February, 1993

Written by Ori Dekel

1470: Karen and Thorne were at Spectra, where Karen said Ridge was attached to Brooke. Thorne said Ridge was married and Karen said they couldn't fight destiny. Thorne and Karen went to have dinner and Thorne said that the exception was Thorne and Macy's divorce. Saul came in to Sally's office; he told Macy he was sorry about the divorce. Saul said Macy accepted the inevitable, while he fights it. He said Sally was the only woman for him. Meanwhile, Sally made sure that Jack wasn't looking for a one night stand. Sally asked Jack to promise her he'll stay her friend. Macy said Sally loved Saul, and Saul said that Sally didn't love him as much as she loves Jack. Saul said he was an old fool and asked Macy to eat with him but Macy stayed in the office working. Thorne said Karen was an extraordinary woman and that he was a lucky man. Thorne kissed her, then Macy came in asking Karen to sign something. Sheila told Tracy that she had a problem with the work schedule for next week. Tracy told her she could talk about it with the supervisor and asked her to leave. Sheila "fainted" in front of Tracy's desk. Tracy ran to her and asked her if it happened before, Sheila said she was under a lot of stress because of the paternity test. Tracy went to give Sheila a glass of water, Sheila tried to take the note, but Tracy turned around. Tracy told her to go downstairs to be checked out. Macy told Thorne and Karen to carry on and left. Thorne went downstairs to wait for Karen and Karen went to Sally's office. Jack said he would always be Sally's friend. Sally said she didn't want Jack to offer her his love out of pity and wanted to show him the door. Jack realized how much Sally cared for him. He said he had come because he wanted to be with Sally who makes him happy. He said that he wanted to stay around and that Sally deserved a friend and a lover and kissed her. Sheila asked Tracy for an ice pack. Tracy went to her cabin and didn't see Sheila. Tracy told Sheila to take care of herself and Sheila hid the note in her pocket. Sheila went out of Tracy's office and tore the note into little pieces and told herself, "Oh I feel better already. Now I can only hope those messed up blood samples turn out to my favor. I've been lucky so far, so God, please, please let it last". Karen asked Macy for an apology for kissing Thorne at her office. Macy said Karen only wanted Macy to let her off the hook for breaking up her home. Karen was about to tell her about the terrible misunderstanding with Jake but Macy stopped her, saying she didn't care about misunderstanding and said, "You are going to feel sorry that you ever wished for this divorce, Karen. Because when the whole truth gets out, anybody who can read a paper is gonna know just what a conniving little witch Karen Spencer really is. Now, is there still a misunderstanding or do I make myself perfectly clear?". Karen left.

1471: Karen came to Brooke's apartment. Brooke was holding her baby. Karen showed Brooke the "Fashion Daily" magazine. She asked Brooke why Eric and Ridge are the only ones to be interviewed in the article about the "BeLieF" formula, without Brooke. Brooke said she refused to be interviewed and said she was busy with her child. Brooke said, "She's more important for me than a dozen successes like BeLieF". Karen told her she had gone to see Ridge and left him a book. Ridge was reading Caroline's diary saying Brooke is right for Ridge, then Taylor came in. Ridge said he couldn't sleep because of the genetics test. Taylor said her father was desperate the night before. She said he was still in love with Stephanie. Sally said she felt wonderful. Saul asked Sally what she had done the night before. Sally said she and Jack were together for the first time. Saul got angry. Taylor left the guest house. Karen said she had given Ridge Caroline's diary and reminded Brooke of Caroline's dying wish - that Ridge will marry Brooke. Ridge continued reading the diary and then Stephanie came in; she gave Ridge something from the office. While Ridge was looking at it, Stephanie noticed Caroline's diary. Ridge said Karen had given him it. Ridge let Stephanie read how Caroline blessed Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie said Caroline wanted Ridge to be happy, and he is. Karen said Brooke and Ridge were destined to be together. Karen went to the kitchen to bring the baby's bottle. When Sally said it didn't involve him, Saul said, "It does involve me, it involves me, Sally. And if you don't understand that, then either you're completely blind or insensitive. And I don't think that you're blind." He then added, "What's the use, I'm wasting my breath" and left. Stephanie said that she understood that Karen and Brooke became close and that Karen wanted Ridge to be with Brooke and not with Taylor. She said Karen was playing on Ridge's vulnerability and using his dead wife's diary to get Ridge and Brooke together, which wasn't ethical. Brooke remembered how Caroline asked her to help Ridge after Caroline was gone and to be a part of Ridge's life. Then Tracy called Brooke and told her that the test results are in. Karen came back from the kitchen and Brooke said "My baby, she's finally going to find out who her father is, please god, let it be Ridge, Please let it be Ridge".

1472: Sheila made Lauren another letter and went to a dinner with Eric. Karen said she was certain Ridge is the father. Brooke said "And the right way for me, and for my baby and Ridge and Eric and Sheila, I mean the right way for all of us is that Ridge turns out to be the father of my baby. That's the right way, that's what we all want. All of us". Then Stephanie came in and said "No, Brooke, not all of us". Taylor had a romantic lunch with Ridge at his office. Taylor made a toast: "to daughter and sisters, because love, in whole likelihood you're gonna have one by the end of this day". Sheila arrived to the private dining room. Eric said they had to talk about their future. Stephanie told Brooke she came in with the key Eric had given her. Brooke told her to leave the key and get out, but Stephanie refused, saying she would return the key when Eric asks her to. Stephanie said Karen and Brooke were good friends and it was a frightening thought for Karen; she remarked, "I'm sure she has no idea how manipulative you are". Karen said she had given Caroline's diary to Ridge on her own. Stephanie said, "He's married now and he's gotten on with his life". Stephanie then told Karen "Let me give you a little advice before you leave. If you want to make inroads in the Forrester family, you've chosen the wrong path. On the other hand, if you want to be involved with some of our family tragedies, then believe me, you've chosen the right friend, because she's been responsible for most of the tragedies in this family." and Karen left. Brooke said she resented Stephanie's interference and Stephanie said, "You don't know how to be friends with anyone. The only thing that you have in life is accomplices. And I'm going to make damn sure that Karen Spencer doesn't end up as an accomplice of yours". Taylor told Ridge, "I want you to know, that whatever this day brings, it's going to be okay for me". Eric said Sheila and he had to face the reality of him being the father. He talked about the implications of what that would mean for his relationship with Brooke. He admitted he said his marriage was over; but if the child were is, the fact that he is the father of Brooke's 2 children wouldn't be ignored and the divorce would be reconsidered. Taylor said she hoped Ridge isn't the father of the baby. Stephanie said that she would spend time with the baby no matter who's her father because the baby needs a female role model, which isn't Brooke. Stephanie was about to call Tracy and ask about the results and Brooke told her the results were in. Stephanie asked her why Brooke didn't mention it before and Brooke said, "Because it doesn't involve you. Nothing involves you when it comes to my child, and I intend to keep it that way". Sheila told Eric that she was scared and that Brooke was the one Eric loves. Eric said he loved Sheila. He said he owed his children a family if he can, he said that that made him the man Sheila loves. Sheila said that she could only hope Eric isn't the father. Andre came in and gave Eric the phone. Brooke told him Tracy wanted them at her office. Brooke told Eric she would take a cub to the hospital. Eric asked Sheila to come with him to the hospital and they kissed. Brooke called Ridge and told him the results were in. Stephanie asked Brooke if she needed a ride to the hospital but Brooke refused. Stephanie said she was going over there. Brooke told her she wasn't coming and Stephanie said "Excuse me, this is my family and I intend to be a part of this". Brooke finally agreed and asked Stephanie not to make big ugly scenes when everyone finds out Ridge is the father. Stephanie wasn't willing to make Brooke promises about anything. Brooke said she was riding with Stephanie and Stephanie asked her what changed her mind and Brooke said "Because we're about to find out that your son gave me a daughter, so I think we should learn to get along". Stephanie tried to stop her, but Brooke continued: "I really love him, Stephanie, I have loved your son for years and finally Ridge is going to be mine".

1473: Ridge told Taylor that the child was the most important thing and they left for Tracy's office after they kissed. Bill came to Spectra; Karen said that a friend of her was going to find out who the father of her baby is. Bill told her to choose her friends more carefully since Karen's dating Thorne, who certainly wouldn't approve of that friend. Stephanie and Brooke arrived at the hospital and they talked about their ride: Brooke said "My god, Stephanie, I can't believe what an experience it was driving across town with you". Stephanie said "Well, I have to tell you, I prayed a few times that the door would fly open and you'd fly out". Dr. Peters told Brooke and Stephanie to wait at her office until everybody comes. Stephanie saw how nervous Brooke was and said, "So she's human after all". Stephanie said that the whole thing was tragic whether the child was Eric's or Ridge's. Brooke wonders if Stephanie expected her to abort the child, and Stephanie said Brooke didn't have to get an abortion, but shouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place. Brooke said she didn't plan it and Stephanie didn't believe her. Eric and Sheila arrived. Stephanie asked Sheila what she was doing at the hospital. Eric said he had asked Sheila to come. Bill guessed he didn't know Karen's friend. Karen said her friend was also Thorne's friend. Karen said she had tried to tell Thorne and Macy about the misunderstanding with Jake, but they didn't listen, so Karen gave it up. Karen said she knew Thorne and Macy loved each other and didn't believe Thorne loves her as much as he loves Macy. She also said she wouldn't marry a man who doesn't love her as much as she loves him. Outside of Tracy's office, Ridge arrived; Ridge told Brooke that Taylor would come with her own car shortly. Brooke and Ridge agreed they will survive no matter what. Brooke talked about the delivery, and said she would take it as a sign if Ridge weren't the father. She said she wouldn't interfere and be a burden to Ridge's marriage if Eric were the father. They hugged and then Taylor arrived. All 3 of them came in into Tracy's office. Thorne came in to see Karen, and Bill left Spectra. Thorne brought Karen flowers. Tracy came back from the lab with the conclusive results, as she put it. Karen said it wouldn't be the end of the world if Ridge were the father. She said Ridge was in love with another woman and Thorne said Ridge was in love with Taylor. Karen said, "I know he wants to do the right thing, to be loyal, but all the determination and the will power in the world can't change the way he really feels. He's in love with Brooke, and the sooner he gets out of this marriage, the better is for everyone concerned, including Taylor". Thorne said "Ridge is not going to leave Taylor for Brooke, ever; that is if there isn't a baby to motivate him". Ridge, Taylor, Brooke, Eric, Sheila and Stephanie were at Tracy's office. Tracy said that if the baby doesn't have Stephanie's genes, it won't necessarily mean the child is Eric's. Tracy said they found several genetics markers in the baby that one of the men has. Tracy warned them that if they perform the test again, it will be harder to keep it confidential. Tracy said "Brooke, are you ready to hear who the father of your baby is?". Brooke, said "Yes, I'm ready. Who is it?, Who is the father of my baby?".

1474: At Jack's office, Sally was acting silly-in-love. Jack said Spectra was headed right into bankruptcy. Sally said she found someone who will create a new full line. She said her name was Camille. Darla wore Camille's costume, and she took a tiny camera from Sally's drawer. Darla said she was going to shoot a lot of Forrester originals, then Bill came into Sally's office asking for Darla. Bill asked her if they met before. While Tracy was talking these were Sheila's thoughts: "My future depends on this; Ridge, it has got to be Ridge's baby, it's got to be", Brooke's thoughts: "This is our last chance, Ridge, our last chance to be together, it's now or it's never". Taylor hoped Eric is the father. Sally said she was going to meet Camille; Jack wanted to come too but Sally refused. Jack said "Sally Spectra, what are you up to?" and said her accountant should know everything. Darla/Camille told Bill she was sure they never met. Bill came on to Camille asking if she was married or single. Sally came in and Camille went out. Tracy said "Brooke, the father of your baby is Ridge". Sheila was relieved. Brooke got excited and thanked Tracy. Tracy left her office. Bill told Sally he hoped Sally was reliable. Bill said his daughter was living with Thorne so they won't be stealing designs from Forrester. Darla came in and she and Bill made dinner plans. Bill left and Darla told Sally Bill had flirted with Camille. Sally told her to get into her disguise because they needed the designs, and Darla left. Brooke let everyone know that she was prepared for the baby to be Eric's. Eric asked them to make the baby a source of unity and not division. Stephanie agreed and said that Brooke would be more responsible because the baby will watch Brooke's personal life and see Brooke as her role model. Brooke asked to be with Ridge alone. Taylor stopped her, saying she and maybe Sheila have something to say. Bill returned to Spectra, then Darla came in wearing her disguise, so Camille left to "look for" Darla, at Bill's request. Darla took off her disguise and came in; Bill said he would make it up to her and said he had come back because there was something he forgot to do and kissed her. Sheila said that she felt as Eric does and that Brooke could treat her as a part of her extended family. Taylor said that the baby had 2 mothers and that she looked at the baby as her step daughter. Taylor let Brooke know that Brooke can depend on her to be a positive strong influence for the life of Brooke's baby. Taylor said "It must make you feel so good, to know that your little girl has such an extraordinary extended family". Brooke was surprised from Taylor's words and Taylor told Ridge to take Brooke home because they have something to discuss and Ridge and Brooke left.

1475: Stephanie came to Eric's office. Eric said Ridge would be a fine dad. Stephanie said that Ridge's life was changed and that for Ridge, the crisis is just beginning. Sly and Keith were outside of the Bikini. Sly showed Keith a poem Sly had written for Macy. Keith told Sly that Macy would love it, then Macy arrived. Brooke said that they would be a real family and that they had to make it official by christening the girl. Brooke wanted to bring the baby and Ridge told her not yet. Mike caught Sheila passing next to his office. Mike told her she was lucky. He told her to hope to continue being lucky. Sheila told him "If you have something to say, I suggest you say it, right now" and came into his office. Sheila told him he wasn't in her league. Mike said he caught her tampering with the samples to make Ridge the father but he stopped her when he spun the samples. Sheila asked him what he was going to do. Ridge told Brooke she was coming on pretty strong. Brooke asked him if he wished the baby wasn't his. Eric said that Ridge's marriage was strong and Stephanie said that Brooke's determination to have Ridge was equally strong. Macy told Sly she had contacted her attorney. Sly rubbed oil on Macy's back, at her request. Sly showed her the poem. Macy read it and laughed, saying it was hysterical and corny. Sly told Macy he was going to make a phone call and left. Sheila told Mike "Let me tell you something, little man, whatever you think you saw, you just forget it". Sheila said there was no evidence of her being at the lab. She said they have no way of knowing if the results were accurate, so Mike wouldn't take the chance and risk his job by telling Tracy. Sheila said she got away with it. Sheila said, "I'm also the kind of woman who hates loose ends, and you're not going to be a loose end, are you Mike?, No, I didn't think so. I'll be seeing you around". Eric said he would see that Brooke won't meddle with Ridge's marriage. Stephanie said that Brooke's job was a risk. Eric said that Brooke understood that the identity of her baby's father must be kept from the media; however, Eric hasn't talked about it with Brooke yet. Stephanie told him, "Well, I think you have to, Eric, because for our family this is a smoking gun. This is a subject that has to be handled delicately and I know you trust Brooke, but I don't and I never will". Ridge said he would never abandon the baby, Brooke asked him again if he would be more comfortable if she weren't his daughter. Keith told Macy Sly had written the poem. Macy said she laughed because she thought it was a joke. Macy felt badly. Eric promised Stephanie that he isn't going to let anything happen to his family. Eric said he and Stephanie had to be examples of unity. Eric and Stephanie laughed about them being grandmother and grandfather, Sheila opened the door and looked at them. Brooke said she wasn't trying to trap Ridge. Ridge said he was attached to the little girl but there are complications. Ridge said he wanted the baby to have a family and asked for a chance to adjust. Brooke told him to take all the time he needs. "Just call me when you want to see her," she said crying. Ridge was about to leave, but then he told Brooke, "Why don't you bring her out now?".

1476: Sheila came into Eric's office, and said she had run into Stephanie. Eric said Stephanie thought it's a no win situation. Sheila told Eric there is nothing Eric can do to ease the tension between Stephanie and Brooke. Sheila said, "When two woman go to war over the love for a man, the battle lines are drawn forever". Darla came back to Spectra telling Sally something big is going at Forresters. She told Sally Eric, Brooke, Ridge and Stephanie were all gone for an hour. Sally said "They did run the paternity test on that baby, I was right all along about this, Darla". Darla said Stephanie and Eric returned to Forrester, but Ridge and Brooke didn't; from that Sally concluded: "Bingo, that's it. Ridge Forrester is the baby's father...They're all trying to cover it up". Stephanie came to see Taylor at her office. Stephanie asked her why she allowed Ridge to ride with Brooke. Taylor said Brooke and Ridge needed a chance to discuss the paternity test results. She said she wanted to let Ridge adjust to fatherhood. Taylor said that she also had sent Brooke a message - that Taylor is confident in her marriage. Stephanie said Ridge was still at Brooke's. Stephanie said she was worried and that she thought Taylor should be worried too. Taylor said that being concerned wouldn't do any good. Stephanie said, "I've been there, I believed in my marriage and look what happened - she used little Eric, Jr. to take my husband away from me. Taylor, I'm trying to help you. If you think that Brooke isn't capable of using Ridge's brand new little daughter as her trump card, you'd better think again". Brooke brought her daughter, saying to her "Ridge is your father". She let Ridge hold her. Brooke went to bring a bottle and left Ridge alone with the baby. She watched how Ridge related to the baby from the hall. Darla said she had a chance when everyone were out and gave Sally photos of the Forrester designs. Sally called Saul saying Spectra is back in business. Eric told Sheila he was giving Brooke the divorce. Eric said he didn't see any reason to wait, and added, "I don't want anything or anyone else to stand in the way of our future together. Not anything else". Sally told Saul to turn the photos into sketches. Sally said they would tell everyone Camille designed the line. Ridge still couldn't believe the baby is his. Ridge said "She's my daughter", and Brooke corrected him, "She's our daughter". Stephanie told Taylor again not to underestimate Brooke. Taylor said she wouldn't let the fact that Brooke's daughter will be a part of her future get to her, although she doesn't like it. Taylor said that Brooke's pregnancy was an accident and Stephanie said, "There's is nothing accidental in Brooke Logan's life". Stephanie said that if Brooke and Ridge raise the child together, Taylor will have to worried about Brooke's every move. Taylor said she would be involved in raising the child. Stephanie warned her: "Do you think that Brooke is going to allow that? Taylor, this is not a friendly alliance, this is war. And if you don't want your marriage to end up at the battle field of that war, you had better be prepared to fight for it". Stephanie left. Ridge was sorry for the way he acted before. Ridge said that the baby wouldn't suffer for her parents misjudgment. Brooke told Ridge about the baby's name - Bridget, a combination of the names Brooke and Ridge. Ridge held the baby and said "Welcome to the family, Bridget Forrester". Eric said that now he could give Sheila the relationship she deserves. Eric said that Sheila's supporting him and being with him in the last few months without asking anything had meant a lot to him. Eric said he was lucky to have her in his life. Eric said "I WANT YOU IN MY LIFE PERMANENTLY...I AM ASKING YOU TO BE MY WIFE, SHEILA. I'M ASKING YOU TO MARRY ME". Sheila said "I don't believe this is actually happening to me" and hugged Eric.

1477: Sally told Darla they didn't have enough designs for a full showing, so Darla has to return to Forrester. Macy and Karen arrived to Sally's office and Sally showed them the new designs. Before they went in, Sally told Saul and Darla to convince Karen and Macy the designs belong to Spectra and not let them suspect the designs were knock offs. Ridge arrived at his house, and he told Taylor he was coming back to work. Taylor asked him how it was to be with Brooke and his daughter. Stephanie came to Thorne's office, and said that Brooke had caused a lot of pain to the family. Stephanie said, "I know you don't want to blame her directly, but I feel that she's responsible for a great part of this". Thorne tried to change the subject and asked, "Dad, what all this means to him, what it means to the two of you?" Eric asked Sheila for an answer to his marriage proposal. Sheila said she had tried to be happy many times, and didn't succeed. She said she came to L.A. looking for peace and simplicity and turned out to be the happiest she's ever been in her life, without even trying. Sheila said "Yes, yes, I'll be your wife. I'll be your wife and companion and your help mate. I am going to be everything you have ever wanted or needed in a woman, Eric. And most of all, I'll be your lover, cause I do love you, above everything. I love you Eric Forrester". Karen and Macy asked Sally from where the designs came. Sally said she had discovered a designer called Camille. Karen said "Hold on, just hold everything". Taylor noticed Ridge has referred to the baby as his daughter for the first time. Ridge said everything was new, so he doesn't know how he feels. Taylor asked him how he felt when he held his daughter. Ridge told her to ask him next week. Ridge told her the name of the baby was Bridget. Stephanie said that she didn't think Sheila is significant to Eric. Meanwhile, Sheila was saying to herself couple of times that she's going to be Mrs. Eric Forrester. Eric said he wanted to get married in next week and told Sheila to pick a date. Sheila said "We're going to have such a wonderful life together, a wonderful life". Sheila said she loved him and went to the infirmary. Karen said they agreed to a massive manufacturer without a head designer. Sally said that she changed the plan and that she runs the company with her instincts without any approval. Taylor understood the combination of the names Brooke and Ridge into Bridget and said she didn't mind it. While Ridge was on the phone, Taylor went aside and cried, telling herself, "You've got to be strong, you can handle this". Sheila was happily choosing a wedding date at the infirmary when suddenly she remembered about Lauren, who she hasn't dealt with. Sheila knew Lauren would see her and Eric in fashion magazines and tell Eric everything, so she sent Lauren another piece of the puzzle with a letter. Sheila told herself Lauren has to forgive her or Sheila would show Scott the pictures and then Lauren will lose her marriage and the custody of her child. Sheila told herself "You really give me no choice, Lauren. Eric is in love with me and he wants me to be his wife, and I am going to be his wife - and no one is going to stop me, no one".

1478: Ruthanne came to L.A.; she and Stephanie were in Stephanie's room. Thorne told Karen that Stephanie and Eric's divorce was different from other divorces. He said they were good for each other. Karen said Thorne was forgetting Sheila, and Thorne said Eric and Sheila weren't that involved because they aren't living together. Karen said that Stephanie has never believed in Eric and Brooke's marriage because everyone in Thorne's family knew that Ridge and Brooke will finally end up together. Brooke was exercising with a Cindy Crawford tape and told 'Cindy', "You make me sick, how do you look so good? You didn't have two kids, that's how". Eric came in and Brooke stopped the tape. Eric said that the divorce would be final in a week. He said he planed to marry Sheila soon. Eric asked her who do Brooke's plans for the future involve. Taylor came back from the swimming pool and asked Ridge for a talk. She said there were things in life that can be changed and some can't be changed. She said that her situation couldn't be changed - That Ridge has a daughter from a woman who would love to have him as her husband. She said she would have to learn to accept the things she can't change. Taylor said that they didn't talk about the role Brooke plays in this. Eric told Brooke she had to take responsibility about the family unit. Brooke said, "Say what you're thinking, what everybody's thinking, that if anything happens to Ridge and Taylor and their marriage, I'm going to be the one to blame". Ruthanne understood Stephanie is having dinner with Eric. Stephanie said Eric was getting a divorce. Stephanie said she was as much to blame about the break up of her marriage as Eric, but Brooke took advantage of the situation. Ruthanne mentioned Sheila. Stephanie said Eric was seeing Sheila. Stephanie said her instincts told her Sheila was hiding something. Stephanie remarked, "I just can't see Eric falling for someone like that" and that "I've always known in my heart I'd never find another man like Eric". Stephanie said she couldn't walk away from something like that. Thorne said his family didn't think Ridge and Brooke are destined to be together. Eric told Brooke not to be so defensive. Brooke said she was taught in her family the concept of family values. Eric said he had come to keep the lines of communications open between them. Brooke said, "Eric, they've always been open, why would you suddenly think they're not?" She them guessed, "Of course, you've been talking to Stephanie". Brooke said she didn't want Eric to be caught in the middle with Brooke's battle with Stephanie and Eric said he didn't even want to be a battle. Brooke said she couldn't do anything to please Stephanie. Eric said she could promise them not to pursue Ridge and to keep the promise, and Brooke answered: "In other words, make a promise at the expense of my child...And if, just if my baby and I become more important to Ridge than Taylor is, I am not going to refuse him. Stephanie can call it pursuing Ridge, you know; I really don't care what she calls it. But personally, I think Ridge would rather spend time with his family than with some woman he never should have married in the first place" and went to nurse Bridget, asking Eric not to ask her to deny the possibility of Ridge living with them. Ridge told Taylor that the issue was he and the child, and Brooke has nothing to do with it. Ridge said he realized Brooke wanted him. He said he was stressed and trying to cope and on top of all there's a showing coming up. Taylor said she felt robbed of a love expression. She said she wanted to give Ridge his first child, and that Ridge and Brooke shared something she and Ridge should share. Ridge reminded her of the things they share: he started kissing her and took off Taylor's robe. Ridge took off his robe, then Taylor looked at him and said "POOR BROOKE". Brooke worked out and said "It won't be long now, Ridge. You, me and our daughter living together, the way it's supposed to be, it won't be long".

1479: Sally showed Bill the stolen designs, and Bill liked them. Sally told him only she and Saul were involved in the project. Jack stood next to Sally's door and overheard Bill asking Sally from where she got the designs. Darla came in saying she wants to speak with Sally, and Bill left. Darla told her the situation was getting out of control. Sally told Darla she didn't know how much Jack overheard from Bill and Sally's conversation. Macy asked forgiveness from Karen at Karen's office. Macy said "We're getting a divorce, I'm putting Thorne out of my mind and I'm moving on with my life". Karen asked her if she was dating, and Macy said she didn't feel like getting into another relationship. Karen remarked that Macy and Sly looked close when she saw them at the Bikini. Macy said they had done that to make Thorne jealous. Macy said Sly was a sweetheart but not her type. Macy said Sly had written her a poem, but she wasn't moved. Keith said Sly couldn't get Macy out of his head. Keith told him that nothing would happen if Sly doesn't talk to Macy. Sly said he couldn't put his feelings into words. Karen told Macy to give Sly a chance. Then Macy got a delivery, a poem from Sly. Darla said Bill was talking about Camille again. Sally reminded her she's Camille and Darla said that her being Camille didn't give Bill the right to hit on her. Darla said "I thought our relationship was exclusive. I don't think he should be looking at another woman, even though she is me". Macy didn't want to read the poem. Karen suggested that maybe the poem was better than the last one, Macy said Sly wasn't a poet. Due to Karen's encouragement, Macy read the poem and said the poem was totally different than the last one Sly wrote. She said it was good; Karen agreed saying it was absolutely wonderful. Macy said she had no idea Sly has this kind of ability. Darla said Bill was interested in Camille. Darla said that she and Camille were complete opposites and that the only thing they had in common is their measurements. Jack arrived and wanted to talk to Sally, and Darla left. Macy called the Bikini and talked to Sly; she said his poem was beautiful. She said she was coming to see him and hung up. Sly said Macy was breathless and thanked Keith for writing the poem. Bill went to Karen's office, but she wasn't there. He was looking at some designs and then Camille came; she said Karen was downstairs. Bill preferred to wait for Karen at her office. Camille tried to seduce him; She sat at the table crossing her legs. Bill said she was a sensual woman. Jack said Sally was playing games with him and asked Sally to tell him the truth about the new collection. He guessed Bill made Sally do something underhanded.

1480: Sheila talked to herself at the infirmary. She said Lauren received piece number 8. "Are you getting the picture, Lauren?", she said. She wrote another letter, then Eric came in and she hid the letter beneath some files. Sheila told Eric she was working on picking a wedding date. She asked him to have dinner with her, but Eric said he was eating dinner with Stephanie. Stephanie told Ruthanne she wanted the night to be perfect. Stephanie went upstairs to change. Sally said that she would always keep in things as the executive of Spectra; she told Jack that, "I'll tell you everything, if that's what you want". Jack said he wanted, and right now. Bill asked Camille what she did at Spectra, and Camille said she was one of Darla's girls. Camille asked him if he did send her signals and Bill said again she was a sensual woman. Sally said she had jobs at stake and if Spectra goes under, a lot of good people will get hurt. Sally said she followed her instincts, and asked Jack if he wanted to risk himself by hearing Sally's plans. Sheila told Eric he was remarkable. Eric said he wanted to tell Stephanie about their wedding. Ruthanne and Maria saw Stephanie wearing her stunning blue dress. Stephanie said she and Eric were getting along so well. Ruthanne told her to call her at the morning and left. Camille said Bill made a pass at her at Sally's office and Bill denied it. Camille was about to leave but Bill stopped her. Camille asked him to show her what he wants. Bill kissed her but then stopped saying "I... I can't, I'm sorry. You were right, I'm involved with someone else" and asked her not to mention it to Darla. Bill left and Darla was excited, saying "Yes, yes, yes". Jack said he had done questionable things once. Sally said that what she was doing isn't completely illegal. Jack said he didn't want her to get burned. Sally said she knew what she was doing about turning Spectra around. Sally said "Stay with me, Jack, I need you, I love you, I love you, Jack". And they hugged. Eric arrived at Stephanie's, and they toasted to good memories. Eric said Stephanie had predicted what his marriage to Brooke would be like. Stephanie wished it would have been better for him. Eric said he would be divorced next week. Eric told her he had plans for the futures which involve a woman. He said he and Sheila had become very close. Stephanie stopped smiling as she tried to figure out what Eric meant.

1481: At the Bikini, Sly told Keith Macy was on her way over because of Keith's poem. Sly asked Keith to write another poem. Keith said he needed to be inspired. Sly went to change and then Macy arrived and talked to Keith. Macy said she liked the poem, Sly returned. Thorne went to Brooke's apartment and looked for Eric, but he wasn't there. Brooke introduced Thorne to Bridget; Thorne said Bridget was a knock out. Thorne said Eric and Stephanie were close and relating as a couple. Eric told Stephanie that Sheila was important to him. Stephanie said she appreciated Sheila's support of Eric. Stephanie said her family meant everything to her. Eric remembered how they started, when they had so little, and how they accomplished so much. Brooke told Thorne that Stephanie wasn't going to get Eric back and said "I wish I didn't have to tell you this, but your father has already proposed to Sheila". Macy and Sly were sitting at a table and Keith overheard Macy's words while he was cleaning the table besides them; Macy said she was touched and said "I had no idea that you can express yourself with such passion. It honestly took my breath away to know that you wrote this poem for me". Macy said she had no idea Sly feels that way. Brooke said Sheila had accepted, and Thorne said that it would break Stephanie's heart and that Stephanie would be devastated and crushed. Eric said he felt very comfortable in the house. Stephanie said "I was thinking how nice it would be if you moved back home...I've been thinking about our relationship a lot lately and I get the feeling you have too...Well, I've been thinking that we're starting a new relationship and I'd like to continue in that direction. Maybe there's a chance for us, Eric. Maybe we can pick up where we left off 2 years ago and just let these past 2 years be done with". Eric didn't know what to say. He said he had come to share with Stephanie something special and said he had asked Sheila to marry him. Sly said he was jealous of Thorne, because he was married to Macy. Macy said she didn't want to talk about Thorne but about Sly and the poem. She said the poem was powerful and made her weak in the knees. Macy said she would want to get to know more about Sly's side he had revealed in the poem. She asked Sly to read the poem out loud for her and he did. Keith watched and listened them from the bar. Stephanie said she was disappointed and said "Don't you think it's a sudden decision?". She said it was a classic rebound situation. Eric said that he cared deeply for Sheila. Stephanie told him to wait a few months. Stephanie said "I think you know what you want now but what are you going to want a year from now? After all the hurt and the disillusion and the anger about Brooke are gone?". Eric said "This has nothing to do with Brooke. I don't need to wait. I have every intention of marring Sheila very soon". Stephanie said "ERIC, I'M GOING TO DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO CONVINCE YOU NOT TO MAKE THIS MISTAKE".

1482: Macy was reading again the poem at Sally's office; Sally came in and Macy let her read the poem. Macy said Sly had sent the poem. She guessed she barely knew Sly. Keith remembered the things he overheard that Macy told Sly. Keith started writing another poem. Thorne arrived at the Bikini. Sheila sent Lauren the last piece of the puzzle - the heads of Lauren and Brad. Sheila told herself "We can't get married, not just yet. Not until Lauren finds out about me and learns what she stands to lose. She dares interfere with me - no, she won't, no she can't, because I'll ruin her if she does. This is the last time I do something like this. This is the last time that I have to". Eric's lawyer, Charles, was at Eric's office, and he gave him the divorce papers. Charles said "Sing it, you're a free man". Eric said his next marriage would be happier and said "She doesn't know it yet, but she and I are getting married tonight". Macy told Sally that before the poem, she looked at Sly as a brother and not in a romantic way. Macy said "This is exactly the kind of man I can really connect with. A man that I can possibly fall for". Macy said the poem touched her as Thorne touched her. Keith told Thorne that it seemed like Thorne came to check on Sly and Macy. Thorne said he was living with another woman and moved on with his life. About Macy, Thorne said "The way she goes from one guy to another, I don't think that's very healthy". Keith said Macy didn't seem like that type to him. Thorne said "She didn't seem that type to me either. And yet that's exactly what she's doing. She's involved with Sly, right?" Keith said Macy was becoming involved with Sly. Thorne read the poem Keith had started to write. Eric came to the infirmary, and he told Sheila they were going to the mountains to get married because his divorce is official. Keith said he planed to go and learn art, and Thorne asked him for who he wrote the poem. Keith said it's a woman - one he started to have feelings for; however, Keith said she didn't know he exists. Thorne left, and Keith threw away the poem he started to write. Macy told Sally she was having trouble connecting the poem to Sly. Sally told her to call him and to let him know how important the poem is to her. Eric said there were less chances for the media to find out about their wedding if they don't wait. Sheila said she needed to see her mother before she gets married. She said she had to go to Genoa City. Eric told her "Do what you have to do". Eric said that the next time he'll be able to get married would be after the full showing. Eric said "I love you, I don't want to wait to become your husband". Keith was writing a poem and then Macy called and left a message on the answering machine. Keith heard her saying she is deeply moved every time she reads the poem. Macy hung up and Sly arrived asking Keith for a new poem tonight. Sheila said "I am going to marry this man, and you are going to allow me to do it, cause if you don't, if you don't - well, you will. Get ready Lauren Fenmore, Sheila is about to rise from the grave.

1483: Thorne told Stephanie he had heard about Eric's engagement. Stephanie said Eric was rebounding, and that she had told Eric it was a mistake. Brooke worked out while Karen was admiring Bridget at Brooke's apartment; Karen said Bridget was adorable. Brooke said she had to get in shape as soon as possible. Karen asked her if Ridge had come to visit Bridget. Ridge asked Taylor to come with him to check on the baby, since it would be good for Taylor and her perspective. Ridge said that seeing the baby would make Taylor love the baby as much as Ridge loves. Thorne said Taylor and Ridge had been doing pretty well, and Stephanie responded that now Brooke's baby would change everything. "Because of that child Brooke is going to be at Ridge's side, for years and years," she pointed out. Thorne said there was nothing Stephanie can do and Stephanie said they could support the marriage. Stephanie said she wasn't pleased about Karen's friendship with Brooke because Stephanie likes Karen. Thorne said that Karen could take care of herself and Stephanie said, "So could your father and your brother before they became involved with her, and look what happened to them, They got their all lives turned upside down. That can happen to Karen and it can happen to you". Brooke told Karen Ridge had driven her home after they got the test results. Brooke said that at first, Ridge wanted to leave without seeing Bridget, but that Ridge just needed to adjust, and that she had given Ridge that time. Karen said it wouldn't take him long to adjust. Brooke said her pregnancy didn't make her popular. Brooke said she didn't want their relationship to come between Karen and the Forresters. Karen said "Thanks for the advice, but it isn't necessary". Karen left for Spectra. Ridge told Taylor he understood Taylor's not wanting to go to see Bridget. Ridge said he didn't want his daughter to be a problem for them. Taylor said she would show interest in the girl when she's ready. Taylor said her basis of her fear couldn't be changed by spending time with Bridget. Ridge and Taylor kissed. Stephanie arrived at Karen's office at Spectra; Karen turned around the designs that were on her desk. Stephanie said it wasn't a social call. Stephanie said that Ridge's marriage was important to her. Ridge arrived at Brooke's apartment; Brooke let Ridge feed Bridget. Stephanie told Karen that she liked her and that she was pleased that Karen is involved with Thorne. Stephanie said her family had one weakness - Brooke Logan. Stephanie said Brooke pit husband against wife and father against son, and that Brooke had broken the unity of the family number of times. Stephanie said Thorne agreed that Brooke's a threat for Ridge and Taylor's marriage, and that she cared for Taylor like her own daughter. Stephanie the pointed out that Brooke's friends couldn't be friends of her; she let Karen choose and left saying they will talk again soon. Charles arrived at Brooke's apartment; Ridge was about to leave but Brooke asked him to stay. Charles asked for Brooke's signature to finalize the divorce. Brooke said "I'm ready Charles, by all means, let's sign it".

1484: At Stephanie's house, Stephanie told Ruthanne about Eric's marriage proposal to Sheila. Stephanie said Eric was marring Sheila because Eric needs sense of stability. Ruthanne asked Stephanie to let her help Stephanie get Eric back. Stephanie said that she already had a plan. Ruthanne left saying "Don't you worry, we're going to take care of you". Taylor went to Eric's office; Eric told her he was marring Sheila. Eric said Brooke had promised him not to pursue Ridge, and Taylor said Brooke had already made that promise and broke it. Taylor said her marriage was solid but one thing concerns her - the baby. Taylor said "I have no doubt she'll use her, do you?". Charles said he had come because Eric wanted the divorce signed right away, assuming Brooke wants it too. Brooke said "And I do, I do", she went over the agreement and signed it. Charles said there wasn't any 6 months waiting period, since that period actually began last summer when the divorce officially came up. Charles let himself out. Eric said Taylor had his and Stephanie's support. Taylor said it meant a lot to her. Stephanie went for a "session" with Dr. Jay Garvin. Stephanie told him about the man in her life who's involved with another woman. Ruthanne came to see Eric at his office; Ruthanne told him he wouldn't be able to build a life with the woman he's involved with like the one that he shared with Stephanie. Ridge told Brooke that Eric would have taken Brooke back if she had asked, and that he had a feeling like all this had happened before. Brooke said it did happen before, meaning something which freed them up. Stephanie told Jay he knew the woman in Eric's life, who is Sheila Carter. Jay said he couldn't talk about his and Sheila's sessions. Stephanie said "Doctor, that woman is trouble and I think you know it". Stephanie said her family had been through a trauma involving paternity; she saw Jay's reaction and said "So you know about it". Stephanie said "Eric has asked her to marry him. If there's something about her that he should be aware of", Jay repeated again that he can't talk to her about Sheila and Stephanie warned him: "If you hold something back from me that would be detrimental to my ex husband, believe me, I'll slap a suit on you. That's no idle threat". Stephanie was about to leave when Jay told her "Mrs. Forrester, come in and close the door". Brooke reminded Ridge about the letter Stephanie wrote to herself from Eric saying Eric loves her which freed Brooke and Ridge up and they went to the cabin. Brooke asked him "Do you think about that, Ridge, the possibility that we may never make love again?" Ridge said "I think I better go", he said goodbye to Brooke and Bridget and left, Brooke told herself "You think about it all the time, Ridge, and it scares you to death, just like it scares me".

1485: Karen was at Brooke's apartment; Karen told her about the things Stephanie had told her. Brooke repeated that she didn't want herself to be the cause of Karen and Thorne breaking up. Brooke complained Ridge doesn't come to see her but for Bridget. Jack came to Taylor's office; He said he and Sally were becoming close. He said Sally and Stephanie were very different. Jack said that the Forresters could rest easy because Sally wasn't doing anything illegal. Taylor said she couldn't share with Ridge his feelings for his daughter. At Eric's office, Eric told Ridge that Sheila was in Genoa City and Ridge said that it gave Ridge a chance to convince Eric not to marry Sheila. Stephanie asked Jay "What is it?, What is it that Eric should know about this woman?". Jay said Sheila was a patient. Stephanie said "But she could possibly destroy his life and I think that you know that better than anyone" and Jay said Stephanie should leave. Stephanie threatened him: "If Sheila destroys Eric's life in any way and you could have prevented it, you won't have just lawyers pounding at your door, I'll be there too. Your receptionist has my phone number, call me when you change your mind" and left. Eric said he and Sheila hadn't made love yet. Eric told Ridge, "I'm marrying Sheila, Let's change the subject" and talked about Bridget. Brooke told Karen she had a belief that she and Ridge will be together, but now she started to wonder. Karen said that Ridge had to be careful with Brooke and said "If you want to get closer to Ridge, then you have to help him feel more relaxed...by getting his wife to relax". Taylor said she had great reservations about Brooke and her motives and told Jack about the name Bridget. Taylor said Brooke would do everything to get under Taylor's skin, and that Brooke's goal was to disrupt her marriage. She said Brooke was clever. Jack asked Taylor how Brooke affected Taylor's relationship with Bridget and Taylor answered: "I don't want to get involved with Brooke and her daughter yet, because once I do, dad, she'll do a number on me. We'll argue, and then she will cry to Ridge. Ridge will talk to me, and then pretty soon Ridge will be in the middle and everyone's lives will be miserable". She said it would be better for her and Ridge if Taylor stays away from Bridget. Eric said Bridget was Ridge's and Ridge said "She looks an awful lot like you, though". Ridge left. Karen said that Taylor was the key; that by seeing Taylor is comfortable with Brooke, Ridge will let his guard down and will be comfortable with Brooke. Brooke said Taylor was Bridget's step mother, therefore has a place in Bridget's life. Karen said "Bingo" and left. Stephanie arrived at Eric's office; Eric said Thorne, Taylor, Ridge and Ruthanne were all trying to pressure him not to marry Sheila. Stephanie asked him to dinner, since both she and Eric are alone, and Eric accepted. Brooke arrived at Taylor's office, Brooke said she had a proposal. Brooke said "Do you want to hear it or don't you?".

1486: Macy read Sally Sly's second poem. Macy said the poem had a great effect on her. Sally was very happy for her. Sally told her to invite Sly to Sally's apartment. Macy tried to think about something similar to do to Sly and went to the Bikini. Sly said he had sent Macy the second poem. Keith said there was a lady who he is thinking about when he writes the poems. Sly asked Keith to introduce him the lady and Keith said the lady didn't know how he feels. Taylor guessed what Brooke's proposal was: "To invite me to your apartment for dinner, you, me, Ridge and the baby. Am I right, Brooke?", Brooke said at first that she wasn't going to do it but then admitted. Taylor said she knew her very well. Taylor guessed sarcastically Brooke's intentions: "You want to be my friend, we shouldn't be adversaries, Am I right? because you have nothing but good feelings for me and my relationship with Ridge. And of course you have no intention or desire to pursue my husband and you will not come between him and me in any way". Brooke said Taylor got her number. Brooke said she didn't invite her to dinner to gain their friendship but because of something Taylor said, which Brooke wondered if Taylor meant it. Sally wanted to take Jack to the Bikini. Sally said Macy was up to something. Macy arrived at the Bikini and talked to Keith; she said she had a special surprise for Sly. Macy said Sly had the kind of mind she has always wanted in a man. Keith was about to say something, but held back. Taylor said that by having dinner together, Taylor will approve Brooke and Ridge's relationship and said "Well, it's not gonna happen". Taylor said that Ridge was on his guard when he's with Brooke and that's the way she wants him to be. Taylor said "You can go now" but Brooke reminded her of the things Taylor said when they found out Ridge is Bridget's father - that Brooke can depend on Taylor to be a strong positive influence on Bridget's life. Brooke asked her for some professional advice: how to relate to her baby's step mother. Macy went up on stage and sang for Sly about "The Poetry Man". Sally and Jack were sitting at the Bikini and listening to Macy. Keith was sad when he saw Macy hugging Sly. Jack said he didn't have any idea Macy has that kind of a talent. Jack and Sally danced. Macy said she just performed a song somebody else wrote, unlike Sly's poem. Macy asked him what he meant by a line from the poem, and Sly naturally didn't have much to say. Macy said it was the best side of Sly which she connects with. They kissed and Keith watched them and drunk beer. Taylor said Brooke didn't care about relating to the baby's step mother. Brooke said she invited Taylor to dinner for Bridget. Taylor said Brooke had one goal in life which is to get Ridge, and that isn't working now. Taylor said Brooke was using Bridget. Taylor said "Shame on you, Brooke Logan. No, I will not have dinner with you, now get out of my office". Brooke said "I owe it to my child to get you to trust me, I do not want her growing up in a life with animosity and hatred. Now, if you have any integrity as a doctor. or any compassion as a human being, you will be over for dinner, Taylor. You will be over for dinner". Brooke left.

1487: Maria talked about her memories when all of the family was living at the house. Eric arrived at Stephanie's house for dinner. Darla said that she was almost finished with the spying work at Forrester. Darla said she tested Bill. Ridge and Taylor were by the pool, and Taylor said Brooke had visited her. Bill arrived at his apartment and found there a candle light dinner, then Darla showed up. Darla said that she had been holding back her feelings. Bill said he cared who Darla was, and not what she did. She said that now she knew how Bill feels. Bill asked her "And how can you be sure of that, Darla, what did I do?". Taylor said Brooke had invited her to dinner so Taylor would get to know Bridget, as Brooke said. Bill said "Darla, I love you", Darla kissed him and took off her dress. Taylor said that she had refused Brooke's invitation. Ridge said that they would have to coexist. Ridge put on music and he and Taylor danced. Stephanie and Eric finished eating dinner and went out to the balcony; they saw Taylor and Ridge dancing and kissing. Eric said Ridge and Taylor seemed to be handling Bridget. Stephanie said that the problem was that Ridge and Taylor would handle Bridget for many years. Stephanie said she didn't want closeness to develop between Ridge and Brooke. Eric asked Stephanie for a dance, and they danced. Ridge and Taylor noticed Eric and Stephanie dancing. Ridge said Eric and Stephanie had changed much lately. Ridge said "When Sheila gets back in town, she might be in for a surprise, a big surprise".

1488: Sally told Darla she had done something she maybe shouldn't have done, then Macy came in to Sally's office and Sally told Macy that she had made an appointment with a lawyer for Macy. Macy got angry and Sally told her it was about time to "close the book on Thorne". Then the attorney arrived at Spectra. Taylor went to Thorne's office; Taylor said that she and Ridge would find a way to live with the situation with Bridget. Taylor asked Thorne what was going on with him. Brooke brought Bridget to Ridge's office; Brooke said Taylor had turned down her dinner invitation. Brooke said she invited Taylor so Taylor would get to know Bridget. Thorne told Taylor that his marriage to Macy had died a long time ago and that Karen was important to him. He said he didn't want to think about Macy anymore but admitted he does think about her. The lawyer called Macy "Mrs. Forrester" and Sally corrected her "This is Miss Alexander, Macy Alexander". Ridge said Taylor needed time to adjust Ridge's fatherhood. Ridge said the dinner was a good idea, when Taylor's ready. Brooke said "Ridge, you have a daughter, a precious little newborn. I know you want to spend more time with her, so how do we arrange this without offending Taylor?". Taylor asked Thorne how he was going to get over Macy. The lawyer asked Macy on what grounds she was asking for the divorce; Macy said Thorne asked for the divorce, not her. The lawyer asked her why and Sally said Thorne was living with another woman. The lawyer was about to write "adultery", but Macy corrected her, saying Thorne will never cheat on her. The lawyer asked Macy what kind of problems her marriage suffered; Sally interfered and said that the Forresters had Macy arrested for false charges, so the lawyer almost wrote "mental cruelty". Macy then said Thorne was never cruel to her. The lawyer said they couldn't file for a divorce without grounds. Macy said Thorne had decided he wants to be with another woman instead of with her. Sally said Thorne should pay for the kind of hell he put Macy through. Macy stood up and said her marriage meant more to her than a sum of facts and figures and said "I can't take anymore of this, I'm sorry" and left for Sally's house; there, Macy recorded a message to Thorne on a tape, asking to talk with him. She taped herself saying "Give our marriage one last chance, I beg you, let me know". Thorne told Taylor that he has to move on. Taylor said that two people in love can overcome everything and left for Ridge's office. Brooke said that if Taylor's decision keeps Ridge away from Bridget, it will hurt Bridget. Ridge said Taylor wasn't going to keep him away from Bridget. Ridge said he and Taylor would decide what to do about it. Bridget got upset, so Brooke told Ridge to try singing for her. Ridge sang for her, then Taylor opened the door, looked at them and closed the door.

1489: Ridge was at Thorne's office; Thorne wished he hadn't said the things he told Taylor about Macy. Thorne said that marrying Taylor helped Ridge not to think about Brooke. Ridge asked him if he was going to marry Karen and Thorne said "I am looking for an answer, I can't go on like this". Darla came in to Sally's office, where Macy said she taped a message for Thorne. Macy said she wasn't sure if she wants to send it. Darla told her Thorne was her obsession and Macy threw away the tape. Darla asked to listen to the tape and took it out from the garbage. Darla listened to the tape. Stephanie came in to Ridge's office and found Brooke there with Bridget. Stephanie nagged Brooke about why she brought Bridget and said Ridge preferred to see Bridget at Brooke's apartment. Brooke said she was having dinner with Ridge. Stephanie said that everyone saw and opposed Brooke's trying to take Ridge from Taylor, Brooke said it was an innocent dinner and Stephanie said "You've never done anything innocent in your life". Darla told Macy that she was wrong about sending the tape. Darla told her to talk with Thorne so she will put the thing to rest and know for sure. Ridge said Thorne wasn't ready to marry Karen. Brooke said she invited Taylor for coexistence, but Taylor refused. Stephanie said "There isn't going to be any dinner party, not with you and Ridge, not with you and Ridge and Taylor, not if I have anything to say about it". Brooke said they had to get together and discuss things, whether the dinner will be with Ridge or also with Taylor. Stephanie said "I'M GOING TO FIGHT YOU UNTIL THAT BABY IS OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE; YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO HAVE RIDGE, NEVER!" Brooke left. Thorne said that it was hard for him to forget about Macy, but explained that Macy has moved on. Macy sent the tape and said "This is our last chance, it's got to work". Stephanie went to Taylor's office; Taylor said she wasn't going to change her mind about not going to dinner with Brooke. Thorne told Ridge that Macy didn't need him and was surrounded by men, so she probably didn't think about him. Ridge left Thorne's office. Taylor said Ridge would decide whether or not to go to the dinner. Stephanie suggested Taylor would go to the dinner. Taylor said Ridge wasn't cooperating and didn't give Brooke the attention she wants. She said that the smartest thing for her to do is to stay away from Brooke. Stephanie said Taylor shouldn't allow Ridge to have dinner alone with Brooke. Macy told Darla that she thought the tape will work and that she wanted a chance to tell Thorne how she really feels. Thorne got the delivery; he put it on the table and looked at it, but didn't open it.

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