April, 1993

Written by Ori Dekel

1510: Sally read in the paper about the Forrester fashion show at her office. Then Jack came in and Sally asked him why he stopped her from showing the Forrester designs. Lauren told Sheila that Sheila was bluffing and Sheila put on the speaker phone and Scott's office answered; Lauren disconnected the phone call. Lauren said she would back off from telling Stephanie so Sheila won't tell Scott. Sheila said she wasn't sure if she can believe Lauren. Sheila said, "But if you think you're going to destroy me, I promise, I'll take you down too. So if it's over for me, you can bet your sweet ass It's over for you too". The showing started. Eric and Ridge were backstage where they noticed Lauren was missing. Sheila yelled to Lauren, "You tell Stephanie anything and you're making one big mistake"; Lauren looked at Sheila and left Eric's office. Lauren took her seat at the showing. Eric said Lauren didn't look very happy and wondered what was going on with her. Sally said that her blood boiled when she thinks of what the Forresters have done to Macy. Sally said that the Forresters didn't deserve consideration or respect. The show stopper was a wedding dress modeled by a woman holding a bouquet of flowers; the model threw the bouquet and Brooke caught it. Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and Thorne bowed in front of the audience. Lauren asked Brooke if she shouldn't be up there with them. Brooke answered that it was their moment and that she would have her say. Ridge invited Brooke on stage, but she wouldn't go up. Then they had a press conference where Ridge invited Brooke. Brooke said tonight was for Ridge and Eric. Eric said everything tonight was a cooperated result. Eric wanted to acknowledge Sheila to the press and formally announced his engagement to Sheila, and asked her to come up on stage. Stephanie approached Lauren and asked her what she wanted to tell her before the showing. Lauren said there was something. Stephanie said, "I have a distinct impression that has something to do with Sheila. If you know something about her you must tell me. Lauren, you've got to tell me now".

1511: Stephanie told Lauren they could talk in one of the offices and she and Lauren went. Sheila wanted to follow them but the reporters asked for a romantic shot and Eric kissed Sheila. Then, Sheila asked a Forrester worker where Stephanie was. Sheila told herself, "I better find them before Lauren opens her big mouth". Taylor was at Ridge's office remembering about the "treasure" she found on the Virgin Islands and Ridge's marriage proposal. Then Ridge came into his office and was very happy. Ridge told Taylor the press wouldn't find out about the paternity issue because Brooke wasn't going to remind them. Ridge fooled around with Taylor until the reporters arrived. Ridge warned Taylor about one special reporter, Joe, who is trouble. Taylor said she was proud of Ridge, then Brooke arrived. Joy suggested to Sheila that Stephanie and Lauren went to one of the offices. Stephanie told Lauren she had never seen Lauren acting so strange, and that she got the feelings something was wrong, which had something to do with Sheila. Stephanie let Lauren know she could be honest and open with her. Sheila looked for Stephanie and Lauren in Eric's office. She opened the door carefully and Eric was there, asking her to join him. Taylor told Brooke to come in and Brooke did. Sheila said she had forgotten her purse in the show room and left Eric's office. Sheila told herself, "Damn it, where are you? where are you, Lauren?". Lauren said she couldn't talk about it and asked Stephanie not to pressure her and to respect her privacy. Stephanie told Lauren to talk to Eric as his friend and to prevent him from making a mistake, and insisted Eric had to be told. Stephanie asked, "Talk to him now, please". Ridge talked about the BeLieF formula and Brooke, and the reporters encouraged Brooke to answer questions. Joe asked Brooke what she thought about what the Forresters did to her formula and Ridge corrected Joe and said, "Our formula, Joe - it's the organization's". Brooke talked about the breakthrough when she and Ridge discovered BeLieF and Joe asked Brooke if it brought them together. Joe said that the rumor had it that there was a question of paternity. Ridge got angry and Brooke tried to calm him down. Ridge said, "I'll have you in court so fast you'll think it was yesterday," and Joe continued, talking to Ridge, "Are you or aren't you the father of Brooke's baby?". Brooke said she would answer the question since she was the mother of the baby. Lauren said she would keep Eric from making the biggest mistake of his life. They entered Eric's office; Stephanie said Lauren wanted to talk to Eric and left. Eric told Stephanie to send Sheila to his office if she sees her. Stephanie ran into Sheila near Eric's office door. Stephanie said Lauren was a real threat to Sheila. Sheila said it was ridiculous, and that Lauren was in there talking to Eric. Sheila wanted to get inside Eric's office, but Stephanie blocked her way. Stephanie said, "You are not going in there and you are not going to interrupt them. The truth is going to come out, Sheila. Eric deserves to know the truth, don't you think?". Eric told Lauren today was the most satisfying day in his career. Lauren said the show was the best one she had ever been to. Lauren said "It's not the show that I wanted to talk to you about, it's your fiancee, Sheila Carter".

1512: Sheila told Stephanie that Eric was expecting her. Stephanie said Eric was busy. Sheila said Stephanie was making a big mistake. Stephanie said Sheila's deception was finished. Sheila said Eric was going to take her home and Stephanie said "No, he isn't and you're not going in there until she's finished and if you want to go in there, you're going to have to go through me first". Lauren said she wanted to talk about Sheila out of curiosity. Eric said Sheila was the most important part of his life. He talked about Sheila's inspiration for the collection. Eric asked Lauren what bothered and disturbed her about Sheila. Macy was at the Bikini and asked for another shot. Keith asked Sly why he gave Macy another drink, since Macy had been falling apart. Keith said someday Sly and Macy could get together, but now Macy was on the rebound from Thorne. Keith said Sly was trying to convince himself that what's he doing was OK. Sly said he was helping Macy to get over Thorne. Keith said that Sly was only helping Macy to get drunk and that Sly should give her some space. Sly said, "If I were you, I'd give me some space because I'm going to take care of Macy in my way, Keith - so lay off, will you?". Brooke told the reporters that there was no uncertainty about Bridget's paternity because Eric was the father. She said that she was a faithful wife while she was married. The reporters left. Ridge told Joe, "Joe, 3 minutes, that's all you've got to get out of this building and off the premises. You take longer than that and I'll rearrange your face". Macy told Sly he was talented and talked about his big strong hands. The drunk Macy broke a bottle. Keith said it was time for Macy to go home. Stephanie said Sheila was a threat to Eric. Stephanie asked Sheila why she and Lauren acted so strangely. Stephanie asked Sheila why she felt so threatened with a woman Sheila claims to not know when she lived in Genoa City. Stephanie said, "This charade is finished, she's in there telling him everything and I'm sure it's a very incriminating story. You know, she's been in there for quit a while, why don't you just go home and pack up?". Sheila left. Eric said what bothered Lauren with Sheila wouldn't make any difference and he knew what it was - Stephanie's influence over Lauren. Eric said Stephanie's interference had been becoming a problem. Lauren said that her differences with Sheila didn't have anything to do with Stephanie. Eric said he loved Sheila. He said Sheila was good for him and for his work. He said that everyone thought Sheila was a rebound, which wasn't true. Eric said that Sheila was decent, attractive and open. Lauren suggested Eric wasn't close enough to Sheila. Ridge thanked Brooke for the things she told the reporters. Ridge said Brooke was a convincing liar. Ridge went down to Thorne's office and Taylor told Brooke she'd sounded reversed. Sheila got into the infirmary and told herself she had to stop Lauren and had an idea. She looked for the written name of Lauren's custody case judge. Sly said he was taking Macy to his place, upstairs from the Bikini. Keith told Sly to take Macy home but Sly didn't listen to him. Lauren said Eric couldn't see beyond his attraction, and that Sheila would take advantage of him. She told Eric to listen to Stephanie, whose concern wasn't irrational. Eric said Stephanie didn't have one reason to distrust Sheila. Lauren said, "If you won't listen to Stephanie, listen to me. There're some reasons, some very important reasons why you shouldn't be involved with this woman". Then Sheila called Lauren and faked a call from Anna Anderson's (the custody case judge) office. Sheila told Lauren that Judge Anderson was ready to make a ruling this evening. Lauren told Eric she must leave urgently. Taylor said Brooke would do anything to get Ridge's attention. Brooke reminded Taylor that Taylor and Ridge don't share the bond she and Ridge share - Bridget. Brooke said she had given Ridge a child while Taylor didn't give him anything. Taylor slapped Brooke and Brooke said, "The truth hurts, doesn't it, honey?". Taylor left Ridge's office.

1513: Stephanie came into Eric's office. Eric said Lauren had left town after she'd got a call. Stephanie said that Lauren said whatever she said because that was what she though was the best. Eric asked Stephanie what she meant by "whatever Lauren had to say about Sheila". Sheila talked to herself at her apartment, "I did it, I pulled it off, I got you out of town, Lauren. Out of town and out of my life and not a moment too soon". Sheila hoped that Lauren would come around when she finds out the judge didn't call her. Sheila went to see Eric. Keith talked to a Bikini waitress. She said Macy looked pretty wasted. Keith said Sly had taken Macy upstairs. She said Sly wouldn't take advantage of Macy, who's into Sly. Keith said the situation was going out of hand and then Thorne arrived and said he was looking for Macy. Sly took Macy to his room; Macy took beer from Sly's refrigerator and wanted to dance. Stephanie asked Eric what Lauren said about Sheila. Eric said he was upset with Stephanie because of Stephanie's influence on Lauren's opinion on Sheila. Stephanie answered, "If Lauren has any objections to your fiancee, those are her thoughts and her opinions, not mine". Keith told Thorne that Macy had had too much to drink. Thorne said Macy didn't used to drink. Thorne thought Macy was having a good time. Keith said that Macy was in trouble and that Thorne could help her. Sly said that getting through Thorne wouldn't be easy, but that Macy wasn't alone. Macy said he was sweet, and Sly said he cared about Macy and would do everything for her. He said he'd fallen in love with Macy. Eric said Lauren didn't know Sheila. Stephanie said they had met in Genoa City, and that Lauren didn't trust Sheila, based on questions that Lauren asked Stephanie about Sheila. Stephanie said she had a feeling Lauren was anxious to tell Eric something about Sheila's past. Sheila stood next to Eric's office door and overheard them. Stephanie said that Sheila was manipulative, cunning and lying about meeting Lauren. Eric said, "Am I supposed to believe this trash? Do you realize how vindictive all this sounds, Stephanie?". Stephanie said Sheila had seduced Eric. Eric said "I don't want to hear this, that's enough". Eric was called to the show room and Sheila entered to the office and told Stephanie, "YOU BITCH"; Stephanie turned around. Keith said Macy had been putting on a show. Keith told Thorne to talk to Macy, who's upstairs at Sly's apartment. Thorne said he had come at his attorney's request. Thorne left. Macy said Sly didn't know her and Sly said he needed her. Macy didn't know what to say. Sly and Macy kissed. Sly said he could make Macy's life easier - he offered her a full time singing job. Macy said Sly was too good to her, and they made love. Sheila told Stephanie Eric knew everything about her. Stephanie said Lauren knew who Sheila really was, but didn't have a chance to tell Eric. Stephanie said, "I wouldn't take me on as a challenge if I were you". Sheila said it was over for Stephanie, since Eric announced their engagement. Stephanie said it was just the beginning because she hadn't given up. Stephanie said that Sheila would destroy herself, and Sheila said that Stephanie would isolate herself from Eric and may not be invited to the wedding. Stephanie said she didn't think there would be a wedding. Sheila said, "If you want to remain a part of Eric's life, Stephanie, I strongly suggest that you forget about Lauren Fenmore and the stupid vendetta you have against me, because I am going to be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester, regardless with what you say. You see, it will be your word against mine and I think we both know what the outcome will be if that happens. So face it, you're no match for me, Stephanie". Stephanie said, "I wouldn't count on it, I wouldn't count on it at all".

1514: Karen was at Brooke's, where she asked Brooke about Brooke and Ridge's story. Karen asked Brooke how Brooke and Ridge met and how Brooke hocked up with Caroline. Ridge woke up and Taylor told him she had thought about Bridget. She said she was ready for a change because of Brooke. Taylor said she was sure she would do most of the raising. Brooke remembered and told Karen how Donna read in the paper about the Forresters, who were out of Brooke's reach at a time. Brooke told Karen how Caroline collapsed and brought to the hospital. Brooke remembered about the first meeting with Caroline at the hospital and the first time she saw Ridge at the hospital. She told Karen how she met and started dating Ridge, that changed her life. Brooke remembered how she made Ridge say "I love you" near the pool. Brooke told Karen that Ridge had meant those words. She thought Ridge still loved her. Ridge said he thought Brooke was a good mother, and Taylor replied that she was sure Brooke cared for her kids, but she didn't know if Brooke could be a good role model. Taylor told Ridge to ask himself if Brooke's values are the ones Ridge wants guiding Bridget to the end of her life. Brooke told Karen about the wedding of Ridge and Caroline and about Caroline's death. Brooke told her she had married Eric and then Taylor came into the picture. Karen said Taylor was terrified of Brooke. Taylor wished she trusted Brooke, but she doesn't. She then said she wanted to be there for Bridget for every day of her life and to give her brothers and sisters. Taylor asked Ridge to tell her they will have a daughter some day. Ridge kidded and said he couldn't - since it might be a son. Brooke told Karen that Ridge loved her, although she had questioned Ridge's love to her few times in the past 5 years. Brooke said she and Ridge would always love each other, she said it was part of nature. Brooke said she's realized that when Bridget was born and remembered about the birth. Brooke said to Karen, "The father of my baby, the man I love more than life itself - and yet still I don't have him. Haven't I waited long enough, Karen, haven't I?"

1515: Ridge was excited from the orders from all over the world as Brooke came into his office. Ridge said he wanted to talk about them. Darla showed Sally her new haircut. Sally said that Macy hadn't come home the night before and that Macy had withdrawn herself from all her friends. She said that Macy spent all her time at the Bikini Bar. Jack came into Sally's office and showed Sally a copy from the "Fashion Weekly Preview" with the Forrester new designs, including the ones Darla stole. Sally said that when Karen sees it, she'll know that Spectra stole Forrester designs. Macy woke up and Keith came into Sly's room, he said Sly was making coffee. Macy said she didn't know who she was any more. Keith told her that Thorne had been looking for her the night before. At Thorne's apartment, Karen asked Thorne how his meeting with Macy was. Thorne said that Macy had been at Sly's room. Thorne said Macy didn't care about anything any more. Karen said Macy was being self destructive. Thorne said Macy was just trying to get attention. Keith told Macy that Thorne wanted to talk about the divorce. Keith said he wanted to give her an advice and said, "I'd rather if you didn't mention this to Sly". Jack said that Karen would tell Bill about the design theft, and Bill would pull out of the partnership and Spectra will be finished. Sally told Darla to burn every copy of the magazine in the Spectra building. Jack said it wasn't a solution and Sally said she was stalling for time. Ridge said that Taylor would like to play a part of Bridget's life and asked to schedule another dinner; Brooke said she was all for it. Thorne said he didn't want to talk about Macy. Karen wished she would have seen the Forrester showing. Thorne let Karen read the paper, and Karen saw the Forrester designs Sally pulled off the Spectra runway. Thorne said Sally had stolen the 3 designs. Karen said Sally had set her up, by giving her the credit for the show. Karen stated, "I am so sick and tired of being pushed around by that woman. Karen Spencer is nobody's patsy" and left for Spectra. Sly went up to his room with coffee, and didn't enter when he heard Keith was talking to Macy. Sly overheard Keith and Macy's conversation. Keith said Sly was moving too fast, and suggested that Macy's life was going through major changes and that Macy wasn't ready for a new relationship. Keith said Sly wasn't the guy Macy would end up with, then Sly decided to come in. Keith left. Sly apologized for the night before. Macy said she'd had too much to drink. Macy thanked Sly for letting her stay at his room; she was then going to leave and Sly kissed her. Macy left and Sly yelled for Keith. Keith arrived and Sly told him, "Look I don't know what you're up to but you better back off. Don't screw around with me and Macy. I'm only going to warn you once - You pull another stunt like that and maybe I won't be so polite about it next time". Sally yelled for Darla and asked if she got every copy of the magazine, and then Karen arrived. Karen was angry and showed her the designs in the magazines. Karen asked her if she stole the designs and said she could call her father and bring Spectra down. Karen said that if Sally's plan hadn't worked, Sally would've blamed Karen. Karen said Spectra was her company and that made Sally angry. Jack asked for a compromise. Karen said that Sally would answer to her for now on. She said she could flush Spectra down the toilet. Brooke told Ridge they could have dinner tonight, and that she would put her differences with Taylor aside for Bridget. Ridge got a call and Brooke talked to herself, "So, you want to be a part of the family, Taylor. We'll make you a part of the family - The forgotten step mother. Me, Ridge and our daughter - that's the family. You'll start to see it clearly tonight. It's the beginning of the end for you, Taylor. The beginning of the end".

1516: Ridge was at Eric's office, where he talked to Eric about their success. Eric suggested Ridge buy a house for Taylor. Eric then said that the formula was a big part of their success, and that he was having an appointment with his lawyer, Steve Crown, who is working about the BeLieF formula. Eric introduced Ridge to Steve and Eric asked Steve how things stood with the BeLieF patent. Brooke visited Taylor at her office. Taylor said she didn't want to see Brooke but Brooke came in anyway. Brooke talked about the slap, which was out of character for Taylor. Brooke said Taylor would have to be around her because they were raising a daughter, and emphasized she was only asking it for Bridget's sake. Brooke then said she had stopped by to invite Taylor for dinner. Stephanie entered the infirmary and was angry that Sheila doesn't address her as Mrs. Forrester, because Sheila doesn't respect her. Steve told Eric that they'd applied for the patent. He said they would have to determine if the formula is unique. Steve didn't anticipate any problems. Eric said that Brooke, who made the formula, was working at Forrester for 2 years. Taylor said she didn't need to involve herself with Brooke, but Brooke said "You may want to reconsider, I'm the baby's mother. If you don't involve yourself with me, you're never going to see her, is that good enough reason?". Taylor said Brooke was using Bridget. Taylor said that Brooke hoped that by having dinner with Taylor and Ridge, Taylor would see Brooke's relationship with Ridge differently, that Taylor would feel an outsider - but she informed Brooke it wasn't going to happen. Brooke said she wanted to get together to figure out a way of raising Bridget. Brooke said that it would be fine if Taylor doesn't come and then there would only be Ridge and her. Taylor stopped Brooke from leaving and said she was sorry. Taylor said, "I'll give you one more chance, I'll let my guard down one more time. But Brooke, I'm warning you - Don't take advantage of me. That would be a major, major mistake on your part". Brooke answered "I don't make major mistakes, you should know that by now. I'll see you at dinner". Sheila said Stephanie treated her like dirt. Stephanie said Sheila lied about her relationship with Lauren. Sheila denied it, saying Lauren Fenmore is just a name for her. Stephanie said Eric was having dinner with her tonight, which Sheila didn't know. Sheila warned her "Don't interfere in my life, you don't want to do that". Stephanie said, "That sounds like a threat. You mean nothing to me, Sheila. And if you think you mean so damn much to Eric, why is he having dinner with me tonight?". Stephanie left and Sheila panicked. Ridge asked Steve to keep them posted about BeLieF and Steve left. Eric said he was having dinner with Stephanie. Sheila came into Eric's office and Ridge left. Sheila said she had plans for them tonight and asked him to cancel the dinner with Stephanie. Sheila yawned about Stephanie's attitude. Eric said Stephanie was being protective. Eric said he would talk to Stephanie tonight. Sheila said it meant much to her but Eric still didn't want to cancel his dinner with Stephanie and to spend the evening with Sheila. Eric said he and Stephanie were and always would be good friends. Over at the guest house, Taylor told Ridge that Brooke had stopped by the office and asked her for dinner. Ridge said he loved Taylor and they made love.

1517: On their bed, Taylor told Ridge that she would like to trust Brooke, but she didn't. Taylor said that Brooke was right and that they had to have the dinner in order to ease Brooke's mind about Taylor. Ridge said that Bridget would make a positive difference. He hoped the four of them would get along. Brooke held Bridget and said, "Well, it's quite a package - you and me, we're going to knock them dead tonight, your Dad and your step Mom. How can they resist us, the perfect daughter, the perfect mom, the perfect wife?" Stephanie told Maria she was ready for the best and worst about what's going to happen at dinner. Stephanie said she hoped Eric would show up. Sheila begged Eric to call Stephanie and to say that something came up but Eric refused. Sheila said she wanted to be with Eric tonight. Eric reminded Sheila of the night he and Sheila made love and as a result, Eric missed the dinner with Stephanie. Eric told Sheila he and Stephanie founded Forrester and shared a family. Eric said he would make things up to Sheila the next day. Sheila gave it a last shot: "The woman you're spending the evening with hates your fiancee, so just keep that in mind" Eric said, "I love you, you keep that in mind", kissed her and left for Stephanie's. Taylor teased Ridge and asked him what would happen if she told Ridge she'd stopped taking the pill; Taylor then said she wasn't the kind of wife who would do that. Brooke talked to Bridget and said it was going to be a wonderful evening. Stephanie opened her house door hoping it was Eric, and it was. Stephanie was relieved that Eric hadn't stood her up. Eric told Stephanie they were the best in the world at what they do. Stephanie and Eric told each other they were a fine person, and Eric and Stephanie danced. Ridge and Taylor arrived at Brooke's apartment and sat down at the table. Taylor joked and said Ridge was ought to be hungry. Brooke told them the seating arrangement: Bridget was between Brooke and Ridge while Taylor was sitting across from Ridge. While Eric and Stephanie danced, Eric's attorney, Steve Crown, called and asked for Eric, saying it's important. Steve said there was a serious problem with the BeLieF patent. Ridge talked to Bridget and gave her a rattle, which was in the Forrester family for 3 generations. Ridge and Brooke talked to Bridget and Taylor went out to balcony and cried.

1518: At Sally's apartment, Sally told Macy she had an appointment with her attorney and with Thorne's attorneys. Macy said she couldn't face Thorne after she'd made a fool of herself by singing in the Bikini while Thorne and Karen were there. Macy said that drinking had nothing to do with her feelings, but Sally disagreed. Macy said that Thorne didn't love her but only had contempt for her. Macy was hurt. Eric and Stephanie tried to figure out what the problem about the BeLieF formula could be. Stephanie suggested they find a patent similar to BeLieF and then Steve arrived. Brooke told Ridge she would go check where Taylor went to and Ridge kept talking to Bridget. Brooke went out to the balcony and asked Taylor why she'd been crying. Taylor said she didn't want Ridge to know there was a problem and asked for Brooke's help. Taylor said that Ridge seeing Taylor miserable would effect everything adversely. Brooke asked her why she was miserable and Taylor told Brooke to look at Ridge talking to Bridget. Brooke and Taylor looked at Ridge; Brooke smiled and Taylor went to the bathroom. Steve said that the office handling the application for the BeLieF patent was missing Brooke's contract. Eric said Brooke didn't have a contract and Steve said that the situation had changed because Brooke wasn't married to Eric anymore. Eric said Brooke was still loyal to Forrester. Stephanie asked Steve to tell them what bothered him and Steve said it could be a complication for acquiring a patent for BeLieF. Macy took beer and Sally told her she'd had enough. Macy replied, "Mother, would you stop nagging me, okay - you act as if I'm an alcoholic or something. Besides that, I'm going to need more than beer to help me sleep tonight knowing what's waiting for me in the morning". Then Macy got a flower delivery. Ridge had wine and Brooke told him Taylor had been crying on the balcony without saying why. Ridge wondered why Taylor had cried. Brooke said she thought the rattle was bothering Taylor. Brooke suggested Ridge would take the rattle back and give it to his and Taylor's first baby. Brooke said, "I don't want there to be any problems, for you or for Taylor, for me, especially for little Bridget" and put the rattle in Ridge's hand. Ridge said it was a family tradition to give it to the first born, and that Bridget was his first born, so he returned the rattle back to Brooke. Brooke asked Ridge not to tell Taylor about their talk and Ridge said he didn't keep things from his wife. Brooke said, "Ridge, just do it this once, please, for me", then Taylor came out of the bathroom. Macy read the poem on the card, which wasn't signed. Sally said it was obvious who sent the flowers and said Sly had a perfect timing. Sally and Macy hugged. Eric told Steve to draw up the contract. Steve explained to Stephanie that Brooke had developed the formula herself. Eric said there wasn't any document to prove Brooke's job descriptions, and that Brooke didn't have a formal salary because they were married. Eric and Stephanie said that all of the company's future was based on the BeLieF treated fabrics. Steve said that the understanding of Brooke's working at Forrester wasn't put in writing, so Brooke had a claim to the fabric. Eric asked Steve if they might not even own the product. Stephanie asked, "You can't be serious, are you saying that Brooke Logan could control the patent to BeLieF?". Steve said a case could be made for Brooke. Steve asked them what they were going to do about the problem. Taylor asked Brooke and Ridge what they talked about when she went to the bathroom, and they said they talked about Bridget. Ridge asked Taylor if she was upset and Taylor said she wasn't. Taylor said they had to cooperate and Brooke went to bring Taylor's scarf. Taylor asked Ridge if Brooke told him something, and Ridge said he was just asking. Ridge and Taylor left and Brooke told herself, "We share a secret, what a wonderful feeling, I'll see you tomorrow, Ridge".

1519: Macy came into Sly's room where she thanked Sly. Sly asked her what for and Macy said the flowers and the poem were beautiful. Macy said she exactly needed it after hearing about the meeting with Thorne's attorney, and Macy left for the meeting at Forrester. Sly told himself "Poem, who the hell sent her a poem. Yeah, sure, who else?", Sly understood it was Keith. Paul, Thorne's attorney told Thorne to relax at Eric's office. Paul reminded Thorne it wasn't a social gathering. Thorne said both he and Macy wanted the divorce. Ridge arrived at Stephanie's; Stephanie said Eric would have to talk with Ridge about a serious thing. Ridge said he was out to dinner with Taylor and Brooke. Stephanie asked how it went and Ridge said he'd done something stupid. Taylor was at her office remembering how Ridge gave Bridget the rattle. Then Jack arrived at Taylor's office and asked her what was the matter. Taylor said she felt stupid because she had a jealous feeling that she should be the mother of Ridge's first born. Taylor said Ridge shouldn't have surprised her like that by giving Bridget the rattle. She then said Ridge had a reason for not telling her, "He knew I would react negatively and he didn't want to deal with it. But you know something? that's exactly what I'm doing". Ridge told Stephanie he'd given Bridget the rattle which was Ridge's grandfather's. That made Stephanie angry. Paul advised Thorne not to overly talk to Macy. Macy and her attorney, Diane, arrived at Forrester. While Trish was telling Thorne that Macy had arrived, Macy told Diane, "I have a very bad feeling about this, Diane". Macy said she didn't hate Thorne. Diane said Macy was entitled to a decent settlement. Macy and Diane entered Eric's office. Jack said Ridge probably should've saved the rattle for Ridge and Taylor's first born, which would be Ridge's legitimate first born and Taylor said she wasn't going to label Bridget as illegitimate. Taylor said she shouldn't be upset. Stephanie told Ridge that Bridget shouldn't be considered in the normal line of birth right. Stephanie then said that Taylor was Ridge's legal spouse, and that Taylor had every right to think that Ridge would give the rattle to her and Ridge's first born. Stephanie said that she was sure Taylor was upset and Ridge said Taylor hadn't said a thing. Ridge said it was for his daughter and a tradition, and Stephanie told him not to give her that line. Stephanie asked Ridge if Brooke had something to do with this and Ridge said he hadn't told anyone. Stephanie said Ridge hadn't told Taylor because he knew that would upset her. Macy and Thorne shook each other's attorney's hands. Jack said Ridge was wrong because of Brooke, whom he doesn't trust. Jack said he saw things as an outsider seeing a woman's plan to capture a man and told Taylor not to let it happen. Taylor answered: "I'm not about to, I know Brooke as well as I know anyone; she can't pull anything on me, not a thing". Ridge said that Stephanie might be right. Ridge said he wouldn't regret it and Stephanie asked him if Brooke had come on to him. Ridge said they had kissed once. Stephanie got extremely angry. Ridge said the kiss hadn't been anybody's idea but had come out of the moment. Stephanie said Ridge and Brooke had a history of coming out of the moment and reminded Ridge how he and Brooke made love at the lab after they'd discovered BeLieF. Ridge asked her how she knew and Stephanie said "It doesn't matter how I know it. What I know, is the history between you and Brooke better than you know it yourself. You stay away from her. If you don't stay away from her it will happen one day. And the day it happens, is the day you are going to lose the most precious gift that you've ever been given in your life, your wife. You stay away from her. Brooke isn't worth it. She isn't worth that. Ridge left and told himself, "How did she know? I'm damned well going to find out".

1520: Ridge told Brooke they needed to talk in his office. Ridge said he had a talk with Stephanie. He reminded Brooke the day they invented BeLieF and made love. He said Stephanie knew about it. Brooke asked him how Stephanie knew and Ridge said it was obvious. Ridge said that they agreed not to tell anyone, so he hadn't told Stephanie, and implied that Brooke told Stephanie. Eric told Sheila goodbye at the infirmary, since he was going to Chicago. Eric said that he wanted to set a wedding date when he returned. Eric said he'd miss Sheila and said he was going to Ridge's office and then to Chicago. Thorne and Macy and their attorneys were in Eric's office working on the settlement. Paul gave Diane the proposal and Diane accepted it. Macy said she didn't want Thorne's money. Thorne looked at Macy's list of the things she wants back and Thorne agreed. Ridge couldn't see any other way for Stephanie to find out besides Brooke telling her. Brooke said, "Everybody is always pointing their finger at me, but not you, never you". Brooke said it meant that Ridge didn't trust her and asked Ridge how he could do this. Brooke said she thought Ridge knew her and Ridge said he thought he knew her too. Brooke said, "Well, if you really cared, you wouldn't be saying these things, Ridge - you wouldn't even be thinking them. I thought we shared something really special and now I have to wonder if you're not just like the rest of your family. How could you side with them, Ridge, how?" Then Eric came in and Brooke left. Eric said they had a problem with the BeLieF formula. Brooke walked into the infirmary and asked Sheila for an aspirin. Brooke said that she was angry and that she didn't deserve to be treated this way. Brooke said she and Sheila shared something in common: She said they would always be outsiders and Sheila said that her marriage would change that. Brooke said that her marriage to Eric and her two babies didn't change anything and asked Sheila why she thought the Forresters would accept her. Diane asked Macy to sign the settlement proposal. Eric told Ridge that BeLieF was unique and that Brooke hadn't ever worked for them technically. Eric said, "The way things stand, the Forrester patent claim could be at risk," and "We've invested our entire future in BeLieF - and now it appears we may not be able to secure it as our own". Eric said that Steve, who was the best in the business, was working on this. He asked Ridge to keep their relationship with Brooke tenable and not to do anything to make Brooke defensive. Eric said Ridge could reach him in Chicago or in Genoa City, where he would ask Lauren and Scott to come to his wedding. Sheila said she was going to become a Forrester and Brooke said the Forresters didn't accept outsiders. Brooke said Stephanie found Taylor useful - as in keeping Ridge away from her - and that Stephanie needed everything to revolve around her and a complete control in everybody's life. She explained to Sheila that if Stephanie doesn't accept her, the Forresters won't accept her. Brooke said she wondered if the Forresters knew what love was and Sheila asked Brooke what happened to her. Brooke answered, "The same thing that will happen to you, Sheila, one day you will realize that Stephanie can turn the family against anyone". Brooke said she wanted to help Sheila. Brooke said that Ridge cared for her until Stephanie turned him against her and left the infirmary. Ridge told himself, "Keep our relationship with Brooke tenable - oh, damn it, this is going to be a big problem"; then Sheila came in and Ridge said Eric would be spending few days in Genoa City with Lauren. Sheila went out of Ridge's office and told herself "Oh, Eric is going to Genoa City, he's going to talk to Lauren. Damn it! why can't this end? why does this keep happening to me?".

1521: Sally told Saul and Darla about Macy's meeting with Thorne and the attorneys. Sally wished Macy would stop by at Spectra and then Macy came in and took out of her bag her pain killer - Tequila - and asked Darla for a glass. Sally was about to talk to Macy but Macy said, "And I don't want to hear a word about it from anyone". Sly told Keith to come up to his room; Sly was mad at Keith for sending Macy the flowers and Keith said that Macy needed a friend considering what she's been through and that he'd just been her friend by sending the flowers. Sly threatened him, "It stops here! No more flowers, no more poems, I don't even want you looking in her direction. Because if you do, I'll fire you, Keith- I'll fire you and I'm going to kick your butt all over this parking lot". Sheila asked Brooke to talk with her about Eric and they entered the infirmary. Stephanie was in Ridge's office; Ridge said they should've had a complete control of BeLieF. Stephanie said, "Because of the divorce she's not a member of the family. As a matter of a fact, she should ever never have been treated as a member of the family". Sheila said Stephanie wanted to make people miserable and Brooke said Stephanie also wanted to get her out of the family. Sheila said she wanted to do something to Stephanie. Sheila asked Brooke if she talked to Eric before he left town, and explained that Eric went to Genoa City to talk to Lauren. Brooke said she was a friend of Lauren's; she explained that she'd talked to Lauren the last time Lauren had been in L.A., and Sheila asked her what Lauren said about her. Ridge told Stephanie they should sit with Brooke and explain the problem to her, and make her sign away all of her rights. Stephanie asked Ridge not to alienate Brooke at a time like this. Ridge said Brooke would understand and cooperate if they asked her. Taylor called Ridge from a room next to the steam room, saying she had an injury, and asked Ridge to come down. Stephanie told Ridge not to ask Brooke anything and to wait until they all decide on a course of action; Ridge said he wouldn't say anything. Macy got drunk and talked about the cold meeting. Saul, Sally and Darla were all worried. Sally said Macy couldn't expect people who love Macy to stand by and to watch her destroying herself. Sally said drinking wouldn't help. Macy told her mother off, and Saul said Macy shouldn't talk to Sally that way; Macy then said that Sally could fire her if she didn't like the way she was acting. Sally wouldn't give Macy her bottle and Macy said she would go out to buy another bottle. Macy said, "I'm out of here. In fact, I am out of here for good. I'm finished, I quit and I'm finished with all of you". Macy left and Sally said she'd never seen Macy like this. Ridge walked into the steam room. Taylor said her leg hurt and Ridge gave her a foot massage. Sly said Keith was after Macy, and asked Keith to deny it, but then Macy came in. Brooke said Lauren hadn't said anything about Sheila and asked Sheila what was going on between her and Lauren. Sheila said Stephanie was filling Lauren's head with ideas. Brooke said it was amazing how Stephanie tore apart lives with no guilt and Sheila suggested, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could do something to stop her". Brooke said that her life would be different if she didn't have to deal with Stephanie, and lamented that it would always be that way, since Stephanie has half of the company. Sheila said she needed Brooke to survive Mother Forrester. Brooke said she needed Sheila, too, and said they would stay in touch. Taylor told Ridge to take off his clothes. Ridge understood Taylor didn't have an injury and they kissed in the steam room.

1522: Eric got back from Chicago. Steve arrived at Eric's office. Ridge said Brooke could sign a contract. Karen went to Brooke's; Brooke said she had a date with Connor Davis, who's an old high school flame. Sheila came to see Taylor at her office; Sheila asked Taylor to throw her and Eric a wedding shower. Steve said that Brooke might want the money, so Brooke shouldn't be told about the patent problems, and Eric agreed. Ridge said they were complicating things by keeping Brooke out of this. Steve said, "People can be unpredictable, I mean even people you know. For this kind of money and power, people will commit murder". Steve said BeLieF was essential to the survival of Forrester and told Ridge not to tell Brooke. Eric said they would tell no one until they come up with a strategy. Karen asked Brooke why she was going out with Connor and Brooke talked about an interesting coincidence - The fact that Ridge and Taylor will be at Cafe Russe at the same time that Brooke and Connor will also be there. Brooke then said Connor was a rival of Ridge's, and that Connor and Ridge hated each other while they were in high school. Brooke then told Karen that Ridge thought Brooke shared an intimate secret with Stephanie, so Karen reassured Brooke by saying that Eric and Ridge won't abandon her. Brooke said that she might end up alone and had to be aware of the possibilities, but then Connor arrived. Taylor told Sheila that Sheila was a piece of work. Taylor said Sheila was using her and said she wouldn't throw Sheila a wedding shower, since she was close to Stephanie; she accused Sheila of trying to come between her and Stephanie. Taylor said she knew how Stephanie feels about Sheila, since Stephanie is her confidant. Sheila talked about no having family in L.A. and asked for Taylor's help to lighten up Stephanie's attitude. Sheila said, "Look at the position I'm in - damn it, I'm an outsider and why? What have I done? I fell in love with a man". Sheila said Taylor couldn't admit that Sheila deserves to be treated this way because Taylor knew Sheila doesn't. Sheila told her to think about it before giving a final answer and told Taylor she could be a peacemaker. Connor brought Brooke flowers, and Brooke introduced Connor to Karen. Connor said that Brooke always had the best looking girl friends, and Karen said, "And the best looking man". Connor talked to Eric, Jr. and Brooke said she would let Karen know how the dinner went; she and Connor then left. Eric called Sheila; Sheila asked him if anything happened. Eric didn't understand and Sheila told him to forget about it. Eric said they were going to talk about wedding plans and Sheila said she loved him. They hung up the phone and Sheila talked to herself happily, saying Eric will be hers. Ridge and Taylor were at Cafe Russe. Taylor said they would have a romantic evening. Brooke and Connor arrived and Brooke took care to sit at a table so Ridge would see them well. Connor and Brooke sat down and Ridge noticed Brooke; then Connor turned his face a little aside so Ridge saw him too. As Sheila was choosing a wedding date, Brad Carlton called her from Genoa City. Brad said he was coming to see her in 4 hours. Brad said that the game was over and that he was going to settle things for once and for all. Brad wanted to go to Forrester but Sheila told him to meet her at her place. Sheila hung up and thought that Brad was going to tell Eric everything and stop her wedding.

1523: Sheila was trying to think of way to stop Brad when Eric came into her apartment. Sheila was glad to see Eric and kissed him. Sheila said she had an appointment with a wedding consultant. Eric and Sheila said they loved each other and Eric said that Lauren and Scott were coming to the wedding. Taylor asked Ridge what got into him and Ridge told her to drop it. Connor talked about Brooke's success and Brooke said it wasn't that glamorous. Connor said Ridge had had a lot of growing up to do. Brooke said she needed the date. Meanwhile, Ridge said he couldn't discuss the secret with Taylor. Sheila told Eric she didn't recall meeting Scott. Eric said he and Sheila would get married in two weeks. Eric left, walked into the elevator and Brad went out of the elevator. Ridge told Taylor that he was upset because of work, and that it wouldn't be a good idea if he told Taylor about it. Taylor turned around and saw Brooke with a man, who Taylor called handsome. Ridge said the man Brooke was dating was Connor - a nemesis of his. Ridge talked about his and Connor's fist fight and said Connor was a jerk. Taylor said that Brooke being there with Connor wasn't a coincidence but one of Brooke's mind games and a setup. Taylor said Brooke was trying to make Ridge jealous. Brad told Sheila to open the door. Sheila told herself, "Oh, don't mess with me, Brad. You don't want to mess with me". Sheila opened the door and Brad came into Sheila's apartment. Brad said Sheila must have been a wizard, by getting out of the fire and making her way to L.A and the Forresters' lives. Brad told Sheila to hand over the negatives, explaining that he didn't like being threatened by the photo. Sheila said Brad didn't have anything to do with it and Brad said he wasn't about to get sucked into it. Sheila said Brad could influence Lauren and Brad said that no one could influence Lauren. Sheila said she wasn't about to let Lauren destroy her and would do anything to prevent it. Sheila said she was sorry but had no alternative. Taylor said that Brooke would never change. Ridge suggested they leave but Taylor said they were staying. Taylor said they could give Brooke a show and asked Ridge for a kiss. Ridge wouldn't kiss Taylor saying he doesn't want to upset Brooke. When Ridge said he had to be careful with Brooke, Taylor left the table. Ridge got up and followed Taylor and then Connor saw him. Connor and Brooke returned to Brooke's. Connor said he'd seen Ridge at the restaurant and asked Brooke if they went to Cafe Russe because Ridge was there, or if it was only a coincidence. Brooke answered that she wanted to spend time with Connor. Brooke said she learned to enjoy herself with another man and asked Connor to call her. Connor kissed her and then Bridget started to cry. Brooke went to Bridget's room saying Connor will show himself out. Taylor and Ridge arrived at their house; Ridge explained that what he was holding back was the biggest secret that Forrester has ever had, and that it was confidential. Taylor said they were married and shared every secret and gave Ridge an ultimatum: "Now you tell me what it is going on, or I am going to walk out of that door right now and I mean it". Brooke changed to a night gown and found Connor was still at her balcony. Connor said he was there because he didn't want to wait. Sheila said she regretted Brad's involvement. Brad said he liked to control his own destiny and said that right now he didn't have control. Brad told Sheila to give him the negative or he would tell Eric everything. Sheila said that Lauren would send her to prison if she gave Brad the negative and Brad repeated his threat.

1524: Sheila told Brad she couldn't give him the negative. Brad was about to leave and Sheila told him she had nothing without the negative. Brad said that Sheila should expect to pay for what she did. Sheila admitted doing the horrible things she's done. Brad said Sheila was using people. Ridge told Taylor that nothing was going on between him and Brooke. Taylor walked out the door and Ridge went out and said, "All right, I'll tell you the bloody secret about Brooke". Connor told Brooke that something he didn't expect happened tonight. Ridge and Taylor went back to their house. Ridge said that Brooke wasn't under contract when she invented BeLieF, so Brooke could claim that BeLieF belongs to her. Connor said he could have seen right through Brooke. Connor said "We went to the Cafe Russe tonight so that we could bump into Ridge Forrester, isn't that right?". Sheila said she wasn't using Eric and tried to convince Brad that she had changed. Sheila said she was normal and sensitive, and that she wouldn't be like what she used to be. Sheila said she would tell Eric about her past one day. She said that if Lauren told Eric, everything would be completely over. Brad said he wasn't leaving without the negative or telling Eric, and told Sheila to make her choice. Ridge explained to Taylor that the situation could cost Forrester millions. Ridge said that Brooke didn't know and told Taylor not to tell anyone. Taylor said that Brooke would try to cash in and Ridge said that he didn't believe it. Ridge said, "Brooke knows she was working for us when she developed the formula, contract or no contract". Taylor said that the same woman who tried to make Ridge jealous wouldn't hand in million of dollars that aren't even hers. Connor said that he was flattered and that Brooke was wasting her time with someone who doesn't appreciate her. Sheila took out the negative from her kitchen shelf and gave it to Brad. Brad said, "Good. Now give me the other one". Brad said he believed Sheila made another negative. Brad then told her that Lauren knew Brad was in L.A, and promised he would do what he can to keep Lauren from doing something crazy. Brad took the second negative. Sheila asked Brad to do what he can do to keep Lauren and Scott from coming to her wedding. Brad left for Genoa City and tore up the photo. Ridge said that Connor had never been bright. Taylor went to bed and took Ridge with her. Connor said that the high school Brooke he knew wouldn't let anyone get to her the way Ridge is getting to her now, and suggested that Ridge marrying Taylor was Ridge's mistake. Connor said that Brooke didn't have to wait for Ridge since Ridge didn't wait for her; he then told her she was special and kissed her.

1525: Ruthann was visiting her nephews and stopped by at Stephanie's. Stephanie said she'd been up since 4 AM because Eric was engaged. Stephanie said that Eric marrying Sheila would be a bigger mistake than Eric marrying Brooke, and explained to her friend that she just knew that Sheila was trouble. She told Ruthanne how Lauren knew a great deal about Sheila, and hoped Eric and Lauren had talked. Ruthanne asked Stephanie if Sheila was trouble or if Stephanie just didn't want to give Eric up. Macy got up at Sly's room and apologized for sleeping at Sly's. Macy said it was becoming a habit and Sly said he liked that habit. Macy said she was ready to move on, and told him she'd had an ugly battle with Sally. Sally came into the Bikini and Keith was working there. Sally told Keith that she was concerned about Macy and asked Keith if Macy was there. Keith said that Macy was upstairs at Sly's room and Sally said she was relieved. Keith said that Macy had a drinking problem; he also said that Macy and Thorne were still in love with each other, so they shouldn't get a divorce, but Sally said that Thorne and Macy were wrong for each other. Sally said that Macy should find the right man and move on. Keith suddenly agreed and said, "You know, Miss Spectra, I think you're right. She does deserve better, much better". Upstairs, Macy said she was going to have a tan. Sly told her to avoid Keith and explained it by saying that Keith had a lot of working to do. Macy left. Ruthann told Stephanie to set up a meeting with her and Sheila next time she's in town. Ruthann said that her nephews needed her since their parents were gone. Ruthann left for Malibu and headed to the Bikini. Sally went into Sly's room, where she asked Sly where Macy was. Sly said that Macy hadn't been there. Sally said that Keith had told her that Macy had spent the night at Sly's room. Ruthann entered the Bikini; Keith told his aunt that Kevin was doing okay, and explained that he was in love with a woman who doesn't feel the same way about him. Sly said that he hadn't slept with Macy the night before and Sally didn't believe him. Sally asked him if he was attracted to Macy and Sly confirmed that he was. Sally said that Macy was also attracted to Sly and to his poetry, and asked Sly if he'd been the man for Macy. Ruthann asked Keith to tell her about the girl he loved while Keith was watching Macy getting a tan outside. Sally told Sly to start courting Macy properly. Sly said he didn't like Macy's drinking, but explained he wouldn't see Macy again if he didn't let her drink in the Bikini. Sly hoped Macy would get over Thorne, and told Sally he wanted Macy happy, so he would make her happy. Sly asked Sally for time. Sally gave him time and told him to take advantage of his poetry. Sally warned him that she wouldn't let Macy fall in love with the wrong man. Keith said that the girl was a little messed up, then Macy came into the Bikini, took some beer, and left. Keith said that the girl was going through a divorce, and explained that at first, he'd thought that Macy was in love with her husband but now he thinks that she was better off without the guy after talking with someone. Ruthann warned him not to get involved with a woman fresh out of a marriage. Keith said he believed he could help her. Ruthann told Keith to follow his heart and to go after the girl.

1526: Taylor came to see Stephanie at the mansion, and said that Sheila and Eric were about to set a wedding date. Stephanie said she would never accept the opportunist Sheila. Stephanie said ,"I just can't believe that he's actually going through with this marriage, I can't let him do that". Sheila was in Eric's office, where she said she wanted a small church wedding. Sheila said she wanted Lauren to see her and Eric join as husband and wife. Sheila then told Eric she'd asked Taylor to throw her a wedding shower, but Taylor considered Stephanie's feelings. Sheila also told Eric not to talk to Taylor about it. Sheila was about to leave to the infirmary but then Ridge went into Eric's office and congratulated Eric and Sheila. Karen was at Brooke's; Brooke said that Ridge was intrigued to see Brooke eating dinner with Connor. Brooke said she'd enjoyed herself, and enjoyed herself even more after she and Connor arrived at her apartment. Sheila went down to the infirmary and Eric told Ridge that Steve was discouraging being up front with Brooke. Ridge said that he and Brooke had gotten into an argument because Brooke had betrayed his trust and he confronted her. Ridge then explained that Brooke had been trying to get to him by having dinner with Connor at the Cafe Russe while he and Taylor were having dinner there. Stephanie said that Eric would make the biggest mistake of his life. Stephanie told Taylor, "If I can't stop this wedding, I'm convinced that Lauren Fenmore can". Stephanie said that Eric will be hurt if Lauren doesn't tell him what she knows about Sheila. Taylor said that Sheila asked her to throw a wedding shower for her. Taylor said that somebody should expose Sheila for Eric's sake, and Stephanie said she didn't want Taylor caught in the middle. Stephanie then reminded Taylor that she loved her like her own daughter. Taylor said that Stephanie deserved happiness and they hugged. Eric remembered Connor from Ridge's high school days, and understood when Ridge said that Brooke's plan had worked. Ridge said that Brooke was pushing his buttons. He said that the whole thing had blown up, and that if Brooke keeps it up, it will be big trouble for all of them. Brooke told Karen that Ridge was curious about her and Connor. Karen noted that Connor was extremely attractive, and said that Brooke was interested in Connor. Connor came to see Ridge at Eric's office. Connor said he was seeing Brooke, and that he didn't appreciate the way Ridge was treating Brooke. Taylor came to see Sheila at the infirmary. Taylor said that she couldn't throw Sheila a wedding shower. Taylor said that she and Stephanie were close. Sheila said they all wanted Eric to be happy. Taylor said she was sorry and Sheila said she understood. Sheila said, "And mark my words, Taylor, there is going to be a wedding. Eric and I are going to get married next week". Brooke admitted to being attracted to Connor, and told Karen how she invited Connor in. Brooke said that Connor helped her remember things. Connor said that Ridge was leading Brooke on and Ridge said that Brooke was playing games with him. Ridge said that Brooke had dated Connor only to make him jealous. Connor said that Brooke proved that Ridge wasn't the only man in her life by inviting him into her apartment the night before. Connor said, "Brooke Logan is over you, way over you and no body knows that better than me". Ridge asked Connor if he and Brooke were intimate the night before. Connor told Ridge to ask Brooke that and left.

1527: Thorne was working in his apartment when Sheila visited him. Sheila said it would be nice if she had some support. Thorne said that Eric's family was concerned about Eric and didn't want to see him getting hurt again after Brooke. Thorne said, "I really have major reservations about this marriage". Eric and Stephanie were about to have a meeting with Steve. Stephanie asked Eric to have dinner with her tonight. Stephanie explained that She knew that Eric's heart lies with Sheila and realized that there was going to be a wedding, and said it was going to be the most significant evening in Eric's life. Steve entered Eric's office. Eric said he and Stephanie had come up with a plan to have a test to see how loyal Brooke is to Forrester. Ridge came to see Brooke at her apartment. Ridge said he'd come to smooth things over and Brooke said he sounded like he was dealing with a customer and trying not to alienate her. Brooke asked Ridge if he was willing to believe that she didn't tell Stephanie about the night in the lab and Ridge said that Brooke was using Connor. Ridge said it hadn't bothered him. Ridge said that Connor thought Brooke was interested. Brooke answered, "And what makes you so sure I'm not?" Thorne told Sheila that they barely knew her. Sheila said she loved Eric and was going to make him happy. Sheila said, "I'm really sorry I bothered you" and left. Eric said they had to find out how cooperative Brooke will be or not be. Eric and Stephanie then said they had chosen Steve to tell Brooke about the patent problem. Macy came into Thorne's apartment; Thorne said that the he hadn't been comfortable when they divided their property in the meeting with the attorneys. Thorne said it was one of the ugliest days in his life and was sorry Macy was a part of it. Stephanie said that a restaurant would be an ideal place to tell Brooke. Steve said he could develop a friendship with Brooke. Brooke told Ridge that she was very attracted to Connor and invited Connor into her house after their dinner. Macy asked Thorne if he really wanted to divorce her and to live with Karen. Thorne said that that was what he needed given everything that happened - the guys and Macy's drinking. Macy said that it'd happened because of Thorne. Thorne said he didn't want to fight with Macy. Thorne wished they didn't have to get a divorce but didn't see any other alternative. Macy said it was time and took off her wedding ring, and said that she'd loved Thorne. Macy left and Thorne told himself, "I loved - past tense". Macy cried outside of Thorne's apartment. Stephanie arrived at her house and got a call from Kristen. Stephanie said she wanted to see Kristen right away and asked Kristen to fly to L.A. tonight because there was a family crisis. Brooke said that her personal life wasn't Ridge's business. Brooke said she needed love and Ridge said he loved her as the mother of his daughter. Brooke asked, "What about romantically?" and Ridge said it couldn't be that way. Ridge said that Brooke deserved someone better than Connor. Brooke said that Eric was getting married next week and stated, "The whole reason you married Taylor is no longer valid, because you married Taylor out of loyalty to your father - because you knew he loved me and wanted me, but he doesn't any longer. Don't you see? That puts us back to square one". Ridge said he had a wife and Brooke said he had a daughter. Brooke talked about their dream to have a family and told Ridge that he owed it to himself to do what he wants to do. Brooke asked Ridge how could he resist her love that she knew Ridge shared. Ridge hugged her and Brooke said, "Stay with me, Ridge, please, stay with me".

1528: Stephanie called Thorne and told him to come earlier to her house and not to bring Karen. Thorne said that Karen was out with Brooke at the Bikini. Thorne said he was coming to Stephanie's and hung up. Stephanie called Steve and told him that Brooke was going to be at the Bikini, and told Steve to meet Brooke there. At the Bikini, Karen told Brooke that Brooke needed a change of man. In Eric's office, Eric told Sheila he was going to see Stephanie tonight. Sheila said, "You had me worried for a minute, I thought it was going to be something I didn't like". Kristen arrived in L.A. and showed up at Stephanie's. Stephanie said that Eric didn't know Sheila, as everyone else did. Kristen said she thought things were happening pretty fast, and Stephanie said it was a rebound. Thorne and Ridge arrived at Stephanie's. Kristen said that she and Clarke were taking things slowly in New York. Karen told Brooke to let go and to stop being miserable. Karen told her to look around and to maybe find what she needs. Steve arrived at the Bikini, sat next to the bar and asked Keith if he could serve Brooke and Karen their drinks. Steve gave Brooke and Karen their wine. Brooke wasn't nice but Karen invited him to sit with them. Sheila said she was all right with Eric going to Stephanie's. Sheila said she was secure. Sheila however suggested that Stephanie didn't want to talk about business, and that she had a hidden agenda. Eric said that his family would accept Sheila and left for Stephanie's. Stephanie told Ridge, Thorne and Kristen that they had less than a week to convince Eric that marrying Sheila would be the biggest mistake of his life. Ridge said that Eric knew what he wants, and Stephanie answered, "He doesn't know Sheila Carter - she's a real opportunist. She's clever and cunning, and I think dangerous". Stephanie said that Sheila hid her past, which sooner or later would come out. Stephanie said she wanted to discuss how to postpone the wedding. Kristen said she wondered how much of that was Stephanie's difficulty to let go of Eric. Steve introduced himself and Karen introduced herself and Brooke. Steve said that he betted that Karen and Brooke were models. Brooke told Steve not to ask her about her work. Stephanie said that she had already let go of Eric when Eric married Brooke, and that she was only concerned for Eric's welfare. Stephanie said she didn't want them to stop the wedding but Eric to stop himself. Stephanie explained, "I think if he spends the next couple of months with Sheila, eventually, she will reveal her true self, and I don't think that's going to be a pretty picture". Stephanie said that she believed that something happened between Lauren and Sheila, and that Sheila was holding something over Lauren. Eric arrived at Stephanie's and was very happy to find Kristen there, commenting that Kristen's new hair color was beautiful.

1529: While Eric, Ridge and Thorne were discussing Kristen's hair, Stephanie went to the library and called Lauren. Stephanie said she was calling to make sure that Lauren would be at Eric's wedding. She said that Lauren was her last hope to stop the wedding and that, "You have information about Sheila, now. As Eric's good friend you can't let him get through with this wedding. You've got to tell him whatever it is". Lauren said there was a problem concerning Scott which might prevent her from coming. Stephanie said that Lauren could stay at her house and that she would come to pick her up from the airport, and then hung up. Brooke told Steve that work was a touchy subject. Brooke didn't want to dance with Steve. Brooke said she wasn't interested and Steve left the table. Kristen, Thorne and Ridge were talking to Eric. Ridge said that none of them knew Sheila and Eric said, "You will. God knows she's going to be around a long time". Kristen said that they were together because they wanted to talk to Eric about Sheila. Karen said that Steve was cute and got a feeling that Steve was different. Keith introduced Steve to the Bikini audience and Steve sang. Steve sang "The modern woman," and started going down stage towards Brooke's table; he grabbed her and pulled her on stage. Steve finished the song and the audience clapped. Stephanie came into the living room and admitted that she was behind the meeting. Stephanie said they wanted to discuss Eric's marriage to Sheila as a family. Kristen said it was Eric's life and Eric's decision, but told him that they worried about him, and asked Eric to help her feel more comfortable about the marriage. Karen said Steve was charming as hell. Steve got Keith to mediate and Keith made Karen and Brooke invite Steve to sit with them. Karen said that Brooke was very available. Steve said that Brooke was probably the most popular lady in her work building. Brooke said that everybody hated her at work. Thorne said that if Eric waited few months, they would get to know Sheila better. Eric said he didn't want to wait. Ridge said he had a feeling about Sheila and Eric talked about his feelings for Sheila. Stephanie asked Eric not to be angry about the children, since the meeting was her idea. Ridge said that they all needed more time to get to know Sheila and asked Eric if he was going to give himself that time. Karen left the table to the bar and Keith told her that Steve wasn't a regular. Brooke said that she was being treated like dirt at work by a certain woman, and said that the woman wouldn't stop. Brooke said, "Oh, what I wouldn't do to be able to turn the tables on that woman. Just once, to be the one in charge, the one in command, to treat her like she's been treating me all these years. But that's not going to happen, that's never going to happen, she's the one that holds the power". Brooke said it'd been nice talking to Steve and left the table. Steve told himself, "Brooke Logan, you're a serious threat; if you ever find out you have a claim to the BeLieF patent, the Forresters are in big trouble". Eric got angry and said that Kristen lived in New York, so didn't know Sheila. He added that Thorne and Ridge really didn't make the effort to get to know Sheila, either. Eric said that Sheila didn't have to gain the acceptance of the family; He was angered that he felt they had to make Sheila feel welcome but instead conspired behind his back. Eric said he deserved their respect, and was disappointed. Eric said, "There is going to be a wedding in this family next week". Eric said he didn't want them at the altar if they can't support him. Eric said, "Your decision to make" and left. Kristen said "Dad?" and went out after him.

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