October, 1992

Written by Ori Dekel

1391: Taylor cried because today would have been her mother's birthday, if her mother hadn't been murdered. She told Ridge that Zach and her were very close. Zach asked Jack to call Taylor; Jack asked Taylor to come over and to meet somebody, Taylor told him that she couldn't because she was going to the chapel. Jack and Zach went to the chapel, too. Taylor was at the chapel, saying she'll even die in order to see Zach again. Sheila told her therapist that she had a nightmare; she explained to Jay that she didn't confront Lauren when Lauren was in L.A. because Sheila had an accident. Jay asked Sheila if she and Lauren had any common friends that can help; Sheila mentioned Paul Williams but said that he couldn't help, and then remembered someone else. After Jay had left, Sheila called her mother, Molly, and introduced herself as Sheila's friend from college, Sara. Sheila hoped that her mother would soften Lauren. Sheila told Molly that Sheila used to love her, but Molly said that Sheila hated her, despised her and was willing to kill her. Sheila hung up the phone and told herself that her mother had to come through for her.

1392: Sally gave Karen Clarke's old office. Darla and Saul weren't friendly towards Karen. Saul and Darla told Sally about their scheme to make Karen leave Spectra, but Sally said that they had signed a deal; therefore, they should stick to it. Karen came into Sally's office and suggested that all of them would work as a team, because they were women trying to make it in a men's world. Zach got excited; Jack told him that he had waited enough and Zach met Taylor, Taylor was afraid that this was a hallucination and told Zach that he was dead. Then she realized that it was him, and asked him why he didn't call. Zach told her that he had called once, but introduced himself as one of her patients. Taylor told him that she was married and Zach said he'd been at her wedding. Then Jack came and they were reunited. Jack said that, hopefully, they would never be apart again. Ridge told Stephanie that Taylor was sad and Stephanie told him that a wonderful thing was going to happen to Taylor. Stephanie knew that because Jack told her that his son was back, after being missing for 10 years.

1393: Macy came back home angry and told Thorne that Bill Spencer had bought half of Spectra and put Karen in as his acting manager. Taylor showed Zach her office and told him that she wanted to meet him her sister in law, Felicia Forrester, but Zach said that he was already seriously involved with someone. Taylor and Jack told Zach that Stephanie despised and couldn't stand the man in Felicia's life. Macy told Thorne that Sally didn't know about their living arrangement, so she didn't understand why Macy felt that way about Karen. Macy said that she was ready for a battle. Karen told Bill that Macy was impossible and the others were horrible, but she showed them by talking about them being women who are trying to make it out in a man's world. Bill told Karen to keep her relationship with the perfect man - Thorne. Taylor asked Jack if he noticed anything strange about Zach. Zach asked Felicia if she told her mother about Guns. Felicia said she did, and Zach said that Stephanie hated the man who endangered her daughter's life, his father. Then he said that the man Stephanie is involved with and the man she hates were the same man, and told her that his last name was Hamilton. Macy told Thorne that she couldn't have let Karen have him without letting Thorne know how much she loves him. She said that she wanted to be the only love in his life, and wanted her marriage back. Karen told Bill that Thorne didn't look to her like a man who would leave his wife. Bill told her that eventually Thorne would become her husband.

1394: Reporters were at Eric's office. Sheila was at the infirmary and called Eric. Sheila asked if she could see him and Eric told her to come up. When Sheila arrived at Eric's office, the reporters almost photographed her, but Sheila covered her face with her hands. Zach told Felicia he was afraid that things will get messed up if Stephanie finds out about them, so they couldn't tell anyone about their relationship. Jack told Stephanie that he wanted to meet Zach's girlfriend. Sheila told Eric that she didn't want her picture taken because she was shy and Eric told the reporters to leave. Eric told Sheila to talk about it with Jay, but reminded her that, since she worked in a Fashion house, at some point she will have her picture taken. Sheila talked to herself at the infirmary saying it was too close, and worried that Lauren would have seen her if her picture had been published in one of the fashion magazines. Sheila understood she had to show Lauren the change that she's been through and called Molly, but no one answered. Sheila remembered how Molly found out that Sheila switched Lauren's child and came up with a child somehow. Jack gave Stephanie a necklace and they kissed. Randy gave Brooke the picture of her and Ridge kissing and the negative; Randy wanted to publish it but Brooke wanted to keep it. After Randy had left, Brooke told herself that she would love to publish the picture but she had something else in store for it - something that would let her win Ridge back.

1395: Brooke called Ridge and asked him to come over to the lab. Thorne told Macy that he and Karen were going to the Bikini. He asked Macy if she wants to go too, but Macy refused. Macy tried to seduce Thorne to come with her to the shower, but then Karen arrived, so Macy went alone to the shower. Brooke showed Ridge the photo of them kissing. Brooke gave the photo to Ridge and said that she'd already handled it and kept it from being published, so Taylor won't misunderstand. Brooke said that she would never do anything to come between Ridge and Taylor because she'd accepted that it's over between her and Ridge. Thorne told Karen that Macy would stay home so she could needle-point and Karen made fun of Macy. Thorne and Karen left for the Bikini. Macy dressed up and called Sly. She asked him if anything special was going on and Sly told her that there was an "endless summer"; Macy then said that she was coming. Thorne arrived at the Bikini; Sly thought Macy was Thorne's date and didn't understand how Thorne arrived that quickly. Karen asked Thorne how he could marry a woman who doesn't excite him, and kept making fun of Macy. Ridge noticed Brooke was reading the book, "Single Parenting". Brooke explained that she wasn't expecting anything because Ridge is married and Eric is involved with Sheila. Brooke said that she wanted somebody to accompany her to the Lamaze class. She said that she felt heavy and Ridge told her that she was not unattractive. Brooke put Ridge's hand on her stomach and let Ridge feel her baby move. Brooke said, "It's your child, Ridge". Sly asked Macy if she wanted a drink and Macy said that she had everything under control. Macy asked the band to sing with them. Sly asked Macy if she knew what she was doing and Macy said that she'd let Thorne slip away, and now she had to do something drastic. The band agreed that Macy would sing with them. Macy said, referring to Karen "Lesson time, baby, from the needle-point".

1396: Stephanie went to see Sheila at the infirmary, where she told Sheila that she didn't want her help to get Brooke out of town. Thorne told Karen that he wasn't ready to make a decision concerning who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. When Karen said that Macy might bore Thorne to death, Macy started singing and Thorne got excited and started dancing. Sly explained to Thorne and Karen that it was Macy who called before. Stephanie told Sheila that she saw her exactly for what she is. Stephanie said that Sheila was good in hiding things, and admitted she had never met anybody like Sheila - but Sheila didn't meet anyone like Stephanie. She said that she knew that Sheila hides the truth that terrifies her. Stephanie asked her many questions and Sheila avoided them, but then Stephanie showed her how she was right about her. Karen wanted to leave the Bikini, but Macy asked Thorne to come up on stage and sing with her. Stephanie left the infirmary; Sheila then called Molly and said that she was Sara. Molly didn't want to talk about Sheila. Sheila reminded Molly about Molly and Sheila's good times, including their trip to Chicago. Molly hung up after asking Sara not to call her again. When Macy and Thorne finished singing, Macy told Thorne that some day she would be all his again.

1397: Sheila told Eric that she was going to talk with her therapist about her problem of being photographed. Sheila said that Stephanie seemed very protective of Eric. They kissed, and when Stephanie arrived, Sheila left. Brooke got a great report at the lab. Brooke wanted to show Ridge the report but Joyce said that Ridge had already left, so Brooke went to Ridge's. Taylor told Ridge about her brother who came back. Sheila told Jay that she was in very deep trouble, and explained that she'd called her mother, who despises her as much as Lauren does. Sheila told Jay that she was in love and that she didn't want to lose Eric. Stephanie asked Eric if he was falling in love with Sheila, and asked him what he actually knew about Sheila. Ridge and Taylor kissed in their living room; Brooke came with the report and saw Ridge and Taylor kissing through the window. Taylor saw Brooke looking at them. Taylor told Ridge that Felicia was perfect for her brother. Eric told Stephanie that he knew a little about Sheila. Stephanie said that she was surprised that Sheila hadn't seduced Eric yet. Eric said that Sheila made him happy. Jay told Sheila that her problem was that she doesn't open up, like she wears a disguise. That gave Sheila an idea - to wear a disguise so Lauren won't recognize her. Stephanie asked Trish to call personnel and to bring her Sheila's file.

1398: Felicia told herself that it was only a matter of time until Stephanie finds out that the man she despises is Jack. Felicia told Stephanie that she was going to the Bikini, and Stephanie told her that Zach couldn't love her if he placed her in such danger. Sheila and Eric went on a date; Sheila changed her appearance and Eric noticed. Taylor told Ridge to look at the window but Brooke had already disappeared. Ridge went out and saw Brooke. Brooke came in and gave Ridge the report. Taylor asked Brooke if she had cried out, and Brooke said that she'd tripped. Taylor asked Brooke why she didn't just call with the results instead of bringing them personally, and Brooke said that she couldn't describe the results over the phone. Taylor said that coming over wasn't a good idea because Brooke was pregnant and it was cold outside, so Brooke left. Stephanie told Felicia that she loved her and meant everything to her and then Jack arrived. Eric told Sheila that he liked the change. Eric said that he'd realized by talking to Stephanie that he doesn't know a lot about her past. Taylor told Ridge that Brooke had a serious problem and somebody should help her deal with it. Jack told Stephanie about what happened at the chapel. Jack said he wished god would have returned Sharon, his wife. Stephanie told him to let go of his past, like she did. She asked him why he never remarried and Jack said that he was thinking about it, then Stephanie said that she had been thinking about it, too. Taylor told Ridge that Brooke needed help about her obsession with Ridge. Taylor said that Brooke cut herself off from everyone, and her life would be easier if she gave Ridge up. Ridge said that Brooke hadn't come on to him for a long time and Taylor said that Brooke's pretending made her tired. Taylor didn't know how long Brooke will be able to keep the pretending up. She told him that Brooke needed a friend - like herself.

1399: Stephanie came to Taylor's office; Stephanie told her that she felt very lucky to fall in love with Jack. Stephanie asked Taylor why she didn't want to see her father and her together, and Taylor answered that it was something personal that had been worked out. Stephanie asked her to come and bring her brother, Zach, to a dinner with her and Felicia. Taylor mentioned how strange it was that Felicia's boyfriend is named Zach, too. Stephanie told her how Zach and his irresponsible father endangered Felicia's life. Felicia told Zach that her mother won't want anything to do with Jack and won't trust him any more if she finds out that Jack is Zach's father. Macy saw Sally looking at Jack's photo, Sally told her that Jack was backing away from her and she thought it involved another woman. Macy told her to talk to Jack and not let him slip away. Taylor had dinner with Jack, and asked him if he was involved with anymore strong women, and Jack answered that he and Stephanie were deeply involved and asked for Taylor's blessing if he married Stephanie. Taylor said that Jack will have her blessing as long as he doesn't disappoint her, and Jack said he wouldn't. Stephanie went to the Bikini Bar and made it clear to Zach that she was willing to do everything in order to protect her children, and that she doesn't believe that Zach can keep Felicia safe. She said that when she finds out who his father is, she will prosecute him. She told Zach "Don't mess with me!".

1400: Brooke told Sheila that she was feeling unrealistic after she had seen Ridge and Taylor kissing the other night, and Brooke remembered how she could have prevented Ridge from marrying Taylor by telling Ridge she was pregnant. Taylor told Eric that she was concerned about Brooke, who needs help because she has no friends, no support system and can't have the only man she loves. Taylor said that Brooke isolated herself from everyone. She told Eric how she caught Brooke looking at her and Ridge kissing. Taylor said that Brooke didn't lose her obsession towards Ridge. Stephanie told Ridge that she thought that Taylor was a jewel. She said she got to know Taylor and was impressed. Ridge told her that Taylor wanted to help Brooke because Brooke was suffering. Sheila told Brooke that Brooke shared with Ridge a lot more than Taylor shares with Ridge. She said that Taylor pretended that her marriage is safe, and said that she won't be surprised if Taylor tries to make a move on Brooke when she lets her guard down. She said that Brooke had to stick to her plan and then she'll have Ridge; then Taylor came to see Brooke and Sheila left through the back door. Stephanie told Ridge that Brooke actually didn't suffer and that she chose to be alone. Stephanie talked about Brooke's success with BeLieF, which makes her famous. Ridge told Stephanie that Taylor thought that Brooke couldn't get Ridge out of her mind; however, Ridge said it was nonsense. Stephanie told Ridge that if he thinks that way he has to tell Taylor to stay away from Brooke. Sheila told herself that she had to clear things up with Lauren before she gets married to Eric, and called her mother as Sara. She told Molly that Sheila acted the way she did because she was sick and needed to see a therapist, but Molly didn't help Sheila then. She said Sheila wasn't responsible for being out of control. Molly started to cry because Sheila made it look like Molly is the one to blame for everything Sheila did. Trish told Stephanie that personnel was sending Sheila's f

1401: Bernard asked Ridge to come to Europe and to bring Brooke with him. Brooke told Taylor that Taylor was afraid of Brooke's still being after Ridge. Taylor told her that she wasn't insecure. Taylor asked her if Brooke was in love with Ridge. Brooke evaded, until she said "No, I am not in love with Ridge, not by your definition". Taylor said that it was difficult for her to trust Brooke, because Brooke said that they couldn't be friends. Brooke told her that she was not yawning all day in her lab over some man because she was one of the biggest names in fabric development. Brooke said that she was busy with her work and with her child, and that she wasn't worrying all day about Taylor and Ridge. Taylor was almost convinced of that until she remembered about Brooke's look of despair when she saw Ridge kissing Taylor. Brooke said that she'd cried that night because she'd fallen, but Taylor said that she'd cried because of Brooke's obsession. Sheila went out of Eric's office and passed next to Trish's desk; she saw a note attached to her file saying "Deliver to Stephanie Forrester," and took it, saying Stephanie must be stopped. Sheila called Molly; she apologized for her recent phone call. She made Molly remember about her and Sheila's good times. Molly admitted that she used to have good times with Sheila and that she loved Sheila. Molly said that she missed her daughter and would do anything to bring her back. Sheila said to herself that Molly's wish was about to come true. She then told herself that Molly would help her with Lauren. Brooke told Taylor that a pregnant woman gets moody, and when she saw her and Ridge kissing she wished she had somebody. Taylor said that that somebody couldn't be Ridge and left. Ridge told Brooke that they were leaving for Europe. Brooke told him that she couldn't because of Taylor, who will never allow it. Ridge hung up and Brooke smiled to herself.

1402: Stephanie asked Trish for Sheila's file, but Trish didn't find it. Trish told Stephanie that she would send her the file as soon as she finds it. Sheila was worried that Stephanie will call Genoa City and then Stephanie will be told all of Sheila's story. Sheila called Genoa City Memorial Hospital and they gave her a name of a deceased doctor. Sheila added to her file a recommendation from that late doctor. Eric asked Sheila to have dinner with him. Stephanie told Taylor that she was concerned about Taylor's decision to help Brooke, and tried to make Taylor drop her plan. Taylor said that she felt sorry for Brooke when she saw her, but Stephanie said that Brooke had brought it on herself. Stephanie made Taylor believe Brooke's plan to get Ridge. Stephanie told her, "She took my husband, don't let her take my son". Ridge told Brooke that Brooke wasn't coming between him and Taylor. Brooke said that she wouldn't leave at the expense of his marriage. Brooke told him that Taylor came to see her about him. Sheila told Eric that she was leaving to see her mother. Eric asked Sheila what her mother will do if he comes to Genoa City too, and Sheila said that her mother wasn't aware that she was seeing someone. Eric said he would maybe come next time. Ridge said that he respected and appreciated what Brooke is doing it for Taylor, but said that he would handle Taylor because there's too much at stake if they don't go. Maria told Stephanie that Trish found the file and it's on Stephanie's desk. Ridge went home and told Taylor about his trip to Europe with Brooke; Taylor couldn't join them because of her work. Taylor told Ridge that she couldn't allow it knowing how Brooke was feeling about Ridge and gave Ridge a choice: "YOU GO AWAY WITH THAT WOMAN AND I WON'T BE HERE WHEN YOU GET BACK. NOW WHAT'S IT GONNA BE, RIDGE?".

1403: Sally told Darla that Jack hadn't been around, and Darla told Sally that she hadn't been returning Bill's calls after he put Karen in charge. Sally told her that Karen was no threat - not to Darla and not to Macy, because Karen doesn't have any designs on Thorne any more. Trish gave Stephanie Sheila's personnel file; Stephanie told herself, concerning Sheila, "I have a felling about you". Eric told Sheila that he was working on his and Brooke's divorce, and until he gets the divorce, he and Sheila can't make love. Ridge told Taylor that he had to go to Europe because of Eric's expectations. Taylor told him that it was destructive to their marriage. Jack came to see Sally; she assumed that Jack had strong feelings about her because of the money he gave her. Sheila told Eric again that he couldn't come with her to visit her mother. Eric told her that she was being secretive about it and asked her if she was keeping something from him - maybe a man in the midwest. Stephanie called Genoa City Memorial Hospital, where they verified that Sheila worked there and had a good record. They told her that Dr. Kramer, who "recommended" Sheila, had died. Stephanie hung up the phone, while back in Genoa City, the nurse closed the file and noticed that Sheila is dead. Ridge asked Taylor's trust because he has to take that trip, and asked her not to make him choose between the trip and risking his marriage. Sally asked Jack if there was another woman, and then told him that she was the right woman for him and wasn't giving up on him. Taylor told Ridge to go to Europe with Brooke, because she didn't want to lose their marriage that works so well. Darla overheard Jack calling Stephanie and asking her where to pick her up - Forrester or home; it was then Darla realized that Jack is seeing Stephanie Forrester. Sheila told herself in the plane, "Ready or not mama, here I come, your daughter, back from the grave".

1404: Stephanie came to Ridge's office and found Brooke there; Stephanie told her that Brooke's use of reverse psychology to get Ridge was obvious, and that Ridge wouldn't leave Taylor for her. Stephanie left and Ridge came in. Taylor asked Jack for whom he works; Jack answered and Taylor asked him if Stephanie knows that Jack works for Spectra. Jack told Taylor that his relationship with Sally is more than business. Darla told Sally that Stephanie was the other woman in Jack's life. Sally told her that Stephanie wouldn't have her man, and told Darla to call Stephanie. Darla called Forrester and asked for Stephanie; Trish told her that Stephanie had already left for lunch, but let her know that Stephanie is dining at Cafe Russe, so Sally went there. Ridge asked Brooke if Brooke is trying to do a number on him and if he can trust her, Brooke was "offended," and told Ridge that she wasn't going to Europe. Sally joined Stephanie, who was eating alone; Sally told her the name of the man she loves who was working for her - Jack Hamilton. Taylor told Jack that Stephanie despised Sally, and in order to be honest with Stephanie, Jack has to tell Stephanie about Sally over dinner right away. Ridge told Brooke that they're a team, which enthused her, Brooke told him that she couldn't say no to her glory. Brooke told herself, "You and me in the most romantic cities in the world - the start of the rest of our lives together". Taylor told Jack that if Stephanie finds out about Sally before Jack tells her, it will end their relationship. Sally told Stephanie that her romance with Jack started months ago. Sally said that Jack was special and tall, and told Stephanie about the way he kisses. Stephanie almost choked. Sally asked Stephanie about her man and Stephanie said that her man was like other men.

1405: Stephanie told Eric about the things Sally had told her. Eric made Stephanie realize that Sally knows that Jack is Taylor's father, therefore Sally tried to break her and Jack's relationship up. Stephanie said, "I'll kill her". Karen told Bill to try romance on Darla. Darla told Karen that Bill took advantage of her and that he really didn't help her with Spectra, but only wanted to put Karen in charge. Karen arranged a meeting; she proposed to return to what Spectra used to do, to serve the lower and middle class again, and to turn their designs to a massive, inexpensive production. Darla saw flowers from Bill and read his card saying they should start over.

1406: Sally told Darla that she thought that Stephanie would dump Jack. Darla made Jack's reservation, so she knew where Jack was having dinner, and she and Sally went there to watch the end of a relationship, as Sally hoped. Stephanie told Thorne that she had lunch, not by choice, with Thorne's mother in law. She told him that Sally had told her that she was dating Jack. Eric asked Brooke if she still wanted to marry Ridge. Brooke told him that she didn't have any intentions to pursue Ridge. Jack told Stephanie that he's working at Spectra while they were having dinner.

1407: Jack told Stephanie that his work place didn't seem important until Taylor told him how Stephanie felt about Sally. Jack told Stephanie that he used to date Sally a couple of times, but he'd explained to Sally the type of their relationship. Sheila came back and told Eric about her mother; she said that she and her mother didn't have any problems. Stephanie told Jack that the fact he dated Sally wasn't going to destroy their relationship. Sally and Darla were looking at Stephanie and Jack eating and diagnosing their moves. Sally left when she saw Jack and Stephanie kissing, and it wasn't a goodbye kiss as Sally hoped. Eric told Sheila that he's not going to abandon her, never. Brooke and Ridge were about to leave for Europe; Ridge took Brooke's suitcases and left. Taylor asked Brooke if she was going to pursue her husband, but Brooke just said goodbye and left for Europe with Ridge.

1408: Macy called Sally and told her that she wasn't felling well, so she won't be able to attend the meeting with Bill and Karen. Karen told Thorne about her plan for Spectra; she promised him that Spectra wouldn't use any Forrester designs and left for Spectra. Eric asked Sheila to come with him to a meeting with the media, where he will show her off to the whole world. Thorne found Macy crying in bed; she told him that her life is miserable with their living arrangement. She told him that she was wrong when she didn't have faith in their marriage while Thorne had, and said that she wanted her marriage back badly. Sheila remembered about her encounter with her mother in Genoa City; Molly didn't agree to help Sheila and to ask for Lauren's forgiveness. Sheila told Eric that she was leaving for her mother's again, since her mother is feeling worse. Sally agreed to Karen's proposal. Karen told Bill that Thorne is obviously in love with her, and that Macy would leave their apartment soon. Macy told Thorne that she missed their old times; they kissed and Thorne left. Macy told herself: "He still loves me and I'm going to have him back".

1409: Karen told Felicia that she didn't need her to design clothes anymore, Felicia wanted to leave Spectra, but Karen reminded her that she was under contract. Stephanie told Thorne that the dinner with Jack had gone well and that she was glad that Jack was open with her. She said that she believed him and was in love with him. Zach showed Jack the Bikini Bar; Jack told Zach that he dated a woman Stephanie despises, and told Stephanie about that. Zach asked Jack if he was going to tell Stephanie about his gambling problems and Jack said not yet. Jack wanted to introduce Zach to Felicia Forrester. Felicia told Karen that she wouldn't be associated with Karen's new plan, which is stealing, Karen threatened her that if Felicia tries to leave, Karen will have Spectra's lawyers making it impossible to Felicia to design clothes for many years. Stephanie asked Thorne if there was a problem between him and Macy; Thorne explained that there was a situation involving three. Stephanie began to think that Thorne had meant a baby, but Thorne told her how Macy left for a month without calling, so Thorne dated Karen and asked her to move in with him. But then Macy came back, he explained, so the three of them ended up living together. Macy asked Karen's help to do what's right. Karen told Macy that she was fighting a losing battle and that Macy and Thorne's problems started before Karen came along. Macy asked Karen to leave her home and her husband. Stephanie told Thorne to choose between Macy and Karen, and Thorne said that he was close to a decision. When Jack asked Zach for a dinner at the Forresters, Zach told Jack that he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize Jack's relationship with Stephanie. Macy begged Karen to give her Thorne back. Jack told Zach that he wanted the Forresters to meet and accept Zach, especially Stephanie.

1410: Stephanie told Felicia that she was only seeing Zach because Stephanie doesn't approve, and asked her to see Taylor about that. Stephanie also told her that she would fight Zach and Felicia's relationship, and Felicia told her that she would lose. Felicia then left and Taylor came in. Karen told Macy that Macy gave Thorne up, and asked her if there was a man involved with her while she and Thorne were separated. Felicia told Zach that her mother tried to run her life and that she wanted to move out. Taylor told Stephanie that there wasn't anything that Stephanie can do to make Felicia stop seeing Zach. Taylor saw a newspaper picture of Brooke and Ridge and started crying, saying she doesn't want to lose Ridge. Karen told Macy that in her opinion, Macy's marriage was over. Macy told Karen that Thorne would remain her husband. Zach asked Felicia to leave for San Francisco with him, and they would live together; Felicia agreed. Zach told her that they must move fast because of Jack and Stephanie. Taylor told Stephanie that she had to learn to trust Ridge no matter what the obstacles are. Stephanie told her that Brooke is the master of deceit, and Taylor has what Brooke wants - Ridge. Stephanie said that Brooke would do anything to get him. She talked about the things Brooke's done; that she got herself pregnant, not divorcing Eric and trying to destroy Ridge and Taylor's marriage. Taylor asked herself, "How could I let it happen", and said that she knew that Brooke is taking advantage of being with Ridge in the most romantic cities in the world.

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