January, 1993

Written by Ori Dekel

1451: Karen and Macy talked about work and then Karen told Macy to let go. Taylor came into Brooke's hospital room while Brooke thanked and hugged Ridge, Taylor asked Brooke how the birth went. Sheila caught Dr. Robbins at the hall and Dr. Robbins implied there was a problem with the baby. Taylor let Brooke know that she guided Ridge how to help Brooke with the birth. Ridge and Taylor left and Dr. Robbins told Brooke there was a problem. Macy asked Karen if she and Thorne consummated their relationship. Karen didn't want to hurt Macy so she didn't answer her. Macy said Thorne obviously wasn't attracted to Karen. Brooke got panicked and Dr. Robbins calmed her telling Brooke the baby has jaundice. Dr. Robbins told Brooke that the genetics test should be delayed for a week. Brooke said Ridge always knew what to do when it comes to her and after the doctor had left, Brooke told herself, "It is Ridge's baby, it has to be; after all this, it has to be". Ridge and Taylor arrived at their house, Ridge told Taylor how charmed he was about the birth. Sheila brought Brooke flowers, and Sheila agreed that Brooke couldn't have done it without Ridge. Sheila wanted to leave, but Brooke stopped her, saying she has something to tell her. Karen told Macy it wasn't her business about her relationship with Thorne. Karen told her to stop fighting so she would stop being miserable. Macy told her that she would keep on fighting until Thorne divorces her. Brooke told Sheila that Ridge and she shared the most romantic moments two people can share. She said they were meant to be together, and said, "Ridge and I are going to be together, that's apparent to me now. There is no doubt it my mind that that is going to happen, and it's going to happen very soon". Brooke told Sheila to relax because everything will turn out as Sheila hopes, when the paternity test shows that Ridge is the father. Sheila thanked Brooke and left. Sheila told herself, "I hope you right, god, I hope you right ,Brooke, and if you are, well, I still have to deal with Lauren Fenmore - can't marry Eric until she knows I'm alive, forgives me for everything I did last year. But she will, she has to". Taylor wished Ridge could have shared the birth experience with her, Ridge said he wished that too. She asked Ridge to hold her.

1452: Sheila told Eric that Brooke was at the hospital and that Brooke had a girl, and informed him about the paternity being delayed in a week. Sheila said she was prepared for the changes if Eric were the father, but asked him what would happen if Eric weren't the father. Saul said he had second thoughts about Darla spying at Forrester. Sally said that the company was desperate and then Macy came in. Darla/Camille gave Ridge his mail and when she was about to leave, Ridge stopped her and asked her knock the next time. Ridge told her to relax because she isn't going to lose her job. Sally told Macy to apologize to Sly so he would forgive her. Sally reminded Macy that Thorne was living with Karen and wasn't worth all the pain. Sally said that every time something unpleasant or difficult happens, there's a Forrester involved. Macy told Sally that it was talking like that who always got Sally into trouble. Eric told Sheila that his feelings for her hadn't changed. Eric said that if he isn't the father, he will grant Brooke the divorce; Sheila said it was just what she needed to hear. Then Ridge came into Eric's office and Sheila left. Eric asked Ridge how the delivery was. Ridge said he couldn't put it into words. Sheila got into the infirmary and told herself "Yes, I've got him, he's mine and he wants to be mine. Oh, there's nothing stopping us now; it's like you said, if Ridge is the father of this kid - and he will be, oh, you better believe it - and you and I can get married. All I've got to do is to take care of the test, I've got a whole week to work on that, and then of course there's Lauren; she's got to know I'm alive and she's got to accept me and it has to be now. No more waiting - my mother has got to move on this", and she called her mother. Macy went to the Bikini, where she told Sly she was ashamed of how she treated him at New Year's Eve. Sly said he could understand Macy's actions because he knows how it feels to be second choice. Macy wanted to leave and Sly asked if he could see her again; Macy kissed him on the cheek. Molly told Sheila that Lauren wasn't ready to learn about her. Sheila told her she couldn't wait because Eric would ask her to marry him soon. Molly said Lauren wasn't ready to even know Sheila was alive and hung up. Sheila told herself "No, Mother, I cannot wait another few months. You had your chance, now it's my turn to deal with Lauren. I've got one week, I'm going to Genoa City". Ridge told Eric he would be a part of the baby's life whether he's the father or not. Ridge told him about the bond between him and the baby. Ridge said that they couldn't let the baby suffer because of their craziness. Ridge said "I'm not gonna let anybody hurt her, Dad, not me, you, Brooke, Taylor - no one is gonna harm this kid, she's gonna have a good life, a real good life".

1453: Sally redecorated Felicia's old office and gave it to Jack; Jack thanked her and then kissed her. Darla/Camille put Eric's mail on his desk while Eric was on the phone; Eric stopped talking and was surprised Chester didn't send Camille to him before she stared working because Eric believes in first impressions, and then Stephanie arrived. Eric said Ridge looked like a completely different person and Stephanie said it was a frightening thought. Brooke woke up and found Karen in her hospital room. Karen said she felt she knew Brooke pretty well after reading Caroline's diaries and letters. Karen said she can relate to Brooke because she, as Brooke, is in love with a Forrester and at some point it looked like she isn't going to have him either. Stephanie repeated how Brooke is so irresponsible, and Eric said they should be grateful nothing tragic happened. Stephanie said that he wasn't facing reality because something tragic did happen; there's a threat to Taylor and Ridge's marriage. Eric said no; there is no threat if Ridge wasn't the father. Stephanie said that if that happens, there will also be complications for Eric and Sheila. Stephanie saw how Eric doesn't mind being the father and went to the hospital. Stephanie told herself, "She's got to be stopped, she just got to be stopped". Darla arrived and Jack went to pack his things from his old office. Sally asked Darla to tell her everything about her first day at work. Brooke told Karen the birth was the most incredible thing she had ever experienced. Brooke said she would have Ridge some day. Brooke said, "Ridge is already crazy in love with the baby" and was sure Ridge was the father. She said that after the blood test would prove that, Ridge won't be able to ignore the baby and said "He'll be where he belongs, where he always should have been - with me and our child". Sally told Darla Spectra needed the designs soon. Karen went to see the baby and found Eric there. Eric said "I can't let anything happen to her, to my daughter". Eric said he wanted the baby to be his daughter. Stephanie came to Brooke's room and scared her by slamming the door; Stephanie told her "If you think you're scared now, you wait until you hear what I have to say to you. Sit up, Brooke, I have a dose of reality for you that I'm about to deliver".

1454: Karen told Thorne that Eric had told her he wants to be the baby's father. Karen suggested they'll go to the Bikini. Keith told Sly to take the night off, but Sly refused as Macy was coming in. Macy told Sly he was definitely her date and said she was about to have fun and forget about Thorne and Karen. Brooke told Stephanie that Stephanie's worst nightmare was about to come true. Stephanie told her that Brooke was desperate, sinking so low to grab Ridge. Stephanie asked her why she called Ridge from the cabin and Brooke called it destiny. Stephanie said "How many times to I have to tell you, you're not going to have him, he's in love with Taylor". Brooke told her that Ridge's marriage would break up on it's own. Stephanie said that she would do everything to keep Brooke from ruining Ridge's life. Macy and Sly went swimming on the beach. Thorne and Karen were dancing at the Bikini and then he saw Macy and Sly drying themselves with towels. Sly and Macy started dancing, Macy saw Thorne kissing Karen and started kissing Sly. Stephanie said she had influence and could get the word out about Brooke, the word about adultery and 3 illegitimate children, and that she could ruin Brooke's life by simply telling the truth. Thorne said that Macy couldn't commit, not to their marriage and not to Jake. Sly noticed Thorne and Macy said she was sorry. Macy admitted to doing things she doesn't ordinarily do when she sees Thorne and Karen and left to the restroom. Stephanie talked about Brooke's extramarital affair with Eric, about the fact that Brooke had slept with Ridge while she was married to Eric and now Brooke doesn't even know who the father of her baby is. Brooke asked why Stephanie would get the word out about her and Stephanie told her that she would do it in order to protect Brooke's 2 innocent children. Brooke said she loved her children. Stephanie said Brooke used her children, the first one she used to get Ridge to marry her (but she had a miscarriage), the second she used to take Eric away from Stephanie, and now she's using the baby to take Ridge away from Taylor. Stephanie said "You're a slut and any court in the land will agree. I promise you that's where I'll take you if you try and take Ridge away from Taylor. If you do, I'll let loose and rat the hell on you, I'll make the pornography of your life an open book for everyone to see. And we'll let the public and the courts decide whether you're a fit mother or you're not, or if those children belong with someone else. I'm telling you, I will use every resource that I have and I'll win because you made it easy for me to win. You stay away from Ridge and Taylor or I'll cut you into little pieces". Brooke started yelling "Nurse, nurse, nurse!" and then added, "you can't do this Stephanie, I won't let you do this, you can't keep my babies away from me". Stephanie left and told Brooke to think about it because Stephanie will do it. Thorne bumped into Macy; Macy was angry Thorne had slept with Karen. Thorne said they would talk about the way Macy's acting.

1455: Taylor caught Ridge day dreaming about the baby. Taylor said she wasn't upset because Ridge is able to share it with her. Ridge told her about the birth miracle. Brooke remembered how Ridge delivered the baby. Brooke told herself "You are her father, Ridge, I know you are". Sheila called Eric from Genoa City and said her mother was improving. She asked Eric about Brooke, the baby and the paternity test. Macy reminded Thorne they were still married. Thorne said he didn't expect to see Macy with Sly. Thorne said "I'm sure your life is filled with wonderful men this days. This is the kind of the woman you really are, I'm just surprised that I never saw it before". Eric told Sheila that the baby was very similar to Eric, Jr.. Sheila said she was taking the next flight back to L.A. Taylor told Ridge to go and see Brooke. When Ridge left, Stephanie came in. When Stephanie heard Taylor let Ridge see Brooke, she was angry. She said Brooke was obsessed and that Brooke wanted to be Ridge's wife. Taylor said she wasn't interested in Brooke's illusions. Stephanie said Brooke would take Ridge away from Taylor. Taylor said she wasn't worried about her marriage or about Brooke and told Stephanie to stop planting insecurity seeds in her mind. Eric went to see Brooke, Eric said he and Eric, Jr. missed her, then Ridge came in. Macy asked Thorne what happened that made Thorne changed his opinion of her. Thorne said that he was wrong about her and about what they had. Thorne said he expected more from her. Thorne said that until Macy recognizes certain things Thorne won't handle, they have nothing to say to one another. Stephanie said she was concerned about Taylor, and told Taylor not to underestimate Brooke. Taylor told her not to underestimate her marriage. Stephanie apologized and Taylor accepted. Stephanie said Taylor had all of Caroline's qualities, and that she was proud Taylor was part of her family. Stephanie said she didn't want to lose Taylor and Taylor said she wasn't going anywhere. Brooke said she wasn't ready to name the baby. However, Brooke had a name in mind and said she would name the baby after the paternity test. A nurse brought Brooke her baby; both Eric and Ridge held her.

1456: Sally met Bill at his apartment. Bill said he and his daughter must be kept clean. Bill told Sally that Karen was only preparing herself for the real challenge at Spectra, which is to run Forrester with Thorne. Sally said Bill probably didn't talk to Karen about it and Bill confirmed. Jack came to have dinner with Sally and Macy opened him the door, saying Sally wasn't there. Jack said he felt sorry for Thorne. Ridge returned home, and Taylor asked him how the baby girl was. Taylor said Ridge didn't have to apologize for feeling drawn to the baby. Taylor said Stephanie was upset that Taylor let Ridge go to the hospital; she told Ridge how she answered Stephanie's claims and let Ridge know how secure she was by saying "Besides, it's the baby you're drawn to, not Brooke". Darla came to a dinner with Bill. Darla said they were going to have beautiful designs. Macy told Jack he was an unpredictable man. Jack told Macy to go out so Macy would feel alive, and to ignore her broken heart, and then Sally arrived. Macy said that she would think about it and told Sally that Jack was a hell of a guy. Ridge said he knew Taylor wants to strangle Brooke, although she's acting understanding, and gave Taylor a massage. Bill said Darla wasn't supposed to know about stealing designs. He said he didn't want Darla involved in any way. Sally asked Jack what he was doing with her. Jack said he found her attractive. Sally said that that was the sort of thing Clarke used to say to her. Jack said he didn't want her money and kissed Sally. Ridge said that if he were Taylor, he would handle it differently, with less love and more anger. Taylor told him not to feel guilty about what happened at the cabin. Ridge blessed the day Taylor came into his life and said he loved her.

1457: Sally told Darla that the Forresters had treated Macy like she was a tramp. Darla asked Sally how much Bill knew. Sally said it was his idea but he doesn't know that they were stealing from Forrester. Darla said "What Bill doesn't know, won't hurt him" and made Sally happy. Sally saw in a paper the cover story of Ridge delivering Brooke's baby and got curious. Darla went to wear her disguise and Sally went to check what was going on. Eric showed Thorne and Ridge his new designs, and Thorne and Ridge were thrilled. Dr. Peters came to see Brooke, and Tracy told her they were releasing her. Dr. Peters said they might arrange for everyone to come together to draw blood for the paternity test. Darla/Camille came in while Eric showed Ridge and Thorne the show stopper. Darla went out and told herself "They have a design, but they don't want me to see; I've gotta get a picture of this for Sal, but how, how?". Eric talked about how they had to be careful about security with the new line and then Thorne left and Eric asked Ridge to stay. Sally came to see Brooke and brought her flowers, Brooke asked her what she was doing at the hospital. Karen came to see Thorne at Forrester. Thorne asked her how she got past security. Thorne told her she had got to be cleared first, just like everyone else. Thorne said he couldn't believe Macy had been with Sly the night before. He explained that he had thought he knew Macy, but he couldn't believe Macy was getting it on with Jake behind his back, while she was begging to get their marriage back together. Thorne said he had seen Macy making out with Jake and Karen asked him when he saw that. Sally said Brooke was getting more like Stephanie, and asked Brooke how she and Ridge ended up at the cabin together. Brooke said they had nothing in common. Thorne said they would be better off not talking about Macy, and that he wanted Karen and him to be together. When they kissed, Darla passed by, saw them and said "Poor Macy. Go ahead and kiss him, Karen, because you're both gonna pay, you both are gonna pay". Eric told Ridge about the possibility of the paternity test becoming a media scandal and talked about a way to prevent it. Brooke told Sally that she wouldn't talk about her relationship with Stephanie with Sally. Sally said "Never forget where you come from, honey. That's how you lose your edge. You and I ought to be friends. We can do each other a lot of favors." Brooke replied, "Sally, I wouldn't affiliate myself with you if I were drowning and you had the last life boat. Yet if I were sinking, I wouldn't want your help. I'm going to the bathroom and I'm going to change and I hope you're gone when I come out". Sally told herself to forget about it because the Forresters are all alike and took a look at Brooke's medical chart. She saw the planned paternity test and said "Well, well, well - is it possible that the oh so gentile young Mrs. Forrester doesn't know who the father of her baby is?".

1458: Taylor came to Eric's office. Taylor said she wanted to get the paternity test over with. Eric said he wanted to be the baby's father, Taylor reminded him Brooke didn't feel the same way. Eric told her Brooke was released from the hospital and is at Eric's apartment until the paternity test results arrive; Taylor was surprised to hear that and went to see Brooke. Karen brought Brooke home, and told her how Thorne was blown away that Macy was seeing Jake at a time she wanted her marriage back. Brooke said that the bottom line was that Thorne chose her and Karen left to work. Sally told Darla about the visit she paid to Brooke. Sally said Brooke was arrogant and full of herself, and that Brooke threw their friendship at her face. Sally was sick of every member of the Forrester family. She said the Forresters weren't going to show contempt and throw it at her face anymore. Sally told Darla about the paternity test. Sally said they were going to use it and spread it all over the universe. Macy and Karen were at Karen's office. Macy said she was still in love with Thorne. Karen said that Sly and Jake would help Macy to get over the lose. Macy said she hadn't been spending time with Jack in almost a year. Karen said she knew Jake was visiting Macy at Spectra. Macy said she only saw Jake once since last spring when he was passing through L.A. Taylor said that the paternity test was equally exciting to her as to Brooke. Sheila called Eric from the airport in Genoa City. She said she and Molly reached a major understanding. Eric said they were doing the test the next day. Darla was about to tell Sally about the design she had seen at Eric's office, but then Sally called Randy. Karen asked Macy when was the one time Macy saw Jake because she was under the impression they were more involved. Macy said it was the day Thorne made his decision, when she expected to see Thorne. Macy told Karen that Jake had asked for friendship, but Macy refused. Macy said Jake had kissed her and she got upset, and then he apologized. Macy left and Karen told herself "Oh my god, oh my god - it was never me, it was Macy. Thorne, you wanted Macy when you came over here to tell her that you saw her kissing Jake and that's the only reason that you chose me. I am your second choice". Sheila hung up the phone and asked herself, "How do I make sure that baby isn't Eric's? I'll find a way. I will find a way". Taylor talked about visitation rights and child support. Brooke got upset, and Taylor asked Brooke why she called Ridge from the cabin. Brooke said that what happened was meant to be. Taylor talked about Brooke's behavior in the last few months. Taylor understood it was a charade. Brooke said she gave Taylor's marriage a chance and let Ridge make his decision. Taylor said Ridge had made his decision; he chose her. She said there was only one woman for Ridge, and that was her. When Taylor said "You're still madly on love with him", Brooke admitted that and told her that that would never change.

1459: Sheila came back to L.A., and remembered about all of the things she's been through in Genoa City; She remembered how she overheard Lauren telling Molly she would never be able to forgive her and Molly telling Sheila about Brad. Sheila got a picture of Brad and Lauren making love. Sheila used the pictures and made from one a puzzle. She sent Lauren pieces of the puzzle picture of Lauren and Brad. Sheila told herself at the infirmary "she's probably received it by now, the first piece of the puzzle. I wonder how you reacted, Lauren". Then Eric arrived. Brooke told Taylor she stayed away in order to give Taylor and Ridge's marriage a chance. Sally told Randy that Brooke had called for a paternity test. Sally suggested Ridge might be the father, since he was with Brooke alone at the cabin while she was giving birth. Randy left. Taylor said Ridge was devoted to her. Brooke said that the baby was going to change everything and that Taylor trying to poison Ridge against his own daughter wouldn't work. Sheila told Eric that even after the trip she feels more "puzzled". Eric told Sheila that his instincts told him he's the father. Randy came to see Stephanie at Eric's office, to confirm the things Sally had told him. Stephanie denied it. Randy said that the woman who gave him the story was anxious to destroy the Forrester name. Stephanie asked him if it was Sally Spectra and Randy told her she would be a good detective. Stephanie went to Spectra. Brooke said Ridge also knew the baby was his. Taylor said Eric was convinced that he's the father, and that they couldn't know until the results are in, so speculations wouldn't help. Taylor said, "I don't know if you're the manipulative bitch that Stephanie makes you out to be, but you're at the very least a trouble maker." Taylor said Brooke didn't give a damn about her baby and hoped the child is Ridge's, so Brooke would neglect her and Taylor and Ridge would raise her right. Sheila told Eric she would support him, whatever he decided. Sheila told him, "See it's out of your hands, love, it's out of our hands. It's like you said, we'll just have to wait for the results". Stephanie arrived at Spectra and called Sally a sham. Stephanie said she wouldn't do that to Sally's family, no matter how angry she would be. Sally accused Stephanie of ding just that when she didn't welcome Macy as part of her family. Sally told Stephanie to be prepare to feel the feeling Sally has been feeling for years.

1460: Jack showed Taylor his new office, Taylor told Jack Brooke was in love with Ridge and that Brooke saw her baby as a key to reestablishing her relationship with Ridge. Taylor said she was sick of Brooke's constant interference. Taylor said she would like Eric to be the father of the baby. Ridge came to see Brooke's baby. Brooke said the baby was taken by Ridge and was in love with him. Stephanie told Sally there was no truth in the story. Sally said she read Brooke's medical chart and saw the scheduled paternity test, so Stephanie can't deny it. Sheila asked Dr. Peters to draw the blood herself because Sheila is close to the family. Dr. Peters said she had decided to draw the blood herself. Dr. Peters reminded Sheila she couldn't override the clearance codes anyway. Stephanie told Sally it was Sally's reputation in danger. Stephanie said that the baby had jaundice, and that the test Sally saw was a test to check the compatibility between the parents blood and the baby's blood, so they were only checking Eric's blood. Ridge was ready to leave but Brooke wanted to talk to Ridge about Stephanie; she told him about the visits from Stephanie and Taylor. Brooke said she was sick of being blamed for the pregnancy and orchestrating the delivery. She said she wasn't sure she could take it anymore. Jack told Taylor things were over between him and Stephanie. Sheila met security guard Mike Guthrie, and he told her he programmed the security codes, including the genetics lab's code. Stephanie said Randy didn't trust Sally so he confirmed the story with her. Stephanie was about to leave; she opened the door and Jack was about to go into Sally's office. Stephanie said the meeting didn't concern him. Stephanie said Jack could see whoever who he choose to see, no matter how obnoxious the choice is. Sally offered to leave them alone but Stephanie said there was nothing to discuss. Stephanie said, "the two of you have a lot in common, you're both untrustworthy". Brooke said she was alone. She said that Stephanie accused her of using the baby to manipulate Ridge, and told Ridge that, "I really couldn't be able to stand it if you thought that I was trying to trap you". Ridge said he didn't. Dr. Peters called Brooke and told her to come to the hospital and to bring the baby to draw blood. Brooke said she didn't want Ridge to feel obligated just because he had delivered the child. Ridge said it wasn't an obligation but a strong feeling he has for the child. He said that as Taylor accepted it, so can Brooke. Sheila told Mike she wanted to know more about his work. Sheila told herself, "That guard, he's the ticket, he's the ticket to the lab. How do I get to him, How do I make that happen?".

1461: Ridge came back home; Taylor asked Ridge how the baby he had visited was. Ridge said the baby was fine, but Brooke wasn't and said it would be good if they take it easy on Brooke. Stephanie went to Eric's apartment while Brooke was sleeping; she told Eric Sally had seen the scheduled paternity test on Brooke's medical chart when she visited Brooke at the hospital. Sheila remembered how Eric told her he will grant Brooke the divorce if he isn't the father. Sheila said, "Well I'm going to make sure this child isn't yours, Eric, which means getting into the lab". Sheila called Mike and told him to meet her at the genetics lab because she was having problems, she said that she thought she had left an incubator on all night at the lab. Ridge told Taylor what Brooke had told him, about Stephanie and Taylor coming to see her. He said Brooke was beat up and they should be more sensitive. Taylor said Brooke admitted she loved Ridge. Ridge said Brooke had told him that weeks ago. Taylor asked, "Don't you see what she's been doing? She's been manipulating you. She's been making herself more attractive by making herself stand offish". Taylor told him never to hold her back again. Ridge said he didn't hold her back, but just didn't want to disrupt his marriage by speculating about Brooke and her motives. Ridge said "I married you; Brooke isn't a part of this marriage. What she wants, who she loves, it's completely irrelevant to this". Eric was furious to find out about Sally; Stephanie reassured him by telling him, "I told Sally it's part of a routine test - well, you know Sally is not too bright. I kind of tied it in with the jaundice idea of the baby and I think she bought it". Stephanie said she didn't feel okay that blood will be drawn out of her. Sheila asked Mike to open the lab, and watched Mike pressing the code. Sheila went in. Stephanie told Eric not to laugh about her being afraid of needles. Stephanie said that the best thing for the baby was to have two caring parents. Stephanie asked him if he and Brooke will reenter their marriage. Eric said Brooke didn't want him and wasn't committed to the marriage. Stephanie said that if Ridge stays with Taylor, Brooke will stay with Eric because any Forrester is better than no Forrester. Eric said he was drawn to Sheila. Ridge said Brooke was irrelevant to their marriage. Stephanie told Eric, assuming the baby is Eric's, "We've been parents before, we can do it again if you want to". Stephanie said that Eric would be able to convince Brooke that he should raise the kids if there were a divorce. Sheila saw the refrigerator and told herself that tomorrow Ridge and Eric's samples would be there. Mike came in and Sheila said the incubator wasn't on at all. Ridge and Taylor made love and then Taylor asked Ridge how she was supposed to react about Brooke's expressing her feelings about Ridge. Taylor said she wouldn't be disappointed if the paternity test results show the baby is Eric's. Ridge said that even if the baby is his, it won't affect their marriage.

1462: Eric and Ridge went to the hospital, hoping there won't be any reporters. Ridge said the kid was a winner, no matter what the test results show. Bill guided Karen on how to act as an executive, but Karen wasn't listening. Bill asked her what bothered her. Karen said she had found out why Thorne chose her over Macy. Thorne went to the Bikini; Sly told Keith Thorne was still married to Macy. Brooke arrived at Tracy's office; Tracy left and Stephanie came in. Brooke told her that everyone would be in the same room while Tracy takes blood, then Eric and Ridge arrived. Stephanie asked Eric why he didn't warn her. Stephanie said she didn't want Brooke to find out about her problem. Tracy said she caught Brooke's medical chart and took the test off, and explained it wasn't going to happen again. Stephanie wanted to go down, but Tracy said she wanted the blood drawn at her office, by her. Karen told Bill how Thorne had seen Jake kissing Macy while he was going to tell her he chose her. Thorne told Sly he wanted to talk to him about Macy. Thorne asked him if he cared for Macy and Sly said he did. Sly said Macy had it for Thorne and Thorne said Macy had it for a lot of guys, and for instance, he saw her with Sly. Sly said they put a show for Thorne. Thorne said "I've got a lady in my life; she and I are moving on. If you want to go out with Macy, I really don't have a problem with that. I've got a life to live and so does Macy. It's time we just put all this craziness behind us and move on". Sly said Thorne should say it to Macy. Thorne told him he could tell her himself but Sly said it wouldn't be the same. Sly said he wanted Thorne and Macy together because he liked Macy. Brooke found out Stephanie was afraid of needles and blood when Eric told Stephanie Tracy had to draw her blood. Brooke made fun of her and tried to scare her. Tracy drew Stephanie's blood in front of them. Karen told Bill, "I should help him (Thorne) get the woman that he's really in love with, cause he doesn't love me", but Bill said Karen wasn't thinking straight. Bill said Karen was doing a great miscalculation, ready to give up her relationship with Thorne because of speculations that have no basis in reality. Bill said she meant to Thorne more than she realizes, but Karen disagreed and left. Thorne told Sly he could go out with Macy, and Sly repeated that Thorne should say that to Macy himself. Thorne said "I've got commitments, you talk to her". Thorne was about to leave and Karen called the Bikini telling Thorne she has something to tell him that would make him happy. Eric and Brooke went to Eric's office; Eric told Brooke she was cruel and said unnecessary things. Eric said he thought he was the father in basis of what truly happened last spring. He said that 9 months before the baby was born, he and Brooke made love and Ridge was away from her when he decided to give Eric and Brooke's marriage a chance. Eric said, "I think you're the one who has to prepare for a shock. It's highly unlikely that Ridge is the father. And very likely that I am". Brooke went out and told herself, "No, no, he has to be wrong, he just has to be".

1463: Sheila was at her apartment telling herself Lauren has to forgive her and give her another chance. Sheila put another piece of the puzzle picture of Lauren and Brad making love in an envelope and put the envelope in another envelope addressed to Genoa City Postmaster, so Lauren won't know it came from L.A. Sheila said "We are so close, darling. We are so close - once everyone finds out that Ridge is the father of Brooke's baby. And that is what the paternity test is going to show, I'm going to make sure of that. After that, there's nothing stopping us. Not Brooke, not Lauren. We'll finally we together, just as we both want. But there's only one week before the test results come back. I have got to get the pass code of the computer file". Jack came to Stephanie's; Jack said he came to talk to her about Taylor and Ridge. Brooke told herself at Eric's office that Eric was wrong and that Ridge had to be the father. Brooke started counting 9 months back in the calendar to see if Eric was right. Ridge came into Eric's office; Brooke told Ridge that she needed him to help her figure out something. Sheila came to Mike's office and saw Mike reading a computer magazine. Sheila told Mike that a guy with smarts turned her on. Stephanie told Jack Ridge and Taylor's marriage was solid. Jack said that Ridge taking care of a baby would affect the marriage. Stephanie said that the crisis would only strengthen the marriage. Jack said that his recent experience with a relationship crisis didn't bring his lady to him, but kept them apart. Brooke reminded Ridge about the time when he was feeling guilty for his father. Brooke asked Ridge if he remembered when he touched her. She told Ridge about the night with Eric, when she was drunk. She said it happened on April 1th. Sheila seduced Mike and took him down to the genetics lab. Mike thought Sheila and he were going to make love at the genetics lab and wanted to get out the pass card from the file cabinet. But then someone called Mike and called him to the positions building. Sheila said she wanted to do it soon because she doesn't know how much longer she can wait. Mike left and Sheila told herself, "He is going to get me into the genetics computer, and then I am going to make sure that baby is Ridge's". Stephanie told Jack it would be better if Eric were the father. Jack said that Eric being the father would mean no hope for Stephanie to get together with Eric. Jack asked her if she had ever given up hope on Eric and Stephanie said she had one time - when she thought she had a future with someone else. She asked him to leave. Sheila overheard Brooke and Ridge talking. Brooke said the baby went full term and that Ridge didn't touch her then. Brooke said "I really hate to say this, but more and more it's looking like Eric is the father of my daughter". Ridge said the baby was important and they have to expect every result. Brooke said "I can't expect it; I wanted her to be our child, I never wanted anything more in my life".

1464: Sheila talked to herself, saying she won't allow the paternity test to come between her and Eric. Ridge told Brooke it was all speculation and called Dr. Peters. Ridge said he and Brooke were coming to see her but Tracy said she would come to Forrester. Tracy put the samples in the refrigerator. Karen told herself, "You made a mistake, Thorne. I'm not the woman for you. If you hadn't stood right here and seen Macy kissing Jake, you would have chosen her, you would have wanted Macy. You deserve your first choice, you shouldn't settle for me." Karen told Saul that she wasn't happy to see Macy in pain. Saul said that if Karen cared for Macy, Karen wouldn't be living with Macy's husband. Saul said it wasn't right and Karen agreed, saying she would fix it tonight. Sheila needed the lab's computer password to change the results, but then she thought that if they didn't start the test yet, she can change Eric and Ridge's blood samples, since she knows Eric was the father for sure. Sheila tried to open Mike's file cabinet and then Mike came in. Sheila wanted to send Mike to the cafeteria but Mike said he was waiting for a delivery of camera equipment for the genetics lab. Sheila kissed him. Dr. Peters arrived at Eric's office, and she said they would start the test this afternoon. Ridge said they thought about the date of conception. Tracy said that the period of pregnancy wasn't 9 months, but 40 weeks. Karen came to Thorne's apartment, and she was ready to tell him the truth about Macy and Jake. Karen said "I've got to tell you, you have the right to know". Thorne told Karen he had made a mistake with her and wanted to apologize. Mike was afraid someone will come in and catch Sheila and him making love so Sheila offered Mike to meet him at room 207. Mike left and Sheila opened the file cabinet and took the lab's pass card. Brooke understood that she might have been conceived in late March. Karen thought Thorne was talking about the mistake he made when he chose her and Thorne said "It's time I put her out of my mind and move on with our future, Karen, together". Thorne apologized for taking Karen for granted. He said he was going to follow through with his decision and kissed her. He said he was going to take her for a night she will never forget. Dr. Peters asked if Ridge and Brooke had relations during the extra 10 day difference between 9 months and 40 weeks, but Ridge and Brooke couldn't remember. Tracy told them to put it out of their minds. Sheila entered the lab, after knowing the pass code. Sheila told herself "This is too easy - I'm a genius. All I have to do is switch the blood samples and then Ridge is going to be a new Daddy and I can go on with my life with Eric". Sheila took Eric and Ridge's blood samples and took off the labels R.F. and E.F and put the samples down in a centrifuge. Mike came in and said "Hold it right there!. What the hell do you think you're doing, Sheila".

1465: Eric told Stephanie that he was sure the baby was his because Brooke had the baby on New Year's Eve, 9 months before the night he and Brooke slept together; he said Brooke wasn't intimate with Ridge in the first part of April. Stephanie was sure Brooke concluded the time of conception and kept it to herself. Stephanie said Taylor would be the only one to be happy about what Eric said. Taylor came in and Eric told her what he told Stephanie. Ridge came in and Eric told him he was convinced he was the father of Brooke's baby. Mike said he had been looking for Sheila everywhere and asked her what she was doing. Sheila told him she used the computer lab to reserve the room for them. Mike told her she didn't have a clearance and that they could get into trouble. Mike then asked Sheila what she was doing with the blood samples. Karen started talking about Jake and Macy. Thorne stopped her, saying she was the most caring person,; she had every right to be angry and instead she is trying to help Thorne deal with his bitterness. Thorne said he wasn't paying enough attention to her and that will change. He said he wasn't going to let her slip through his fingers. Ridge said it wasn't the time to jump into conclusions, and that counting 9 months wasn't conclusive since Tracy told him and Brooke that a pregnancy lasted 40 weeks. He said that until the test results come in, there's no way of knowing, and that there was still a chance he can be the father. Ridge said he and Brooke might have been intimate but they have to wait for the results. Mike said he'll report Sheila if she doesn't explain. Sheila said she was anxious to be with Mike; she said she didn't break into the lab but she knocked on the door and the technician was called by Dr. Peters. She told Mike that the technician was labeling the samples, so Sheila helped her finishing labeling them because she wanted to be with Mike. Sheila told him to wait in the hall, but Mike refused. Mike said that if the samples were important (and he knew they were), so the technician wouldn't let Sheila in the lab. As he spoke, he spun the stand holding the samples. Ridge and Taylor returned to the guest house. Taylor asked Ridge if he was disappointed when he heard that Eric is likely the father. Thorne asked Karen for a chance to show her how important she is to him, he asked her, "Can you forget everything that happened up until this moment and give our lives together a new beginning?" and Karen agreed. Ridge said a lot went through his head, and that he didn't know what he thought. Ridge said the results weren't up to anyone. Sheila told Mike he was an idiot, that he had mixed the samples up. Mike said, "You're lucky I don't turn you in, you're nuts". Sheila couldn't decide which sample was Eric's or Ridge's and chose one. "This one is yours, Eric. Maybe, I don't know. Can't be sure," she guessed. Sheila said everything was ruined.

1466: Darla said she'd seen a little from the new line but Sally said she needed more details. Jack and Saul came into Sally's office. Sheila talked to herself saying the test might show Eric is the father and that she had to wait and see like everyone else. Sheila talked about her "insurance policy", the pictures of Lauren that wouldn't let Lauren disrupt Sheila's life with Eric because if Lauren does - Sheila will make sure the judge of Lauren's custody case for Scotty will get them. Jack informed Sally that Spectra was in deep trouble, and headed straight to bankruptcy. He said Bill wouldn't help Sally this time. Sally asked Darla and Saul to leave. Sally talked about the day she and Jack were together on the mountains which got them back on track. Jack said they needed sales. Sally said she didn't care about sales or business as long as she has Jack. Jack said, "Sorry, Sally, I can't, not now" and left. Eric arrived at Sheila's apartment; he used his key and Sheila hid Lauren and Brad's pictures. Eric told her, "I know what you're doing about the paternity test, Brooke's baby, I know how you're handling it". Eric said he knew the kind of lengths Sheila will go to. Jack went to Stephanie's; he told her he had come because he had a feeling, the last time he was at Stephanie's, that they had things inside them they really wanted to say to each other. Stephanie said that they were always going to have unresolved feelings and that it looked to her like Jack's already dealt with those feelings by his relationship with Sally. Jack said, "My relationship with Sally is different and totally independent from anything that I have ever felt for you". Stephanie told him not to overstate their relationship, which was a passing moment. Sally told Darla she hadn't told Jack about stealing designs from Forrester. Darla wore her costume and went to Forrester. Eric told Sheila he was aware of her motives. Stephanie said that Jack's playing on her feelings wasn't fair because she was vulnerable. Stephanie said trust was everything, and that they didn't share that. She said they may be friends when it passes, because now she only knows how to be lovers with Jack, and asked Jack to leave. Jack said he couldn't wait forever. Jack said he loved Stephanie and asked for a second chance for both of them and Stephanie said, "If I took the chance and I allowed myself to feel for you again, it would be the second biggest mistake in my life. The first being the fact that I fell in love with you to begin with. Please leave. Please". Jack left. Eric told Sheila he was sorry about the paternity mess, and asked her not to doubt his feelings for her. Sheila said "You've already reassured me. You don't need to say anything. Nothing. It doesn't matter how it turns out. No, not for you me. If you do turn out to be the father that's going to be wonderful and I'll help you raise a beautiful little girl. And if it turns out that you're not the father, well, maybe I can make that happen for you again, if that's what you want". Eric said he didn't want to lose Sheila, who became a part of him.

1467: Karen was at Brooke's apartment; Karen told her Thorne had taken her for a walk on the beach. Brooke said Thorne and Macy are only married on paper. Brooke told Karen, "I know you're moving in the right direction, trust me, I've been there. You see, I have been in love with this man for 5 years and he keeps eluding me. But I think we are going to get closer; slowly but surely we're heading towards a life together". Thorne came into Ridge's office; Thorne said he was going to tie up a loose end, and went to the Bikini. Sly told Macy "Drowning your sorrow in a caffeine, I see". Sly told her he had come up with an idea that would change Macy's life - that she should become a singer. Macy said she would think about it. Macy said she wasn't able to take Thorne out of her heart. Macy wondered if something happened to Thorne and then she doubted her thoughts saying she's being unrealistic. Thorne came in and Sly left to the bar. Karen left for Ridge's office, but not before Brooke told her she would always make time for her. Thorne told Macy he was naive, thinking nothing would break them up. Thorne said they didn't have a chance, fighting battles on both fronts; between themselves and the families. Thorne and Macy agreed that they would always have the memories. Thorne said he needed more than memories. Thorne said, "I know you, which is why in a way, it's a good thing for both of us", Thorne talked about a divorce and gave Macy his lawyer's phone number. Karen read Caroline's diary to Ridge, saying Caroline wanted Ridge to know Caroline blessed the idea of Ridge and Brooke's marriage after she was gone. Karen said it was Caroline's wish he and Brooke would be together. Brooke fantasized about Ridge asking her to marry him and about having a life together with their daughter. Brooke said "And that's how it's going to be, there can be no other life for us, Ridge, except with each other, no other life".

1468: Macy told Sly that she thought Thorne wanted to get together by the way he talked but he actually gave her the phone number of his divorce attorney. Macy said she should have seen it coming, since Thorne was living with Karen. Macy lamented, "Love, I'm sick of that word, it's just another excuse for stupidity". Sly offered Macy a ride, but Macy preferred to drive on her own. Sheila went to see Dr. Jay Garvin; she told him she had done something stupid to insure her future with Eric. Macy arrived at Spectra and told Sally she was getting a divorce. Sally told her not to move so fast until she gets the right settlement. She said Macy deserved half of what Thorne's got, and alimony was just the beginning. Sheila told Jay she had taken off the labels of the samples, but because of a stupid guard she didn't know which sample belonged to who. Jay told her she had to notify everyone. Sheila refused saying she couldn't do it. Sheila said, "If this baby turns out to be Eric's, I am never going to get him to marry me". She said that she was better for Eric than Stephanie and Brooke, who don't care for him as she does. Sheila warned Jay: "I don't think I need to remind you, but just in case I do, I am still a patient of yours. Which makes everything said in here confidential. Say one word to anyone, and it will be the end of your career. So you wouldn't do that, would you". Sheila switched to a lunatic smile and said "Well, I'll call you for my next appointment". Eric and Brooke were at Eric's office; Eric was going to talk with Brooke about the paternity test and then Darla/Camille came in. Eric introduced Brooke to the new mail person. Brooke found Camille familiar, but Camille said she had never worked for Forrester before and left. Eric said that they had to give a serious consideration to their marriage in case the result won't turn out as Brooke hopes. Sally said that being quiet would only make Macy miserable and humiliated. Sally said "Honey, you cannot let him play you for a sucker like this" and told her to fight back. Mike caught Sheila in the hall, and asked her if she was going to talk with Dr. Peters about a certain paternity test. He invited Sheila to his office for a little chat. Macy didn't want to continue talking about the divorce and Sally reminded her that Macy wanted the marriage to work, while Thorne was the one who wanted to get out of the marriage. Brooke said that if Eric were the father, they would live with that. Brooke said, "The baby isn't the issue here, Ridge and my relationship with him is". Brooke said she and Eric were each in love with someone else. Eric said that these feelings would be irrelevant if the child were his. Eric added that Ridge is in love with his wife and Brooke reminded him that Ridge married Taylor because of guilt. Eric asked her to keep an open mind until the results are in. Eric and Brooke found a letter Camille dropped, addressed to Genoa City. Brooke wanted to open it but Eric sent it. Mike said Sheila saw him as a nerd, but Sheila said she liked him. Mike said he was on to Sheila. Mike said he had access to the genetics lab computer and saw Sheila tried to get information about the Forrester paternity test. Mike knew Sheila tried to switch the samples. Mike said "Well, it's all over, I'm turning you in to Tracy Peters; she and those Forresters, they're gonna know exactly the kind of person they're dealing with".

1469: Mike was about to leave but Sheila told him to wait a minute. Sally and Darla were at Sally's apartment. Sally said her mind was on Jack, who's in love with Stephanie. Sally said she would do everything Jack asks. Darla told her not to throw herself at Jack, or otherwise Jack won't have any respect for Sally. Then Jack arrived and Sally asked Darla to leave. Jack said he didn't come for business and just didn't feel like being alone. Taylor asked Ridge what had bothered him and Ridge only mentioned a certain book Karen had left at his office. Taylor called Tracy. Sheila asked Mike to talk, but Mike wanted something else Sheila had promised him before. Sheila said that Dr. Peters wasn't going to find out and Mike said it depended; he instructed her, "Take off your clothes, Sheila, it's pay back time". Sally told Jack that she didn't hear from Clarke and that she didn't expect to hear from him again. Sally asked him if he was thinking of Stephanie. Jack said they were trying too hard. Sally said she acted differently around him. Jack said Sally brought out the best in him. Sally asked him how long had it been since he was intimate with a woman. Tracy told Taylor that the test results would be ready in 24 hours. Mike told Sheila she didn't have a choice and started taking off his clothes. Mike said he would keep it a secret if it's not too late and started kissing her. Sheila saw a pair of scissors and tied them up to Mike. Sheila told him she wanted to know who he told. Mike said he had left a note for Dr. Peters at her desk. Sheila said "You ever do anything like this to me again and I swear - don't test me, Mike, because you have no idea who you're messing with". Sheila left the lab. Jack repeated that he finds Sally attractive and Sally told him to show it and they kissed. Jack asked for a private place and they started going to Sally's bedroom when suddenly Sally told him she couldn't - not before Jack tells her how he feels about her. Taylor was sleeping, and Ridge got out of their bed and started reading Caroline's diary. Caroline wrote that only Brooke can give Ridge the kind of love Caroline gave him. She wrote that her final wish is that Ridge will make Brooke his wife and Ridge and Brooke's life together will be the same life Caroline and Ridge shared. Tracy started reading the note when suddenly Sheila came in asking to talk with Tracy right now.

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