June, 1993

Written by Ori Dekel

1550: Connor came to see Taylor at her office; Taylor was surprised. Ridge was playing with Bridget at Brooke's. Ridge was about to leave but then decided to try some fruit Brooke brought. Sly interrogated Keith about what was going on between Thorne and Macy. Thorne said Macy had too much to drink and Macy said beer had nothing to do with the things she said. Macy said she was relieved. Macy left for the Bar and Thorne told himself, "No, this is crazy. This girl is so laid up she doesn't even know what she's saying". Keith gave Macy coffee and Macy returned to the porch, asking forgiveness from Sly. Keith told Sly "Ease off man, just ease off". Sly became nervous, accusing Keith that he and Thorne had a plan to get him out of the bar. Keith said Sly was beyond paranoid and Sly told him to start talking. Taylor asked Connor what he wanted and Connor said he was curious about the dinner at Stephanie's. Connor said Stephanie and Brooke were enemies. Connor said he could use all the help to get Brooke and asked if there was anything about Brooke and Ridge that he should know. Brooke and Ridge were eating strawberries and then Ridge said, "What you're hoping for is just not going to happen," and told Brooke to go on with her life. Brooke didn't answer, but just offered Ridge more strawberries. Ridge asked Brooke to listen to him. Taylor showed Connor she was secure by saying Ridge is a happily married man. Connor was trying to figure out why Stephanie was nice to Brooke. Taylor asked him to go and Connor left saying, "I'm sure we'll be talking again soon. Goodbye". Keith said Macy was talking with Thorne because she wanted to. Sly said Keith was right and said he'd give Macy her space. Sly told Keith to tell Macy to go upstairs when she's done talking with Thorne. Macy said she hadn't been drunk for months. Macy asked Thorne to believe her. Macy then asked Thorne to put his arms around her and he did. Thorne said he didn't know what he was feeling. Macy asked Thorne, "You love me, Thorne? Do you still love me too?". Brooke told Ridge, "It was your loyalty to Eric that kept us apart, and I thought it would keep us apart forever - but with Eric marrying Sheila, that's given us a second chance". Ridge said it wasn't in the cards for them and told Brooke that he and Taylor were talking about having a baby in a month. Brooke said that the last thing Ridge needed was a baby, as his life was in a transition. Brooke said that she was the reason Ridge wanted to wait a month and Ridge left. Thorne said he couldn't trust Macy with the way she's been drinking. Thorne said that Macy wouldn't remember anything in the morning. Thorne then told her they were going to meet tomorrow at the morning at the Ocean Club when Macy is sober. Macy said, "I love you with all my heart. I love you". Thorne kissed Macy.

1551: Karen and Thorne woke up at Thorne's apartment. Thorne said he'd gone to the Bikini and talked to Keith and Macy. Thorne said he couldn't talk with Karen since he had to leave. Karen got angry thinking Thorne was going to talk to Macy. Thorne said they would talk when he came back. Macy got ready for the meeting with Thorne; then Sly came into his room and Macy said she was moving out. Sly understood Macy was going to see Thorne. Sly said, "I love you Macy, doesn't it mean anything to you?". Macy said she'd told Thorne she loved him. Sly asked Macy if Thorne had told her that he loved her as well. Thorne entered Taylor's office where he announced, "It's Macy. I may be making way too much of this, but there's a chance that we may be getting back together". Thorne said he'd had the feeling of something that isn't complete and unfinished. Thorne said that Macy's confession that she loved him had been said under the influence. Thorne said he tried to forget Macy, but would jump at the opportunity to have his marriage back. Thorne asked Taylor if it was a mistake. Sly told Macy that Thorne was living with Karen and said Macy was going to get hurt again. He asked Macy to give it some thought. Sly made Macy need a drink. Bill came to Thorne's and Karen said she had a feeling it was over. Karen said she knew what Thorne was going to tell her when he returns. Karen said there had been a part of Thorne's heart that he kept for Macy. Bill said he wanted to talk to Thorne and Karen asked him not to be involved. Bill told her not to give up. Karen said Thorne was perfect for her, but wanted someone else. Taylor told Thorne it wasn't a mistake, but warned him it could be the alcohol that made Macy talk. Thorne went to check Macy's sincerity and Taylor asked him to let her know how it would go. Macy took her Tequila and Sly said it wasn't a good idea, but Macy said she'd have only one drink. Macy said she wouldn't need any more drinks. Thorne made preparations at the Ocean Club; violin music and yellow roses, and he made sure there wouldn't be any alcohol. Thorne hoped there would be a new beginning for him and Macy. Macy told Sly to get rid of the bottle and Sly said that Thorne probably had asked Karen to come too. Sly said that Thorne had told him and Keith that he was over Macy. Sly convinced Macy that she couldn't take the risk of getting hurt again; as a result, Macy took another drink. Thorne told himself Macy was a half hour late and called Macy. Sly answered, saying Macy told him she didn't want to talk to Thorne. Sly wouldn't put Macy on the phone and hung up on Thorne. Thorne said "Damn! Damn!". Sly watched the drunk Macy falling asleep.

1552: Connor arrived at Brooke's. He brought her flowers the door man gave him. Brooke read the card and it was from Stephanie. At Eric's office, Steve wasn't certain how Brooke felt about the Forresters, from their massage meeting. Steve said he thought he won Brooke's confidence. Eric said he didn't want Steve to manipulate Brooke romantically. Steve said Brooke wouldn't find out and left to find out where Brooke stands. Thorne came back to his apartment. Karen said she'd been waiting for Thorne for 2 hours. Thorne asked to put their talk off and apologized. Karen was sure Thorne met with Macy that afternoon. Stephanie told Eric that Steve hadn't done anything wrong and Eric said there were limits. Ridge came in, saw Steve in the elevator and asked why he wasn't told about the meeting. Ridge said he wanted to talk with Steve about his methods, and said Steve was doing more than gathering information. Stephanie stopped them, saying Brooke was a grown woman, and that Ridge's feelings for Brooke were clouding his objectivity; Ridge agreed. Thorne said he hadn't seen Macy today and Karen said they had been kidding themselves. Karen said that Thorne had been carrying Macy inside him since they moved in together. Thorne said he needed a little space and Karen was prepared to give Thorne space. Connor said people didn't change over night, so there was an important reason for the sudden acceptance of Brooke. Brooke liked to think it was for real. Stephanie reminded Ridge they were trying to protect what they think legally belongs to them, and said they weren't going to risk Forrester's future based on Brooke's generosity. Eric said they had to stick together. Connor suspected that Brooke thought the flowers were from Ridge at first. Brooke said she didn't want to hurt Connor and told him he was special to her. Brooke said she wanted to wait a month, since she couldn't move on until she's sure there's no hope for her and Ridge. Connor didn't know what could be different in a month. Steve, Brooke's "masseur," arrived at Brooke's apartment. Karen told Thorne she was moving out to live with her father. Karen thought it would be the best thing for her and Thorne, although it would kill her; she also said there was nothing to forgive. She said Thorne had made a mistake, choosing her and not Macy, since she knew Thorne was still in love with Macy. Thorne said he'd cared about Karen and they said goodbye. Karen left. Eric gave Ridge an ultimatum: to play by their rules if he wants to be involved. Stephanie said they needed Ridge's support. Eric asked if Ridge was going to help them or not. Brooke and Connor went out to the balcony and Steve was listening to them. Connor said that Brooke wanted Ridge to love her and Stephanie to respect her. Brooke said the Forresters had been a part of her life for the last 6 years. Connor said the Forresters were up to something and told her to forget about them. Connor told Brooke to think where the Forresters would be without BeLieF, since Brooke made the Forresters. Steve was amazed at what he heard.

1553: Sheila was decorating her new house when Eric arrived. Ridge came back from work and said he'd gotten into it with Eric and Stephanie. Ridge said it was risky that Steve was being Brooke's masseur, and he felt that Brooke would be easier to deal with without Connor. Connor left Brooke's and Steve gave Brooke a massage. Brooke wondered if Connor was right about the things he said. Ridge asked Taylor if she'd seen Connor again. Eric told Sheila that the pieces she bought were extravagant, but beautiful. Taylor said Connor had come to her office and was suspicious about Stephanie's being nice to Brooke. She felt like Connor was trying to get information about Ridge's relationship with Brooke. Ridge reacted angrily. Taylor said she didn't like being in the middle of the deceit and Ridge said that Forrester's survival depended on it. Brooke told Steve she had a problem only with Stephanie. She said that Stephanie's reacting was fishy and insincere. Brooke said Stephanie didn't change and was up to something. Brooke told him she respected Connor's opinion, and admitted, "Oh, what I wouldn't give to get the upper hand on Stephanie Forrester, just once". Sheila said Eric was hiding something from her and Eric said there was a situation at work and went to the shower. Ridge said he could convince Brooke to give them BeLieF, but Eric didn't agree to do it. Steve was giving Brooke a massage, got her totally relaxed and kissed her while her eyes were closed. Brooke opened her eyes and said, "The massage is over".

1554: Sally and Saul were in Jack's office. Saul said that Jack had proposed to Sally only because Stephanie dropped him. Then Jack came in, slamming the door and saying, "That's enough, Saul. I think you've said far more than enough". Thorne arrived at Stephanie's, where he told Stephanie that Karen had left him. At Bill's apartment, Karen informed Brooke that she'd left Thorne. Karen said Thorne was still in love with Macy. Karen said she loved Thorne and wanted him to be happy. Kevin was at the Bikini. Keith introduced Macy to Kevin. Macy thought something about Kevin seemed familiar and Kevin talked about the accident with the glasses. Jack told Saul he wanted to speak with his fiancee privately. Before Saul had left, he said, "If something looks too good to be true, it probably is". Sally said Saul was overprotective and jealous. Sally and Jack set a wedding date - July 23. Thorne said he wasn't ready to marry Karen. Thorne said Macy had made it clear that she wasn't interested in the marriage, and noted that Sally could have used the stolen designs in her last showing, but didn't. Stephanie didn't understand what stolen designs Thorne was talking about. Brooke offered Karen a remedy - shopping. Kevin asked Macy to forgive him for bumping into her and Macy said she forgave Kevin. Kevin said he didn't get the boss boy job. Macy said that Kevin working at the Bikini was a great idea. Keith asked Kevin to clean up at the patio. Macy said she didn't know Kevin was mentally disabled, and offered to put in a good word with Sly. Keith asked her how the meeting with Thorne had gone. Brooke told Karen that the guy they met at the Bikini had turned out to be a massage therapist. Brooke said Steve had kissed her. Karen told her to call the company and complain but Brooke was sure it was an honest mistake. However, Karen suspected it could be Steve's routine and asked Brooke for Steve's number to have a massage. Karen wanted to check if there was more about Steve than Brooke knows. Stephanie guessed Jack helped Sally steal the designs, and Thorne corrected her by saying that Jack had demanded that Sally take the stolen designs off the Spectra runway. Thorne said Jack had done it for Stephanie, and felt that Jack deserved to be thanked personally by Stephanie. Stephanie didn't think it was a good idea and Thorne left. Macy told Keith she couldn't meet Thorne, and Keith guessed she was drunk. Macy confirmed it. Keith asked why Sly didn't stop her and Macy said Sly had tried. Macy said Sly was easy to be around with, since he doesn't lecture her. Keith said Sly didn't want to believe Macy had a problem and said she had a problem. Keith asked Macy to let him help her quit drinking. Macy thanked Keith for caring and hugged him; then Kevin walked inside the bar and recited a poem. Kevin said Keith had written it. Macy said, "Keith, I didn't know you were a poet". Keith said Macy didn't know a lot about him. Stephanie came into Jack's office at Spectra.

1555: Connor came to Brooke's, but she wasn't there. The baby-sitter had to leave, so Bridget and Connor were left alone. Brooke was at Sheila's house, where Sheila told Brooke she was her only friend in L.A.. Brooke said Sheila would be better to Eric than she was. Sheila asked Brooke if Forresters had any financial problems, since Eric looked worried about money. Steve was at Eric's office, where he told Eric he and Brooke were becoming friendly, since he kissed her the night before. Ridge arrived at Brooke's and wasn't pleased to find Connor there, taking care of Bridget. Stephanie told Jack that Thorne had told her about the 3 designs. Stephanie thanked Jack for saving Forrester a lot of money. Steve was sure that Brooke liked the kiss and Eric asked him not to take advantage of Brooke. Steve told Eric not to worry about Brooke, but Eric said he was worried and didn't want to hurt her. Ridge took Bridget out of Connor's hands. Ridge told him to leave but Connor said he wasn't going anywhere. Connor said, "This is not your apartment, Brooke isn't your wife and these are not your children. Now get the hell out of here before I lose it". Ridge said, "So lose it". Brooke said Forrester was swimming in money thanks to her BeLieF formula. Brooke also said she could fall for Connor if she weren't still in love with Ridge. Brooke said she had a month until Ridge and Taylor start trying to have kids. Brooke said, "Once Taylor gets pregnant, Ridge is never going to leave her". Sheila promised Brooke that she would end up with Ridge because, as Sheila put it, "What Sheila wants, Sheila gets". Jack said things with him and Sally were fine. Jack told Stephanie that she was very much like Sally in many good ways. Jack said Stephanie was special and beautiful. Stephanie left Jack's office and as she was coming into the elevator, Saul saw her and said "Azoy? Lover boy, this is going to be your downfall". Sheila told Brooke that she would help her get Ridge because Taylor was boring to live with. Brooke and Sheila shook hands and Brooke left. Steve said that Ridge's temper could be dangerous and asked Eric to make sure that Ridge wouldn't go to Brooke's. Eric explained to Steve that Bridget was Ridge's child. Steve believed he could separate Brooke and Connor. Connor asked Ridge who he wants - Taylor or Brooke. Ridge almost fought with Connor, but then Brooke arrived. Connor asked Ridge in front of Brooke, "Do you ever intend to divorce your wife for this lady?" and asked Ridge to be a man and to make a decision.

1556: Ridge said it wasn't Connor's business and that he didn't have to answer to him. Connor asked Ridge if he was going to make a commitment to Brooke. Ridge told Brooke, "I'll Talk to you later". Ridge was about to leave but Connor teased him some more, saying Ridge has his cake and is eating it too. Ridge closed the door and said, "You lousy bastard". Brooke said, "Ridge, no", but Ridge pushed Connor. Saul entered Sally's office and told her Stephanie was coming out of Jack's office. Saul said he didn't trust Stephanie or Jack. At Eric's office, Eric told Stephanie that Brooke represents a real threat to Forrester. Ridge and Connor fought each other until Brooke yelled, "There's a baby in the house". Saul said that Stephanie was making a play for the available Jack. Sally told Saul to come back to work. Stephanie said that it was upsetting for her that Brooke holds the destiny of the company in her hands. Stephanie said that she was welcoming Brooke to the family when what she really wants to do was to strangle her. Eric said that Connor was the real danger. Bridget started crying and Brooke asked Connor and Ridge to leave. Ridge and Connor were about to finish the fight outside and Brooke told them they didn't know when to quit. Ridge said he was sorry and that he was out of line. Connor said he wanted Brooke and noticed that Ridge couldn't talk about his feelings for Brooke. Connor talked about Ridge's toast and said that something was going on. Jack came into Sally's office and Sally asked Jack what Stephanie wanted. Jack said Stephanie thanked him about the designs. Sally didn't believe Jack and said Stephanie would like to steal Jack away from her. Jack said Stephanie realized they were engaged. Jack and Sally hugged. Eric said they had to trust Ridge not to confront Connor, but Stephanie wasn't sure they could do that, since Ridge despised Connor. Connor didn't believe Ridge when he said he came to Brooke's to see the kids. Brooke said Stephanie was acting weird. Connor said he was a man who gets the answers and said he'd find the truth as a man who's fighting for the woman he loves.

1557: Sally told Darla she'd make it clear to Stephanie that she doesn't stand a chance with Jack and left the Spectra building. Ridge was at Stephanie's; He told Stephanie that the situation with Brooke was getting out of control. Ridge told her about the run-in with Connor. Ridge said it would be best to come clean with Brooke. Ridge said Brooke wouldn't fall in love with a stranger, and Stephanie said that Brooke had kissed Steve. Ruthann was at Keith and Kevin's apartment. Kevin said that Keith's girlfriend would help him get the busboy job at the Bikini. Macy and Sly were at the Bikini patio; Sly said he hadn't made up his mind about hiring Kevin. Macy thought Kevin would handle the job and said, "Kevin should be treated just like everybody else. He deserves a chance. He shouldn't be discriminated against just because he's different". Keith said Macy wasn't his girlfriend and was the same woman he told Ruthann about during her previous visit. Ridge told Stephanie this had to stop - he thought Steve forced himself on Brooke. Stephanie said she trusted Steve and reminded Ridge of their job to protect the patent rights that belong to Forrester. Ridge said that Steve was taking advantage of Brooke and left. Stephanie yelled at him not to interfere and to stay out of it. Keith told Ruthann how he wrote poetry for Macy and then started to have feelings for her himself. Keith believed he'd lose his friendship with Macy if she found out he wrote the poems. Stephanie wanted to leave for Brooke's, opened the door and then Sally came in. Sally told her to take her hands off Jack. Stephanie laughed and Sally told her to give up before she has another disappointment. Keith told Ruthann that Sly was basically a good guy. Ruthanne was proud of the patient Keith who takes care of Kevin. Macy said that hiring Kevin was important to her. Sly said he'd think it over. Stephanie told Sally, "Be careful, Sally. Your insecurities are showing". Stephanie said Jack hadn't mentioned the July wedding date, and therefore cares for her, since he wanted to spare her feelings. Sally warned her that she will give her the fight of her life if she tries to stop the wedding, which is a month away. Ridge entered Eric's office and found Trish there. He told her something was wrong.

1558: Steve's secretary gave him the phone number and the address of a woman who was interested in a massage. Steve thought it was Brooke and called Eric. Eric told him to be a gentleman. Brooke remembered Connor's words, saying the Forresters were up to something. Brooke said, "Is it possible, Can Connor be right?" and wondered what the Forrester might want from her. Stephanie then arrived at Brooke's. Stephanie wanted to apologize about Ridge's behavior with Connor, since she didn't want Ridge alienating Brooke. Brooke wanted to test Stephanie's reaction by saying, "I want Ridge, and even though he's married I am going to fight one last battle to get him". Stephanie said that there wasn't anything she could do about it. Brooke said, "Stephanie, there was a day when you would physically attack me if you heard me say those words". Stephanie said that she was wrong back in those days. Stephanie said she believed Ridge loves Taylor, and that eventually Brooke would come around. Brooke said it was open minded of Stephanie, but notified her that she didn't buy it. Ridge was at Eric's office. Ridge said Eric had changed, and Eric said they weren't conning Brooke. Eric said Steve was giving Brooke a massage. Steve arrived at Karen's apartment thinking Brooke was there, and gave Karen a massage. Karen asked him about the kiss. Steve said he was taken with Brooke, and kissed her, thinking she was feeling the same. Brooke asked Stephanie how she, with all of her animosity, could change. Stephanie said she'd changed. Stephanie started to cry that Eric and Sheila's marriage made her see things differently. Brooke said she'd be watching Stephanie closely. Eric yelled at Ridge to stay away from Brooke. Ridge said he couldn't. Eric held an airline ticket and ordered Ridge to leave town for a meeting. Ridge didn't agree, but Eric didn't give up. Ridge left to put a stop to that. Steve told Karen he was out of line and shouldn't have kissed Brooke, and assured her he would never take advantage of Brooke. Steve tried to convince Karen that Connor was trouble, since he saw Connor and Brooke arguing. Steve asked Karen to put in a good word for him with Brooke. Ridge arrived at Brooke's and expected to find Steve there; he asked where the masseur was, and Brooke said she didn't have plans to see him that night. Ridge said Brooke was ruining her life with those jerks. Ridge said Brooke didn't know the masseur and Brooke asked if Karen had been talking to him. Ridge asked her to dump Connor and Steve. Brooke said Ridge was afraid of losing her, and decided, "You love me, Ridge. Why do I have to keep pulling that out of you? You love me, you do".

1559: Karen came to Thorne's office to drop off some of Thorne's stuff. At Eric's office, Steve explained to Eric that Karen was the one who wanted the massage. Connor arrived at Taylor's; Taylor went out from the living room wearing some sexy lingerie. Taylor noticed Connor, got dressed and asked him to leave. Connor said Ridge was at Brooke's, since he saw Ridge's car near Brooke's while driving. Brooke told Ridge he had been checking up on her and was pleased. Brooke said, "The time, Ridge Forrester, has finally come - our time, our time to be together, at last". Karen told Thorne about the massage Steve gave her. Thorne said he'd never lose his interest in Karen. Karen said that the sincere Steve would be good for Brooke. Karen believed there was one man for her. Steve thought Karen would give Brooke a good report about him. Connor told Taylor he was losing Brooke to Ridge. Brooke said Ridge had come because he didn't want to see her with other men. Ridge said there was a lot going on Brooke doesn't know about. Brooke reminded him he could still tell her everything. Taylor told Connor that Brooke would never have Ridge, since she had a solid marriage. Connor said Brooke was used to getting what she wants - Ridge. Connor asked Taylor about the family secret, and told her he'd find out why Taylor was ignoring his question. Connor said, "And if you really do love your husband, you'll call me," and left. Eric said that Karen was in Thorne's office, and warned Steve not to be seen by Karen. Eric said Ridge was going to Europe, since he was out of control. Eric said that Steve had one week to get Connor out of Brooke's life, and then he'd tell Brooke everything. Steve left Eric's office. Ridge told Brooke he was going to Monte Carlo. Brooke said that Ridge having a baby with Taylor would be the end for them. Brooke asked Ridge to make a decision between her and Taylor while he was away in Europe. Brooke said she didn't want to raise the kids alone and said she wanted Ridge as her husband. Ridge agreed to make a decision, hugged her and left.

1560: Thorne was at Sheila's house where Sheila asked him if Forrester Creations had any financial problems. Connor came to see Stephanie at her house. She tried to avoid him, but then gave up and invited him in. Taylor snuffed the dinner candles as Ridge was coming in. Sheila told Thorne that Eric looked worried to her about money. Connor wondered why the Forresters didn't want him near around Brooke, and said Stephanie wasn't being straight with him. Connor said he could help Stephanie - by keeping Brooke away from Ridge. Stephanie told him she had an appointment, but then exposed that as a lie - she asked Stephanie when she wanted her dinner upstairs. Ridge told Taylor he was going to Monte Carlo. Taylor let him know she knew he was at Brooke's. Connor asked Stephanie what she was holding back, and Stephanie denied it, saying "Nothing". Ridge explained to Taylor that he thought Steve was at Brooke's and intended to break his fingers. Ridge admitted to thinking with his guts, and not with his head. Ridge said Taylor deserved more; he said things would get better. Taylor doubted Ridge by asking him, "Do you honestly want things to get better for us?". Sheila told Thorne something was wrong and Thorne said Forrester was set, thanks to BeLieF. Stephanie told Connor she'd chosen to see Brooke in a different light. Connor said, "You're deliberately misleading me when in fact, you should be doing just the opposite", and Stephanie replied "Why would I encourage a young man who's rude and aggressive? I don't want you anywhere near my family". Connor announced, "I'm not walking out of Brooke's life; I'm here to stay," and left Stephanie's. Taylor asked Ridge to use the visit in Europe to be open with his feelings and to decide between her and Brooke. Ridge said he loved Taylor and Taylor said love wasn't enough - but commitment was. Ridge agreed to make a decision.

1561: Karen was at Brooke's where Brooke told her she was sure Ridge loved and had chosen her. Karen told her about the massage appointment with Steve. She said Steve was a nice guy and had a big crash on Brooke. Brooke said she was still in love with Ridge, and then Connor arrived. Thorne was at Taylor's; Taylor said she and Ridge were going through a phase. Thorne said Macy had been drunk at the night she said she loved him. Taylor and Thorne agreed to leave for the Bikini. At the Bikini, Macy told Keith that Sly would think about hiring Kevin. Keith said Sly was ignorant; he said Sly saw Kevin's disabilities, and didn't see him as a person. Sly arrived and Keith got angry at him. Macy separated them and Sly said, "We'll finish this later". Connor wanted to take Brooke dancing, but Brooke asked for a rain check. Connor got upset saying, "You don't have enough respect for me to remember a date?". Connor asked Karen to go dancing with him. Karen said, "I don't think I should", but Brooke encouraged her, so she accepted. A Bikini waitress, Marla, told Keith she was short one bus boy and didn't know what to do. Keith said he'd handle things. Thorne and Taylor arrived at the Bikini and Thorne wondered what caused Macy not to make their date. Thorne said he respected Karen for being brave. Keith went to the kitchen and asked Kevin to be a busboy. Karen and Connor arrived at the Bikini. Keith told Marla Kevin hadn't let him down. Connor told Karen that Brooke respected her advice. Macy and Sly were out on the patio, and Macy was going to have a drink. Sly saw Thorne dancing and asked Macy to go upstairs to his room. Sly said to Thorne, "What are you doing here, Forrester?" and then noticed Kevin working. Taylor noticed Karen, and Thorne said Karen had landed on her feet. Thorne wondered if Brooke knows about Connor's being out with Karen. Sly shouted at Kevin and Keith told him, "Nobody talks to my little brother like that, you got me? Nobody!"

1562: Keith asked Kevin to wait for him in the kitchen. Sly told Keith he wouldn't take the chance of hiring Kevin and said, "So if you don't like it, you can go work somewhere else - case closed". Taylor told Thorne that Ridge was making a decision between her and Brooke and said, "The next few days, we may not be living together any more". Karen told Connor that Thorne was totally in love with Macy, and then Connor noticed Taylor with Thorne. Keith went upstairs to Sly's room and told Macy that Thorne and Karen had come into the Bikini with different dates. Keith decided that Thorne was available, since he was with a woman who's wearing a wedding ring, and guessed that Thorne had come to see his love. Keith said a lot of positive things can happen if Macy stops drinking. Taylor hugged Thorne and left for a walk on the beach. Connor told Karen that Thorne was alone and looking at her. Karen wouldn't go talk to Thorne, since she didn't want to face rejection again. Macy got ready and asked Keith, "Give me time to have just one more drink", but Keith said, "No, Macy, no". Connor went out of the Bikini and talked to Taylor. Taylor said she would never believe Ridge would leave her. Karen told Thorne he could sit with her. Karen asked Thorne if he'd come because he loved Macy and wanted him and Macy back together, but then Sly interrupted them. Keith told Macy that Thorne and Karen were talking together and told Macy she looked beautiful. Sly told Thorne and Karen that he wanted to see them together. Sly then said Macy didn't need baby-sitting, and Thorne said Macy was probably upstairs getting drunk. Taylor thanked Connor for being a good friend and they danced. Thorne told Karen Sly made him sick. Macy told Keith she'd pretend that Karen isn't there. She was headed for Thorne's table when she saw he and Karen had started dancing. Macy cried and ran away. While they were dancing, Taylor told Connor, "You're not a bad guy, Connor Davis," and said she might tell it to Brooke.

1563: Jack was at Taylor's office where he told her about the wedding date. Jack said Stephanie was in love with Eric. Taylor said Stephanie was ready to move on, with the right man. Sheila was at Brooke's where she heard about Ridge's making a decision. Brooke said Taylor also asked Ridge to decide between them. Brooke said she and Ridge deserved to be a family after six years. Brooke said, "Ridge and I are finally going to be together. I'm more certain of that now than I've ever been". At their apartment, Kevin asked Keith if Sly had been mad at Keith because of him. Keith said Kevin had done a great job, but Kevin said Sly didn't like him. Macy then knocked on their door and came in. Macy flattered Kevin and he left to do his homework. Keith said he owed Macy an apology and asked forgiveness from her. Macy said she couldn't blame Keith, since he was only trying to help her. Macy said, "Thorne and I are divorcing and I might as well just get used to that". Keith disagreed saying, "If you want this guy you can have him; believe me, he's yours. But you've got to stop drinking, you've got to stop now". Taylor told Jack Eric wasn't in the way any more. Jack said he wanted to marry Sally. Jack told Taylor about Stephanie's visit when she thanked him. Taylor said there could be another reason for Stephanie's passing by and Jack said his and Stephanie's time had passed. Taylor told Jack about Ridge's decision. Taylor wanted Ridge to resolve his feelings for Brooke, and said she wanted to start a family with Ridge, but only after he makes a decision. Jack said he didn't trust Brooke, and Taylor left, saying there was something she had to take care of. Brooke told Sheila that Ridge was coming back the next day, and was sure Ridge wouldn't let her relationship with Connor get that far. Brooke thanked god for the paternity test result and Sheila whispered, "God isn't the only one you should be thanking". Sheila offered herself as an assistant for Brooke at Forrester. Brooke said it wasn't a bad idea. Sheila left. Keith told Macy she had an alcohol problem. Macy said Karen was keeping her from Thorne, and not Tequila. Brooke told herself, "Just 24 hours and you're back in my arms, and this time, darling, it's forever". Then Taylor rang Brooke's door bell. Keith convinced Macy to stop drinking in order to get together with Thorne again. Macy announced, "No more drinking. I mean it, I am finished with alcohol", but wasn't willing to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Keith said Macy would need more than his support; however, Macy wasn't convinced. Taylor told Brooke she'd asked Ridge to make a decision so he would come back with a renewed commitment to their marriage. Taylor said, "If Ridge stays with me, I want you to swear that you're going to leave us alone". Taylor said she'd hold Brooke to her words.

1564: Taylor said she'll accept it if Ridge comes back with a decision to be with Brooke and then would divorce him. Taylor asked Brooke to let go if Ridge decided to stay with her and asked her if she had enough integrity to make a promise and to keep it. At Eric's office, Stephanie told Eric about Ridge's making a decision. Eric couldn't believe Ridge would leave Taylor and Stephanie reminded Eric that he left his wife for Brooke. Eric wondered if Ridge would've married Taylor if he hadn't been with Brooke. Eric said that Brooke could have a claim on Ridge considering the course of events, but Stephanie disagreed. Then Steve came in saying he has some bad news about the BeLieF patent. Connor arrived at Karen's office and asked her how much she knew about the BeLieF formula. Connor said that Forrester was having problems getting a patent for BeLieF and said, "This is big, Karen, very big". Karen said that getting a patent took time and Connor said that the Forresters themselves put a hold on the patent application. Connor talked about how Stephanie was nice to Brooke and didn't want him involved with Brooke. Connor said, "They're hiding something and I think I finally found out what that something is". Steve said he'd gotten a call from the patent office and was told that Connor had requested a copy of the BeLieF file. Stephanie said it was their worst nightmare. Stephanie said Brooke would be at Eric's office if she were told about the patent problem by Connor. Stephanie said they had to talk to Brooke before she'd be told. Steve said Connor would have the file in 24 hours. Steve made two copies of a contract releasing Brooke from the rights to the BeLieF formula. Brooke told Taylor she could have seduced Ridge in the past six months, but didn't. Taylor said she wasn't leaving before Brooke gave her an answer. Taylor said Brooke was afraid that Ridge wouldn't choose her. Brooke said that Taylor didn't have the same history with Ridge that she did. Brooke decided that Ridge and her would get married and raise a family. Brooke said she was sorry that Taylor got caught up in the middle of this. Brooke said, "You are going to lose Ridge". Connor said that a copy of the BeLieF file would arrive at his office the next day, and then Connor confirms his suspicion about Brooke, BeLieF and a whole lot of money. Stephanie thanked Steve and he left. Eric said he believed Brooke was a good person. Stephanie said she thought Ridge should try to get Brooke to sign the papers the next day. Eric pointed out the possibility of losing control of Forrester to Brooke. Stephanie said, "This company is us, Forrester Creation is you and me and our children". Taylor couldn't deny that Brooke and Ridge share something special, but added that this special something wasn't enough to make Ridge leave her. Taylor said Brooke was unrealistic and setting herself up for a big fall. Brooke promised she'd be there for Taylor if he chooses her, and Taylor promised Brooke the same. Brooke said, "If Ridge decides to stay in this marriage - I mean if that's what he really decides to do - I won't pursue him any more". Brooke said she'd never use Bridget against Ridge and would allow him to see her. Taylor said their lives were about to change forever.

1565: The Nanny, Janie, told Brooke that she and Ridge belonged together at Brooke's. Brooke told Eric, Jr. she wanted them and Ridge to be a family. At Taylor's, Taylor told Jack that Ridge was about to land. Taylor was insecure, saying Ridge also had Bridget to think about. Eric arrived at Stephanie's; Eric said they couldn't wait for Ridge and wanted to go to Brooke's to ask her to sign the papers. Stephanie said Ridge got along with Brooke, and suggested Ridge should go to Brooke's, but Eric said he wouldn't let Ridge go to Brooke's, since it might be the most dangerous thing. Ridge was about to land, saying to himself on the plane that he was in love with 2 women and was about to break one of their hearts. Ridge remembered about Bridget's birth. Ridge called Brooke from the plane telling her he'd see her soon. Jack said love and faith went together and told Taylor to believe Ridge, since she loved him. Eric said Brooke wouldn't sign the papers if Ridge decides to stay with Taylor. Stephanie said to wait and see what has been decided, but Eric said they couldn't wait any longer. Connor arrived at Brooke's; Connor said it wasn't a social call. Connor said, "I have something very important to tell you". Ridge remembered how Taylor was understanding after Bridget's birth. Ridge called Taylor and said, "I have to go to Brooke's first". Taylor panicked, wondering what it meant. Brooke told Connor she didn't have time to talk to him. Connor asked her to come to his office, but Brooke said she'd see it the next day, since Ridge was on his way over. Connor said the Forresters were in about something very big; that is also the reason for their acting strange. Connor said, "And If I'm right, your precious Ridge has been in on it too". Ridge arrived at Stephanie's; Eric and Stephanie informed him that Connor found out about the patent problem. Eric said he was going to Brooke's to get her signature on the release form. Ridge said he'd do it, since Brooke was expecting him. Stephanie said, "Depending on your decision - I mean, she can end up being uncooperative". Ridge said he'd get Brooke to sign the papers. Stephanie asked him, "Are you leaving your wife for Brooke? Is this the decision that you've reached?".

1566: Jack was at Taylor's where he told Taylor she should be confident. Taylor said she knew Ridge loved her and mentioned, "Ridge, if he alienates Brooke, the Forresters can lose the BeLieF formula". Connor told Brooke it couldn't wait until the next day. Brooke said, "You didn't come over here to warn me about the Forresters, you came over here to get in the way". Brooke saw Connor's actions as jealousy. Ridge said he wouldn't discuss his personal life before talking with Brooke and Taylor. Ridge said he believed in Brooke's honesty and was sure Brooke would sign the papers without questions asked. Taylor said that Ridge had to choose between his marriage and Forrester. Connor told Brooke that Ridge and the Forresters weren't on her side. Connor tried to help Brooke, saying her obsession interfered with her judgment. Brooke asked Connor to leave and Connor said Ridge was using her and leading her on. Brooke asked Connor to get out and leave her alone. Connor warned her, "He's not worth it, and maybe after tonight you will know that, and I want you to remember that I tried to tell you, because I'm your friend and I care about you. I care a whole hell of a lot more than Ridge Forrester does", and left. Ridge left for Brooke's. Connor arrived at Karen's and said he'd come from Brooke's. Connor said Brooke had thrown him out. Connor said Brooke was deluding herself. He thought Brooke had a claim to BeLieF. Taylor tried to understand the meaning of Ridge's going straight to Brooke's and Jack calmed her, saying, "Everything is going to be just fine". Brooke told Bridget Ridge was coming back to her, and then Ridge came in. Ridge said dinner with the kids would be fine. Stephanie told Eric, "I don't care if Brooke gets BeLieF, I don't care. I don't want to lose our son to her". Stephanie hoped Ridge would get the contract signed and come back to his wife, and Eric agreed. Karen said the patent was worth millions of dollars, and Connor said Brooke could be running Forrester. Connor then got a page, saying the package with the patent application arrived at his office. Brooke wanted to eat, but Ridge said he wanted Brooke to sign a company document of Forrester first.

1567: Jack left Taylor's. Stephanie came into Taylor's and was relieved Taylor hadn't been alone. Stephanie told Taylor that Ridge had been at the main house and had left for Brooke's. Stephanie informed her about Connor's discovery. Stephanie said that Ridge would get Brooke to sign the papers and Taylor got even more panicked. Taylor said, "He's chosen Brooke". Connor said he appreciated Karen's help and wanted to leave, but Karen told him to wait a minute. Brooke said she trusted Ridge; Ridge said he had something to explain but Brooke signed the papers. Ridge showed her her copy and Brooke said she'd take a look at it later. Karen warned Connor that Ridge and Brooke might be coming back together, and then Brooke would gladly hand over the patent. Karen said Brooke didn't care about the money, but Ridge. Brooke, the kids and Ridge were having dinner. Ridge said Bridget deserved a father that she can count on. Taylor said, "Ridge is going to leave me for Brooke". Stephanie said she didn't believe that Ridge would leave Taylor. Stephanie said she rather lose Forrester before losing Taylor as her daughter in law. Taylor and Stephanie hugged. Brooke put the kids to bed. Karen said Connor deserved to be treated better, and that Connor had to move on. Karen and Connor told each other they feel good when they're with each other, and kissed. Stephanie said that Taylor was the best thing that happened to Ridge. On Brooke's balcony, Ridge told Brooke she was a very important part of his life. Brooke reminded Ridge about their dream about having a family. Ridge was about to tell Brooke his decision, but Brooke kissed him first. She said, "I love you and you love me", and asked him, "Are you going to divorce Taylor and marry me? Are we going to have a family together? Tell me, Ridge, now".

1568: Connor said that the kiss had been a stupid thing to do. Karen said she'd wanted Connor to kiss her. Connor, said "Brooke's heart belongs to Ridge, not me". Connor said he didn't want to talk about Brooke anymore. Stephanie came back to her house, where Eric couldn't believe Ridge would leave Taylor. Stephanie wished, "That in my life I've never heard Brooke Logan's name. That none of us had ever heard her name". Taylor wondered what was going on at Brooke's. Brooke said Taylor would move on with her life and was prepared for this. Ridge said, "I'm not leaving her, Logan". Eric said they would survive and not let Forrester go under. Brooke couldn't believe it was happening. Brooke said Ridge didn't love Taylor, but Ridge said the opposite. Brooke didn't want Ridge's explanation and asked him to leave. Ridge said he was sorry. Ridge picked up a copy of the release form, put in his bag and left. Brooke burst into tears. Karen said Connor made her feel good. Connor asked Karen what she wanted to do and Karen kissed Connor. Ridge arrived at Stephanie's. He said he'd lost the love of a devoted woman - Brooke. Ridge said he'd had the contract signed before telling Brooke his decision. Eric said Ridge had come through for them. Ridge said it was over and Eric hugged him. Brooke called Karen, and Karen noticed Brooke's crying voice. Brooke said Ridge had chosen Taylor. Karen said she was sorry. Ridge walked into his house where he told Taylor that Brooke had signed the contracts. Stephanie said Brooke wasn't a threat any longer. Eric told Stephanie he wanted to celebrate, but had to go to Sheila. Stephanie said, "That's fine, go ahead. I've got something I'm going to do", closed the door and continued, "Something I should have done a long time ago". Taylor said she loved a man who was in love with another woman. Taylor said she loved Ridge enough to let him go. Taylor said Brooke would make him happy. Ridge sat Taylor down and said he loved her too. Ridge said, "I'm not going anywhere, I'm not giving up on this marriage, Taylor". Taylor cried and hugged Ridge. Stephanie rang Brooke's door bell. Brooke was all swollen and opened the door. Stephanie asked, in a kind voice, "Is this a bad time?" and Brooke said yes. Stephanie changed to a vindictive voice and said, "OH, WELL, IT'S ABOUT TO GET WORSE, A WHOLE LOT WORSE".

1569: Jack was at Sally's where he told her Ridge was staying with Taylor. Then Keith arrived saying he had to talk to Sally. At their house, Taylor said she'd do anything for Ridge and they sat down to have a pizza. Stephanie told Brooke it was the last conversation she and Brooke will have. Brooke asked her what happened to the kindness. Stephanie called it diplomacy, because of the type of person Brooke is. Stephanie said she was talking about the contract, and suggested, "Why won't you take a seat, and while you're on your way to the sofa, why don't you close that glass slamming door, because when you understand what you've signed away, I think you might want to walk out on that balcony and take a nice, long leap". Keith told Sally that Macy had been hiding her drinking. Keith said Macy had a serious drinking problem. Brooke said that Stephanie's misery wasn't her fault but Stephanie disagreed. Stephanie said, "You're gonna get exactly what you deserve". Stephanie said Brooke didn't mean anything to Ridge, but a sex toy. Stephanie took the contract and said it was a sign of sweet victory. Stephanie said Brooke had signed away hundreds of millions of dollars, and control of Stephanie's life. Taylor offered to dance naked with Ridge. Sally told Keith that Macy had stopped drinking. Keith disagreed, saying they shouldn't blame Thorne. Keith said Macy was in the denial stage. Keith said he had been doing some research and asked for a chance to help Macy. Brooke asked Stephanie if it was a sick joke of Stephanie's. Stephanie said that Brooke had given away any control over BeLieF, and Brooke said, "BeLieF wasn't mine to begin with". Stephanie said that Brooke hadn't been under contract and the control of Forrester Creations and their lives could have been Brooke's. Brooke took the contract out of Stephanie's hands and Stephanie said, "Please take it, and put it away someplace safe, because we have our copy that's signed, sealed and delivered, and we have put it away someplace safe. You've really blown the big opportunity". Stephanie said that Ridge, who Brooke wanted, had gotten her to sign the papers, and stressed that, "His loyalty was to us, and not you". While they were dancing, Ridge offered to flush the birth control pills down the toilet and work on their first child. Stephanie said Ridge knew how conniving Brooke is. Stephanie said Ridge didn't trust Brooke. Brooke told Stephanie to get out, but Stephanie said, "He got you to sign that contract first. There's a message there. A real message for you. There isn't anything for you here. There isn't anything left for you. You don't have BeLieF, you don't have Ridge. We have finally purged you from our lives. I don't want you to ever come near my home. I don't want you near my family. I don't want you near Forrester Creations. Do you understand? We're through with you. Everyone is through with you. This time, this time, it's finally over", and left.

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