December, 1993

As Stephanie planned the fashion show with Charlton Heston for the American Film Institute, Sally made plans to take advantage of that opportunity for Spectra. She approached Heston, posing as Stephanie's liaison, and gave him a suggestion to make the show even more spectacular. She suggested the debut of an up and coming new designer by showcasing the Armando Line. Heston was reluctant, but Sally convinced him; and even though she had originally been against putting Anthony's name on the label, she now had to, to keep Stephanie from finding out until it was too late.

Because of her professional relationship with Anthony, Macy's marriage to Thorne was on the rocks. She almost took a drink again, but Anthony encouraged her not to. With the fashion show approaching, it looked like Thorne and Macy might be heading towards reconciliation, since Thorne asked to see Macy after the show. However, Macy was unaware of Sally's plans to crash the Forrester show for the AFI with her line, a move which Karen worried might destroy Thorne and Macy's marriage.

Taylor continued to treat James. She consulted with her friend and colleague, Jay Garvin, and she felt that the cause of James' problems was not Sophia, as James had claimed. Instead, she felt that James' parents had something to do with the problem. James became defensive when Taylor asked him for information about his mother. She insisted that she would fly to Scotland if necessary to find the answers and booked the next flight. She informed Ridge, who was unhappy about the way her treating James was infringing on their marriage. Taylor told Ridge she was going to Scotland alone, which was true as far as she knew. However, James decided to join her at the last minute, which Jack learned when he dropped Taylor off at the airport.

Ridge turned to his mother and Brooke to deal with his feelings about the strain on his marriage. At the same time, Brooke was again wavering between feelings for Ridge and for Connor (who was seeing Karen at the time). Karen confronted Brooke about her feelings for Ridge, since she was interested in the attorney herself, but Brooke was still unsure about a life with Ridge. Jack told Stephanie about James. In the meantime, Brooke invited Ridge to dinner when he was feeling down about his marriage; she tried to get him to call Taylor to make him feel better. Ridge called Stephanie to get Taylor's number, and Steph told him how James had joined Taylor on the trip. Feeling lied to by his wife, an angry Ridge spent the night at Brooke's. This did not make Connor (who felt Ridge was using Brooke) or Stephanie (who was afraid for her son's marriage) happy.

As they journeyed to Scotland, James finally admitted to Taylor that he had been hiding things from her. Taylor had already discovered that there was no address for James' mother, but there was one for his father, who James had claimed was deceased. James confessed that his father had abused him as a child, both physically and mentally, and that James owed his mother his life. Taylor felt there was still more to it as they arrived in Scotland. They were forced to share a room at an inn due to lack of rooms. Taylor met James' father and thought he was charming, which surprised her based on James' descriptions.

A pair of telephone conversations caused the strain between Ridge and Taylor to grow. Ridge tried to contact Taylor in Scotland; the innkeeper, a woman named Maggie, answered the phone. In the mistaken belief that James and Taylor were a couple, she told Ridge about them sharing a room. Ridge began to work harder with Brooke on the AFI show, believing that his wife wasn't going to be there for him. Meanwhile, Taylor, at James' suggestion, called Ridge. He wasn't there, but she spoke to Stephanie, who let slip that Ridge had stayed at Brooke's place. Stephanie immediately realized her blunder and went to talk to Ridge; Brooke, who was in the office with him at the time, listened intently. Taylor, in the meantime, was upset at the news and confided in James, who comforted her with a kiss.

The fashion show for the AFI arrived; Ridge had hoped that Taylor would be back for it, but she remained in Scotland to treat James. He has Mike check to make sure she isn't there, but there is no sign of her. Brooke tries to reassure Ridge, so he doesn't let it ruin the big day. Meanwhile, celebrities like Carol Channing, Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows arrive to attend the show, and it looked like everything was going fine. However, Connor arrives with a newspaper headline that announces the Forresters sharing billing with the Armando line. As Eric wonders if it is a mix-up with men's line, Jack arrives with a program that also lists the line.

Stephanie seeks out Heston, who tells her how her liaison, Sally, coordinated this with him. Stephanie is furious and tries to stop it, but it's too late. Unable to prevent Anthony's designs from being shown without making a scene, the line makes its debut at the show. Thorne is furious with Macy (who found out about the show at the last minute and tried to stop it), since he cannot believe she knew nothing about it. Any hopes of a reconciliation are now dashed. After the show, Brooke reveals to Ridge that she will consider returning control of the company to his family; Ridge kisses her, and a photographer captures the kiss on film.

Karen apologizes to Ridge for her role in this; she tells Ridge that she is seeing Connor now, so Brooke might be in need of a friend. Ridge did indeed spend time with her, including celebrating Bridget's first birthday. Ridge tells Brooke he intends to be a big part of Bridget's life.

When James' father, Damon, gets drunk, Taylor learns that the elder Warwick believes James killed his own mother. The angry, drunken man gets into a fight with his son, who knocked Damon out and fled with Taylor. Continuing her therapy with James, Taylor concludes that James' mother died in childbirth, and that the false memories (including the feelings for Sophia) were created by James to repress this. She prepares to return home; however, before she does, she tells James he has to confront his father one more time. Damon admits that James did not kill his mother; she died by choice, he states, as he explains the whole story...

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