November, 1992

Written by Ori Dekel

1411: Taylor remembered about the Virgin Islands and the wedding with Ridge. Sally told Darla that Stephanie is just a phase for Jack, and Jack would understand who's the right woman for him. Jack read Shakespeare for Stephanie. Zach came to see Taylor; she asked him to go to say hi to Stephanie, but Zach refused. Zach told her that he would get a new job and leave town. Felicia came to see Sally, and Felicia told her that she wouldn't be a part of the new plan. When Sally told her that she wasn't a free spirit, Felicia told her that she didn't give a damn what Sally thinks and left. Jack was ready to propose to Stephanie; they confessed their love to each other, and Jack told her that he wanted to be with her always. Stephanie wished Jack would have been there earlier to give her moral support about Felicia, who doesn't want to stop seeing Zach. She told him that she went to Zach's bar - the Bikini. Taylor begged Zach not to leave because she wanted him to meet Felicia and her other in laws. Zach promised Taylor that he wouldn't disappear again and would stay in touch. Jack figured out that his son is dating Felicia when Stephanie told him how Zach and his father used Felicia and risked her life, and how she was almost raped. She held Zach and his father responsible and said: "I think I could kill them." Stephanie left and Jack told himself, "I'm the man you want to kill, I'm the man you despise."

1412: Ridge called Taylor and told her that he was taking the next flight back, saying something had happened that Taylor should know about and that there was a big change in plan. Taylor asked him if it involved Brooke, but Ridge hung up. Jack remembered how he and Taylor offered Zach to introduce him to Felicia. Zach told Sly that he was leaving because they can't change Stephanie's mind and he and Felicia need to stay away from all the craziness. Sheila came back; Eric said he missed her and Sheila told him that her mother was improved. Eric told her that he would like to meet Molly, and Sheila told him he could soon. Sheila said "I don't have to worry about mother at all". Taylor came to Thorne's office and told him that Ridge was coming back to talk to her about something serious that happened. Thorne had no idea what Ridge meant. Jack remembered how Zach told him how he wouldn't want to risk Jack's relationship with Stephanie. Jack called the Bikini but Sly lied and told him Zach wasn't there. Zach said goodbye to Sly and was ready to leave but then Jack arrived. Eric told Sheila that Ridge had arrived earlier than expected and that something significant had happened. Eric told Sheila that Ridge was in love with Taylor and a couple of days with Brooke in Europe won't change that. Taylor told Thorne that Brooke worried her, and that just because she was not chasing Ridge anymore doesn't mean that she had given up. Thorne reassured Taylor that everything is going to be fine. Ridge told Eric that he couldn't tell him what happened because he was tired; however, he told his father that something unbelievable happened, and that Taylor had to be the first one to find out. Zach lied to Jack and told him he wasn't leaving. Jack didn't believe him and told Zach that Stephanie had told him that Zach is Felicia's boyfriend. Zach told Jack that he was trying to avoid Stephanie finding out about the fact that Jack is the man who endangered Felicia's life. Jack told Zach not to play with people's life, as he did. Ridge told Taylor that the trip was amazing, and that he had to go back to Europe. Ridge told Taylor that something happened with him and Brooke in Europe.

1413: Jack asked Zach if he was trying to get back at him, Zach told Jack that he was trying to help him. Stephanie told Thorne that things couldn't be better with her and Jack. Thorne told Stephanie that Taylor was worried about the things Ridge had told her that happened in Europe. Stephanie said that with Brooke's capability, Taylor probably didn't have a marriage. Ridge told Taylor that something unexpected happened in Europe that Brooke and he had to deal with. Ridge told her that he was approached by a group of investors to open a European division of Forrester and the group wants Brooke too. Taylor was happy and started to laugh. Zach told Jack that Felicia had told Stephanie how she got mixed up with Guns, so Zach had to lie to Jack. Felicia told Stephanie that she was moving out because she was tired of Stephanie's interference. Stephanie told Felicia that Felicia couldn't trust Zach or his father, and that she had no idea what she was getting in to. Zach told Jack that with him out of the picture, there's nothing in the way of Jack and Stephanie's relationship. Jack told Zach that he would tell Stephanie everything, even if he would lose the relationship. Zach went to pick Felicia up and Jack followed him. Ridge asked Taylor what she was crying about, Taylor told him that she was being paranoid. She told him how Stephanie said that Brooke would do everything in order to get him. Taylor told him that she was afraid of losing him. Ridge gave Taylor a necklace from the city of lights saying he loves her more than she'll ever know. Felicia told Stephanie that she was quitting Spectra, Stephanie asked Felicia if she was pregnant, and Felicia said no. Zach arrived and said that Felicia was safe with him, Stephanie told him to get the hell out of her house, and threatened to have him and his father arrested for accomplices of attempt of rape and murder; then Jack came and said that Zach's father had arrived.

1414: Macy came back from Sally's and saw Karen making dinner. Sly asked Thorne how it was like to live with two beautiful women. Stephanie didn't understand what Jack meant and started calling the police, when Jack said that Zach is his son and Taylor's brother. Jack asked Stephanie to come with him to discuss that privately and Stephanie did. Stephanie asked Jack how could he have deceived her. Karen asked Macy to be alone with Thorne; Macy told her "what goes around, comes around", and refused to leave; not then and not ever. Karen told Macy that Macy came home because she was afraid. Felicia said that maybe Jack and Stephanie would get over it. Stephanie told Jack that he concealed the truth; first he disappeared then she found out that he works for Spectra and now - that he is Zach's father. Jack told Stephanie that he had just found out that Zach was seeing Felicia. Jack told her that only yesterday he understood that Felicia was almost raped. Stephanie asked him why he didn't tell her yesterday and Jack said that he had to confirm it with Zach first. Jack asked Stephanie to work it out because of their love for each other. Thorne told Sly that Macy and Karen wear him out and told him how Bill found out. Sly said that it looks to him like Thorne has a perfect setup. Macy said she wasn't afraid. Karen told Macy that Thorne was hers, and that Macy was controlling Thorne's life. Macy yelled "tramp" and they threw food on each other. Then Thorne came in and separated them. Jack said that he was going to propose to her. Stephanie said that her feelings had changed and that she felt betrayed. Stephanie told him that she couldn't trust him and a talk won't change what he did. Stephanie asked Jack to go. Jack said "I'll call you", but Stephanie said she didn't want to hear from him again. Jack left and Stephanie tore the necklace Jack had given her.

1415: Eric asked Thorne if he knew what happened to Ridge in Europe. Eric also told him that Stephanie had told him about the situation with Macy and Karen, and that he could make his own decisions. Karen went into the shower while Macy was still there, cleaning the food they threw at each other. Sheila came to see Dr. Garvin and told him that her mother was coming to L.A.. Ridge came to see Eric; Ridge told him that what happened didn't have to do with his personal life and told him about the investors. Eric was impressed. Sheila told Dr. Garvin that her mother can destroy her life by telling Eric about her past. Sheila told him she didn't trust her mother. Dr. Garvin asked her why she invited her mother. Karen heard Macy crying and asked her what she was crying about; Macy said it was because of what she has been through. Macy told Karen that neither one of them was going to move out. Karen said that eventually Thorne would make a decision. Sheila told Dr. Garvin that she had no choice and wanted to show her mother that she had changed by seeing her and Eric together; she thought that after seeing that, Molly would go back and make Lauren understanding and forgiving, and she and Eric could plan a future without any outside interference. Sheila told him that she was totally in love and the man that she loves feels the same way about her. She told him that without Lauren her life was perfect, because Lauren could put her in jail. Ridge told Eric that the Europeans wanted Brooke too. Eric asked him how Taylor reacted about moving to Europe with Brooke. Ridge said that Brooke's mind wasn't on him. Sheila called Eric from the airport and lied, saying she was felling bad and staying home. Karen and Macy told Thorne that he had to make a decision because their lives were miserable. Thorne asked what if he's not ready, and Macy answered that both she and Karen would leave. Molly came to L.A. and expected to meet the man Sheila wanted to marry at the airport, but he wasn't there, Molly said she wanted to meet him and that was the only reason she came to L.A..

1416: Molly expected to go to dinner with Sheila and the man Sheila was involved with, but Sheila said that he was busy. Molly said she might say things from Sheila's past; Sheila told her "you wouldn't" and Molly said "unless you force me, like you did last spring and winter". When Sheila asked her what she can do to gain her trust back, Molly told her that it would take time, and Sheila said "I don't have time". Sheila asked Molly what Molly told Lauren about her. Darla and Sally were drinking at a bar. Sally said that she didn't understand what attracts Jack so much to Stephanie. Sally told her that she missed the romantic Jack Hamilton and told Darla to go to her date with Bill. Eric came home and found Stephanie at his balcony crying. Stephanie said that Jack had been lying and covering things for months, and that Zach, who almost got Felicia killed, is Jack's son. Stephanie said that Jack found out couple of days ago that Zach was dating Felicia, and that Jack wasn't the man she fell for, because he is involved with loan sharks and gangsters. Darla left and Jack came into the bar. Sheila said that given everything she had pulled last winter and spring she can understand how Molly would hate her. Molly said that she told Lauren about Sara, who spoke so highly about Sheila, and tried to make Lauren see Sheila in a different light as Sara made Molly, but Lauren didn't. Molly said that she had told Lauren that Sheila could have done worse, but that Lauren can't forgive Sheila, dead or alive. Molly saw a picture of Eric and Sheila and Sheila said that that was the man she had loved more than anyone but Molly. Stephanie said that she felt lonely, that Jack meant so much and now it's over. Sally joined Jack; Sally said that she wanted to be supportive, but Jack left. Sally then told herself, "Well, so there's a problem and it's pretty serious, and you can't talk to Stephanie about it so either that means that you aren't as close to her as I thought you were or she is a part of the problem. Well either way it's looking good for me Jack, I'll take it either way". Eric told Stephanie to stay with him tonight. Sheila said that Eric was good for her and that they were perfect together. Molly told her that what she did to Lauren isn't forgivable, but Sheila told her that they can persuade Lauren. Molly told Sheila that she sounded like she used to when she wanted things done her way. Molly said that if Sheila lied to her or hid things, she would tell Eric everything, and that she would know if Sheila hadn't changed. She said that she wouldn't let what happened in Genoa City happen again.

1417: Molly told Sheila that she had to be careful that Sheila really had changed, and wouldn't let the past repeat itself. Sheila said that she wouldn't risk losing Eric. Eric and Stephanie had breakfast; Stephanie explained that Eric hadn't heard all about Jack, that all of Sally's lies didn't turn out to be lies, that Jack works at Spectra and dated Sally couple of times. Jack called Taylor and asked to see her; Taylor asked if it was about Zach leaving town, but Jack said it was about Stephanie. Ridge asked Taylor to move with him to Europe and to open another practice there, but Taylor said that there are problems with Ridge living away from her with the presence of a third party. Eric was suspicious to find out that Jack works at Spectra. Stephanie said that Jack didn't realize that there was a competition between Spectra and Forrester. Stephanie said that she couldn't imagine Jack spying. Eric said to Stephanie "you are a beautiful woman, you deserve to have another relationship in your life". Sheila said she wouldn't let anything to jeopardize her relationship with Eric. Molly said "I'm not pulling any fast ones, Sheila". Molly told her she should meet Eric so Molly could see the change Eric had brought to Sheila. Eric went to Jack's office and asked him what he was up to. Eric said that Sally had been trying to destroy him for years, and asked him if Jack got some information from Stephanie about Forrester. He then told Jack to stay away from his business and his family. Ridge told Taylor that all that remains is Taylor's approval so Ridge would have the biggest fashion house in the world. Taylor said that Brooke is the problem, but Ridge said that Brooke wasn't a threat. They said they had to solve the problem anyway, if they were leaving or staying. Taylor said that it was her problem and her insecurity. Taylor said she didn't want to hold him back. Ridge said that they had to make a decision which was right to for both them. Jack said he didn't intend to hurt Stephanie, Eric asked him what he was hiding. Jack said that Eric didn't tell everything while he and Stephanie were married - he had an affair with Brooke, for instance. Eric punched Jack and Jack fell down bleeding. Sheila opened Eric's apartment with her key; Molly asked what if someone was in there, and Sheila said she was the only woman in Eric's life. Just then Stephanie came in wearing Eric's robe saying she stayed there the night before.

1418: Bill came to see Sally, and he told her that there was a way Sally can buy Bill's share of Spectra. Stephanie told Sheila and Molly that she had slept in the guest room, and not with Eric. Sheila introduced Stephanie to Molly and Molly wanted to leave. Bill told Sally that she had to get designs before they come out. Bill told her that if she made his investment pay off and made Karen a shinning star, then Sally can get his contract back, and be full owner of Spectra again. Sheila and Molly returned to Sheila's apartment, Sheila told Molly that Stephanie is Eric's ex wife. Molly said that she felt like an intruder. Sheila said she belonged in Eric's apartment. Stephanie came to Eric's office, she told Eric about Sheila's mother. Sheila told Molly that she hadn't told her any lies, Molly asked for proof, and Sheila called Eric and they made dinner plans at Cafe Russe. Molly told her that if Sheila wasn't as close to Eric as she says she is, she would tell Eric everything. Molly said that Lauren thinks Sheila was a liar and only someone stronger than her can make Lauren think otherwise - and then thought about Sara, who succeeded in convincing her. Sally talked to herself about Bill's condition for Sally's getting half of Spectra and said "Can I really do that", and Darla overheard her. Sally told Darla she needed her to be planted at Forrester. Molly asked Sara's phone number, but Sheila didn't want to call her. Suddenly Molly understood that Sara didn't exist and the phone calls were made by Sheila, so she told Sheila that Eric would find out the truth about her tonight. Eric told Stephanie that he was really looking for meeting Sheila's mother and said: "Today I would really get to know the woman I love".

1419: Molly told Sheila that it was over, and that Eric would learn everything tonight. Sheila said "all right you win", and told her that all she asked for was that Molly would love her. As Eric remembered about his good times with Sheila, Ridge came into his office and saw something was on Eric's mind. Eric told him that he was having dinner with Sheila and her mother. Taylor went to Thorne's office; Taylor told him that she didn't like the idea of Ridge going to Europe with Brooke, and that she wouldn't be able to trust Brooke. Taylor said she couldn't stand in Ridge's way. Eric told Ridge that he would know Sheila better after tonight. Eric asked Ridge if he was no longer vulnerable to Brooke. Sheila told Molly that the phone calls weren't a trick; she explained that if Sheila would have called her as herself, Molly would call Lauren, Scott and the police, so Sheila had to convince her she had changed. Molly reminded how Sheila threatened her to put her in a mental hospital. Sheila told Molly not to tell Eric about her past. Taylor told Thorne she wasn't sure about Brooke's motive for her behavior. Ridge told Eric that Brooke wasn't pursuing him anymore. Eric told Ridge to consider Brooke's pregnancy. Eric told him that Ridge would get more offers; he also told Ridge that something happened between Stephanie and Jack, but Eric had to leave so he didn't have time to tell Ridge about it. Taylor told Thorne how she asked Brooke, when they were alone, if Brooke can promise her not to pursue Ridge while they were in Europe, but Brooke just left without answering. Taylor wondered what would happen if they go to Europe and then they would find out Brooke's motives are different from what they thought, and decided she hat to stop this. Thorne told her to share that with Ridge and that Ridge's only temptation is the European Forrester. Eric told Molly to tell him all about Sheila, from her point of view.

1420: Karen and Macy were each expecting Thorne's call with a decision. Saul, Sally, Karen and Macy were having a meeting. Darla was supposed to take notes, but she was late. Eric asked Molly how she was feeling because Sheila told him Molly was ill. Eric said that he and Sheila talk about business. Molly made Sheila talk about her last job, and Sheila said she worked at a hospital as a nurse. Eric asked Molly to tell him about Sheila, since Molly knows best about Sheila, but Eric got a phone call and left the table. Darla arrived and didn't have a book or a pencil. Karen started talking and Darla interrupted Karen. Darla got a phone call and started talking in front of them, Sally got angry and stopped her. Molly told Sheila that all Eric talks about was business, and Sheila was probably taking Eric for a ride; she then asked Sheila if Eric had a child, and Sheila confirmed. Molly told her she would stop her from ruining Eric and an innocent child's lives. Sheila was ready to leave but Eric came and sat her down. Darla was making noise and Sally started yelling, saying Darla didn't do anything since Sally hired her, that she can't type and is hopeless. Darla said she didn't have to take it and left. Eric said that it was obvious Sheila and Molly had problems. Molly was ready to tell him about Sheila, but Eric told her he wasn't interested in Sheila and Molly's personal problems, because Eric saw how the problems with Molly are upsetting Sheila. Saul saw Darla and Sally laughing, Saul came in and demanded that Sally and Darla tell him what was going on. Darla said that they would get their designs first on the market, and Sally explained that's why they've staged the fight. Darla said she was going to get a job at Forrester. Sally said that only her, Darla and Saul knew about it. Sheila told Eric her mother didn't believe how Eric fells about her. Eric said he was falling for Sheila and hadn't felt as good about a relationship for a long time. Eric said "I love your daughter Molly". Eric asked Molly to tell him what her concerns involved but Molly said she was sorry and just wasn't feeling well, Eric told Molly he and Sheila eat at Cafe Russe a lot.

1421: Eric, Sheila and Molly went to Eric's apartment. Eric showed Molly Eric, Jr., and Sheila mentioned she used to be his nanny. Stephanie told Ridge that she had to take care of something, Ridge told her that maybe Jack can help her. Stephanie told him that something happened Ridge knew nothing about. Jack told Taylor that Zach's girlfriend is Felicia Forrester. Taylor realized that Zach had put Felicia's life in danger and that Jack knew Guns. Jack told Taylor that he had to do everything in order to pay Guns off, because Guns threatened to kill him and Felicia. Jack told her that Stephanie knew everything. Eric told Molly that Brooke and Sheila became close and Brooke was grateful for Sheila's help. He said that Sheila was part of the family. Molly wanted to leave, but Eric wanted to give her a surprise. Stephanie told Ridge that Felicia could have been raped and killed because of Jack's involvement. Stephanie said that she was through with Jack. Taylor told Jack not to push Stephanie and to leave her alone; Jack agreed saying Stephanie doesn't want anything to do with him. Eric gave Molly a gown. Molly thanked him saying he's a wonderful man. Jack said he should have told Stephanie about his past and Guns, but was afraid of Stephanie's reaction. Taylor said that Stephanie would look beyond his past and would see him for the wonderful man he is. Jack said that his and Stephanie's relationship was over. Stephanie told Ridge that she never had thought she would fall in love again. She said that she was certain about the relationship. She said she was a fool, and she asked Ridge what she was supposed to do; to start life all over again, to look at life with pain, to pick up the pieces again after she had already picked them up once after a 30 year marriage was over. Ridge told her she would have love again.

1422: Stephanie went to the Bikini. Stephanie told Sly that he was a wonderful man and asked him if he knew where Felicia was because she had to know Felicia is safe. Molly told Sheila that she saw Sheila as the woman she used to be, that she saw the love between Eric and Sheila. Sheila said she wouldn't be surprised if Eric proposed before Christmas, but they can't get married before they reveal to Lauren that Sheila is alive. Stephanie said she preferred Felicia to be involved with Sly, Stephanie asked Sly to call her and gave him her phone number. She told Sly that if there would be anything she and her family can do for him - he can call her. Felicia was at home, packing the rest of her things, when Stephanie came back and saw her leaving. Ridge told Taylor that he wondered if Jack didn't have ulterior motive to see Stephanie. Sheila said she couldn't talk to Lauren, but her mother can. Molly said that to expect Lauren's forgiveness isn't realistic. Sheila said that she had no life without Eric. She said that there wasn't a reason for living if she doesn't make up with Lauren. Molly said "something has to be done, I will do what I can, I will do whatever I can, I'll talk to Lauren". Taylor told Ridge that he was on a witch hunt. Ridge wished god to help Felicia because she's with Zach and Guns was on the loose. Stephanie told Felicia that she wasn't facing the consequences and would end up being hurt. Felicia told her to keep her opinions to herself because she was sick of them. Felicia said "Goodbye, I'm leaving". Stephanie grabbed her hand and when Felicia told her "You're jealous, just because your relationship with Jack didn't work out, you want to destroy mine with his son." Stephanie slapped her.

1423: Zach visited Sly at the Bikini. Zach said he thought he was going for good. Zach was waiting to Felicia to arrive. Stephanie told Felicia that what was going on with Felicia and Zach had nothing to do with Stephanie and Jack. Stephanie told Felicia that she was lucky about Guns and might not be that lucky next time. Felicia told her that there wouldn't be a next time. Felicia said "I'm an adult, It's about time you let go". Jake passed through L.A. on his way to Madison. He said that Margo and his parents were fine. Jake asked Macy how things between her and Thorne were. Thorne told Eric that he had made his most important decision of his life. Thorne said that both Macy and Karen were different and attractive. He said that Karen was a hell of a lady but him and Macy are so connected. He said that Macy's romance with Jake McClain hurt him so much, it was so hard for him to let go and he's not willing to go over it again. Macy told Jake about Karen and told him she wanted her marriage back. Zach was worried because Felicia was late, Sly suggested that Felicia was talking to her folks. Sly said that Guns might send one of his buddies, so leaving with Felicia might not be such a good idea. Sly called Stephanie and told her Zach was at the Bikini; Stephanie told him he had done the right thing and thanked him. Stephanie called the police and asked for Lt. Burke. Jake asked Macy if he should hang around in case things won't work out with Thorne and her. Thorne told Eric that Macy had always been the only one and he would never get Macy out of his heart, but he would get over Karen. Thorne said that if it hadn't been for Jake, he and Macy would have never split up. Felicia told Zach she ran into Stephanie. Felicia and Zach were about to leave, but the police arrived and arrested Zach. Macy told Jake that there wasn't any chance for him. Jake told Macy he hoped Thorne would choose her, Macy thanked him saying it means a lot to her and they hugged. Thorne arrived at Spectra and saw Macy and Jake kissing. Thorne went to the elevator and said "why, why damn, why?".

1424: Macy told Jake "I wish you wouldn't have done that". Macy said she was devoted to Thorne. Macy said that she was certain that she and Thorne would come back to each other. Karen went to see Bill, and she told him she had a feeling Thorne would choose Macy. Ridge went to Thorne's, and Thorne said that Macy had done it again. Thorne told him he had chosen Macy, he told him how he went to Spectra to propose to Macy knowing Macy was working over time but Macy was making out with Jake. Thorne said that Macy probably loved Jake. Jake wished Macy and Thorne the best and went to the airport. Thorne said he had to forget about Macy; he wanted Macy badly, but Macy isn't feeling the same. Macy told Darla she was sure Thorne would choose her. Karen told Thorne she wasn't living at his apartment anymore. Macy said she felt bad about Karen. Karen said she had realized that it was Macy all the time, that Thorne would never have given up on Macy. Karen gave Thorne the pendant he had given to Caroline as a Christmas present, with Thorne and Caroline's picture in it. Karen said his new wife should have it. Karen was about to pack but Thorne stopped her saying he wanted her to stay. Thorne told her he had chosen her.

1425: Taylor brought Ridge lunch at his office, and Ridge told her he was sorry about the things he said concerning Stephanie and Jack. Taylor was sorry too. Karen said she felt sorry about Macy, when Macy arrived. Ridge remembered how he told Brooke he was married and Brooke was married too, and how Brooke said that wouldn't keep them apart. Brooke reminded him then about the things they've been through and the places they made love, and then Brooke kissed him. Dr. Jay Garvin came to see Taylor, and he guessed that Taylor was jealous. Karen went to her room and left Thorne and Macy alone. Macy asked Thorne if there was something Thorne wanted to tell her. Thorne reminded her how he did everything to keep them together because their marriage meant everything to him. Macy said "Something happened to me today, Thorne, that made me realize, that there some things that I've probably should have told you a long, long time ago". Thorne stopped her and told her he had decided to stay with Karen. Jay told Taylor to tell Ridge how she feels about Brooke. Ridge remembered how Brooke let him feel "their" baby, and Brooke said that it was Ridge's baby. Ridge told himself "Is it mine?, could this baby really be mine?". Jay told Taylor to show Ridge exactly from where she was coming. Macy told Thorne he had made the right choice and that she wanted him to be happy. Macy left crying.

1426: Felicia visited Zach at prison. Later Sly came too. Felicia said that she was almost certain Stephanie had Zach arrested. Taylor met Sheila at Ridge's office; they were both waiting to meet Eric, but Eric was in a meeting with his lawyer, Charles Williams, who served him his divorce papers. Sheila told Taylor that she wouldn't be surprised if Eric and Brooke would be divorced by the end of the year. Sheila asked her if it sounded strange to her, since Eric might be the father of Brooke's baby, or Ridge. Sheila said that if Eric wanted to be with Brooke, he wouldn't be pursuing her. Taylor saw how Sheila was secure and learned she had to avoid insecurity and jealousy at all cost. Charles told Eric it shouldn't take more than a week. Charles saw how Eric was bothered and Eric told him he wasn't sure about finalizing the divorce. Felicia said she would find out who told Stephanie where Zach was. Sly stopped them and was about to tell them but then Stephanie and Lt. Burke came in. Felicia told Lt. Burke that Zach hadn't broken any law and demanded Zach to be released. Lt. Burke read Felicia the charges against Zach in the past 5 years. Felicia couldn't believe Zach had done all those things and didn't tell her about them. Taylor asked Sheila if she and Eric have any long term plans, and Sheila told her they were very much in love. Eric told Charles he would like to wait till Brooke's baby is born to finalize the divorce. Sheila told Taylor that it was only a matter of time, maybe weeks till Eric propose. Sheila left to see if Eric was free because his office's door was open and overheard Charles asking Eric how long to delay the divorce. Zach told Felicia he was going to tell her about the charges. Stephanie told Felicia "Honey, I didn't do this to hurt you intentionally, I wanted you to see exactly what kind of a boy he is. I wanted you to understand exactly the kind of boy you were going to run away with. Is this what you really want? to be involved with a bum because that's what he is, a bum". Felicia stopped her. Sheila came in into Eric's office, she told him she talked to Taylor and told her how happy she was. Sheila admitted to overhearing Eric saying to Charles to delay the divorce and demanded Eric an explanation.

1427: Thorne went to Ridge's office; when Ridge said he hadn't talked to Brooke since he came back, Thorne mentioned Brooke was going to give birth. Eric told Sheila he didn't think Brooke should deal with the divorce papers because she was in Europe, close to giving birth. Sheila asked Eric if he had second thoughts about Brooke and her baby. Thorne thanked Ridge for being there for him, Thorne told him he had told Macy he chose Karen. Macy went to Sally's, Sally told her she was early for C.J.'s birthday party. Macy said Thorne was at home and that she forgot about C.J.'s party. Sheila asked Eric if he wanted Brooke's baby to be his or Ridge's and wondered what he wanted the most. Eric told her he wanted her to get it off her mind and to go to dinner with him. Macy said that Thorne and her were finished. Ridge told Thorne Karen was Thorne's second choice. Thorne said Macy had her mind on another guy. Thorne told Ridge it wasn't a lot different than him and Taylor, and asked him "if Brooke had been available, would you be married right now?". Taylor came to see Eric; she asked him how serious were the Europeans and asked Eric to convince Ridge not to leave. Ridge said his situation wasn't like Thorne's. Thorne said he was still in love with Macy but was going to fall out of love. Macy told Sally about Karen. Eric said that the European's proposal had the backing of the biggest names in fashion. Brooke called Ridge from Milan, and she asked him when he was coming back. Sally was stunned to discover Thorne had chosen Karen. Sally asked her if she was sure there wasn't any chance for her and Thorne. Macy said she must have lost touch with reality, thinking Thorne would choose her. Macy said she wasn't prepared for this. Eric said that personally the offer may not be a good thing but for Ridge's career it's an opportunity unique in the whole world, that it's a once in a life time deal. Taylor thanked Eric and left. Brooke told Ridge that the Europeans really wanted the deal to come through. Brooke said that they were going to make fashion history. She said "hurry up and get over here" and hung up.

1428: Ridge told Eric he was getting ready to make a decision. Eric said Taylor came to see him. He told him that the offer represents a real threat for Taylor, that Taylor was excited and also scared about the offer. Stephanie told Taylor she wasn't going to end up miserable because she was alone at Christmas. Taylor said she might be also alone, if Ridge will leave. Stephanie told her to tell Ridge what she feels. She said that Taylor would regret if Ridge would go living with Brooke. Sheila had a session with Dr. Jay Garvin; she told him Eric started to hesitate and that was freaking her out. She said that everything depends on everyone outside - Molly, Brooke and her unborn baby. Jay asked Sheila what she had done to Lauren, but Sheila said she wasn't ready to tell him. Sheila told him that the father of Brooke's baby might be Eric or his son, and said that she was afraid that if the baby is Eric's, it would push Eric and Brooke back together. She confessed, "I'm not going to lose Eric to Brooke" and said she would take action to prevent it. Ridge said he wasn't seeing himself telling Taylor he isn't leaving to Europe. Eric told Ridge he needed to prepare for the fact that Taylor might leave him if he left. Stephanie told Taylor "WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN ANYWAY IF HE WENT TO EUROPE TO LIVE WITH BROOKE, SHE'D MOVE ON HIM FASTER THAN WATER GETS WET". Taylor said that they weren't giving Ridge any credit. Stephanie told her that Taylor was letting everybody else talk their side of their argument, that she stopped noticing what's right and wrong. Stephanie told Taylor that she had to act on what she feels. Stephanie said that Ridge had never understood how Brooke was conning him. Taylor said that Eric admitted it was a life time opportunity. Stephanie told her "Don't you let him go to Europe, you make him choose". Jay told Sheila that she had to accept it if Eric decides to stay with Brooke. Jay told Sheila that sexual intimacy is very significant to some men. Jay gave her an idea and Sheila said "the answer is so easy, so obvious". Sheila went to buy herself a sexy nightgown. Ridge came back home from Forrester, and Taylor told him how Sheila had told her they are on the same boat concerning Brooke's baby. Ridge told her the Europeans want him to make a decision and he had made one. Ridge asked her what her decision was, and Taylor asked if it had any effect. Ridge gave Taylor a pen, told her to write down what she wants Ridge to do and he would write down what he wants himself to do and he would act by the one he selects randomly. Taylor asked him how could he gamble a billion dollar business deal and Ridge convinced her it was the fairest way.

1429: Stephanie told Felicia that Zach had a criminal record and Felicia was just in love with what she thinks Zach is. Stephanie told her "he betrayed your trust". Felicia answered "you are not talking about Zach, your talking about his father". Saul was at Sally's for C.J.'s birthday party, then Jack arrived. Ridge put the notes in a hat, closed his eyes and picked Taylor's note, saying Ridge should go to Europe. Ridge asked her why she wrote that so Taylor answered that she didn't want to see Ridge lose, so she wrote what Ridge wrote. Ridge showed her his note. Felicia told Stephanie that Jack hadn't changed but Stephanie just learned more about his past. Stephanie said that she didn't think Jack deserves another chance, and Felicia said that no one was perfect, not even the people they love. Jack had some papers for Sally and Sally invited him to the party. Sally said that Clarke didn't want anything to do with C.J., and Saul left. Eric came to Stephanie's, and Stephanie asked him to dinner, but Eric had dinner plans with Sheila. Stephanie said that she wasn't going to see Jack again and said "you know me Eric, when it's over, it's over". Stephanie said that she had already learned all of the lessons about illusion with Eric. Jack said that Sally was a terrific mother. Ridge guessed that he and Taylor outfoxed each other. Ridge said he was wrong and expected too much and that he wouldn't do that again. He said he was staying. Stephanie told Eric that she had a sense of loss and said "you know, I promised myself I'd never fall in love again after you". Jack said he was impressed. Jack said that he would have done a lot of things different if he had raised his children again. Sally said "I am a living proof that it's never to late to try again". Taylor said she didn't want to hold him back and wanted to call the airlines. Taylor said "I want you to go to Europe, I want you to know how much I believe in you". Ridge said he would be living there and only be back for visits. Taylor said she would wait for him and that Ridge would miss her.

1430: Sheila and Eric had dinner at Eric's apartment. Sally said that C.J. needed a father like Jack. Karen asked Thorne if he was worried about Macy. Karen said that she wasn't the one to gloat. Macy asked herself "what happened, Thorne, what happened to us?". Macy told Sally that she had thought things were beginning to work out between Thorne and her, but Thorne was just humoring her, and she said she felt like a fool. Eric said Sheila was good to him and they were good together. Sheila said it would get better. Karen asked Thorne where she would be sleeping, and they agreed on Thorne's room. Macy said that Thorne was just putting on a charade, but Sally said Macy wasn't thinking straight because of the pain. Sheila told Eric that she had a side she couldn't wait to show him. Macy remembered about the wedding with Thorne and about their meeting Sally had arranged for them on the Queen Mary. Sheila brought Eric "dessert" - herself in a sexy blue nightgown. Sheila said she respected Eric's decision to wait till he would get his divorce but that was Eric's need and his desire, not hers. She started kissing him.

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