December, 1992

Written by Ori Dekel

1431: Sally told Saul and Darla that Thorne had chosen Karen. Sally said that the Forresters and Karen would pay. She had a plan and needed Saul and Darla. Sheila whispered to Eric, who was sleeping; that she wanted to make love to him last night, and that she wanted to be Eric's most important person in his world. Sheila talked to herself, and said that Brooke was still in her way, but thousands of miles away, when suddenly Brooke came into the apartment. While Brooke went to see Eric, Jr., Sheila went to the balcony in her nightgown, and talked to herself how great today would be for her and Eric. Brooke left Eric, Jr.'s room and they met. Sally said that Darla would steal Forrester designs and then they would get rid of Karen, as Bill promised. Brooke said that Sheila's present wasn't healthy for Eric, Jr., when Eric arrived and said he had missed her. Eric said that Sheila and he were involved. Eric asked Brooke why she came home; Brooke said she was very close to having the baby and she wanted to be in L.A. while Ridge makes his decision. Brooke said she wanted to spend the day relaxing with her family and Sheila left. Darla wore her disguise: a brown wig, glasses and an executive suit. Brooke called Ridge but Ridge was in the shower, Brooke told Taylor she was back and said she wanted the father's support while she will give birth. Brooke hung up and told herself "you didn't think you can get rid of me that easily, did you Taylor. I am having Ridge's baby, and whether it's in L.A. or it's in Europe, nothing is going to change that, nothing".

1432: Taylor told Ridge that Brooke had called and that she was in L.A.. Taylor said that Brooke said that she wanted support from the baby's father. Taylor said Brooke was desperate. Stephanie came to the infirmary and asked Sheila what the problems between her and Eric were, Sheila said it wasn't Stephanie's business, but Stephanie said that it was her business because it effects Forrester, that she and Eric created. Eric said that Ridge and Taylor are totally committed and that Ridge wouldn't change his priorities once the baby is born. Taylor told Ridge that she would never let him forget what Brooke is after. Sheila said Brooke was in L.A., Stephanie asked Sheila if she was worried and said "Is it possible, is Eric interested in Brooke again?" Sheila said Eric was committed to her and Stephanie said that usually when Eric is committed, he proposes. Steph reminded Sheila that the divorce wasn't final and said that Sheila was using him. She warned Sheila, "Before you get any further involved with this wonderful man and certainly before Eric ever proposes marriage to you I am going to find out everything there is to know about you, I am going to make sure that I do". Stephanie went up to Eric's office, and told him Sheila had told her Brooke was in L.A. Stephanie told Eric that if Ridge had stayed there, Brooke would have the baby there. Eric said he believed Brooke isn't interested in Ridge anymore. Stephanie asked if he was interested in Brooke again, but Eric got a phone call. Brooke gave Ridge a $10 million check from Europe, Brooke said that they would be crazy not to accept the offer. When Ridge asked her what if she had the baby there, Brooke said she didn't mind and that the baby wasn't Eric's. Brooke said that 1993 could be a year that belongs to them.

1433: Stephanie came to Taylor's office; Stephanie said that Brooke would use the baby as a weapon against Taylor and Ridge's marriage, but Taylor said she wasn't worried. Taylor said that she was aware that Zach was released from jail, and Stephanie asked her to talk to Zach and to tell him to stay away from Felicia. Taylor said that she wouldn't do that. Zach told Felicia that he wouldn't be able to give her everything she needs. Felicia said that the important thing is that they were together. Zach told Felicia she had changed him. Felicia said she was happy. Jack told Sally he had seen another side of her at C.J.'s birthday party. Sally asked Jack to go to the race track with her, but Jack refused, so Sally said she would take him somewhere else. Darla came in wearing her disguise, and Jack didn't recognize her. Stephanie said that Zach had a criminal record. Taylor said that Zach had a good side. Taylor told Stephanie to let Felicia live her own life. Stephanie said that she wouldn't let Felicia risk her life for a romantic fantasy. Stephanie couldn't believe Taylor's attitude and asked her if Felicia's could have been raped and killed meant nothing to Taylor. Felicia went to pick up her stuff and told Zach that Stephanie couldn't stop them. Stephanie went to talk to Zach; suddenly Jack arrived and Stephanie hid. Darla told Sally she had been at Forrester and that no one had recognized her. Stephanie overheard Jack trying to convince Zach not to leave. Zach said that Jack wouldn't lose him and he would stay in touch. Zach said he wanted to live a normal life with Felicia without all the pressure. Jack told Zach that Stephanie was the reason for him to stay. Sally told Darla she had asked Jack out. Darla said that Jack liked Sally because he accepted her asking out. Darla told her to be herself and that Sally couldn't lose. Jack said that running off with Felicia would only hurt the situation with Stephanie, and that the Forresters were honest and good people. Zach told him that Jack had gotten close to the Forresters and Jack should look what happened there. Jack said that he wasn't honest and didn't disclose things, and that he could understand Stephanie; he then asked Zach not to run away.

1434: Sheila saw a doctor talking to Eric and coming in into his office. Sheila told herself "a doctor from the hospital, I wonder what that is all about". Ridge showed Stephanie the check, and asked her what she thought about that; Stephanie said she hadn't thought about it. Stephanie told him how she overheard Jack asking Zach not to leave, however, and Stephanie thought Felicia and Zach were determined to leave. Zach went to Taylor's office and told her about the talk to Jack. Sheila got panicked and wondered why Eric wanted to see the doctor. Eric asked Tracy Peters to keep the paternity test confidential. Dr. Peters told Eric about the paternity process. Tracy said that there were problems with Eric and Ridge being father and son so Stephanie's blood should also be checked. She said that she would be needing Eric, Ridge, Stephanie and Brooke's blood. When Eric thanked and hugged Dr. Peters, Sheila came in. Zach told Taylor he had decided to leave. Taylor was upset because she was losing her brother. Zach said that Ridge better treat her right. Felicia came to pick up her things, and she told Ridge to accept her leaving. Ridge said that the problem was the man Felicia was leaving with. Felicia said that Stephanie was only trying to control her life and Ridge said that she was trying to protect her. Felicia said she wanted respect and that she knew how to make herself happy. Ridge said that he was sorry and that he respected her, Felicia said that Zach meant a lot to her, and Ridge hoped that Zach wouldn't let her down. Ridge asked Felicia to go and make it right with Stephanie, who was standing at the balcony. Zach told Taylor he was just taking off for a while and they said goodbye. Eric introduced Tracy and Sheila and Tracy left. Sheila asked Eric if there was a special reason for him to see Tracy. Eric didn't tell her about the paternity test and just asked her if they were still on for dinner. They hugged and Sheila left. Sheila told herself that she was going to find out about Tracy Peters. Felicia told Stephanie she would be back for visits and that they were too close and wrapped up in each other's lives. Stephanie said she wasn't seeing Jack anymore. Felicia said Stephanie was suffering because of it and Stephanie told her that Felicia couldn't build a relationship on just wishful thinking. Felicia said that she would come back when Stephanie would see Felicia and Zach for what they are. Zach arrived and Stephanie asked him if he was realizing what he was doing, Zach said he was building a life with Felicia. Stephanie told Felicia not to forget her family and that her family and Stephanie would always be there for her. Felicia said she loved her and left.

1435: Macy told Sally that Karen wouldn't avoid her. Sally told her to confront Karen. Sheila panicked at the infirmary talking to herself about Dr. Peters. Sheila asked Brooke to talk to her. Sheila apologized about the last morning, Brooke said that she didn't want Eric, Jr. getting confused by seeing Eric and Sheila together. Brooke asked her if Eric had made love to her; Sheila didn't answer and Brooke said that probably Eric wanted to wait until the divorce is final. Brooke said that the divorce was the last thing on her mind. Sheila talked about the first thing on Brooke's mind - Ridge - and asked Brooke directly if Brooke loves and wants Ridge. Sally told Macy to show Thorne what he was missing, and to meet a new man. Sally said that men are intrigued with successful women they can't get. Karen told Bill that she had expected Thorne to sleep with her, but when her first night with Thorne had come, it wasn't what she had hoped for - Thorne just kissed her and went to sleep. Bill said that Thorne was waiting for marriage. Bill asked Karen about their wedding plans. Brooke refused to talk about Ridge with Sheila, and Sheila reminded Brooke that they have already talked about Ridge. Brooke said that their relationship had changed. Sheila said that the father's baby was Ridge. Brooke said that it could also be Eric and that she was about to have a baby who doesn't have a father. Sheila asked her "if this baby is Eric's, what are your intentions, because I need to know". Bill asked Karen if she wanted to get married in spring. Karen said Thorne and her hadn't talked about it. She said Thorne and her would work it out and left. Bill called Thorne, but Thorne wasn't there. Macy said that Sally was forgetting Thorne's involvement with Karen, Sally told her to see other man and then Thorne would come around. Karen came in and asked to talk to Sally but Macy said she can talk to her and asked Sally to leave. Brooke told Sheila that her intentions weren't Sheila's business. Sheila asked her if she would reconcile with Eric if it would suddenly suit her. Brooke told her "please be aware that Eric is still my husband and our home is just that-our home, so don't plan anymore slumber parties, because they are not in the picture until Eric and I are divorced, do I make myself clear" and Brooke left. Sheila got upset and broke a vase on the wall.

1436: Sally told Saul that she had a date with Jack. Jack and Sally left. Macy told Karen "you are living in my apartment with my husband and there is nothing to discuss, well maybe you don't have anything to say about that ,Karen, but I have a lot to say about it, a hell of a lot". Taylor came to see Stephanie and told her she was willing to forgive and forget concerning the things they said if Stephanie is. Stephanie said that could have been more sensitive. Taylor told Stephanie Ridge had decided not to leave to Europe because their marriage is more important. However, they decided to wait until the baby is born to make the final decision. Taylor said that the baby would have no effect on their marriage. Brooke saw a message saying Stephanie wants to see her. Macy asked Karen if she had seduced Thorne. Karen said that Macy had to accept Thorne's decision so their lives would go on. Sally took Jack to a Chinese Restaurant and Jack had a great time until he saw Stephanie's picture in a newspaper. Stephanie said that she was glad Taylor is secure. Stephanie said that some things wouldn't change and that Brooke would use the baby. Brooke arrived and Taylor left. Brooke told Stephanie that once the baby is born, Brooke and Ridge would have more time together working in Europe. Stephanie told Brooke that she was so out of touch with reality. She said that Ridge wasn't accepting the European proposal because he values his marriage above all. Karen said she didn't want to hurt Macy, and Macy told her she was no Caroline. Jack left the table saying he doesn't feel well, Sally held the newspaper and said "that's another fine evening you have ruined for me, Stephanie". Brooke didn't believe Stephanie, and Stephanie said Ridge had to choose between his marriage and his career and had chosen his marriage. Stephanie told her, concerning Brooke's pregnancy "It's a drag on Eric and it's a pressure on Ridge" and that "the two man that you're counting on so heavily look upon you as nothing but trouble. All they see when they look at you are problems; they don't look at you with love and affection, they see a woman who's constantly nagging for attention, a source of embarrassment, a source of scandal. That's what you are to them, to this whole family; no one in this family looks upon you with anything but misery. How does it feel to be so unwanted, to be a sword hanging over everyone's head, how does it feel to be so unwanted, so clinging and so desperate and so disruptive of everybody's life". Brooke stopped her and said "That's what it always comes back to, Stephanie, the little girl from the valley who doesn't belong up here, and now you think you proven it. Well, we will see, WE shall see". Brooke left and Stephanie said "Yes, Brooke, we will".

1437: Chester Kline told Ridge and Eric that 3 jobs had to be filled. Eric said he wanted the paternity settled and told Ridge about Tracy. Brooke went to see Dr. Robbins; when she told her about the divorce, Dr. Robbins said that Eric would never abandon her. Brooke said that she might be alone, bringing her child into the world without a father; Dr. Robbins asked her what she meant and Brooke said it had nothing to do with Eric and Sheila, but with Stephanie and something Stephanie had told her. Sheila was determined to find out why Tracy met Eric secretly and went to meet her. Eric told Ridge that Sheila was a strong woman and that he hadn't made love to her yet. Eric said "One of our lives is going to change dramatically, one of us is about to become a father". Brooke told Dr. Robbins Stephanie might be right. Brooke said she might have done the biggest mistake of her life; pretending not to care for the baby's father so he would find her more appealing. But she failed if Stephanie was right about Ridge not going to Europe. Brooke said she had to find out and left for Eric's office. Sheila told Tracy that she missed her hospital work and talked about a part time on-call basis job. Sheila succeeded in dragging the conversation to Eric. Brooke told Eric that the baby was in perfect health and that she was frightened and might have to raise her baby alone. She said she was miserable but it was her fault. Eric asked her from where that was coming. Brooke said Stephanie didn't have a decent bone in her body, that Stephanie had told her that Ridge wasn't leaving to Europe. Eric told Brooke that the deal could take Ridge overseas, therefore Taylor should affect the decision. Eric said Brooke underestimated Ridge devotion to Taylor. Eric said Ridge's future lied with Taylor and Brooke said that Ridge's future lied with her, in Europe. Brooke couldn't believe Eric agreed with Stephanie and went to see Ridge to find out the truth. Sheila managed to discover Dr. Peters wasn't married. Dr. Peters told her that she specialized in genetics.

1438: Thorne returned Bill's call, but this time Bill wasn't there. Thorne asked Taylor to see him, and Thorne told her he had chosen Karen after he had caught Macy making out with Jake. Karen came in into Bill's office and overheard Miss Johnson telling Bill that Thorne had returned his call. Karen asked Bill what was going on. Brooke told Ridge that Stephanie had told her that Ridge decided not to go to Europe and not to do the project with her. Bill said he wanted to talk to Thorne because he was concerned. Karen said she didn't want Bill involved and interfering with her love life. Bill asked her what her plans were, and Karen said that Thorne was sharing with her the same bed that he shared with Macy, but she had a solution. Ridge said that what Stephanie had told Brooke was what he wanted to do. Brooke said it was forced on him because of a jealous wife and Taylor's obsession. Brooke said she would look like a fool to the Europeans, after she had been there for almost a month. Taylor asked Thorne why he asked her to come over, Thorne admitted Karen wasn't his first choice. Thorne said that he couldn't trust Macy and that he couldn't be sure Macy would be there for him. Thorne said he was tired of relationship problems and that he wanted to settle; he admitted that he wanted to do it with Macy but he will do it with Karen. Karen told Bill that she was going to make Thorne an evening Thorne would never forget. Ridge said that he actually didn't make a final decision. Brooke upset him and started to cry, saying it was their last chance to be together, to work together side by side daily and to be a team. Taylor told Thorne not to rush into a relationship with Karen. Ridge told Brooke he could give up the project because of Taylor. Brooke asked him "what about me", Ridge didn't understand what she meant. Ridge said he could arrange for her to go alone. Brooke said she didn't want to do it alone, and she realized Ridge really did buy her act and believed it. Brooke said she wanted Ridge to look at her as a man looks on a woman. Ridge said Brooke hadn't shown that kind of an interest in 8 months. Brooke admitted in pretending of ignoring him. Brooke said "I love you, I've never stopped loving you and I never will".

1439: Ridge talked to himself saying how Brooke pretended not to care for him and said "Why do you continue to make my life so complicated, why can't you get it through your head that I'm married?" Ridge said that a lot depends on the paternity of Brooke's child. Chester called Ridge, and Ridge told him to make security considerations of 50% for the new positions. Karen came to see Ridge. Sally told Saul how Jack saw a newspaper picture of Stephanie while they were eating dinner together. Jack showed Taylor his office; he said Sally was a remarkable woman, he told her that he had missed Stephanie and asked her what she thought about him trying again with Stephanie. Karen asked Ridge what Thorne's idea for a terrific evening would be, and Ridge told her to use Christmas because Thorne is a spiritual man. Sally told Darla to spy only after no one would suspect or recognize her, or otherwise, they and Darla would get in trouble with the police. Sally told Darla to use the name Camille Evens. Sally gave Darla her "resume". Sally told her to be careful because they could all end up in jail. Taylor told Jack that Stephanie felt betrayed, and Taylor asked him about Sally. Jack said they had gone to a Chinese restaurant. He told her about Stephanie's picture and how he left after he had seen it. Jack said that his heart belonged to Stephanie. Taylor said things at home were scary. Karen told Ridge she was a virgin. Karen promised Ridge, as she is in charge at Spectra, that there isn't going to be any monkey business, and she and Ridge shook hands. Darla/Camille went to a job interview at Forrester, where she told Chester that she had a husband who is out of work and two children. She told him he wouldn't regret hiring her. Jack called Sally and told her he wanted to see her. Jack showed Sally skiing boats and asked her to go with him skiing.

1440: Ridge went down to see Thorne, and Thorne told him he had never had a normal Christmas with Macy. He said he couldn't get out of his head the picture of Macy kissing Jake. Ridge sent him home. Macy was going to bring Karen reports, and she stood by Karen's office's door and overheard Karen talking about her evening with Thorne. Taylor saw Brooke at Forrester and asked Brooke to talk to her. Taylor thanked Brooke for not moving on with Ridge while they were in Europe. Taylor said she didn't think Brooke was ignoring Ridge as a strategy anymore. Taylor said she was impressed to see that Brooke is going on with her life. Brooke said she was glad Taylor's insecurities are gone. Ridge told Thorne Karen was a good person for him. Thorne said he should start appreciating Karen's love. Macy understood by talking to Karen, that Karen was a virgin. Brooke said she was about to have a baby, and Ridge came in when Brooke was about to tell Taylor something, Taylor invited Brooke to a dinner to finish their talk. Macy called Thorne, she said she should get her things out from Thorne's apartment. Thorne asked her if she was seeing someone special, Macy lied and said she had plans with someone tonight. Thorne hung up and said "you have fun tonight, Macy, with Jake", Macy said "what plans do I have tonight?, it's just another night without you". Brooke refused Taylor's dinner offer, saying she has plans. Thorne came into his apartment and saw it decorated for Christmas, and Karen wearing a Santa Claus suit. Karen told Thorne she would satisfy all his fantasies.

1441: Macy told Darla that Karen had plans with Thorne tonight. Thorne told Karen that Macy had plans. Sheila and Eric had dinner, and Sheila said she had gone to see Tracy Peters. Taylor picked a card addressed to Ridge and Taylor Forrester, which she thought was from Brooke. Sheila said she had talked to Tracy about volunteering in the hospital. Eric asked Sheila if she was worried about Tracy because he saw how Sheila acted when she saw Eric and Tracy together. Thorne and Karen danced, and Thorne asked her why she thought he chose her. Karen said that it's because he knew that he will be better with her in the long run. Darla tried to fix someone up with Macy but Macy said that going out with another guy wouldn't take the pain away and that she didn't feel she would fall in love again. She talked about Thorne and how he successfully managed to get over her. Karen asked Thorne to let her make him feel better, so they kissed and went to the bedroom. Eric told Sheila he and Tracy had never had anything personal between them. Eric said Tracy would run the paternity test. Eric said he had to find out whether he's the father of Brooke's baby and until he finds out-he can't plan any plans to the future. Taylor opened the card and saw it was a Christmas invitation from Stephanie. Sheila called Tracy and told her to put her on call immediately since she would do everything for a good cause. Sheila hung up and told herself "and this cause, oh, is going to need some help".

1442: Sheila went to see Dr. Jay Garvin, and said she felt tempted to do something; she said that if Eric were the father of the baby, it could mean trouble for their relationship. Sheila said "I want a life with Eric and I am going to do whatever it takes to make it possible". Taylor helped Stephanie in arranging the house for the Christmas party, and Stephanie said Ruthann was coming. Stephanie didn't invite Brooke and Jack; Stephanie said that Jack's absence didn't make her happy. Eric called Taylor and asked her to come to his apartment. Brooke was at Ridge's office, and Ridge said Taylor had to know Brooke's behavior in the past 8 months was a charade. Ridge asked her why she told him and Brooke said she loved him. Brooke asked Ridge how he felt about her, after finding out how Brooke really feels about him. Ridge didn't answer because Eric called and asked the 2 of them to come to his apartment. Maria wasn't able to stop Sally from coming to Stephanie's house. Sally gave Stephanie a present. Sally asked Stephanie how things were with Jack because she saw Jack upset in a bar once. Sheila came to see Dr. Peters, and Tracy said she was glad Sheila decided to work with them. Tracy showed her a map and where Sheila would work at. Sheila said she couldn't wait to see Tracy's lab, but Tracy said it wouldn't be possible, because the genetics lab is highly secured. Stephanie said she wasn't going to discuss her personal life with Sally. Eric, Brooke, Ridge and Taylor talked, and Eric said he wanted to prevent his family from fighting each other. Eric said they would have to deal with every result of the paternity. Sally said Jack had took her skiing; she added that she hadn't given up Jack and that he hadn't given up on her. Sally said she would have Jack. Stephanie didn't let her know the real situation with her and Jack. Sally told her to have a date with someone else for Christmas and left, and Stephanie told herself "damn that woman". Brooke started moping that no one cares for the baby and that she was alone. Taylor said she was sick of Brooke crying and using her baby to get attention. Brooke said she came back from Europe because she thought Eric would worry about her and the baby. Brooke said "My baby and I could do without it" and left. Sheila asked Tracy about the other people who work at the lab; when she showed Sheila that key card of the lab, Sheila looked at it cunningly.

1443: Karen asked Thorne how she was, and Thorne told her she was magnificent. Thorne reminded Karen that they have to go to Stephanie's Christmas party. Brooke called Ridge, and Taylor answered. Brooke said she was looking for Eric, and Taylor said that he might be on his way to the party. Obviously Brooke knew nothing about the party. Ruthann arrived and asked Stephanie if she had a new man in her life. Stephanie said she had stopped seeing the new man. Stephanie said that Adam was to busy to come. Ruthann said that things didn't always turn out as people expect, and that no one was what people think they are. Stephanie told Ruthann that she hadn't invited Brooke, who's pregnant with Ridge/Eric's child and said "I can't be in the same room without being really angry about everything that she has done to this family". Brooke said that she belonged at the party and went there. She said "Hold yourself down Stephanie dear, I'm about to crash your party". Karen, Thorne and Bill arrived to the party too. Bill asked Thorne if he was supposed to expect an announcement, and Thorne told him Bill would be the first one to know when Thorne is ready. Stephanie told Maria not to serve and to socialize because she's a part of the family. Taylor told Stephanie that she had slipped to Brooke about the party. Sheila told Eric she wasn't threatened by Brooke. Karen told Bill she had slept with Thorne. Brooke arrived, and Stephanie told her "Don't make a mess of this, just leave".

1444: Ruthann told Brooke she was surprised to see her, and that it seemed to her like Ridge and Eric weren't anxious to claim the child as theirs. Sally told Macy that Jack was probably at Stephanie's and Macy said Thorne was there too, with Karen. Karen asked Ridge to ask Thorne what was his impression about the night with Karen and to report back to her. Bill called Brooke a trouble maker, and said that she had no pride. Sally told Macy to get out of the house, so Macy left to the Bikini. Taylor told Stephanie not to attack Brooke, reminding Steph that, "knowing Brooke she'll dig her own grave". Stephanie said "if she doesn't start very soon, I will dig it for her". Thorne told Ridge he didn't want to talk about his night with Karen. Sly told Macy that the best way to forget problems was by working and made Macy work with him behind the bar. Eric started to talk about the meeting but Brooke stopped him and said "I'm a problem, you have all made it very clear," and asked him not to talk about it tonight. Ridge and Taylor danced and kissed by the pole; Brooke went down and hid when she saw them. Brooke listened to Taylor saying how she would please Ridge, and Ridge saying that nothing in the world could change the way he feels about her. Stephanie came and saw Brooke looking at Ridge and Taylor. Sly tried to convince Macy to move to Malibu. Brooke watched all the others singing near the piano and left; Stephanie caught her and told her "you're leaving because you finally see the light". Brooke told her she never should have gone to Europe because Stephanie obviously did something while she was gone, and that she knows that because everyone treats her differently. Stephanie told her that she shouldn't have come back from Europe and that Ridge and Eric don't get joy from her but from the women they love. She said Brooke was a conniving tramp who uses her unborn child. She said that Ridge didn't care and that there was nothing left for Brooke in L.A. but misery. Stephanie said "Your life is empty here" and closed the door. Brooke left crying.

1445: Stephanie and Taylor had tea, and Stephanie told Taylor how Brooke saw Taylor and Ridge by the pole. Brooke called Ridge; she told him that she never intended to be a burden to him, and that she would raise her baby on her own. Ridge asked her where she was, but Brooke told him "Merry Christmas" and hung up. Darla gave Sally a reservation for New Year's Eve for two; Sally said that Jack would probably be with Stephanie, but then Jack arrived. Eric told Ridge that Brooke hadn't come home the night before. Darla left and Sally was disappointed when Jack told her he had come because of the sales reports. When Sally was looking at the reports, Jack went to bring her a present. Stephanie told Taylor that it was good Brooke saw them and that Brooke had no place in the family. Taylor said that Brooke would probably be with one of her sisters and not alone while she would have the baby. Ridge said Brooke might have the baby any time. Brooke went to Big Bear, saying, "you're right Stephanie, Ridge doesn't want me or my baby." She remembered about her and Ridge's good times at the cabin, how Ridge hid an engagement ring in champagne and asked her to marry him. Ridge called Thorne, but Thorne hasn't seen Brooke. Eric said Brooke was furious, and Ridge said they were too rough on her. Stephanie suggested to change the subject; to show Taylor her gratitude, she gave Taylor a necklace that has been in Stephanie's family for 3 generations. Stephanie said that Taylor was like a daughter to her, and she admitted it wasn't always like that. Stephanie said "I appreciated that and treasure you like a friend and a daughter". Jack thanked Sally that she made him feel like a real part of the Spectra family. Brooke continue to remember how she and Ridge went to Big Bear while Eric was in Europe. Brooke said "We were so close, so close to having it all", Ridge called Big Bear hoping to find Brooke there, and Brooke answered. Brooke said she wanted to be alone. Ridge told her she was being irrational and could get into labor anytime. Ridge told her he would drive there and pick her up.

1446: Eric tried to find Ridge, as Sheila arrived to Eric's apartment. Sheila said she enjoyed Dr. Peters. Eric said Brooke had disappeared, and Sheila found it interesting that Brooke disappeared and talked to Ridge. Eric said Ridge also disappeared. Sheila said she was sure Brooke is fine. Taylor called Eric because she was looking for Ridge, and Eric told her they were looking for Brooke. Brooke was cold and the heat didn't work. Eric told Taylor that no one seemed to see Brooke after the party, and Taylor said it was strange. She said she was coming over. Brooke remembered again and said "It's gone, we'll never have that again, you're married to Taylor now, I'm nothing but a burden to you". Taylor came to Eric's, Taylor wondered why Brooke called Ridge, and Eric told her Ridge said Brooke sounded pretty out of it. Ridge got stuck in a police gate; Ridge told the officer that he had a friend stuck up at Big Bear, so the officer told him to put chains on his car and opened the gate. Ridge kept driving, saying he has no time to waste. Eric said that Brooke was defensive and that they could have been more sensitive. Ridge called Eric and talked to Taylor; he said he was in a snow storm going to Big Bear. Brooke talked to herself saying it was too cold. There wasn't any wood, so she went out to bring wood. Taylor asked Ridge to call her as soon as Ridge would be on his way back. Taylor got angry at Brooke. Sheila left and told herself "Brooke and Ridge alone in the mountain, what a lovely thought; Merry Christmas, Sheila". Brooke took a piece of wood and the pile fell on her, and she was stuck beneath all the wood. Ridge arrived at the cabin and didn't find Brooke. Ridge didn't hear her and thought she had left but then he found her purse. Brooke said "I'll freeze if I don't get inside". Brooke started yelling "Ridge, Ridge, please, please help me".

1447: Sheila stared at Dr. Peters' entry card to the lab that was hanging over her neck; Dr. Peters asked Sheila if something was wrong and Sheila said she was admiring Tracy's necklace. Taylor said that Brooke was torn up when she left the party and obviously something happened between Stephanie and Brooke. Taylor said that Brooke going to Big Bear was a childish move, rescuing her baby just to get Ridge's attention. She said Brooke was out of control and might hurt a lot of other people but herself. Taylor said "she can't expect Ridge to come running to her rescue every time she gets into trouble, not anymore". Brooke kept yelling for Ridge to help her. Ridge went outside and yelled "Brooke, where are you?". Sheila asked Tracy to explain her the paternity test procedure. Eric and Taylor heard the radio saying that the roads to Big Bear are blocked. Eric called Big Bear but the lines were down. Taylor called to Ridge's car but Ridge didn't answer, Taylor suggested they should go to the Big Bear. Ridge heard Brooke and Brooke yelled to him she was by the wood pile. Ridge carried her into the house. Dr. Peters said that the test wouldn't be so different than other tests, and she explained that she would also test Stephanie's blood. Tracy said "Now I know why you were so interested working in the genetics lab, Sheila". Brooke told Ridge that he could leave and that she didn't need anymore help. She said she wanted to be alone. Brooke said she didn't want Ridge's pity and that Ridge didn't give a damn about her. She said she couldn't come back to L.A. when she's not a part of Ridge's life. Eric tried to convince Taylor not to drive to Big Bear. He said he wouldn't let her endanger herself. Taylor promised she wasn't going to do anything stupid and left. Tracy said that Sheila had a real interest in genetics; Sheila then asked Tracy to sneak her into the lab and to give her a tour, but Tracy refused. Tracy said that she would be at the hospital 24 hours a day, eating, sleeping and showering because 4 other doctors are down with the flu. Taylor decided, while driving, that she had to find out if Ridge was fine and turned around. Ridge said he did care for Brooke and will take responsibility if he's the father of the baby. Ridge said that nothing would change as far as Brooke being a part of his life and the things they have shared, and he was sorry if they hurt her. Ridge said "You and I are always going to be close, don't you forget it". Brooke agreed to come back to L.A., but then her water broke and she went into labor.

1448: Sheila looked at Tracy's card and told herself "That card is the only way into the genetics lab. I've got to get in there and check it out, before Brooke has her baby and they run the paternity test. Somehow I have got to get that card, but how, she never takes it off". Eric went to Stephanie's. Eric said Taylor was on her way to Big Bear and that Ridge was already up there, with Brooke. Taylor stopped driving at the checkpoint. Eric told Stephanie that Brooke hadn't come back home and that Brooke called Ridge. Stephanie said that Brooke planned it all; she made Ridge upset and knew Ridge would come up to rescue her. Stephanie said Brooke wasn't fit to be a mother. Eric said he couldn't imagine Brooke enjoying being stuck at the cabin, with Ridge or without Ridge. Stephanie said they might be there for a long time. Ridge told Brooke that they couldn't get to the highway. He said that an ambulance will not arrive in less than 12 hours. Ridge told Brooke she wasn't alone. Tracy thought Sheila left and went to take a shower. Brooke said that the baby wouldn't wait. The officer told Taylor that the way to Big Bear was closed, and he told her about a guy who did something stupid and made Taylor turn around. Sheila looked for Tracy's things and found the card. Sheila tried to open the lab but it wasn't enough, since she also needed a code. She told herself: "fine, I'll get the code, because I am going to get in there, my whole future depends on it". Stephanie told Eric she had no doubt Brooke set the whole thing up. Eric said that going to the mountain wasn't the smartest thing Brooke has done, but he could understand why she did it, because she wanted to be alone. Stephanie said Brooke called Ridge because she knew he would run after her to a cabin they spent romantic times in for 6 years. She said "We are going to sell that cabin, I mean it, we're going to sell it". Eric said he hoped Brooke was safe; Stephanie said Brooke was safe, but Ridge wasn't and his marriage wasn't. Stephanie said that there was a possibility Brooke would get into labor. Brooke said she wasn't scared as long as Ridge is with her. Brooke said "Oh god, here comes the kid".

1449: Sally asked Macy to go out with them, but Macy refused. Macy couldn't believe Thorne was doing Christmas with Karen. Sally said Macy didn't want to go out because she was waiting for a call from Thorne. Taylor arrived to Stephanie's; Ridge called from his car and talked to Taylor. Macy got a delivery - a yellow rose, Macy assumed it was from Thorne, the card said "be ready tonight at 10". Macy said Thorne must have left Karen. Sally wasn't sure it was from Thorne, and asked Macy if she was sure it was Thorne's hand writing, Macy said it was the florist's hand writing. Ridge told Taylor Brooke was about to have the baby and asked her what to do. Taylor told him to boil water and to wash his hands. She told him to put a pair of scissors in the boiled water and to keep Brooke relaxed. She told him to gently support the baby's head and to make sure the baby is breathing. Ridge thanked Taylor and went back to the cabin. Macy told Sally she was getting her husband back. Sally went downstairs because Jack was waiting for her. Ridge was delivering Brooke's baby. Sly came to pick up Macy, and Macy told him Thorne was on his way over. Sly said he sent the rose and didn't want Macy to be alone at New Year's Eve. Macy told Sly to go and said she didn't want to go out with him, not tonight and not ever. Taylor told Stephanie Brooke couldn't control the weather. Brooke had a baby girl. Brooke told Ridge, "our daughter, our beautiful baby daughter".

1450: Sheila came to Eric's apartment. Eric told Sheila that Brooke had gone into labor and that Ridge had delivered the baby. Jack went to Taylor's; Taylor said Brooke had no business going to Big Bear and did it to get Ridge's attention. Ridge told Brooke that the birth was beautiful. Brooke said she couldn't have done it without him. Brooke said "she could be your daughter, Ridge, you may have delivered your child into this world". Eric told Sheila he had assumed he would be with Brooke in the delivery room. Eric said that a helicopter would take Brooke and Ridge to a hospital where they would do the paternity test. Sheila left and told herself "This baby can't be Eric's, I won't let that happen". Brooke told Ridge that she loved him, that Ridge had been her best friend and lover. She said she would never stop loving him. Then the helicopter arrived. Taylor told Jack about Ridge's promise, that nothing in the world would change how Ridge feels about her. Sheila told Dr. Peters she wanted to work at the genetics lab; Dr. Peters said she would love to have Sheila on her staff and that the clearance would take 3-4 weeks, while they check Sheila's background. Sheila asked to rush her clearance, but Dr. Peters said it wasn't possible. Sheila was determined to get into the lab. Ridge and Brooke got to the hospital. Brooke thanked Ridge, and when they hugged, Taylor arrived.

COMING UP: A case of illness delays the paternity tests. Sheila is determined to get into the lab, and make sure everyone thinks Ridge is the father. Karen realizes the real reason why Thorne chose her, yet his relationship with Macy continues to crumble. Sly continues to pursue Macy, and uses her growing addiction to alcohol to get her. An interruption may spoil Sheila's plans.

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