they were going to the Bikini to prove to Karen that Macy isn't a part of his life. Karen told herself Thorne was pretty angry for someone who doesn't care. Stephanie took Lauren aside and asked her what was going on between her and Sheila. Lauren said that Eric's feelings for Sheila surprised her. Stephanie figured that both Lauren and Sheila were from Genoa City and asked Lauren if she knew Sheila from Genoa City. Macy sang at the Bikini, and Thorne and Karen arrived. Karen suggested they leave, but Thorne said it didn't bother him. Thorne and Sly gave each other a look. Lauren said she knew Sheila when she gave birth because Sheila worked as a nurse. Stephanie said that she had been checking up on Sheila and that she would continue checking up on her because she didn't trust Sheila. Stephanie asked for Lauren's help and asked her to tell her something she should know, but they sat to have dinner. Lauren and Sheila looked at each other. Keith told Thorne and Karen that Macy drank too much. Keith asked Thorne to talk with Macy but Thorne said Macy didn't want his help. Macy told Sly that Thorne should leave, then took it back, saying she couldn't care less; she asked for another drink and Sly gave her one. Macy went up stage singing another song. Eric thanked Stephanie for the dinner. Taylor told Lauren she had been quiet. Lauren said she was surprised to hear Eric's feelings for Sheila. Sheila told Lauren she understood Lauren had a wonderful baby and a husband. Ridge and Sheila asked Lauren when she's bringing Scott to L.A.. Macy sang a song saying that it doesn't hurt anymore and she will start a new life. Macy was on stage and slipped into Sly's arms. Thorne came near Macy and Sly yelled at him to get the hell out, and that he's done enough. Sly told Macy he would take care of her. Lauren said her husband was a doctor. Sheila said she worked in the hospital where Lauren had her baby in, so Eric asked Sheila if she had ever met Lauren. Sheila said, "Not that I remember," and Lauren said that they have met when Lauren had her baby. Sheila said she didn't recall. Eric said they were going to have a big day the next day and they all left the table. Sheila and Lauren went to a corner, Sheila threatened Lauren that she'll lose her husband and son if she keeps it up. Lauren said, "We both have each other by the throat, but I'm just starting to wonder if my grip is a little tighter than yours". Lauren said that she wasn't sure if Sheila would use the picture, even if Lauren tells the truth about her. Eric called Sheila and they left.

1509: Eric, Ridge and Thorne were at Eric's office preparing the designs. Stephanie asked Maria to wake Lauren up, but Maria said Lauren had gone. Lauren was at Brooke's, where Brooke said that Bridget's birth was wonderful and that Ridge had made her feel safe. Brooke said that Stephanie wasn't pleased about the situation with Bridget. Lauren said she had come to find out more about Stephanie and Eric's relationship. Eric told his sons this was going to be their most successful showing. Ridge and Thorne left Eric's office and Sheila came in, wished him good luck and kissed him. Eric said Sheila was his inspiration for all of it. Sheila asked Eric if he saw Lauren. Sheila wondered where Lauren was. Brooke said she respected Stephanie in some ways. Lauren asked Brooke if Stephanie trusts Sheila and Brooke said that Stephanie didn't trust anybody where her family is concerned. Brooke said that Stephanie thought that Eric was getting married too soon, and told Lauren that Eric would know if Sheila were a true threat. Brooke said it would be terrible if somebody were to undermine the Forrester family. Brooke asked Lauren why she was so interested, but Bridget needed changing. Lauren called Forrester Creations and asked to talk to Stephanie. Trish said Stephanie was out of her office. Lauren said it was important to talk to Stephanie before the showing, and Trish said she would give Stephanie the message. Sheila overheard Trish telling Lauren she'll tell Stephanie that Lauren wants to talk to her before the showing. Sheila went into Eric's office and told herself, "You're ready to do it, aren't you, Lauren. You're ready to tell Stephanie all about me. Oh,, we'll see about that". Ridge was talking to reporters and asked Brooke to come up, but she wouldn't. Ridge went down and talked to Brooke. Brooke talked about the things they did together; their work and Bridget. Trish gave Stephanie Lauren's message. Eric thanked his staff and told them to introduce the designs as best as he knows they can. Lauren arrived at Forrester and told Stephanie she had to talk to her. Sheila looked at Lauren and told herself, "You're a fool, Lauren - what the hell do you think you're doing? I'm not going to let you get away with this; I won't let you ruin this for me, I won't let you," and told Trish to wait. Lauren asked to talk to Stephanie in a private place. They were going to go but Trish told Lauren Eric had to see her right away at his office. Lauren said she would be right back and went to Eric's office. Brooke said Ridge was a big part of the formula, Ridge said that he was just there when she discovered it. He told her not to forget she was a very significant part of the Forrester team. Lauren came into Eric's office. Sheila said Eric wasn't there and asked Lauren what she wanted to talk to Stephanie about. Lauren said it wasn't Sheila's business and understood that it wasn't Eric that sent the message, but Sheila. Stephanie presented the full collection and the showing was about to start. Lauren said that if Sheila cared for Eric, she would be down at Eric's important showing and not here playing games with Lauren. Sheila called Scott and told Lauren to say goodbye to her marriage and Scotty.

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