July, 1993

Written by Ori Dekel

1570: Saul and Darla were at Sally's office, and Sally said she knew Macy was an alcoholic through Keith. Sly and Macy were in Sly's room, and Macy said she'd stopped by at Keith's, and that Keith had called her an alcoholic. Sly said Keith should keep his opinions to himself and Macy reminded him that he said she was an alcoholic, too. Kevin woke up Keith; Keith said he was reading books about alcoholism, since Macy would need help. Keith said he had a plan that will work if Sally is in his corner. Connor was about to leave Karen's, but Karen woke up and kissed him. Karen said that Connor kissing her and sleeping on her couch wasn't a big deal. Connor said Brooke was probably in Ridge's arms and Karen told him about Brooke's phone call. Sally said she was convinced Macy quit drinking and Saul pointed out the possibility that Keith might be lying. Sally understood the signs and Saul said Macy needed help and doctors. Sally said Keith had said Macy wasn't willing to get help. Sally said, "I'm going to stay involved. I refuse to stand by and watch my daughter destroy her life with alcohol". Sly said Macy drank too much, and agreed Macy might be an alcoholic. Macy said Sly was like the others. She said she'd thought she could trust him. Sly said Macy had a problem, but Macy disagreed saying she was in control. Sly said he believed in Macy and she hugged him. Sly said he loved Macy. Karen told Connor that Ridge had decided to stay with Taylor. Karen asked for forgiveness for not waking Connor when Brooke called, and he understood. Karen said Brooke had been crying and been looking for Connor. Keith called Sally and wanted to come over to talk to Sally about his plan. Karen said she'd go to Brooke's, since Brooke needed a friend. Connor said he'd stop by at Brooke's later, after checking the BeLieF file. Karen said she was fine with that; Connor kissed her on the cheek and left. Keith arrived at Sally's office at Spectra. Saul said Macy was like a daughter to him. Sally said that all of them were behind Keith, since Macy trusted him. Keith told them about his risky plan - Intervention. At Connor's office, Connor took a look at the BeLieF formula file. He said, "This is it. Of course", understood Brooke wasn't under contract, got excited saying, "Oh my god. The BeLieF patent - it belongs to Brooke. The whole damn thing belongs to Brooke".

1571: Karen opened Brooke's door, that wasn't locked. She found Brooke sleeping on a chair on her balcony. Brooke opened her swollen eyes, and said she'd had a stupid childhood dream for 6 years. Brooke said that she had been at rock bottom when Ridge left, and then Stephanie destroyed everything. Jack arrived at Sally's office. Keith said he'd learned about the disease and explained them about the intervention - to make friends and family confront the alcoholic. Keith asked Sally to call Thorne. Brooke said Stephanie had been there the night before and said she'd lost the BeLieF patent, that could have been hers. She told Karen how Ridge got her to sign the release form without telling her what she was signing. Karen couldn't believe Ridge would do something like that. Brooke said, "He didn't have enough respect for me to tell me the truth". Karen was sure Stephanie had put Ridge up to this. Then Connor arrived and Brooke hugged him. Sally wouldn't call Thorne and told Keith that Thorne shouldn't be involved, and Darla agreed. Keith talked about a united front, and said they should get Macy admit she has a problem and make her get help. Keith said they should make Macy choose, and said, "In order to save Macy, we risk losing her, maybe for a long time". Stephanie and Eric were at Eric's office and then Ridge came in. Ridge said he was bothered with the way they handled the patent problem. Stephanie said that it'd been unfortunate that Brooke's been hurt. Eric looked at the contract and said, "What the hell!?". Keith told Darla and Saul to refuse to be around Macy while she's drinking. Sally wasn't sure she would stand it and Saul told her about his sister, who was married to an alcoholic that died in a car accident, since his sister wouldn't confront him. Keith asked Sally to put her love to Macy on the line. Karen left Brooke's. Jack, Saul and Darla encouraged Sally to act and Sally said she trusted Keith, and agreed to the intervention. Eric said there was no signature on the contract. Ridge said Brooke had signed in front of him and realized he took the wrong copy, and left the signed copy at Brooke's. Stephanie suggested that Ridge go to Brooke's and get the signed copy before Brooke realizes what she's got. Brooke said Connor had been right about Ridge, who dumped her. Connor showed Brooke the BeLieF formula patent application and said, "The BeLieF formula, it could be yours, all you have to do is file a claim". Brooke showed him a copy of the release form. Brooke said she'd trusted Ridge and didn't read it. Connor said, "Your signature on this document is legally binding". Brooke said that she'd only signed one copy. Connor concluded, "You have the entire Forrester family right in the palm of your hand!"

1572: Outside of Sly's room, Macy said she cared about Sly. Macy said it was over between her and Thorne. Sly took a drink of Macy's glass and asked, "Damn, Macy, what's in this?". At Sally's office, Saul said they had to act. Keith said they had to rehearse the intervention and said he'd play the part of Macy. Stephanie told Ridge to treat his visit to Brooke as a simple exchange. Connor said it was incredible and said, "This is our chance, Brooke, and we are going to take it". Connor said Brooke would have the last laugh - as Stephanie and the other Forresters will answer to her. Brooke said, "I don't want BeLieF. I don't care about the money". Connor said the Forresters had stabbed Brooke in the back, and Ridge had deliberately deceived her, so she was only claiming what is rightfully hers. Brooke said she was empty. Ridge told Stephanie that Brooke could slam the door at his face. Stephanie said, "The future of this company is in that signed contract at Brooke's". Sly said it was early for Vodka, and that Macy had to stop drinking, but wasn't sure if she could. Macy left for Sally's office, saying her Mother had faith in her. Keith came into Sally's office, pretending to be Macy. They rehearsed a confrontation where Keith showed the others how they should be tough, and not break in front of Macy. Ridge said Brooke might question him about the contract, and added that Brooke knew that BeLieF didn't belong to her. Ridge was about to leave, but Stephanie told him about her "conversation" with Brooke. Connor said Brooke shouldn't give Stephanie another reason to gloat and to laugh at her face. Connor said that none of the Forrester had enough decency to tell her the truth. Brooke realized Ridge tricked her. Connor suggested, "I say, make him pay. Take BeLieF away from him". Connor said the Forresters couldn't be trusted and didn't give a damn about anyone but themselves. Brooke said, "I would love to see the look on her face if I had the final victory". Brooke took the contract from Connor's hands and said, "Brooke Logan Forrester is nobody's fool - nobody's". Macy arrived at Sally's office where she wondered what Keith was doing there. Sally said she knew Macy was still drinking and cannot stop, and that Macy was sick. Keith said all of them would help Macy. Ridge said he'd go over to see Brooke, but then Brooke came into Eric's office, wearing an executive red suit, and her eyes weren't as swollen as before. Eric said that Ridge had left the wrong copy at her place. Eric said he'd like their copy and thanked Brooke for dropping it by. Brooke said, "NOT SO FAST, ERIC. NOT SO FAST".

1573: Macy told Sally she'd stopped drinking, but Keith said he'd told Sally the truth. Saul said Keith was Macy's best friend. Macy asked Darla to get out with her. Taylor came into a restaurant where Connor was also eating. Connor didn't mind Taylor joining him. Connor said that Brooke had thought that Ridge would leave Taylor, and that the Forresters were getting what they deserved. Connor said Ridge had pulled a dirty stunt on Brooke. Stephanie suggested that Brooke and Ridge go to Ridge's office to have a private conversation, but asked for the contract first. Brooke said, "You are such a snake, Stephanie. And you, Eric, you're not much better". Brooke said that she'd caught them and said, "And now you're going to pay. You are going to suffer the consequences". Keith said that Macy was suffering from a disease. Everybody reminded Macy of the bad things that happened to her because of the alcohol. Macy said they had lost touch with reality. Connor told Taylor that Ridge had blown his little scheme. Connor said, "He left the only signed copy with Brooke, and I'll make damn sure she knows exactly what it's worth". Brooke told Stephanie to get down on her knees and Eric told her she was being childish. Brooke told Eric, "Go to hell" and told them not to dare to pass judgment on her. Brooke reminded Stephanie of her visit and said it was coming back to Stephanie. Brooke said she'd waited for 6 years to say those things and said, "Finally, Stephanie, it is my turn; yours is over, you're finished". Jack told Macy she had to decide between the drinking or the others being a part of her life. Taylor told Connor that the BeLieF patent wasn't Brooke's. Connor reminded her about the deception. Connor said, "She has a valid claim on this formula, by the letter of the law", and added, "Legally, BeLieF is 100% Brooke's, and I intend to make sure that she gets every bit of it". Ridge touched Brooke and she told him to get his hands off her. Brooke was sure Stephanie was the initiator of the attempt to defraud her. She said she should and might sue them. Eric said BeLieF didn't belong to Brooke. Brooke said they didn't tell her about the oversight immediately because they didn't trust her. Brooke said, "I gave you children, grandchildren, a product that turns out money like you wouldn't believe in your wildest dreams - and what do you give me? I mean, you give me manipulation, lies, deception. Well, two can play this little game. Say hello to your new boss, Stephanie. You too, Eric, Ridge. You're looking at the lady who's is going to control BeLieF, and Forrester Creations as well". Macy wouldn't believe Sally and the others would cut her out of their lives. Sally said that they gave her the ultimatum because they cared. Macy said she wouldn't drink as much and Sally said she had to stop drinking completely. Macy said she wasn't an alcoholic. Sally asked Macy to leave, Macy said, "Yeah, right". Sally insisted saying, "You're not welcome here as long as you're drinking". Macy said, "Goodbye, Mother. Thanks for nothing" and left. Keith told Sally she'd done the right thing. Eric said Brooke had no ethical right to the formula. Brooke said she would have signed the contract but Stephanie didn't believe it. Stephanie dared Brooke to sign the contract now and prove her wrong. Brooke said she couldn't trust her kids' fathers because of the way they tried to trick her. She said she had two children to raise. Brooke tore up the contact in front of Stephanie, Eric and Ridge. Brooke said, "You know, there's gonna be some changes around here, and you better be ready for them. You damned well better be ready for them," and left.

1574: At Eric's office, Eric asked Trish to get Steve on the phone, but he wasn't available. Eric wanted to involve attorneys for legal advice, but Ridge didn't. Connor arrived at Brooke's. Brooke said she'd given the Forresters back the signed contract in little pieces, and that she was angry with the Forresters. Connor said Brooke would be a wealthy woman, and all of her kids' lives would be secure. Stephanie told Ridge it was too late to reason with Brooke, since Brooke was irrational. Ridge offered to wait a few days, and then go to Brooke. Ridge said he was going home and asked them not to make a move before consulting with him. Brooke told Connor that Ridge had betrayed her; she said Ridge saw and felt about her like Stephanie did -as an opportunist. She and Connor hugged. Eric arrived at his house, where Sheila wanted to show him the new expensive furniture she bought. Eric told her the bad news - the option of Brooke owning the formula and its profits. Ridge arrived at his home, and told Taylor how Brooke tore up the contract. Ridge said Brooke was angry enough to put them out of business. He said Brooke was bitter and felt betrayed. Eric told Sheila that Brooke was upset with all of them. Sheila blamed Stephanie and said, "She's been abusing Brooke for years and I know what that's like." Sheila added, "If I were Brooke, I would have killed her, by now," and then said, "I'm just gonna have to do something about it," referring to saving Forrester Creations from Brooke. Taylor was sure Brooke wouldn't go that far. Ridge said Brooke wasn't evil. Taylor said she'd ran into Connor in a restaurant. Ridge was certain Brooke knew it was over between them, and therefore, she will have a relationship with Connor. Brooke said Connor had been right all along, and Connor talked how the Forresters tried to cheat Brooke, including Ridge - who blew her off after getting her to sign the release form. Connor said, "I want you to get what is rightfully yours" and said, "I'm going to make them pay". Connor swore Brooke will recover and promised to be there for her, in her new promised life. Connor kissed Brooke.

1575: Sheila arrived at Stephanie's and accused her of handing over the formula to Brooke. Sally and Darla came to Keith's and Kevin opened the door. Keith introduced Kevin. Sally said Keith was a good person. Macy woke up on the floor, holding an empty bottle of Tequila. Macy remembered how Thorne asked her to marry her, and then Sly arrived. Sheila discussed Brooke with Stephanie, and called Brooke a manipulator. Sheila said Stephanie stood to lose a lot and asked Stephanie how they were going to stop Brooke. Kevin left for school and Keith said Kevin was a fighter, despite his disabilities. Keith said they had to wait for Macy to come around. Sally was sure there was something else they could do and Keith suggested bringing Thorne into that. Sly and Macy walked into his room. Macy said that Sally had thrown her out, instead of giving her support. She mentioned Keith was there too. Macy started to pack and announced she was leaving, because Sly didn't trust her. Sly tried to stop her. Stephanie said that Sheila would be out of town if Eric ended up broke; she wouldn't discuss the crisis with Sheila and said, "There's the door, the next time that you come over, please call ahead. That way I'll make sure I'm not here". Stephanie said she'd treat Sheila worse than she treated Brooke. Sheila, however, said she was the only one who could save Stephanie. Sally said Thorne was the problem, and not the solution. Keith said Thorne had the biggest influence over Macy, and cared for her, and guessed that Thorne was still in love with Macy; Darla agreed with him. Sally didn't believe the Forresters were capable of loving and agreed to think about talking with Thorne. . Macy said she couldn't stay with someone who's looking over her shoulder . Sly told Macy he would do everything for Macy. Macy asked for time to fall for Sly, and said, "You're exactly what I need right now," and kissed him. Sheila said Stephanie didn't have a clue about dealing with Brooke, and that there was no doubt that Brooke would get a patent. Sheila said, "No, you brought this on yourself, Brooke is trying to get at you, Stephanie". Sheila said she was Brooke's only friend. Stephanie called Sheila a clown. Sheila said that without her (Sheila), "you and your family are finished. And I'm never going to let you forget this, Stephanie, not for the rest of your life".

1576: Connor arrived at Brooke's, where Brooke said she felt awful. Connor said there was a promised future ahead for Brooke. Connor said, "You have got to act now," and encouraged her to get revenge on the Forresters immediately. Darla was at Karen's office at Spectra, and said she was sorry about Thorne and Karen breaking up. Karen said she hadn't given up, as she saw Macy and Thorne weren't getting back together. Sheila was at her house, telling herself she couldn't let Brooke get Forrester. Darla looked at Karen and said, "You've met someone, haven't you?". Karen talked about the attractive attorney, and Darla told her to go for it. Karen said the attorney made her happy. Brooke told Connor things were happening too fast. Connor told Brooke to show the Forresters she wasn't bluffing and she agreed. Connor and Brooke said they were a dangerous great team. Connor asked her where he stood with her, and Brooke said she needed time to heal her wounds from Ridge. Connor said, "I can't wait forever", and left for his office, saying he'd work on the patent application. Ridge and Taylor ate a healthy breakfast in bed. Ridge and Taylor made love and then Taylor said she was proud of Ridge, for keeping his mind off Forrester Creations. Sheila arrived at Brooke's and said she was sorry about Brooke and Ridge. Brooke said all of the Forresters had something to do with Ridge's decision. Sheila suggested that Brooke leave town, and said that Eric wouldn't interfere with her relationship with Brooke. Sheila said she would have come straight to Brooke if she'd known about the patent problem. Brooke said, "I am going to claim the patent, Sheila. I'm going to take BeLieF away from them". Connor was working at his office and then Karen came in. Connor was glad to see her. Karen and Connor agreed they didn't do anything they had to feel guilty about, but only made each other feel appreciated. Karen acknowledged Connor's interest in Brooke. Karen said, "There is one woman in your life who truly appreciates what you have to offer" and hugged him. Sheila pleaded with Brooke not to claim BeLieF as her own. Brooke said she had to think about herself and her children. Brooke said, "Revenge is going to be very sweet". Brooke told Sheila, "Don't you dare try to stop me. I have lost too many wars to this woman and this one I'm going to win. Stephanie Forrester has had it coming and by god , I'm going to give it to her, in spades".

1577: At Sally's office, Darla told Sally that Thorne might be the only chance to get Macy to stop drinking. Sally left for Thorne's. Keith was at his apartment holding Macy's picture, saying he had to get Macy sober and healthy. Then Macy knocked on his door. Keith said, "You're always welcome here, Macy. As long as you're not drinking". Macy accused Keith of hating her, and turning her friends and family against her. Macy said there was nothing special between her and Keith any more. Sally arrived at Thorne's condo. Thorne was surprised to see Sally. Ridge went to Eric's mansion, where Eric said they had to make a move to end the BeLieF situation. Ridge said Brooke would negotiate. Eric said BeLieF belonged to Forrester Creations, therefore there is nothing to negotiate. Sheila admitted that Brooke was holding all of the cards. Sheila told Brooke she wasn't her enemy. Sheila knew Brooke cared about Ridge more than about money. Sheila said, "You can have him, Brooke". Sheila advised Brooke that handing over the formula might impact Ridge. Brooke said, "I am not a lunatic," and wondered about Sheila's motivation. Brooke said that the Forresters tried to destroy her and asked Sheila to show herself out. Sheila told herself, "Damn it," and left. Sally told Thorne that Macy was an alcoholic and was even drinking in the mornings. Thorne wouldn't believe it. Sally said the personality had changed and that Macy had started lying. Sally couldn't deny the fact that Thorne was a major factor in Macy's life and thought Thorne might persuade Macy to admit she had a drinking problem and get help. Sally asked Thorne, "Will you try to get Macy her life back?" Eric suggested they involve attorneys and said he felt trapped. Ridge said Brooke might be reasonable; then Sheila came in. Sheila said she'd returned from Brooke's and that Brooke was determined to go after the Forresters. Keith told Macy she had a problem and needed help. Macy said she didn't want Keith's friendship. Macy said the intervention was Keith's idea. Thorne said Macy was living with Sly because she wanted to, and called Macy's drinking a lifestyle. Sally asked Thorne to show his care for Macy. Sally said she'd do anything to make sure Macy wasn't finished. Sheila said Brooke wanted the formula and felt she could get it. She added that Brooke was hurt, but noted that Brooke was vulnerable to Ridge, therefore Ridge might be the only one who can persuade Brooke to change her mind. Eric left for Brooke's. Keith told Macy he hadn't told Thorne yet, but would if he had to. Keith said he'd never give up on Macy and Macy left. Thorne said Sally had come to use him, to straighten out Sally's relationship with Macy. Sally said that she was sorry for asking Thorne's help. Sally said she'd never stop trying to save Macy and left. Eric arrived at Brooke's; Eric said "The business with BeLieF has gone far enough, and it's going to end, here and now".

1578: Connor was at his office, and was about to leave for Brooke's to get her signature on the patent application, but then Ridge arrived. Brooke told Eric she was expecting someone. Eric said Brooke didn't need Connor as an attorney, and not as a friend. Taylor arrived at Thorne's condo. Taylor told Thorne about her and Ridge trying to have a baby. Thorne said Sally had visited him, that she had claimed Macy had a drinking problem and that she wanted him to make Macy stop. Connor told Ridge he'd win. Connor said, "The BeLieF formula belongs to Brooke, and there isn't a judge alive that won't see it that way". Brooke put Eric, Jr. in his room, saying Eric hadn't trusted her. Brooke said that she didn't trust Eric now. Taylor told Thorne that Macy filled a void in her life by drinking. Thorne said, "I love her, and I don't want to see it happening to her". Connor told Ridge that Brooke would get the patent and would sue for the patent profits - and by a settlement, Brooke would take over Forrester Creation. Ridge told Connor he'll pay a price if he messes with his family. Taylor said that Sly wasn't good for Macy. Taylor advised Thorne to separate the personal elements from the problem, and not to promise Macy anything in return while talking to her. Taylor left. Brooke said it was too late for an apology. Eric said they should have come straight to Brooke. Eric said, "What we did was wrong, but you are overreacting here". Brooke said Eric had harmed her, and had questioned her character, and stressed that she wasn't part of the family, but an outsider. Eric told Brooke how Ridge wanted to level with her, and said he himself was scared of Connor, not Brooke. Eric asked, "Please forgive me". Connor told Ridge to learn to live with losing Forrester Creations. Ridge said Connor wasn't holding all the cards, and mentioned he still had influence with Brooke. Connor said he was going to have Brooke sign the patent application and left his office. Brooke said she'd forgive Eric, but she had to provide for her children. Eric said that running Forrester wasn't easy and said Brooke was a chemist and not a business woman. Eric thought that the children would feel the animosity between Brooke and the Forresters if Brooke claimed the patent, and begged Brooke not to make a play for the patent for the family and the kids' sake. Eric left, and Connor walked in. Connor said he had the patent application there and said "Let's sign it". Ridge arrived at his house where Taylor showed up wearing a red dress. Taylor said she was ready to conceive a child. Taylor and Ridge kissed and then fell down on the bed.

1579: On their bed, Ridge told Taylor he believed they destroyed their relationship with Brooke. Taylor said that Brooke's anger wasn't permanent. Ridge said Taylor would have his child and they made love. Connor said that once the BeLieF patent is Brooke's, the Forresters won't be able to do anything to stop Brooke. Connor said, "This patent application is only the beginning". Brooke took a pen, and was about to sign the form, but then hesitated. At the Bikini, Keith and Sly looked at Macy getting drunk. Keith said Macy wouldn't talk to him after he tried to help her. Sly ordered Keith, "Back off", but Keith disagreed saying, "Unless Macy gets a grip on herself, she's going to self-destruct". Ridge told Taylor she was good for him, and said he didn't want the kids growing up in a hostile environment. Eric rang the door bell, and Ridge got out of bed. Eric said he'd come back from Brooke's. Brooke told Connor she needed more time to think about everything. Connor said that signing the application was the right decision, that would give Brooke a lot of power. Connor decided Eric had done a number on Brooke, by making her feel guilty for going after what is rightfully hers. Connor said, "This is your chance to show these people what kind of a woman you are, Brooke." Keith said Macy was out of control. Sly said Macy didn't want Keith's help. Keith said that Sly was allowing Macy to drink. Sly said he cared about Macy, and Keith said "If you really cared, you'd cut her off". Sly again said he loved Macy. The drunk Macy got into a fight with a "Biker Chick". Taylor joined Ridge and Eric in the living room and Eric said he'd gotten through to Brooke. Eric said Ridge had been right about being up front with Brooke. Eric said he hated the children to be caught in the middle of this. Connor told Brooke to think about how the Forresters tried to deceive her, and to think about herself instead of what the Forresters want. Brooke said she wasn't in on it alone - but was with the children. Connor said the Forresters might try to deceive Brooke again. Brooke said she wasn't as suspicious as Connor. Connor said he'll accept Brooke's decision when Brooke knows if the Forresters wouldn't con her again. Brooke said she'd made her decision. Sly separated Macy and the woman who fought with her. Keith asked himself, "Where are you, Thorne? Where the hell are you? She needs you". Brooke called Ridge and said she wanted to meet him, Eric and Stephanie at the office. Brooke hung up, and Ridge said Eric might have changed Brooke's mind. Connor warned Brooke that giving up to Stephanie would be the biggest mistake of her life.

1580: Brooke called Stephanie and told her she wanted to meet them all at Forrester. Brooke hung up and called Steve Crown, and said she needed to speak with him. At Sally's condo, Sally was very worried about Macy. Jack tried to convince Sally that she was being the best mother. Sally said she had to see Macy, and know she's all right. Ridge and Eric arrived at Stephanie's; Ridge said Brooke wanted to meet him alone first. Eric said he'd gone to see Brooke to reason with her, and bet that Brooke was ready to sign a release form to give them control of the BeLieF patent. Stephanie said, "I don't think she's going to sign anything unless somebody puts a gun to her head". Brooke told Steve she wanted a massage and said she needed a friend. Brooke reminded Steve the way he was coming on too strong. Brooke offered Steve a dinner at Cafe Russe, and Steve agreed, adding he had an appointment first. Eric said he didn't share Stephanie's skepticism. Stephanie said Brooke wouldn't give up millions of dollars and said, "This is about revenge, she wants it. That is what this evening is all about". Stephanie, Ridge and Eric left for Forrester. The drunk Macy found her way up to Sally's house, took a drink and came in. Connor walked into Eric's office when Eric and Stephanie were there. Connor said he'd been with Brooke when she called Ridge, and said Brooke needed him there. Stephanie said it was a family matter and Connor said it was a legal matter. Eric said Brooke would have everything she needs. Connor said that after tonight, Brooke would be able to provide for herself. Eric asked Connor if he knew what Brooke intends to do. Brooke entered Ridge's office. Ridge said it was insanity, and Brooke agreed, saying it was foolish and going to stop. Macy said she would be at Sally and Jack's wedding. Sally and Macy hugged and Sally looked at Macy and said, "You've been drinking". Macy wanted to see C.J., but Sally wouldn't let her saying, "You are welcome to see him any time, as long as you're sober. But not now - now I have to ask you to leave". Macy left and Sally started to cry. Connor said he didn't know Brooke's decision and said the Forresters would crush Brooke without thinking twice about it. Connor said the Forresters treated Brooke like dirt and didn't respect her. Connor said that the best thing for Brooke's kids was to move away. Connor said he'd convince Brooke she needed an attorney and was willing to leave if Brooke asked him to. Brooke talked to Ridge about the way he got her to sign the release from first before telling her his decision to stay with Taylor. Ridge made Brooke realize he was trying to tell her what she was giving away, and said he would never trick Brooke again. Brooke said, "I can't believe that I didn't trust you - I was so quick to suspect you, to think the worst". Ridge said he couldn't be happy while Brooke is hurting, and Brooke said it was because of love. Ridge said he could understand it if Brooke wants to make a move for BeLieF. Ridge told Brooke, "I'm sorry Brooke, for what I did to you; from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry".

1581: Connor said he'd make sure Brooke won't let them off the hook. Connor said that fighting injustice was his job. Connor found out Brooke was talking alone with Ridge and wanted to stop it, but Eric said, "This is enough of your interference; it's not going any further". Brooke asked Ridge, "If I claim BeLieF, is it going to change your relationship with our daughter - are you still going to be close to Bridget?". At the Bikini, Sly found out Macy didn't come back. A Bikini waitress said Macy had been seen on the beach and Sly and Keith panicked, hoping Macy didn't hurt herself. Sly went to look for Macy and found Macy passed out, laying near the garbage in a street alley. Sly woke Macy up. Keith arrived at Thorne's apartment, telling Thorne they had a problem. Keith said Macy had taken off and was drunk. Keith said he'd come to get Thorne to the Bikini and said Macy needed Thorne. Ridge told Brooke he loved Bridget unconditionally. Brooke said that claiming BeLieF was personal, and not business. Ridge said that he'd see to it that Brooke won't be deceived again. Brooke said that Connor didn't trust the Forresters. Brooke and Ridge left for Eric's office. At Eric's office, Brooke said she'd made a significant decision about the BeLieF patent. Thorne still wouldn't believe Macy was an alcoholic, and told Keith he and the others were overreacting. Keith said Thorne was the only one who could get through to Macy and put her back together. Macy told Sly she'd lost her family, and Thorne and didn't care whether she lived or died. Sly said he cared about Macy, and Macy said nobody gave a damn about her. Macy looked for her bottle, asking Sly to leave her alone. Brooke talked to Eric, Stephanie and Ridge while Connor was interfering. Brooke said she didn't want to destroy the Forresters. Brooke said, "I DON'T WANT THE BELIEF PATENT," and gave two conditions for it - she said she wanted Stephanie to apologize to her personally for the things Stephanie said and done to her. Keith said he knew Thorne still loved Macy. Keith told Thorne to tell Macy how he feels. Keith said he knew Thorne and Macy had a future together; he admitted he loved Macy, but stressed that he wanted to see her happy. Keith said, "You gotta stop her now; trust me, it may already be too late". Stephanie said she wouldn't apologize. Brooke said, "If you don't apologize, Stephanie, you won't get the patent". Stephanie said she wasn't sorry but would apologize and take back all of the things she said to Brooke. Brooke asked for the Forresters' word that they are not holding anything back and told her everything. Ridge said, "Brooke, we are straight with you from here on out". Brooke made Stephanie say, "Yes, you're a member of our family". Brooke said, "Well, I'm totally satisfied - BeLieF is yours". Ridge said Brooke was one of a million. Brooke sat down, was about to sign the release form, but then Steve came in, saying, "Eric, I saw your car in the lot. Listen, I scheduled another massage", but stopped talking once he saw Brooke and Connor. Brooke asked, "Steve, what are you doing here?". Thorne woke up Macy and said, "I'm here, baby. Everything is going to be all right".

1582: Keith thanked Sly for letting Thorne take over. Sly said Thorne would help himself. Keith wouldn't let Sly go out to the alley to stop Thorne, and said he was willing to fight Sly. Thorne said he would get Macy cleaned up and would give her coffee. Macy said she wasn't good for Thorne and asked him to go. Sheila came into Taylor's house. She asked Taylor if Eric was at the main house, because she didn't want to run into Stephanie. Sheila said Brooke was out to destroy them. Taylor said, "You see, the difference between me and you is that I married Ridge completely out of love. You married Eric for many other reasons, I suspect". Stephanie said Steve was Eric's masseur, and asked Steve to wait outside, but Connor couldn't believe how Steve didn't mention the Forresters. Connor said he'd seen Steve at the court house, and realized Steve was an attorney. "He is an attorney - our attorney", Ridge confirmed. Sheila said Taylor was sounding like Stephanie; she said Brooke was a trouble maker, and added that she didn't like psychologists' attitude, like Taylor's. Sheila asked Taylor what she was doing to help out. Brooke couldn't believe Steve was working for the Forresters while he was seeing her. Connor said it was a conspiracy. Brooke understood Steve was trying to get her away from Connor and towards the Forresters. Brooke said, "I can't believe the lengths you went to, the lies". Brooke called Steve a bastard and yelled, "YOU'RE ALL GONNA PAY". Keith said Sly didn't have the kind of influence Thorne had over Macy. Macy said Sly was a good friend and Thorne disagreed. Thorne asked Macy to get in the car and to come home with him. Macy hugged Thorne, saying she was sorry. Taylor told Sheila she didn't intend to do anything about Brooke. Sheila offered a deal - her life story in therapy, in return for Taylor doing something about Brooke. Sheila said about Brooke, "She's not the first woman that I have to deal with that wouldn't cooperate. I do what has to be done, Doctor". Brooke said Ridge could have told her about Steve, but didn't. Ridge said he didn't want any of that to happen. Stephanie wanted to leave, but Brooke accused her of coming up with the plan. Eric said it was his idea. Stephanie couldn't help it any more, got mad and started yelling, "Listen, if you were the least bit trustworthy, we would never have gone to these lengths. I have had it with this whole mess. If you had a sense of decency, this would not be an issue. You morally have no right to that patent, period. But that's not you, is it? You tramp! You thief! You drive decent fine people to do absolutely asinine things to try to get back what is rightfully theirs to begin with". Brooke said, "So it's all my fault, is it?" - she then called Stephanie a lying cheat, and an animal. Stephanie slapped Brooke and Brooke slapped Stephanie back. Eric held Stephanie and Connor held Brooke; as Connor pulled her out of the office, Brooke yelled to Stephanie, "I hate you! I want to kill you! I own BeLieF, I own this company and you are going to answer to me, Stephanie!". Stephanie yelled "Get out, get out".

1583: "Is there something wrong, Stephanie? I think there is, and I think I know just what it is", Ruthann told Stephanie at the mansion. At Thorne's condo, Thorne didn't see any sense in talking about him and Macy before Macy takes care of her drinking problem. Macy said she was through with drinking. Thorne asked her not to take a drink for 48 hours and suggested Macy to go to A.A. meetings. Thorne left for work. At Spectra, Sally said she didn't want to be a part of the intervention any more. Sally wanted to go to find Macy, but then Macy called and talked to Darla. Darla hung up and said Macy had sounded sober and wanted to meet her. Jack encouraged Sally, and Darla left to meet Macy. At the restaurant, Macy asked the waiter for Mineral Water. Macy told Darla she and Thorne had spent the night before together, in different bedrooms. Macy said Thorne had come to her rescue. Ruthann said Stephanie was lonely. Ruthann said Stephanie had been happy while she was seeing Jack. At Sally's office, Jack promised Sally they would have a great wedding the next week. Saul opened Sally's door saying he was ready. Sally asked Jack to excuse them. Macy said Thorne really loved her. Macy announced, "We're right back on track. My husband and I are coming back together". Macy said she'd stop drinking, but that she wouldn't need any treatment program, because she didn't see herself as an alcoholic. Sally put on the wedding dress Saul designed and Saul said Sally was gorgeous. Stephanie said Jack was engaged to be married. Ruthann told Stephanie to find out if Jack still cares for her before he marries Sally. Ruthann decided, "You love him, and you've got to do this because of that love".

1584: Taylor entered Jack's office at Spectra, but he wasn't there. Macy walked into Jack's office and invited Taylor to Sally's bachelor party, which Macy had arranged at The Taxi Bar. Macy said she and Thorne were getting back together. Macy said she'd stopped drinking and Taylor asked Macy if she was attending A.A. meetings. Macy said she had no reason to drink, now that Thorne is back in her life. Taylor said that a man couldn't be a complete cure. Macy said she was fine and left. At Eric's house, Eric told Sheila how Steve walked in right when Brooke was about to sign the release. Eric said he shouldn't have let Steve get close to Brooke. Sheila said it wasn't Brooke's formula. Sheila said Brooke didn't deserve the formula, and Eric said "After everything we've done to Brooke, maybe she does". Brooke was sitting on her balcony and couldn't believe she trusted Steve. Brooke told Connor she couldn't trust any one. Connor went to put Eric, Jr. in bed and Brooke asked herself, "How could they do this to me?". Eric himself couldn't understand how he's done it to the mother of his child. Brooke told Connor the Forresters had conned her twice. Connor told Brooke to take charge of the situation. Connor promised to be there always and said, "The Forresters will never hurt you again". Brooke said, "I am going to make these people's lives as miserable as they've made mine. I didn't want it to come to this, but it has. So I will confront them, and when I do, they're going to wish they have never heard of me, BeLieF, or Connor Davis". Jack arrived at his office and Taylor told him about the surprise party Macy arranged for Sally. Taylor said that an addiction like Macy's didn't have a simple solution. Macy walked into Karen's office and invited her to Sally's party. Macy said she wouldn't be living with Sly any more, but with Darla - and eventually, she would be at home with Thorne. Macy said she was off the booze. Macy left Karen's office. Taylor wasn't sure if she should go to Sally's party, but Jack told her to go and to keep an eye on Macy. Taylor asked Jack to see Stephanie, since Stephanie needed a friend. Jack said nothing would change the fact that he was getting married. Taylor offered a deal - her going to Sally's party for Jack visiting Stephanie. Sheila told Eric not to give up BeLieF, but Eric said, "No, Sheila. I'm not going to trick Brooke again". Eric said he had a new attorney, Elliott Parker, who was working on a new defense. Sheila said they had to stop Brooke from destroying them. Brooke told Connor, "Do whatever you have to do, I want that patent". Brooke said she was happy to have Connor in her life, and that she was attracted to Connor. Connor said he wanted to be more than Brooke's friend. Connor made Brooke smile. Brooke and Connor kissed.

1585: At the Taxi Bar, Macy said she'd gotten Fabio to come to the party; Fabio arrived and Macy introduced herself. At her mansion, Stephanie remembered how Jack kissed her near the pool. Then Taylor arrived and Stephanie admitted to be thinking about Jack. Sally walked into Jack's office where she suggested places to go to. Then Darla and Karen walked into the office and "kidnapped" Sally to The Taxi Bar. Stephanie said she missed her and Jack's good times. Taylor said Stephanie needed to have fun. Then Jack knocked on Stephanie's door and Taylor showed herself out through the back door. Darla, Karen and Sally arrived at the Taxi Bar and Sally was stunned to see Fabio. Stephanie was surprised to see Jack. Jack and Stephanie said that Taylor was trying to get them back together. Fabio said he had to go and told Sally, "And when I come back, all your fantasies are going to come true". Sally told Taylor she was glad that Taylor planned the party. Then Macy came and said she'd planned the party. Sally asked Macy if she was drinking and Macy said she was through with drinking alcohol. Sally said, "Those are words, Macy". Macy told her how Thorne saved her life and cleaned her up after finding her laying near a pile of trash in an alley. Macy said she and Thorne were in love and would get back together soon. Macy said, "I'm just so sorry for all the pain I put you through," and asked for Sally's forgiveness. Sally forgave her and Macy hugged her, saying she loved Sally. Sally and Macy went out and sat at a table. Fabio was standing on the stage, saying it'll be a night Sally will never forget. Sally thanked Fabio and Macy.

1586: Sheila arrived at Brooke's, where she said Eric and Brooke were miserable. Brooke said she wasn't miserable since she was going to own a patent that was worth millions. Jack and Stephanie went down to the pool. Jack said that the people in Spectra were good and Stephanie said she had another point of view. Stephanie asked Jack what attracted him to Sally. At the Taxi Bar, the party started and three male strippers were performing, and taking off their clothes. While the strippers were dancing with Sally on stage, Macy was looking at a glass filled with a drink. Brooke said it was too late for peace in the family. Brooke couldn't believe the Forresters conspired against her, with Steve. Brooke said she couldn't forgive and forget this time. Sheila asked her, "What about the kids," and Brooke replied, "If I hear that argument one more time, I am going to scream". Brooke said the Forresters didn't care about the kids, since they showed no respect for the kids' mother. Sheila said Stephanie was behind all this and Brooke agreed. Sheila said, "No one wants to see Stephanie get it more than I do". Jack talked about the qualities in a woman he wants to marry, and said he'd found two women like that. Stephanie and Jack took a swim. Near the table, Darla told Karen that Macy's life wasn't out of control any more. Taylor said Macy would need treatment and suggested Macy might be in denial. Sally arrived, looked at Macy dancing, and said they had Macy back. Sheila said Brooke could get Stephanie for her and said, "I trust you, I know you'll do what's right. You know, we talked one time about making a great team - I still think we would". Sheila left Brooke's. Sally said she loved Macy and they hugged.

1587: At their house, Ridge said how Taylor was in a heat the night before, and ripped off his cloths as she came back from the party. Ridge came into the bed. At Sally's condo, Sally talked to Jack about Fabio and the strippers. Sally said Macy hadn't touched a drink all night. Sally said Macy was changed and Jack said it sounded suspicious. Jack read in the morning paper an article about Brooke claiming BeLieF. Brooke told herself that BeLieF belonged to her while putting on lipstick. Connor arrived at Brooke's after jogging. Connor said they were going to kick some Forrester butt today. Connor said he'd sent the application, and mentioned that the Forresters could drag the fight out for a long time, but still wouldn't win. Connor showed Brooke the paper. Jack said the Forresters could lose millions. Sally said the Forresters were too smart to let something like this happen. Sally wanted to leave to find what it was all about. Jack wouldn't let Sally bother Stephanie or Eric. Sally said she wouldn't bother them and left. Ridge told Taylor he didn't think Brooke would back down now, since she found out about Steve. Ridge and Taylor talked about Stephanie and Eric's paranoid behavior and wondered if there was a way to turn Brooke around. Brooke saw the article in the paper and said, "It's one thing to make these threats, and it's another thing to see them about to be carried out". They went out to the balcony and Brooke said it wasn't the life she was dreaming about. Connor tried to excite Brooke about her new life with him. Connor and Brooke kissed and Connor went to get ready for the meeting with the Forresters. Then Sally rang Brooke's door bell. Taylor said she hadn't talked to Brooke and Ridge was sure Taylor won't make Brooke change her mind. Taylor said it was a classic communication breakdown, and felt she could make Brooke realize that by presenting the matter in the right way. Ridge kissed Taylor. Brooke confirmed for Sally that she was filing for a patent for the BeLieF formula. Sally said she knew the kind of damage Stephanie can do to a person's life. Sally said she would crush Stephanie and asked Brooke to join forces to bring Stephanie down to her knees. Sally asked, "So how about it? Shall you and I give Stephanie Forrester a rumble she will never forget?".

1588: At Eric's office, Sheila told Eric she wanted to stay for the meeting. Sheila said she could help. Ridge then came in and so did Elliott. Stephanie walked into the office, and was about to close the door; she then saw Sheila and asked her to excuse them. Eric said Sheila would be staying. Sally told Brooke that now they don't have to take Stephanie's getting at them. Brooke said she was tempted and then Connor came out. Brooke introduced Connor to Sally. Brooke told Connor about Sally's proposal. Thorne opened his door and found Macy holding flowers. Macy said it was her second day without a drink, Thorne said he was proud of Macy and asked her if she'd gone to an A.A. meeting. Macy said she'd been at Sally's party the night before. Macy said that the chance of them getting back together was a miracle. Stephanie said she wasn't comfortable talking about the company's finances in front of someone who's not a member of the family. Eric said, "She stays, period". Elliott suggested to negotiate, since Brooke might win a law suit. Sally promised to produce clothes from Brooke's formula 3 times more than Forrester would. Brooke said Sally had a point and Connor told her that the Forresters were waiting for them. Connor said they'd let Sally know. Sally offered her moral support and said she'd send Brooke an invitation to her wedding. Sally left and Connor said Sally was a shark. Brooke said she could do business very easily with Sally. Macy said she'd broken it off with Sly and hoped to move to Thorne's soon. Thorne said he wasn't afraid that Macy would be unfaithful to him. Macy said she had no use for alcohol if she had Thorne. Sheila asked Elliott what the formula was worth, and Elliott said that the formula would be worth a billion dollar by the end of the century. Elliott suggested to offer Brooke 5 million dollars. Brooke and Connor left for Forrester. Thorne asked Macy to go to A.A. meeting for him. Macy asked Thorne not to pressure her, and asked for Thorne's support; she and Thorne hugged. Ridge said Brooke wouldn't give up her claim for BeLieF for 5 million. Elliott said that the opening bid would be 3.5 million - he felt it was a lot of money, and believed Brooke would grab it. Ridge didn't believe Connor would let Brooke go through with it. Elliott said he'd deal with Connor and asked them to play by his rules. Connor and Brooke arrived. Brooke said, "Eric, Ridge, Stephanie, I've filed for a patent. I'm going to be taking control of BeLieF".

1589: Taylor was at Jack's office, where she told Jack that Macy's chances for recovery were slim, unless Macy stops being in denial. Sly walked into his room and found Macy packing. Macy said her future lied with Thorne, and Sly said he'd survive. Macy hoped Sly would stay the good friend he had been. Sly left his room. Brooke said her decision was final. Elliott said the Forresters could offer a fair resolution; he mentioned that Brooke was a member of the Forrester family, and the line between the personal and the business might be blurred. Elliott offered the settlement - 3.5 million dollars, in addition to a trust fund for the kids. Taylor said about Macy, "She can't get healthy on her own". Jack told Taylor how he and Stephanie had gone swimming. Keith walked into Sly's room and Macy said she was moving in with Darla. Macy hoped to move in with Thorne soon. Macy said she wasn't angry about the intervention anymore, which embarrassed her. Macy said, "I know it was a honest mistake and I forgive you". Keith showed no regrets and said, "You have a problem, you need help." He added, "You are an alcoholic, you need to get into treatment." Macy said, "I have Thorne in my life now and he's all that I need". Macy was about to leave, but Keith gave her a poem. Macy wondered why Sly wasn't giving her the poem himself and Keith said that was a good question. Jack told Taylor he was committed to Sally. Connor said he had a problem with the offer. Sheila said that 3.5 million of dollars was a heck of a lot of money, but Brooke saw it as an insult. Connor understood it was an opening bid, and said, "5 is an insult too". Brooke asked Ridge directly if he thought the offer was fair. Jack said Brooke might agree to the Forresters' terms but Taylor doubted it, saying Brooke had a sharp lawyer who hates Ridge's guts. Connor said they weren't interested and Brooke agreed. Stephanie said they'd take their chances in court. Connor wanted to know the true value of the formula and said, "You will need to open up your books for us". Stephanie said it was ridiculous and Eric said it was out of the question. Connor continued, "I want a full accounting off all profits accorded of the marketing of the BeLieF formula, and I want it by the end of the week". Connor threatened to slap them with a lawsuit if they don't open up those records. Brooke was about to leave, but Stephanie asked her if she wanted to turn her back on 3.5 million dollars and Brooke replied, "The money means nothing to me - I'm in this for a bigger pay off. When I take control of BeLieF, I'm going to have you exactly where I want you, right where you belong - under my thumb".

1590: Ridge found Stephanie in the library. Stephanie couldn't believe Brooke would get the last laugh. Stephanie said she'd failed in keeping together the family and talked about the family unity. Stephanie said Sheila was an outsider, like Brooke was. Stephanie said, "I'm tired of fighting; I thought this whole thing with Brooke was over and done with". Sally entered Jack's office where she said she and Jack were going to be a real family. Sally left his office. Darla came into Sally's office and found Macy there. Macy said she was Darla's new roommate. Macy said she'd lost the urge to drink, and mentioned how her leaving had broken Sly's heart. Macy wouldn't read the poem, so Darla read it out loud. Macy said Sly had been upset and didn't understand the poem. Sally walked into her office and tried on her wedding dress again. Saul came into Jack's office, giving him figures. Jack said Saul should be a part of the wedding and said, "I would like you to be my best man." He suggested to Saul, about Sally, "Let her know that you love her, unconditionally". Ridge said Stephanie was lonely and miserable. Stephanie said she was fine. Stephanie said Jack had dropped by the night before, and added that Jack's past didn't matter any more. Ridge told Stephanie to be honest with Jack. Ridge decided, "There's a part of you, Mother, that's still in love with Jack Hamilton", and Stephanie confirmed it. Sally asked Macy to be her matron of honor and Macy obviously agreed. Sally said, "Tomorrow is going to be the most important, wonderful day of my life". Saul said he didn't approve of the marriage and was sure Jack would disappoint Sally. Saul said, "You're too good to be true." Saul finally agreed to be Jack's best man, but warned Jack about treating Sally right before he left. Stephanie said Jack loved Sally. Ridge offered to talk to Jack but Stephanie said it wouldn't change anything because of the wedding. Ridge left, asking Stephanie to call Jack. Sally said that Stephanie would get the justice she deserves the next day, since she would be marrying the man Stephanie wants. Stephanie called Jack and Saul overheard the call. Stephanie asked to meet Jack for breakfast and Jack agreed. They hung up and Saul told himself, "So Jack, you're going to meet Stephanie at 8 o'clock at the Cafe Russe? We'll just see about that".

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