August, 1993

Written by Ori Dekel

1591: Taylor was sunbathing near the pool, then Ridge arrived. Taylor had doubts about Jack marrying Sally and said, "He (Jack) tells me that he loves her (Sally), and I should believe him, but I just don't see the same kind of intense feelings he has for your mom". Ridge said Stephanie was miserable, and didn't think Jack would reject Stephanie. Then Jack called and asked for Taylor. Thorne held Macy's picture at his condo and talked to himself, hoping he and Macy could be happy again. Macy walked into Thorne's condo and invited Thorne to Sally's wedding. Sally was making her place ready for the wedding. Darla, who was in Sally's apartment, tried to calm Sally. Then Saul walked into the apartment. Jack wanted to talk to Taylor before the ceremony. Jack said he'd have breakfast with Stephanie and hung up, and Taylor let Ridge know about that breakfast. Thorne told Macy he and Sally hadn't gotten along, but Macy said things had changed, since Thorne cured her problem. Thorne said he loved Macy, but wasn't sure if jumping into the marriage again was the right thing to do. Macy kissed Thorne and left. Saul asked Sally for breakfast at the Cafe Russe. Saul said, "Consider it my wedding present to you". Jack arrived at The Cafe Russe and sat next to Stephanie. Jack wondered why Stephanie asked to meet him. Saul and Sally also arrived at The Cafe Russe. "You know I love you, and he is not worthy of you", Saul said about Jack. Sally said Jack was a wonderful man. Sally said she trusted Jack's devotion to her and Saul said, "I wouldn't be sure about it at all". Sally said Jack was loyal to her and Saul pointed out Jack and Stephanie, who were sitting across them. Stephanie told Jack she'd accepted Jack's past and said, "I don't think you and Sally are a good match". Stephanie admitted to being jealous, and wished Jack good luck. Sally told Saul there was a logical explanation. Saul said he'd had to show Sally what kind of a man Jack was. Stephanie said she'd like to be friends with Jack and asked for a goodbye kiss for old times' sake. Sally watched Jack kissing Stephanie.

1592: Connor was making dinner for him and Brooke at Brooke's apartment. Then Brooke called telling Connor she'd rather be alone. Connor hung up and snuffed out the candles. Connor asked himself, "When are you going to learn?". Sheila was at Eric's office, where Eric said Jack's wedding would be tough on Stephanie. Eric said, "He had a past, Sheila, and he didn't share it with her. That was significant to Stephanie and would be to me too". Sheila lied saying, "We're lucky we don't have that problem". Taylor put on Jack's tie and Jack said Stephanie had kissed him. Saul and Sally came back to Sally's condo. Sally couldn't believe what she saw. Saul said he was sorry and asked Sally, "What are you going to do, Sally? Surely you're not going through with this wedding". Connor told himself Brooke wasn't interested and then tried to convince himself Brooke needed more time, after what the Forresters had pulled. Karen arrived at Brooke's, hoping to meet Brooke, and Connor said Brooke was out for the evening. Karen said her life wasn't as exciting as Brooke's was. Connor asked Karen, "Would you like a glass of Champagne?" Saul said Jack had felt affection for Stephanie. Sally said she wasn't going to give Jack back to Stephanie without a fight, and announced, "I am going to marry Jack". Saul warned Sally, "If you marry Jack, she's (Stephanie) going to have an affair with your husband" and asked Sally not to do it. Taylor said she wasn't going to persuade Jack not to marry Sally, but asked him to acknowledge his feelings for Stephanie before marrying Sally. Jack said the kiss had been innocent. Elliott arrived at Eric's office and said Brooke knew that the BeLieF formula was responsible for 75% of Forrester's profits. Elliott said that Eric might pay 30%-50& of the past and future profits of the formula and warned Eric, "Connor Davis might not even stop at that". Connor and Karen drank to better days and then Karen said she felt strange. Connor corrected Karen, that he was only Brooke's friend, and not her boyfriend. Karen said she had a crush on Connor; Connor said he'd always been attracted to Karen, and added that Brooke didn't satisfy him. Connor kissed Karen passionately. Sally got depressed saying all of her men disappeared. Sally started to cry from thinking about going on without Jack. Saul promised her, "YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO BE ALONE, NOT AS LONG AS THERE'S A BREATH IN MY BODY". Taylor and Jack were about to leave for the wedding, but then Sally called. Sally said, "Don't come over here," and told him there wasn't going to be any wedding. She asked Jack not to ask her about her reasons. Sally said she was sorry and hung up. Jack said Sally had canceled the wedding. Sally burst into tears and Saul hugged her.

1593: Karen told Connor they should stop, since Brooke might come in. Connor kissed Karen and said "Karen, when I'm with you, I don't think about Brooke," and continued kissing her. Karen wished they were at her apartment. Connor said he didn't want to keep it from Brooke and intended to tell Brooke about him and Karen. He told Karen to go home and said he might come to her condo, too. Karen left. At his house, Eric was going through Forrester papers and was very upset. Eric said, "It's destroying my life, Sheila". Karen arrived at her office to take some work home and Macy entered. Macy said the wedding had been called off and assumed Sally wasn't ready. Karen talked about tonight saying, "In fact, it maybe so good that I just won't be coming in tomorrow morning". Karen announced she was in love. Brooke opened her door and Connor told himself, "This should be short and sweet". Brooke was at the movies by herself and was glad Connor didn't leave her condo. Connor said he and Brooke were coming from two different places. Connor said, "But I think for the sake of my mental health...." and stopped talking once Brooke touched his arm. Karen said her new love interest's name was Connor Davis. Karen asked Macy not to put Thorne through what Macy put Sly through. Karen said she supported Macy. Eric said Connor didn't have any right to the records, and got mad, saying he'll stop Connor and Brooke. Eric said, "He's trying to steal this company, he's trying to destroy my company". Eric said he didn't want Sheila involved in his war. Sheila said, "Eric, calm down, please". Brooke said it was her turn to talk, and claimed that she'd made it through everything thanks to Connor. She added that she was stable and had been a fool. Brooke said she owed Connor too much and Connor said he'd send Brooke a bill. Brooke said she'd start paying starting tonight - and said, "I haven't been fair to you. I need you, yes, as my attorney, but need you in other ways too". Brooke said, "I held you off too long, it's time for a change. I'm ready for that change," and kissed Connor. Sheila and Eric went into the Jacuzzi; Eric wasn't able to lighten up. Eric wanted to leave to stop Brooke and Connor and went out of the Jacuzzi. Eric was starting to have chest pains. Brooke kissed Connor again, but Connor suggested to wait and see how Brooke feels about it in the morning. Brooke told him, "Wait out here". Karen said Connor was wonderful and the perfect guy. Karen got excited and she and Macy went out of the office. Brooke put on some sexy green lingerie and said, "I want you, Connor Davis. And not just to have sex with, but I want to love you. And I want to love you tonight". They kissed.

1594: Near the pool, Ridge told Taylor about a new way to make love that maximizes procreation. Ridge told Taylor to close her eyes and blow. At her condo, Karen told herself Connor should be there soon. Karen convinced herself Brooke was in love with Ridge and not with Connor; therefore, Karen shouldn't feel bad about it. Sheila told Eric to lay down and try to relax. Then Stephanie rang Eric's door bell. Ridge put an inflatable mat in Taylor's mouth and told her to blow. Taylor went to the garage to blow the mat up. Karen kept hoping telling herself, "He'll be here soon, I know he will". Brooke said Stephanie drove on power and said she was Stephanie's victim, but then said, "But now it's my turn". Brooke talked about the power she had when she stood with Connor at the office and said that it had felt delicious. Brooke said that the thought of her and Connor being a force in the industry was very sexy to her. Eric said he didn't fell any more pain. Eric told Sheila to answer the door. Sheila told Stephanie Eric wasn't available. Stephanie entered anyway and wanted to call an ambulance, but Eric wouldn't let her. Taylor came back and wanted to go to bed. Ridge then turned Taylor around and she saw the pool covered with flowers and candles. Ridge took off Taylor's top bathing suit and they got in the water. Brooke took off Connor's shirt and Connor said, "I need you and I love you". Brooke ordered Connor, "Make love to me, make love to me now". Karen wondered, "Where are you, Connor? What's taking you so long?". Eric insisted he didn't need to see his doctor and went to rest. Stephanie started to harass Sheila, saying, "Sheila, he's not a 25 year old boy". Sheila replied, "You're fighting the wrong enemy, Stephanie," and wished the whole thing with BeLieF would go away, since it might kill Eric. Sheila said Eric had an anxiety attack, and said she had to do something about Brooke. Stephanie said she hadn't come up with an idea with how to neutralize Brooke. Sheila said they could defeat Brooke together if they put their differences aside. As they were laying on the mattress, Ridge suggested Taylor to make their first.

1595: Near the pool, Stephanie told Ridge about the chest pains Eric had. Stephanie said Eric had almost passed out. Stephanie wished they had a plan to attack. At Sally's office, Saul told Sally to confront Jack about the kiss. Sally said she still cared about Jack, and hoped to have an explanation from him. Sally asked Saul not to tell anyone about the kiss. Jack came in and Sally asked Saul to excuse them. Macy walked into Karen's office and asked Karen about the date with Connor. Karen thought she knew the reason why Connor didn't come by - she was sure that leaving Brooke wasn't easy for him. Karen said, "The important thing is that he finally did it". Brooke climbed into her bed and kissed Connor. Connor woke up; Connor and Brooke agreed they had been amazing the night before. Connor said that today he'd know what the real value of BeLieF was, as the Forresters would open up their records for them. Connor guessed that BeLieF was worth ten times more than the Forresters' offer. Brooke said, "I want Stephanie brought to her knees". Karen said that her friend and Connor weren't exactly involved. Macy said she was happy to hear that Karen and Connor are in love with each other, as Karen thought. Karen said she had no hard feelings about Macy and Thorne, and added that Macy and Thorne belonged together. Karen went to visit Brooke, to check on her and see if things between them were still OK. Ridge told Stephanie, "There was no wedding - they canceled it". Jack said he'd never hurt Sally. Jack told Sally, "You've got to tell me why you called off the wedding". Karen arrived at Brooke's and said Brooke was glowing. Karen said, "I hope that you're not mad at me" but Brooke didn't understand what she meant and asked, "Am I missing something here? What on earth are you talking about?". Sally didn't give Jack any answers and asked to take it one day at a time, Jack left, slamming the door. Ridge told Stephanie she had a second chance for happiness. Karen and Brooke were talking, when suddenly Connor came out of the shower. Brooke had to take a shower and Karen and Connor were left alone. Connor asked Karen not to be angry, and said that Brooke had decided that she wanted more than friendship and announced "We're lovers now". Karen congratulated him. Karen said, "She is using you as her attorney to make her powerful and rich, and as a body, to keep her satisfied in the meantime. I really wanted you for who you are, but obviously you don't feel the same way". Karen left Brooke's condo crying.

1596: Stephanie arrived at Eric's house. Sheila said Eric was at work. Sheila said that turning the profits to Brooke had made Eric crazy. Sheila promised, "If anything happens to my husband as a result of this extra stress he's been under, Brooke and Connor are going to be very sorry". Ridge came into Eric's office and Eric said he wasn't feeling particularly well. Elliott came in and told Ridge about their new proposal to Brooke. At Brooke's, Connor told Brooke, "Taking control of BeLieF is a commitment". Connor said he was crazy about Brooke, kissed her and they left for Forrester. Stephanie said she'd always see Sheila for what she is and Sheila said they'll go down if they don't join forces. Connor and Brooke entered Eric's office and Connor asked for the reading material. Elliott asked Connor and Brooke to consider something first and presented their final offer - a check for 10 million dollars, in return for Brooke releasing the rights to BeLieF. Elliott and Eric pointed out that the amount was after taxes. Connor and Brooke stepped out in the hall, to have a private discussion. Sheila said Stephanie and her always get what they want and Stephanie said they were nothing alike. Stephanie informed Sheila about her warm feelings for Sheila, "I don't like you, Sheila. There's something about you that's hidden. I know it, and so does Lauren Fenmore". Stephanie said she'd call Sheila and left. Connor said there was no telling to know what will happen in court and said it was a solid offer. Connor said that Brooke could complicate her life by taking control of BeLieF and said, "I think you should take the 10 million". Brooke was very surprised. Connor said, "10 million dollars could set us up. I mean, we could move out of L.A., buy a ranch, breathe some fresh air" and said he'd like to have kids of their own some day. Connor said he could walk away from the life in the city for Brooke. Ridge said Davis wouldn't let Brooke accept the offer, but Elliott saw it as a turning point. Brooke and Connor came back and Brooke said it was a generous and impressive offer. Brooke said Connor had advised her to take the offer and said that not seeing the Forresters any more would be good for her mental health. Brooke said that she couldn't remember what it's like to feel happy after what the past 6 years has been giving her - pain and heartache. Brooke said they saw her as an outcast. Brooke said they weren't going to buy her off and rejected the offer. Brooke said they'll hear from her attorney with her non-negotiable offer. Connor left and Ridge asked Brooke, "What the hell has happened to you?" Brooke said she learned a lesson from Stephanie - that she could never be a Forrester - and challenged, "Well, we'll see who's good enough at this little game, Ridge. We'll see who comes out on top".

1597: Thorne went through his mail at his condo and found the divorce papers. Macy called and said that tonight would be the beginning of something wonderful. Thorne told himself he had to make sure, and left. Macy told herself Thorne was going to ask her to move back in, then Sally walked into her office at Spectra. Macy wanted to know why Sally had called off her wedding. Jack visited Stephanie, telling her he's shocked. Stephanie said she was sorry and Jack asked her how she reacted at the hearing of the news. Kevin asked Keith why he was locking up the till and Keith told him about the robbers. Keith said it was his job to secure the till, saying a robbery can happen to anybody. Keith and Kevin said they missed Macy, and then Thorne came in. Keith introduced Kevin to Thorne. Kevin went to do his homework. Thorne said he and Macy could start over, as Macy had stopped drinking. Keith said it wasn't that simple, and that Macy had not quit fighting. Keith said, "Macy still needs professional help, she should be in treatment. You can't forget, man - Macy is an alcoholic". Sally told Macy it wasn't the right time for her and Jack to get married. Sally wasn't sure about postponing the wedding. Macy thought Thorne wanted to patch everything up. Macy said she was happy. Sally said, "Thorne has something Stephanie doesn't - the heart". Macy swore she wouldn't let Thorne get away. Jack said he was stunned, but mentioned he still had strong feelings for Sally. Sally told Macy to follow her instincts and her heart, and Macy left. Keith said Macy would be drunk as she was drunk when Thorne found her in an alley, if it weren't for Thorne. Keith told Thorne to get Macy into treatment right away. Keith said, "Eventually, she's gonna need that drink". Thorne said that getting on Macy's case with no reason could send Macy into another nose-dive. Keith said it was too soon for a reunion. Jack said the whole situation had changed. Stephanie said she was glad and relieved to hear that Jack didn't marry Sally. Stephanie said, "I think you deserve someone better, much better". Macy entered the condo and noticed the divorce papers that were in the living room. Macy wondered if Thorne wasn't sure. Then Thorne came in telling Macy he doesn't want Macy to sign the divorce papers. Macy said she wanted to be Thorne's wife, lover and friend.

1598: Thorne told Macy, "THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS LIFE THAT I WANT MORE THAN TO BE IN THIS MARRIAGE WITH YOU. NOTHING. BUT IF WE ARE GOING TO GET BACK TOGETHER AGAIN, IT'S GONNA BE FOR KEEPS," and Macy swore it will. Thorne said that the drinking was threatening them. Keith told Kevin he was doing a great job. Then Sly arrived and said Kevin wasn't busing tables at that bar. At Brooke's, Connor was going through the records. Connor said he was upset for allowing his emotions to influence his decision. Connor and Brooke kissed and Connor went out to bring food. Connor opened the door, and Taylor came in. Keith told Sly to relax and asked Kevin to go to the kitchen. Sly said Kevin wasn't normal. Keith tried to convince him, but Sly still wouldn't hire Kevin, and even demanded that Keith get rid of Kevin while working at The Bikini. Macy said she wasn't like the other people who go to A.A., since she wasn't addicted. Thorne didn't want Macy to depend on the booze, but on herself and him. Brooke said Taylor had come to cut the losses. Taylor said she wasn't the enemy, and pointed out that Brooke had changed. Brooke talked about Ridge's decision, and Stephanie's laughing in her face and her discovery of her claim to the BeLieF patent. Brooke said, "I'm going to teach these people a lesson they will never forget". Brooke said she wanted to get the Forresters. Taylor said Eric had an episode the night before. Brooke said Stephanie had given her chest pains herself and said, "If you want to blame someone, blame Stephanie". Kevin said he was sorry and Keith encouraged him. Keith and Sly couldn't find the key to the cash register. Keith went to look for the key, and Sly told Kevin to understand he shouldn't be at The Bikini while Keith is working. Then a robber came in pulled a gun and yelled, "Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt. Open the cash register!". Thorne hugged Macy and asked her not to leave. Brooke said she'd like to see Stephanie crawling at her feet, and Taylor told her to go after Stephanie, and not to destroy the whole family in the process. Taylor pointed out Eric's mistake, that was made due to insecurities and panic. Taylor said the Forresters owed Brooke an apology, but didn't deserve to have their lives ruined. Brooke said, "I think that Stephanie deserves anything and everything that I could throw at her. And Eric and Ridge are equally as guilty, by omission". Brooke said no one had stopped Stephanie from making her life hell, and added that no one would stop her of making Stephanie pay. She asked Taylor to leave. Sly told the robber they couldn't find the key. The robber held the gun at Sly's head and threatened to kill him if he wouldn't open the register. Macy promised not to touch a drop of alcohol. Thorne told Macy he hadn't told her how much he wanted and needed her because of Jake and Sly. Macy said she'd never loved Sly and that Jake didn't live in L.A.. Thorne said, "Macy, I saw you kissing Jake one night, in your office, just before we broke up - that's the reason why we broke up". Macy explained Jake was passing through town, and was kissing her goodbye after she'd refused to leave with him. Thorne couldn't believe that. Thorne stated, "I am never going to lose you," and kissed Macy.

1599: Ridge made dinner and put on some music, then Taylor came back from the pool. Taylor said she'd gone to see Brooke, to help. Ridge said Brooke had been burned. Taylor said Brooke was determined to get revenge, that won't make her happy. Taylor said Brooke needed professional help. Connor looked over the files on Forrester and said, "They built their entire future on BeLieF". Brooke remembered on the day she discovered BeLieF, and then made love with Ridge at the Forrester lab. Then she said she'd thought Ridge and her would be a team - but things have changed. Sly told the robber he didn't have the key. Keith said the key was lost. The robber started to count to 3; as he arrived to 3 they were fighting and the robber shot at the ceiling, shot again and missed Sly. Sly was down on the floor. The robber was pointing his gun at Sly. Then Kevin jumped on the robber's back and knocked him down to the floor. Sly called the police and Keith told Kevin he'd done good. Connor told Brooke about their great future together and Brooke asked Connor to make her forget her past. Connor stood up, and kissed Brooke. Taylor said Brooke wasn't well, and needed a therapist, and she felt that Brooke had to feel desired right now, after being hurt by the family. Taylor explained, "She needs to get rid of the pain. Who knows what she'll do to accomplish that". Brooke asked Connor how important the money was. Connor said he had a successful career and didn't need Brooke's money. They continued kissing. Sly thanked Kevin for saving his life. Kevin said it hadn't been right, since Sly hadn't done anything. Sly said he owed Kevin and hugged him. Keith said Kevin could use a job and Sly admitted to being wrong about Kevin and making a big mistake. Sly then gave Kevin a Bikini Bar shirt. Brooke asked Connor not to go away and they kissed, and Brooke then took off her dress. Taylor said, "I'M A WEEK LATE". Ridge got excited, but Taylor warned him not to jump to conclusions. Ridge gave Taylor a surprise - a beautiful chain. They said they loved each other and kissed on the bed.

1600: Ridge was in a good mood at his office, when Stephanie came in. Ridge said Taylor had a doctor's appointment, concerning a pregnancy test. Brooke woke up next to Connor. Connor said Eric was freaked out because of the capital that's locked up in BeLieF, and some unpaid loans. Connor said, "The law says you're entitled to 30% of the formula". Connor also talked about the scheme with Steve, and Brooke said the Forresters had brought it on themselves. Brooke said, "I have the power now, and I won't hesitate to use it". At Eric's house, Sheila told Eric they would get through this, and Eric said they would have to pay a price. Brooke said she wanted Stephanie to suffer and Connor promised, "It's as good as done". Connor went to his office to prepare their demands. Brooke was sure to go through with the vendetta against Stephanie. Eric talked about the changes and told Sheila, "You better prepare yourself - we're in for some rough times ahead". Then Eric, Jr. walked into the living room, after spending the night at Eric's. Sheila left for Brooke's. Stephanie talked about Sheila and said Sheila had divided loyalties. Ridge knew Stephanie still couldn't trust Sheila. Ridge thought Sheila was self-centered. Stephanie was sure Sheila could betray them, and said she and Ridge had to confront Eric about Sheila. Stephanie said they would see Sheila for what she is when she makes her move. Brooke thanked Sheila for bringing Eric, Jr. back. Sheila said she admired Brooke for bringing up 2 kids alone. Ridge said it wasn't the right time to confront Eric, then Eric came in saying, "If you have something you want to say about Sheila, you say it to me now". Stephanie said they didn't trust Sheila. Ridge said they had concerns that Sheila had too much influence about company policy. Eric admitted that Sheila wanted to be involved due to her care. Stephanie said, "There's more here than meets the eye, Eric". Stephanie said that Sheila loved Eric as much as she loved Eric's money, and stated that the company was them. Sheila reminded Brooke of her proposition to work with Brooke in the lab. Sheila said she wanted to be Brooke's assistant, since the situation has changed. Sheila said the position could make harmony among the Forresters, and Brooke bought it, saying she'll give it some serious thought. Eric said Ridge and Stephanie had a valid point, and said he'd talk to Sheila and tell her to back off. Then Connor called and asked for Eric. Connor asked for a meeting at 6 o'clock, and said they would be presenting their demands. They hung up and Eric announced, "TONIGHT COULD BE THE BEGINNING OF THE END".

1601: At Brooke's, Sheila told Brooke she was a neutral party of the war. Brooke said she had to be careful, and noted that Stephanie could use Eric to turn Sheila against her. Brooke said, "Sheila, I want to give you a job, but it might be too dangerous" and asked to think about it more. Sheila asked Brooke not to mention it to anyone. Sheila and Brooke left the condo. Taylor arrived at her doctor's office, but there was another appointment ahead of Taylor and she had to wait. Eric said he wasn't ready to give up. Stephanie said Brooke wasn't interested in a compromise. Taylor called Ridge and said they could be pregnant. Eric and Stephanie hugged after Ridge had said they were going to find out today if Taylor is pregnant. At his apartment, Thorne told Macy, "You definitely got me," and kissed her. Taylor was reading "Newborn Care"; suddenly the appointment before Taylor walked into the infirmary - it was Brooke. Brooke sat next to Taylor, and realized that Dr. Miller was Taylor's doctor. The secretary confirmed with Taylor about the pregnancy test - and then Brooke found out about it. Brooke said Taylor hadn't wasted any time. Brooke said she'd bring the ax down at the Forrester family tonight. Still in Ridge's office, Eric warned, "News of Taylor's pregnancy could make her (Brooke) even more angry and bitter than she is already," and was worried about the implications that could affect the meeting. Sheila came into Ridge's office. On their bed, Macy and Thorne kissed and Macy said she felt healthy and alive. Thorne said they were alike and Macy said "The perfect combination". Brooke said, "I forgave the Forresters once, and they stabbed me in the back" and promised it won't happen again. Brooke said the Forresters were alienating her through the pregnancy, and Taylor said she wasn't out to get Brooke. The doctor could see Brooke, but Brooke said she should call Connor; Taylor walked into Dr. Miller's office first. Sheila said she was family, and Stephanie said Thorne wasn't involved in the meetings, therefore, Sheila shouldn't be there too. Sheila said she could help and announced she had a plan. Stephanie said that no one was going to authorize Sheila to act on behalf of Forrester Creations or the family. Stephanie said the decision was final. Thorne told Macy, "I WANT YOU TO MOVE BACK HOME". Macy got excited and hugged Thorne. Thorne stated, "I love you Macy". Brooke talked to herself, saying she won't let Taylor steal her baby's father. Taylor went out of the office, and Brooke asked her, "So tell me, are you pregnant, or aren't you?".

1602: Connor was at his office, telling himself he and his proposal were good. Then Karen arrived. Karen said she didn't feel good about the way they left things at Brooke's, and admitted she shouldn't have gotten her hopes up. Connor confessed, "The last thing I wanted to do was to hurt you". Stephanie was at her office with Elliott. Stephanie said Sheila wouldn't attend the meetings anymore. Stephanie said she didn't feel Sheila could be trusted, because of her friendship with Brooke. At Eric's office, Sheila was mad, asking Eric's support and to be a part of everything that was going on. Brooke entered Ridge's office and Ridge said that a beautiful woman was in his office. Sheila asked Eric not to let Stephanie shove them around. Eric said, "Not another word!" and left his office. Karen told Connor that Brooke was happy to have him. Ridge said he didn't feel contempt for Brooke. Brooke said Ridge had never loved her. Ridge said he still had feelings for Brooke. Brooke said she'd seen Taylor at the doctor's. Brooke said Taylor had looked secure and said she'd not be pleasant at the meeting. Brooke was about to leave, but Ridge shut the door. Ridge said he was sorry, but Brooke said Ridge didn't mean it. Ridge said Brooke acted like a child and said Brooke would only prove that Stephanie was right about her all along. Stephanie, Eric, Elliott and Sheila were in Eric's office. Sally walked into Karen's office; Sally knew about Connor from Macy. Brooke, Connor and Ridge joined the others in Eric's office. Eric asked Sheila to wait outside and Brooke said it was rude. Brooke said, "I want Sheila at this meeting," and told Sheila to sit down. Eric agreed and Stephanie said she wasn't surprised. Sally said Stephanie wouldn't let the company slip through their fingers. Sally said, "If it was up to me, I'd give Brooke the medal of honor". Connor pointed out that it was a contract, and not a proposal. Brooke said, "And if you don't (sign the contract), I'm going to take my business elsewhere". Connor said Brooke would give up her claim to the formula, and started to read the demands, but Brooke asked Sheila to read it. The demands included an office, a secretary and a limousine. Eric was willing to sign it, but Connor said there was another item on the next page - and Sheila read it "Brooke Logan Forrester will receive 51% of all issued stock of Forrester Creations". Eric got mad saying "Well, you're not gonna get it. No way in hell you're going to get 51% of this company. I can't believe you'd ask for that. Who the hell do you think you are, Brooke?" He then added, "Who are you? I don't know who you are any more. How can you ask for that? I thought you were a decent person, but you're asking - you're sucking the blood out of this company, the company that I built, and out of my family. You get out of this room! Get out of this office! Get the hell out of my building!". Brooke left without saying a word and Connor said, "You will regret that, Eric. Now, you've got 24 hours - either you sign that contract, or we will sell BeLieF to the highest bidder!". Eric went to Connor's direction aggressively; it looked like he was about to get physical with Connor, but Ridge pulled him back. Eric yelled at Connor to get the hell out of the building, but Connor still continued, "24 hours, Eric - not one minute more" and left.

1603: Brooke and Connor came back to Brooke's. Brooke said she'd deserved the things Eric told her and said, "51% of his company? I didn't know you were going to be asking for that, Connor," and added, "I'm not so sure what you want is the same thing I want". Brooke was angry, telling Connor that he overstepped his authority, since her goal isn't to wipe out Eric and Ridge. At Eric's office, Eric was determined not to give Brooke controlling interest. Elliott said they might pay Brooke 75% of the profits of BeLieF if the patent clears as Brooke's, which is around 45 millions of dollars. Eric warned, "Either we sign that contract, or we may go out of business all together". At the Bikini, Sly said Kevin was the hardest worker. Sly said there was no new lady in his life; "Hang in there", Keith encouraged him. Then Macy arrived, saying she's proud at Sly for hiring Kevin, and breaking a stereotype. Macy said Keith was wondering how long it was before she takes her first drink. Macy went to the kitchen to visit Kevin. Keith suspected Macy was lying and said, "I think she's still on it (the booze)". Connor told Brooke she was selling herself short after Brooke had said the Forrester would tell her to take a hike. Brooke stopped Connor saying, "Connor, we're not going to sue them!". Connor didn't understand what Brooke wants and Brooke said she wasn't out to destroy Eric and Ridge's company. Brooke said she wanted to teach Stephanie a lesson, saying, "I want to get Stephanie, not Eric, not Ridge". Connor said, "Get control of that company, Brooke, and you control Stephanie Forrester". Ridge wasn't sure he could talk to Brooke and convince her; he told them about his confrontation with Brooke after she'd found out Taylor might be pregnant. Sheila corrected Ridge saying, "You have plenty of influence over Brooke". Keith thought that Macy wouldn't be bragging if she stopped drinking. Sly went out to the beach and Macy sat next to the bar, telling Keith there were few lines she didn't understand of Sly's poem. Keith explained to her the meaning of those lines, since he was the real writer of the poem. Keith said the poem was about Macy's drinking. Keith let Macy know he didn't think she stopped drinking. Macy called Keith a jerk and Keith said he was Macy's best friend. Macy said Keith wouldn't want to be responsible for pushing her back to the bottle and left. Brooke said she wanted to be a part of the Forrester family and was sure the Forresters wouldn't forgive her if she takes the company. Connor said Stephanie would be forced to listen to Brooke and respect her. Brooke agreed and said, "I'm going to run that company like it's never been ran before". Eric asked Sheila to give them some time alone, and she left the office. Ridge said he didn't know about the baby yet. Eric said he didn't want to turn the company to anyone, and then said it might be time to let go. Elliott said Forrester could be profitable, even without controlling interest, and advised them to go along with the proposal. Eric said, "Nothing can destroy our family - nothing never will".

1604: Eric was at Stephanie's telling Stephanie they will get through it together. Stephanie took full responsibility for what's going on, but Eric stopped her, saying he shouldn't handle Brooke the way he did. Stephanie said Brooke would control her and Eric. Eric and Stephanie kissed - a friendly kiss. Taylor walked into her house, and Ridge said, "Brooke is going to take the company away from us". Taylor said, "Not this month, sweetheart". Ridge said, "Good" and joked about the fun of trying, and later kissed Taylor. Eric said that the three significant women in his life were similar, and said he understood Stephanie and Ridge's position concerning Sheila attending the meetings; but at the same time, he still disagreed as well, saying they're overreacting. Stephanie said, "I'll survive, despite Brooke. I love you" and she and Eric hugged. Ridge said Sheila had been at the meeting, until his mother threw her out. At her house, Sheila told herself she needed Eric's love, then Eric walked in watching Sheila in red lingerie. Sheila believed she could influence Brooke, and Eric said there would be no manipulations at the family. Eric said the situation was out of his hands. Sheila asked Eric for a job to advance at Forrester before Brooke takes over. Jack came into Stephanie's mansion, where they both wondered if Taylor was pregnant. Stephanie said she'd had a difficult day and told him what happened with Brooke, asking him to keep it confidential. Stephanie said, "We (Stephanie and Brooke) can't even be in the same room and breathe the same air, let alone have a civilized conversation". Ridge said his work wasn't his first priority in his life and kissed Taylor. Eric told Sheila, "I don't even want to talk about a job for you at Forrester until this current crisis is all resolved". Eric wouldn't promote Sheila until she gets along with upper management; Stephanie and Ridge. Sheila got insulted and went to bed. Stephanie told Jack that Brooke was angry at her and not at the family. Jack said Stephanie had to patch up her relationship with Brooke. Stephanie got an idea saying, "Maybe that's it - maybe the family doesn't have to come into to this if what it is is something just between Brooke and me. Why didn't I see it before? I should go and see her. I should give her exactly what it is that she wants".

1605: Brooke was talking to Bridget, saying she's going to hurt her daddy and Eric Jr.'s daddy. Jennie took the kids for a walk. Brooke was still questioning, saying 51% of the company was a lot to ask for, and said, "I'm about to alienate two of the most important men in my life". Connor said Brooke would get back what Stephanie stole from her: her pride and confidence. Brooke said, "I'm ready to take the plan all the way. It's time the Forresters face their future". Thorne came into Eric's office, where Eric and Ridge filled him in about the BeLieF patent problem and Brooke's demands. Ridge said Thorne hadn't been told since they thought it was a manageable problem. Thorne didn't understand Brooke's actions. Jack was at Taylor's and was sorry Taylor wasn't pregnant. Jack said he'd stopped by at Stephanie's the night before and said he might have gotten through to Stephanie. "Things might turn out all right after all", Jack hoped. Stephanie caught Brooke at the corridor and asked to talk to her alone. Brooke said, "I don't give a damn what you have to say, Stephanie". Brooke came into Stephanie's office and Stephanie said, "Everyone in the family is suffering the consequences of the animosity that we feel for one another". Stephanie realized her blame and Brooke said, "You people brought it on yourselves". Brooke said she was holding all the cards, and was going to play them today. Stephanie said she'd give Brooke something more important that 51% of Forrester Creations. Thorne said Brooke loved Ridge and Eric said they'd treated Brooke badly. Eric wanted Thorne at the meeting and talked about his decision. Eric said he had to insure the company's future, and to save the company. Eric hugged Ridge, and then hugged Thorne. Stephanie said Brooke could have her revenge and not hurt Ridge and Eric; she offered Brooke her stock in Forrester Creations, which made up 33% of the company. Stephanie told Brooke to think about the possibility of not jeopardizing the relationships with her babies' fathers. Jack told Taylor that Stephanie could change Brooke's mind. Jack said it might be Stephanie's last chance to save the company. Thorne and Ridge said they were with Eric 100%. Elliott walked into the office and then Connor arrived. Elliott informed Thorne that Connor was Brooke's attorney. Ridge told Connor to back off, and Connor said Ridge was in no position to be giving orders. Connor aroused Ridge, using an image of a football game. Taylor said Brooke was out of control and dangerous, and said that Stephanie had to succeed. Brooke said she was going to control the whole company, and taunted Stephanie's offer. Stephanie said she'd have no voice in the company. Stephanie threatened Brooke, saying that if Brooke rejected the offer, "I'd make your life a living hell". Brooke laughed at Stephanie, saying Stephanie is desperate. Stephanie said Brooke would turn the whole family against her. Thorne shouted at Connor, telling him he's out of his mind. Eric calmed everyone, and then Brooke opened the door. Stephanie was standing behind Brooke, asking her, "Don't do it".

1606: Brooke told Stephanie, "Either way I win - I win once and for all. I finally beaten you, Stephanie". Stephanie and Brooke came into the office. At Sally's office, Darla was excited about a party for Macy, since Macy was sober for 3 weeks. Sally said that without Keith and Thorne, they might have lost Macy. Saul walked into the office and they were about to leave. Jack came in asking, "What's going on?". At the Bikini, Macy asked Sly to put another mike on the stage for Thorne, who will join her later for a duet. Kevin said Keith had told him Macy was sick. Macy said the party was important to her, and Keith promised her he would not mention the drinking. Brooke talked about Stephanie's proposition. Saul and Darla left Sally's office. Sally said "It must have slipped my mind", referring to not inviting Jack to Macy's party. Jack said, "I am not going to disappear because you ignore me". Sally said she wanted Jack at the party. Stephanie confirmed her offer and Brooke said it was pathetic. Connor said it was a trap. Brooke said, "Stephanie actually admitted defeat to me". Brooke said Stephanie had sacrificed her pride for Ridge. Thorne said Brooke had changed and Brooke said it was thanks to the Forresters. Keith said Macy seemed all right. Macy said she need Keith's support, and not his criticism. Macy begged, "Forget about the treatment program". Sally, Darla, Saul and Jack arrived at The Bikini. Stephanie said she was serious about the offer and Eric said it was a good idea. Connor said Brooke had the Forresters backed into a corner. Brooke said, "I'm ready to make a deal, right now. I've made up my mind, I know what I want". Everyone drank to Macy at The Bikini. Saul and Darla made Macy a toast, and Kevin wished Macy good luck. Jack talked about Macy's fast recovery and Macy thanked him. Macy told Sly, "I've never known you to be lost for words", but Sly didn't have a speech. Sally said she was proud of Macy. Sally thanked Keith and was grateful. Macy said, "Thanks to you, that terrible episode is over". Sly introduced Darla and Kevin, and Darla called Kevin a hero. Sally gave Keith a Spectra original. Sally said she believed that Macy stopped drinking. Kevin went out to the patio, saw Macy taking a drink from a bottle, and putting it in the trash. Brooke said, "THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY I CAN GET EVERYTHING I WANT - I'M TAKING THE 51%". Stephanie said, "BROOKE, I PROMISE I'LL PAY YOU BACK FOR THIS". Brooke said, "I will allow you all to keep your jobs" and pointed out the biggest the change - the Forresters working for her. Brooke said she needed a liaison - and said she'd chosen her. Sheila then came in and Brooke said, "Everyone, I would like you to meet Forrester's new executive liaison" and added, "Anyone who wants to deal with me, has to go through Sheila first". Brooke announced, "I want you to make no mistake - no mistake. Starting today, Forrester Creations is mine".

1607: Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and Sheila were the ones who stayed at Eric's office. Sheila said she'd had nothing to do with Brooke's choosing her, and said Brooke had never mentioned it to her. Stephanie said that Sheila had taken Brooke's side. Stephanie didn't believe Sheila, and Ridge said that Sheila's word wasn't good enough as well. Eric asked for time alone with his wife. As she was going out, Stephanie told Sheila, "You and I aren't through". Macy told Kevin, "Whatever it is you think you saw, you are wrong. I was drinking Ginger Ale, that's all". Macy and Kevin returned inside The Bikini, and then Thorne arrived. Stephanie and Ridge entered Ridge's office. Stephanie said, "Sheila's got to be stopped and she's got to be stopped now," and warned that the company and the family might be destroyed if Eric lets Sheila and Brooke work together. Stephanie didn't think that Eric could be objective about Sheila. Ridge said, "I really believe that she's in this for herself". Ridge thought that his father would see right through Sheila, and wouldn't buy her lies. In Eric's office, Eric asked Sheila, "Have you and Brooke ever discussed the possibility of you working for her" and warned her that he will know if she lies, and then their marriage would be over. Sheila said it had been mentioned, and said ***Brooke*** had brought it up, saying they would make a good team. Eric said he was impressed with Sheila's honesty. Eric said, "I also have to admit that I'm questioning your loyalty more than ever before". Everybody was dancing at The Bikini, and then Macy and Thorne sang a duet. The audience loved having Macy back. Thorne and Macy finished singing, and kissed. Sheila said she was married to Eric and loved him. Eric said he wasn't happy about the job. Sheila said she was doing it for herself, too, besides the family. Sheila asked Eric to let her do it. Stephanie said that Brooke and Sheila were two of a kind, and talked about Sheila's manipulations tactics. Keith told Macy, "I'm sorry, Macy, I was wrong. You did what few people could do - you stopped drinking on your own". Kevin wanted to talk to Keith, but Macy pulled him away. Stephanie walked into Eric's office while Sheila was gone. Eric said, "Sheila is my wife. She's my wife - she's loyal to me, she's loyal to Forrester, she's not loyal to Brooke". Eric warned her, "If we don't come together as a family here, we will lose everything", and asked Stephanie to stop fighting him. Eric said Sheila would be employed by Brooke and by them, and asked Stephanie to appreciate the difficult position Sheila was in. Eric said that they had to communicate with Brooke through Sheila in order to get the company back. Macy told Kevin that nobody could find out what Kevin saw, since she claimed wasn't drinking alcohol.

1608: Taylor walked through her door, and Ridge said Brooke had hired Sheila. At Brooke's, Connor said Brooke shouldn't have surprised her attorney, and should have told him about hiring Sheila. Brooke and Connor kissed, and Brooke wondered how the Forresters were taking it. Brooke said, "I have only begun". Karen sat next to the bar at The Bikini, and Sly let her realize she had missed Macy's party. Karen said she was over Thorne, and Sly said he was available. Keith introduced Karen and Kevin. Sly was glad Macy had stopped drinking, and Keith said they were happy that Macy was sober. Sheila then sat at the bar, and Karen introduced her. Ridge told Taylor how Brooke had turned Stephanie's offer down and Taylor decided, "That woman is not angry at Stephanie - she has her own agenda, involving you. Brooke is still in love with you. That's reason she's doing everything". Brooke said Sheila would be Stephanie's official nightmare, starting at a lower level, and being a symbol for the lengths Brooke would go to. Connor showed Brooke another symbol - they went out to the balcony and he showed her a limousine, waiting for them downstairs. Sheila and Karen sat near a table; Sheila said that Brooke had become the official stock holder of Forrester Creations. Sheila said Brooke had also given her a job. Brooke put on a beautiful red dress and left. Ridge said Stephanie was the reason for Brooke's actions and Taylor corrected him, saying that losing Ridge killed Brooke. Taylor said Brooke might marry Connor, because of the hatred between Connor and Ridge. Taylor said Sheila wanted the job, since she didn't turn it down. Sheila also lied to Karen, saying the job was Brooke's idea. Karen asked Sheila what she was up to, and Sheila said she was going to make herself indispensable to everyone. Sheila said she had working relationships with both warriors' party. Sheila left, offering to meet Karen again some time. Karen told herself, "Now there goes a shark. A real shark". Ridge said somebody had to confront Sheila and asked to eat dinner the next hour. Ridge left his house for Sheila's. Brooke and Connor arrived at the restaurant, where they were alone. They danced to the music of violins and drank champagne. Brooke said it was the end and the beginning. Connor even arranged fireworks. Brooke said, "Yes, this is the beginning". Connor and Brooke kissed.

1609: Connor told Brooke that his love for her motivated him, and they kissed. They sat down to have dinner. At Taylor's, Stephanie arrived at Taylor's invitation. Stephanie said that hiring Sheila was Brooke's way to get revenge. Taylor said, "Ridge would never allow her to take advantage of you" and notified her about Ridge's being at Sheila's. Sheila was bragging at her house, telling herself she can't lose. Then she opened the door to find Ridge. Eric was sleeping. Ridge said, "You have two choices: you can quit the job, or you can quit the job. I will not have my father's wife working for the enemy". Sheila said Eric was going to allow her to take the job. Ridge said Sheila hadn't been straight with him. Sheila said she and Brooke were close friends. Ridge said he didn't want any more deception. Ridge said, "We don't need your help, we don't want your help". Ridge talked about the reasons for his not trusting Sheila. Sheila said she was taking the job whether Ridge allowed it or not. Taylor told Stephanie not to lose faith. Taylor suggested that Stephanie call Jack. Stephanie left. Connor put his other surprise on Brooke - a necklace. They danced, and kissed. Stephanie sat on her stairs. Apparently, Thorne went from the Bikini to Stephanie's, and couldn't believe they didn't control Forrester any more. Stephanie wanted to call Jack and Thorne said, "I don't think he's at home, mom - he was at the party, with Sally". Sheila said she deserved the job and Ridge said things had come far too easy for Sheila. Sheila told Ridge he could save Forrester Creations by only spending one night with Brooke. Stephanie said, "I just don't want to be involved with Jack if he is seeing Sally, on any level". Stephanie went to bed. Ridge said he was married and wasn't willing to jeopardize his marriage. Sheila thought there was a part that was in love with Brooke. Ridge said it wasn't Sheila's business. Ridge said, "Damn it, Sheila, I love my wife. Brooke is very involved with Davis". Sheila thought the problems with Brooke were the results of Brooke's rejection and guessed Taylor agreed with her. Ridge left. Connor and Brooke entered the limousine, where they drank champagne and made love. Brooke asked Connor not to stop loving her and they kissed.

1610: Stephanie was standing near the pool, and suddenly Jack appeared. At Sally's office, Darla talked about the party. Sally said that the reason for her to cancel the wedding was personal. Karen entered the office and said Brooke had gotten a piece of Forrester Creations. Sally thought about 5%-20% of Forrester. Kevin told himself, "I saw Macy drinking alcohol, I know I did", and then remembered Macy's words of denial. Then Keith walked into the living room. Keith was sure something was troubling Kevin. In their room, Macy said Jack didn't share Stephanie's feelings. Macy said that Jack would've called off the wedding himself if he'd been in love with Stephanie, and Thorne saw it as a good point. Sally exploded when Karen corrected Sally concerning the right amount of Brooke's part of Forrester. Sally was extremely happy, saying the Queen is dead. Sally left for Stephanie's and intended to make Stephanie realize how far down she'd gone. Stephanie asked Jack politely to leave. Stephanie told Jack about Brooke's control of Forrester, and Jack said Stephanie couldn't blame herself for it. Stephanie thanked Jack for being himself and they hugged. Macy and Thorne talked about the way things remained the same - them being together while their families were having conflicts. Macy went to the shower, and Thorne smelled her drink. Macy came back, looked at him and said, "You think I spiked my own coffee with alcohol", but didn't take it hard and she and Thorne went in the shower together. Keith asked Kevin to tell him what was troubling him. Sally barged into Stephanie's. Kevin said there was nothing to tell Keith. Kevin said he was confused and Keith left for work. Kevin called Macy, saying he has to tell Keith their secret. Macy said she'd drive by The Bikini and talk to him. Kevin promised, "I won't tell, but only until tonight". Jack got a page from the office and went to use Stephanie's phone. Then Sally arrived at the pool. Sally said, "It's a dream come true", referring to Brooke's victory. Stephanie told her, "You wouldn't want to get into the swimming pool again, would you?". Jack came back, and hid in the bushes, overhearing the conversation. Stephanie saw him. Sally asked Stephanie if she was going to defend her honor.

1611: Sally said "the Queen" didn't have her crown any more, and also had lost her king and Jack. As she saw Jack, Stephanie began to talk politely, asking Sally to leave. Sally said the tables had turned thanks to Brooke, and took a lot of pleasure out of it. Sally said she wanted the last laugh. Sally yelled, "I know you want Jack!" and informed Stephanie she was powerless when it comes to Jack, and Stephanie replied Sally was operating out of weakness. At The Bikini, Keith said Kevin had been acting pretty weird and asked to know what was going on. Keith said he had to find out what was bothering Kevin. Macy was talking to herself at her apartment; Macy said, "I can't let Kevin blow this for me, I won't let that happen". Sally said Stephanie was getting a dose of her medicine, and Stephanie said she had never been malicious. Sally ordered Stephanie to forget about Jack, saying Stephanie is nothing. Sally left and Jack went out of the bushes; Stephanie pretended she didn't know Jack was there all the time. Jack was amazed and said Stephanie had been handling herself beautifully. Stephanie said, "There's a lot of truth in what Sally had to say". Sly said something serious was going on and Keith gave it another try - but Kevin kept avoiding him. Then Macy arrived, and Keith said something was bugging Kevin. Macy said Kevin liked and trusted her and offered to take care of everything. Keith thanked Macy and she went out to the patio to talk to Kevin. Sally arrived at her office, telling Saul she lost her temper while Stephanie was polite. Sally said, "I gave her every insult in the book and she even didn't flinch". Sally said Stephanie had just stood there while she was supposed to be furious. Saul said Stephanie had done it to spite Sally. Sally announced, "Jack is back with me now". Stephanie admitted that she'd brought it on herself, and acknowledged she made Brooke and Sally feel the feelings they feel. Stephanie said Jack couldn't be involved, since he was Sally's fiance, but Jack said he was very much involved. Macy told Kevin she was well . Macy warned Kevin, "They're gonna send me away in a treatment program for a long time" and asked him to keep their secret. Macy said Kevin could ruin her life and Kevin said he was sorry. Sally told Saul, "What we saw could have been a goodbye kiss". Saul said Sally should ask Jack about the kiss. Stephanie said, "I made a lot of people angry over the years, and now that they've got their chance, they're going to take their shot". Stephanie said Brooke's first official act had been hiring Sheila as her liaison. Stephanie said they would try to make her life a living hell. Jack stated, "I will stand by you through this". Jack said, "I love you and I respect you more than any woman I've ever known". They kissed and hugged. Macy was driving, telling Kevin to get in the car, since it was a dangerous road. Kevin wanted to go back to the Bikini. Macy said that Kevin will give her a chance to explain if he cares about her.

1612: Ridge paid Connor a visit, asking Connor if the 51% had been Connor's idea. Connor said that Brooke was heartless only because of the Forresters. Connor agreed with Ridge that Sheila would only make things worse. Connor said, "Brooke did that to get at your mother and I'm going to discourage her from going through with it" and Ridge replied, "You're gonna do a lot more than discourage it - you're going to forbid it". Sheila was giving Eric a massage and Eric said it was impossible to walk into the Forrester building any more, since he wasn't owing the company any more. Sheila wanted to relax Eric and asked him to forget about everything. Eric and Sheila kissed; Eric talked about his love for Sheila and Sheila said she had a romantic surprise for Eric. Thorne arrived at The Bikini, asking for Macy. Sly said Macy was talking to Kevin. Thorne said Macy was recovering from a drinking problem, therefore shouldn't be working in a bar. Keith said he had been wrong about Macy's denial. Macy said Kevin had to believe Macy wasn't drinking alcohol. Keith talked about Kevin's acting strange, and Keith said, "Kevin wouldn't leave in a middle of a shift" as they were wondering where Macy and Kevin were. Kevin told Macy it hadn't been a Ginger Ale. Kevin said he didn't want to hurt Macy. Connor said Brooke was in charge, and he just gave her advice, but agreed that Sheila would get in the way. Ridge asked Connor where Brooke was and Connor said Ridge couldn't influence Brooke anymore. Connor said Brooke never mentioned Ridge's name any more. Connor then said Brooke was after Ridge too, and not only Stephanie. Ridge left Connor's office. Eric and Sheila danced near the fire place. Eric talked about the tension between them and Sheila said her job wouldn't come between them. Eric advised her to draw the line between friendship and loyalty. Sheila said her marriage meant everything to her. Sly went to look for Macy on the beach. Thorne said he hadn't seen any suspicious behavior. Keith said he should have given Macy more credit and Thorne was proud of Macy. Sly returned and informed them that Kevin and Macy weren't in the building. While driving, Macy said that nobody would trust her again if Kevin told them their secret. Eric and Sheila kissed and then the phone rang - it was Connor. He asked Sheila to meet him and Brooke at Brooke's place tonight, to discuss Sheila's job. Sheila said, "I'll be there" and hung up. Connor told himself, "It's about your last day on the job, Sheila". Sheila told Eric it wouldn't be long. Eric said Sheila would find herself stuck in the middle. Mara told Sly how Kevin was upset and took off. Keith asked himself, "What's gotten into my little brother?". Kevin asked Macy to make a promise - but then Macy crashed the car into a tree. The horn of the car was heard as Macy and Kevin were passed out.

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